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amruta04 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 12:41am | IP Logged
hey Ankie
awesome update
loved it
pl do continue soon
take care and thanks for the pm.

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..Ghazz.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 4:11am | IP Logged
Lovd the update..nice.

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_Sadaf_ Senior Member

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 4:42am | IP Logged
Hey Anku!
Awesome update!!
You wrote it beautifully!
Tanveer ke saath aisa hi hona chahiye!!
Hope Zoya will be fine.. Poor Asad!
Continue soon!!

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viya.mallik4eva IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 6:26am | IP Logged
Good one.
I hate cliffys, isiliya SS ya FF nahi padti...argh!!!
update today or else...

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shonajain Goldie

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 7:49am | IP Logged
aaj sabne mujhe rulaaane ki soch rakhi hai...i was feeling every emotionof asadCryCry dis part was damn awesome

love you anku it was beautifully written

anku and cliffy dont go together...plzzz update na Day Dreaming  Ouch

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..vidhi.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 7:53am | IP Logged
srry i am late...had an exam...read both parts just now...both were awesome...but please cont sooon can't wait for next part!!!!!

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MisHumptyDumpty IF-Stunnerz

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Thank you soo much everyone!
Well this part was the most fav part of my writing every! I thoroughly enjoyed soo very much writing this! ROFL

So so so so so Wish to see Asad doing the same! Maybe he will soon! LOL

And Mangalpur madness, that will never end! ROFL

Thanks everyone! You all made my writing worth posting! Hug 

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MisHumptyDumpty IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 8:35am | IP Logged

Disclaimer : This what happens when you don't sleep for more than 35 hours! LOL 

'She is Sinking Mr Khan. . . I am'

No- no- no

'I am afraid she fl-'

No Zoya no you cant do this to me-No you cant!

'She flat lined a times too many, we are afraid she cant---'

Asad ran inside those doors which had forbidden him from meeting his Zoya. Those doors which now knew his Zoya more than what he ever could. He pulled the lady who was hovering around the bed, just to get a look of hers. He so very well knew that she would not fail to respond to him. Nothing would happen to her, they don't know much about her, she is a fighter, and she doesn't give up. Never. On no body, not even on him, how could they claim that she was giving up on life? They don't know his Zoya. His ever strong Zoya.

Asad took her cold hands in his ignoring what the people in the room blabbered on. Warming them he pleaded 'Zoya! Zoya! Damm you Zoya! Wake up! " Asad wailed. The Mangalpur Fiasco came vivid to his eyes. Good thing. She had responded back. She will now too. 'Listen to me Zoya!!' Asad said as he cradled her up in his arms careful of her head. 'Zoya I know you are there, tum mujhe sun sakti hoo, I know you can. Just tell them,tell them that kit um ho!' Asad patted her cheek lightly, whispering the words in her ears, loud enough for everyone present in the room to hear. The senior doctor tried to intervene. Asad screamed 'Meri Zoya zinda hai!! Why don't you guys understand?! She is here with us!! Usse kuch nahi huya hai! Everything is fine!!' Asad shook Zoya gently but in a firm grip, cradling her head in his strong hands, 'Zoya utho! Wake up dammit! Its not a joke! WAKE UP!'

'ZOOYAA YOU BETTER LISTEN TO ME OR-ELSE I WILL KILL YOU! ITS NOT AT ALL FUNNY!!!' The lion roared. Asad wrapped his fingers around her cold ones and thrust her into his chest and the anger went into heartbreaking sobs. 'Noo its not true Zoya! It isn't. I love you goody damm! You wanted to hear that right? See am declaring that I LOVE YOU ZOYA I LOVE YOU. Lo keh diya duniya ke samne! Tum mujhe chor kar nahi jaa sakti! Main jane nahi dunga!! Sun sakti hoo mujhe?! MAIN JANE NAHI DUNGA!!! Kahin bhi nahii, kidhar bhi naahhii!!' Asad said as his lips thrust their way to her cold ones. He took her hand and made its way up to his chest as he let her head rest on his shoulders. 'Wake up Zoya! You need to tell me that you love me too.' Asad wailed through his tears.

'Wake up Zoyaa Wake up!' Asad whimpered the hope gave away.

