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Sultan's character - A big let down! (Page 22)

Angeena IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 April 2013 at 9:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by CHAKKU_DAAYAN

But he doesn't trust her even nowOuch She keeps tasting tea and food before giving it to Aryan, even the tea and food she's prepared. If he is living with them, then he should be the one making sure that nothing would happen to them and not the other way round. Why should Madhu prove her credibility to a stranger? I don't know if it is the fault of Madhu's character which reflects in Sultan or actually Sultan's characterConfused

It is Madhu's doing. If you see his expressions closely you can tell he is amused, and a bit frustrated by this now. Remember when he was shot? Madhu gave him dal chawal and said she has tasted it? That's when he showed his frustration with it. He trusts her now.

I would have not minded his attacking from back move had he not said the dialogue regarding attacking from behind to Bhujang. Didn't he say to Bhujang to come in front and then attack and not act like dogs?LOL

True .. he did make that dialogue. But here I think it was done on purpose to draw Bhujang out. Sultan couldn't go searching for him all over the chawl so he yelled that to make Bhuajng feel insulted and thus make a stupid move of coming out. It was a tactical strategy.

I don't get how come the previous night he was thinking about his wife and the next day he starts dreaming about madhu?Confused

Exactly. That's where I really started disliking him.

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river123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 April 2013 at 9:35am | IP Logged

For me the worst part of this track is the unbearable attempt to create the love triangle.  And then on top of it, the way they have executed the track has made Sultan look like an unbelievably inept Don.  


As many have said on this thread - one big way CVs can redeem this (assuming they are not going to scrap the character) is by having Sultan's real plan being to use Madhu to get to RK.   And if they do something like that,  then I don't really care if they want to redeem him later, or create another story for him and his wife (who has mysteriously risen from the dead),  or make him a film star or whatever...

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_charu_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2013 at 9:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by CHAKKU_DAAYAN

Charu, AR's not to be blamed for this clunky plot at ALLOuch What can the actor do when the character he is given is so weak and has so many loop holes?Dead

Padmini is a certified bimbo, so no comments on herDead

@Red - I agree. I wanted his story to be woven with RK and not with Madhu because apart from forming a love triangle,  it didn't serve any purpose and love triangles always push the show down. 
I still hope that he's using Madhu as a bait to reach RK and his character is stronger than it appearsOuch

that's so obvious na Chakku...if they show a love triangle, they have to show characters falling in and out of love quickly and no matter how intelligently they develop it, none of the characters will remain likeable by the option wud have been to develop Sultan's story with RK and not Madhu...IMO there was no need for those paani  jhatkaoing , chai pilana scenes Dead what was the conclusion of this track? till the time Madhu does pagalpanti with RK, we like her, when she does it with Sultan, we don't like it. LOL when Madhu will decide to go back to RK, the same Madhu will become disgusting..for Rishbala fans, wohi Madhu pyari pyari ho jayegi LOL they cannot play with these characters this way bec. audience will always react negatively...they already did enuf damage by spoiling RK's image...why repeat the same with Madhu?

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enigmatic_zephy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2013 at 10:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by CHAKKU_DAAYAN

 His GANGSTER KA VAADA (gangster's promise) of keeping the chawl people safe went down the drain, the moment Madhu came to his rescue. 

LOL.. comon.. this is a biased  opinion. Why can't a don ever be in a situation where he is an unlucky situation.. he did beat other 'gundas'... he did have bhujang in his grip.. I am not sure of anything extremely off the mark in that scene given its a fictional tv drama..."miti aankhon mein daal kar baazi palatna" is quite a tried and tested formula ain't it?

He promised, and taking circumstances into account ( he is fighting alone, he is the one who is in a weaker position)... he did save the chawl folks..and bechaara sharafat se aaj chawl bhi chod kar gaya because he had promised padmini that he would keep everyone safe

And if he is an undercover cop, then also he is useless because he was unable to protect the chawl people.

Who says Police is always perfect LOL ... ( waise no one did get hurt right?)

Now what GOOD has Sultan done in the show till now?

The only good he has done is, said SORRY to Madhubala. Does it make him the oh-so-perfect husband for her? NO.

I am guessing this question is for sulbala fans, and not the ganster sultan ( the characterization) ? 

Till now, he has pointed gun at a girl, he doesn't trust the girl who saved his and his kid's life so many times and is harboring them, he asked a simple chawl girl to pull the trigger of the gun and kill a person and he made false promise of keeping everyone safe. 

Doodh ka jala chaach bhi phoonk kar peeta hai.. not trusting people easily actually fits the characterization

So what is so special about him? Just that, ki he doesn't humiliate Madhu and stands in a corner and listens to her endless lectures and then when he's alone remembers them and smiles?Confused Just that ki he has a hot body and face to drool and he broods a lot?Confused Or the fact that he is a father to a CUTE kid?Confused

RK is a superstar - an extremely respectable job , right? - he is adored and loved by his fan, people are scared of him.. rich, famous, good looking.. etc etc-- essentially someone society has accepted and is 'respects' .. .. 

Now backdrop is a love story.. 

Heroine has been ditched by hero.. the idea of new character is to bring out the negatives and positives of the hero more prominently .. and the stark difference in characters( hero and anti hero).. 

Gangster hai- unrespectable profession.. people would judge him by that.. and they do.. society dissaproves of them .. and yet, this man who has only known killing does not humiliate anyone!!!.. no one..

