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taarey: the Shinghania's Ridge thread 2 link added (Page 121)

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Posted: 15 July 2013 at 4:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chand91

Originally posted by flicka

Originally posted by chand91

Originally posted by flicka

Originally posted by chand91


suparb updat
bt kuch kuch thoda cnfusing hai

chandu jab kisi ko confusing nahi lagta na tu tujhay kyu lagaLOL i know ke kuch secreats abhi reveal honay rahtay hai so ur confusion will be cleared soonSmile
thanks chandu for commenting Big smile
re pirticular wo ladki hi rey ko blckml ku karti hai
yea to tune bolahi nahi

tu na dubara chapter parh where i said only the girl is blackmailing rey they all areWink
whr i tl ONLY dt grl blkmling hm
bt y she?
uska cunectn kya hai?

u will get ur doubts clear in the coming chapterBig smile

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Originally posted by riya_vaidya

update soon...waiting like anything...jst loved ur pm me plzzz!!!

thanks dear will surly doBig smile
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Originally posted by .-Arpita-.

Jaldi Jaldi update karo di !!  *refreshes the page again*

u take care of ur self dear will update soonSmile
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Originally posted by chand91


sorry chandu Cry 
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Originally posted by anagharaj

Update soon. Now page 111 has crossed it is 116.

waiting for next update.

yes dear i know i am updating sorry for that
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i know am not been able to update the stories and am not also been able to reply to ur messages and even am not able to read ur pms am really sorry for that but am really busy so have decided one thing as i know everyone of u want the update o my every story but am not getting time to write the update so am doing a poll will pm u choose one story except one which u will find out soon 

and after that i wanted to say sorry to all the readers who are reading my stories and are waiting for the pms am really sorry for updating late 

and in the end i want to say thanks to all the readers who are reading my this ff thanks for ur likes ur comments and even thanks to the silent readers and the readers on FB 

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Originally posted by riyataarey

hey dear i love all ur ffs plz updat dem soon
n update was haye
love tr povs
and wen will u update flame of love?? huh
plz open all secrests its bcoming confusing
pm n buddy me

hey dear i know its confusing a lot of secrets will be revealed soon but right now enjoy the last chapter of romance as after that a sad chapter will come

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Rey move more closer to taani suddenly there was a knock on the door and taani came back to her senses but rey ignored the knock but taani pushed rey away from her and tried to move from there but rey hold her hand and pulled her back to him taani was feeling shy so she tried to hid her blushing face rey lifted taani face up and and moved closed to her his hand moved on her waist pulling her more close to him there was again a knock on the door rey made an angry face and look toward the door

Taani looked at rey irritated and angry face and started giggling rey looked at taani giggling and asked her

Rey angrily: whats so funny hmm

Taani: I did not say anything is funny while trying to control her smile and making a serious face

Rey: but I think u think there was something funny and u will have to pay for that again he pulled taani close to him and was going to kiss on her lips but again the knock now it was reys limit

Rey left taani and moved toward the door angrily and taani knew whoever that was going to face now the angry rey but when rey opened the door it Rahul was standing there with Vicky

So instead of hearing rey angry voice taani heard rahul angry voice she looked at herself and ran toward the cupboard so that she could change before rahul comes inside the room

Rahul in angry tone as he have waited so long for the door to open: where is mom

Rey looked at Rahul with surprised look Rahul was talking with rey like rey has committed a crime and without waiting for rey's answer Rahul moved toward the room rey tried to stop him as he knew that taani was only in the sheet

But no use Rahul did not stopped he went to the room but taani was not there

Rahul: where is mom uncle rey and why u and mom did not come home last night I waited for u and her I missed mom so much he asked in the crying tone

Rey was also surprised to see where is taani he left her in the room and he did not know what should he tell Rahul where they were whole night but he could not see the crying face of Rahul rey knew as Rahul is going to his mother for the weekend as he did not want to go as he wants to stay with taani so he is upset

Suddenly taani came out from behind the cupboard she went there to change her dress as she heard Rahul voice

Taani: I am here Rahul what happened why r u crying

Rahul ran toward taani and hugged her tightly hiding his face on her legs like that is his centenary that will save him from anything bad and started crying

Taani hugged him back and she also had tears in her eyes she loves Rahul a lot and can't see tears in his eyes

Taani: Rahul what happened why are u crying dear please stop crying please 

Taani tried to make Rahul lose his grip on her so that she can look at him but each time she tries Rahul holds her more tightly

Taani: Rahul beta please tell me why are u crying u r my brave son so why are u crying won't u tell me

Rahul replied still crying: I don't want to go but uncle is sending me I don't want to I want to stay with u I will not go please mom tell uncle I won't go

Taani looked toward rey with question

Rey: Rahul u go to ur mother every year but u never cried before why are u crying this time

Rahul: I don't want to leave mom please uncle rey please (I know u must be thinking why is Rahul calling taani mom in front of rey and why is rey not saying anything u will get the answer soon in the next update)

Rey ordered: Rahul come here

Rahul knew that rey has ordered him so he have to go otherwise rey will be angry with him so he left taani and went to ward rey with his head low still crying

Rey took rahul hand in his : look rahul I know that u love taani and don't want to leave her but taani will be here when u will come back its only one week and it will pass and u won't know it an if u want to talk with me and taani and if u r missing us u can call us na champ so why are u said my champ is strong and he can't cry

