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AR FF::Aapki Nazar...III:Part 39/40Upd 11/02/13 ArmN sys ILU story END (Page 24)

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lovely update yaar
thanx for pm
continue soon

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loved it

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Chapter 38

A few weeks passed by ...

Riddhima looked happy ... After tht particular night with Armaan seemed tht her fear had gone away... The fear tht she has done something wrong...

Or maybe it was just masked beneath the layer of happiness tht being with Armaan was giving her...

Muskaan was four months pregnant now n still there was no sign of rahul ... Now she could see her belly bulging a little but at the moment she could hide it under loose clothing ... But how long will she be able to do it... Every night she would cry to herself for trusting rahul n being in this condition

One such morning Anji had gone to visit some friends n she was alone in her room... Ridhima was cleaning up the rooms as she had a day off n Diwali was coming she entered Muskaan n anjis room ... Seeing no one she started to clean n at one point started looking underneath the bed for junk...

Muskaan came out of the shower closed the door

Riddhima became alert but before she could say anything she saw Muskaan acting strange

She decided to stay quite

Muskaan lifted her Kurti and looked into the mirror..  Touched her belly caressingly n it's then that riddhima saw it... The bulge in her belly...

She was flabbergasted...

Muskaan continued talking to te belly not looking into the mirror when she felt movement outside n turned to see Riddhima

Her hand was on her stomach ... She quickly pulled it away,...

" umm Bhabhi I have to go ... Sorry my stomach was a bit upset since yesterday" she started to take we bag n go out of the room

" is this Rahul's baby" riddhima asked

Muskaan stopped in her tracks...

No one moved

Riddhima brought Muskaan back into the room n made her sit...

Muskaan cried her heart out n told riddhima everything n how she had tried to place rahul but he was not answering the phone call... Riddhima reprimanded her for not listening to her advice n falling into this trap... But then she also talked about pregnancy n babies n the cravings...

She asked Muskaan how was she hoi g to cope up with breaking this news to her parents because rahul is clearly not coming back to her ... If he is not replying now...

Muskaan was scared she said she hadn't thought abt it yet a possibility tht rahul would not come

Riddhima asked her how far was she into the pregnancy n was the option of abortion still open

Muskaan looked at riddhima surprised tht a suggestion of abortion was coming from her

" Bhabhi I m keeping this child" she said

" look Muskaan I am not ur enemy but u have to think..." Riddhima tried to make her understand

" think what Bhabhi... That I m a single woman unmarried... Questions will be asked etc etc..." Muskaan fumed

" questions like how will I take care of the baby, will I be able to provide for it, is it right to bring a child into the world if u can't think of means to support it?! Because believe me this is a very huge responsibility shared equally by both the partners...  I don't want u to think just emotionally as a mother think practically too Muskaan" she smiled " n whatever ur decision I will stand by u..."

That felt relieving... She had not thought about all those aspects neither had she thought of a possibility of rahul not returning but riddhima was Indeed right... She had to think practically as to how was she going to break the news to her family n how will she support the baby...

Ananya called riddhima and riddhima told Muskaan to give it a Brie thought atleast n then left the room

The remainder of the day went pretty well for riddhima

Later in the evening Ananya received a call from the aunt saying that avinash n Anji want to get married n tht she had talked to avinash family n thy loved it tht their son has finally chosen the bride

Ananya couldn't believe this when did the two talk n then the aunt made up some excuse tht kids these days u know take more time than in our days ...

Ananya was happy fr Anji but she had to ask her first before saying nything

Muskaan decided that she was not going to involve rahul into it anymore... She will look for a job get an apartment n then take care of the baby... Tht ways no one will question her family or herself about the baby n she would be independently taking care of the baby...

She touched her belly and thought
" be with me in all this ... I can't promise the world to u ... I can't even promise a fathers name... But I promise that I will take very good care of u n make sure u r well educated ... So atleast u don't make a mistake like..."

She cried...

Then she composed herself n started putting her rsum together n started looking for job vacancies...

Anji came in and Ananya asked her to come to her room

" Anjali ... Beta so Wht hv u decided... Further studies!?" Ananya asked

"Ma " she said " I don't know"

" hmmm toh thik hain ek aur rishta aya hain tumhare liye ... Would u like me to set up a meet with them" she asked pestering her to see whether she talked about avinash or whether there was no truth to what the aunt had said

Anji hesitated seeing another boy... But she had already made the choice... How could she say this to Ananya he had said tht he would talk to his family n their family would talk to her mom... Did this mean tht they did not call... Y?! She had a lot of questions in her mind...
" umm ma"

" kya ma " Ananya asked " do u like avinash"

Anji was flabbergasted n embarrassed at the same time

" woh umm ma ..." She said embarrassed n happy at the same time" we do want to get married"

Ananya smiled at that and hugged her
She told her of the aunts phone call n the fact tht she was just teasing Anji

She mentioned tht this is indeed great news n tht she had to mention this to everyone in the house... N infact she had to call the aunt n invite the family fr the Roka ceremony n then the wedding ... She mentioned tht from Hereon there was a lot of work for her... N it was indeed a great start ...

