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AR FF::Aapki Nazar...III:Part 39/40Upd 11/02/13 ArmN sys ILU story END (Page 21)

teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 October 2013 at 7:41am | IP Logged
plz dn leavee
we were so loving ths fff

sakshiA Goldie

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Posted: 24 October 2013 at 10:18am | IP Logged
nice part.
why Muski is so disturbed.
feeling sad for Nikki.
very less AR...
cont soon.
thanks for pm.

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angelicdove Senior Member

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Posted: 26 October 2013 at 3:40am | IP Logged
what happened????
hope it's not anything serious!!!!
and we r waiting for the update
so plzzz do continue
AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 26 October 2013 at 5:34pm | IP Logged
Hello Everyone,

i am sorry to leave like that inbetween... but I seriously dont know how to move the story ahead and besides I am loosing interest in th estory... however, at any point if i do find the link back towards writing I will pen it down and PM all u loyal readers... :)

This is a part that I had written some time back but never got a chance to post...

hope u enjoy it...

Chapter 36

The aunt through her experience had realized that maybe the two of them had not spoke openly to each other  she decided to do something about it...she called Anji n avinash independently to meet n then called them saying tht she couldn't make it once she knew that they had reached...

Surprised Anji n avinash started to retreat but then they saw each each other... Surprised ...awkwardness  and a lot more is what they both felt when they met they enquirer about each others presence n then realized that it was the aunts saazish... They laughed about it n discussed some of their mischievousness with the aunt in the childhood... It seemed like they had found a common point  after coffee stating work he decided to head back offering her to drop her by her house but she mentioned her need to go to college I finish some work. And excused herself but not before they had exchanged their emails details

From Herron had started the silsila of emails ..., it was not tht tey were falling in love but they had started sharing their days details with each other... Just like how it all starts ...

A month had passed by Anji and avinash very still talking sometimes via phone as well... Nikki was  6 months pregnant her stomach very visible from afar... Abhi looked happy so did she... Finally she was starting to see her life just as she wanted ... Still not perfect but beautiful nevertheless ... Armaan n riddhima well their life was as normal as it could be... She had started her college n would manage the household too so her n Armaans life had become busy but they would make sure that they give each other some time once during the day whether it met meeting at lunch... Or going out for long drives at night even though they would be tired or just going out on weekends... It was just like it should be...

Muskaan was in a terrible condition... Her health worsening day by a day but she would always hide it from others ...,.

Riddhima saw her one day in a bad shape n decided to take her to the hospital ... She resisted riddhima threatened tht if she did not go riddhima would tell Armaan Muskaan had no choice... Riddhima and Muskaan took an auto to the hospital

Nikki n Abhi had decided to
Go to a restaurant... After all it was after such a long time that they were finally going out... They took an auto to the restaurant

Nikki and Abhi holding hands talking about their future when Nikki shed a tear . Because the future seemed uncertain... He consoled her mentioning that jut by being with him his condition had improved so maybe tere could be something that could be done ...

Riddhima on te other hand looked at Muskaan ... She was worried for her ... What was goin to happen ... Why was she not saying anything ... What was wrong with her...

Armaan called her on her cell
She talked to him avoiding telling him about the fact that her and Muskaan were travelling to the hospital at the moment

After a while she hung up the phone

There was a lot of traffic on the road

Riddhimas rickshaw was ahead in the traffic while Nikki's was a little behind...  The traffic did not seem to ease

Abhi was starting to get irritated by the noise ...

He asked the driver to rake a diff route if he could... But the rickshaw was stuck in the traffic and h
The only way out was if they could reach the traffic signal which was a little ahead of them the driver could thn make a turn...

Riddhimas driver decided to take the turn seeig that there was no other way out...

Both the rickshaw a Nikki's and riddhimas were now out of the traffic  The road was quite

Armaan called again to riddhima mentioning that he was missing her ... N the fact was tht she was indeed feeling the same... 

