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AR FF::Aapki Nazar...III:Part 39/40Upd 11/02/13 ArmN sys ILU story END (Page 19)

AR4eve Goldie

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Originally posted by charmingkiller

loveddd it

thank you hun...

do keep reading:))

added to pm:)

AR4eve Goldie

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Chapter 35

It was the weekend and Nikki had to go see Abhi ... All throughout the week she could not go due to work and Abhi was upset with her ... She took an auto and told the driver the address of the hospital...

Ananya waited until the weekend to talk to Anji because Friday was her graduation n she did not know how would Anji react ... Would she be happy or would she be upset... N it was her graduation so she did not want her to be upset...

The graduation came n went n Anji was happy and over with her bachelors so she decided to talk now...
"Anjali" she called her when she saw her alone" do u have a minute I need to talk to u"

She looked at her ma and said" sure mom I will be there in a bit" she wondered what could it be...

Ananya took her to her room... Billy was not there n then made her sit ...
" so Anjali ... I know this is early but what is ur plan after now"
" do u mean after the bachelors... I don't know mom... I want to work but at present I don't specifically have a plan... Maybe I would like to study later don't know yet..."
" hmm" Ananya said
" my aunt called a few days ago ..., u know the one in Kalyan ... We had gone there when all of u were little... She called me up to tell me that she has a rishta for u"

Ananya expected a reaction but Anjali listened . Ananya knew all her kids were resilent... She continued " he is a lawyer has studied abroad I believe she said US I don't know the details yet... The family is good n the aunt is in constant touch with them ... So the basic thing here is ... She just wants to set up a meet for u n him and te families to interact... If u don't like it u can say no ... But ur aunt was very insistent on atleast meeting them ... Now if u have plans or if there is something that u need to tell me ... And don't want to meet this guy toh I will surely say no to her"
She said n smiled ...

" mom... I. Don't know ... I mean I wasn't thinking about it yet ... But if it is about just a meet then I guess it should be fine "

"Okay Anjali ... I will let her know at the earliest then... Don't tell anyone about this yet okay ... Lets see where this goes "

" yes mom... Ab main jau"
She asked

She smiled and said " yes"

Anjali left...
Anaanya thought she knew the day would come to start looking for her daughters grooms but didn't expect it so soon... Nevertheless she decided to call the aunt n let her know

Nikki reached the hospital n asked the nurse fr abhis room no.

She reached the room n saw that Abhi had lost so much hair since the last time he was home with her

She came in ... Abhi

Abhi opened his eyes and looked at her.. He looked so pale so fragile ... It was tearing her up ...
"Nikki" he mumbled and woke up slowly ... She rushed to him and stood there looked at all the tubes ... Going in and out of his hands ... She almost cried but stayed strong for him...
" Abhi " she said and hugged him...
He felt relieved to get her hug
She was standing n he was sitting on the bed so his hug went around her stomach that was bulging out a little ...
" Nikki ... I missed u ... " he kissed the belly " I missed the baby" he continued and hugged her tight " I don't want to be here ... It is painful ... I don't want to be here Nikki" he was about to cry " I don't want to spend the last few months of my life here" he said ...
She was caressing him n when he said that she stopped shocked
She broke the hug and sat on the bed next to him ..." What Do u mean last few months" she said " u mean last few months in the hospital"

Abhi did not know how to say this ... Say this to her...

He just hug her back
Caressing his back she said ... " tell me Abhi ... What's wrong ... What is bothering u... Please for my sake for the baby's sake"
He broke the hug and held her hands and said " baby... Please don't panic... I knew this day would come but it's heartening for me too but u must not give up on anything..."
" what is it Abhi" she asked
He could not even meet her eyes  he hugged her back and said it " I don't think I will live to see our angel being born"

Shock... Is far less a word to express what Nikki went through at that point... She just could not say anything ... How could this be true... He must be playing a prank... She broke the hug n said " Abhi this is not a time to joke... How can u joke about this..."

Abhi looked at her n cupped her face " Nikki the cancer is on the last stage n all this chemotherapy is taking a toll on me... I heard the doctors say tht yesterday whike they thought they I was asleep... Nothing is official yet ... But I don't want to give u a false hope ..."

Nikki stared at him " but they did not tell u yet ... That means they have a cure most likely ...

"Love" he said with as much pain internally as much in his heart
" just listen to me ... Please ... I don't know how much time I have ... But whatever little is left I want to spend with u ... With the baby... Please take me out of here... Please Nikki"

Se hugged him ... Him suffering like this ... His lifetime uncertain... Her baby in her womb... She was not sure whether she deserved such harsh treatment from life ...
Okay Abhi we will go home let me talk to the doctor "

Saying that she started waking to the doctors office her tears not stopping

She asked the nurse for the doctors office n she waited outside as he was with another doctor talking about a patient...

Once the cabin opened the other doctor left n she barged in...