By evening everyone in the household knew of Anji n avinash willing to get married... The elders decided to organize a Roka ceremony n then a few days later the engagement would be held ... They decided to meet nevertheless to discuss everything up to the wedding

Riddhima was happy for Anji just as much as Armaan

Armaan teased Anji tht now she liked someone more than him n Anji told him tht he will always be her no 1 n that avinash toh side pe hain n he winked

He called we badmash...

Things were looking good for the family after a very long time

Muskaan was a little upset ... Upset not because of Anji but because of the way the situation had presented itself... But she tried to be happy for her sister... She mentioned to Anji that now she would get to wear new clothes and smiled at her... N also mentioned tht now the room would be hers completely...

Anji told her tht maybe the room will become hers but she knew Muskaan was going to miss her after all they had spent their entire years from childhood until now in the same room...

Muskaan couldn't disagree to that... N they shared a hug...

Armaan came in to give them a threesome hug

Riddhima watched all this n was feeling very elated... She wished tht this happiness be immortal ...

The next day being a Sunday everyone decided to go to avinashs house for the Roka ... Anji n Muskaan were asked to stay back ...

They reached the house greeted each other n then gave the gifts to the grooms family

Ananya did all the rituals involved n then the elders decided to sit down to fix a date for the engagement n the wedding...

Avinash excused himself citing work

Riddhima needed some water but everyone was so busy in the proceedings tht she decided to ask one of the ladies for the kitchen expressing the need to drink water

The lady guided her to the kitchen
She gestured to Armaan tht she was going to get water n will be back be nodded an acknowledgment n she went

" listen rahul I m trying my best but ur case is not strong enough... Unless n until u being one of ur family members  or relatives even distant to the court we cannot prove them the fact tht the land is urs... Now if u excuse me I hv some work n" n then avinash hung up the phone

He entered the kitchen flustered
He looked in to see riddhima
Riddhima pointed towards the glass of water  he smiled n then left...

Riddhima drank the water n started walking back...
The guy surely had temper...

But then she remembered tht Ananya hd mentioned him being a lawyer maybe it was one of his clients...

She came back n then a date was fixed... It was the 12 th of December n the marriage was to be held early next year on the 21st of January... As per the pandit

They congratulated each other avinash had the details he messaged Anji about it as she was eager to know what dates get selected...

Everyone returned back happily n they told Anji n muskaan the date that was fixed

Anji smiled as she already knew the dates n Muskaan smiled for Anji ...

Riddhima could sense what Muskaan was going through as now with the wedding if she mentioned the baby to anyone... It would create a big mess... She walked up to Muskaan and held her hand tightly n Muskaan gave her a weak smile... Showing tht she had no way out now...

Ananya told Anji to help riddhima with foo prep as now she would have to go to a new household n she would hv to perform the duties... Anji obliged after a little bit of harmless drama n then went ahead to help her Bhabhi...

Muskaan was walking back when riddhima called her to help her.. She did not want to leave Muskaan alone by herself...

Muskaan was worried for self fr Anji

A wedding in January meant tht she would be seven months pregnant...

She had to find a solution to keeping the baby n to not let anjis wedding be ruined due to her... N the only option she saw was ... To go to rahul n to ask him to take her... To go for the live in tht he had wanted from the start...

She texted him " rahul if u don't answer me or tell me something about ur whereabouts I m going to kill myself n the baby... But maybe u wouldn't care... Because after all what m I to u ... A body tht u wanted to sleep with n now tht it is done u dont care ... Fine there is no point in me living in this world I will not let myself ruin my sisters marriage rahul ... I ... Goodbye forever" n she sent the text

Immediately she received a text " wanna meet u"

She laughed in pain this is Wht she had to retort to to get a reply from him,??

She did not reply...

He texted n hr back telling her the location tht he wanted her to come too...

She did not reply again

Evening came n Ananya n riddhima made food and today being sucks wonderful day they decide to make anjis favorites...  Ananya called in Anji to show her how to make the food...

In her room Muskaan was lying on her bed her hands on her bulging belly... The phone was on the side... It was flashing Rahul's name... He was constantly calling her ... She just closed her eyes n turned the phone so tht she could not see him calling...

The window was open she heard some movement ... She opened her eyes n saw rahul climbing in ... Immediately she stood up and went ahead to close her room door... N turned to face him...
He had entered the room by now...,, n he stood by the window

He had grown a stubble looked weak
She had grown a little chubby on the belly he could tell even in her loose clothes...

" y r u not answering my phone calls" he asked

She turned on the music so tht their voices would not be heard outside the room... She did not answer

Be walked towards her,...
" Muskaan I m talking to u " he said angrily n had reached by her " y did u not come"

She looked at him not uttering a single word

" Muskaan " he said cupping her face n kissing her... Trying to make her weak ... She closed her eyes as he kissed her as he he kissed her belly but dud not utter a single word ...

