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Arhi tamil ss:BONDED SOULS Last part PG:105 (Page 85)

Rami92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 June 2013 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by JCJS

Welcome back really after a long time. So the elders met him partially the youngsters to met. Waiting for damaka . Ha sama galata than. Khushi reaction pakanum avaloda mamu va pathathum. Thks for the pm dear.
Thanks dearLOL LOL LOL
wait panunga..
Wink Wink Wink Wink

Rami92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 June 2013 at 8:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by M1A1

Awesome update Rami Big smileBig smileWink

Just loved to see the family bonding Big smile

Arnav wants look at the photo of his ammu but couldn't look Unhappy

Priya & Aakash loves each other Clap

Anjali caught them together LOL

Don't you think so she is going on Manorama mami's way Wink

Precap Thumbs Up

Waiting 4 the next part!!!

Thnx 4 pm Hug

Aww thanks babes Big smile Big smile Big smile Big smile
ur warm wrds made me smile...Hug Hug Hug Hug 
Rami92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 June 2013 at 8:18am | IP Logged

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                                BONDED SOULS

Thanks fr ur likes and comments..hindi readers if u have any problem reading pm me..Leave back ur is a long updateLOL LOL LOLfr pm's buddy me only if u r going to commentLOL

NOTE:After a lots n lots of wolf whistles and cat calls i skimmed my buddy list and deleted 50 ppl who didnt commented ..And also deleted ppl who didnt respond for my past 3 updates..PPl if u still want me to PM  you comment and then ask for a buddy request..For ppl who Stalk my stories Without expecting PM's Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug 

BLACK AND RED for tamil redaers
BLACK AND BLUE for hindi readers

Part 9


"Di are u sure ??Am afraid ..but why did u call everyone to home?? "Akash asked interrupting priya and anjali convo

"For heaven sake shut the  mouth of urs Akash..Its umpteenth time ur asking whether am sure about this or not??Lemme ask u are u sure your in love with priya??"

"Whoa Di am head over heels" Akash said loudly..

"That's good..Who would believe that a guy who makes deal for crores would afraid to say about his love to his family..Dont act silly Akash..Now dadi and maa would be a little too much at first when they hear about it but I can mange them..With Arnav and papa its not a big deal..They ll be ok for whatever u wish.."

"Achaa di..Priya di irukanga kavala padatha"

"Achaa di..Priya di is there don't worry"

"Ya ya akash am not worried..Am thinking what would be my parents reaction"

"Don't wry priya no one will deny my Brother to be their son in law.."

Soon the car enterd Rm..

Arnav was driving his SUV fastly..HE was cursing at his fate..He was impatient to see the photo..Somewhere his heart was beating fast saying it must be the same khuhsi but still he needed to confirm it..

Nani and vasuthra was discussin on what prtext Anjali has urged them to meet them in RM..Teh same time vijay and Arnav's car entered Rm from different side..Vijay got down from his car and questioned Arnav

"Buddy why did u return soon from viren's wedding"

"Vijay its all because of anjali she only asked us to reach ASAP" vasuthra said getting down from car

"Is it vasu she even asked me to come soon"

"Anyways I have a good news for al..You know what???"

"Vijay I have the best good news for all Am gonna say what it is first.."

Vijay and vasunthra was fighting who would say their best news first and entered the RM living room..

"Both of u keep quiet I have the worst news for all.Everyone come and sit here" anjali ordered with raged face...

They all knew anjali is not short tempered but if she is I her nager then someone must have surely done some wrong..Everyone looked quiet and took their seat..

Arnavwas the only one who could speak up when his di is angry..

"Di be cool..Now come and sit..Where is akash??Being tempered is not good or my princess who is in ur tummy"

Anjal tried hard to maintain her angry face..God alone knows how much time she has practsed to act like this..

"Chottey no buttering now..your younger brother is here only..Ask him what have he done??"

"Diii" Arnav said confusedly

"Akash come here with her" Anjali maintain the tone called her Akash and priya came out from behind the pillar..

Everyone was shocked to see their shy boy with a girl..

