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Chapter Twenty One

Dedicated to Carissa (guruandkratz), she's been requesting me to make a promo on this song for so long!

Youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sQ9xog2x1Y
Dailymotion Link: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xysril_as-long-as-i-live-chapter-21-promo_shortfilms#.UWCMhFecHJg


Toronto, 2011
She entered the business awards event with Mansi and Aman. After saying hello to a few people, Aarti and Mansi followed Aman until he found their reserved table. They were the only three members coming from Aman's event planning company in India.
The three of them sat at their respective table, waiting for the presentation to start.
"Aman," Aarti said, making conversation, "We'll get some awards right? Otherwise there's really no point of us being here."
She honestly didn't want to come to Canada, but Aman and Mansi had both dragged her here. They were to spend two weeks here, and they made plans for sightseeing, participating in different activities and the like.

Aman smiled at Aarti.
"That's what I'm hoping for Aarti. We don't know what we'll get... I just really hope that our company gets best company of the year."
"Yeah, and I hope you get best businessman of the year Aman," Aarti said positively.
She and Mansi had joined Aman's business two years ago, shortly after Aarti had left the Scindhia's. Aarti had decided that she needed to do something with her life. She knew her childhood friend Aman had a business and she called him up immediately, asking him if he needed any help. Thankfully, Aman appointed Aarti and Mansi in his company as event planners, since they both had a degree in design. 
"Aarti, you know I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for yours and Mansi's support," Aman told her warmly.  "I would have given up long ago."
Mansi beamed at him. "Oh Aman, you're the sweetest!" she gushed.  "Aarti, isn't he so sweet?"
"Yeah," Aarti said, feeling touched. "But you know you got this far with your own hard work Aman. The entire credit goes to you!"
"Who else is nominated?" Mansi asked Aarti.
"I don't know... I didn't check the lists, it isn't like I know these people," Aarti said, frowning at her. "If you were so interested, why didn't you check to see yourself?"
"I did," Mansi replied. "I just wanted to know if you knew..."
"Knew what?" Aarti asked, suddenly feeling her palms get clammy. She didn't know why.
"Nevermind. Nothing. Anyways, Aarti, this is a random question, but what would you do if Prashant came and asked you to return to him?" Mansi asked her cautiously.
Aarti felt her lips form a tight line, just hearing his name annoyed her. Thankfully Aman came to her rescue.
"She isn't going back to that asshole Mansi," he said angrily. "Why are you even bringing this up?"
"I just wanted to see what she felt, that's all," Mansi said casually. "Anyways Aman, it's about time for you to get a life partner."
As they spoke, Aarti's mind drifted to the day she left the Scindhia's. She had rented an apartment straight away, wanting to be alone, and a few days later, Aarti messaged Mansi about her whereabouts, after realizing how worried she must be after she had ignored her calls and texts.
"Aarti!" Mansi said angrily, when Aarti opened the door. She entered her apartment and grabbed her arm. "Aarti I know you're hurt, but that doesn't mean that you just disappear off the face of the planet!"
"No Mansi, I  just needed time to think... I'm sorry."
"Aarti, don't be silly, why did you leave Yash? The poor guy is so hurt!"
"Then let him be hurt! You're the one who told me to not forgive him anyways Mansi, why're you of all people sympathizing with him?" she asked annoyed, that anyone would sympathize with Yash after all of this. 
"Aarti, I know he's an ass and all, but he isn't that much of one. He made a mistake unintentionally. I just wanted him to suffer because of how he treated you before all of this, not because you miscarried."
"Who cares Mansi, it's over now. I don't want to have anything to do with him."
"How about Prashant?" Mansi asked curiously.
"What?" Aarti asked, surprised. It was strange, Prashant hadn't even crossed her mind in the last few days.
"Would you go back to him?" Mansi questioned.
"Well, I haven't thought about it... but he deserves someone better than me now."
Mansi snorted, "Yeah right Aarti."
Aarti glared at her angrily. "Why don't you like Prashant Mansi? You've never liked him!"
"Aarti YOU deserve someone better. It's not only because he cheated on Nida during the college days. He flirted with so many girls, including Sunita. Remember her? Why don't you think she talks to you anymore, Aarti she feels guilty!"
Aarti felt her heart start to beat faster. "What did he do?" she asked quickly, fearing what was coming.
"Aarti I hate to be the one telling you this, I really didn't want to... and I didn't tell you because Sunita made me promise that I wouldn't tell you, she didn't want to be the one to destroy yours and Prashant's lives. She told me that she didn't want to be that woman who interfered, so I was sworn to secrecy... Aarti I hated keeping it from you, but when Nida's truth was out, I figured that I wouldn't need to tell you about this, because you already knew his nature. But this happened around Nida's time, a bit before you found out about her, Prashant and Sunita used to hang out. Sunita had a crush on him, but she didn't tell us because she didn't want to hurt you. One day, Prashant dropped Sunita home and he made out with her, Aarti I swear to God I wanted to tell you, but Sunita begged me, and it really wasn't my place to tell anyone. This is why she was so pushy with you and Prashant, she thought you two were meant to be, and she always felt guilty about it."
