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#2 ArSh FF You and Me/Link For 3rd Thread/ PG 151 (Page 13)

AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by blessed4

Congrats for the new thread
Please continue soon

AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by aanchal_c

continue soon.
i will
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are you about to update???

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AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by KaShforever06

are you about to update???
yeah just give me 15 minutes

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AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Part 12

Armaan and Shilpa were arrived at Switzerland's famous hotel

Armaan: Shilpa you just wait here I will collect the keys from reception, she nodded and glanced around and thought hotel was very beautiful and definitely Armaan has very good choice. Armaan was back and they both went towards their room

Armaan opened the door and Shilpa was delightful seeing so beautiful room she entered in and roamed around

Shilpa: Armaan room is so beautiful

Armaan smiled and spoke: do you like it

Shilpa: of course

Armaan moved close to her and spoke: Shona are you happy to come here with me

Shilpa locked her hands on his neck and spoke: what do you think

Armaan: I don't know I can't understand you, but I want to

Shilpa smiled and spoke: I am very happy to come with you here ok and now I just want to enjoy these special days of my life with you and make them memorable

Armaan hugged her tightly and spoke: of course we will make this trip memorable

Shilpa smiled and tried to pull him back but he hugged her more tightly

Shilpa: Armaan leave me

Armaan: no not at all

Waiter knocked the door and hearing the knock Armaan left her

Armaan opened the door

Waiter: sorry to disturb you sir just came to see if you want something

Armaan: no if we want anything, we will inform you

Armaan closed the door, turned back and didn't saw Shilpa there

He walked towards washroom and knocked the door

Shilpa: can't you have patience Armaan

Armaan: open the door Shona let's get fresh together

Shilpa: you have gone mad now just go and let me be fresh

Armaan: fine.

He walked towards balcony and she was giggling inside


Armaan was standing in balcony and viewing beautiful location of Switzerland when Shilpa came there and stood next to him

Shilpa: view is so beautiful Armaan isn't it

He glanced at her and saw her hairs were flying through air and were coming to her eyes she was trying to remove strands of hairs from her face

Armaan: yeah it's beautiful, she looked at him and noticed that he was not talking about view he was saying beautiful to her

Armaan moved close to her and moved her and blew his breath on her face to move her hairs she blinked her eyes

Armaan bends down and kissed softly on her lips the soft kiss was when being passionate they didn't realized Armaan pulled her more closer keeping his hand on her neck, her hands automatically went on his hairs and she was ruffling them

The cool breeze was passing and was hitting theirs bodies

Armaan traveled his lips from her chin to throat and was planting quicker kisses he was not able to leave her today and he even don't want to stop this moment but Shilpa understood his intentions and pulled him back with smiling face

Armaan: what now, look Shilpa today I can't control myself so don't stop me.

Shilpa: ok so catch me if you can then whatever you want take it she ran in room and Armaan followed her

She was running around in room and was laughing on him she showed him her tongue

They both were running around bed when she was throwing pillows on him to distract him

Armaan: Shilpa this is cheating

Shilpa: everything is fair in love and war Armaan Malik

Armaan: you just wait and watch what I do with you when I'll grab you

She giggled, she started to run towards balcony and suddenly she heard Armaan's voice behind her "oouch"

Shilpa turned back and saw Armaan was sitting on bed and his knee was injured he was hissing in pain she ran towards him and was concerned for him

Shilpa: Armaan what happen look I am really sorry

Armaan pulled her close and pinned on the bed under him she was struggling lot under him

Shilpa: Armaan leave me so this was drama, you did cheating

Armaan: as you said everything is fair in love and war

His eyes were full of passionate and she was looking in his blue oceans she was breathing heavily, when she felt Armaan's hand inside her kurta

Armaan: I warned you that if I caught you I will not leave you

Shivers were running through her body he was pressing her waist soon he moved her kurta up and planted several kissed on her belly button he was moving up passing through her chest soon he came to her face level and buried his head in her neck she bitted her lips and shut down her eyes

He was giving quick kisses and it made Shilpa realized how much he was aggressive for her she was trying to pull him back through his shoulder but Armaan grabbed her hands and placed them above head, and now he was kissing on her throat and soon he traveled his lips on her collarbone and jawline, and on every inch of neck he was giving her love bites and she was being numb feeling his bites

Shilpa spoke softly: Armaan please I am hungry leave me

He came on her face level and spoke: and I am hungry for you I just want to eat up every inch of your body

