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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke
Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke

The Gunjan-Rachna Chronicles - Getting Vihaan OS 2

starasdf IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 April 2013 at 11:07pm | IP Logged

The Gunjan-Rachna Chronicles - Rachna Gunjan OS's.

Rachna's Night in Gunjan's life - Below
Rachna's Night in Gunjan's Life - OS 1

Gunjan plugged her iPod into the speakers and blasted it.

"Subha Hone Na De, Saath khone na de, Ek dusre ko hum sone na de, tu mera hero oh oh o." Gunjan sang in the loudest voice she could find.

"Gunjan please! Exams do weeks main hai, tum study karo aur hum ko bhi karne do!" Rachna yelled in frustration. "I have to maths then physics then-"

Gunjan cut her rant off confused. "Math? You already studied math a week ago."

"Hain, hume lagtha hum sab bhool gaye hain." She said pouting. "Gunjan! I am going to fail!" She yelled and dived into her pillow.

Gunjan knew what was going on. When exams were announced Rachana started studying right away, which was of course good. But then she kept studying and studying and studying. Oh and making her study as well. By now Gunjan knew almost everything she can know for the exams and here Rachana was worrying.

She ignored her and continued singing. "Hum ko kehte superman, on karlo handycam, from am to pm."

"Gunjan!" Rachna yelled. " Tum apni fati hui awaaz mein ganna bandh karogi? And help me study."

Rachna got up and forcefully handed her the book. "Main tumne quiz karti hu phir tum hume quiz karna"

"Muhje nahi pad na, and what do you mean fati hui awaaz? Tumhari jaan kari kilye jab main grade 3 main thi, I won the best singer award in my class." Gunjan said with pride.

"Hain? Aur let me guess tumhara career wahi end hogaya that right?" She replied with sarcasm.

"Shut up Rachna, main jarehi hu." Said an offended Gunjan and stormed out of the room slamming the door.

Rachna rolled her eyes at Gunjan's behavior with a smile and looked back at her books with a frown. Her sister always made her smile whenever she was down. In fact sometimes Gunjan would act just pure weird to make her smile. Rachna made a mental note to surprise her by fixing her laptop screen. Sheher ki ladki hai, laptop ke bina din aj tak dehka bhi hoja ya nahi. Rachna though remembering Gunjan's reaction to her broken laptop.

Flashback '

Rachna walked in late in the evening after taking some extra classes for math. For some odd reason she kept forgetting everything she learned. When she walked in their room she stopped and looked at the odd scene in front of her.

Gunjan's MacBook was on the floor with a cracked screen and Gunjan was sitting in a corner facing the wall.

"Um Gunjan?" Rachna asked awkwardly not sure how to reach.

"Hm?" Came a weak voice from Gunjan.

Hearing her voice like that Rachna's concern for her kicked in. "Kya hua Gunjan?  Yeh tumhara laptop?"

"Toot gaya." She replied once again in her weak voice.

"Koi baat nahi fix kara lenge." Rachna said.

Gunjan rolled her eyes, as if she hadn't thought of that already. "Maasi ne mana kar diya, she said after exams are done she will fix them"

"Toh? Mummy sahi keh rahi hai, laptop is just another distraction. Chalo study karte hai."

"What will I do without my laptop for so long?" Gunjan whined, ignoring Rachna.

"Kyun? What did you do before you had your laptop?"

"What? I don't even remember those days, my life must have been so bad then na?" Rachna looked at her with surprise. Here she wasn't even allowed to look at their family computer and Gunjan doesn't remember the days without her laptop.

"My life is over!" Gunjan exclaimed.

And that was it, for the next few days Rachna tolerated a moping, bored Gunjan who kept repeating the same thing again and again.

-Flashback Over  

She sighed and picked up her pencil to another equation. Before her pencil could even touch her book, Gunjan stormed in again and grabbed the books and left as fast as she came. She quickly locked the door from the outside too so Rachna couldn't chase her.

Gunjan look at her from the hallway window. "Padhna bandh karo! Padh padh kar khud bhi pagal hojaogi aur muhje bhi pagal bana dogi. I like being sane thank you very much." And with that Gunjan left. Someone would open the door for Rachna, she wasn't worried about that but she needed to get her away from those hideous books that they have been looking at for the past couple of days.

"That woman has no idea how to live life. Life is suppose to be fun and she is just killing herself with these books." Gunjan said to herself walking into another room to hide the books. As she turned on the light she got an amazing idea. It was as if the light bulb was connected to her brain. PING!

Shail and Dayal's Room.

