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taarey: the Shinghania's Ridge thread 2 link added (Page 23)

Mohit_monaya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2013 at 11:57pm | IP Logged
really really interesting promo...
excited bout the next part...
update soon =)

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prachiagrawal Senior Member

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Posted: 29 April 2013 at 9:42am | IP Logged
nice update
really sorry for late comment
pm me 

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flicka Goldie

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Posted: 01 May 2013 at 11:32pm | IP Logged

Chapter 6

The dress of taani in the party

Taani nervously: rey wo ' actually

Rey came back toward taani and stood there quietly to let taani to speak

Taani continued: wo actually I wanted so say thanks for allowing me to teach (please don't kill me for that I know some of u guys expected something romantic)

Rey: don't thank me

Taani: why did u change ur mind about letting me teach u sad that as ur wife I can't teach u don't want ur wife to work

Rey: I didn't said that I want my wife to live like a prisoner I don't want her not to follow her dream or whatever I want to do

Taani: then why did u

Rey: I did't want the ranch people to think that I am imposing u on them as a teacher just because u are my wife and the other reason is that I don't want the people to get the idea that we are not happy with the marriage

Taani: oh so that's why

Rey: I am not stopping u from anything but just make sure that we spend time with each other

Rey turned to leave but

Taani: rey

Rey: yes

Taani: will u teach me riding

Rey was surprised to hear that but he was also happy and he does not know that why he is feeling happy rey turned around to face taani

Rey: do u really want to learn riding but u said that

Taani cut rey in between: I know what I said but u just said yourself that we need to spend time with each other and that way we can spend more time with each other

Taani does not want rey to find out that now she wants to spend time with him she was not able to understand her own feeling right now and she was scared from the answer so she avoid these thoughts

Rey: ok as u wish I will tell u time afterward now u go and take rest u look tired

Taani went to her room and rey went to his

Taani kept on thinking about all the things that happen in this day first rey asking taani does she want to learn riding and her denial than the welcome party and the ranch people gift

Taani thought will she ever be able to give birth to rey's child and if she does what will be the child's feature will that child resemble rey more or her she want the child to be the copy of rey will that baby be a girl or a boy taani was smiling thinking about the child but suddenly she came back to her senses

Taani what r u thinking r u mad rey's child u r not rey's real wife and that's never going to happen u can never gave birth to rey's child but it hurt taani that she will never be able to give birth to rey's child and she does not know why

Taani to herself: taani u are mad first u asked rey to teach u riding and now u thinking about rey's child but I just asked rey to teach me riding because he said that we need to convince others that we are happily married I am just doing it so that neha Vicky and other people who care about me and rey does not get hurt by finding out that rey and i am not real husband and wife yes taani u are doing this for them she convinced her by saying that she is doing that for the ranch people not for anything else

Thinking about these things taani fell asleep and she does not know when she fell asleep all she know that she was hurt because of something and that hurt took all the energy from her body and she fell asleep

Next day taani woke up and jumped from the bed seeing the time she was late today she was supposed to get up early because it's her first day as a teacher and she want everything to go well she ran to the washroom and changed today taani wanted look her best

Taani's dress

Taani went to the dining area and saw rey and Rahul waiting for her they had their breakfast together then taani and Rahul left for the school and rey left for the ranch

It was taani's first day

Taani entered in the school and Rahul went to his class and then taani went to take her class

First the children showed no interest but taani was taani she had the skill to engage children in the activities and the children enjoyed learning new skills from taani, taani assistant roma also helped her a lot

Children liked taani and in the class room there was no teacher and student relationship but a friendly environment in which all were students children were learning things from taani and taani was also learning many things from children

The school time ended and both the children and taani enjoyed outside the school rey was waiting for taani it was taani's first day of riding and rey and he wanted to see taani so he came to the school to pick taani

Taani was happy to see rey but she controlled her emotions and they went to the ranch


Rey brought a riding dress for taani as he had expected that taani does not have any riding suit taani changed in the riding dress in the mean while Vicky brought a mare

Taani's riding dress and horse

Vicky: hi taani how was ur first day in school I hope u enjoyed

Taani: yes I enjoyed teaching the children they are very good

Vicky smiled: I hope u like this horse of ur's because taani do u know rey spend the whole morning looking which horse is best for u

