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Arhi FF PMIJ THREAD 1- tHD 2 LINK PG 1 (Page 63)

angeldream14 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 May 2013 at 12:15pm | IP Logged

KSG_luv IF-Rockerz

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Lemme gues first couple payash second is la and ml third is SNAKE and anji, last is arhi..slow and steady.. Wink Amazing update do update soon

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aayt IF-Rockerz

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it was nice update
shyam is creep as usual
payish n nkla happy happy
but mysterious couple as expected arshi
I guessed they r civil but in terms of man n wife  kind of puzzle not sure if they r husband n wife for in real looking forward for moreSmile
fraser IF-Dazzler

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after i year..
so much progression..
chalta hai boss
shayma is son of creep...
what is the gift plz tell us?
verisimilitude IF-Sizzlerz

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Guests were enjoying the anniversary party while the Raizadas and Guptas were engaged in attending them. Sisters had a wonderful time in interacting with their old friends introducing them to their husbands. Shyam though being the elder never entertained his in laws or rather the family around him. He made himself comfortable on the nook of the hall chatting with someone over the phone..

Shyam : Hey Kat, just cool down.. Just one more week.. I will be there right beside you, comforting you.. Miss you babe.. Hey.. .. why are you so distressed now on this issue ?I told you I will manage the finance..Afterall I have a rubber stamp  as my wife.. The money would be transferred before I reach the footsteps of your bedroom. Don't worry.. Wait for me.. We have lots to enjoy this time.. Take care.. bye sweety..

Shyam just turned around marked with a wide grin on his face turning out to be a horror stuck expression when he found out his cousin brother and his worst enemy Arnav Singh Raizada staring at his face about to spit fire on him. He adjusted himself as if he would not let his fear easily visible on his face starting to give a devilish smirk which irritated Arnav more.. Without uttering a word he tried to move away only to get stopped by Arnav.

Arnav : If I ever hear about you misbehaving with Anjali di for money then I wont spare you Mr.Shyam.. Mind that..She is carrying your child and its unfortunate that one more soul has to suffer because of an awful filthy man.

Shyam : Who are you to question me?  Just go and mind your damn business and your wife.. Now why are you peeping into mine and Anjali's life? Arent you satisfied with your beautiful wife Khushi?

Arnav's anger knew no bounds and he held his collar firmly trying to strangle his neck with the kurta collar. Anger boiling his blood for such a cheap thought that too involving his wife and her sister. He wanted to shred him into pieces then and there. Shyam was trying to free himself from the grip but Arnav was strong enough to tighten the grip more as his adrenaline was bursting like a volcano.

Arnav : Don't you dare take my wife's name from your mouth..

Shyam : Aa….Aaah.. Leave…. Leave me..

Arnav loosened his grip and held his collar tight..

Arnav : The only reason I spare you is for the family.

Shyam : Family?  How strange is that Arnav Singh Raizada who don't give a damn to his relationships think of  saving his wife's sister's life? A little girl changed you so much ?

Arnav : Yea.. she changed me.. and never even in your dreams think about procuring Sinha property alone for spending your nightouts with models and wh**es.. It belongs to the right people  and I wont let you squander it..

Shyam : Cunning on your wife's share of property ?

Arnav : uh.. Bullshit.. Im not bothered abt any property. I  can earn 10 times the money they have and make my wife happy.. but its her father's hard earned money and I wont let that hard earned property to be spent only for satisfying your lust and physical pleasure..

Shyam: hahahha.. that's too ambitious brother..You had once snatched the opportunity from me.. Now just wait and watch how I make my plans successful through my wife.Even I will make sure  Khushi  will be a pawn in my game..

Arnav : Yea.. I will see that Shyam Singh Raizada.. Im there for my wife and I will never ever let you near her.. I am there to protect her as a shield till my end,to ward off all the evils like you. Don't you ever think of deceiving her. She is Mrs.Arnav Singh Raizada.. Samjhe tum..

Khushi had heard enough.. She had entered the scene watching her husband talking abt how he will protect her forever.. That was enough for her.. All her dreams and wishes of her husband possessing the most important qualities were fulfilled by that one sentence. The sense of insecurity now cant even get near her.He has proclaimed her as Mrs.Arnav Singh Raizada and its her duty to prove that she is really a Mrs. ASR..

