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taarey: the Shinghania's Ridge thread 2 link added (Page 9)

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Chapter 4

Taani went towards the room in which she slept and rey followed her 
Rey went in the room beside taani
Rey: I am sorry
Taani: for what
Rey: wo actually living room mein jo hoa us ke liye wo actually ye log(workers of Shinghania Ridge) are like a family to me and I am a family to them so I didn't told them that our marriage is a contract otherwise they will be heart broken so we have to behave like newlyweds
Taani: it's ok i understand there is no need to say sorry I can see that they care for U alot ( remembering neha how she cared about the needs of rey) 
Rey: and one more thing I know we are pretending to be newlyweds its difficult for u to pretend as lover when we do not even love each other so u can think of me as i am ur ex fianc karan whom u still love
Taani cut rey in between: and u will think of me as I am that woman u love ok I think this will make it a lot easier for both of us ( she knew that it is going to be difficult for her but she had to try for these people and thought of neha she has been do nice to her since she got here and she does not want to see her heart broken) And in this way things will not get complicated
Rey: yes u r right and now u rest I will leave 
Taani: but this is ur room right then where will u sleep I do not want to be rude because of me u r sleeping somewhere else so u can sleep here
Rey smiled on her concern and replied: I do not use this room my room is next to u so dont worry u r not throwing me out of ur room but incase of emergency there is a passage which joins both the room as we are supposed to sleep together in one room saying this he moved toward the door which taani saw earlier and thought what's that door for and opened it taani could see a single bed room but it was quite small compared to the room which was given to taani 
Rey: this is my room when there is an emergence regarding the newly wed couple acting so we can use this door no servant know about this door so it will make our work a lot easier ( the emergency is that if the servants came to her room so to show them that they share same room like a perfect couple and lovers) 
Taani: if u sleep in that room and do not use this room than what is the purpose of this room why have u kept that room well organised and furnished 
Rey: I think I don't want to give answer to ur this question and I should go and u should take rest u look tired
Rey was about to leave when taani questioned him
Taani: it's not good to ran from ur emotions u can ran from ur emotions and eeling for ur whole life but at the end they will hurt like hell what is the name of the girl u loved and where is she
Rey: this question is personal so it's better if we avoid it saying this he when from the room and went to his room and closed the door of his room
Taani could not sleep the whole night she do not know why but the thought of rey being with some other girl hurt like hell but all the night kept on thinking who is the girl with whom rey is in love, where is she and if she left him why did she left him and does rey love her that much that he does not want to be in relation with any other girl and is she that much pretty that its hard for rey to find out any other girl for him and may be that's the reason he does not want to be in real marriage
Taani fell asleep late night around 2 and she kept on sleeping till late when she got up she became shocked seeing the time it was 12 in noon and got up from the bed and ran toward the rey's room and saw that rey is not there she was about to leave then she decided to clean the room so no one could find out that they slept separately after finishing cleaning the room she came back to the room and moved towards washroom but stopped when she heard the knock on the door
Taani: come in
Neha: I came here to see if U need anything 
Taani: why didn't anyone wake me up and where is rey( she know that she had to asked because she had to pretend as a wife)
Neha: rey sir went to the ranch because he had some work there he ordered not to wake u up and let u sleep till u want to because u are tired ( taani knew what neha was thinking that they have made love all night so she could not sleep)

Taani: and rahual

Neha: he went to school

Taani smiled at neha and neha tried to clean the room but taani stopped her saying that she will take care of this room herself neha smiled at taani thinking that taani loves rey that much that she want to do each and every work of him herself
After sometime taani came to the dinning area after getting freshen up neha came to the living room and saw taani sitting on the table 
Neha: should I bring breakfast for u
Taani without thinking because she was still thinking about the girl rey loves 
Taani: no I will wait for rey
Than taani realised what she had said and saw neha looking at her with a smile and blushed 
After sometime rey entered in the house he saw neha and taani talking and went to taani and kissed on her forehead 
Rey: good morning sweetheart
Taani blushed at rey's this action but she know that she had to pretend to ba a happily wed couple but she does not know my this action of rey is affecting her so much unconsciously she also kissed on rey's cheek but then she had not the strength to face rey so
Taani: I will bring coffee for u sweetheart and went from there without waiting for rey's answer 
Neha was smiling at the two love birds
Neha: rey u are very lucky to have her as your wife 
Rey smiled and said I know 
Neha: she cares and loves u alot 
Rey smiled at neha and neha went to kitchen to help taani
On the other hand taani was making coffee but could not find the cups for coffee
Just than neha entered and smiled at taani and gave her the cups
Neha: can I ask something from u 
Taani: yes what do u want
Neha: please mujhay ghalat mat samsjhna
Taani became worried and asked is everything ok
Neha: we want ur first child to be a baby girl ( by we means the ranch workers neha had told them all about taani) 

taani don't know why but that sentence of neha affected her very much
Taani went to dinning table were rey was waiting for her he had already freshen up she gave him the coffee cup

