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#2 ArSh FF You and Me/Link For 3rd Thread/ PG 151 (Page 51)

AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 7:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by zaara.khan

Hey I didn't get the pm.
But the previous part was really good.
I loved the way armaan sang the song
dont worry I'll send you pm part

Sweet_wish Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 9:40pm | IP Logged
nice part Smile ...thnks for the PM 

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-Xpress- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 9:46pm | IP Logged
The update was Hottt

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crazysky IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 11:40pm | IP Logged
its super awesome
loved it

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yoga23priya IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2013 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
Love it :)

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mitchell Groupbie

Joined: 29 December 2010
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Posted: 12 April 2013 at 1:18am | IP Logged
hayye pm part is so sensous n romantic
liked the way u write the whole part
loved it
hope to see many romantic parts ahead
thanx for pm
update sson
dis_arshi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 April 2013 at 1:53am | IP Logged
sooo romantic EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

take care!

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AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 April 2013 at 3:23am | IP Logged
                                             Part 14

Shilpa slowly opened her eyes when she felt sun rays on her eyes it was coming through window she rubbed her eyes and glanced at her husband her head was placed on his chest and he had gripped her from her back she smiled moving on his face level and she gave soft kiss on his cheek

Slowly she removed his hand from her back and stoop up she wrapped her body with blanket and walked in washroom

She glanced herself in mirror she removed blanket from her body and noticed that her body was red cause his bites she smiled and touch every red spot feeling his touch she closed her eyes and thought why last night she easily gave herself to him why she didn't stopped him she knows that now she has started to like him but it's not just cause of liking but it was something which she was feeling last night in his arms what was that she opened her eyes and smiled to herself and thought do she has fallen in love with him but no how so easily love doesn't happens so soon just few days before she has met him and she thought after marriage she will not even let him touch but what happen last night it was cause that she has started developing some feelings for him and soon she realized it that yes she is getting attracted to him but is it love she thought carefully if is it than it's so beautiful feeling she remembered last night and she was shying a tears came in her eyes, she never thought one day she will experience this feeling also the way he touches her the way his kisses her is makes her crazy she thought it must be only attraction but again got confused cause she knows very well she is not that much weak that if it was only attraction she had never slept with him but what to do now first time I am feeling shy to go in front him why suddenly this feeling the way he will look at me today what will happen damn why that has to happen last night it has made me confused she thought what I feel about him is it love and if it is than it's beautiful feeling, she again was lost in last night she thought what is so special in this man that he has changed me so much the girl who always use to think only of her dreams, dad, and studies than suddenly what is happening to her but she was sure this all has happen cause of that stupid Armaan Malik he has made me same like him she rolled her eyes and finally blocked her thoughts

After sometime she came out taking a hot bath she was in her bathrobe she walked towards mirror but her glanced fall on her cute and handsome husband she thought what is special about him, of course his eyes is the first thing that makes me crazy his blue oceans are beautiful she was staring at him with dreamy expressions, she walked near bed and sat on it

She caressed her palm on his cheek a small smile came on his face she smiled widely thinking that definitely he must be dreaming about her when she was staring at him she didn't noticed that her wet hairs were falling on his chest soon Armaan opened his eyes and saw his beautiful angle in front him she saw that he was awake and immediately backed off her palm she was about to stood up when he pulled her and pinned her under him

She was shivering and bitted her lower lip Armaan was staring at her lovingly and her eyes were away from him she know if she will look at him she will again melt in his touch Armaan smelled her sweet smell and spoke: why didn't you wake up me we might have bath together

Her eyes widened up after hearing his words she thought thank god she didn't wake him otherwise she was completely gone today

Armaan noticed her cute face and spoke: what has happen to you where are you lost

She looked at him and spoke: nothing just feeling very tired today

Armaan buried his head on her neck and started sucking water drops from there she closed her eyes tightly and was thinking not again what is happening to her why she can't stop him why she is feeling so nice in his arms and why his kisses always makes her numb

Her hands automatically went on his hairs and started ruffling them

Armaan untied her bathrobe and lowered down from her shoulder he started kissing on her shoulder when Shilpa heard the ringtone of her cell she opened her eyes and tried to pull him back but he was not ready at all he started moving down on her cleavage when she pulled him back in force

Armaan: what happened?

