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taarey: the Shinghania's Ridge thread 2 link added (Page 15)

priyal_TaaRey Goldie

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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 1:35am | IP Logged
Mind blowing update dear..

Precap is very interesting ..

Update soon...

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shrutijoshi_03 Groupbie

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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 3:00am | IP Logged
hey dea...i like all ua rly in love with dis one...can't wait for the next update...taarey romance u update soon

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samiha_taarey Goldie

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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 3:13pm | IP Logged

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paruls Senior Member

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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 3:23pm | IP Logged
Awesome Update Clap Clap So, why has Rey built that extra room? Didn't like Rey threatening Taani by coming close to her.Angry What was the big deal if she did teach? Because he seems to respect his workers so it can't be that he thinks its a low job for his so called wife. 
Kind of got scared when Vicky said if u hurt her she will die. 

Taani's scenes with Rahul were so cute and amazing! !Clap Clap 

The precap is exciting.Embarrassed

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flicka Goldie

Joined: 02 April 2013
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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 7:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by paruls

Awesome UpdateClapClapSo, why has Rey built that extra room? Didn't like Rey threatening Taani by coming close to her.AngryWhat was the big deal if she did teach? Because he seems to respect his workers so it can't be that he thinks its a low job for his so called wife.
Kind of got scared when Vicky said if u hurt her she will die.

Taani's scenes with Rahul were so cute and amazing! !ClapClap

The precap is exciting.Embarrassed

No he does not think its a low job the reason he is not letting taani teach will be revealed in the next chapter rey's behavior is toward taani like that there is a big reason behind that
taanisfanno1 Groupbie

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Posted: 15 April 2013 at 3:05am | IP Logged
Read all ur partz today! Gr8 concept n gr8 story!! Plz update soon n pm 2!!

flicka Goldie

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Posted: 17 April 2013 at 8:48am | IP Logged

this update is dedicate to maya (mymy_taarey)

Chapter 5

Taani took Rahul in her room and they kept on talking Rahul told taani that the stories of him and rey and he also told taani that he have a pony after an hour Rahul felt asleep taani was not feeling sleepy so she went to the kitchen and made coffee for herself and took the coffee and went to the terrace which was joint to her room

Rey came inside the room and saw Rahul sleeping peacefully he smiled seeing Rahul sound asleep than he went to the washroom and changed in his night dress

When he came out of the washroom he saw taani sitting in the terrace so he also went to the terrace

Rey: what r u doing here

Taani: I was not sleepy so I came here

Rey: oh may I and point can I sit

Taani: of course this is ur house

Rey: thanks

Taani: for what

Rey: after so long I have seen Rahul laughing and enjoying himself

Taani: u do not need to thank me Rahul is a cute kid and I enjoy his company

Rey: so u r saying that I am not a good company

Taani: no it's not like that it's just I enjoy talking to the children

Rey: I just find that out today because there is no one who can handle Rahul like that neha told me that you made him eat his lunch without any effort I am impressed

Taaani: thanks I think he is a nice kid but he needs someone whom he can tell anything with whom he can share his pain, his sorrows his fears his excitement and he cannot share all this with u for this he need his mother

Rey: I think

Taani cuts him between and said: I know that I am not allowed to talk about that

Rey: no I was saying that u r right and smiled

Taani: I am not saying that his mother is a very good mother but she is his mother

Rey: but she cannot take care of him she is not responsible and I do not want to destroy his future

Taani: I understand ur concern but why don't u get married in real u can give him a mother in that way

Rey smiled: do u think that woman will take care of him like her own son no she won't and I do not want to see him hurt

Taani: look I don't know which type of women have u met but not all women are like that I will never do that to him for example if I am ur wife I will love him like he is my son I will not treat him in badly just because he is not my blood

They talked for a while and then taani left she went in the room and laid with Rahul and saw him smiling in his sleep she kissed on his fore head and wrapped her hand around him and felt asleep

Rey stayed on the terrace he was still thinking about what taani had said

After 2 hours he also came in the room and saw taani and Rahul sleeping peacefully

He laid on the other side of the bed Rahul was between taani and rey. Rey knew if Rahul woke up and found out that rey is not here he will tell every servant that rey does not sleep with taani and it will complicate things

