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~ Tabeez ~ (Three Shot Completed)

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Disclaimer : Apologies if it hurts anyone's sentiments or views by any way. It was done totally unintentionally. Hope that forgiveness is granted if it has been so. 

Story so far : Its been a month since Zoya's VISA has been extended. Tanveer's plans of separating them has proved the opposite as Asad and Zoya have grown too fond of each other, to much of Dilshad and Najma's surprise. Starts with Razia trying to kill Zoya track ROFL Cause i love Mangalpur track so does Sadiee  ( --starstruck--and all of you Embarrassed LOL ROFL 


"Zoya-Zoya! Zoya utho-Zoya wake up-Open your eyes-Zoya!! Zoyaa! Zooyaa!! Zoya apni akhen kholo please!! Please!! Zoya?? Zoya?? Zoyaa?" Asad shook an unconscious Zoya as if she was a packet of chips.
Words may win, Asad had rescued Zoya from the just ablaze Gudiya factory, but the nightmares of his murdered him instantly.
"Zoy-yaa-Meri Zoya, dekho sab thek hai, everything is fine, we are safe! There's nothing to be scared about-Zoyaa-Zooyaa-Zoo-yaa!! I am here Zooyaa?? Zooya??!" Asad patted Zoya's cold cheek to get a proper response. Asad warmed her palm in his, they were numb and swollen. Poor girl was paler than albinos, her lips had a bluish tinch, eyes rolled deep into the sockets but the worst of all was she was hardly breathing.
"Bhai-Bhai!!" Ayaan came running into the picture out of no where.
"Ayaan just drivvee!!" Asad shouted on the top of the voice as he cradled his Zoya into him, burying her head into his chest. Something warm wet Asad's hands. 
Zoya's Blood.
Zoya was bleeding.
Like insane.


Ayaan drove as if someone had a gun to his head. But the situation was no worse. His elder brother had become a manic trying to scream life into his life. Ayaan silently prayed, for everything to be perfectly all right. Seeing Asad reaching all the levels of insanity, Ayaan lost his focus, he didn't know what to do, drive or calm his brother down, assure his brother that his life, his Zoya would be fine, cause He now scared the shit out of Ayaan.
Ayaan helplessly cried looking at his brother who cradled Zoya like a child of his in his arms while whispering strength talk in her ears as he pretended Zoya was conscious enough to hear all his ramblings. 
Asad's pain was unbearable.
"Unhe kuch nahi hoga Bhai!" Ayaan assured in a broken voice, nothing would ever happen to his Mona Darling.
"Ayaan just Drive! If anything happens to Zoya I swear I will kill you first!" Asad wailed through his tears.
Ayaan got the incentive he was waiting for. The SUV broke through the red lights, rammed by the speed
breakers, crashed whatever came in-between just to reach the hospital in a total of minx of ten.


The glass door slammed on Asad's face as he saw his Zindagi his Zoya being wheeled into the Intensive Care. Ayaan pulled his brother into a desperate hug, but for the first time in his life, he felt he had a lifeless body in his arms. He dragged his brother out and made him sit in the waiting area. Ayaan hugged Asad in the same way Asad did all these years, the most assuring way, but Asad's eyes were blank rather more pained than what Zoya must have been going through.
"Bhaai-Bhai-kuch nahi hoga Bhai, Bhabiee ko kuch nahi hone wala, mera yakeen maniye!" Ayaan pleaded. Asad turned his head slowly towards Ayaan. His eyes blood red from the oceans of tears.
"Haan Bhai, mera yakeen kijiye!" Ayaan pleaded as he cupped his brother's face in his hands.
Asad held his brother's hands and cried into them. Cried, till the pain went. People cry to feel less pained. But his life was an irony .The more he cried the more pain he felt.
Pain for not trusting her.
Pain for the pain she felt all these years.
Pain for all the blaming he had incorrectly done.
Pain for the pain she felt.
Pain for being the main reason behind her pain.


An hour had passed by since the glass doors were shut. Asad has stopped crying, but the tears refused. Ayaan had informed everyone and the police too had come to take Asad's statement but Ayaan asked them to wait cause Asad was not in a state to deal with anyone let alone the police.
Dilshad came running.
Ayaan ran up to her and took her hands in his. 'App please bhai jan ko sambhaliye!' Ayaan pleaded. 
Dilshad went up to her son, and pulled him into an embrace, but a response was far from him. 'Main gunehaar hoon Ammi! Zoya ko main bacha nahi paya' Asad whimpered out his fears.
'Zoya ko kuch nahi hoga Asad. Kuch bhi nahii!!' Dilshad ruffled Asad's sweaty hair, as she assured him. 
Air seemed harder than bricks now. Every breath he took sliced his throat. He wished he hadn't let her go with his friend. He wished he had taken her words seriously. He wished he wasn't blessed with a friend like Tanveer. 