She gave her fake smile and spoke: are you deaf can't you hear ringtone she shook her head she was about to pick her cell when its stopped ringing she moved her hand back and glanced at him who was sitting angrily she smiled and hugged him from back circling her hands on his neck she kissed his earlobe

Shilpa: I am sorry I thought it must be important call that's why stopped you

She realized that he was still angry on her and she started kissing on his arm and shoulder he smiled and pulled her on his lap she was looking into his eyes and he softly brushed his lips on hers

Armaan: Shona I think you are really feeling tired you should rest for sometime

She smilingly nodded and Armaan made her sleep properly and kissed on her forehead

She was glancing at him and thought he is so loving and caring she just want to confess her feelings to him but again thought no it's too early still she was not sure about her feelings what she will tell him she closed her eyes and rested her mind for some time Armaan was caressing her hairs and soon he also was asleep

It was evening when Shilpa woke up and now she was feeling perfectly fine she saw Armaan who was watching TV in mute she smiled and stood up walked towards him and sat next him on sofa

Armaan glanced at her and spoke: how are you feeling now

Shilpa: I am fine now

She moved close to him and kept her head on his shoulder he circled his hand on her shoulders kissed on her hairs

Shilpa: Armaan let's go somewhere out

Armaan: ok where you want to go

Shilpa moved her face up and spoke: Shopping

Armaan: Shopping no ways I hate it

Shilpa thought" Sometimes he behaves so weird" she rolled her eyes and spoke: ok fine let it be I don't want to go anywhere

Shilpa stood up and went near window

Armaan saw her angry face he stood up and walked towards her

He hugged her from back and spoke: I am sorry common let's go

She smiled and turned to face him

Shilpa: ok I will get ready in 2 minutes, she went from there to changed he smilingly shook his head



Shilpa and Armaan were in mall and Armaan was making weird faces first of all he hate shopping and next she was irritating him with her choices and he was more irritate by her shopping bags which he was holding on his both hands

Shilpa picked up beautiful pink top and showed to Armaan

Shilpa: how is this top isn't it beautiful

Armaan: yeah but don't you think that blue will suit you more

She looked at blue top and spoke: no I like this pink

Armaan: yeah that is also very cute top well you are very beautiful but if you will wear this blue one you'll look more beautiful

Shilpa got angry and threw both tops on counter

Shilpa: I don't want any of them, she walked away from there

He smiled and spoke to man: pack that both tops, he packed and handed to Armaan

Armaan walked out and saw Shilpa was not anywhere he thought she must be gone at hotel but he was also angry for the way she left alone

Shilpa walked in room and drank water first next she started to cursed Armaan

"Stupid idiot what he think of himself that only he is right, I have to wear top who is he to select for me what I have to wear"

She thought carefully" how stupid of you Shilpa he is your husband he has all rights to keep his opinion about cloths which I you should wear"

She shook her head and closed her eyes and Armaan's face flashed on her eyes she smiled and opened her with a jerk

"I have gone mad completely mad now Armaan's face is flashing around me damn what has happen to me"

Armaan stepped in slowly he thought if she will see him definitely she will throw something on him but he was surprised to see that she was glancing at him smilingly

He rubbed his eyes and thought, is this a dream Shilpa and not shouting at me

She walked near him and clicked her fingers in front of him but still he was in his daze

Shilpa tugged him and shouted in his ear: Armaan

He came back from his daze and checked her forehead with his palm

Armaan: are you fine no shouting no throwing is this you Shilpa

Shilpa started laughing loudly and he was glancing at her smilingly

He took her in his warm hug and keeping her head on his shoulder she closed her eyes

Armaan moved her back and spoke: you know I love your voice when you laugh like this and always be like this

She smiled and nodded

He made her stood front of mirror and closed her eyes with is palm

He moved his and from her eyes and spoke: don't open your eyes

He slowly took off beautiful diamond chain from his pocket and placed on her neck she felt something touched her neck and she placed her hand on the locket of chain

She opened her eyes and was surprised

She smiled and spoke: why this suddenly

He kept his chin on her shoulder and circled his hands on her waist

Armaan: when I saw this I though this is only made for you

Shilpa: thanks

He kissed on her shoulder and spoke: don't be and yeah I purchased both the tops she smiled

Armaan turned her to face him she looked at him

Armaan: thanks for last night

She was feeling shy while remembering last night

Suddenly showed him anger and spoke: what was that at mall pink and blue fight


He came close to her and cupped: whatever you wear you look beautiful so now no fights on blue or pink

Armaan bend down and kissed her rosy petals she closed her eyes and locked her hands on his neck he kept his hands on her waist and both were kissing each other insanely Shilpa didn't knew why she always melt in his touch and always gave up Armaan soon moved his tongue more inside and was tasting her whole mouth he knows one thing he is crazy about her while kissing they both walked towards bed and fall on it.

