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Two Shot: 'Di I wronged Khushi for you' Part 2 Upd (Page 8)

rima IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 07 April 2013 at 1:40am | IP Logged
Thanks a lot for the feedback everyone.
I am humbled and touched beyond words.
I am defenitely going to try and reply to all of you, if time permits.
Am truly grateful
Here is the second part as promised
Part 2

When Arnav reached home it was late. He had dropped Khushi home, though tonight he wanted her in his arms. He wanted to forget his Di's betrayal in her warm arms.


He could not sleep. His mind kept going back to the moment when he saw his Di and that scoundrel.


He needed to get it out of his chest. But he had to wait till the morning as his Di would be asleep.


He had a troubled sleep, as he tossed and turned remembering every single wound he had given Khushi for his Di. He kept murmuring in his sleep 'I am sorry Khushi. I am sorry. I love you. Someday I hope you forgive me.'




In the morning he headed straight for his Anjali's room.


She was awake and talking on the phone. The moment he knocked, he could heat his Di say 'I will talk to you later. Aap bhi na.' and he knew who she was talking to.


His fury was at bursting point now as he made his entry to her room after she asked him t come in,



He came straight to the point.


'Where were you yesterday night Di? I was looking for you,' he asked, hoping that at least now she would tell him the truth.


He watched as she guiltily looked away and lied' I had gone to a friend's house.'


'Really. Which friend/ As far as I know, you have only one friend, Shweta, and she is not even in India,' he continued.


'This is another friend I met at the temple,' she dodged. Then sensing Arnav was interrogating her, she asked defiantly, 'Why all these questions Chote?'


'Because I saw you Di, At Purple Orchid, with Shyam Manohar Jha,' he said with emphasis on the name of the man he hated the most.


Anjali was stunned and for some time she did not speak. As he expected, she started crying. But this time he was immune to those tears. He was beginning to realize, her tears were a means to escape and camouflage a host of things.


'Care to tell me Di, why you had gone to see him? The man who attempted to murder your brother?' he asked her.

'Because he is my husband and father of my unborn child. Because I still love him. And because I don't think what you think of him is true,' she said emphatically.


'So, you are saying Khushi lied,' he said, determined to make her see the truth even if it meant making her admit things she did not want to say.


'I never said that. I said it is one big misunderstanding,' Anjali said, sticking to her usual attitude that all is right with the world because she was blind to the reality.


Exactly which part is the misunderstanding Di?


That Shyam stayed as a PG in Khushi's house?


That Shyam got engaged to Khushi by treachery?


That Shyam kidnapped and tried to kill me?


That Khushi and NK are the witness to this truth?


So who is lying here if it is not Shyam?


Payal and the Guptas and even the entire Laxmi Nagar which says Shyam lived as PG there?


Khushi and NK who saw Shyam plotting with the kidnappers?


Tell me who is the liar?' he asked menacingly.




'No one is lying Chote. This is all one big misunderstanding,' Anjali continued with her 'Ostrich' attitude.


'No Di it is not. In your heart of heart you know one of them is lying. It is either Khushi or Shyam. You can't love and believe both. It is an insult to both. So, who is it Di?


Choose today. Who do you think is lying? Khushi or Shyam?" Arnav pushed, unwilling to accept any more of Anjali's dodging.


'Of course it is Khushi, because Damadji is a gem,' he heard a voice from behind him. And there she was, his infuriating Dadi.


'How can a woman who is characterless enough to live with a man without proper rituals, ever tell the truth?' she said, thinking she had delivered the biggest punch on Arnav. Little did she know his reaction would simply tear apart her mythical world about her precious Damadji



'ENOUGH!' Arnav shouted. His loud command drew all the other family members into the room all of them clambering to know what had happened.


'Do you even know what that woman who you just called characterless has gone through?


She did not choose to live with me without rituals. I forced her. I threatened I would not let Payal's marriage happen if she did not marry me,' he announced, leaving a stunned silence in the room. Payal had tears in her eyes, realizing what Khushi had done for her.


Akash felt a stab of pain, to think his bhai had used his marriage as a pawn.


'Yes I am that cruel person who killed the dreams of an innocent. I was saving your dream world Di, by killing her dreams.


I punished her with a contract marriage for 6 months, because I thought she was cheating on you with Jijaji. I was saving your future without a care for her future.


I saw them on the terrace on the night of Payal and Akash's wedding. I misunderstood what she said and threatened her to marry me. I killed my own dreams of marrying her to save your marriage Di.



Di I lied to you that I loved Khushi after marrying her. I loved her much before.


For you Di, I tortured the person I loved and made her suffer


And because of your husband his lies, I  accused her of being characterless Di,' Arnav ended with a catch in his voice.


'So what made you think what you saw was a lie? Khushi is capable of wrecking a home. These low Aukaad girls can do this,' his Dadi continued, undaunted.


'Low aukaad


If only you had not put those thoughts in my head at a young age, today I would have judged the beautiful soul that Khushi is, on her own merit, instead of the veil of misconceptions.


Dadi, it is not she who has the low Aukaad. It is you and me. She did not threaten or manipulate or disrespect others. It is you and me Dadi who keep doing it because of the power that money and high status gives us.


You want to know how I know the truth that she can never wreck Di's home?


Because she suffered everything in silence but never let any harm come to Di.