Aarti felt her heart break again and tears fill her eyes simultaneously. Her hands balled into fists, scaring Mansi.
"Aarti, you deserve better than that scumbag. Yash is a hundred times better, whether you agree with me or not, and I could see that love in his eyes for you that day Aarti. That day he felt guilty, he kept apologizing, I could feel how much he loved you..."
"Prashant cheated on me..." she seethed angrily. "He cheated on me more than once and never told me about it."
"There's more that you need to know Aarti," Mansi said, taking advantage of the situation to come clean about everything.
"Who else did he cheat on me with?" Aarti said, furiously.
"Nobody else -- well not that I know of, and I'm confident he was faithful to you after you two got together the second time, but... there was something he hid from you. He and Yash both."
At the mention of Yash's name she turned around and faced Mansi.
"Yash?" she whispered. "Did he... did he do something?"
"Just lied to you that he hated you and said you were a horrible kisser, that he cheated on you and all that," Mansi said quickly. "Nothing much in front of Prashant actually. He did it so you could go back to Prashant and he could return to Arpita."
Aarti's mouth dropped open from the shock as Mansi narrated the whole story. She pursed her lips angrily.
"Great! Just great! Everyone lies to me. Everyone. You, Sunita, Prashant, Yash, everyone's been lying to me this entire time!"
"Aarti, calm down, I know what Yash did might not have been completely selfless, but I know that you probably did want to go back to Prashant, Aarti don't deny it!"
"I did."
"Exactly, so he got you there! He took your best interests into account too when making the decision."
"Mansi, let me think about that later... first I need to meet someone! I'll be back soon."
Then she left Mansi in her apartment and took a taxi all the way to Prashant's.
As soon as he opened the door Aarti slapped him angrily.
"Whoa, is this a new style to greet someone?" Prashant asked, rubbing his cheek, surprised.
"Shut up Prashant," Aarti said angrily. "I hate you. I really do. How could you keep all of that from me? You cheated on me with Sunita too?"
"Aarti, I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but that was of the past and I didn't do anything after we got back together, I promise!"
"Your promises mean nothing to me Prashant! I can't believe I found out today, after so many years what you really were doing behind my back. God Prashant, I loved you so much but I wasn't enough for you?" she asked, her eyes watering. "You don't know - you don't know how much I loved you, how much I love you."
"But you got married to Yash..." Prashant interfered.
Aarti glared at him.
"Yes. I did. And that wasn't for a selfish reason Prashant, but you won't get it!" she said, her knuckles turning white. She dug her nails deep into the palms of her hands.
"Aarti, please calm down. I know you wouldn't marry Yash out of the blue, I know you were forced to... there had to be a reason, tell me the reason and we'll sort it out, Aarti I know we can still be together," he said positively.
"No Prashant," Aarti said, angrily. "No! I'm never coming back now. I can't believe you hid the whole thing with Sunita from me, you hid your whole past Prashant! She was my best friend! I would have forgiven you, but you hid everything from me. I can't believe you hid that you knew about me and Yash too! I can't believe you Prashant!"
"Aarti... you hid it from me too," Prashant said, equally angry now. "Don't try and frame me for that. You had so many opportunities to tell me about you and Yash, but you hid it from me! Why?"
"I didn't think it would do any good... I didn't think it mattered," Aarti said, starting to feel guilty.
"Exactly, I didn't think the whole thing with Sunita mattered either!" Prashant said defensively.
"You asshole! How could you not tell me that you knew about me and Yash? How could you not? Prashant!" Aarti cried. "I hate you. Stay away from me. I'm never coming back this time."
"But Aarti," he said grabbing her arm.
"No buts Prashant! I can't deal with this anymore. I'm sorry!" she said, jerking her arm away. "I can't do this."
"Aarti," Prashant said, his eyes starting to glisten with tears.
"No Prashant, I'm leaving," she said angrily. "I can't do this. I won't be back anymore, don't text or call... move on with your life, and I'll move on with mine."
Then she turned around and left, strangely feeling good about herself.  
A few days later, Aarti returned to Scindhia mansion to talk to Yash and to meet Palak. She realized that Palak was sitting there motherless, so she decided to tell Yash she knew the truth and wanted to sort things out. She was ready to start their relationship over again for Palak's sake, but she wasn't going to tolerate anymore of his rudeness. But as soon as she got there, Gayatri ma had blocked her from entering, saying that Palak deserved better than her. As she was leaving, Prateek caught up to her and said that Yash left for Canada, to escape this place, he said Yash wanted to start afresh, and he couldn't tolerate being in Mumbai with all the memories anymore. She found out that he left Palak with them, and just left them all.
Aarti asked where he went, she asked for his telephone number, his address, anything, but Prateek said he didn't know. Yash left without saying anything about where he was going to live.


