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Hally says...
Kal i was soo upset and the doir rang it was sullu i didnt want to see him so i try to close the door but he doesnt let me
Sullu: Hally mat bandh karna door. Baat to sun
I didnt want to listen n close the door.
One side im crying other side he is leaning against
Sullu: plz door kol hally sun lo na wrna i wont leave at all 
I open the door and push sullu n run out he follows behind me n somehow i end up in jungle n was gonna fall when sullu grabs me n we both fall. It starts to rain BG - barsaat ke din aaye
I push sullu off me and get up
Hally: mujhe chor do sultan jaa teri madhu ke paas dupatta dedo usko jaa uske saath JAA
Sullu: main uske saath kyun jaayega? Woh meri dhadkhan ki dhak dhak nahi hai woh tu hai... Jab mere aankhon mein paani aata hai woh sirf tere liye hai aur mere chehre par smile woh tu hai hally
Phir main sun kar i cry na hut i dnt belive him
Hally: i dnt believe u mujhe jaane do leave me allne
I about to leave when he grabs my hand and pulls me close 
SHALTAN eyelock BG- hum tum
My phone rings and shahzad tha woh mera acha dost which sullu is jealous off 
Sullu dekh kar gussa hojayega: shahzad tujhe phone kar raha hai iss raat mein kyon?
Hally: main tujhse kyon bataungi... Me n u khatam na chid de mujhe sultan pllzzz
Sultan: shazad aur tere beech mein kuch hai kya
I m shocked n cry at him 
Hally:how can u think that?? Tum toh meri zindagi thinaur jab tum madhu ke saath gaye the main ro ro kar mar rahi thi
Sultan gets senti hearing n tries to speak i dont let him
Hally: bas mein jaa rahi hoon mujhe mat rokhna

I walk away hoping he will rokhna me but no Cry

Hally wakes up in the morning tear stains on her face when her phone rings ... RK
RK: good mornin hally.. Aaj raat party hai bollywood theme hai tu aur sultan zaroor aana Shruti nai mujhe kaha tumko bataun morning mein warna tum dono shayad jungle mein ya library mein bhaag jayege
Hally breaks down: RK mein aur sullu khatam main aaungi woh nahi
RK: kya?? Break up?? Kyon?
Hally: Madhu madhu madhu woh phir..
RK: MADHU ... Haan haan shru mujhe bol de na hally ke saath ... Shu keh rahi hai sullu is on other line aur woh bhi bahot udaas sound kar raha hai
Hally: mein aaungi bas i dnt want to hear no more plz especially about sultan.. Bye aur main aungi
Hally shuts her phone
Sultan on the other hand
Sultan: main kya karoon ... Raat mein sab uske khwaab aate hai aur i see her crying n the. I wake up n cant sleep
Shru: aaw bhai sun she is coming to the party you come too na phir tum dono baat kar sakte hai..acha mujhe jaana hoga .. BODYGUARD aa gaya
Sultan arrives to the party first as Don 
Madhu sees him and runs to him while RK is furious as she is coming in between SHALTAN
Madhu: haaye sultan wah sorry sorry DON
Sultan: Madhu wah tu bhi sorry sorry .. KA-MEE-NI ( don style)
Sultan tries to move but madhu block him: kya don tujhe hoga mere saath dance karo na
RK inferferes: Sultan kya kar raha hai tu?? Hally aa rahi hai aur tu iske saath baat kar raha hai
Madhu: RK woh mujhe chodta nahi mere peeche hi ladhta rehta hai sultan
Sultan angry: eh sun jhoot mat bol
RK angry: aise baat karni hai madhu ke saath
Sultan: shez lying RK woh mujhe nahi chodti hai
RK goes to hit Sultan when Hally sees: Ruk RK! Sultan ko nahi maarna shruti ki kasam
RK: main tere liye nahi maarunga sultan ko madh woh sirf hally ko rulaya woh 
Madhu: thanks RK.. Kya??
Madhu leaves 
Sultan turns n sees Hally for the first time
SHALTAN eyelock BG - Tum Hi Ho
Sultan is about to walk to Hally when Shazad comes behind n he gets angry
RK sees Shazad and understands: Shazad idhar aa main thmse kuch baat karni hai
Shazad is about to leave when hally grabs him 
While looking at Sultan Hally says to Shazad : RK abhi nahi danve ke baad
BG - dil ibadat 
Sultan watching Hally Shazad dance and fuming
Shazad gets phone call n has to leave hally stays..
Sultan sees his chance to go to her BG - Tum ho mera pyaar
Hally slips on dress and is about to fall when Sultan grabs her
PRECAP - Sultan drops Hally home and she is about tog et out of car when Sultan locks the doors to his car


