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#2 ArSh FF You and Me/Link For 3rd Thread/ PG 151 (Page 104)

Karan-Shona Newbie

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Posted: 20 April 2013 at 1:26pm | IP Logged
Please send me the pm part

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AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by dmegha

Awesome part buddy.
Continue soon and thanks for the PM.

thanx dear
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Originally posted by Karan-Shona

Please send me the pm part
i had sent you 
AmmyLovesShona IF-Dazzler

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Thanks to all of you now finally I am getting 100 likes again so here is part 17 enjoy and this time also don't forget to press like button and doing comments Thanks once again guys and sorry this time i am late for an update what to do this Releince net is just to slow

              Part 17

Shilpa walked inside the hospital while cursing Armaan under her breath she was passing from corridor when she bumped with Atul and his plant broke. Shilpa looked at him with shocked eyes, and he looked at his broken plant.

Shilpa: I am really sorry Atul'he looked at her with sad face

Without saying a word Atul walked away and Shilpa started cursing Armaan" this all has happen because of that stupid Armaan Malik"

Shilpa walked at nurse station along with other interns

Dr. Kirti: today your duties will be the same as yesterday.

All nodded their head

Dr. Kirti: after 3 days Dr. Armaan is going to lonavla and he needs there one intern with him so I had a look on your cases, you all have many patients to attend so who will be free after 3 days that person will go with Dr. Armaan'

All nodded their head and Dr. Kirti left



Shilpa was in general ward she couldn't concentrate on her work because Armaan was not at hospital she was thinking where he must be gone or he must be at home but why' Anjali tugging broke her thoughts and Shilpa glanced at her

Anajli: don't get worried you'll go with Armaan'only you are left who doesn't have many cases'

Shilpa smiled and spoke: I hope so common let's go to caf I am too hungry

They both walked out


In the cafe

While drinking her coffee Shilpa was glancing at Atul who was too sad today and she knew the reason.

Suddenly Shilpa got an idea and she stood up from chair

Shilpa: ok guys I have to leave'

Muskaan: oyye you didn't even ate anything just have something and go

Shilpa smiled at her and spoke: don't worry I'll be back soon


Shilpa straight walked towards Armaan's cabin she wanted to know if he had come to hospital or not while walking she was also trying to call him but it was switched off finally she opened the door of his cabin and took a breath of relief.

She walked in and spoke: so finally you are here where have you been Armaan'

Armaan glanced at her and spoke: much busy today'

Shilpa smiled and spoke: so now you don't even have a minute for your wife

Armaan smilingly stood up and moved close to her he placed his both palms on her waist and kissed her forehead she smilingly closed her eyes

Armaan: I have time for my wife but I thought you were here as Dr. Shilpa

She giggled and spoke: Armaan I want your help

Armaan rolled his eyes and spoke: always ready to help you darling just spill out, he kissed on her nose.

Shilpa: I want baby' she spoke innocently

Armaan was completely shocked to hear this he never expected this words from her mouth so soon'

Armaan: I am eagerly waiting to make you pregnant

Shilpa spoke loudly: what' she firmed in anger and hit on his arm

Armaan: Ooch what why are you hitting me you wanted baby right

Shilpa: I want Atul's baby' Armaan was now again shocked as well as was firming in anger to hear Atul's name

She noticed and thought he had taken her words wrong

Shilpa rolled her eyes and spoke: hey don't get me wrong I am talking about his plant' finally he took breath of relief and Shilpa started laughing loudly

Shilpa spoke while laughing: I must say your expression were just awesome

He pulled her close clutching her waist she stopped laughing as Armaan started kissing her rosy petals passionately

She was shocked but soon gave in kiss she locked her hands on his neck and he clutched her waist tightly they both were just lost in each other but soon Armaan's cell beeped and broke their romantic moment

Armaan left her and glanced at his cell it was message he kept his cell on table

Armaan smirked and spoke: so what you were talking about baby

Shilpa: actually I broke Atul's plant by mistake and now he is too sad

Armaan: damn I can't understand him why he is like this'

Shilpa smiled and spoke: leave it and just tell me where I will get nice plant for him that's why I came here to ask you'

Armaan moved near her ear and whispered huskily: why you are talking about his baby why not we discuss about our babies'he kissed her earlobe and chills ran through her body after hearing his words'he smiled seeing her reaction she was not also able to look at him Armaan touched her chin with his thumb and made her look at him but her eyes were still down'

Armaan: what happen did I say anything wrong' she bitted her lower lip and looked at him

They both were staring at each other.

Shilpa pulled him back and spoke: not so soon now just tell me where I can get new plant for Atul

Armaan: ok fine don't worry I am going on that side for meeting with some Doctors; I'll bring very nice plant for him ok'

Shilpa: ok but don't forget and come soon

He nodded his head flashing his dimples and she hugged him


Shilpa walked inside the locker and sat on bench Muskaan saw her sad face and whispered to Rahul: Rahul why she looks sad

Rahul glared at her and spoke: how would I know Muskaan rolled her eyes and walked towards Shilpa

Muskaan spoke softly: Shilpa' Shilpa looked up at her and gave her fake smile

Muskaan sat next to her on bench and spoke: what happen why you are sad'

Shilpa: Armaan told me that he will come soon but he had still not came'

Rahul smiled at her and spoke: so it looks someone is eagerly waiting for him

Shilpa glared at him and spoke: Shut up Rahul'I don't know why he is doing like this sometimes he is so responsible and caring but at other time he is burying himself in his work...