Neha came and asked: would u eat now, now that ur husband is here
Rey looked at neha with a questioning eyes who was smiling
Rey: am I missing something
Neha: yes ur wife was waiting for u she did not eat the breakfast she wanted to have her breakfast with u
Rey looked towards taani and said: that is that so
Neha went from there 
Rey to taani: after breakfast u have to come with me the ranch people want to met their mistress they wanted to know who won the heart of their master 
Taani: they want to meet me she said excitedly 
Rey: yes 
Neha brought the breakfast and they ate in silence
After finishing the breakfast taani changed her clothes into something suitable she was getting nerves whether they will like her of not
Taani and left for the ranch and first they went to the hit where rohn and abhay came out the were impressed by rey's choice
Rey introduce taani to rohn and abhi
Rohn: we thought why rey when to Mumbai and forgot that he had work here he never stay away from the ranch that long now I know why he forgot u
Now taani became confused
Abhay: he means that u are beautiful and anyone can forget anything when u are around 
Just then vicky came outside and saw taani 
Vicky: I thought that maybe I am imaging an angle but now I can see that the wife rey choose for him is really an angle whatever neha told me about u is true
Taani was blushing like hell listening to the comments of everyone 
Taani: thanks I am really flattered that u like me and neha us a dear vicky ur wife is really sweet
Vicky: smiled and said yes she is than vicky to rey u are very lucky she is a sweetheart 
Taani: that's very kind of u
Vicky: all my life I have been missing a sister and now and got one taani will u mind of I take u as a sister
Taani: smiled and know I have a brother I don't mind if you'll let me call u Bhai
Vicky: smiled and said of course
And to rey know watch out rey taani has a brother know if u tried to hurt her I swear that I will beat u to death
Than vicky and rey went from there because they had some work abhay and rohn showed taani around
Went the work of rey and vicky was finished they headed toward the hut
Vicky: rey I am very happy for u she is a very nice girl she is innocent like a flower so do not hurt her she will die if u hurted her 
Rey: I know I will take care of her so do not worry and I will try my best not to hurt ur sister and smiled 
Than they went to the school taani saw the children there the school was good but they do not have a good teacher to teach them so taani decided that she will help the teacher and will teach the children
Then they started walking toward the 
Taani: rey those children need a teacher desperately 
Rey: I know but we do not have one
Taani: rey u are forgetting that I am a teacher also so I can
Rey cut taani in between in angry: I do not want my wife to work u r a wife of a rich man so do not even try 
Taani became angry and said: I am not ur real wife and I can do whatever I want
Rey putted her hand on her shoulders roughly and made her face him and said: u r my wife for 6 months and u will do wantever I want
Taani jerked rey's hand from her shoulder angrily and said: what kind of a person are u do not care about other's as well as ur feelings
Rey became furious and said: look I am not going to allow u to so stop arguing
Taani: right it's a waste of time to argue with u 
Rey said furiously: I think u have forget went the last time  uargued with me what happened I think I need to repeat that treatment saying this he moved toward taani
Taani stepped back in fear and realised that they have reached home so she ran inside in order to protect herself from rey she does not know why this behavior of rey hurt her so much 
When taani went inside she saw a child, neha was giving him lunch and he didn't wanted to eat that lunch 
Taani knew that he was Rahul rey's nephew she smiled at the cute little face forgetting what happened few minutes ago she saw Rahul making faces saying that he do not want to eat that lunch he does not like it
Taani went to the dinning area were neha was trying to feed Rahul
Taani in. Friendly manner what going on 
Neha: Rahul this is ur aunty taani and taani this is Rahul rey's and now also it's nephew
Rahal: hi but he was afraid of taani and she does not know why
Taani : hi
Taani looked toward neha and neha knew what taani want so she went from there 
Taani took a seat near Rahul and sat on that taani saw rah playing with the food and was not eating it
Taani: Rahul u do not like the food I think 
Rahul looked toward taani but didn't said anything but she could see the fear is his small eyes but does not know the reason behind the fear
Taani: Rahul can I have the spoon please
Rahul gave taani the spoon and she took the spoon from Rahul 's hand's
Taani: u do not like this food I know but now I know that u have to finish it so we will play a game u have to close ur eye and think that u r eating ur favourite food so ready
Rahul nodded his head in agreement
So taani took the food in the spoon and rahul closed his eyes and opened his mouth so that taani can put that food in his mouth he finished all the food
Taani: see it was easy
Rahul spoke for the first time
Rahal: thanks aunty
Taani: no aunty we are friends so u can call me taani
Rahul: but rey uncle will get mad
Taani: don't worry he will not say anything by the way Rahul ko khanay mein se acha kya lagta hai
Rahul excitedly: pizza can we have pizza in tea time I want to eat pizza please
Now taani saw that the fear she saw in Rahul eyes buhat kam ho gaya hai 
Taani: ok but u will have to help me in making pizza
Rahul became more excited and said: I will help u
Taani: so ok let's go and make pizza
They both went to kitchen taani started making pizza and Rahul was sitting on the stool taking to taani after some time Rahul became at ease with taani now he was talking with taani frankly
Rahul: u know my friend told me that the aunty are very mean and they beat the children
Now taani realised the main reason behind rahuls fear
Rahul continued: will u beat me
Taani: why will I beat u, u are a very good child and we are friends right 
Taani went to Rahul and hugged him Rahul also hugged back taani after they had broke the hug
Rahul: I miss my mom but she is not here with me that means she does not love me, my friend's said that she hate me that's why she left me
Taani does not have the answer to that question but she knew that she had to make Rahul happy but before taani can say anything
Rahul: will u be my mom I really need a mom so that I can tell my friends that I have a mom who love me very much
Taani went to Rahul and hugged him tightly she knew the pain he have been going through 
Taani: I am ur mom so u can tell ur friends that u have a mom who loves u very much and Broke the hug Rahul looked at taani's face and
Rahul said: thanks taani
After finishing with the pizza they went to the sitting room Rahul and taani were enjoying there time talking with each other when rey entered in the house and saw Rahul sitting on taani's lap and talking with her while laughing 
Rey came in the leaving area and Rahul saw him coming he ran toward rey saint uncle rey uncle rey and huger him 
Than rey to taani
Rey: hi sweet heart I think u managed Rahul quiet well (he was impressed with her skills Rahul was not easy to manage a d he had thought and it will take them awhile to became friend but for his surprise taani was already rahul's friend)
After some time they had tea
Rahul: taani I will sleep with u and rey uncle tonight
Rey was about to say no but before he could say anything 
Taani: ok Rahul u can sleep with me
She was thinking about how lonely Rahul is and she almost forgot that rey had to sleep with them if Rahul sleep with her
Rahul was very happy that he will be able to sleep with taan