------Earlier in the morning-----
'Its fine if you go with her Miss Farooqqii! Am okay with it you know!' Asad playfully smirked, as he fixed his tie. 
'Mr Khaan!' Zoya shifted on her toes. 'Mujhe-I don't feel too!' 
'Thik, main hi Tannu ke saath chala jata hoon phir, I can cancel my important appointments for my best friend you know!' Asad smirked as Zoya pursed her lips is anger. 
'THIK HAI! Chali jaungi! App pain mat uthaiyee!' Zoya protested like a kid and Asad cheekily grinned as he returned to his files. 
'Mr Khan?' Zoya came back midway. 
'Yess Miss Farooqqii! Apko kuch chaiyeh?!' Asad said looking from files.
'I know'But then aap- hamare saath aate toh'You know na last time I missed her. Main woh galti dubara nahi karna chahti!' Zoya spoke in a very small voice looking at her toes. 
Asad smiled at the innocence of the girl. She was trying to prove herself and come down to his expectations. He looked at her lovingly. 
'Miss Farooqqi, aap kya kehti hai?! I am Miss Farooqqii I Fix it All, if you by chance miss my friend in the Kumbh ka Shopping Mela, don't be afraid, she can come back herself!' Asad tired his best to be sweet but then he sounded a bit opposite which he regretted the moment next. 
Zoya seemed to be troubled by other things. 'What if they catch me again and then--?' 
'Zzoo--Miss Farooqqii!! Relax, they wont, there's no problem with your VISA or anything anymore. And even if they do, appko Karate aata hai!' Asad winked. 
Zoya shrugged her shoulders. 
'I trust you ki appko Karate aata hai!' Asad spoke in a volume louder. 
It broke Zoya from her trance and she pursed her lips again and crossed her eyebrows. 'Mujhe yea joke bilkul nahi pasand!' she uttered below breath.
'Zoo-' Before Asad could stop her, she had left.
 Asad shook his head and mentally reminded himself to give the thing lying in his pocket to Zoya, in the evening. 
If not for the frantic abrupt phone call in the late afternoon by Zoya, Asad would never have known that his Damsel was in a life and death situation once again. A brave Zoya, while being drugged, fought bravely, and intelligently redialed Asad while being manhandled. It took no time for Asad to realize that she was being taken to Gudiya Karkhana, but what it shocked him more was the person who was taking her there.  
Asad reached the burnt factory in no minutes, but the very little time he took was enough for the damage to be set. Gudiya Karkhana was again set Ablaze after 17years. This time, with his Zoya, in it. The Mangalpuri Asad screamed roared Zoya's name in the hope to get any response from her. But there was none. Asad without fearing the blazing fire, ran inside the factory, just to hunt down the whole of it, in search of his beloved Zoya. It was burning hell inside. The ceiling was falling down, but that didn't prevent Asad to stop his search. ZOOOYYAAA he screamed, any little response, just one, he wanted. Nothing would happen to his Zoya, she would be fine. Asad assured himself as his shoe caught fire from the floor. The whole place had caught fire, the floor was burning, but Asad wouldn't go without taking his Zoya from here. Something familiar caught his eyes. Those silver shiny shoes which Zoya wore. His Zoya was there. He ran into that direction. Luckily a wooden structure had protected her from being burnt down. It fell midway before it itself caught fire, protecting Zoya from the blaze of the surroundings. Asad kicked that wooden structure away to cradle Zoya up in his arms.  Zoya lay flat on her stomach, her clothes torn cause of the manhandling. She was limp and cold, but her hands faintly traced back around his neck like they always did, as picked her up carefully in his strong protected arms. He felt faint rhythmic exhale and inhale of hers on his hot skin as he kissed her on her head, to assure her that he was there. The very next thing he knew was that, he was in front of those strong glass doors. 
After two hours, the attending doctor came out of the ICU. Asad ran up to him, his ears wanted to hear only one sentence 'She's fine, she wants to meet you!' 
'We need to operate her Mr Khan!' started the doctor instead. 'We fear that''
The things what the doctor blabbered on seemed Hebrew to Asad. His eyes popped out of his sockets as his caught the later words 'You need to sign these papers, it claims that if the patient dies during the surgery, the doctors or the hospital are not responsible for it!'
'Apka dimag kharab hogaya hai kya?!' Asad shouted at him in the top of the voice.  Asad pinned the doctor to the wall as he said 'MERI ZOYA KO KUCH NAHI HONA WALA! KUCH BHI NAHI!!!'
 'You know what Dr Khurana?! I am a very rich man! Just do anything and everything possible! Mujhe buss meri Zoya saii salamat chahiyeh! Or else, I will burn this hospital of yours' Asad threatened in clenched jaw. 
Ayaan and Dilshad ran up to Asad. Dilshad slapped Asad to bring him back to his senses as Ayaan released the doctor from his iron strong grip. 
'Asad!!! Behave yourself! This is a Hospital!' Dilshad screamed at her son's horrifying act. 
'I understand Mrs Khan. Mr Khan loves his wife so much, that he can't even think of a single minute without her, but then at this moment she needs prayers, more than medicines!' The doctor pressed Asad's shoulder and his head hung down in shame.  