Taani: really and looked toward rey with a questioning eyes and to Vicky this horse must be very good then

Rey: ignored the question in her eyes and said that u are riding for the first time do I wanted to make sure that, that horse is good for u

Rey came forward and took the rein of horse from vick

Rey: first u need to make the horse feel that u will not harm him in any case u have to make the hose feel safe with u

Taani: ok but what I have to do for that

Rey: keep an eye contact with the horse and try to pat her if she responses that mean she likes u know Vicky take the rein so that I can show her (sorry guys described the horse scene a little but what can I do I love horses and I have a horse of my own so I know a little about horses)

Rey showed taani what to do first taani was afraid and the mare saw fear in taani's eyes and became afraid and started stamping her feet

Rey to the horse: easy girl and patted her on her shoulder and to taani I will help u here

Then rey took taani's hand in his and asked her to make an eye contact with the horse rey was really closed to taani so now taani was not feeling scared because rey was close to her so she looked in the mares eyes without fear and then rey moved her hand to pat her and she responded to taani's pat

Rey moved away from taani realizing that he was really close to her and without looking at her because he was feeling embarrassed because he does not want to leave taani he wanted to hold her like that like forever

Rey: her name is Sky

Taani patted the mare without fear and moved close to her and said Sky

Taani: why did u gave her the name Sky

Rey: because she is a strong one and she learns fast

Taani was feeling happy and then came the riding section

Than rey showed taani how to get on the horse

And Vicky helped taani to get on her mare

Rey: Vicky take care of everything we will be back just going or a little horse walk

Vicky smiled he knew rey so well he knew that rey want to spend some time alone with taani but he will never show her real emotions to anyone because of the vow he had taken even to her wife

The vow rey has taken only three people know about that and they were really afraid that rey will never settle in his life but since taani came they are happy they also know that there is nothing between rey and taani but they never said that because they know that rey is trying to hid this from them they also know that rey has feeling for taani from these three people one person is vicky (the other two people u will find out later but any guesses who are the other two)

Rey and taani were riding for a while and taani is handling Sky really well rey was impressed by that

Rey: u have been riding for the first time I don't want u to get sore muscles so let's take some rest

Saying this rey pointed towards a place they dis mounted from the horses

Taani gave the rein of her horse to rey and moved away from horses and rey and walked to a tree and leaned with that tree

Rey tied the robs of the horses and looked toward taani her open hair and how they were coming on her face and the shadow of the tree was making the scene in front of him was making him go insane it was an enchanted scene

Without realizing what rey was doing he started taking his steps toward taani taani eyes were closed so she does not know what was happening

Rey was closed to taani he kept his hands on both sides of taani and kissed taani on the shoulder and kept on kissing till the neck then her cheek and with this taani opened her eyes she does not know why but she does not wanted to stop it but that was wrong and she know that she pushed rey and tried to walk away

But rey pulled her back and this time he encircled his hand on her waist tightly so that she cannot walk away he kept on kissing her on the shoulder on her neck on her forhead the touch of rey was making taani weak so she clutches on rey's shirt rey lifed his head from taani's shoulder and looked toward taani's lips her breath was coming quickly as an effect of rey's kisses

Rey moved toward taani's lips passionately and taani responded back the response of taani to rey's kiss made rey go crazy

He lifted taani and made her lay on the grass and leaned over her kissed her on her shoulder her neck her beauty bone and again on her lips he had an argue to make her his right know and here

But rey came back to his scenes and rolled off her, sitting up, taking deep, steadying breaths

At the same time taani opened her eyes and released what just happened she stood from where she was laying and walked toward the horses she controlled her emotion and she does not know went and how a tear came out of her eyes a tear of happiness and she does not know the reason of that tear

After a long silence because they both were too embarrassed to talk to each other taani broke the silence

Taani: I think we should go back Rahul will be waiting for us

Rey: I think u r right

Rey and taani mounted on the horse and was about to leave but taani looked back towards the place where a few time ago something happened between rey and her she does not know why but taani gave that place a name an enchanted place

They rid back to the ranch they did not looked at each other or talked to each other on the journey back rey horse was always a step ahead of taani's