Khushi moved near Arnav and took her husbands hands from her jeejaji's neck making him move aside..

Khushi : Arnav what are you doing? We are here in a party..If anyone witness this would be a good click for the media for tomorrow.. "Raizada Brothers fighting with each other."

Shyam : Yea.. Khushi.. tell your husband not to cross into my life.. You know me very well and its pity that he being elder to you lacks  such common sense and behaves childish.

Khushi got enraged by her jeejaji's words. She could tolerate anything but not talking about her husband. True that they got into this relationship by compulsion.. They had moved on from their stubbornness. They made themselves friendly to each other and started to  understand each other, support each other, starting to accept each other into lives..Even if Arnav was not her husband she couldn't have digested those words on him.. She liked him more like a friend though they had more differences of opinion they knew what they are and how they live.

Khushi : Enough Jeejaji. You are crossing the limits.. You don't have the right to complain about my husband to me.. I know what he is capable of.. Not only me no wife would tolerate such complaints from a third person about her husband. So please instead of fussing here please find your way to accompany your wife who is the most importantly in need of you at this time.. If you can excuse us please. …

Arnav was awed to see the courage Khushi had. She never talked to anyone in such a tone. She would always be a quiet and silent girl who would make sure that the elders are respected. That was such a shock for Arnav but instead of questioning her he followed like a puppy when she wrapped herself in his arms dragging him out of the place near the dance floor.

Every Couple were already on the dance floor moving their bodies with the light music and Khushi knew for changing her Husbands mood, she too had to drag him there.. Khushi was smiling at the couples but Arnav's eyes were fixed on her smile. How can she smile so easily?  How can she change her mood in a jiff of a second. One second she was angry with SHyam now she is enjoying the dance. She knew every single way to make him comfortable.. She was stubborn like him argues with him but understands him so much.. She had a different sort of ease in behaving with him unlike anyone else..

Arnav : Sorry…

Khushi ( raising her eyebrow) : For what?

Arnav: Shouting early at the morning..

Khushi : ah.. don't be.. I thought you were compensating for yesterday's fight..

Arnav chuckled : How can you be so usual about everything ?

Khushi : NO.. Actually I was very upset.. Daadi consoled me today.. Not upset that we fought.. but instead of starting our day happily we started with a fight.. I seriously thought you wont turn up.

Arnav:  Khushi understand one thing.. I just came her only for YOU and not for anyone else.  What matters to me is only you..

Khushi : I know.. and thanks for that..

Arnav :So the arguments are nullified and the  morning fight is reconciled.

Khushi : No.. I didn't accept the reconciliation Mr.Raizada..

Arnav:  What the ? What should be done then ?

Khushi ( pouting with a naughty glint in her eyes ) : Arnav.. Dance?

Arnav saw her face.. She had asked him this so cutely that he was already lost in her charm and he had no other choice other than to nod a yes... They left on the floor and there they stood facing each other, waiting for the other to initiate first.. Arnav without any delay, snaked his arm on her waist and she already was feeling butterflies in her stomach. Her husband's one touch also made her entire body tickle.. She smiled and moved her one arm on his shoulder and the other hand was held by him.. They started dancing too, holding their bodies close to each other and looking in each others eyes.. Not even for a second, Arnav took his eyes off her face.. She was smiling, blushing and everything that she didnt do in all these months.. His fingers surely werent in his control anymore.. He lazily moved his fingers and palm on her bare back and she closed her eyes feeling nervous.. He was almost sending shivers in her spine by doing this and he very well knew that. He leaned his face at the crook of her neck making her leave his hand and move it on his back almost hugging him.. She was lost in his touch and so was he.. He kissed her neck and only gulped down feeling shy.. The music was very much matching their light movements.. In all this one year, they hadnt planned to be One until this day.. Infact until this night. Though both of them remembered what they had thought of few months back, they remained quiet not letting the other know that they remembered..

Akash and Payal had the most romantic one year journey of their life.. Akash was remembering all those cute moments right from his marriage , honeymoon and till today.. Everything was perfect in his life. The lady in his arms had added more beauty into his life.. Now he had only expectation in this life, their little one for whom he is eagerly waiting for. He loved kids and he had always expressed it to Payal.. He knew she needed some time.. He was waiting for the day when he would be starting his family.. He smiled at her while dancing through the tunes making her blush and hug him for gifting such a perfect relationship.