She was shivering under him, when suddenly she felt her hands were loosen up and she opened her eyes

He kissed her forehead and spoke: common let's go down and have candle light dinner what say

She smiled and nodded soon he moved aside from her and she stood up and glanced at him

Shilpa: Armaan can I ask you something

Armaan: what

Shilpa: how you manage to feel my feelings and what I want I don't know if I will ever able to do same with you still I can't understand you what you are

Armaan stood up and moved close to her he was caressing cheeks and she was staring at him

Armaan: Shilpa I just don't want to force you for anything and don't know about feelings cause that are far away from me I just know one thing that I can never hurt you or your feelings and I will always keep you like doll

She smiled and hugged him tightly he embraced her and kissed her earlobe

He caressed her hairs and spoke: now if you are over with your questions can we go for dinner I am also to hungry and if you will not come with me right now, I will start eating you

She hit hardly on his arm and spoke: stop your nonsense, he smiled

She moved back and spoke: ok give me 10 minutes to get ready

Armaan rolled his eyes and spoke: I think you are going take more time than that

Shilpa ignored him and went in washroom

Until she was in washroom Armaan got ready and went down to do some special arrangements for dinner


Armaan was waiting for Shilpa at dining area and he smiled after noticing that she is behind him he could smell her fragrance it was his favorite smell

He turned and saw the gorgeous look of her she was looking beautiful in red saree and her silky hairs were flying in air she was simply beautiful and her body was shining he walked towards her and she was also coming towards him they both came close to each other

Armaan: you are looking beautiful like always; she smiled at him and glanced at his entire look

Shilpa: you are looking dashing in this black suit I must say it's suits you a lot

He moved close to her and placed his both hands on her waist

Armaan: and I must say that every color suits you but in this red you look more hot and sexy

Shilpa smiled and spoke: Armaan I am too hungry common let's have dinner

Armaan took her hand in his hand kissed on her fingers and moved towards dining table Shilpa was surprised she glanced around and saw all tables were normal but their table was beautiful decorated with white cloth and candles were kept around and from bottom it was beautifully decorated with flowers

She smiled at him, he pulled her chair back and made her sit gently he sat in front of her on next chair

Shilpa: you always make me surprise

Armaan: do you like it

Shilpa: of course

The dinner was served and they started to eat when suddenly Shilpa heard very nice music which some musicians were playing

Shilpa: Armaan isn't it beautiful music

Armaan: how could you like this silent and boring music, she glared at him

Shilpa: you don't like romantic music

Armaan: of course I like but not these types of which he is playing

Shilpa rolled her eyes and spoke: oh really you are talking like, if you know what music is

Armaan: yeah I know do you want to hear just wait a minute I will show you what a romantic music is

He stood up and went near musicians Shilpa was looking at him and was thinking what he was talking to them

Suddenly lights went off

An Indian girl started to sing who was from one of those musicians

Aaja' Teriyaan Duaawan' Lagiyaan'

Rab Ton Main Aaj Bhi Ladiyaan'..

Shilpa was surprised to see the girl but she couldn't see Armaan

Aaja' Teriyaan Duaawan' Lagiyaan'

Rab Ton Main Aaj Bhi Ladiyaan'..

A wide smile came on Shilpa's face when flash light came upon Armaan who started playing guitar

He sang walking towards her

Sadi gali aaja'. saanu chahan waliye' he winked at her

Sadi gali aaja'. saanu chahan waliye' He was looking lovingly at her and she was shying

Sadi gali aaja'. saanu chahan waliye' He was about to reach at her she shook her head stepped backwards and hide herself behind some people

Tennu' Hooo..kah Marda Phiraan' He was looking for her but couldn't see her face around


He was playing guitar smilingly and passionately some people couldn't understand his language but they were enjoying

Shilpa was looking at him while hiding behind people

Sadi gali aaja'. saanu chahan waliye'He looked around

Sadi gali aaja'. saanu chahan waliye'he glanced at another side

Sadi gali aaja'. saanu chahan waliye'He smiled and played guitar

Tennu' Hooo..kah Marda Phiraan' finally he found her glimpse she was smiling at him and big smile flashed on his face


Shilpa was walking behind the people and he was trying to catch her glimpse


 Ik Waari Aaja' Door Jaan Waliye'Armaan was stepping towards her

Ik Waari Aaja' Door Jaan Waliye'They both were looking at each other but people were in middle