He got a little irritated n clutched her by her shoulders
She closed her eyes in pain

" y r u not talking... R u not happy to see me..."

She did not say anything

He released her ..." I thought I came for u n the baby but since u don't care I should be going ..."
He said n started walking to the window

" now do u feel what I felt all these weeks all these months"

Se said n he stopped

He turned n came to her

" Muski I m sorry I know Wht u hv been going through ... Believe me I have all the texts saved here ... See" n he showed her all the texts " at first I was scared with the baby ,... But then u would mention the movements that u would feel in the stomach n it started changing me a little"

She acted as if she did not believe...

He made her sit on the bed

" Muski " he said n hugged her around the belly " u don't know Wht I hv been through n I did not want to subject u n the baby through tht ... " he still had his hands around her but now he looked into her eyes... " I want to take u away with me... My lawyer he is getting married next year n I cannot wait tht long ... So I told him to finish the case before his marriage... I told him someone is waiting for me..."

There was silence between them ...

Gradually she leaned towards him n hugged him as if caressing him n he hugged her deeper...

She did not know how much truth was there to all of this ... But her heart felt like believing it ...

They stayed in the moment there until someone knocked on the door

" muskkan darwaja khol please mujhe kuch chahiye" Anji said from outside the door...

" ha ek min" Muskaan said back

She did not want him to go but he knew he had to leave

He promised her tht from Hereon no matter Wht happens to him he will not leave her alone n he left they the window...

She opened the door as he left

" kitani der laga Di Muskaan..." She said n then heard the music " tu music sun rahi thi?! " she asked. Muskaan nodded a yes n then turned it off

Anji looked at her suspiciously ... Muskaan vary of this tried to fidget around so tht she would not sense her pregnancy... N then anjali left

She knew something was up with her because after all they were living in the same room n every few other days Muskaan would vomit due to the morning sickness ...  But would mk up some excuse

But Anjali knew something was off... She went downstairs

Rahul texted her
" hey"

She texted back " hi"

" I m meeting with the lawyer tomorrow... "

" hopefully it would all work out for u "

" for us Muski"

" yes for us :)" n she touched her belly

A few more days passed by it was almost Diwali n the atmosphere around the house was very pleasant...

Muskkan n rahul would talk more often now... He would even talk to the baby via the phone sometimes ... Anji was learning to cook food,... N was also talking regularly with avinash... Armaan n riddhima were just as they were ... Life was hectic for riddhima but she always looked forward to see Armaan at the end of the day,...

The house was being cleaned n riddhima brought some diyas to the house

She would make sure tht Muskaan was taken care of with her pregnancy ... Infact today they had a checkup lined for her ...

Muskaan had not told her about the new developments n the fact that rahul was coming to the hospital ... But she had to make a mention to her about it ... She cn back from college n after lunch they decidd to go to the doctor as the appointment was around tht time...

As they reached the hospital Muskaan saw rahul ...she signaled him to wait she had to talk to riddhima ... " Bhabhi "

" hmm " riddhima asked

" Bhabhi I hv to tell u something"

Riddhima listened intently

" Bhabhi rahul came back"
Riddhima continued listening
" he came back the day anjis rishta was fixed ... We have been talking ... He says he is not going to leave me... I just wanted u to know"

She patiently asked her " is he here too?"

She nodded a yes n wanted to meet him

Muskaan started walking n then met rahul n introduced riddhima n rahul ...

They then went to the doctor n the doctor asked her to changen give her some urine samples n tht the blood samples she would tk once she came back

" u have hurt her tremendously" riddhima told him when Muskaan was out of sight " I hope this is not a game for u with her"

"Riddhima right..." He acknowledged because before this no one knew abt them neither had he interacted with abt of muskaans family
" she knows Wht she means to me... N I don't believe in justifying myself to anyone else"

Wow she thought... This guy clearly had no manners or maybe his ego was just too big... Even after doing all tht he had to Muskaan he had the audacity to say tht...

She just hoped tht Muskaan knew what she was doing

Muskaan came back n then they took her blood samples and monitor red the baby's movement  everything looked normal n the doctor gave her a set of multivitamins to take...

Muskaan changed n then she asked riddhima if she could spend some time with rahul as this was after along one tht she had stepped out n rahul was here

She looked at rahul

Afraid for some reason

But told Muskaan tht if tht is what she really wanted riddhima had no say in anything ... N just told her to be back soon...

N left

Muskaan agreed... After riddhima left Muskaan and rahul decided to go to a park n there they talked about everything n rahul explained his situation to her in entirety ... To make sure that the reason for his absence was well justified for

Riddhima was in the rickshaw ... The feeling tht was on muskaans face was undeniably more important than anything else ... No matter Wht kind if a persons rahul was to others maybe he always kept Muskaan happy when he was with her... N that's probably the reason he was willing to go back to him...

Nikki called her " hi riddhima ..."
" hey Nikki how are u?! How Jiju?!" Riddhima asked

" riddhima he has less than a week left..."