Nikki n riddhimas rickshaw were side by side now but each one of them busy in their own world did not see the other ...
There was a junction coming ahead n the road was empty... The drivers sped up each trying to overtake the other... N in between both of them did not see a large truck approaching them out of the intersection

Wham- wham- whammm

The truck hit Nikki's rickshaw n in turn hit Muskaan n riddhimas rickshaw

The driver of the truck saw the rickshaw coming out of the intersection but by the time he applied the breaks it was too late...

Armaaannn" she screamed as the crash happened

" Bhabhi" Muskaan screamed  as the rickshaw tumbled over and pushed the second rickshaw

Wham- crash

The truck collided with the first rickshaw...and the break finally went into effect but not before crashing into the rickshaw...
It damaged the rickshaw but what it damaged inside was much worse

Nikki was unconscious bleeding and Abhi he was a little awake n bleeding too ...

Their impact was much stronger than riddhimas

The truck driver ran away seeing the amount of loss he had created

The drivers went unconscious on the spot taking the impact of both the rickshaw a

Armaan had heard her scream

He kept on saying riddhima... Ridddhimaaa but could hear no reply back from her... He panicked started the car and went home to find out what happened

Somebody was passing by the site when thy saw what happened n decided to call the police n the ambulance...

The police came n then did the ambulance... Immediately the ambulance pulled out the stretchers n took the patients

Riddhimas phone fell from her hand as they put her on the stretcher

The police saw the phone and looked at the last dialed . He called the no.

Armaan was driving back to the home when he received the phone call

" hello" the inspector said
" hello riddhima... Where is riddhima... Let me talk to her"

The inspector continued " sir the lady in question has been in an accident"

Armaan panicked ... Just something he was afraid of as she had screamed

" we are taking her to safurdung hospital there are three other casualties and two rickshaw drivers as well. "

" thank u officer I will be there"
He said hung up and drive to the hospital...

How ... N why????!

He hoped that riddhima would be safe...
He called up home to let Ananya know about it...

Ananya asked her about Muskaan aa Muskaan had gone with her...

He worried more

The officer had said three more ... Did that mean Muskaan too...

He told her mother to stay home n once he finds out anything he would tell her..., he did not want ny more casualties with rickshaw a affecting his family...

He reached the hospital

And asked for riddhima

The sister asked who

He said riddhima

The sister said there is no one by that name here but she asked if he was here for the patient from the highway accident n he affirmed

She told him that  she was being operated on... As she was pregnant n the accident had been a massive blow on her out of the four...

He was shocked ... Just stood there ... His riddhima pregnant ... N she had not even told him ... N before she could tell him this thing ... He panicked and asked the sister to inform her of the room

All the while walking upstairs to the OT room he was frantic.

"Riddhima" he whispered " my baby... Y did this happen?"

The doctor came out ...and saw Armaan " u must be ?" He asked questioning...

" I m Armaan ... Riddhima is my wife the one who is pregnant"

The doctor " okay I am very sorry to say this tht she has been severely hurt in the accident and as a result the body has lost a lot of blood we are trying to save both the mother n the baby but only a few more hours could tell how many lives we could save..."

Armaan was devastated... The news of her pregnancy had to come in such a manner...

He nodded the doctor went ahead

He looked into the OT room couldn't see the patient...

He sat down...

He saw Ridddhima being taken on a stretcher to a general ward...

Immediately he got up  and asked the sister " sister where are u taking her "

The sister said " we are taking her to the general ward she is stable just needs some rest"

" but the doctor just said that he has to monitor the mother n the baby" he asked

" it's not her ... It's the other lady that got into the accident ...,,. She is 6 months pregnant  " she looked at him as if asking why is he asking so many questions n he replied that she was his wife... So she took him with her to fill out the necessary forms

Panic seemed to evade him as he realized his riddhima was safe but he wondered for the other woman...

