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May Angels Lead You In (reader vs writer)

bluelashes IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 April 2013 at 12:38am | IP Logged
Swayam is sitting in international airport holding one dairy in his hand . Finally he opened first page of the dairy .
"True friendship is like sound health; the value of it is seldom known until it is lost.
Charles Caleb Colton "
These line are written on first page of dairy in bold words ...
He read those lines loudly . Then he slowly spoke ""May Angels Lead You In"" *pause* *sigh* Heaven .

"Sir this time are you gonna visit our hospital ?"  she questioned him willingly ..."Yes , this time i am coming " Swayam replied back . ..."Okay sir , we will be waiting for you ." She happily replied back .
Finally he is on London airport . "Welcome to London , sir'" The Senior doctor welcomed Swayam . "Thank you" Swayam replied back softly . "Please have a seat" *pause* .."thank you sir , for coming here "
"No , need" Swayam continued "may i talk to those patients " finally Swayam come to the real point .
"Yes , sure sir . This way ." The Senior doctor instructed him towards cancer ward.Soon they were standing outside the ward.
As soon as Swayam entered the ward, he found many people around, The patients, the doctor checking, the nurses helping the doctors as well as the patients. On seeing the pateints and their conditons he felt very sad for them. He hoped everything will be fine. But destiny plays its crucial role, He started having weird feeling, he felt someone whom he loves and misses dearly is somewhere around, He had a feeling that an Important part of his life which is missing is here. His heartbeat is increasing at an unknown speed But *sigh* he is not able ot figure what it is.  Swayam was about to move ahead with his heartbeat raising, When he find a report lying on a table near the empty bed with "Miss Ghai" written on it. His Heart stopped beating for a second,he came to his senses when the doctor asked him to move ahead and speak to the patients. He was still in trauma but he maintained himself and went ahead to complete the work for which he was here . After speaking to the patients going around the hospital and talking to the doctors, he was done with for what he had come for. But still the name on the reports and those weird thoughts was haunting him, just then he saw a familiar figure moving to the ward, He was about to follow, when he got a call calling him for an emergency meeting and thus with that heavy heart, he left with the thought to come back the next day.

That night sleep was miles away from his eyes, tossing and turning on his soft bed and fighting off with those thoughts were taking the hell out  of him. As the time passed, he eventually fell asleep thinking hard.

"Swayam" came a voice from the dark.
The voice felt so familiar,so soothing, the voice he wanted to hear all those years, that voice which always comforts him. Turning around, he saw a White familiar figure shinning in the dark . He held his hand out to touch it, but it started disappearing in the dark. "Swayam, please come meet me once, I need you please"was all he heard from the vanishing figure.

He woke up with a jolt, breathing heavily, He held his face in palms, when he realized he was sweating profusely. After years, why was he getting such dreams? Is it something related to her, which he does'nt wants to. He was in such a dilema, he had no idea about the happening around. He took a look at his clock which showed it was time to wake up. With he realized, he had to complete a task which was left incomplete yesterday. He wanted to get rid-off these weird feelings which were freaking him out .
Rising up from his bed, he left to have a shower. the cold water pouring were relaxing him a bit , but were of no great help, beacause the thoughts were not ready to leave his mind.

 After the shower, he got dressed and left for the hospital. Taking a deep breathe, he entered the hospital and enquired about the patients he met yesterday. Moving towards the ward, he saw the same figure, he saw yesterday and at the night which appeared in his dream or to say nightmare, was just standing before him. He was rooted to his place, he found it diffucult to move even a inch. Even his voice betrayed him, he could only hear his heartbeats rising and everything around did not exist for him. It was only the person and him.

His thought were broken by a nurse who called him and handed him the reports he asked for, when he was about to move forward, he saw the person was been taken by a nurse towards the ward.The person looked nothing more than a lifeless soul.
As asked, the reports were in his hands, he was going through them, when a name caught his attention . He felt as if the earth stopped revolving around him , he was again not able to respond, gathering courage he read the reports further.The reports said that the person was suffering from leukemia 3rd stage and had very less chances of living.
After a course of time, wiping his sweat which covered his face, he went ahead to the place, he was fearing to go. Standing in front of the ward, He took a deep breathe and went inside. but what he saw, made him stop breathing again. There was lying a lifeles body with many machines around. Moving around he saw, she was starring at something and did not notice his presence. He cleared his throat to gain her attention but got no reaction from her.

 "Kriya" he called her hoping, she would react and she did.

Swayam ran toward Kriya Without any another word . HE was blank . No emotions , nothing . But there is only one , " fear" . Fear of losing his friend . Best friend  , Not only friend .
He hugged her tightly . He was hoping that this is also a dream . But when she started breathing hard  , he came back to reality .

Here he is sitting holding her hand . He never thought in his whole life that one day would come here like this . Droplets of tears , which looks like white pearl flowing from his eyes . His best friend  is laying between life and death . Life played a big game with him . He never thought this way .
This is a cruel game of life . His friend was a fighter . But today she is lying on hospital bed helplessly . "Lifeless" , today he is experiencing the real meaning of this word  .


It is evening but still she is unconscious . Swayam he is continually praying to GOd . Finally its like God heard his prayers . She woke up . 
Both Best friends cried a lot . From the very first  day of their friendship they always shared a special and strong bond  .
Today both friends are helpless in front of destiny  .
She is in pain but still she is smiling . Because , today she has found her best friend.

"Swayam , please take me along with you ."  she said with pleading eyes  .
He hold her hand tightly "But , Kriya you need your treatment " . This line is hurting  both  . ..."Please , i know i will die in few days" she choked  "I wanna spend my last days of life with you . "  she broke into tears .
"We are in home . " "Finally"  she completed her line with big smile .

"Swayam , mujhe balloon chahiye "...she said with pout .."but , kriya balloons abhi ' he replied in tired tune .  ...she shouted one swayam "Mujhe nahi pata " ...
These days she is behaving like a kid . According to doctors this is effect of treatment  . But , Swayam liked this . After all , she is recovering  . For him her health matters . 
Swayam came back to reality . When , he heard her shouting at his ear . ..."Swayam" ...Swayam try to calm her .."Okay , fine main lata ho balloon " ..after hearing this she is relaxed .
When, Swayam entered in house "Swayam , itna time laga diya chalo chalte hain " ..."kahan" swayam spoke in utter shock . ... "Idiot , London eyes dekhne " she is really excited .

"Are you mad , we are not going anywhere " Swayam sshh him when she was about to replied back . A thin layer of tears formed in her eyes .
Swayam sat on his knees in front of her .
"See , bacha you are still sick" he held his head in her lap . "I don't wanna take any risk . " a drop of tear fell from eyes of both at same time . She try to justify his statement in low tone .."But i am recovering "...
"Please" Swayam spoke with pleading eyes .
 Without any future reply she silently walked toward her room
"Kriya , listen " Swayam tried to talk *sigh* but no use ..
Swayam entered in her room with a box beautifully wrapped
She was sitting in window busy in her own thoughts . Swayam slowly hopped in her room and placed box on bed . "Kriya , mujhse baat nahi karogi " ...But she was still looking outside . .."sorry , okay hum london eye dekhnay jayegey "...As soon as Swayam completed his sentence "really " she hugged him tightly . ..."But , ek condition hey ' he added
"now , what ?"

"First finish your food'"


"and dwayi b lo '"

"Fine '
"This is for you " Swayam gave her box ..she questioned "What is this "
"khud dekh lo and get ready '"

"Okay m ready " *pause* "But i am not looking good " ..she said sadly ...
treatment left so many effects on her body she become weak and pale but still she has a spark in her eyes ...
"No , who said you are not looking good '"
she gave him a big smile .."You know you are really very beautiful "

"chaley mam"  both proceed toward there destination .
"thank you , Swayam'"
"why?' booth are sitting in front of  London eye
"meri wish poori karney k liye ' Swayam hugged her
.."You know this is beautiful place i ever saw "...
"I know , Kriya '

"Swayam , you know mei last wish thi ki main apney best friend k saath apni life ki last days spent kroo and see universe g full fill my dream '...
"but this is not your last day " she placed her head on his shoulder
"shh let me complete , you know life ney bohat bda mazak kiya , maney kabhi nahi scoha tha key wo promise lena footloose sey pehley then this disease . some time i thought why me ?  but then mujey samaz mey aya ki universe g need some genius person like me .  But Swayam is duniya mey tunhi ho jo mujey samz paye meri khamosi ko samz paye , merii hasi waley chehrey k pisey mera sad face dekh paye . Sorry meri wjha sey itni prob huyi .   Thankx merey akhri waqt mey merey pass rehney k liye . sorry maney phir sey jhooth bola .

"What ? " Swayam hold her hand but there is no response
Balloons until now she holding now flew in the sky .


"Sorry merey kehney pey doctor ney zhotth bola ki i am recovering but ...real truth is that ki j bimari mujey poori trha sey kha chuki thi Swayam or agar tumhey pta chal jata ki merey pass sirf ek week bcha hey to mujey pta hey ki tumhari halat kya hoti . or main tumhey toot tey huye nahi dekh sakti thi . meri wjha sey already kitna kuj dekha tum ney . sorry for everything . You know meri akhri wish poori kardi universe g ney . yab tum us din hospital mey aye ...tumehy milney k baad agar whi mout a jati to koi gam nahi tha ... Jey ek weak  meri life ka bast week hey  thanks to u . tum duniya k sabsey achey insaan ho . universe g tum jesa dosat har kisi ko dey . and you know i believe ki tum mujey maaf kar do gey . or please rona mat merey liye . main star ban jaugi to tumhey har waqt dekh paugi . thank u once again merey best friend banney k liye your besti kriya "
 *Flash back*
"doctor , hows Kriya now ?" swayam qustioned
"she is recovering now so relax , she will be fine '
"thank you doctor " ...

"Kriya , tumney mujey zhooth bolney kyu bola Swayam sey ?" Kriya looked toward doctor .."agar Swayam ko pta chal gya ki merey paas ek week hey to toot jayega or main usey esey nahi dekh sakti " ...*pause* "thak you doctor'

SSwayam turned the last page of dairy  . He found there picture
Swayam      touched Kriya's face in picture "
"My heart still aches in sadness and secret tears still flow. What it meant to lose you, no one will ever know."
Swayam placed Kriya's dairy in his bag and walked toward 2nd terminal .
while sitting in plan swayam looked at kriya's pic
"If tears could build a stairway
I would walk right up to Heaven
and bring you home.


okay m done with my challenge
its really very difficult
i hope  bhai you will love it
i hope so

please feedback

tell me hows it gud bad worst
m waiting thanku
luv u all


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bluelashes IF-Sizzlerz

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Black_Stone IF-Sizzlerz

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resu Cry

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nature2 IF-Stunnerz

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res CryCryCryDone
CryCryCryAwosm Written sisy CryCryCry

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chand91 IF-Sizzlerz

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u r da bst aro

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kuhu_Arsha IF-Sizzlerz

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Born2Dance IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 April 2013 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
Edit !

Gandi gandi gandi !
Huh !
Gandi sissy !
Tune toh mujhe rula dita yaar !
Kya hein yaar !
Itns emo kardiya tune mereko.
Kitna mast likha hein yaar.
Upsrse its kriyam.
Ab toh sone pe suhaga.
I looovvveeed it sissy.
Sachi waala loved it.
Thanx fr writing it.
N fon u dare doubt urself warna tu toh gai mere haton se.
I'll nvr talk wid u den

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KriShaReYam IF-Sizzlerz

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Very well written n beautifully described...
Loved d KriYam bond...
Gud wrk aroma!!

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