Rahul looked toward rey still he had tears in his eyes : but I don't want to go uncle rey

Taani knew that she had to control the situation: she moved toward rahul and rey and took rahul in her lap

Taani: is my cowboy crying its can be he is so strong he can't cry as he promised me he won't and if he did he knows that his mom will get upset with him

And rahul wiped his tears at once a he did not wanted to make taani upset

Taani saw that and continued: my cowboy always smile as I know I love his smile

Rahul started smiling at once

Taani: my cowboy I know that u don't want to go but u know that the person u love the most stays with u in ur heart and can never leave u because that person is in ur heart and no one can take that person away from u so me and ur uncle are always with u remember that and now I want a big smile from my cowboy

Rahul smiled and taani kissed him on his cheek that's like my cowboy and hugged him she new that she is even going to miss him but that is the decision of the judge and she can't do anything about it he knew that rahul was going to her mother in some days but today she don't know why rey took this decision when they would have spend some family time together as now they are one and true husband and wife

Rahul goes every year to his mother as he wants to but this time he does not want to and he said that in the court that he does not like his mother because his mother does not love him he want to stay with his new mom taani as she loves him and plays with him sleeps with him even feeds him

So rahul mother asked the judge to give her the right to spend 2 weeks time with his mother as his mother complained that they are poisoning her son mind against her so she also need some time with her son before the child take some decision  

But as rahul did not wanted to spend any single minute with her mother so the judge gave his mother 1 week time to keep rahul with her

Rahul hugged taani back and said: I know mom am strong and will not cry again I promise u but u will be here na when I come promise me that u will not leave me and we will play and I will sleep with u than

Taani: yes I promise u I will never leave u and will have fun when u will come back

Rey was standing and watching the innocent love bond between his nephew and his wife he was happy to see that his nephew loves taani a lot and listens to her rey is happy to knows that rey, taani and rahul will be a family now and that taani loves rahul as his own son

Rey: it's time to go rahul, rahul and taani become sad but taani kissed rahul on his forehead and said: I will miss u cowboy comeback soon J

Rahul smiled at taani and said: bye mom will miss u too

Rey took rahul in his lap and took her outside the tears that taani was stopping as she did not wanted rahul ti see her tears came out and she turned to wipe those tears and rey went out so that rahul can go

When taani came out and saw a car waiting for rahul taani and rahul were talking and rey was talking with Vicky at a distance from them and they could not hear what they were talking about but rey was sad and taani knew that he is sad because rahul is leaving them as rey can't think of a single day without rahul but suddenly Vicky said something and rey was smiling taani was sure that something is wrong because rey looked at taani and smiled and taani knew from his smile that he got what he wants and this talk is something related to taani and rey

Vicky smiled toward taani and looked at rey and go in the car with rahul and someone was already in the car but taani could not see because of the blindfolds but taani had the strong feeling that there is something major coming which she does not know and rey is really happy for that rey moved toward taani while taani was in the deep thought why is rey and Vicky where smiling at her what is wrong with both of them

Rey moved close to taani but taani was unaware of rey closeness and she was deep in her own thoughts

Rey moved his lips near taani's ear his lips touched taani ear and she closed her eyes with his touch she thought that rey is going to make love with her again but instead rey said: I think we should go home as I am really hungry

Taani opened her eyes and looked toward rey with surprise she was really shocked by rey sudden behavior

Rey looked at taani shocked expression and said: what happened to u am really hungry and want to eat something if u will stay here like that I will die will hunger

Taani could not believe the rey who just wanted to make love her 1 hour ago now is hungry and want to have his food taani thought man all man just care about their food nothing else

Taani a little angrily: lets go and walked toward the cabin to took her stuff

Rey smiled wickedly as taani was now trapped in his plan taani does not even have the slightest idea of what she was getting into by going home rey also walked toward the cabin

Rey and taani were walking toward the house as taani did not wanted to sit with rey on his horse as she was really angry with him taani was unaware of everything rey had in his mind

Taani was really angry she was thinking how can rey just think of food when he had the chance to romance with her no all he could think about is his food all he care about is his stomach no one else and me I am just a puppet in his hand when he wants he can love me and when he wants he can't he don't even think about my emotions and my love for him

Rey stopped for a while as he gave his horse to he servant to take the horse to that ranch but taani did not wait for him as she was angry with him she went inside the house and rey went after it was dark everywhere so taani stopped at the entrance as no one was home and rey locked the door as he came inside and moved toward taani

Rey moved close to taani and said: am really hungry sweetheart and kissed her on her neck taani was surprised by rey this action he was kissing him in the entrance of the house

Taani pushed rey away and said : what r u doing rey servants will see us like that rey put his hand on taani waist and pulled her toward him and said: there is no one home sweetheart just u and me I can make love to u anywhere as its my house and no one will be here for the next one week except us so be ready to face ur romantic husband for the whole week taani was blushing badly rey pulled her more close to him taani's heart beat increased as she knew that what was coming rey is going to continue from where he left in the cabin and this time he made sure that no one disturbs them she knew now that the was the reason rey and Vicky were smiling and this was the reason rey brought her home so that he can do what he want without disturbance Wink

I know the update is not that good and up to ur expectations its a lot boring so sorry for that but rahul and taani scene in this update were really important as rahul is really going to be important in the coming up and downs of rey and taani life 

 Please hit like and comment want 9 page comment before the next update

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