Tennu' Hooo..kah Marda Phiraan' Armaan reached at her

Tennu' Hooo..kah Marda Phiraan'He took her hand and moved her close

Ho.. Tenu Hooo..Kah Marda Phiran' She bump into his chest

Shilpa looked around and saw all were staring at them


Armaan whispered in her ear: Shilpa this is called romantic music she smiled as well as was shying


He moved back and handed guitar to that musician


Armaan sang: Lagdi Tu Kyun' Door Da Khwaab'. She was taking slow rounds around him

Lagdi Tu Kyun' Door Da Khwaab'.He moved close to her


Akhiyaan Cho' Wag Paye Aa..He nuzzled in her hairs from behind and closed his eyes she too closed her eyes

Dil Mein Lagana' Tere Naal'He opened her eyes and stared at her

Dil Mein Lagana' Tere Naal'They both were lost in each other's eyes

Rooh Nu Vasaja.. Seene Loun Waliye' She moved behind him and kept her head on his back

Ik Waari Aaja' Door Jaan Waliye'. He touched his back with hers

 Tenu Ho'.kah..Marda Phiran'Armaan turned his face to her

Tenu Ho'kah Marda Phiran'She started to walk

Ho Tennu Ho..kah Marda Phiran'He was following her


They both walked in lawn area and cool breeze hit Shilpa's face she closed her eyes


Shilpa sang: Hooohh hooo'Chithiyaan Taun Mithi' Teri Yaad Aayi' Shilpa turned and looked at Armaan Aaya Ni' Sajna Mera'

Katiyan Jau Ratan'. Kalle Bhul Na Payii'. She was looking at clouds

Dil Vich' Vasna Tera.. She turned and smiled to Armaan


Rab Tennu Maneya'. Khair Chahan Waliye'He took her hand and circled her

Ik Vari Aaja'. Door Jaan Waliye'. He pulled her close to him and deep her placing his hands on her back waist

Tennu Ho..kaah Marda Phiran'.He made her move back and again pulled her close while rolling and her back was touch on his chest

Tennu Ho..kaah Marda Phiran'.He kissed her earlobe, she shivered

Ho..Tennu Ho..kaah Marda Phiran'.He made her turn and she looked at him

 Sadi Gali Aaja Sanu..He touched his forehead with hers

Sadi Gali.. Aaja Sanu'They both were moving on rhythms and were looking into each other's eyes, Sadi Gali'

All people clapped for them and admiring the beautiful couple standing in front of them

Shilpa came back in her sense when she heard the claps noise she was shying and Armaan was looking at her gorgeous face

Shilpa: Armaan I didn't knew, you sing so well

Armaan: they are many things which still you don't know about me he winked at her

They both walked towards their table and sat on their own chairs

Shilpa: it was beautiful song Armaan

Armaan: well, whenever you want to hear my song I am 24/7 available

She shook her head and stood up

Shilpa: ok I'll just be back

Armaan: where are you going?

Shilpa rolled her eyes and spoke: washroom

Armaan flashed his naughty smile and spoke: well if you want I can come with you

She snapped at him and spoke: you are such a shameless man

Armaan: that surely I am

She shook her head and walked away

Armaan smiled and felt someone patted on his shoulder

He turned his face back and saw the girl who sang song with him

Girl: hey you sing so well, give me autograph please

Armaan was backing off from her and she was coming close to him

He took out pen from his pocket and when he glanced at girl his eyes widened the way she was standing keeping her hairs on one side and showing her back to him it made Armaan little bit awkward

He rolled his eyes and gave his autograph on her back girl turned and hugged him but he didn't, he moved her back

Armaan: I think it's getting late I should leave now, he turned to go, and his expression were horrified cause he saw his wifey was looking at him with deadly looks he shook his head in no and was looking innocently at her 


Precap: Pm Part


if silent readers wants pm than they can send me buddy request

Note: hey friends got time so posted it now its your turn give me more likes and long comments, for pm part i have got 150 friends and here on 100 likes not fair all of you please this time do comment and press like button.

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Res <3
That was amazing
Nice song choice 
They were just Aww...
Hehe, Armaan is in big troubleLOL
lol, continue soon hun
Thanks for the PM and for the part <3

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Originally posted by risingsea101

Res <3
That was amazing
Nice song choice 
They were just Aww...
Hehe, Armaan is in big troubleLOL
lol, continue soon hun
Thanks for the PM and for the part <3
yeah he is and thanks jaana Smile

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