"I was thinking that we go over to Chaaya's house tonight. You know to study, exams are close and we need group study time to help each other." Gunjan asked Shail and Dayal. Well she was mostly pleading because Dayal was going to say no for sure. But if she had her Massi on her side, they will be out of the house in no time.

"Nahi, is ghar ki betiyan raat bhar bahar nahi rehti hai."

"Par hum bahar nahi honge Mausaji. Hum ghar ke andar honge na." She said almost rolling her eyes taking Dayal's comment a little too literally.

"Gunjan'" Shail said a little warningly. "Tumhe jana hai ki nahi?" She whispered to her.


"Toh chup raho please"

"Ok." That's all she said with a little yippy in her head. This meant Shail was on her side.

Then for the next half an hour with convincing and pleading Dayal finally said and that too conditionally. They would have to call Shail around midnight to make sure they are safe and in Chaya's house. Maybe even talk to Chaaya's parents maybe.

Later on in the Evening

"Gunjan, Chaya ka ghar is taraf nahi hai. Bhaiya app rickshaw ghumalo." Rachna told the rickshaw driver.

"Are, nahi bhaiya appko jahan kaha tha wahin legana." Gunjan said quickly before the driver could actually change courses.

"Gunjan, yeh kya?" But she got no reply. "Gunjan. Gunjan. Gunjan!" She basically yelled then.

"Bus bhaiya yehi pe." Gunjan and then paid the driver.

"Chaya ke parents hume yaha mil rahe hai." She then said suppressing a giggle.

Rachna took a look around, girls were wearing dresses she only imagined wearing and good looking guys could be seen almost everywhere. There was loud music coming from the inside and it was name Ashique Club.

"Chaya ke parents yahan?" She said emphasising yahan.

When Gunjan heard her she rolled eyes. Her sister was so innocent, it was actually unbelievable. No worries thoda innocence aj chele jayega. And with that thought she laughed a little more.

Rachna heard her laugh and started getting a feeling that they should not be here. She should not be here. Her thoughts were interrupted when she saw Chaya coming from the inside approaching them. She was wearing a gorgeous blue dress which reached just above her knees. A little part of her felt jealous of Chaya, she looked great in the dress. And here she can't wear those dresses after all she is from a traditional family.

"App log andar chalo bohot maza aara hai!" She said with excitement while Gunjan smirked and Rachna look confused.   

"Yeh kya'" Before Rachna could even get her sentence out she was being dragged inside by Gunjan and Chaya.

Gunjan smiled at her sister. They both came from different worlds and today she was going introduce her to the world she is from. She was also going to show her what enjoying her youth means. All Rachna does is study and chores. Ajj pata chelega use ke ghar ke bahar bhi ek zindigi hai. Gunjan thought as she watched Rachna.

Rachna's eyes basically popped out when she got inside. There was smoke inside which somewhat clouded her vision a bit, she couldn't understand if it was the smoke machine or people actually smoking THAT much. But her annoyance was the loud music from the speakers beside her, the song was banging her head.

She shook her head a bit and looked around properly. Rachna saw people dancing, laughing and just having fun. She also saw a bit of grinding and kissing but decided to ignore that part.

"Ajj tum jegogi, without any restrictions." Gunjan said with a big smile.

Rachna returned her smile with excitement. She had always wondered what it would be like to let loose and here is the perfect chance. But then she remember her parents who were going to call at midnight and her cloths which literally made her look like she fell out of a mandir.

Gunjan noticed her troubles and took out a bag. "Tada! Look at this!"

The bag contained two dresses, one Gunjan's and hers. Gunjan's was red with a black belt and scrunched bottom. Rachna's is completely black with a net layer on top which shined a little. It was also tight around the waist and free to spin in the bottom.

Rachna looked at it with a huge smile. She looked at her dressed and then at Gunjan. "Yeh mere liye?"

Gunjan nodded. Rachna went to give Gunjan a tight hug. She had always wanted to wear dresses ever since she started watching movies and especially since Gunjan came to her house and wore dresses. "Tumhe kaise pata ke?"

"We are sisters, of course tumhari yeh silent wish muhje pata hogi. Tum batao ya na batao." Gunjan said and then dragged her to the washroom to change their cloths.

"Tonight's our night Rachna, koi limits nahi hai but there are rules and the biggest one is Chaya ya mere saath humesha rehna. Thik hai?" Gunjan said. She had brought her sister here and that means her sister was her responsibility. "Aur you look beautiful Rachna!"

"Pata hai, aur tum bhi kuch kam nahi lagrahi ho." Rachna said. "Ab chaloo, let's dance." She said grabbing Gunjan and walking towards Chaya who was already dancing with her other friends.

It's the time to Disco!