" what?!" Riddhima squealed

" riddhima... He is really leaving..." N then she mustered the courage to ask her " did u conceive?!"

Riddhima did not know Wht to answer she had not had any specific reactions yet to tell her tht her body was prepping for a pregnancy... Neither had she gone to the doctor for a check up ... N her periods were not due yet..." I don't know Nikki ... But I don't think I did... Because I don't really hv by symptoms as such tht they experience in pregnancy ..." She said referencing to Muskaan as she knew what Muskaan was going thru in her pregnancy

Nikki was heartbroken " r u sure... I mn did u go to the doctor"

" no Nikki I haven't had a chance neither a reason yet... Because I believe if I do conceive my body would give me some kind of a reaction ... Haven't felt that... N besides with studies n home n the wedding... Oh Di I forgot to mention this to u Anji is getting married next year "

" thts good news do say congratulations to her from my end... N please riddhima whenever u get a chance do go to the doctor. Maybe they know something tht ur body doesn't know yet " she said acting hopeful

Riddhima assured her that she would do it but wouldn't have time until after new year really... But he alswd her to be strong n to go back to padma for the Diwali n new year rather thn be alone

Nikki mentioned tht she would visit them but wasn't sure abt staying as with Abhi she wasn't sure

They then hung up the phone

Riddhima was feeling sorry fr Nikki but she knew tht she could not hv conceived otherwise somehow she would hv known...

She returned home... And Ananya caught her in as came telling her about how they wanted to bring in new year festives with Anjali's in laws... N that it would require a lot of preparation as the time was little...

Riddhima assured her that she will make sure that things will be done...

She went to the kitchen drank water n then returned to her room to freshen up before she could go back down to make food m to understand what was needed for the New Years function

As she got up she lost her eyesight for a second and things appeared hazy

She sat down closed her eyes for a few minutes ... N stood up to see if she could stand properly... She did... She thought that maybe it was due to over exertion on her body from school n home n work etc

She came downstairs n then sat with Ananya n Anji to discuss the function

She asked about muskaans whereabouts when riddhima mentioned tht she had to go to college for some reason...

Later in the evening they made dinner Muskaan returned n a short while after her Armaan returned too... Dinner was arranged n later everyone retired to their rooms after eating

Riddhima mentioned to Armaan about the function tht Ananya had planned on holding n he mentioned tht his mom had told him about it in the morning ... He told her that if she needs anything she just needs to ask

She nodded n sat to study...

Now everyday Anji n Muskaan would light up the diyas n do the rangoli as Diwali n New Years was approaching ,... The diyas tht riddhima brought were useful

On the day before Diwali riddhima had college n went there early so tht she could study for a few hours as after the evening until New Years she would hv no time to study ...

N later she came home n helped everyone out
Sunday came n it was Diwali

Riddhima woke up early
Armaan next to her held her hand in his sleep...

She smiled to herself n tried to take her hand out from his grip

He tightened it all the more n pulled her hand so that she fell back on the bed

" Armaan"
He opened his eyes
He looked at her asking her to come to his embrace

She did so n he hugged her

" feeling this after so many days ..." He remarked ...

She stayed there in te moment

"This is going to be out first Diwali together Armaan" she mentioned

" hmm" he said

" there are going to be a lot of firsts for the both of us riddhima ... First new year first Christmas firstaniversary " he looked at her and eased the hug so tht she could look at him " first baby"

She blushed n dug her head in his chest

" hv u thought abt it riddhima" he asked... " the baby"

She couldn't deny the fact tht she had thought abt them having a baby together...

She was sure tht she had not conceived thru the hospital with Abhi... Should she mention it to him now... When he was willing talking abt babies... She decided against it

" riddhima..." He asked her lovingly

" Armaan which woman wouldn't love to be a mother"

He looked at her... N smiled

N kissed her on the forehead

N hugged her again

" okay let me go now... I have so much work to do" she said

" no just stay for a few more minutes please"

N then they talked about a lot of things like anjis marriage her education the baby Muskaan marriage... Riddhima wanted to tell him about Muskaan but how was she goin to...

Eventually she got up n started her routine

Later in the evening they all celebrated Diwali with food n firecrackers

Riddhima called her mom n dad wishing them too

She was hesitant to call Nikki but did it nevertheless wishing her tht all the ills from her life come out like how ram killed ravanas ego

This was time for her family her in laws her Armaan

She had a beautiful day

They has invited neighbors too so thus rahul came in withhus friends

He was able to steal Muskaan away from everyone n spend some time with her

This did not go unnoticed by riddhima

She thought about making a mention abt this to Muskaan after New Years

Armaan kept on talking abt babies... Riddhima was trying to undwrstand his mind
N eventually she said tht they could try for it tonight...

Armaan became excited n was waiting until when riddhima would be free

As the guests started leaving they greeted each one n then there was some work left Muskaan Anji n riddhima tried to finish the work as the next day being New Years was again a busy day

Armaan was in his room... Patiently waiting fr her

She came in pretty late n came in to see Armaan all ready for her

She laughed a little n went to change

" he asked her whether she forgot what she had mentioned below

She said she was joking ...

