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os arnav i love u khushi

barunkhushi Groupbie

Joined: 05 February 2013
Posts: 102

Posted: 06 April 2013 at 2:37pm | IP Logged

arnav . i love u khushi

khu. no i dnt love u arnavjji

ar. but why

kh. i love somebody else

arn who tht

khs i love shyamji...

ar wht are u mad

pls tel me shd i continue

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barunkhushi Groupbie

Joined: 05 February 2013
Posts: 102

Posted: 06 April 2013 at 3:31pm | IP Logged

part 1

arn . are u mad khushi u love my jjii

khu. yes i love hm from deep dwn in my heart

ar. no khu i dnt belive u u are telling lies

kh. no arnavji i really love hm

ar. khush ag u wul tel means wht i wil do i dnt knw

khu why arnavaji i love hm and i want to marry him

ar. are u mad khushi he is my di husband hw could u do ths to my di she loves u and she belives u wht are u dng to her she loves her husband a lot and i dnt want u to play wth her life do u understand

khu.i dnt understand i love hm and want hm at any cost weather u lk it or nt
arn wht did u tel u are such a chaterless women and a gold digger arnav heart breaks and he lefts

khu . i am sorry arnav ji i cnt tel u hw much i love u pls forgive me and she goes to temple and her hearts breaks

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barunkhushi Groupbie

Joined: 05 February 2013
Posts: 102

Posted: 07 April 2013 at 12:20am | IP Logged

part 2

khus. i am sorry arnavjii i love u alot pls forgve me and she lefts to temple

khu. why devima every tme u do me like ths why u take my loves ones from me when i was eight yrs old u took my parents i did nt tel u anythg why every tne i have to suffer i love arnavjii a lot and he also loves me then why everytime i hve to suffer

flash back

arnav i wil tel her today i love her lot a i cant live without her then arnav cal khushi and tel her to meet him immedately ok
khu. i am cmg

here shyam listens every thg and gets boiled i wil nt tel ths happed and gave a cunning simle first i shd meet khushji and then he cal her

khu she is happy today she wil confess her love for arnavjji and her phones rings wth seeing the name she picks it up i am cmg baba wight there knw five mintues knw arnavji wow wht khushiji u cal me lk ths and gave a cunning simle

khu . who it is

shy. hw easily u forget me khushiji

kh shyamji ths u

shy. yes khushiji it is me i love tht shyamji when u cal me lk tht

kh. are u mad i am gng to cut the cal u understand dnt do tht otherwise salasabsha life wil be in danger


shy. yes khushji

kh why are tel me ths wht did u do to arnavji

shy .relax khushji nthg i did to hm if u wil wont agerry to marry me

khu are u mad alredy u married and di loves u alot are u gone crazy

shy. yes in your love khushji

khu. no i wil nt marry u did u understand

shy. u wil marry me for salasabha

kh . why i wil marry u for hm

shy. i knw u love hm alot and can do anything for hm

kh. hw do u knw tht i love arnavji
shy . by litening to his conversation

khu. wht

shy . yes khushi salasabha loves u

khu. wht arnavji loves me

shy. dnt be happy i wil.never let ths happend did u understand

kh. wht i wil confess my love and i wil tel al abt yur plan also

shy u wil nt bcu his life wil be in danger did undertand meet me in half a hour ok

khu ok i wil be there

precap flash back continues

if u like me to continue pl comment on my page

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barunkhushi Groupbie

Joined: 05 February 2013
Posts: 102

Posted: 07 April 2013 at 3:52am | IP Logged
part 3 pg 2

khushi: wht i shd do now i shd tel to arnavji yes i wil tel hm tht he is back of me and troubleing me

khuhsi thks wait wht u wil tel hm hr wil belive u no khushi he wil nt believe u and thk wht shyam told tht arnanvji life wil be in danger no i wil nt tel hm i wil nt tel anthing to anyone i wil be quite then wht adbt anjalidii she loves her husband alot no i cant marry tht bastered no i cnt risk his life no i wil marry hm for my arnavjii and khushi lefts from there to meet shyam

at the coffee shop
shyam waits for khushi
shyam sitting in coffe shop and thks hw to marry khushji

her comes khushi

shyam . ha khushji u came i am so happy tht u came for me

khu. i came for my love arnavji did uderstand

shy. dnt take salasabha name from your mouth i hate it u are mine did u understand tht

khy. he is mine and i am his did u urderstand if marry me then u wil get my body but inside i am his only did u urderstand
shy. whtever u thk be reddy after one week u wil be mine ahaha..
khu after one week i am reddy pls dnt try to harm my arnavji ok pls i am begging u pls

shy. ok why u are begging me u knw no khushji i dnt lk tht i can do anythg for u ok now listen u shd tel in front arnav tht u love me nt hm ok

khu. no tht i cant do

shy . u shd tel otherwise i wil harm hm do u understand

khu anythg for my arnavjji
i wil die for him also u knw tht
shy i wil never tel u do tht khushijji

shy . i mre thing khushi arnav wil hate u for tht
khu. for wht tht

shy. tht property papers it is my name
khu. wht
shy. yes khushi arnav signed tht papers when u gave some papers for him to sign for deal papers in tht i kept ths property papers were also there haahah...