The Intern thought she saw a vital go up but then she dismissed as a mistake and dried her tears. She wrote on the paper Time of Death : 15:10

Just then there was a loud rate recorded by the ECG which was followed by in-numerous irregular rhythms, as Zoya gasped out for air. Asad didn't know how to react. First he thought his ears rang, then he realized Zoya was coughing out softly as has she gripped on him faintly. The latter part could have been his thinking again, but she was gasping for air he couldn't be wrong.

'Zooo-yaaa!' Asad softly called as the doctors looked at each other in awe.

 He expected her to open her eyes. But then he knew she was unconscious. He softly lowered her down to the bed as the senior doctor rushed to her side to check her vitals. Asad held her hand and kissed her again. Then he remembered the thing he had in his pocket.


Asad took out the Tabeez he had was given by the Pir Baba the day before. The words of the BABA only reminded him of Zoya's safety. He wanted to give her the Tabeez in the morning. But he had been reluctant. For which, it nearly cost her life again. Without a delay, he tied the Tabeez on her wrist firmly wit ha prayer, and looked at her as tears continued to flow. The doctors readjusted the oxygen mask and she was breathing back without much of a trouble. Asad held her hand against his cheek and cried into them.

This time in relief.

Cried until the doctor told him that he had to leave or else they couldn't work on her.

Cried until they assured his worried eyes that she was going to be fine.

That she was alive.

Which was a MIRACLE.

Asad had had no words.

No expressions.

No emotions.

He was numb.

All he wanted was to be beside his Zoya, confess her over and over again how much he loved her, cause he wasn't afraid anymore.

Be beside her, hold her, cause he feared she would vanish again too.

But then he rose to leave, mumbling her 'I am here'. Her hand caught his into a firm grip as he kept it down gently. Asad looked at the doctor in a whirlpool of emotions as he swallowed. 'I am here Zoya, I am not going anywhere.' He assured in his croaked voice as he gently cupped her cheek lightly, mindful of the mask which helped her to breathe. The grip didn't loosen, until the intern injected a sleeping pill in the IV. Zoya slowly drifted off too sleep as Asad kissed her forehead.


Zoya slowly opened her eyes. She didn't want to open them. It hurt her. The previous ordeals of waking up were so weird. If she was not wrong, all she wanted to do was to confront Mr Khan if he had really quoted that he had confessed to love her but in his old Zilli-i-Ilaahi style, but then she must have been dreaming. All she remembered was Asad screaming and pleading for her to wake, then Phoopii asking her if she felt better then Mr Khan again repeating Phoppi's words in the most caring way which was so unlikely him. She dismissed her thoughts and drifted back to sleep, again.

'Mr Khan?' She said anyhow. She didn't even know why.  And why her head felt so painful and her voice not even louder than a whisper, and her vision so blurry.

'Zoya Beta!' Phoppi's sweet voice rang in her ears.

'Phoopii?! Mr Khan kyun chilaa rahe thay?' Zoya asked in pain. Her ears still hurt with Asad's mirror cracking shouts of her name. Nothing could be worst than that. He was manic.

Dilshad started giggling and soon did Asad join her.

Zoya focus-less clouded eyes searched for Asad for a while and then met his.


Zindagi gawa kar bhi jo zindagi mile
har khushi gawa kar bhi jo ek khushi mile
wo maang lu tere liye, tere liye, tere liye
tere liye, tere liye

Asad gave her the rarest of his dented smile as his mother coaxed Zoya to sleep for a while. Zoya tired her best and smiled back. And Asad was gifted with one of her dimples again.


Jism paak aankho mein bhar lu, 
saans saans mein shamil kar lu,
is duniya mein jaan gawa, 
tujhe us duniya mein hasil kar lu...



