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AR FF::Aapki Nazar...III:Part 39/40Upd 11/02/13 ArmN sys ILU story END (Page 18)

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Update time peeps!!!

Chapter 34

She greeted billy and Anji and then they started going to their home
They finally reached  the home
Ananya welcomed them ... Warmly...

She came in and wanted to touch her feet but Ananya stopped her and just made her hug her... N then broke the hug
Armaan came up to her too and then cupped his face...
" maa... "
" I have been away for my son n riddhima n I hv missed u guys"
" we all did mum" Muskaan added coming downstairs

" the house has missed ur cooking Bhabhi... N bhai we missed u terribly"

Armaan walked up to her and hugged her tight

" I missed u all too Muskaan" he added
She nodded

Muskaan whispered in his ears " jhoot may boliye bhai ... I am sure u n Bhabhi did not miss us one bit...
" badmaash" he said quietening her.

Ananya asked then to return to their rooms but riddhima wanted to help out but Ananya said go freshen up n then we can see but lunch is already made so u dont really have to worry about it...

So then they retired to their rooms...
Armaan called up aman n decided to find out about the office goings...
Riddhima settled herself and opened the bag ... T o put the clothes out for cleaning ... N then she went in to freshen as Armaan was on the phone...
She showered again n then changed into another dress ... Armaan was tired he just freshedn up as his phone ended n riddhima came out and then came out to th

Room helping riddhima sort the gifts for the family members... He stole her kiss in between and she gave him a look ...
" kya riddhima... I can't kiss my wife?" he lamented...

She looked at him with tease anger...

She turned back to sort out the gifts and involved him too...

Later on thy brought out the gifts fr everyone ... And they all liked them too
When riddhima was handing her the gift she accepted graciously but what she secretly wished for was for her both daughters to be settled and basically she wanted to be a grandmother...

The  lunch started and then they all started talking... Asking them about the trip and the weather n everything else... She remembered that she should hv called at her own home too because she had brought presents for them as well ... She decided to do so after lunch ... She then helped with the cleaning and later with preparation of dinner

Armaan decided to look into his files and catch up on the lost details in office so he set up an informal meeting with aman and a few of his friends from work...

They were harassed to be meeting up at such a short notice but then meeting a friend was never an issue...

Riddhima was done with cleaning n had some time before the prep of dinner so she decided to call her parents...

They were happy to hear back from her and her mom was extremely happy.
Padma asked " how are you Riddhima?"
" I am good ma. How are you?" She replied.
" after hearing your voice I feel good"
Riddhima asked her " ma what happened? Ur voice sounds a little low"
" no riddhima .. It's probably because I am so happy to hear ur voice. I can feel the joy in ur voice... The joy that this vacation has probably done for u"

"Maaa" she said
" kya ma. I know I m ur mother n hence I know everything that my kids go through."
" it was indeed good. N I think it was needed too to break away from the routine"
"Hmm and say what else"
And then they talked about other things
After a while they hung up the phone... N then riddhima went to mk the dinner... The dinner was made n eaten n thn everyone decided to return to their rooms
Riddhima decided to catch up on Muskaan as Anji was still downstairs

"Muskaan" she called
Hearing her name being called Muskaan approached her Bhabhi
" Ji Bhabhi" she said
" chal tujhse do baatein karni hain" riddhima said making sure that no one other than them two hear it.
" kyun kya hua Bhabhi.?" Muskaan asked worried

" arre kuch nahin aise hi Muskaan"
" ha but  yun achanak?! Is there something wrong Bhabhi?!"
"Muskaan... Bus baat karni hain... Tujhe koi aur Kaam hain lagta hain... Thik hain tu ja" riddhima said in a tone to represent hurt
" arre Bhabhi aap toh bura man Gaye... Lets go"
Riddhima smirked to herself as they walked to muskaans room

" so aur kya chal raha hain Muskaan" riddhima askd scanning around the room.

Muskaan looked at her " aap exactly kya jaanna chahti hain..." She asked closing her door" ki main rahul se mili ya nahin?"

Riddhima looked at her
" nahin mili Bhabhi... Isme mujhe contact Bhi nahin kiya ... Aur waise Bhi Aapka promise mujhe yaad tha toh kaide jati ussse Milne..."

Riddhima pulled muskaans hand into her hand and comforting her said " I am not ur enemy Muskaan... But u understand na... If this guy really loves u toh chahe koi Bhi na mane ... I would hv supported u... Par yahan toh ... "

"Khair Jane de... College kaisa chal raha hain..."

" it's going on Bhabhi,.. Summer is about to start soon... N hence the classes are almost coming to an end..."

