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#2 ArSh FF You and Me/Link For 3rd Thread/ PG 151 (Page 72)

AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by dumas


thanks dear

AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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                         Part 15 

Armaan and Shilpa entered in house finally they both were back at Mumbai in midnight

Armaan: Shilpa I am going at hospital

                Shilpa: but Armaan at least eat something and go               

He came close and kissed on her forehead

Armaan: don't worry about me you take your meal and I will eat something at hospital ok.

She nodded her head and Armaan left the place

Shilpa walked towards room and sat on bed she didn't knew what was happening to her she remembered his words what he said that he doesn't believe in love she thought is likeness is enough to live whole life with him she didn't even know what she feels about him she closed her eyes and finally took the decision that no matter if he believes in love or not but now I should buried my feeling inside and act with him normally the way I always does let's see how this relationship go forward


Armaan walked in hospital and straight entered in ward where his patient was, Dr.Kirti saw him

Kirti: Dr. Armaan you are back I thought you will come in morning

Armaan: how I can stay there ma'am when my patient is so serious

Kirti nodded her head and walked out Armaan took patients case pad and started studying it


In the morning

Shilpa woke up and noticed Armaan was not back she thought how can anybody work so much "Hitler" she smiled thinking word she stood up from the bed, and after getting ready she walked downstairs, she went inside the kitchen she was about take a glass of water to drink

Armaan hugged her from behind first she was scared but when she saw him a smile flashed on her lips.

Armaan: good morning sweetheart he kissed her cheek

Shilpa spoke softly: good morning

Suddenly she felt herself up as Armaan picked her in his arms and walked upstairs he took her inside the room and laid her on bed he settled himself on top of her

Shilpa: what are you doing Armaan I am getting late for hospital

Armaan buried his head in her neck and spoke: your duty timing is at 11 insist 9 am

Shilpa was trying very hard to stop him but he grabbed her wrist and started kissing on her neck

Shilpa: how is your patient now?

He moved on her face level and spoke: he is better now and at afternoon we are going to do his operation.

She was about to speak but Armaan sealed his lips on hers and started kissing her insanely slowly he loosen up her wrists and Shilpa placed her hand on his neck and kissed him back he tasted her whole mouth and she was numb feeling his touch after breaking kiss he buried in her neck and started nibbling her creamy skin.

Armaan lowered down her sleeve and rubbed his lips on her shoulder. He was about to remove her top when she stopped him

Shilpa: Armaan leave me or else I am not going to let you come close to me at least one week

Armaan frowned at her and spoke: that's not fair

He moved aside and let her go she stood up from the bed and walked near mirror

She took comb and started combing her hairs

Shilpa: Armaan actually I want to go early at hospital

Armaan leaned his back on headboard and spoke: why

While combing her hairs she spoke: you remember before going for honeymoon told you that I asked Anjali to collect that CD in which my dream hospital designs are.

Armaan: oh yeah but right now I am feeling very sleepy so you leave I'll join you later

She smiled and turned her face to him: ok

She took the car keys and her purse and walked towards bed she glanced at Armaan who was sleeping calmly

She bends down and kissed on his cheek when suddenly he pulled her on top of him and gave hard kiss on her lips

Shilpa moved back and spoke: you are too much Armaan
Armaan: you started first, saying this he pulled blanket on him and slept

She smilingly shook her head and walked out


At Sanjeevani

Shilpa walked in locker room and saw Anjali she smiled and walked towards her Anjali saw her and got tensed

Shilpa hugged her and spoke: I missed you Anjie

Anjali hugged her back spoke: missed you too

Shilpa moved back and spoke: anyways where is CD which you collected from Mr. Oberoi

Anjali looked down and spoke: I am sorry Shilpa that CD had been misplaced

Shilpa was stunned she couldn't believe Anjali's words she felt like ground was slipped through her legs

Shilpa: But how

Anjali: actually Atul and me were fighting and I kept that CD on bench and when we both stopped fighting than I glanced at bench CD was not there I thought ward boy must took so I asked many staff but no one knows where CD gone

Shilpa was too angry after hearing her stupid reason.

Shilpa: you know Anjali you ruined my whole dreams tears firmed in Shilpa's eyes

Anjali kept hand on her shoulder and spoke: it was just a CD Shilpa why are you crying

Shilpa brushed away her hand and shouted: that was not just a CD that was my... She stopped saying another word and glanced around all people were looking at them she glanced at Anjali in anger and walked out she passed from Armaan who was about to enter in he was shocked what suddenly happened to her he was about to stop her when Anjali came there and told Armaan everything why she ran like this he was again shocked hearing all this he knew very well how much important was this CD for her he knew that her dream is everything for her he started to get worried he thought what if she does something, no she can't

Armaan: Anjali you please handle Dr.Kirti and make some reason about Shilpa's absents; I'll go at home and see her

Anjali nodded her head and Armaan left the place


Armaan entered in house and straight went upstairs he was too worried for he couldn't even think what her state must be now after what had happen.

Armaan was about to enter in room when he saw noticed door was locked from inside

Armaan bagged the door and spoke softly: Shona please open the door you need me right now you can't be alone like this.