khushi wht i did nt do tht.
shyam u did nt do tht but i did it in front salasabha u did it hahaaa...
khushi if i wil get married to u wil u gve evrerythg to arnavjii

shy ok i wil everythg bck to hm ok
khushi ok u wil nt harm also knw
sh yes i wil nt harm him now go do planning for our marriage ok ok
khushi ok

shy lefts

khus hearts get broken

flashback ends

precap . khushi gets reddy for marriage

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..Gunjan.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 September 2012
Posts: 10781

Posted: 07 April 2013 at 7:29am | IP Logged
Nice start

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...Tripti... IF-Dazzler

Joined: 15 November 2012
Posts: 2630

Posted: 08 April 2013 at 5:00am | IP Logged
Nice updateSmile
abika IF-Rockerz

Joined: 16 October 2011
Posts: 8377

Posted: 08 April 2013 at 5:02am | IP Logged
poor arshi
hate shyam

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barunkhushi Groupbie

Joined: 05 February 2013
Posts: 102

Posted: 08 April 2013 at 7:44am | IP Logged
part 4

khush breaks down i dnt want to marry tht shyam pls help me devimaa wht i shd do help show me any way for me to come out from ths and she goes to her house

her arnav in his car

arn. i knw ths khushi is such a gold digger i love her so much and she loves my jjii wait for one mintue i thk tht jjii also likes khushi i shd ask hm if he says no i wil gve tht khushi nicely

her arnav cals shyam
ar . jjii were are u

shy. i am in house sala sabha

arn. can u meet in coffee shope

sh. wht happend u can meet in rm knw

ar. no nt in rm cm to coffee shop

shy. ok i wil cme gave a cunning simle

arn. today any how i shd knw tht wht ths jjii is up to i wil ask hm indirectly i may cme to kmw the truth

arn cals some one and ask to find out about khushi and shyam and i want these details by 2 days ok

dective . ok sir

ar. thk u i wil pay for it

dect. ok sir d cuts the cal

arn. waiting for shyam in coffee shop
shy. hi sala sabha wht happend u are looking very tenesed

arn yes wht u are upto jjii do u reallly love my di

shy. wht question is tht yes i love my rani sabha ..

arn. ok can u do any thg for her

shu. yes i can do

ar. ok when tme comes i let u knw ok i have on suprise for u

shy wht suprise

arn .i wil tel u after one week ok

shy ok and any thg else

arn. nthg else ok shal we leave

shy . ok i hve some wk u go

arn were u want to go at ths hour

sh. some client meetng is there

ar.ok buy

sh. ok meet u in rm and gave cunning simle

and he lefts

arn. i knw my jjii wil wnt do like tht he loves my di he thks lke tht shd i follow hm no i cannt do tht it is wrong ok my satisfication i wil follw hm

her shyam thks arnav wants gve hm surp wht surp it is did khushi told hm abt his plan no she wil nt she loves arnav alot ok i wil cal and ask her

her he cal khushi

shy. khushi did u tel about my plan to arnav

khu. no shyamji why i wil tel hm no o did not tell him

shy. can we meet outside your huse

kh. no idnt want to meet u pay amma everybody are there

shy. ok meet me in temple as i want to dicuss abt the marriage

kh. ok i wil be there

sh. ok

and cuts the cal

sh i am happy today khushi is again cmg

khu. jjii amma i am gng to temple

amma for wh it is already late khuski

kh. no amma i hve some wk in temple

amma tk pay and go

khu. no amma i wil go alone

amma no khushi

kh. no amma i wil cme early ok

amma ok

khu. went to temple

arn .follows shyam and he sees to way gng to temple he told me he is meeting his cient

shym. wai for khushi

arnav sees khushi intemple

wht khushi is dng did she cal hm to meet hm i shd listen to the re conversan

shy. hi khushi jji

kh. why u told to meet me

shy.i want me meet u after one week u are mine khushjji

khy. stil tme is there dnt be happy

shy. why i shd nt be happy after one week arnav property and u are gnf to be mine and laughs

kh tht cnt happend u told knw tht prop wil be arnavjji is only if i wil marry u wil nt harm hm

shy. yes i told

khu but wht u are tel now

shy. u knw tht i cant promis i wil get u as wel as prp also and laughs

kh. no u cant do tht i wil tel your pln to arvji

shy. who wil bel u nobody go abd get redd for marriage by tom we are marrying

khu. but u told after one week no

shy. no i wil marry tom ok go now

khu. ok and she leaves
shy ok and thinks tom khushi wil be mine hahaa

and lefts

arnav listens to there conversation and gets stunts

precape khushi gets reddy for marriage

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