Rahul woke up early and saw rey and taani sleeping with him he was happy that he had found a mother and he can share things with her

Rahul tried to wake up taani because she had promised that she will go with him and they will play with his pony but rey woke up

Rey: Rahul be quiet u will wake up ur aunty he whispered

But it was too late taani woke up and smile to Rahul

Taani: good morning sweetheart

Rahul: good morning mom

Rey was shocked to hear the word mom

Rey asked in confusion: mom

Rahul: yes taani aunty gave me the permission to call her mom

But before rey can say anything Rahul pulled taani

Rahul: mom let's go u promised that we will go to the ranch today and we will play with the pony

Taani smiled and said: ok first let's get u dressed up then after the breakfast we will go to the ranch to see ur pony ok

Rahul: ok

And got up from the bed taani followed him taani and Rahul get freshen up and went to the dining table they were waiting for rey when rey came to the table they started the breakfast then the three of them left for ranch

Rahul showed taani around he showed taani a lake that was a part of the ranch that lake was really beautiful and that place looked like a romantic place there was a small cabin near the lake and Rahul told taani that this cabin belongs to rey

Than Rahul showed taani his pony he was playing with the pony and taani was watching him play she was enjoying seeing rahul smiling and enjoying himself

Rahul started riding the pony and taani took pics of rahul she was busy taking the pic and didn't realize that rey is behind her


Rey came behind her and saw her smiling and busy in telling rahul what to do rey smiled seeing her enjoying

Rey: so u like riding

Rey's voice brought taani back to the reality and she realized that rey is standing behind her glaring at her she blushed when she realized that rey is continuously glaring at her

Taani: yes I love riding

Rey: so do u want me to teach u riding and moved toward her

Taani: no I don't there is no point in learning riding said without looking at rey she was looking at rahul

Rey: why

Taani looked towards rey and said: because I am here only for 6 months and after that I won't be here so there will be no use learning riding when I won't be able to rid after 6 months

Rey does not know why but the thought of taani leaving Shinghania's Ridge hurt rey very deeply and without saying anything else he left from there

Taani enjoyed the whole day till evening with rahul she was really happy it was the best day of her life

In evening taani and rahul decided to go back to Shinghania's Manson the house and when they entered the house there was no light the whole house was dark

Taani was afraid of dark

Taani: is anyone here neha and moved to find some candle but as soon as she reached the living area the lights were on and the whole living room was decorated with flowers and every member of the ranch which were close to rey were there

Taani was shocked to see the arrangement as well as all of them in Shinghania Manson

Rey saw taani's shocked expression and moved toward taani and pecked on her lips taani blushed by rey's sudden action

Rey: sweetheart everyone wanted to give u a welcome party they wanted to give u a surprise and they have planned for it since they find out we are getting married

Taani smiled at all the people

Taani: oh thanks everyone I am happy to know that u care about my rey that much and smiled looking toward rey and took his hand in her

Rey introduced all the people present in the party to taani and they were really happy to meet taani they gave taani compliments on her beauty and rey was happy to know that everyone liked taani

Taani was standing with neha talking to her when Vicky came towards them

Vicky: so rey told me u are a teacher

Taani was confused: yes I am a teacher

Vicky: will u like to be a teacher for our kids we will be very glad to have u as a teacher

Taani: I don't know will u people want me to teach ur kids

Vicky: yes of coarse and looked toward the people and said right guys we will be glad to welcome taani as a teacher for our kids

Everyone: yes of course will be honored to have u as a teacher if u want to be

Taani looked toward rey with a questioning look

Rey smiled: its ur choice I won't stop u from doing anything and especially when they don't have any objection

Vicky: please taani say yes at least for ur bhai

Taani smiled: yes of course I will teach bhai and hugged vicky

After 2 hours

Neha: its presents time so everyone we should give taani the presents we brought for her

Taani smiled: presents

Neha: yes of course but for that we need to cover ur eyes saying this neha moved toward taani and blindfolded her and they took her somewhere and opened the blind fold the gift of taani was

Taani was shocked and happy to see their gift she moved inside the room and touched the staff in the room she had tears in her eyes she was badly hurt

Neha: we thought that we should gave u a gift that u will remember forever we want to give u the gift for ur future child but we also want to ask something in return and moved toward taani and hold her hand