Zoya woke up to find the intern checking her vitals. Her eyes searched for Asad for a while and then realized that he must have had left cause of the Intern. The intern helped Zoya to recline on the bed carefully. Thankfully, since a few days it hurt less and she could focus on things longer. The doctor did say she was recovering very fast. And she would be soon discharged once her bruise healed a bit more. Zoya tired recollected how the days went by. How The Asad Ahmed had turned into such a loving and a caring person. He was obviously a very caring person. But then it was restricted only till his sister and his mother. She never had expected in her wildest dreams that he would care so very much for her. Her, whom he once said that he wanted to get rid off, but everything changed ever since she had decided to leave and post to that. She found a different Asad, whom she never have had met if she didn't prove him to stop her. Who else knew him better than her, then? Not even him. How Asad flinched when the doctor injected her pills in her veins and how he had tears well up in his eyes when she felt pain. How he patted her to sleep everyday, and never left his side beside her. How he lovingly he brushed her hair and carefully tied a pony telling her his jokes which seemed more of a pj. How he rejected going back home, and stayed up awake all the night. But the most of all, he would whisper her that he loved her every night as he kissed her good night. The first day and the second she thought it was cause of the delirium, but then on the third when she made sure that before drifting off to sleep she would indeed let him know her heart's desire, he had replied 'I know that Zoya.' affectionately giving her a kiss on her forehead and patting her cheek as she again lulled to sleep with a great smile on her face.

He had been her protector, her savior, her guard, her knight in a shining armor in a SUV. When the police came on the third day, Phoopie and Asad remained protectively by her side. Phoppie like a mother hugged her as she caressed her hair. And he didn't leave her hand even for a minute. He knew recalling the whole episode was going to be traumatic but she fought back bravely again as Asad stood proud of her.  Later at night when she got one of her nightmares, he hugged her tight and made her feel better by humming a lullaby. 

'I am sorry for everything Zoya.' He said, his eyes brimming up with tears as he held her hand 

'You look funny when you say that!' she smiled him his dimples. 

'Okay fine, I can say a Thank You right?!' Zoya's eyes furrowed in a question.

'For everything, again.' Asad said as he gave a light peck again. Zoya fulfilled her dying desire to know if his dents were real or not,

'WAIT! They indeed are real' she exclaimed in horror as she poked them. Asad looked at her widening his eyes. This girl was seriously a Karzzieed one.

'Apka kuch nahi ho sakta Miss Farooqqii!' '

Apka bhi kuch nahi ho sakta Mr Khan!'

Zoya smiled to herself as she recollected the week. She couldn't wait to go home and meet Najma. She would have been back home from her college trip by then. How much she missed her. Zoya looked at the Tabeez fastened on her left hand.

'Mr Khan? What is this for?!'

'That's for your Dabanng-giri' Asad joked as he looked up from his files he had brought to check.

'Don't you dare to open it Zoya!' Asad pulled her fingers out which fidgeted with the string.

Zoya pouted, wanted to know the main reason behind. Asad kept his file down and said as he brushed his hands on her wrist carefully making circles on them. 'It's a little prayer of mine sweetheart, to protect you from all evils and harms, when I am not around. It's my belief that's stored in. That's all.'

Tears escaped from Zoya's eyes as she looked gratefully at Asad. Like elastic left lose at the end, his hands dried the stupid tears as he loudly called her a 'Bewakoof Ladkii!' 'Complicated Man!' she snapped back.

The intern called her twice to break her from her trance. Zoya treated her with one of her patent smiles.

'Do you mind if I ask you a few personal questions?! I am just being curious!' The intern hesitantly asked as she waited for a proper reply.

Zoya smiled a go on.

'Your husband! Mr Khan! Don't you find him scary?! I mean why did you marry him? I really want to know the reason why you married him!'

Zoya felt dizzy. What was the intern talking about? But then she couldn't be rude to her.

'You know what?!' The intern sat on the visitors stool as she elaborated. Zoya knew this was gossip, and she couldn't miss.

'First he threatened Sir that he would finish him off and then burn the whole hospital down, if you didn't wake up!'

Zoya's mouth when a O

Really Asad Ahmed Khan did that? She swallowed a bit down, and then realized, she was again dreaming, wait no how could that be possible, she just woke up, or maybe she hasn't, bu-

'And then' the young intern continued, breaking her important debate on being awake or dreaming.

'There was this lady, who wanted to meet you!'

'Tanveer?' Zoya softly said.

'I think so, and he was so fierce with her. I mean he slapped her so hard, yelling in the top of his voice, that you were his life his zindagi his everything, and if she wasn't his best friend he would have not given a think before murdering her ruthlessly.'

Zoya's eyes widened as horror crept in. Mr Khan had turned into a vampire, for her? Wait! He referred to be his zindagi? Zoya felt she was again giving up to unconsciousness.

'He loves you so very much. I never saw a man loving his wife so much!'

Just then Asad barged into the room.