He acted upset n told her tht she was not serious abt the baby

She told him she was but just right now... At this moment she was tired

He became angry tht she was so busy in her life tht she had no time for anyone else

She asked him how could he say that when every morning she would wake up early so tht she could make food for him n the family n when she had never ever let any or her sites be sidelined

He mentioned tht she was sidelining him in everything

She sat down on the bed tired as she was all this drama was not what she needed

" what is this all about?! Tht I m not willing to do it today" she asked

He looked at her " forget it riddhima... Thanks a Ron for ruining the moment"

She got up n went to him " what do u mean ruining the moment... No say it ... Say whatever u have"

" I think u love ur independent self more than being Armaans wife"

" what? Where is all  This coming from"

" riddhima forget it I said, u r tired I understand"

" no u don't. U r thinking tht just because I m attending college I m sidelining everything... I m trying to fulfill all my duties Armaan ... All of them ... "

" okay riddhima I m sorry"

" no Armaan u r still not understanding it..."

" riddhima let's end this here"

" no what do u want to end... This discussion... It will never end... It will come back again n again ... She sat down ... Every time ... Every single time I m the only one ... Anything goes wrong it's my fault ... " she got up  n took off her dupatta " here Armaan ... Do what u want ,... Atleast I won't be told off "

He bent down took her dupatta n put it back on her made her sit n drink a glass of water " I m sorry riddhima I understand u r doing everything for everyone ... I became a little selfish... I m sorry but a baby has been on my mind fr sometime now... I m sorry I did not mean it this way... Please don't stress about it"

" Armaan I want the baby as much as you" she said cupping her face n he hugged her caressing her to calm her down

" shhh ... Lets not think about anything ... Right now... Tomorrow is New Years lets begin everything fresh"

She nodded

They changed n then went to sleep
She tossed n turned

The guilt of what she had done was strong tonight... Is tht y she was reluctant to give in... She had to go see a doctor n confirm tht she was not pregnant n then her n Armaan could start out the baby planning

The next day rose.

Riddhima was up n waited for him to get up

He got up n seeing her sitting there realized last nights event

He wished her morning hugged her n them went on his routin

She sat there

The hug felt so cold

She started her routine too

Anjis in laws were supposed to come today...

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Amazing update ...cont soon

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Awesome part
continue soon
thanx for pm
do pm me for next part

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Nice part
Thanks for pm

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Originally posted by teenorchid

happy diwalliii

Happy Diwali n a very happy new year too

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Chapter 39

It was New Years

Anjali's in laws were supposed to come ...

She wanted To dress her best...

Muskaan was looking at her from her bed...
" nervous!?" She asked her
" nervous excited everything... Can't explain this feeling Muski" Anji said

Muskaan smiled she was happy for her sister...

Anjali prompted her to get ready too
Muskaan told her tht today was anjis day n she had to look the best n tht she would get ready in a jiffy...

Riddhima was in the shower when she felt a sharp pain in her stomach she held onto the railing in the bathroom,... Armaan she whispered ,... But being in the bathroom he couldn't hear anything...
No no no
Please not today she pleaded
She made a promise tht she would go see the doctor but she did not want nything to happen today with anjis family coming in

The pain eased a little she composed herself n finished showering n came out
Armaan saw her as she came out she lookedd pale color washed off her face

" are u okay riddhima "

Riddhima turned towards him n muttered a weak yes...

He did not look convinced...

" riddhima" he came close to her n made her sit " u look weak... I hope all is well "...

She assured him tht all was indeed well n tht she was just feeling a little tired...

He told her to forget everything abt yesterday n tht he had become a little selfish thinking abt himself n not seeing riddhima n the stress tht she was going thru everyday ...

Riddhima told him tht there was nothing like stress it's just sometimes she would feel tired n tht he doesn't hv to sorry he is her husband n she respects the truth tht he mentions always no matter how bitter or sweet it is... She smiled cupped his face n then got up he helped her n then went to change the dress as he went to the shower

She looked at him lovingly n longingly as he left...n then went to ready herself

She came downstairs Ananya n everyone was there... They had made the food n then gone to freshen up as the family was coming by 10 am ... Muskaan readied herself...too

The family came in n Ananya n billy greeted them riddhima brought out some snack for them n Muskaan n Armaan were later supposed to bring the gifts for them ...
Avinash was looking for Anjali but she was not visible anywhere.