The speakers sang and they moved their hips with the music. Gunjan sang along to the song, she had missed this life. Parties, friends and her mom...  Of course she was happy here with her massi and Rachna but sometimes she missed her old life and her mother. She could be the biggest brat to her mother and she would still love her. I guess that's what a mother's love is. She thought with teary eyes. As soon as she realized what she was thinking, she shook her head as if making the thoughts go away. She was here to have fun tonight.

Rachna danced, moved her hips and swayed her arms. She had never felt so free in her life. For once she doesn't have to worry about what other people think, if she was being decent for not. With that thought she chuckled, even though she was wear a dress and dancing publicly, she was still more decent and other people here.

They were having the greatest time when the worst thing Rachna could imagine happened. Someone touched her butt. She turned around in shock and saw a guy standing there with a silly smile. It was obvious as ever that he was drunk.

"Gunjan'"She called out to her with a little fear in her voice.

Gunjan saw what was happening and rolled her eyes. She dealt with stuff like this in Mumbai all the time. If you wanted to have fun you would have to know how to protect yourself and the ones close to you.

Gunjan pulled Rachna behind her and pushed the guy away. She was ready to hit him too if he got violent but that was not needed. Her one push pretty much knocked him on a girl with her VERY big boyfriend and for him the rest was history.

Rachna, Gunjan and Chaya giggled as they saw the guy's face being rearranged by the boyfriend.

Gunjan then turned to Rachna and said "Rachna, fear is the worst possible emotion to show when someone does this to you, khud ko protect karna seekho. Be ready for the worst and ready to fight for yourself. Theek hai?"

"Hain, par muhje iski zarorat nahi padegi." She said to Gunjan and Gunjan looked a little confused at her statement.

"Kyunki meri bodyguard sister humsa mere saath hogi." She said giving Gunjan a big hug while they laughed.

Tumhi ho bandhu, satha tumhi ho

The song broke their hug and they returned to dancing and having when someone again grabbed Rachna's waist.

This time instead of calling Gunjan she took a deep breath and turned around to slap the man tight who dared to touch her.

Her hand was about hit the man when the man screamed and jumped back a little. "Rachna, it's me Vihaan."

Vihaan said with a face that showed fear. The girls burst out into laughter while Rachna apologized to Vihaan. He put his hands once again on her waist and pulled her to him. This time she didn't struggle but willing went with him and danced around.

Gunjan smiled at the two and went to the bar for a soft drink.

"Drink's on me."

Gunjan turned around and saw Rajeev and smiled. "Thanks."  She said with a hug and a kiss not the cheek. Rajeev then puckered his lips for another one but Gunjan just laughed and pushed his face away.

The rest of the night the girls danced away with no worries.

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starasdf IF-Dazzler

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Here it is. Ignore mygrammatical mistakes, I was too excited to post this and didn't proof read properly.
This is how I see Gunjan and Rachna from their promo pictures when the show first stared and what sapne suhane ladakpan ke would have meant.
The OS's will be in random order and at random times. Most likey the OS's won't be connected to each other either Whenever I get a chance, I will post them in this thread.
Vihaan and Rajeev will obviously makeappearances.
Btw life without technology would really be hell.LOL
Hope you guys like it.
Comment and Like!


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I just cant stop grinning!!

You know when they pushed the guy so that the boyfriend hits him, it reminded me of this video

and then I started laughing again!! Ooh I like this Rachna!! padhaku kahinkiLOL you know na I am a little biased towards RachnaEmbarrassedOOh so the girls know the guys already!! waiting for the next OS.aww a kiss as well in the first update!! cant wait to see will happen aageLOL

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mysterious-soul Goldie

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Its awesome...I am loving it.
And ending with vihaan nd rajeev, its too good.   Thumbs Up Day Dreaming Clap
plz plz plz write one for ViNa too. Tongue
Cv's can show exams pressure like will be fun to watch.

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HashiBoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Oh Star Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug

I was enjoying old Gunjan and Rachna .. Agree with Riva ..I dont know how to appreciate someones writing skills ..SO what Riva said is same as my thought .. 

But You stoped at the wrong place men ...OMG ...Why did u do this ... It was too dreamy .. climax of the OS is too hot to handle ..I love that bold Rajiv at least in this OS ... I love this kiss and the hug ..and the way Vihan drag Rachna close to him .. 
You should write more ... Pls one for bold Gunjan and Rajiv for pls.. Never know we can see them together in the screen for so long ...

Loved it ... U rock bebe 

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zenith25 Newbie

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Excellent story. Good job

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starasdf IF-Dazzler

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Thanks guys! 
I will reply later on.Embarrassed
I am glad you guys liked it. Hug

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