N Muskaan wasn't she here too he pondered

He asked the sister about te other girl with riddhima m she said tht she was fine too along with the guy who was with the pregnant lady... She got the major impact as the truck hit her first...

He felt bad for the lady

Abhi woke up " Nikki Nikki" he screamed the sister cm up to him " where's Nikki where is my wife"

" she is still in the oT " she said " is she okay... How is the baby... I need to see her please sister"

" u need to take rest sir ... The doctors are with ur wife... She will be fine"

He was restless did not sit down the sis pages the doctor he saw his restlessness n have him something to sleep n then went to attend Nikki

She was gaining consciousness that's Wht the doc wanted ... A sharp pain erupted in her belly

" abhiii" she screamed digging her nails into the bed to help her release te pain...

A consoling hand came on her forehead " sister" the doctor informed the sister to give her the epidural ... The pain started easing

She quickly looked down her belly still intact

" m I okay doctor ... Is my baby okay" she asked immediately

"Nikki" the doctor called her name as e heard it from Abhi earlier on " u were involved in a car crash with three others ,...,., ur husband is fine" he sai as she was about to ask about Abhi ." So are the other two ... Ur baby is very weak ... U have lost a lot of blood ... We are trying our best ... But in case. We are not able to save both of u I need a consent signed... "

Nikki panicked

" Nikki please don't panic this is a normal procedure ... N I would have told ur husband but u seem to be more stronger of the two mentally..." He continued " we don't have much time please talk to ur husband I will be sending him in shortly"

Saying that he consoled her and left to send Abhi in

Nikki was devastated

The unborn child was her only hope of survival ... After Abhi... She could not bear this ... It was too much for her

Abhi came in... Looked at Nikki n her belly

" Nikki dear ... " he said " the doctor sent me in saying that e explained something to u ... U r okay na... The baby it's fine na... Nothin will happen to the two of u..."

He started crying...

" Nikki please don't cry " he said and hugged her and kissed her to make her feel better...

" the baby ..." She cried...
"What abt the baby Nikki" he said breaking the hug

" the doctor told me that we have to sign a consent that in any case something happens to the baby they would not be responsible"

" what " he asked " but why u r fine ... The baby is fine we don't have to sign anything Nikki... U will be fine ... Let me talk to the doctor"

Aaa Nikki started squealing the pain starting to come back

" Abhi I don't have much time they need to operate on me ... But they are going to ask u to sign the form please think wisely n choose ... Aaa" she screamed the nurse came in ...

Doctor came in

" sit please sign this consent form we need to take her "

Abhi w as lost

Looking at her

Her belly

The baby
His baby

Their baby

Their only reason they came back together ...

" I can't sign this form"

" what" the doctor looked at him " ur wife is in pain... Do u not get it ... I understand loosing a baby is a big deal but this is a consent we will try out best but the accident is such that there is no guarantee ... N u will have ur wife back ... Come one please don't waste anymore time ... The more u delay the more u r endangering her life ... Please"

He signed it reluctantly n they immediaey took Nikki to the it she screaming in pain looked at Abhi a last time before leaving the room on the stretcher...

Abhi sat down there

How could he explain to the doctor that he did not have time that Nikki ... He had taken so much pain for this baby... Tht the baby was his world with Nikki...

An hour passed... A few hours passed ... He waited outside the OT... 

Ridhima woke up and realized what had happened ... She asked the nurse about Muskaan and was told that she was int eh other room n then she asked about the others who were hurt... The nurse told her that the lady is in OT the baby is fighting for its life n the husband is safe

He felt very bad for them and wanted to go and meet them when the doctor came in

" Mrs Riddhima right..." The doctor said

Armaan came in at the moment too

The doctor looked at Armaan Armaan looked t riddhima then at te doctor

" yes mr Armaan ... U may meet ur wife but let me complete these formalities"

He nodded

" so mrs riddhima..." She aske her about did she feel pain st any particular place she nodded a negative et hand was hurt n there was a scratch on her forehead but other than that she was fine

The doctor thanked her n was about to leave when she asked " how is the other lady doing doctor ..."