All the elders started talking  riddhima brought Anji downstairs n she touched her elders feet

N then after some time their family decided to leave as they had to visit their family too

They took the gifts tht Ananya gave them n thanking everyone they left

Everyone was happy at the moment n was by the door seeing off the guests

Riddhima was busy working trying to put away dishes

Another sharp pain erupted in her stomach

She had dishes in her hand n was walking towards the kitchen

Armaan turned n happened to see her in her state immediately he ran towards her " riddhima" he screamed took the plates  n left them in the sink

Hearing the scream everyone turned back
Riddhima was falling Armaan held her her one hand was on her stomach

" Armaan ... " she squealed

He lifted her into his arms n ran to the car to take her to the doctor without answering anyone by the door... What was he going to answer

He himself did not know

He made her sit in the car put the seat belt in her n then drive

She was cribbing in pain his heart was aching seeing this

They reached the hospital n he immediately called someone for attention bringing riddhima s cond in front of them

The doctors took her did some tests n tried to ease her pain by giving her some pain reliever

After a while she fell into sleep

He was there with her all along

The reports came in n the doctor came in too riddhima was still asleep he showed him the reports n Armaan was surprised n happy at the same time he asked the doctor y did the pain emerge
N he said tht he has seen cases wherein the pain appears but with proper care it won't happen again

He took note of tht n told him tht once she comes to consciousness she could be discharged

Armaan thanked the doctor

He put his hand around her forehead and caressed her

She gradually opened her eyes
" Armaan "
" riddhima how do u feel"

" I feel like I m dizzy" she said as she tried to get up

He made her lay down
" stay riddhima don't strain urself"

N then she remembered " Anjali ke in laws" she asked

" they had already gone... Forget abt tht u r still worried abt other things ... Do u know u had so much pain" he touched her cheeks " I couldn't see u like that"

" what did the doctor say Armaan"

He looked at her held her hand n said " riddhima u hv given me the best news of my life today... U r pregnant riddhima ... " he touched her belly with her hand in his " u n me we r going to be parents"

Hearing tht she was indeed very happy she gestured him towards a hug n he hugged her " thank u" she whispered into his ear

" no thank u riddhima " he said back

They took the leave of the doctor n the doctor asked her to visit her regular gynacologist oncea month n tk care of herself n the baby ... He also mentioned that this was preliminary n tht her gynacologist would be able to tell her her specific needs so she needs to see them

Riddhima nodded a yes n Armaan assured the doctor tht he will to her if she forgets

They then left
Riddhimas asked him to stop by a Mandir n they took the blessing of god n returned home

As soon as they saw them coming with a Thal in riddhima hand Ananya asked her Wht happened

Armaan mentioned tht she was going to become grandparent. Riddhima blushed Ananyas happiness knew no bounds n she hugged riddhima

" u hv given us a wonderful news today both of u" this is indeed a good new year

She took the Thal from riddhima n went to offer it to her own temple in the house

Muskaan Anji everyone congratulated her n their bhai
Days passed by riddhima was all the more busy with studying household chores n taking care of her health but Armaan would remind her to eat to tk multivitamins Ananya hired someone to cook  so tht riddhima could be free from tht responsibility

Riddhima mentioned tht the cook was not necessary but Armaan insisted but then she explained her point tht she could do it ... She did not want them to spend money additionally n burden Armaan as already his expenses were going to skyrocket with anjis wedding n her n muskaans pregnancy

Muskaan was worried abt herself too anjis engagement ceremony was coming soon... Her stomach was out now... She couldn't hide it anymore she was avoiding eating with everyone n would usually eat alone

Rahul was talking with his lawyer to finish the deal ... He explained the urgency tht his girlfriend was pregnant n tht hd needed this to be done soon...

Muskaan explained her problem to rahul... He offered her the live in option again until they get the land n then they could officially marry...

She had no choice she had to move out

One day she went up to Ananya. She saw her bulging stomach n asked her Wht was the meaning of that

She sat down
" ma I am 6 months pregnant"

Ananya looked at her and slapped her straight up

" yes ma slap me all u want... But hear me out ... I loved someone n I am sorry but I don't want to put u in a dilemma ... I know anjis engagement is coming soon ... I want to move out with the father of the baby"

Ananya wanted to slap her more what kind of a way was this to talk to a mother... Muskaan of all people... Since when did she become so big tht she could take such major decisions on we own...

" did u not think once about the family before doing this sin" she said pointing towards her belly

" ma please don't ... It's my baby hears"
She said protecting her baby

" Muskaan Wht do u want me to do... U have been hiding this for 6 months n now u come up to me n tell me tht u want to go because u don't want to ruin Anjali's moment... But u already have..."

" go do Wht u want... Just go "

She came to touch her feet

Ananya couldn't come up to bless her

Muskaan left

She packed her bags said goodbye to everyone n left

Rahul was waiting for her outside

Tired she sat in his car n he drove to his place

Armaan  immediately drove to muskkan n Rahul's address after work

He knocked on the door

Rahul came out

" where is Muskaan!?"
She came from behind
He came to hold her hand n take her but she stood there ...
" bhai listen to me..."

" Muskaan we will talk once we reach home for now u r coming with me" he said stressing on the pull

She resisted rahul came ahead of her...
" u cannot force her if she doesn't want to come"

" u stay out if this " Armaan said n pushed rahul n pulled Muskaan

She kept screaming telling him tht she did not want to go...