She could have told the truth about Shyam to Di at any point of time, but she chose to stay quiet for her sake. She had enough proof to back her up including the people in Laxmi Nagar.


She could have told her family the truth about me, but she stayed silent to save my image.



When all of you were happy thinking I was in Scotland, Khushi was the one who sensed I was in trouble.


When all of you were here sleeping peacefully, she risked her life to find me.



When none of you even thought I would be in danger, she put her life in danger and almost died to save me. The goons pushed her off a cliff and she almost died.,' he continued.


'But Chote. That still does not mean my husband was at fault or he cheated on me,' Anjali said, finally finding her voice


At this point of time NK spoke up.


'Di, I myself can be the biggest witness against your husband. I have been witness to how he threatened Khushiji, how he spoke to the blackmailers and I also followed him. But you chose to disbelieve me too,' he said.


Anjali stayed silent.


Arnav continued again.



'Di. I have never told you this but today I am forced to.


Your husband came to me on the night I married Khushi and said you were the only barrier between Khushi and him.


But on the day I came back from the kidnap, he outright lied saying he loved only you, though I myself am witness to his treachery.

So you see Di, I have always known the truth about him, even without Khushi telling me anything.


I only kept quiet that day to prevent you from being hurt, though he was insulting my wife.


Had you been strong enough to handle the truth either Khushi or I  would have told you the truth. Khushi and I both hid it for you.


We sacrificed our lives and our love for you.



And you pay us back by not even investigating the truth.


Not even questioning why Khushi would lie.


Not even understanding how much Khushi has given up for you.

And what is worse you are even seeing him again behind my back. 

I am sorry Di I can't breathe under the same roof as the person who has always been like a  mother to me, but has failed to understand me or my happiness.


Has failed to see that her Chote has the right to live for someone else and love someone else more than you.



Has a right to live his own life, without constantly seeking your permission for his happiness.


In the process of being a good brother, I have been a bad lover, husband and human being.


You are welcome to Shyam, this wealth and this house.


I want only one thing in my life: Love and I can find it only with one person: Khushi


If you care to know what the truth is, open your eyes and investigate and know it for yourself. Find the courage to face it.


If that happens we will again be a brother and sister,' Arnav said and walked away from her, watched by a shocked Anjali and the rest of the family.





A few days passed. Arnav had moved into the Gupta House.


Anjali set about the task of finding out the truth.


She interrogated NK.


She hired investigators and had her husband shadowed.


She investigated the room and found clues about Shyam.


And finally she found the biggest proof, the fake will beneath the cradle.


Anjali disclosed everything to the family, especially Dadi and she filed a case against Shyam along with the divorce.


Though she was heartbroken, Anjali knew that finally she was facing life and reality and was being a good sister.


As the next step she set out to mend things with her brother and set out to the Gupta House.



'Chote forgive me. I am a terrible sister.  But give me one more chance and I will prove it to you,' Anjali pleaded.


Dadi too had joined in the plea, as she had realized her mistake.


Arnav was in no mood to relent. Finally Khushi pleaded with him to give in.


'Di and Dadi it is not me you have to apologize to. It is Khushi. In all this she is the most affected.


She lost her dreams, her reputation and even her family because of us,' Arnav said.



Dadi held Khushi's hand and begged her to forgive her. Khushi being Khushi, immediately hugged Dadi and forgave her.


Next, Anjali turned to Khushi and said


'Khushiji I can't tell you how sorry I am.


I have always been the glass doll, protected and sheltered and handled with care. I knew no one would even let a scratch affect me, because I had my brother to fight the world for me.


I could always manipulate and get things done due to my fragility and sweet talking.


But glass dolls can be broken because they are not strong.


But you are the rag doll. Always uncared for and unprotected. Always an object for hurt and abuse.


Yet you weathered so many storms and wear and tear. Because you are the stronger of the two of us.


You do not have to manipulate or sweet talk. You win hearts, just by your strength, love and courage.


Today I bow down to you Khushiji.


Please do the honor of being my sister in law,' she pleaded.



Khushi simply hugged her with tears streaming down her eyes all the while soothing Anjali and telling her that she loved her.


Over her shoulders Khushi met the eyes of her husband and his eyes blazed with a love for his wife and promises for an eternity of bliss where no Di or Dadi or Shyam would find a place to make trouble...




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OmNaMaSteOm IF-Sizzlerz

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3rd part please Anjali needs to be more tortured this is nothing

Khushi should not give in so easily either.

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MrDarcyfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Amazing Rima! Just the sort of thing we wanted to see on the show! I still say they cheated us on that one! Anjali should have been made to realise what she was doing by Arnav! At least on the show he did say to Khushi in the end that his sister is blind when it comes to Shyam! The closest thing to an admission if his sister's less than perfect behaviour!

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Arshi.Sugi.IPK IF-Stunnerz

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Excellent Smile Finally contract marriage truth is out Smile

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srishti_jain Senior Member

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Wonderful! I loved your version of the whole truth coming out in front pf everyone! The most important thing that I liked was how Arnav realised the beauty of Khushi's heart and how she was so selfless and still was tortured the most! Beautiful! Smile Smile

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pree2605 IF-Rockerz

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superb superbb...
jst loved it..wished smethng had happened similar in d shw
hwevr dis ws awesome...

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shalini_s IF-Sizzlerz

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good lines from Arnav..

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--MISHTEE-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved d update
beautifully written

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