NK and La were involved in dancing with the tune more to show off their love towards each other..NK looked into her eyes which lacked the same charm and love which he had witnessed one year back in his lover. Now she was ambitious.. she wants to achieve. Their family rushed their marriage without giving them ample time to think about it seriously. As soon as they got to know about their relationship they thought of getting them tie the knot.But little they knew the it was just a mere attraction ,they lacked the sense of understanding, maturity and care. More than their love their attitude and ego overpowered their mind.

Anjali got herself placed near her mother and daadi as she was not adviced to dance at this stage. SHyam had found out another pair to dance and she just shrugged herself not wanting to see him flirting with any other girl.

The Music was stopped and everyone clapped for the Couples.. Khushi and Arnav pulled back from the hug and then smiled at others.. He held her hand and then they walked down the dance floor.. Khushi was still feeling shy and she didnt talk to him at all. Arnav saw the time..

Arnav: We should be leaving..

Khushi: So early?? But Daadi ..!!

Arnav: Daadi is staying in Raizada House tonight.. So we are just two of us to leave back for home..

Khushi once again gulped down the feelings she just got inside her hearing that Daadi too wasnt coming back home..

Khushi: I will tell Maa and come back..

Arnav noded and she left to her mother Madhumati to inform her that she and Arnav had to leave..


Madhumati: But Why Khushi? So early?

Khushi: Maa.. Woh Arnav has some work tomorrow morning.. We need to sleep early.. And its already 11:00

Madhumati blushed and then couldnt hold herself from asking this

Madhumati: Waise Khushi.. When are you planning to make me Nani now? Anjali has already given me the good news.. What about you? Are you both even thinking to let that happen soon?

Khushi's face was completly flushed hearing this from her mother..

Madhumati: You dont need to reply .. My Daughters blush did say it all..

Khushi: Maa.. Enough (Sh said smiling).. we will leave..

Madhumati: Wait a minute.. I have a surprise for you..

Saying that Madhumati walked to Shashi and whispered something to him.. Shashi immediately noded and then made an annoucement..

Shashi: Ladies and Gentlemen.. My Sister Madhumati has thought of announcing something important today..

Anjali and Khushi looked at each other.. They had no idea.. Even Arnav was waiting to know what this news was..

Shashi: Madhumati's daughter Khushi who just completed her MBA now is been chosen to be the New CEO of Sinha Industries..

Everybody started clapping for her, cheering her up and Arnav and Khushi kept looking at each other.. He smiled at her and indeed clap and Khushi could only feel little nervous.. She was been assigned something really big and she just hoped she could keep up everyone's expectations..

Shyam instantly walked to Anjali and asked her..He couldn't come out of that shock..

Shyam: This is unfair.. How can she be the CEO? You are elder to her..

Anjali: I dont have objection and I did confirm it to the Board Of Directors. She is more talented than me.. And now that I am pregnant, I cant manage that Task..

Shyam just gritted his teeth and saw Arnav who gave him a Victory Smirk which made Shyam more mad and hence he walked off.

Arnav ( thoughts): The game is on. Now lets see who wins this?

He turned to find his wife standing infront of him smiling.. She wanted to acknowledge her happiness with him..He shook her hands and smiled at her..

Arnav : Congrats Khushi.. You deserve it.. Im sure you will succeed in it..

Khushi : I don't know Arnav.. Im just scared.

Arnav : Why are you scared ? Im with you..

Khushi : I know but..

NK : Khushi bhabhi.. uff Mrs. ASR getting scared?  That's impossible!

Lavanya : Yea Khushi.. You are the wife of a business tycoon . why do you get scared?

Akash : Anyways Khushi… Congratulations.. Infact bhabhi we need a big treat from you..

Payal : Yea..  we wont let you escape from us..

Arnav : Shall we move Khushi ? Its getting late..

KHushi  noded while Arnav went towards the car talking to his brothers. Both the sisters giggled whispering in her ears..

Payal :Jeejaji is too eager to reach home?  Anniversary party in private haan ?

Lavanya : Yea.. he is too excited to reach home than partying..