" arre ha ... We should plan something na ... Entire family ke saath" riddhima asked

Muskaan smiled and looked at her " Bhabhi aap kafi badle badle se lag rahe ho... Looks like the vacation did wonders for u ..." She said and smiled...

" aisa kuch nahin hain Muskaan...,"

" come one Bhabhi I could tell infact we all could tell from ur faces. When u came today..."

She blushed

" aisa kuch nahin Muskaan... It's just that as a wife ur bhai has started to accept me...that's it... And then if u look at it that is te reason people get married ... To move on in life na... Kal tumhari Bhi shaadi hogi tab u will also go thru the same however I will pray that neither u nor Anji have to ever go t hru what me n my sister did..."

Hmm Muskaan said

Someone knocked on the door they looked there and opened the door... Armaan" meri Anji koh chod ke tum dono kya baatein kar rahein the..."

Muskaan teased " Bhabhi Aapke vacation ke raaz khol rahi thi"

Armaan looked at Riddhima " riddhima" he said and walked to her Anji following... " Muskaan se back ke rehna ... Aur Muski tu ... Apni Bhabhi ko koi aise tang karta hain?" He teased her...

" acha Ji " Anji said " aap yahan ate time kya Bol rahe the" she cleared her voice and mimicked Armaan " chal Abhi khabar leta hoon main in dono ki .  Aur yahan ake toh baat hi kuch aur ho gayi"

Riddhima looked at him in tease anger

" arre riddhima yeh toh mazak kar rahi hain...kya Anji tu Bhi..." He said Muskaan added" arre Anji Abhi Abhi toh honeymoon se aye hain" she emphasized on the word honeymoon and Armaan and riddhima both looked awkward ...Muskaan continued " kyun sata rahi hain..."

"Muskaan" Armaan said " aur Anji raat bahut ho gayi hain... Go to sleep gn...chalo riddhima" saying that he took her with him out of the room escaping Muskaan n anjis volley of attacks lol

Muskaan n Anji giggled behind them n then retired to their rooms ...

Armaan and riddhima came to their rooms...
" yeh Muskaan toh na... Kuch zyada hi badi ho chali hain" Armaan said

Riddhima escaped a laugh

" tum darr Gaye kya Armaan uske utna kehne se?!" She teased him...

He turned around to face her and smiled... " riddhima did u forget last night n day ... " he said coming close to her as she moved back  their pace unanimous ...

" Armaan " she said as they were by the door and riddhima couldn't go any back ... He came up to her bolted the door ... She looked nervous but still stared into his eyes ... Not breaking the eye contact...

He moved closer to her ... She acted as she was responding and he closed his eyes as soon as he did that she sneaked from under his arms and stood at his back facing him... N then called him " Armaan ... Whom are u kissing?!"

Armaan stopped n opened his eyes ... Where did she go ... He turned to see her mocking him ... " u little devil u ..." He said n he ran after her as she ran into the balcony trying to hide his embarrassment as she reached the balcony she was successful in closing the glass door from outside ...
She teased him from outside ... He just smiled at her naivety ...
"Riddhima open the door"
She nodded a negative
" riddhima tumhe thand lag jayegi"
" it's summer Armaan"
" Phir Bhi ... Riddhima masti mat Karo andar aaa jao"
" only on one condition"
" what condition"
" that we would go straight to sleep no badmashi"
He wanted to laugh but kept a straight face
" riddhima" he called lovingly " please open the door"
" only when u agree "
"Okay I do now come on"
She was like how did he agree so soon she opened the door and carefully stepped in
He put his hands up saying " see did I do anything ... But tum yun mat Kara Karo"
" okay " she said
She went to the closet got her clothes and started to walk towards the bathroom.
She saw that he was busy with his work now...
' I shouldn't have done that ' she thought because she felt now that he was ignoring her...

She went in the shower and cleaned herself ... And touched the kamarbandh she had not taken it out after the day he gifted that to her
She turned on the shower and as she touched her stomach n her kamarbandh she remembered the night ... The blissful night she should not have acted so immaturely she thought once done she game out in the night gown and looked at him
He was still busy with his work...
Armaan on the other hand was not too engrossed into work he noticed her every movement but did not dhow it

She came on the bed a little dejected ...
" Armaan " she called out lovingly " aren't u tired?" She asked

" riddhima I have to finish this work u go to sleep I will finish n then sleep"

She said an okay and laid down turning off the lights on her end .. She should not hv killed the moment she realized... She realized that all during their vacation they started coming closer only a day before they had to leave so it would still take up time ... She decided to talk about it to him later