Muskaan circled her hand on Shilpa's shoulder and spoke: look Shilpa we know Armaan very well his work is most important for him

Shilpa interrupt her and spoke in hurt voice: but what about me Muskaan it is 9. O clock at night and still he had not came back and now I have to go alone at home'as she said her words Shilpa stood up and ran out'


Shilpa sat on bed glancing at her wrist watch it was 11 pm now and he was not back. She was getting worried as well as angry

She thought: he doesn't even care to make a call at least'She walked towards window and cool breeze hit on her face she closed her eyes and thought: why I can't live you without you Armaan for a second also what is happening to me'she opened her eyes as she heard the horn of the car and finally she saw Armaan through window coming out of the car

Shilpa walked out from the room and walked downstairs she saw Armaan as kaka opened the door

Armaan walked inside and glanced at her he knew she must be angry but what can he do he was too busy today so he couldn't even call her

She walked upstairs in anger and Armaan followed her

She came inside the room as well as Armaan.

He was about to speak but she spoke first: don't you dare even to give any explanation Armaan

Armaan moved close and spoke: I don't even have any explanation Shilpa

Shilpa shouted: Armaan you are just impossible you told me you will be back soon and now you are coming at 11.30

Armaan was looking down

Shilpa spoke looking at him: you know I didn't even have dinner I thought we will have dinner together, what has happen to you were not like this'

Armaan: Shilpa please listen to me once

Shilpa: you brought plant, Armaan closed his eyes and curse himself" damn how I forgot"

Shilpa shook her head and spoke: no right you forgot

Armaan looked at her with guilt

Shilpa: you don't have time for me Armaan your work is more important for you, she was straight looking into his eyes and he looked away from her.

Armaan didn't know what to say so he walked out without saying a word and she was standing stunned.


Armaan walked downstairs and sat on sofa he closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead with his palm

He thought: sorry Shilpa first time you asked me something and I also forgot that, but how can I tell you that I was went to builder to get his some help to make designs for your dream hospital'but now only one more day than I'll tell you everything


Shilpa came out from washroom changing in nighty she sat on the bed and thought: do whatever you want to do Armaan now I'll not think about you anymore'

Armaan walked inside the room and she glanced at him they both were looking at each other Shilpa broke the eye lock and laid on bed

Armaan walked towards her and spoke: Shilpa get up you are not going to sleep without having dinner

Shilpa turned her face to another side and spoke: no I don't want to eat anything and now let me sleep

He moved close and picked her in his arms

Shilpa: what you are doing Armaan leave me

Armaan took her downstairs and made her sit on chair

She was looking at him lovingly she thought this is her Armaan who always care about her

Armaan filled plate with food and handed to her but she looked away and didn't ate anything

He took spoon of food and straight putted inside her mouth she was shocked and widened her eyes.

Armaan: common now finish it soon remember you were feeling sleepy

Shilpa was about eat when she asked him: have you ate something

He looked at her and shook his head in no

She filled the spoon with food and moved near his mouth he opened his mouth and she putted inside'

Then silently they both started eating food


After having dinner they both walked inside the room

Armaan: Shona you go to sleep and I am going to study room tonight also I have some work to do' as he said his words he walked out from the room and Shilpa while shaking her head went to sleep.

In the morning

Shilpa woke up and saw cute small plant was kept on side table she moved up and took that plant in her hand

And at the side there was a letter she took and opened it

Sorry Shona yesterday I really upset you but I didn't mean to I am really very sorry and hereafter I'll not repeat my mistake I promise

Here is your plant again sorry for that I forgot yesterday to bring but I was really busy Shona I know you won't believe but you are the only person who is most important in my life I know I am little bit workaholic but I am like this I can't do anything about it

I hope you'll understand me and forgive me


                                         "You're stupid Armaan"

A wide smile came on her lips after reading his letter.

She immediately stood up and searched him in whole house but he was already left from house she walked inside the room with a sad face She just wanted to see him she thought why not in hospital she immediately got ready and left for hospital


Armaan sat in his cabin finally he was free now the designs were almost complete just need little bit work to do more.


Armaan murmured: just few hours Shilpa darling, then you'll know everything, and I am sure you'll love this'



Precap: Armaan whispered in her ear: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHONA


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Also Updated

ArSh FF Eternal Love Part 4

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KaShforever06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2013 at 4:53pm | IP Logged
Superb update yar... 
Shilpa is so caring, she feels guilty for making someone sad...
Hopefully ArSh will go Lonvala together... 
Atul is going to get Surprise from Shilpa can't wait for his reaction.. 
Armaan is workaholic but at same time has so much time for his wife... 
Hhaahha the baby thing was funny... 
Armaan was so jealous when he thought Shilpa wanted Atul's baby.. .LOL
haww Shilpa's birthday!!! Wonder what her hubby has in plan for her... 
Thanks for the PM...
Continue soon

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blessed4 IF-Dazzler

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Amazing part
Armaan is very caring

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hangok IF-Rockerz

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armaan the perfect husband,
it seems that armaans gift will be a big suprise for shilpa

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risingsea101 IF-Rockerz

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The ideal husband
He is amazing
Uuper Super nice part Riddhi
I really enjoyed reading it
Precap sounds cute
Continue soon :)

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