Khushi blushing : Payal La.. stop..  Im leaving.. bye..  


In the car:

Arnav  was watching her happy expressions her occasional giggling to herself and some blush.. He didn't know what defines cuteness. Her lips her face or her innocence.. He saw her singing her favourite song opening the window glass of the car and peeping out her head outside inviting the cool breeze.

Arnav : some one is very happy today..

Khushi : Of cz its my wedding anniversary! Why cant I be happy?

Arnav : Good to see your smile which I lack!

Khushi : Arnav .. OMG.. I forgot!

Arnav : What ? What did you forget Khushi ?

Khushi : Arnav wheres the gift u bought for me ?

Arnav sighed in relief : Oh.. that .. Open the dashboard.. and unwrap the gift..

Khushi  opened the dashboard and found out a box.. She opened to find out a beautiful braclet studded with diamonds.. She couldn't take of her eyes.. The beauty of the precious stones brought tears appearing as pearls in her eyes. She turned towards Arnav to thank him. But he had stopped the vehicle took the bracelet from her wearing it on her wrist.

Arnav: Happy wedding Anniversary Khushi..

Khushi couldn't control her happy tears.. She smiled at him and kissed the braclet..

KHushi: Thanks Arnav.. its so beautiful.. Thank you so much..

Arnav : ab chalen ?

Khushi nodded.


Arnav's Home

FInally Arnav and Khushi were back home and Arnav was on a Call with Aman in the Living room.. He was here since 15 - 20 minutes. Finally he thought of checking if Khushi is done or not.. He walked inside his room in a hurry and the moment he opened the door, he was surprised.. His wife was changing her Saree and the pallu was already lying on the floor.. She had taken off all her Jewellery and she was watching herself in the mirror.. The moment she saw her husband from the mirror, she turned back in surprise and then saw him..

Arnav couldnt believe what he saw.. His wife was so damm Cute.. If she was changing she could have locked the door.. And Khushi on the other hand was just cursing herself mentally for forgetting to lock.. SHe crossed her hands on her front feeling ackward and Arnav turned his back to her..

Arnav: Uhh!! I ... I am sorry.. I thought you changed..

Khushi was quiet.. She was surely breathing hard and both Arnav and Khushi were only gulping down their desires.. After almost a gap of some minutes Khushi finally said something..

Khushi: Arnav.. You dont need to turn back.. You have the right to see me.

Arnav: Khsuhi.. Just get changed . I will wait out..


Saying that he was about to leave when the Power was off and the room was filled with darkness. Khushi was scared and she held herself to calm down her fear.. Arnav knew she is afraid of dark.. He instantly turned back and could see her dark figure, holding herself feeling scared.. He walked to her and then held her hands which were at her front..

Arnav: I am here.. !!!

She instantly pulled him for the hug.. He couldnt ignore her after this.. He picked her in his arms and she held him still tight.. He took her to the bed to make her lie down.. The moment he made her lie on the bed, he tried to search the Lamp but she held his hand.. He looked once in her eyes and yes it did tell him what she wished from him as a gift of their anniversary.. He couldnt control his desires anymore.. He leaned on her, kissed her forehead ..

Arnav: Are you ready to take this relationship ahead Khushi?? I dont wish you to say a Yes only because we planned it tonight from long.. Just ask your heart and let me know.. Would you be my Wife in all terms?

Khushi instantly noded a Yes and she herself pulled him for the Hug .. This is all that was needed for Arnav to know what she wanted.. He gave into this moment and finally they did share a night full of passions and desires, completing this much needed act , fulfilling their married life in all aspects..

To be continued.



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swatim318 IF-Dazzler

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yeeeiii ne first...Dancing

wooowww very nice update...

so arnav doesnt get along with Shyam at all.. welll serves him right...

awesome piece of writing dear..

please continue soon...

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devilindisguise IF-Rockerz

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So sweet lvd it Smile
arnav shyam faceoff Angry
k stnds up Clap
dance Big smile
Announcement n shyan on Thumbs Up
romance Embarrassed Embarrassed Day Dreaming

In shrt dhamakedar update Clap

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I really love this update,,,,, now game is on... Arnav vs shyaaam... I am soo happy... only Arnav will win...

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