" her baby is fighting for its life... Mrs riddhima... But u take care"

She said left

Armaan hugged her tight as soon as she left

Riddhima" he kissed her cheek " with ur scream I was so worried...,"

" Armaan ... I m sorry I took Muskaan out with me n this happened"

"Hey no it's not ur fault... It's the truck drivers fault who hit ur n the other woman's rickshaw

She looked at him" did see her... The nurse said the baby is fighting for its life n the doctor too... It's so bad Armaan " she said n hugged him...

" growing a baby inside u n then losing it like that... I feel so bad for her"

He touched her hair to calm her down

" I am just glad it's not u ... At first I thought the pregnant lady was u "

" no Armaan if I ever was pregnant I would tell u first..." She said hugging. Him tight ..." I just feel very bad for the woman... "

He kept on caressing her...

" let me check on Muskaan " he said

" let me come with u too"

" no u sit here she is fine I just need to talk to her"

" okay" she said n laid on the bed

He kisse sher forehead n went to the other room ...

As he entered he saw Muskaan talking to someone on the phone n hung up as soon as he came...

" did I interrupt u"

He asked questioning how did she hang up the phone

" no bhai... Is Bhabhi okay" he nodded a yes

" this was so bad ... The other lady ..."

He cut her speech " yes I know ... We are all praying for her n the baby..."

She touched her belly inadvertently
Do u have some pain...

" no bhai just the thought of losing a baby that's growing inside u for so long ... It's painful"

" hey don't worry everything will be fine " he said and hugged her... She hugged him back. N ten he decided to get back to riddhima...

As he went by he saw Abhi

What was Abhi Doing here he questioned

" Abhi" he called out

" Armaan u here"

I want to ask u the smae ques he asked

Abhi almost had tears in his eyes

" Nikki ... "

" what happened to her..."

She is in the OT we got into an accident ... Our baby is fighting ...

Armaan hugged him and Abhi let out tears... " seei her like that ... Was killing me... Already she had taken so much pain to grow the baby n now this..."

Armaan made him sit asked the sister for some water and made him drink it...

" have faith Abhi... Everything will work out ..."he decided to stay with Abhi as he needed help the most the moment

The light on the OT ended the doctor came out ... Abhi n Armaan both for up

N looked expectantly at the doctor

" mr Abhi" he said putting a hand on his shoulder " we tried our best... But we could not save ur baby... Nikki is unconscious at the moment but she will be fine"

" doctor I she finds out about the baby ... Do u think she would be fine?"

" mr Abhi ... U have to be strong ... We tried our wry best..." He looked at Armaan to make him understand Armaan nodded...
Abhi stood there
They  brought Nikki out n took her to a general ward... Abhi was afraid to face her ...  Armaan didn't know what to do ... He told him that if he wants he could come with him. It's at tht point that Abhi said no that this was his n her loss n her will have to address it n saying that he walked towards Nikki's ward

Armaan was shocked for a moment ... Nikki was the other patient who was in the accident with Abhi... His entire clan in one accident... How was he going to say this to riddhima ... She was already worried about Nikki n now... He started walking n didn't realize when he entered her room...

" Armaan..."

He looked up at her breaking his thoughts

" yes riddhima ... Umm Muskaan is fine..."

Riddhima looked at him questioning " how is the other woman..."

He couldn't answer ...

" riddhima " he called her out  m cm up to her and held her hand " it was Nikki ... She was the one in the OT ..."

" how is she now... How is the baby..."

" Ridddhima ... Nikki lost her baby..."

She looked at him shocked ... He hugged her but she was still in shock ... " I have to see her ..."

" riddhima Abhi has gone to her ... He needs to tell her first ..."