Sultan is still holding Hally. SHALTAN eyelock
Hally snaps out of his mesmerising eyes and moves away from him arms.
Sultan: tum to theak hai na?
Hally:bI'm fine mujhe abhi ghar jaana hai
Sultan: I drop you off na chal mere saath
Hally: nahi i can walk it tum yahan raho na Madhu abhi nahi dikh paayi but tu toh dhoondh jayega usko na
Hally walks out of party
Sultan is sad and goes behind her. 
Hally walks out of the party and doesn't watch where she is going when she walks straight into a guy.
Hally: sorry I wasnt watching
The guy had his bunch of friends with him who were looking at Hally smirking: koi baat ni accidents ho jaate hai na
Hally tries to leave when one of the guys blocks her way
Hally: hatiye please mujhe ghar jaana hai
Guy: arre hum toh tujhe ghar chod denge HAMARE GHAR
Sultan: chodo usko kameene
Hally turns to see Sultan who is absolutely angry
Guy: tu kya karoge ek tu hai aur hum kaafi hai 
Guy hits Sultan
Hally gets annoyed and kicks one of the guys
sultan gets up and beats all guys and Sultan hand is bleeding
Sultan and Hally look at each other BG - tera mera saath rahe
Sultan: chal mein tujhe ghar thak drop off karunga
Hally deciding she cant say no walks to his car and sits in quietly
Sultan gets in the car and Hally can see his hand is bleeding.
Hally grabs Sultans hand who just stares at her and she gets the first aid box out of the compartment and bandages it
Sultan closes his eyes as Hally's touch is driving him crazy
After Hally finishes she breaks the silence: chalo
Sultan opens his eyes and drives to Hally's house
On the way home both SHALTAN steal glances of each other.
Both of them do not realise when they reach Hally's house.
Hally: thank you Sultan. I hope tera haath ko itni chot nahi lagi
Sultan: haath kk nahi par dil mein bahot chor lagi. Maaf karde na Hally. Maine kaha na Madhu ne sab kiya.
Hally: please sultan... Ab mat aur kaho . Bye
Hally is about to leave the car when the car locks and Sultan grabs her hand.
Hally:Sultan door khalo ghaadi ka abhi
Sulltan just stares at Hally
Hally is still pleading with him as if she stays in The car longer with Sultan then she wont be able to control her actions
Sultan takes off his seatbelt and holds Hally's face. Hally closes her eyes at his touch BG - aise na mujhe dekho
Both SHALTAN are lost in the moment