The doctor looked surprised ... Then as if trying to remember her face he said " Nikki right... Abhimanyu'a wife...come sit"

She came and sat her bulging stomach... N looked worried

"so mrs modi how can I help u today"

" dr I need to know how long is my husband going to live"

He was surprised... He had not discussed this with his patient yet

" ok listen Nikki ... Nothing is hidden from u or Abhi... Infact I was just about to tell Abhi the same..."

" how muh time dr"

" his cancer is growing and chemotherapy is not able to help ...I cannot say but on an estimate about three months"

She was flabbergasted
She relaxed her posture on the chair as if a give up...

" Nikki "
He said coming to her aid " how ahead r u in ur pregnancy" he asked... She looked at the doctor...

" I m fine doctor ... But I need a favor from u ... He knows he is not goin to live forever ... He wants to spend the remainder of his life with me ... With the baby" she said touching her stomach...

" I understand that But he is very weak ... N u r in the stage of motherhood where u need care ... He will not be able to provide that... It would be additional work for u"

" I just want him to be with us in his last few months doctor..."

They argued  a little but then the doctor gave in and said that he will sign in the release form... But he will send a nurse home to check on him... She denied the need of the nurse explaining that she could manage her household

He admired the woman in front of her... So fragile her conditions hm yet so strong internally she was

The doctor signed the release n then came to Abhi n said tht he was free to go but he should take care if himself n his pregnant wife n if anything they should call him n let him know...

They thanked him as Nikki was leaving with Abhi in the wheelchair she turned to face the doctor "
Thank u very much doctor..."
She stretched the word doctor not knowing his name...
" thank u dr rohit... U dont know what u have done for me...  "

" it is part of my profession mrs modi"

They smiled n she left leaving a wonder struck dr rohit behind him... He loved his profession the fact was the patient was not cured but the never say die spirit of the girl reminded him of what he had missed for the past few months trying to solve abhis case

About a week passed that Ananya had talked to the aunt . The aunt had then talked to the boys family n a meeting was decided at Ananyas home

Today was the day...
She had involved riddhima in all this so that she would make sure the guests would be taken care of.

As the day came near by gradually all the family members started to know about it... Billy was hesistant stating tht she was just a kid but he knew one day or the other they had to start looking for their girls ...

On the day itself Anji was getting ready and Muskaan was helping her... Riddhima was preparing for the guests n once she was done with te food she came upstairs to see if Anji needed anything...

She talked to Anji about not worrying too muh and just being herself ... N once she was ready Muskaan went to get ready n so did riddhima... The meet was arranged on a Saturday so tht everyone could be home...

Armaan came into his room as riddhima was changing... He knocked on the door n once she opened to ho his presence he came in n closed te door

She had her blouse n her choli and was trying to tie her hair when he had knocked,.. With a pin in her mouth she had asked who was it n he replied it was him she opened the door he ame in then e locked it

She went back to work on her hair by the dressing table... Took the pin out of her mouth n put it on her hair to make it stay u a bun...

He looked at her as he was taking out his clothes to wear...

He finished wearing them even before she was ready n she was putting on her dupatta in a gujrati saree form ... He came up to her and looked at her and made a remark about her looking beautiful... She thanked him and said tht he did not look bad himself...  He smiled...

" Armaan can u help me with the pin here please" she said indicating for him to out a pin so tht her dupatta won't fall off from the back... He did it and she thanked him again... Once she was ready she lifted her eyebrows asking him how she looked...
Him n her were both in front if the mirror he put a hand on her shoulder and made a sign with his fingers expressing that they like perfect ... She couldn't disagree

They then went downstairs
Muskaan was asked to stay with Anji so she would be alone...

After a while the aunt came in with the family ... The husband the wife and their lawyer son...

They greeted each other and riddhima went to the kitchen to bring some cold drinks for everyone... Ananya and billy started talking with the aunt n the boys parents...  The boy was attentive to everyone

Riddhima noticed this as she was sitting besides Armaan who then made an effort to talk to the guy...

Gradually they decided to bring Anji down so riddhima went upstairs and then brought Anji out along with Muskaan ...

The boy looked at her as she was coming downstairs " not bad " he thought to himself...,

Anji came and she touched the elders feet n then was made to sit

She did not see the guy yet... Was hesistant...

Riddhima took up the initiative to let Anji and the guy talk... So they along with Armaan took them out to the verandah... She then nodded to Anji n mentioned tht they are just around n then turning to face him Armaan said please feel at ease ...the guy nodded and then Armaan n riddhima stepped away from them... Walked a little far away...