" Armaan it's my sister ,... I need to be there..."
She said and left him there running towards Nikki Armaan had mentioned the room no to her

Armaan walked behind her

Abhi had entered the room
Nikki was touching her belly ...
He shed a tear

" Nikki ... Love"
He said as he entered

SHe gestured towards him asking for a hug
He came n hugged her tight

" not so tight the baby ..."

He couldn't stop it ...
" Nikki " he said breaking the hug

"" Nikki listen to me ... We lost our baby"

" what are u talking about Abhi look the baby is here" she said pointing towards her stomach...

" Nikki ... U have to grasp this ... We lost the baby"

" stop it Abhi ... Y r u doing this "

" I know this is hard for U for me for the both of us... But we lost our little angel ... She couldn't take the accident..."

And then the accident registered in we mind

" no no this can't be Abhi there must be some mistake "

" look my stomach ... It's still intact"

" Nikki" he said and showed her the belly the cut marks to show that the baby was taken out...

She looked at tht and at him ... Registering what had happened ...

He hugged her and she cried ... Cried relentlessly...

Riddhima came in

" Nikki jeeju"

They broke the hug still crying

" riddhima tum yahan..."

" Didi I just heard... " she came n hugged her " we are all with u don't worry ... Things will be fine"

" nothing will be riddhima ... Nothing will be..."

Abhi looked at her " Armaan must have informed u na"

She nodded a yes n Abhi enquired about her wrist ...

" I was the second person who got injured in the crash ... Me n Muskaan ... But none of our losses can be as big as urs "

Nikki looke d at her ...
" you ... You are the cause of all this"

Riddhima looked at her
Abhi too and asked her to calm down as he knew she was traumatized

Armaan was almost coming in the room when he heard the conversation he stopped

" no let me speak ..."
She said

" tum hi ho meri har har ki wajah"

" Di aap yeh kyun..."

" riddhima ... U took away everything from me... Everything "

Riddhima ran up to her n tried to hug her she shrugged her off

" stay away from me ... I lost my baby because of u ,... I m losing Abhi now ,... Too..."

She looked at Abhi

Nikki interrupted her... " don't u looke at him ... Next u will take him away like u did Armaan"

That was a blow to her ...
" she took. Armaan away...?"

Was Nikki repenting it

Armaan heard it n came in

" Nikki ... I know you have been through so much ... But riddhima was hurt too ... But in front of u she is not showing the hurt... Please don't hurt urself by doing all this"

" I am sorry riddhima ... Nikki has been theough so much in life ... That ..."

" Abhi..." She called him " y r u confronting her ... I m ur wife dammit... Riddhima first u took Armaan away from me ... Then u took my child n now u want Abhi too ... He is leaving me in a few days " she blurted out ... " does that make u happy..."

" Di" riddhima cried " I hv never n never will ..."

" I lost my baby riddhima ... Do u even know what that means ... Losing someone whom u wished to bring upon this earth... I have struggled with do much tht baby was my redemption ..." She cried " u took it away" Abhi consoled her

Abhi said " it was not her fault Nikki ... It was the drivers"

Nikki broke the hug

" it was riddhimas fault ... Ever since she has been in my life I hv had trouble ... She has been the cause if every misery of mine... I will never forgive u Ridhima ... Never " she said and cried on abhis shoulder

Riddhima just. Stood there

Armaan came in and took riddhima with him...

He took riddhima and Muskaan with him after they were discharged back home...

Riddhima couldn't understand y did this happen today ... Did Nikki mean everything seriously ...

She called up padma to inform her about Nikki's condition
And hung up the phone ...

Armaan held her hand in between his driving but what Nikki had said nothin to surpass that...

In all this confusion Muskaan was the only one who was relieved ...

Riddhima wanted to meet Nikki  but. Her harsh words n Armaan had also prevented her from going ... Why was everyone doing this ... Was it her fault

One day when Armaan went to work on the presence of going to the market she went to see Nikki

Nikki opened the door and seeing her decided to turn off the door when she held it..
" Di aisi kya berukhi ki apko  main bilkul las and nahi"

" what do u want " she said angrily

" I want to talk to u ... Just talk .."