Rahul cm from the front n hit Armaan he loosed his grip on Muskaan

Rahul pulled Muskaan to her end
" why don't u listen to her atleast " he said

Armaan looked at her...
" he hit ur brother... U still want to be with this guy"

" bhai " she said coming ahead " please listen to me... I will tell u everything ... But I won't come back to tht house... "

Armaan had no choice but to wait n hear her...

He listened to everything she said from the time they met to the time tht they spent the night n the duration throughout the pregnancy...

He wanted to kill rahul for tormenting his sister in the months but he could see tht Muskaan really loved him...

" don't do this ... We will get u properly married par Abhi tum chalo"

" bhai we will get married but there are some problems tht need to be solved ... "

" Wht will the world say"

" bhai I m pregnant with his kid... If the world finds tht out tht could be more hurtful... To u to Bhabhi to anjis wedding"

" Muskaan we are there to fight for u"

" I know bhai ... That's y I took this step... I don't want to come in between anjis happiness ... Don't forget bhai u have two sisters..."

She walked up to him

" n don't worry bhai... Rahul is with me... We had misunderstandings but who doesn't... Look at u n Bhabhi ... But u came out thru... He is a nice guy ... Just give him a chance"

He touched her head as if blessing her " take care okay... If u ever need anything u know all u hv to do is jut let me know... N I will be there for u"

He looked at rahul " I never imagined tht my sister would go against me ever... She loves u a lot I guess to do tht... I hope u can return her love equally n tht u tk care of her... Because the day I find out tht u are troubling her I will find u n kill u no matter how hard it might be for her" he looked at her as he said

" it won't happen bhai... I trust him" she said n looked at him

Tht meant a lot to rahul  " u can believe me or not it's up to u but what I share with ur sister is noones business... She knows Wht She means to me... So u can be rest assured tht she is in safe hands " rahul said

Armaan looked at her a tear escaped his eyes n he left

Couldn't tk it nymore

She had made her decision... There was nothing he could do because ultimately he had wanted her happiness n if she was happy with rahul then he couldn't say much

Riddhima was the only one who knew where Armaan had gone after work ,... She was worried

As soon as he came she got up n went to him n touched his arm... He looked at her n told her tht he was fine

He went upstairs to change...
Riddhima put out the dinner n hoped tht he would come to eat

He came
He made her sit too n eat

Then anjali n Ananya helped riddhima clean out everything n then he went to his room...

She entered the room

He was quite... N trying to work
She closed the door n came up to him... " Armaan" she called out to him to catch his attention
"Hmm riddhima" he hummed still working
He didn't say anything
She didn't say nything either n started to leave to the shower
" I went there" he said
She stopped in her tracks
N turned to face him

" I went there riddhima... Muskaan is happy there..."

She came up to him n held his hand
He looked up at her " I never expected my own sister to back out on me...riddhima ... I ..." He fumbled " I knew the day would come when she would go but like this... Without a proper marriage ..."
" Armaan ... She is happy"
" I know riddhima... I m trying to understand this"
" Armaan " she said ...
N he hugged her by her stomach as she was standing...
" riddhima... Just stay... I just need to feel this" he said trying to hold on to her...
She hugged him n held him there... Trying to caress him make him calm down..
He kissed her belly n she hugged him more caressing his hair


He touched the belly ... A tear escaped his eyes... He looked at her n made her sit next to him ... " ridhu " tht was the first time he had called her with tht name n he hugged her " please don't leave me ever ... Don't lie or hide anything either " he said n kissed her ear " I won't be able to bear tht" she understood tht all this was coming from his visit to Muskaan today...

She told him tht she won't ever...

He kissed her some more

"I love you riddhima" he said ...
She broke the embrace n kissed him on his lips ... This was the first time he has said it to her...
" I love you" he said again " u r the only one with me right now" he said n hugged her again ... " n u r the only one who has always stood up with me ... Ridhu I love u..." N he made her lay down on the bed ... N came up to her stomach n kissed it " n this tht u r giving me ..." She put her hands in his hair ..." I can't thank u enough"

He continued kissing her everywhere

" I love you too Armaan ... Love u more than anyone I ever could" she whispered to him

They made love that night again... It was as if with each passing tragedy... Their bond was growing stronger n stronger

He held onto her all throughout the night ... Him n her their hands entwined together holding on to her stomach

They woke up next morning...
He kissed her a goodmorning she responded back n slowly n gradually they woke up... She went downstairs to make breakfast n as he came down he made sure she are her breakfast n her multivitamins n then took lunch n left ... After giving her a quick peck on the cheeks

Noone minded the peck it seemed because no one said anything maybe all of them were still not out if grief of muskaans leaving ...

Riddhima finished her work n went to college

Anjali told avinash what had happened he helped her n told her if she wanted they could go n meet then

Anjali was hesistant at first n hence called up Muskaan to see how things were with her

Muskaan assured her tht she was good n apologized her for ruining things for her like tht

Anjali said tht a few days ago Anji was telling her tht the room was going to be muskaans now she has left n the room is hers ...

Muskaan reminded her tht soon she was leaving too ...