"Anju what is this??" vasunthra  asked

"Priya beta you are here??"And that too with Akash??Any office issues??" vijay was confused to see priya who was working in Rc here

"Ask your darling shy son maa and paa..he was caught red hand when he ws romancing with his PA priya and I bought him here"

Both Akash and priya was shocked to hera Anjali's tone..Arnav who knows in and out of his di kept quiet looking at her intently and figuring out her di is one of the smartest actress..

"What is thi AKASH??" nani was shocked.

"Priya is it true??" vijay was relaxed and was questioning priya

"Whereas vasunthra stood up from couch and stopped near Akash do u really love her or is she in your just friend like category??"

"Ya sir I love him truly" priya said loking at her feet..

"Ya mom I love her truly"

Vasunthra on hearing this kissed his forehead  and fondly caressed priya's cheek and said"beta call ur mom and dad we will talk with them.."

"Vijay and maa ji I don't have any denial in this  marriage..What is ur opinion??" vasuthra suddenly turned and asked athem.

"Why am I gonna have when I know how well mannered priya is?" Vijay said happily hugging akash..

"I too doont have any problem vasu" nani said smiling at the pair..

Both akash and priya tookblessings from dadi..

Nani turned towards arnav and asked "Chottey why are u so mum say something..Afterall its gonna be Akash's marg??"

"Nani I have my full approval but seems like di is not ready she was hell angry on this issue so am thinking whether this is nedded" rnav said inbetween a smirk..

Priya akash screamed together "Di do something nah??"

Anjali smacked her head sat down on the couch beside Arnav..

"You spoiled it entirely" she murmured but everyone heard it..

"What is this anju??"

Nani and vasuthra   were shocked to see priya  addressing her as di and casually talking..

"Wel maa n name ill say  its that ur daughter was doing a play with u all..She must have bought them here saying she would get consent from u ppl but poor di she was excellent actress but her cast didn't help her" saying this Arnav turned towards his di stucking his tounge out and tesing her..

Both nani and vasunthra looked at her for explanation ..

Anjali went near them holding her ears said "sorry but u ppl would act more if I bought them here without this drama " saying this anjali started running and vasunthra was following her with a pillow to hit her..

Others were laughing seeing this mother daughter duo..

Vasuthra throwed the pillow and anjali bent but it otherone standing near the door..Everyone gasped at the turn of event and looked at people standing at the door..

Vijay vasunthra and nani face turned into a smile where as Priya face turned pale seeing  her parents..

Arnav,akasha and Anjali looked at the visitors..

"bhaiii" vasunthra squealed running towards the entrance whereas Gowri rushed towards vijay with her outstretched arms..

"Gowri u said ur daughter has called u somewhere..Vijay I said nah surprise this is it..i met gowri in viren's marriage.."

"Priya gave me this address but how come vijay you are here..When we met u said Anjali called u and ur going home" Sashi asked confusedly..

Now all the four understood what has happened..

"Papa u know sir uh??" priya strolled towards them asking sashi in surprise..

"Priya no sir call me uncle" vijay corrected her

"Paa u know them uh??" akash asked the same with his dad..

"Ya ya we know each other priya.Don't you know my old friends am searching for they are here.." sashi said pointing towards vasunthra and vijay..

Her  face broke into smile ..Sashi and gowri was invented inside and they were sitting at couch..Sashi took blessings from nani as he is meeting her after years'.

"Waise priya why did u call us here?" gowri asked hiding a smirk

"Wo am..amma athu vanthu'"

"Wo am amma that is.."

"Kolandhaiya en tease panra ??priya nanga elathayum ketom unmaya ni Akash ah virumbana enguluku objection ila..Enga natpu urava marathu unalana enguluku athu santhisham tha" Sashi saying this hugged her..


"Why do u tease our baby??Priya we were listening  to all if u truly love akash we don't have any objection..If our friendship turns into relation because of you we will be happy" Sashi saying this hugged her..

Raizada's were happy to hear this from Gupta's soon Akash and payal took blessings from them..

"I think anjali is so naughty Vijay??" Sashi asked eyeing Anjali..

"No uncle am little naughty But what to do having Drama queen mumma and nani I had to do something so that I could get a best sil for me..Now am too happy since she is ur daughter.." Anjali said coming forwad..

"Anjali how many months dear??" gowri asked Making Anjali sit near her

"Aunty wow how do u know that am pregnanat??" Anjali aske din disbelief..