She snapped back to the present when Aman asked her if she was okay. Aarti nodded and smiled at him. Aman didn't know anything about her past -- he just knew that she and Prashant were divorced.
"Anyways, my biggest competitor --" Aman started saying to Mansi, but Aarti got up and went to the bathroom.
When she got back to her seat, the ceremony had started. Aman's company won best company of the year. When the best businessman of the year award was being announced, Aarti noticed Aman closing his eyes. She knew how desperately Aman wanted this award, and how hard he worked for it, so she silently prayed he got it too.
"This award goes to Mr. Yash Scindhia!"
"Yes!" she whispered victoriously, thinking Aman got the award, before her eyes widened, "Wait what?"
Mansi smiled at Aarti and Aman slouched back into his seat looking disappointed.
"Yash?" Aarti whispered to Mansi. "What's going on?"
"I knew he was here Aarti," Mansi said excitedly, "Now you can finally talk to him!"
Aarti shook her head. No way. Her palms started to sweat and she got very nervous all of a sudden.

Yash came to Canada to be a big businessman? She did feel proud of him, but she was more shocked than anything.
He walked onto the stage, looking as good as ever, and made his speech. Aarti couldn't keep her eyes off him. He looked so good in that suit...  
"I would like to dedicate this best businessman of the year award to someone who supported me in every decision I made, who stood by me through everything. I would like to dedicate this to my late wife, Arpita Yash Scindhia. Without her, I wouldn't have ever had the courage to get this far in my career. It's because of her encouragement that I was able to do this. Thank you!"
Aarti sourly looked down at her glass of water. Of course, he still couldn't get Arpita out of his mind. Why did she think for even a second that he'd want her back in his life? It was true that she thought about him more often than not in the last two years. It was true that she realized that she started to like him more than ever, it was true that she really wanted to see him again more than anything. It was true that she missed him very much. But why had she for a moment assumed that he would want her back? He was probably happy that she wasn't in his life anymore.
Soon the award show finished, and people got up from their seats and started to mingle.
"Aarti," Mansi said happily, nudging her. "Go and say hi!"
"Never," Aarti said under her breath. "I don't want to."
"But Aarti, I think he likes you!" Mansi whispered.
"Didn't you hear him Mansi? He wanted to dedicate his award to Arpita! He wouldn't even want to talk to me!" she said jealously.
"What's wrong in that? He's just dedicating his award to someone who supported him! Aarti stop overanalyzing things and being stubborn! Just go and talk to him!" Mansi said frowning.
She shook her head and looked away from Mansi, feeling butterflies enter her stomach at the thought of talking to him.
"God Aarti, you're so, urghhh!" Mansi said, turning around and disappearing into the crowd.
About half an hour later, Yash on the other end, made his way through the crowd.

"Yes sir! Yeah, we have a new project in mind, we'll release it soon," Yash told a reporter.

Then he turned around and continued to walk through the crowd until he spotted her. He grabbed her, turned her around, and kissed her full on the lips.


Who is that girl? Shocked Next update may take a week, but if I'm nice and if I feel up to it I'll finish it tomorrow!

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Please tell me the woman is aarti.. Don't tell me yash has become a casanova and started to spread his genes around town.. LOL...
I'm already going to my aaryaland thinking if the girl is aarti, she'll be drowning and he'll be drowning and we all will be drowning.. ROFL..

awesome updates woman and I smell jealousy (I think aman likes aarti) hmmm.. lets wait and see and be a super nice person and choose the latter of updating tomorrow instead of next week... Pretty please with sugar lumps on top..:D :D :D

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Awesome update.

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Superb update Saffi. Beautifully written.  Would love it if Yash and Aarti come face to face with each other after being apart for so long.

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Edit: Wow!! This is an absolutely wonderful update! So, so well written!! Yash had to come to Canada?! You couldn't do any other country?! LOL Gaash, yeh saach hota! The cliffhanger ending was brilliant!! Excellent!! Thanks so much for the PM!! Amazing! 

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Awsome Saffie. You Write Alot Of Good Stuff. (:

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This was so exciting...

I loved the fact that they are under the same roof again...

I am wondering who that girl would be...maybe it wasn't Aarti and was a trick by Yash to make her feel jealous...

This is so interesting...

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wow great update saffi dear.
And i wish that woman would be arthi Embarrassed
i hope yash and arthi meet there again.
continue soon dear

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