There was a lot of silence someone had to break it
" hi" he said breaking it
" hello" she responded back
This was getting tough he thought...
" frankly speaking I don't know how to start a conversation like this... I mean I see it in movies but real life sure is daunting"
' daunting ' she thought not the word she would like to have heard from a potential husband ..." I agree " she said " infact I just finished college n I was not even sure what to do ahead n now this" she said
Ohh she's not ready " y didn't u mention this to ur parents" he said finally a free conversation about to start...
" actually my mom asked me casually about this abt aunt setting up a meet so I did not see the harm. "
He hummed "well for me... After my family the aunt is everything ... I treat her as a mother... N hence when she asked me for a meet I couldn't say no..."
" so since we both are supposed to talk why don't we start by introducing ourselves to each other not as potential mates but just as two people..." She liked the idea he continued " let me start first then " he said seeing that she was not starting  "my name is avinash. I m originally from Bombay itself ... Went to Boston to study fr my JD( law degree) n currently I m working with BG firms in navi Mumbai"
Very impressive she thought

" well I don't have an extensive bio data like urs but I am a mumbaikar as well have been here all my life n I just finished my bachelors in chemistry from Bombay college " she said

" chemistry wow..." He said" I have always had a hard time with that subject... That's the reason I became a lawyer so that I could sue my chem teachers " he joked

She smiled weird but still has some sense of humor she thought

Tht talked about their hobbies n likes n dislikes she talked about her participation in college him about his college life... All in all it went well

Riddhima n Armaan came after sometime n then took them back the parents then talked n then the guys family asked to take leave  n after done food they left

Things were back to normal now... Armaan asked her how did she find the guy n she said he seemed okay so that he format become too hopeful

At home avinashs family asked him about he girl n he said she was normal

So they could not really decided what to aanswer to the family's girl

Ananya talked to billy n said tht she felt the family was good n do was the boy

Billy agreed but said tht it had to be anjis decision...
She agreed

While the meet was happen ending Muskaan had gone upstairs her pain unbearable ... She put a pillow in her mouth n had closed the door...
She cried with pain ... She hated him for giving her this pain... She hated it ... Ever since she had met him her life was a mess... N now ... N then ... She should have followed riddhimas advice n not gone to meet him... He lured her feebleness ... Her love for him... He took advantage of it all... After almost half an hour she went to sleep and only woke up when Anji knocked on the door once the guys family had gone

" Muski kya hua tujhe" she asked as she came in and saw her
" I m sorry I was so tired I went to sleep"

" how did it go" Muski asked her

Anji sat not he dressing table n started to take of her jewellery
" it was okay I guess ... Nothing extraordinary"

Hmm Muski said don't worry
Things will be fine

Anji didn't know what to make of the meeting... She felt the guy was just to competent for her

On the other hand avinash wasn't sure either he had not seen something that would be like I cannot see this in anyone else

He received a call from his old client
" yes I will see u in a bit" he said and hung up and started to walk towards the address that he had to go I to meet the client

A few weeks passed and there was no news from either Ananya nor avinashs they individually assumed that the other party was not interested when in fact none of then was sure... The aunt decided to take matters in her own hand

Nikki was having a hard time because they had abruptly come from the hospital Abhi was weak she had to keep giving him food so tht he could build his immune system...,, in turn she was sidelining her own health... With work n then takings Abhi care  was taking a toll on her ... Abhi was not liking this... He would try to her her wih a few errands and she would smile at that ... He would make her eat food for herself n the baby
Slowly and gradually he started regaining his health a little at a time... Radiation has it's disadvantages killing healthy cells along with tumor cells but with no radiation and immune building foods that Nikki would give him he started regaining ...

Now she could come home n the food would be made... N he woul take care of himself too along with her...

She started to like that ...

Riddhima asked Ananya one day about the rishta and Ananya mentioned to her that they had not heard anything back from the aunt... So she was assuming it was a no

Ridhima asked Ananya whether she mentioned anything to Anji

She said that she is not mention yet because frankly Anji hasn't asked anything yet and hence maybe she was disinterested herself...

What they both did not know was that inspite the cold start they had kept each others contact details just in case n for the past few days they had been chatting ... They themselves did not know what that was but it was just a friendship ... The start of a friendship... N it had happened due to the aunts mastermind...

Thank you for reading.
Please Comment/Like/Criticize and let me know your views.

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Gudduluvs IF-Dazzler

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nice update..luvd it...thnkz...
nilusoni IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 September 2013 at 10:14pm | IP Logged
Nice part
thanx for pm
do pm me for next part
continue soon
angelicdove Senior Member

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Posted: 29 September 2013 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
wow!!such a super fast updateLOL
well m loving the speed of updatesTongue
poor AN yaar,feel bad for them
and what had happened to muskaan??what have rahul done to her?
poor soul cries all the timeCry
and if armaan got a wink about it,tab toh rahul gayaLOL
so anjie and avinash haan????
their meeting was realistic,how can one decide in a single day about their whole life
i guess it's avinash here instead of atul,or is it the other way round??Confused
and ya AR is so less now-a-days that our quota doesn't get fulfilledOuch
update soon
will be waiting
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Nice part but so less of ar:(
Sad about niki...
Thanks for pm

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Posted: 30 September 2013 at 6:29am | IP Logged
awesome part
loved it
cont soon
teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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fast update
less of AR

lets see wat u have stored fr us

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