He saw her as she tried to sleep he knew she was restless
' bahut tang kar liya Armaan ' he thought to himself
So he closed the laptop and proceded towards the bed as he lay there she felt his presence
" riddhima" he called out " are u awake?"
Hmm she said
He did but say anything further so she turned towards him
They looked into each others eyes
And then riddhima said " ab tumhe badmashi nahin karni?"
He smiled at we and said " tumhi ne toh kaha tha no badmashi"
" I m sorry Armaan pata nahin kya hua tha mujhe ... But I was just teasing u  n..."
He interrupted her " hey hey riddhima ... Don't worry I knew u were teasing me ... So was I all this while"

She looked at him ...
N he smiled at her
He then pulled her towards himself ... As he did he felt something on her stomach ... He touched it around to feel what it was ... N then exclaimed " u r still wearing it?"
She put her hand on where his was on her stomach n said " it's the first gift that u hv given ... It will always be special n I will always try to wear it"
" riddhima" he teased her " there will be times when u would have to remove it ... Like let's say when u become fat" she hit him lightly in his chest " ok like ... When u become pregnant" " don't worry about that ... Let me get there first then u will see how I manage with the kamarbandh"

He loved her for saying that
He brought her closer to him in the embrace n kissed her... She responded back ... N then they just went to sleep into each others embrace

The next few days went well
Riddhima now was enjoying her personal life ... Armaan in between the work would not forget about riddhima unlike before the vacation n hence thy would make it a point to talk during lunch break no matter how busy he was ...
During one such times

Riddhima a phone rang and she picked up
"Hey Hun" Armaan called
" hi Armaan. Did u eat?" She asked
" just doing that" he said munching in between
" so aaj ka kya plan riddhima"
" remember what we talked about yesterday night..."
He teased her " did we talk " implying that they were very busy in other things to talk
" Armaan" she called out
" riddhima" he said back
" I mean remember about going back to college n finishing the one year..."
Then he remembered " oh yeah "
" yes do I m going there with Muskaan n Anji to submit all the documents"
" that's great news riddhima ... Go for it completely ... I want my woman to be independent n strong " he said n smiled
" independent !!! Hmm y do u plan to leave me!" She asked jokingly
He felt hurt
"Riddhima I ... Never again I told u na... I will be there with u until forever  toh Phir how can u ask... This is so that when I am away or when life throws it's oddballs u can survive independently"

" sorry Armaan " she said " I was just joking ... I hv never meant to hurt u ... Sorry"

" Khair Jane do " he said n then after a few minutes ended the call

Riddhima felt bad abt Wht she said
Why was she Doing mistakes
It was good that her and Armaans relationship had reached a level where they could talk about it all but still... She wondered

Muskaan called her n she then looked for her papers and headed to the university

Anji was talking about her events that she was participating in and everything under the sun... Muskaan was quite

They reached the principals office n Muskaan n Anji decided to wait outside

Riddhima went in and handed her documents as she had talked to the principal before coming and before making the appointment

The principal looks dingo everything and then have her the news. That she could start from the fall semester but it would take a few days to put her in the system n that she would be emailed all the registration details

She smiled n thanked n left the office

She wanted to call Armaan n give him the good news n was about to call ehen she looked and found Anji and Muskaan missing.
She put her phone back n came to the spot where they were
Anji came runnin
" Bhabhi I will have to stay here something about coordinating an event but Muskaan will take u home ... Muskaan" she looked around

" don't worry Anji" I know the way... I will reach back"
" r u sure"
"Yes Anji" she said
N started to walk back wondering where Muskaan went

She reached home n Ananya questioned thts how could the other two just leave u like tht but riddhima made her understand

She was still not convinced

Anji was okay riddhima was concerned about Muskaan because she knew what Muskaan had told her n she had disappeared suddenly

A while later she came back
N Anaanya scolded her for leaving riddhima alone she reprimanded her n Anji but it was only Muskaan who heard everything

Riddhima came in to save her and Muski said sorry to her Bhabhi n ran in her room crying

Riddhima decided to catch up on Muskaan

" muskaan" she knocked on te door" open the door Muskaan"
She did not
Riddhina kept on knocking she just did not ...