PRECAP - SHALTAN aur Aryan at cricket match


ShalTan in car Sullu coming closer and Hally closes her eyes when Sultan's phone rings. Hally opens her eyes and asultan sighs i. Fristration and picks up the phone.
Aryan is on the other side of the phone.
Aryan: Sultan tum kahan ho? Tum Hally ke saath ho na? Hally wahan hai na Sultan? Usko phone dedo na?
Sultan: Aryan haan Hally yahan hai.
Aryan: usko dedo phone mujhe usko poochni hai kal ka cricket match humare saath jaayegi na?
Sultan looks at Hally wondering how he is gonna ask her but once he looks at her he becomes shocked.
Sultan: aryan main poochonga baad mein phone karonga tujhe
Sultan shuts the phone
Hally had fainted in the car. 
Sultan: Hally... Hally utho na ... Hally
Hally wasn't getting up at all. Sultan got worried and got out of the car. He took off Hally's seatbelt and lifted her in his arms.
He opened the door to her house and put her on her bed and grabbed a glass of water and put some on Hally's face.
Hally slowly opened her eyes.
Sultan: Hally tu toh theak hai na? Kya hua?
Hally: paani.. Paani dedo
Sultan gave her water.
Hally: kya tum kuch khaya hai aaj?
Hally hadn't had time to eat. She spent her days crying kver Sultan she didn't care about food.
Sultan was very worried about Hally so he made her some food.
He came back with the dish in his hand.
BG music - dil de diya hai
Hally had tears in her eyes
Sultan sat next to hally and wiped her tears
Sultan: I'm sorry Hally maaf kardo mujhe... Yeh sirf mere wajeh se hua hai maaf kardijiye
BG still playing
Hally still crying
Sultan feeds her.
Hally smiles a bit and feeds Hally.
SHALTAN both eat and Sultan puts the dish in the kitche and is about to leave when Hally grabs his arm.
Hally: please?
Sultan hugs Hally. She starts crying again thinking that he really did all those stuff with Madhu when it was all her. 
BG still playing
Before she knows it Hally has fallen asleep in Sultan's arms
Sultan to himself: main aaj se aapko vaada karta hoon ke mai. Tumhare aa khon mein pani nahi dedunga. Tum toh meri hi hai. Meri jaan meri pyar aur saans.
Sultan has tear in his eye before he knows it he falls asleep too
BG ends

Precap- cricket match SHALTAN and Aryan surprise guests


Sultan wakes up first and sees Hally next to her. He tries to get up without waking her up but his arm is under her head. Hally stirs n wakes up
Hally smiles at him.
Sultans phone rings again
Aryan: Sultan kal tumne mujhe phone nahi ki kya hally ko raat mein bhi decide kar rahi match jaane ke ya nahin
Sultan smiled and asked Hally
Sultan: kya aaj mere aur aryan ke saath match dekhne ke liye jayegi?
Hally: Match cricket wala OMG HAAN I LOVE CRICKET!
Sultan tells aryan to get ready and they will be there in few minutes to collect him
Sultan and Hally went to collect Aryan and drove to the stadium
The match has started and CSK were 54-3 
Up bowling was virat kohli too Suresh Raina
SHALTAN and aryan were sitting next to a girl Sanjana who supported RCB until
Sanjana: nahi nahi BABY mera pati ko mat out kar
Everyone looked at her as she was sitting on CSK side
Raina hit a four
She saw virats face
Sanju: aw baby koi baat ni sirf four laga love u
Hally looked at Sanju and thought yeh ladki uff lo
Next ball Virat got hit for a six 
Sanju: YEESSS AAA SXXX HAAYEE mera pati love u
Then she saw Virat getting angry again
Sanju: koi baat ni next ball par out hojayega virat baby
Aryan: hally yeh ladki ko kya hua kiski support karti hai
Sanju overheard Aryan
Sanju: mera Pati Suresh Raina ko bar mera baby Virat bowl kar raha hai main kya karoon ek six laga aur baby mera sad ho jata hai aur if he gets out suresh gussa ho jayega meri life bahot compicated hai 
Sanju starts crying
Then virat bowls and suresh is out 
sanju jumped up and down: yippee dekha baby out out OUT
and then she saw Suresh face: mera pati koi baat ni i love you LOVE YOU
Aryan and SHALTAN left after match had finished 
Aryan: Sultan mujhe toh bhook lagi ... Mujhe kuch khaana hai
Sultan: ghar mein bas 15 minute hai sabar kar
Aryan: please sultan
Hally: come on Sultan lets stop at this stand and get pakoras na
Aryan: mm pakoras
Sultan smiled seeing Hally and Aryan bonding
All ate pakoras and Sultan dropped Hally off home
Hally: aaj to bahot maza aagaya tha cricket match main
Aur woh Sanju yaar she so funny
Aryan: hum phir karna hai Hally tere saath hum sab jayenge or nxt Kaka bui aayenge
Sultan smiled at Hally and drove home
Both Aryan n Sultan got out of car and went in the house and saw Madhu standing there.

PRECAP- Hally rings Sultan in the night he doesnt answer.
She goes over to their house in the morning and sees Madhu there wih Sultan and Aryan
Madhu Hally fight ROFL

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