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~SS: Asad Ahmed Khan is not Romantic,note pg9~ (Page 5)

SparklingEyes29 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 April 2013 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
Lovely story wating for the nxt part

malini96 Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 3:25am | IP Logged

totally loved it

do continue soon 

-Prithi- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 5:10am | IP Logged
nice part
Ilhamez IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 7:02am | IP Logged
Amazinnng just amaziiing
Asad and pink shirt not bad
Did u just choose pink shirt Like That it coincidence
Because ksg Said in his real Life he never wore pink , its a beautifull color That he never wore or Will never wear it
Pleaseee pm me when u update
Clap well done

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Surish IF-Addictz

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...Hannu... Senior Member

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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 8:34am | IP Logged
Pls PM me for the next part
Such a lovely idea
zan101 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 May 2013 at 9:08am | IP Logged
thank u so much for the loving responds everyone will update soon... 
and guys about the pink shirt... i always want to see SG on pink... LOL
 i am sure even Zoya will love tooo see Asad in pink... Wink

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zan101 IF-Sizzlerz

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Thank you so much for you appreciation guys... i know i am not that good but i am happy you all are tolerating my wrings LOL LOL
thank you for reading my SS and thank you so much for the member's who comment about the SS.. your comment's means a lot to me guys... Hug

okay i am back here with part 3...

previous part 


Story until now..Asya got married and on the first night asad excuse and sleep.. next day morning everyone ask Zoy about the night she told asad slept early and main while Ayaan ask Asad about his first night and came to know what happen and disappointed with Dilshad hear this conversation ahd she make asad to take Zoya for an date. And AsYa did shopping and asad wanted to tell ZOya how sorry he is for last night and he wanted to confess his feeling to Zoya. Take her a beautiful place in the city'



Part 3

Asad came farword step by step to Zoya with sooo much confident.. and he stood up next to Zoya and he crossed his arms around his chest...

Asad: Ms.. mm... Zoya...he whispered..

Zoya turn and their eyes met.  asad forgot what he about to say and he lost his words..

Asad: Zoya..wo.

Zoya: yes Mr.Khan ? i am listening...

Asad thinking himself.. yes you are listening but i lost all my words.. i had taken so much courage to talk to u today but but.. after seeing ur beautiful fast i am getting confused what should i say...mm..

Zoya: Mr.Khan what are you thinking about??' Asad stood straight just like a school hid who is getting read for and speech front of class... no any emotions in his face but he looked really serious.. i made Zoya's heart skip a bit... she had a confused look..

Asad: when u first step in to my house i didn't like to have u even one day in my house..you change my house completely. i was the king of my house but  after you entry my house Zoya you became Queen of our house.. i like it. ''with a slight smile asad said  ...'when you treat my Ammi with so much love and care i like it, i never wanted najma to go over my briars' wanted her to be safe. but when she go very my rules.. i am not having any angry feeling, I am having feeling as she is standing In her own legs. i never saw  najma enjoying her life so much after you  enter my house i am seeing my lil sister is smiling a lot.. since long time i am working heard and heard to see my sister's happiness but i was not satisfy coz never was my lil sister s happiness which i am seeing today in her eyes.. it's because.. you just did it Zoya.. i couldn't do is even after trying for so many years..' and i never thought a day will come that will sit with Nuzrat, nikat and my Ayaan and have breakfast..you don't know how happy i am ... yes Zoya i am emotionally challenged that's why even in such a happy moment i couldn't express it but I don't know how to express it Zoya.. ' Asad has tears in his eyes 'it's all because of you Zoya.. I all ways treated you very bad Zoya but until today you were there whenever I need you. I never thanked you for that..mm..Zoya now you are my wife and Bahu of Our house I know how our marriage took part but I mean it.. I mean my words which I told in front of entire world I really mean it when I said 'Qubool Hai' to you.. I want to live my life with you I am incomplete without you' Zoya didn't expect this from Asad she had tears and it was happy tears.. she was very happy' her jahmpan Proposed him and after she become's his wife'she was very happy but Mr.Khan proposed in this emotionally challenged way'
Asad: Zoya why are you silent's..?  Asad was bit scared as Zoya was silents for a while'he didn't know what is she thinking about her..
Zaoya: Mr.Khan you are really emotionally challenged.. you confess me.. huh' this is how someone propose??  you no need to stand straight and give such a big speech just like a robot. Even now look at you in such a romantic place you are proposing me but not a single expression in ur face at least a smile on your face.. it seems like you are trying do some crime not proposing me.' but yeah I know you are an  EC so'' Asad was confused what means EC
Asad: EC ??
Zoya: ya allah what's wrong with Mr.Khan emotionally challenged.. u know..okay no more questions Mr Khan' you know it's easy Mr.Khan you need to say only 3 words not such a big speech in sue a romantic place..'  Asad star to sweat.. and he took his handkerchief  and he wipe of the sweat on his forehead. Zoya took his handkerchief away from his hand while talking to him
Zoya: okay now..
Asad: wo' Zoya my handkerchief..
Zoya: yes it's with me you go ahead..i don't won't you to cover your face form it..
Asad: no.wo.. when I am small Ammi use to say it's not good to give handkerchiefs for our loved once.. coz end of the day some misunderstanding or fight will come between them and us' 'zoya looked surprised.. and still Asad was sweating..
Zoya: Mr. khan you live in 50's' I can't believe you believe on such a silly things'
Asad: who me..?? wo.. I don't believe them..but'  but it's just..mm I don't want any problem between you and me.. so I don't want to take any risk' asad looked like 5 years boy in front of Zoya.. she smiled at him and wipe the sweat all over this face and   made his disturbed  hair well and hold his and
Zoya : nothing wrong will happen Mr.Khan  and see you didn't give me ur handkerchief I just took it so nothing to worry.. now stop behaving like my baby and now.. Zoya nodded'
Asad: now'wo ha'. Actually'.ohh I am Sorry Zoya..
Zoya: what?? Sorry' you are going to tell me thus 3 words now or I am going' Zoya was about to walk..
Asad: no wait.. ' he took sooo much courage and said 'I love you Zoya will you marry me' in one word
Zoya  saw shocked'
Zoya: what.. Marry you ?? Mr. Khan I think you forgot I am already married to you and I am Zoya Asad Ahmed Khan now.. you remember'??
Asad: wo sorry' it just came out I was practice just like that'
Zoya: practicing??
Asad: yes.. wo.. I wanted to propose you before over marriage but I couldn't'' Zoya couldn't control her laughter' she blast out'
Zoya: okay not bad Mr.Khan.. okay mr.Khan I will not make you more uncomfortable I love you too Asad..and Pupi and najma is not only you family their my family too.. I see my mother on Pupi Asad she have sooo much love to shower all of us.. and Najma she first of all she is my lil sister and my BFF and and now she has become my S-I-L thay are my family now Asad..
Asad was on cloud nine' but as usual Asad didn't know how to express his feelings..his happiness..  Zoya too was very happy at last Asad confess his feelings to her'