She let the door open n went in riddhima closed the door behind her...

Nikki ignored her completely

Riddhima felt hurt

" Di what have I done that aap mujhse itni berukhi se baat kar rahe ho.."

She did not answer

" Di" she started crying

" riddhima go home... Yahan Armaan nahin hain tujhe sambhalne ke liye"

She stopped crying and looked at her

" mujhe apni Di vapid chahiye"

" woh Di usi din mar gayi thi jab tune Armaan se shaadi kar li thi..."

Se was shocked to hear that

" don't act so shocked riddhima... Tujhe pata tha ki main Armaan ko aur Armaan. Mujhe pasand karta tha... Phir Bhi tune shaadi ki...

And whn I was moving ahead with Abhi u killed my baby"

" Di I did not kill ..."

" u killed my baby riddhima... U killed it... U took Armaan away from me otherwise I would not have been in such a situation I would not have been with Abhi I would not have lost my baby ... I would have been where u are... U took my place riddhima u will never be happy..."

Riddhima was beyond hurt hearig all this

" did u love Armaan...?"

" riddhima I should be asking u that ... Did u ever love Armaan after u get married ... Did u ever make love to him... No the sign of love making is a baby... I don't see that with u"

Riddhima just took all the pain that her Di was giving her...

" u snatched what was destined to be mine... N that's y u r getting this riddhima..."

" now Abhi is goig to leave me too ... Who am I going to live for... U killed me riddhima u killed my existence my child"

She fell down n cried

Riddhima ran to her but Nikki gestured her to not touch her

Riddhima was so hurt that staying there another moment meant getting more insulted and hurting herself more...

" Di if u want Armaan if u still love him ...I ..."

" shut up riddhima ... Just freakin shut up..."

Her Di had never spoken to her like that never... Until now

" please Di I can't see u like this ... I want to help u .."

Riddhima said still trying to understand her Di

Nikki with a sarcastic smile on her face said " u want to help me huh riddhima... U really want to help me..."

" yes Di " she added

" give me my baby back..."

" can u"

Riddhima didn't know what to say

" how can u ... U killed it"

" Di please" riddhima said closing her ears

" it's hurting me all these accusations of urs what do u want me to do to help"

" u want to help me na ... Give me abhis baby... He is leaving he doesn't have much time ... My womb is not strong yet to carry the baby... U be the womb to carry the baby... Do that n I will forgive u"

" can u do tht"

" yes Di" riddhima said wiping her tears without thinking much " if tht is Wht mks u happy I will do it"

Saying tht she left the apt crying her way out  into the rickshaw going back home

Then she realized the implication of what she actually said... She raised both her hands near her mouth in astonishment ...
What was Armaan going to say...

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AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 26 October 2013 at 5:36pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by angelicdove

what happened????
hope it's not anything serious!!!!
and we r waiting for the update
so plzzz do continue

Hey hun I am well...

nothing serious..

just some block on the story and some disinterest  at this point... however whenever i had a good chunk for you and all my readers i will post it... but i dont promise regular updates :) have a wonderful day ahead
AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 26 October 2013 at 5:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by teenorchid

plz dn leavee
we were so loving ths fff

hey hun...

thank you so much for writing that..

makes me feel great :)

I will try to update but I cant promise regulars anymore...

life is so short... n there are so many things one wants right :)

hope u have a good time reading the new chapter...

have a great day ahead
AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 26 October 2013 at 5:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MrMrsChiping.

Why everything okay..i want update dear:)

yes everyything is fine dear...

updated already :)
AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 26 October 2013 at 5:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -AK-

yea I also want update
I was re reading the whole story so dint comment
im eagerly waiting for next part so plz update :)

updated dear...

hope u like it:)

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