He doesn't listen to her endless lectures.. he has been shown to be a man of few words.. as a matter of fact, he has always shut her up when she goes overboard.. ( not sure why would you say this.. infact ( just for comparison) RK at times is left without an ans to her bhashans.. and he is an intelligent witty man who likes to have the last word.. point being, Mads hits hard with her lectures so if someone is able to shut her up, he is sensible Big smile)

If you like someone or have started to, whats wrong with remembering the moments - silly, funny, emotional or not, one can smile over them.. can relive them ( i don't find anything unexpected here)

Thats as far as the characterization of the gangster goes. 
Now, to your question on him being perfect for Mads.. 

Honestly, there are a lot of factors and reasons that can be quoted but then so is true for RK.
Its a love story - for people in love logic doesn't work... anyone can fall in love with anyone.. whether it gets translated into a society accepted relationship is a different question ( so don't think ti is relevant ot your gangster characterization question)

Yesterday, had Madhu not come and picked up the gun, Bhujang would have picked it up, killed Sultan and then he might have killed Chawl people also for harboring him. What help did Sultan offer to Chawl people? And even after that, he stands quietly and niharoes Madhu's beauty while she delivers lectures to chawl people?Silly

You have been alone all your life, no one's loved you ( not giving wifey benefit of doubt)... how do you think he would feel when some stranger stands up for him.. against her own people.. 

its not abt niharoing her beauty ( although is helps that she is gorgeous.. now imagine ash or jolie doing that :P .. or ask Drashti fans here , if she wud stand in front of them what wud happen Wink) , but i think he was amazed, and in awe.. and happy .. to see someone giving him the respect of being an equal

What would Madhu's future be with him? He can not even PROTECT his family and considering the profession he is in, that is very much important. Rather Madhu would be the one protecting him all her lifeLOL  Do we want Madhu to become a gangster as well? Just because she'll get a husband who would RESPECT her, she should become a CRIMINAL as well?Confused

Think comes down to the same points, we discussed above.. future.. can be anything.. qayamat se qayamat tak/ ishaqzaade... or Naam.. or Godfather LOL ( senior).. can be anything... doesn't have to be monica bedi every time Smile

Atleast with RK, even though he was taking revenge, his first priority was to save Madhu from Ballu, and HE DID save her after getting killed twiceLOL So even if during revenge he can save Madhu by getting killed, then what would he do when he actually realises his love? And RK would start respecting Madhu once he falls for her. If currently Sultan is in basement in my chart, then RK stands tall on 20th floor as a love interest for Madhu.

This again is rishbala vs sulbala ques... to each his own.. I still stand by my desire for a parallel universe and hail shrodinger;s :P 

I have also heard many people call RK a COWARD for backstabbing Madhu. Then what is Sulatn? Yesterday, he also came and attacked Bhujang from behind onlyLOL Does it make him a winner? Nope. Even after backstabbing, Bhujang rescued himselfLOL

You are being so mean to poor gangster LOL.. bechare ne to kuch kiya bhi nahi hai .. Embarrassed
P.S. I would be really surprised if CVs show Sultan as a master planner of catching RK through Madhu. Atleast he would prove to be a GOOD and INTELLIGENT DONBig smile

Jis tarah har aira gaira nathu khaira RK ke ghar aata jaata rehta hai, i doubt catching RK would be a tough job to go through all these drama Ermm.. CVs have lost it if they do that
P.P.S. Don't bash Sulatn here. Healthy discussion is all I want.

PS: still going thru other ocmments, so if you have already answered similar arguments, excuse my ignorance

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Ianoconic. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 April 2013 at 11:59am | IP Logged
I agree with you. Indeed the charecter is let down. There is simply no future for madhu with him. Even if he decide to leave it all... The profession in which he is it won't ever let him leave. Holding sultan's hand will lead her to only darkness where she will do nothing but struggle for a single rey of light.
Spot on post chuks.

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white_lotus IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 April 2013 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
With Sultan taking promise from Madhu to become caretaker of Aryan after his death...I started to suspect that he must have some hidden agenda ...

Something related to Kundra's (mostly RK)...and being KIND with Madhu he has successfully established his GOLDEN HEART image in Madhu n Padmini's eyes. In future he may use Madhu as medium to reach RK or use Madhu to destroy RK.

Creative plannings...we never know.
Heartless_Freak IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 April 2013 at 12:15pm | IP Logged
i wud love to see ur p.s coming wud be interesting to watch..LOLwaise bhi i still can't understand why cvs named him sultan if he is not d same sultan whos name was taken by dat goon who tried to kill rk during ganpati visharjan for asking money frm RK..
when i first got to know of dis entry i was excited becoz i thot him to be d same sultan n i was sure he has a big dangerous motive 4 rk but cvs totaly let me down..Ouch

btw rest of ur post i totally agree..Thumbs Up
UmIbrahim IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 April 2013 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
Well Chakku...
Me and my friends had a discussion of sorts on the same issue today.
And a point they said I couldn't help but agree.
A woman can become reason for spontaneous reason for change (I personally know of this too)
Now here Madhu has been kind to Sultan , putting her life on the line many times.
Like someone said above he has shut her up before ( and we all know how adept Miss Malik is with lectures , I swear no professor of mine has impressed me so much lol)
So now if he listens to her then it may not be odd.
He has started trusting her I guess (placing Aryan in her care shows that right).
Must say I am mighty confused with both RK and Sultan and I like both their chemistry with Madhubala

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