rey gives taani permission to teach rey's girlfriend entry taani start avoiding rey and does the opposite to anything rey says rey and taani romance taani has an accident and is in critical condition 

comments guys please

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awsome update...really luvd rahul nd taani's bonding... u potreyd it beautifully... wow the precap sounds really interesting...taarey romanceEmbarrassed nd taani is avoiding Rey...just can't wait...plz do update soon ho sake to aj hi update kar de na...

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taani introduced to ranch people and again taarey fight, taani and rahul cute scene rahul insists to sleep with taani and rey, rey teaches taani how to horse ride and rey's girlfriend entry
guys i will not be able to update till saturday any of my ff sorry for that actually i am quite busy it's hard for me to write the ffs at night time sorry again

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Hey that's ok take your time and we will wait for your updates
Super exciting promo

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Story mai twist rey ki gf.

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Originally posted by Mon_tr

Story mai twist rey ki gf.
mein yeh raaz abhi nahi batao ge saturday ko lamba wala update do ge us mein pata chal jaye ga per ye gf is story mein ake major twist laye ge
sangee_manan Senior Member

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flicka i really loved this chapter a lot... 
waiting for next update ... i would be inactive till may 17 as my exams are ther... so please keep sending pm of this particular ff... as i loved it seriously... comments i ll do when i get time... love u... 
promo is interesting... hmmm dont u dare to say kriya is rey's gf... oh man every ff i m fed of hearing kriya as gf or ex gf... so u change name eithr ... kkk

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ooh precap seems interesting. can't wait for Rahul & Taani bonding!

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