Shilpa was not responding him at all Armaan was knocking door again and again

Armaan shouted: Shilpa open the door damn it

Shilpa buried her face in pillow and was sobbing loudly

Armaan went downstairs and was back with another keys he opened the door and saw Shilpa's very bad state she was crying a lot he couldn't see her like this and he had never saw her so much crying

He walked towards her and sat next to her on bed he slowly caressed her hairs she moved up her face and glanced at him he saw her eyes were red and her face was all wet she moved close to him and hugged him tightly placing her head on his chest she cried loudly

He was caressing her back and was soothing her

Armaan: Shona stop crying please you know nah I can't bear your tears

Shilpa spoke while sobbing: you don't know Armaan what had happened

Armaan moved her back and cupped her face he started clearing her tears with his thumb.

Armaan: Shona I know everything and now stop crying first

Shilpa finally was calm and spoke: now what will I do Armaan

Armaan: you should ask for copy of CD from Mr. Oberoi

Shilpa: I did that already and they said that they don't make copies of it

Armaan didn't knew what to say she was so sad seeing her like this he couldn't think anything

Armaan: ok than we will think something later but now relax

Shilpa moved back and laid she cried so much that her eyes automatically closed and sleep took over her

Armaan pulled blanket on her body suddenly his pager rang he glanced at it and thought he has to leave for hospital. But how can he leave her alone but he has to go.


Inside the OT Armaan couldn't concentrate on his work because he knows how much Shilpa must be disturb at home he thought soon he should finish operation and leave for home


After sometime operation was over and Armaan walked inside his cabin he saw Anjali was sitting there

Anjali glanced at him and stood up

Anjali: how is Shilpa?

Armaan looked at her and spoke: she is not fine at all so I am leaving now

Anjali: can I come with you Armaan please I need to talk to her

Armaan: no Anjie I know her she will not even talk to you so for now please leave her alone

Anjali's face became sad and Armaan noticed that

Armaan: don't worry Anjie everything will be alright ok

Anjali nodded her head and walked out.


Armaan entered inside the room and noticed Shilpa was not on bed he thought where she must have gone but suddenly he saw the glass door of balcony was open and he glanced at Shilpa who was standing there.

He walked towards her and saw that she was still upset

Armaan kept his hand on her shoulder and spoke: are you fine

She glanced at him and nodded her head in yes

Armaan hugged her from behind and kept his chin on her shoulder she closed her eyes when she felt his hands circled around her waist.

Shilpa: Armaan why always this happens to me whenever I am happy suddenly something bad happens and take over my happiness.

Armaan: don't say like this Shona.

She moved back and turned to face him

Shilpa: what should I say Armaan Anjali's small mistake misplaced that CD?

Armaan cupped her face and spoke: look Shilpa you can again tell them to make designs

Shilpa: yeah but Mr. Oberoi is not in Mumbai he will be back after one month and now I have to wait for a month

Armaan hugged her and she closed her eyes he gave soft kiss on her hairs


Later Armaan and Shilpa had their dinner and both were about to sleep when Shilpa hugged Armaan and spoke: Armaan I am sorry I left my duties like that today, I was too upset that's why I came back at home

Armaan kissed on her forehead and spoke: It's ok Shilpa I understand.

They both smiled at each other and slept peacefully


In the morning At Sanjeevani

Shilpa walked at nurse station and Armaan glanced at her he smiled

She smiled back at him, Anjali came from back and stood next to Shilpa, Anjali was glancing at her but Shilpa was too angry on her so she didn't even cared to glance at Anjali

Muskaan, Rahul and Atul were confused what suddenly has happen to both of them but Armaan knew why Shilpa was behaving like this but what he can do now he know Shilpa's anger he thought he should leave this all to them

Armaan: so now coming to your duties

All interns stood straight and glanced at Armaan

Armaan: Dr. Muskaan and Dr. Rahul general ward, Dr. Atul cancer ward and Dr. Shilpa and Dr. Anjali children ward

Shilpa was stunned after hearing Armaan's words she thought how he can give her duty with Anjali when he knows that I am so upset with her she glanced at Armaan in anger and walked straight for her duties without talking or looking at anyone.

Armaan cursed himself for giving her duty with Anjali but he did this professionally


Precap: Armaan go to hell I am going to bed do whatever you want to

 Armaan: I am doing all this for you Shilpa.


Shilpa: you don't have time for me Armaan your work is more important for you

Armaan walked out without saying a word and she was standing stunned.


Here is part 15 guys I hope you will love it please don't forget to press like button and all of you do comments. Don't be lazy your likes and comments motivates me to write more nicely.

also updated

Eternal love ArSh FF

Part 2 Jab ArSh Met

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arshi_sunshine Goldie

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Amazing Update...
Shilpa is Very Upset because of the CD...
Very Interesting Precap...

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MSN_Vanny IF-Rockerz

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Interesting! Lovely update!!! Clap

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AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by arshi_sunshine

Amazing Update...
Shilpa is Very Upset because of the CD...
Very Interesting Precap...

thanks dear

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AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by MSN_Vanny

Interesting! Lovely update!!! Clap
Rishita.SIholic IF-Dazzler

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Nice update!
Feel bad for shilpa
Hopefully her and armaan 
Figure something out Ouch

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AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Violet125

Nice update!
Feel bad for shilpa
Hopefully her and armaan 
Figure something out Ouch
thanks dear

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