The ECG beeped frantically for a second or a two as Zoya was surprised to find him in again. Asad pinched the bridge of his nose has he shook his head and mumbled a 'Bewakoof Ladki'

Scanning the instruments and the equipment's Zoya was still hooked up too, from the corner of his eyes, Asad smiled as he took his usual place beside her.

'When can I take her home?!'

'Soon. You have to talk to Dr Mehta for that!'


'He wont drink your blood Mr Khan, that's your work!' Zoya grinned and continued, 'News Flash : Meet Vampire Ahmed Khan-'

'Ever thirsty of Miss Zoya Farooqqii's blood!' Asad completed as he smirked.

'Mrs Khan's blood ya phir everyone's blood?!' The intern teased and took their leave for the evening.

Asad carefully cupped Zoya's cheeks and said, 'Now sleep for sometime please!'

'I will, after you answer all my questions'




'What happened to Tan-'

'I told you before, police took care of her, rest the law will. You don't have to think about that.' Asad brushed her hair from her face.

'You slapped her?'

Shit, the intern must have told everything!

'Like I said, thinking is-'

'I want an answer!'

'Yes I did. I was hell bent on murdering her but then that meant I would end up in jail, and it would be unfair on my part to stress you more in this state. And if you are satisfied, now can you please mind sleeping?!'

'You shouldn't have done that!'

'Ohh really Zoya?!  Anyone stranger comes and tired to even look at my family with ill eyes, you know me, I deprive him of the power of sight. She tired to hurt my Zoya, my family, she made deliberate attempts to finish you off, you think I will leave her so easily?! I swear, if she wasn't my friend once, I would have literary killed her.

Zoya's brows furrowed into a frown.

Rooh se rooh ke darmiyan, 
Ishq ke hain hazaro jahan 
Ya Khuda mujhko dede agar ek jahan 
To maang lu tere liye, tere liye, tere liye

 'Thinking is not something for my Zoya!' Asad affectionately placed his palm on her eyelids.  'Yea this looks good.'

'You know what Mr Khan? They think we are married!' Zoya grinned in her 'getting back to her old deewana voice.'

'I know I had told them myself.'

Zoya's eyes pooped out.

'Yes cause I had too. Or else they would say this and that and all!' Asad gave a sigh!

Zoya was confused. Asad was mentally unstable too.

'Don't react as if you don't want to be my wife!' Asad looked at her in surprise.

'You don't?!' Asad said as he saw Zoya reaction less.

'You are not only emotionally challenged but also mentally challenged Mr Khan!' Zoya protested.

'Yes all your Badawlat I got to know it. Shukriya!'

'What do you mean by that?!'

'I meant sleep!'


'Oh you don't want to be Mrs Khan?!'


'That is what I am saying!'

'No! I meant I don't want to sleep!'

'No you did mean you don't want to be Mrs Asad Ahmed Khan! Waah it has a nice ring to it!'

'NOOO! I didn't mean that!'

'Obviously you did mean it!'


'She's home! And you did mean!'

'Mr Khaaan!'

'Misss Faaaroooqiiie!


Zindagi gawa kar bhi jo zindagi mile. . . 

Har khushi gawa kar bhi jo ek khushi mile . . .

Sau sitam utha kar bhi jo ek khushi mile . . . 

Sau jannate gawa kar bhi jo ek jameen mile . . . 

Jism ja luta kar bhi jo ek haasi mile . . .

Dill agar jala kar bhi jo roshni mile . . .

Wo maang lu tere liye . . .

Jism paak aankho mein bhar lu, 

saans saans mein shamil kar lu,

is duniya mein jaan gawa, 

tujhe us duniya mein hasil kar lu...

tere liye, tere liye. . .

tere liye, tere liye . . .


-      -The End - -

 Previous chapters : 

Part 1

Part 2 



So it ended. How was it? LOL

Am hella tied now! Sleepy Cause I have been awake ever since yesterday, Ouch and you guys haunted me since last night, Ouch so I couldn't get any sleep. Ouch  And was typing since morning but then didn't like whatever I wrote. This is what I liked :P LOL LOL

Not Proofed.

Reviews please. Honest ones. Embarrassed


And the beautiful song : http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lXqPq-ayNmA#t=0s Embarrassed

LOL Ankie 

 For More Works of Fictions Do Have A Look At My Index Embarrassed

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