"Ha ha Don't forget Am a mother of two..Its clearly written in your face bacha..And also the concern you have while running I could easily say that.."

Anjali chuckled at the explanation and said "Three months aunty..He is out of town for a work issue" she said indirectly saying her about her husband..

Then they started speaking about the missing days ..The time was fully fun filled..

..How much they have struggled to come up and how they had met minutes before..Arnav was sitting impatiently with the cover in his hand but HIS GREAT FAMILY has entirely forgotten him...He was the one who was searching for them for their ammu but no one is now bothered..Seeing his restlessness anjali pinched her mom and eyed towards Arnav who was so impatiently sitting.. he sighed and opened the cover when his mothers voice distracted him

 "Arnav what you are looking at them like this??They are ammu's parents" Vasuthra said to him..

Arnav came near them and took their blessings and said

"Aunty uncle epd irukenga??"

"Aunty uncle how are you?"

"Arnav tamil la kalakara po" Gowri fondly caressing his face said him..

 "Arnav Your good in tamil" Gowri fondly caressing his face said him..

"HE not only learned tamil gowri but also all tamil cultures to cook tamil dishes and to say he is a south Indian in north Indian disguise" vijay said which made arnav blush a little..

"Arnav nejamava??" sashi asked in disbelief

"Arnav is it true??" sashi asked in disbelief

"Amam uncle"

"Yes uncle"

"Sashi ask him the reason for it.." vijay teased'

"Ena reason ah??" Gowri wondered

"What reason uh??" Gowri wondered..

"ya aunty where is my baby??This is all because of my baby Ammu he is such way..HE knew that khushi loves tamil and cultures..He has gone crazy over her that his room's wall is adorned with her picture" Anjali completed it..

"Ena arnavum ah ipd??"

"What Arnav is also like this"

"Ena solrenga aunty apa ammu kum ena nyabagam iruka??"

"What are you saying aunty then ammu is also thinking on me??"

Arnav asked enthusiastically..

Sash said hm how she is fond of the doll he left her and never said this secret to anyone but always will hear to his voice from the doll and see his photo..Arnav was on cloud nine hearing it..

"Uncle I have made techs work on her photo and morphed it ..Now am gonna see her photo say whether she is my Ammu"

Arnav said and opened the cover..His face broke into million dollar smile seeing the photo has khushi's face in it..His heart was beating fast ..he wanted her to be his ammu..

HE was about to give the photo to sashi whe a voice startled all of them..


Everyone turned to see khushi standing a little far from them with hands on her hips and giving a glare to Arnav..

PPL Say me do u want Ammu to know Arnav is her mamu soon?????Monkey Icon Monkey Icon Monkey Icon Monkey Icon 

Or do u want Arnav to play with her without reveling he is her mamu and make her fall for himMonkey Icon CiciMonkey Icon CiciMonkey Icon CiciMonkey Icon CiciMonkey Icon Cici

IGNORE Spell errors..Didnt proof readOuch Ouch 

CLARIFICATIONS:Everyone from raizada's can understand tamil but only Arnav can speak..Now akash is learning Tamil from priya..And anjali calls khushi as babyEmbarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

Sry here also no arshi Monkey Emoticon Cici Monkey Emoticon Cici Monkey Emoticon Cicibut this filler is so much necessary..forgive meMonkey Winks Monkey Winks Monkey Winks Monkey Winks

 PLZ Dont cpoy/share my works without my permission..I own all the rights for this works..

                  (c) Rami92 copyrights reserved

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satana Senior Member

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buking release.

ahh chlm..thz tym..u hav made it clear da...just lov u fr it...exspecially fr anjali s part...u hav potraid it very well...reali she s drama queen...nd nw atlst arnav came to kno abtvhis wat abt kushi :-(:-(:-(:-(...ll Arnav reveal th truth tht he s his mamu...waiting fr next update..dear...supr gng...

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sanluvug IF-Dazzler

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nice reunion of both family...
want kushi to know arnav is her mamu...
lovely update

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wow nice update abhi kutty Monkey Icon
but missing my arshi Monkey Winks Yoyo
waiting 4 next part kutty Monkey Icon

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