It made her sad ...
The thought of leaving the house the family tht she grew up with

" yeah I guess" she said absent mindedky

Muskaan understood what Anji was feeling

She was feeling the same...

She knew her Bhabhi needed her too

After a while they hung up the phone
Rahul came up to Muskaan n hugged her from the back

She laughed " see I hv become so fat ur hands can't even reach together"
He turned her n kissed her

" I can still do this..." She blushed

Armaan went to pick riddhima up after class
She was surprised as they had just finished talking n tht he would usually return late from work

He mentioned tht he wanted to do this n he wanted to make sure she reaches home safely

She assured him tht it was not necessary... He told her it was his need...

So she smiled n sat in the car

He held his hand on hers in the gear all the time... Throughout the drive

They reached home n she started to get out if the car he asked her to wait n hugged her

She hugged him back

N then she left n he left fr work

She was starting to sense tht Armaan was very emotional after yesterday s meeting with Muskaan ...

Nikki was calling her

She picked up
" hello Di"
" riddhima hi... I called up ma today... She told me u r pregnant congratulations"

" thank you Di... I m sorry I was going to call u"

" Abhi left riddhima ... He left me" Nikki muttered

Riddhima was upset hearing this...
" Di. ... "

" I m fine riddhima I knew the day was coming ..."

" I m very sorry to hear tht Di I really am... Why don't u go visit ma for somedays u will feel better"

" riddhima ... This is abhis baby right" she asked

Riddhima was flabbergasted " no Di this is not... This is mine n Armaans baby,..."

" I want to meet u now" Nikki said

" I m at home I can't really come Di ..."

" Ridhima please come ... I need my sister today... Just outside the coffee shop by ur house"

Before riddhima could say nything Nikki mentioned tht she would there shortly n she would call her to come n hung up

She did not want to discuss this

She still had not visited her gynacologist
This could not be abhis baby

Her heart was not lying
She touched her belly

Anji came outside

" Bhabhi r u okay... U hv pain" she asked concerned

" no no I m fine" she said n they returned indoors

A while later Nikki called her n asked her to come out

Reluctantly she went...

" hello Di"
" come sit"
" no I hv work at home"
" em riddhima please sit"
She sat
She asked her Wht would she have
Riddhima told her that she was avoiding eating outside fr the baby

Nikki smiled n ordered something for herself

" riddhima..."
" Di I know this is my n Armaans baby n there is no way I want this discussion further"

" just tell me one thing did u ever feel dizzy before u n Armaans"

Riddhima thought back during karvachauth she had but she was fasting ...
" no never"

" u r lying riddhima I can tell"

" Nikki I understand u lost ur husband today... But tht does not mean..."

"Did u say this to Armaan tht u had gone invitro with abhi"

Riddhima was startin to scare out... She had not n yesterday Armaan made her promise tht she wouldn't hide anything frm him

" Di I m leaving ... I don't hv to say nything because this baby is mine"

" it is abhis riddhima because in invitros are not done without proper research"

" yes but u forget u just told me one day n the do for did it the same day"

" the doctor had ur reports from earlier on"

Riddhima was surprised
" I had a talk with the doctor they had tod me tht a sisters womb is better as the blood contents are from the same mother... So chances of rejection are little"

"Riddhima I don't mean by harm to u... I know the baby is abhis... Just go to the doctor n he can tell u how pregnant u r n u cn figure out"

She said paid the bill n left

Riddhima was just left sitting there

A while later she left...
She couldn't seem to concentrate on her work Ananya sensed tht brook over te kitchen from her asking her to rest...

She went to the room n started to study... But her mind was going back to Wht Nikki said...

She made an appointment with the gynacologist immediately...

In the evening when Armaan when thru all had dinner n then riddhima we t back to study ... She wanted to go alone for her appointment n see Wht the doctor has to sy...

A few days pAsses n her day for the appointment came...

She waited impatiently as the doctor took her samples n turn checked her

The doctor calculated an estimated due date based on the I citation she gave him
She did not hide the invitro but did not mention abhis name

The doctor looked at everything n concluded tht she was a month n half pregnant... Tht meant she had conceived with Abhi... She was scared... She thanked the doctor n made the next appt n left

Everything playing in her mind

The invitro procedure

The karvachauth where the lady mentioned to tk care in her condition
Her ging with Armaan
The dizziness the pain...

She did not want this

Nikki called her

She did not want to talk to anyone at the moment...
Nikki texted her..." Riddhima r u okay... Please talk to me "
" not now Di"she texted back

She was walking so absentmindedly tht she was abt to be but off by a car when  a  bystander helped her

Armand car was passing by n he saw Wht happened. Immediately he parked his car n crossed the road to reach to her

" riddhima tu them ho" he asked she nodded he gugged her

He thanked the person who saved her n turn took her with him to the car

" riddhima dhyan se chale Karo ... Tumhe kuch ho jata toh..." He started driving towards home to drop her

" Wht were u thinking tht u did not see the car"he asked

" huh... Sorry Armaan"
He looked at her

She still was lost

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