Ananya came n then said sorry to her and then asked her to open the door... Muskaan composed herself n came and said sorry to both of them n said that she would never do it again

Ananya hugged her and calmed her
Riddhima also helped her calm down

Later in the evening Armaan came in as usual n then riddhima had the dinner made n everything they ate Anji was home before Armaans arrival but she was left out from being scolded by Anaya after she saw muskaans reaction

The dinner was over n riddhima n Armaan retired to their rooms

Muskaan loved her bhai Bhabhi n she would notice every interaction of theirs ... She had always wanted a love like theirs...
She shed a tear n then started to retire to her room...,

In Armaan n riddhima a room

Riddhima" how was ur day Armaan?"
He replued " it went well riddhima
How did it go with ur college" he remembered to ask
" she smiled n showed him the admission letter
He looked at it and smiled " amazing news riddhima" he said and hugged her tight she hugged him back tighter

Breaking the hug then they talked about some other things n then retired to sleep

A few more days passed by the semester had ended for Muskaan n Anji
It was officially summer

Riddhima and Armaan decided to talk to Ananya about riddhima a decision to study

She was hesitant but then she approved

It was all bliss

They decided to go on a mini vacation the entire family during the weekend

Muskaan disagreed saying she was not feeling well

Anji called her a spoil sport
Muskaan sai tht they could go ahead with the plan
But Armaan n riddhima had wanted to go with everyone so that plan was scrapped out

Then after a few days she had an idea to arrange a little picnic on a Sunday so Armaan wouldn't have to spend hard n Muskaan could come too n they would be home by the evening

Everyone loved the idea

Muskaan smiled n agreed...

The day of the picnic came and it was a beautiful day sunny n beeezy Ananya and riddhima had packe the lunch n put it in Billy's car n then once everyone was ready n breakfast was done

They decided to start out

They had decided to go to a small park n as they reached there Armaan riddhima n Anji set up their miniature tent n then they brought out the food Ananya n billy n Muskaan brought out the chairs...
They settled themselves n played some games
After a while Ananya n billy decided to take a nap Anji was there so they did not have to worry about something being stolen... Muskaan was there as well

Armaan took hold of riddhima and they decided to go for a walk smiling at Anji n Muskaan

As they walked far away from the tent now Armaan let her hand go and brought her closer to him by her waist and then walked upto the pond and sat there she in front of him sitting very close together and yet talked about things how the plan worked out how Muskaan looked a little lost and everything about th school n what else would she need n all

Muskaan excused herself from Anji to go to the washroom ... N after a while cane back

Anji looked at her ... She looked pale...
She asked her whether everything was okay ... Muskaan nodded tht everything was fine ... N then said tht she just wanted to take a little nap

Saying that she napped

Armaan kissed riddhima on her neck and she took in the kiss closing her eyes

N then he stopped
" why did u stop?" She blurted and then realizing what she said she felt embarrassed and blushed

He turned to face her towards himself and smiled at her
" what did u just say riddhima"
" kuch nahin" she said and dug herself into his shoulders trying to hide her face

He laughed a little to himself seein that and then held her in the embrace

Later she got out of his hug and they stared a look a quick kiss as if to say let's go back n they started to retreat

Everyone was awake by then lunch was ready n it was served

Then they played a few games
Muskaan avoided eating stating that she was not hungry ,...
N then after the games they decided to head back home

A few more days passed by
One such day Nikki called her up
"Hey riddhima how are u" she asked

" hey Nikki after such a long time I m good u tell me how r u n how is the baby coming along"

" I m fine riddhima just a little tired ... N the baby well the baby is doing fine in fact it kicks me to sometimes"

" really Nikki... Feeling ur own baby kick inside of u must be a great joy na"

Nikki pondered over it... It was a great joy indeed but for her maybe not... Her husband was struggling with cancer n she on her own decided to survive without anyone's help on her own... Living with a baby inside her ... She was not sure what to tell her... Hmm is Wht she could utter

Riddhima sensed something wrong she asked" hey do u want me to come over to ur place soemtime this week ... We can go shopping n all hate we u like ... U will feel better too n we will spend some one like old times..."

" sure riddhima I definitely can take in a change"

" when do u want to come "
Nikki asked

" let me talk to Armaan n ma n then I will let u know ... Don't worry I know u have work so I will make sure I let u know in advance ... Di"

" thanks riddhima" Nikki said and then saying goodbyes they hung up

Nikki was feeling very sad these days especially after Abhi came n left... She sometimes wondered what wrong did she do that she had to face all this n then she knew her answer her past with Armaan ... Brushing it off she stood up a little back pain she felt n she missed being with Abhi feeling his caress ... She remembered when she had initially found out about te baby n was upset with Abhi the moments that they had shared were immerorable... But all she had was moments to herself ...
She wanted te perfect life ... The life that she had dreamed of ... A husband a kid a job a small nest she could call her own... She had a nest for sure but it was not the way she imagined it

Just then Abhi called her
" hey Nikki"
" hello Abhi how are u?"
" no so good without u Nikki n without our baby"
She sat down on the sofa
" Abhi don't say that ... U have to be strong u r Doing this for all of us ... Please remember "

" I remember Nikki but sometimes I wonder why me ... N y us... Y the unborn kid ... What has he done to deserve all this"
Nikki kept quiet
" