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AR FF::Aapki Nazar...III:Part 39/40Upd 11/02/13 ArmN sys ILU story END (Page 4)

AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 September 2013 at 10:36am | IP Logged
nice part
thanx 4 d pm.

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dmegha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 September 2013 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Awesome update buddy!
Thanks for the PM.

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Saini646 Senior Member

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Posted: 14 September 2013 at 10:01pm | IP Logged
Heyyy I jus read ur's beautiful plzzz continue sooncontinue soon

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AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 14 September 2013 at 11:09pm | IP Logged

Hello Everyone!

The last post I just updated the part as I did not have much time to type... but now I do...

Thank you for all the love ans support from you guys...

But I will be updating regularly so you shouldnt have difficulty looking for the forum...

now without further ado.. here is the part...

my sincere thanks to each and everyone who is loving the story its a big motivation... thank you :)

hope you keep enjoy reading :)

Chapter 31

Riddhima to Armaan in the morning while handing him his lunch for the day
" ummm Armaan I will have to visit Di today because jeeju will be leaving for the hospital tomorrow. And I know you are busy with work so don't worry I will let then know . "
Armaan looked at her and smiled " thanks Riddhima and I am really sorry I couldn't come but this project is really important for me"

Riddhima nodded " I understand" and she smiled back.
He left taking his lunch
Riddhima had already talked to Ananya earlier during the week about going to visit her sister and she initially had issues with Riddhima goig all alone but Riddhima was able to convince her and she agreed.

It was a Friday and Muskaan and Anjali were home and available for Anaanya to help her with the kitchen work.

So riddhima took Ananyas leave and took an auto towards Nikki's house. She had given the address to her earlier too.

The ride was not amusing particularly ecause Riddhima was meeting her sister after a long time and she did not want to bring up any of the old memories.

She stopped next to gift shop and brought flowers and a little gift for Nikki. And then reached Nikki's home.

She stood at the door after ringing. The bell holding the gifts when Abhi came and opened the door.

Abhi" hello Riddhima. Come in"

She smiled at him and entered.

Nikki was in the kitchen ... The house was pretty nice with about kitchen right across from where she entered and two rooms opposite to each other with the living room leading from the door to the open kitchen.

She went up to Nikki and gave we the gifts and hugged her
"Riddhima tum apne jeejaji ke liye kuch nahi layi"

Riddhima broke her hug with Nikki and looked embarrassed

Nikki added" yeh gift mere aur tere jeeju dono ke liye layi hain... Bolde apne jeeju k0"

She smiled
Abhi smiled
Riddhima relaxed and smiled too

She helped Nikki with preparing for the lunch and talked to Abhi as well asking about his health and all.

She mentioned to Nikki and abhi that Armaan wanted to come but for te past one week there is a project that is really bothering him and hence he is really busy.

She, Nikki and Abhi talked some more
Then Abhi retired to his room for some rest and Riddhima and Nikki were left alone.

Riddhima was helping Nikki clear the kitchenware

Nikki started the talk
Nikki" so aur batao Riddhima"
" same as usual Di there is not much difference in my life from the last time that we talked until now it's only been a week or so ..  U tell me about urself u r the one where a lot of things are happening u know baby n all"

Nikki answered" well Riddhina the baby is there and it's going to take about 7 more months to come to this world but other than that I don't hv anything new going on"

Riddhima looked at her surprised " u don't Di?"

Nikki looked at her why do you ask that Riddhima? Why would I lie to you"

Riddhima looked away drying the utensils with the napkin " just asking Di"

"Everythings good Riddhima" Nikki mentioned taking her attention back to cleaning the utensils...


Once the y finished they sat back on the couch and talked some more...

"And Riddhima..." Nikki asked " how are things at your home. Muskaan and Anji ki toh college hogi na...

Yes Di.. their college is going on but they should finish soon because summer is about to begin


Aur aunty uncle... Nikki asked

They are also good di

How are things with you and jeeju Riddhima asked

Well ur Jeeju wil be leaving tomorrow and then things will be as they were I will be busy with work and life...

hmm' Riddhima added

Nikki continued I am actually worried about him because I can stay but him I don't know how will  he.. because I know he blames himself and all but... I know its not his fault its nobodies fault actually... Its just fate...i ... jst want things to be a little better for us...'

She looked at Riddhima

Riddhima came up to her and held her hands in her own...' Di it will definitely be better. Trust god'

I know Riddhima its just sometimes ... its just difficult'

Riddhima added Di If you ever need anything please let me know... I am always there for you'

Nikki held her hand to Riddhima's face I know Riddhima... thanks for listening... that is what I really wanted... N I couldn't mention it to Abhi... I am just glad you could come...'

I am more glad that I could come Di' Riddhima said...



How are things with you and Armaan progressing?'

Things are going on Riddhima added...


She hesitated but decided to ask Have you thought about kids or ...?'

Riddhima looked at her

She just did not know what to answer

"Its okay Riddhima" Nikki wuickly added If you doont want to answer that is completely fine. Kuch aur baat karte hain"

Nikki tried to talk about other things And Riddhima answered appropriately but then she asked Nikki for her leave and decided to head back to home.

She caught and auto and headed back home

"Have you thought about kids?" Nikki had asked... and that played back in her mind.

How could she tell her about kids when she and Armaan ...

She thought about Nikki... She was already on her family way and here she was... She shrugged off that thought from her head...she should not compare the situations...

But then what was she going to do...

She reached home and gave the auto person the money and entered.

Ananya met her and asked her about the meet and Riddhima mentioned that everything seems well up at Nikkis place.

And then she went to her room and freshened up and then came downstairs to help with preparing the food...

Armaan came home late that day and everyone was almost done with their dinner.

Riddhima waited for him. She was watching some program on the TV and then as soon as Armaan came home she started to go warm up the food.

Armaan noticed the movement but he was just so tired so he went straight to his room and ccame down later to eat...

He ate silently... and asked her about the meet with Nikki.

Riddhima mentioned it in brief to him...

He hummed and then continued eatin.

He Asked her did you eat... she lied that she did...

She really did not feel like eating after coming back so she had avoided eating...

"u sure?" he asked

"Yes I am sure" she said...

He gave her a nibble from his plate "no worries you can eat again with me ... here"

She took it from him and ate...

He kept doing that in between and she kept on eating... don't know why...

She wasn't really hungry but she did not feel like saying no to him so she kept on eating...

Once they finished he tried to help her clean but she said that he could go this is her daily work she will finish it and he had come from work so he would be tired... he tried but she resisted so giving in he just sat on the sofa and watched the tv for sometime...

She started to go back to her room once she finished but he called her to him and asked her to sit...

She wondered and hesitated

He smiled and said "are just calling you to sit Riddhima... "

She smiled and sat on the sofa albeit a little away from Armaan and hesistantly...

This was after almost a week or so after their close encounter.. she wondered... what was on his mind...

Armaan while watching the TV "I never got a chance to talk to you at peace during this entire week. "

He turned to face her " But finally we got the deal that we had been working on for the past week or so..."

She said " that's great news Armaan." And smiled

" Yes I know" he said facing the TV again... " I know Dad will be happy"

"But Riddhima" he added "I have wanted to talk to you particularly" he faced her and turned down the volume of the TV... " Especially because I feel that I have neglected you in the past few days..."

"No Armaan its not like that" she quickly added

"No Riddhima... I know what it is like" he said and continued " I have tried to get this project and in that I have completely neglected you ... "

"I know you wanted me to come with you to meet Nikki and Abhi"

"Armaan I know you were busy  its okay?"

"Riddhima" he said inching closer to her ... as her heartbeats increased "Riddhima ..." she listened to him patiently " I am able to think with a free mind today... and" he hesitated but continued " I wanted to talk to you about this the very net day but work took over and things just got sidelined..."

Is he thinking about that night' Riddhima started to think

He touched her hand and held it in his "you and I we both know what happened that day before this work tension began Riddhima" he said lovingly calling out her name

She just kept looking at him and as he held her hand she still kept looking at him.

He inched closer to her turning off the TV...

"I Have decided something Riddhima and I want you to let me know what do you think about it" he said

"Riddhima" he took both her hands in his " its been a while and I believe its time we deserve to go on a vacation"

Riddhima was surprised. This out of all was totally unexpected.

"What do you think Riddhima?"he asked

"Armaan that's a good idea but I was just wondering did you mention this to any of the family members I mean its almost summer and Muskaan and Anjali will finish their school too"

" Riddhima" Armaan said a little agitated " we will go with family once their exams finish... I have taken care of that"

He looked into her eyes trying to see if she understands what he is trying to tell her...

Hoping that she would understand his need for them to spend the time together... apart from family...

"Ok Armaan as you wish" saying that she smiled and started to leave...

He held her hand back " You don't seem to like the idea"

"No Armaan there is nothing like that"

"Is that so" he asked

"Yes Armaan, its just that this is sudden... I mean for the past one week I knew that you were busy with work... and I had no idea that this was there in your mind... Please don't get me wrong ... I like the idea... its just that I find the idea a little  different... because I was wondering how would Mom and Dad react"

Armaan looked surprised " What Riddhima? Mom and Dad? Why would they be surprised... we have never really been out together on a trip as such... and everyone in our and your family knows under what circumstances we got married  and whatever happened after that..."

He let her hand go and turned his back to her " I don't know what do you want Riddhima... A week from now I really thought that things were starting to improve ... its just that worn cam in betweennn..."

Riddhime interrupted him and turned to face him " That's the word Armaan... work came in between..."

Armaan was surprised and turned to face her...

"Do you think I did not think about that day? I did... being a woman... I was more emotional about it all... I wanted to spend some more time with you... But... Work came in ... yes it did ... and I am not saying anything because I had understood that Work was important and hence I fulfilled my duty rightlyfully ... but the fact is work came in between... and because of that you sidelined me... you sidelined us... this entire week ... Has been busy for you...and now that you have time you want to spend time with me... Armaan... this is going to continue throughtout our lives... so I am just getting used to it..."

"No Riddhima its not like that " he added

"Armaan then tell me one thing... Why did you not talk about it earlier on... this means that everytime there is a project that's very important to you... you would neglect me... you would neglect us"

"No Riddhima its not..." he said feeling guilty...

She came up to him and touched his face..." Please don't feel guilty... This was just situational... And its just that you opened yourself up to me.. so I courage out to do the same..."

He touched his hand on her hand on his face and said " Riddhima... I realize what it really is now... that's why  trust me on this... Lets go for this vacation..."

"Sure Armaan I already have agreed for the same " she smiled but cried in her heart... he still did not understand what she was really trying to tell him... its okay .. she made herself understand... This is what the marriage was about... trying to understand each other...

He hugged her and she hugged him back...

"Lets go to sleep" he mentioned

She nodded an affirmative and walked with him to the room

Muskaan noticed this as it happened...

There is so much understanding between the two she thought ...and wondered about her and Rahul's relation... Was it such' she thought about it...the week before that he had come to meet her... She had waited the entire day for him so that he could come and pacify her and that their argument could come to an end... But he did not come... Instead it's the next day that he mentioned that he had tried to come but someone  was outside in her verandah and hence he had to run away...

She wondered sometimes... why was he so scared to come in front ... why was he so scared to meet her in public... whenever they met ... They met in secrecy...

Just then she receieved a text "Missing you ...want to see you"

She replied back " everyone is home cant come Good night"

"I am waiting outside" he texted

She panicked "outside where?"

"Outside your home..."

She came out of her room and looked out through the door... There he was standing...

She wanted to see him too but she was afraid of anyone catching her stepping out...

"I cant"

"Please come I need to see you"

"I cant"

"Please come L"

This continued for about half an hour and he did not budge... Finally giving in she decided to step out making as little noise as possible... and went up to him

Muskaan " There you go you saw me Now can I go" saying that she started to walk back

Rahul held her hand "Please wait... let me look at you properly mishti"

The name that he called her Mishti... it melted her...

She stopped in her tracks...

He pulled her towards him her back still towards him and he made her turn towards him to face him...

She faced him looked into his face ... his hands intertwined into hers

"What do you want Rahul?"

"Just You Mishti"

Saying that he hugged her she held the hug...

"I love you " he whispered in her ears

She closed her eyes... and he kept on whispering that in her ears... gradually he started kissing her neck her cheek  always muttering the three words... and then he stopped and waited for her to open her eyes...

She opened and saw him close to her... His face inched away from her... she looked into his eyes wondering why did he stop... he wondering should I go ahead.. and then in a moment they kissed...

Gradually they broke from the kiss and she looked at him... And smiled... he smiled and wanted to kiss her back... but she backed out...trying to tease him...he stopped and so she did and turned herself to face her back but held her hands in his and just stayed there in the embrace for sometime... none of them uttering a word ... just feeling each other... And then she broke of the embrace...

" I have to go Rahul"

"Please don't go Muskaan"

He shifted from Mishti to muskaan  she noticed that...

"She came up close to him and said " then take me to your home as your wife..."

He looked at her... " I will surely one day Muskaan..."

"Well then lets wait for the day" she said and left him and went in ...

He stood there just holding out his hand that she was holding earlier on...

Rahul thought If only I could really do what you want Mishti...

And then he left from there...

Muskaan went in but waited inside the living room seeing him through the glass until he left... his kiss still lingering on her... Once he left she retired back to her room... and then sleep just did not come to her... Her thoughts lingering back to what just happened a WHILE back...

Edited by AR4eve - 14 September 2013 at 11:18pm

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teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 September 2013 at 5:32am | IP Logged
a quick update
i am so gladd
angelicdove Senior Member

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Posted: 15 September 2013 at 8:22am | IP Logged
loved the part!!!!!!!Tongue
gosh nikki and ridhima are stilll not much comfortable but guess time will heal that
muskaan and rahul in love!!!!!!!!!Confused
so he was the guy in the verandah
thankgod he escaped warna agar pakra jata toh uska armaan kya haal karta only God knowsLOL
coz he seemed to be protective about his sisters
armaan ridhima on honeymoon(that's what armaan meant by vacation right???)Wink
so looking forward to it
hope they will come close during the "vacation"Wink
and kya baat hai super fast updateLOL
really glad to know that you will update regularly now
waiting for the next update
btw thanku for the pm
AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 September 2013 at 9:35am | IP Logged
nice part.
Thanx 4 d pm.
sweetie_angel IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 September 2013 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
So happy that ur continuing the ff
Do pm me next time u update

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