Armaan broke kiss and buried in her neck she started to ruffle his hairs with her fingers he lowered down her top strips and was rubbing his lips on her shoulders she was shivering in his arms and soon Armaan undressed herself while kissing every inch of her body and he also took off his cloths and settled himself on top of her

Outside snow was falling and inside hotness was firming between them Armaan pulled up blanket and both were lost in each other

Armaan was buried in her neck and was planting wet kisses Shilpa tugged from his arm and spoke: Armaan don't you think we should talk sometime

Armaan came up on her face level and spoke: what, your husband is being romantic and you are telling we should talk not at all darling

He moved down and started to kiss on her body when she pulled him back and sat on bed while covering her body with blanket

Shilpa: ok fine I am hungry just go to hell Armaan Malik she was about to stood up but he grabbed her wrist and made her sit on his lap

He kissed on her nose and spoke: fine, she smiled and he leaned his back on headboard and made her sit on between his legs he wrapped blanket around their body and Shilpa leaned her head on his chest

Shilpa: Armaan don't you think you should tell me about yourself

Armaan rubbed his lips on her shoulder and spoke: what you want know sweetheart

Shilpa: how many girls before me she asked innocently

Armaan rolled his eyes looked at her and spoke: let me think

She opened her mouth and widened her eyes

Armaan: I think 40, 45 no 48 and you are 49th don't you think one more girl and I will make a half century, he winked at her

Shilpa kicked her elbow on his stomach and spoke: don't you even dare or else you are going to be dead

Armaan kissed her cheek and spoke: how sweet of you I didn't knew that you are so possessive about me

Shilpa rolled her eyes and spoke: I don't like to share anything mine with anybody

Armaan: I promise I will always be with you; you are the only one with whom I want to spend my rest of life.

Suddenly her mind forced her to ask most important question

Shilpa: Armaan what you think about love

Armaan smiled and spoke: love it's not my type, she suddenly became sad the way he spoke "it's not his type" what did he mean about that

Armaan: first of all I don't believe in love, I don't even know the meaning of love the way dad mom always fight that never let me believe in love I have always thought that love does not exist in real life it only looks nice in novels or movies and still I think same

She was about cry but she controlled her tears and spoke: ok why you married me

He smiled and spoke: because I like you very much every person needs a life partner and when I saw you I thought you are just perfect for me caring loving hot and sexy he closed his eyes and nuzzled his face in her hairs

She was not at all happy after hearing his words she thought she should not expect from him love, but what about her she always wanted the husband who loves her more than himself but here things are going different whom she has married he don't even believe in love but again her heart said maybe one day he will think different from his current thoughts about love

But what if he doesn't she closed her eyes and small tear fall from her eyes corner

Armaan was kissing on her neckline and she was thinking why she is feeling so bad if he doesn't believe in love, she blocked her thoughts immediately

Suddenly Armaan's cell rang he annoyingly took from side table and attended call


On another side: hey Armaan here Rahul sorry to disturb you but Dr.Kirt told me to inform you that you have to be here in morning

Armaan: what, Shilpa glanced at him and raised her eyebrows if she was asking what happened; Armaan blinked his eyes at her

Armaan: but why Rahul is everything ok

On another side: actually your patient Mr. Mehta had been serious so Dr. Kirti and you have to operate because you know the patients whole case history you have to be here for operation

Armaan: ok just inform Dr.Kirti that I'll be there in few hours

Shilpa got confused why suddenly they have to leave but she thought anyways there must be something very important

Armaan moved Shilpa back and stood up

Armaan: Shilpa we have to leave right now I am really sorry we are going back between from our honeymoon trip but in hospital my patient needs me

Shilpa smiled and spoke: why are you being sorry Armaan its ok

They both immediately got ready and left the place


Precap: I am sorry Shilpa that CD had been misplaced

She was stunned she couldn't believe her words

Shilpa: But how


Armaan shouted: Shilpa open the door damn it

Shilpa buried her face in pillow and was sobbing loudly

Here is part 14 please don't forget to press like button and do comment long comments

Also updated

Eternal Love ArSh FF

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