When they were near the ranch they saw a car parked near the ranch

When they reached the ranch a girl came out and saw rey her dismounted and she ran towards rey and hugged rey

Girl: I missed u sweet heart

Rey: I missed u too and smiled

Taani does not know why but she wanted to kill that girl right know

Girl: let's go na sweet heart I want to tell u so many things

The girl and rey left rey does not even introduced the girl to taani or even spoke to taani or even didn't help her dismount from the horse taani was hurt by rey's behavior

Vicky came out of the ranch and saw taani dis mounting and came toward taani

Vicky: I will help u madam

Taani was already hurt by rey's behavior ad know even Vicky was calling her madam

Taani: madam bhai r u ok

Vicy: u are the wife of our boss so u r our madam

Know taani was feeling very weak she felt like she is all alone and there is no one for her she controlled her tears and ran toward the house

When taani entered the house neha came toward her

Neha: madam would u like to have ur tea know or u will wait for sir

Taani: looked at neha and said even u think that I am just ur madam

Now taani could not control her emotions any more so she ran toward her room and started crying and locked her room she throw all the thing in her room she does not know what is happening to her

But she knew that right know she wants to kill herself she was sitting in a corner of the room her all body was gathered in her hand and while crying she fell asleep

Rey came back at night with the girl

Neha: welcome niki madam

Niki with an attitude: thanks and does not even looked toward neha

Rey: neha where is taani and did she had her dinner

Neha: sir since she got back she is in her room and she had not ate anything

Rey was now worried: ok mein usay le ker ata hon

Rey left and went toward the room but the room was closed he called taani but got no answer so he thought maybe she is sleeping and came back and told neha that taani is sleeping right now so she will have her dinner whenever she wake up

On the other hand taani woke up when she heard rey calling her but did not opened the door she decided that she married rey because of Rahul so she will just focus on that and it does not matter how the ranch people behave with her she is here for another 41/2 months than she will leave

Taani decided that he will ignore rey and they will just talk anything related to their deal and in any other way they will not come in contact

Next day

Taani wake up next morning fresh thinking that this is a new day of her life and she will do what she want to

Taani dress

Taani went to the dining area and called Rahul, taani and Rahul had their breakfast without rey they did not waited for rey when rey entered the house they already had their breakfast and were leaving for the school

Rey tried to talk to taani but taani ignored him and left for the school

After school taani went to the ranch as she had to practice her horse riding rey was not on the ranch he went somewhere due to some work she did not waited for rey and changed in her riding suit

Taani riding suit

Taani asked Vicky to bring Sky and to accompany her in her riding lesson

Vicky: but I think u should wait for rey

Taani: no I don't have much time please Vicky

Vicky agreed and went for a walk

Vicky: I am impressed that u r learning fast

Taani: thanks

Vicky: taani I want to tell u something related to our yesterdays behavior

Taani smiled: it's ok Vicky no hard feelings

They rid for some time and left for the ranch

When taani was dismounting from Sky just then rey came and taani without saying anything to rey left to change the riding suit and then left without even looking at rey

Taani made a habbit that she had her beakfast, lunch, tae and dinner before or after rey and ignores rey she spend most of her time with Rahul

Rey observed taani's behavior for few days and was getting frustrated but niki was always there with him so he couldnot say anything

One evening taani was in here room after coming from horse riding

She was happy after getting the compliment from Vicky that she is an amazing riding now like them no one can say that she is learning riding

Rey entered in the room and he was really furious

Rey: why r y ignoring me and hold taani by the shoulder and jerked her what does u think of urself

The end

please comment i need at least 7 pages comment and then i will update the next part

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crazy2012 IF-Rockerz

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loving these dresses..BTW when u r gonna update??

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--taareylove--- IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome dress and update loved it

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Viji.Chandran IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 May 2013 at 12:36am | IP Logged
really awesome n long update...
rey's behaviour s compltly confusing n at times irritating also...
i think thr s a lot of mystries to be revealed...
so plz update soon

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attraction Senior Member

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really...g8 update...
plzzz update soon...
thanks 4 pm...

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chand91 IF-Rockerz

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awsm & longClap updat

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