Neha continued: we want a junior rey and taani and we want to hear this news soon it is our deepest wish

Taani hugged neha she knew that they are lying to the people  and she knew that they can't get this new these people cares about her the most who love her if they find out that there is no relation between rey and taani they will be hurt so taani was feeling hurt for lying to the people who love her and accepted her without even questioning her 

Then they moved again in the living room and all had their dinner but taani didn't eat anything she was deep in some thoughts and rey noticed that but before he could move toward taani and ask her what is wrong but before rey could go to taani Rahul reached taani

Rahul pulled taani toward her he was trying to get taani's attention from past 10 minutes but got no response so he was angry with taani for not listening to what he had to say

But when rahul pulled taani by the hand taani came back to her senses and get on her knees and cupped rahul face

Taani: rahul what's worng

Rahul In an angry tone: I am not talking to u mom I was calling u but u did't but u didn't listen to me

Taani smile at his angry face and kissed him on his forehead

Taani: I am sorry rahul and hold her ears Rahul smiles seeing taani holding her ears

Rahul: its ok and hugs taani

Taani: ok tell me what do u want

Rahul: I am sleepy and I want u to sleep with me

Taani: ok rahul lets go

Taani moved toward neha and told her that she is taking rahul to her room becase rahul want to sleep as he is really tired so she will be back after sometime

Rahul kept on talking and fell asleep after an hour after rahul fell taani cover rahul with the blanket and came back to the living room where everyone was waiting for taani

And when taani came toward the living room

Vicky: its dance time guys and the new couple will be the first on the dance floor

Rohn played the music and Vicky brought rey and taani in the middle floor

Rey noticed that taani is quiet and really upset about something while dancing rey pulled taani towards him

Rey: taani what's wrong I have been noticing u from last 2 hours

Taani: nothing I am fine

Taani was about to leave but rey stopped by holding her wrist he pulled her back a little harshly she came crushing in his chest and her face was in his shoulder and all her hairs were on her face

Slowly taani lifted her face from rey's shoulder rey saw her hairs on her face and removed them but his hands touched taani's face and taani closed her eyes

Rey saw that his touch is effecting taani and couldn't stop himself forgetting that everyone is there he kissed taani on her forehead first taani shivered by his touch and closed her eyes more tightly

Then rey moved and kissed her both cheeks and looked toward her lips but taani felt that he is going to kiss her and opened her eyes and was about to go

Then again rey pulled taani back but this time taani's back hit rey's. rey looked towards her and then kissed her on her shoulder  taani clutches to her dress  and rey kept on kissing her till her neck

Then rey turned taani to face him and cupped her face and kissed her in no time his mouth was covering her he wanted taani to response but taani was too shocked to response in few minutes taani came back to her senses and responded back the kiss deepened and rey pulled taani more towards him they broke the kiss when they felt out of breath

Taani realized what just happened to control her unknown emotions she left before rey could realize what happened

After taani left rey just stood there like a statue he does not know why but this kiss was his first real kiss with taani he had not kissed her this time to show the people that they are a couple but kissed her because he wanted to kiss her badly and lost his control on his emotions

On the other hand taani thought that rey had kissed her because he wanted to prove to the ranch people that they are a couple who are deeply in love with each other

Everyone was looking towards them with a wide smile on their faces

Rey moved towards vicky and they kept on talking after some time rey moved towards taani who was talking with neha

Rey: so can I borrow my wife and to taani, taani I am sleepy so let's go and held taani's hand

Taani looked towards neha who was smiling at the love birds and blushed

Neha: yes yes u should leave u must be really tired and winked at taani and said have fun

Rey and taani left the party and moved toward their respective rooms as rahu was not sleeping with them today rey was about to go in the room when taani's voice stopped him

Taani nervously: rey wo ...

The end

I am really sorry but could not add the entry of rey's girlfriend in this update as it was getting really long and does not want to ruin the emotions of taani as well as rey  couldn't write any more so I will try to update tomorrow if I get good comments

So please comment If u like it or not 

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mymy_taarey Senior Member

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Posted: 25 April 2013 at 6:04am | IP Logged
do continue fast!!! love it!!
first comment :D

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