So bataiye kaisan hai?! Kya lagta hai apko Asad Zoya ko kya dena chahta hai? Zoya marr jayegii yaa phir bacch jayegii?! Kaun hai jisne Zoya ko Zinda jalne ki yea sajiz rachi?! Kaun hai jo Zoya ko marna chahta hai?! Kya Asad Zoya ko bacha pagega?! Jane ke liye stalk karte rahiye, mere iss chote se bekaar se SS ko ROFL Wink LOL 

Later Parts

Part 2  7.April.2013

Last Part 8. April.2013

X - X - X- X- X - X - X- X- X - X - X- X- X - X - X- X- X - X - X- X- X 

Guess who wrote again?! ROFL Ahha that even a TS this time ROFL Added With a Cliffy ROFL 
Miyaa! Dont give me that face, I wont do what I did to my previous one, cause I have completed it on paper and pen! Only typing is remaining LOL You know nay how much I hate doing that so it takes time ROFL 

Le Bunny ( sophiya_92) , likh diya tera Epic TS, do I get some Momos to chew on now? LOL ROFL 

Joote Chappals Ande Criticisms Keechad Thappads Pathars Tamaters all welcomed ROFL  Hug Heart 

ROFL Ankie

For More Works of Fictions Do Have A Look At My Index Embarrassed

A friendly reminder, KARAN SINGH GROVER will always be MY ASAD AHMED KHAN and SURBHI JYOTI as ZOYA FAROOQI in my FICTIONSrest is up to you readers, You can imagine anybody my leads to be as, I assure you I will not have a problem with that. Embarrassed


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I refuse to murder..ye ananya ka bhoot ankiewa mey ghus gaya .
I can strangle ananya for spoiling the cutei pie simple ankiewa with cliffy ideas...

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ROFL Yeh sab tu hi likh sakti hain!! LOL
You know, the way you narrated it, felt like you were actually saying it to me! I could actually imagine you sitting here and saying it all in your own voice and your informal language! LOL

Now to Asad's Zindagi... What has happened to her actually? From where did she start bleeding?

And damn! How did he know who it was that took her to the Gudiya Factory? Through the phone? As in, while receiving her call, did he hear voices in his phone, making him realise who it was? And where is Tanveer?

Arre yaar!! Itne saare questions hain yahaan! BUT... this was ah-maz-ing!!!! Just like my Zaki says!! Very well written, and that is why you were not replying to me hain na?

Well, idhar udhar ki baatein, vagaiyra vagaiyra.. Loved it! Now CONTINUE!!!!!

[You Know My Name!]Cool

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loved it 



plz continue soon 

i am begging u...and as said u r a cliffhanger ...hate u for that

and love u for the awesome story...

and plz plz add me to ur pm list...

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Reserved before I read it!LOL Wanted to be on Page 1!

Beautifuuulll!Clap BAS if you see sarcasm here, I'll throw noodles at you!Evil Smile
I can't think of any one being offended by this sweet SS of yours..Wink Haaye, seriously you are good at this.But I think that disclaimer was aimed at poor old me!CryLOL

Ha! I can one answer one Q:

Kaun hai jisne Zoya ko Zindaa jalaane ki saazish ki?

ANKIE & Co!ROFL(She has been planning this for a long time, I swear!LOL)
Please spare me this one time...Didn't get to pull your leg for a long time.Embarrassed

Everything about it was beautiful. The scene at the kaarkhana, Ayan's response to his  bhaijaan gone numb, Asad's painful fb of the events of the morning, the guilt that keeps resurfacing...

Beautifully conceived  and written story!Clap

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wow amazing Ankie

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I really wished it would not end :( sighh, second part fast okayyy :P

And your writing, Awesome, as usual :D

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Nicee cont soon

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