Zoya: MR.Khan.. I mean Asad you are suppers to hug me now.. Zoya winked at asad.. and asad looked at Zoya  really me.. 'come on Asad' Zoya took his hand kept it around her waist and hugged him..asad hugged her back he was very happy and tears were running out of his and Zoya's eyes' they didn't know for how long they were lost each other's arms' Asad's phone ringing brought them back to reality.. it was from ammi.. she wanted to know will they reach home for dinner..
Asad: no ammi we will be late so will have dinner n the way..you all can have dinner ammi.. sure allah Hafiz
Dishad was happy to hear  very happy voice of her Son' she know Zoya will change him and his boring world..
Zoya: WOW you are going to take me for a dinner Mr.Khan ?? 'asad was confused'
Asad: Did I said something like that ??

Zoya: oh common Asad you told pupi that we will have dinner.. so that's means we are going to have a dinner out..
Asad: oh is it' I didn't know what..
Zoya: ya allha' how I am going to spend my Days with my unromantic Husband'? You really need to watch some Yash chopra's film Asad at least then you will be lil romantic' I can't teach you everything..huh'
Asad: okay clam my beautiful wife.. Wait will show you how romantic ur husband can be..' asad winked at Zoya and Zoya gave an attitude  at him ohh really'
Asad: so shall we ??
Zoya: okay ..huh..

Asad in Pink shirt

 On  the car'

Zoya : asad'
Asad: mm..
Zoya: you really look sooo sweet in pink' you should often wear this kind of colure'
Asad: he look at himself..' do it ?? Then I shouldn't where this colours'

Zoya: what ??
Asad: I mean I shod where it in front of you only my dear..'it made Zoya feel happy she was turning red..'  it was silents in the car' Asad was staring At Zoya for a while
Asad: Zoya..
Zoya: hhmmm..
Asad: I want a baby just like you.. Zoya rolled her eyes..
Zoya: what ?? a baby ??.. are serious'.?? Asad was it confused and he was thinking did I say something wrong'
Asad: mm.. y'yesss'
Zoya: I can't believe you Mr.Khan  you got such a long time to say just 3 words I love you.. but here look at you now you are asking me for kids without any hesitation'
Asad: wo.. actually' Asad was blushing'
Zoya: Mr.Khan it's big process Asad' I don't think you will be able to do that.. see even now you are hasting to hug me.. so how can we have children..??
Asad: wo.. mm.. 'Asad was searching for words' she was totally blank.. Zoya new it.
Zoya: it's okay will help you Asad' I know my husband is EC'' Zoya laugh even asad had a smile on his face as he was enjoying his beautiful wife's teasing 'but I want a lil Asad' so that I can make him a cool guys. '  asad just hit the break'
Asad: no Zoya I want a lil Zoya just like you' this big beautiful eyesand this nonstop talks I want to play with her just the way how I did with Najma when she was small..  we are having a girl.. First girl'' ZOya was shocked' it made her think how much asad is attach to her and his family how much he love them..
Zoya: Asad it's Allah's wish and still we don't have any plan for a baby yet.. right..?clam now' Asad just came back to reality

Asad: I am Sorry zoya' I think I am too much'. No matter it's going to be boy or girl they ewill be my world.. and will be'. asad suddenly got silent's' and he had tears'Zoya hold asad's hand and she was worried to see Asad in tears..
Zoya: Kya huwa..??
Asad: Zoya will I be a good father??..'Zoya know what was bothering Asad' and she know how much he love her and his family..
Zoya: Asad you are the best son a mother can wish ever, you are the best brother a sister can get you always there to protect your sisters and brother and for me' I couldn't wish a better life partner than you Asad' you are sooo much caring and loving I am always safe when you are with me.. and I will be lucky and happy to have children with you, our children will be very lucky to have you As their Abbu Asad.. I mean it.. you will not be like you father Asad.. you are just you' don't worry Asad plez Don't cry.. she hugs him' she made him fell light..he wanted her to be in his arms just like that' but she was more excited to have a dinner with him.. he smiled himself..
Asad: okay hope you don't want to miss you r Romantic dinner my Love'
Zoya : nod' and she was blushing.. she always wanted to hear this kind lovely word from Asad.. she really feel Happy..  they reached a beautiful restaurant'



that's all for today Embarrassed

and sorry for the error's friends...Embarrassed

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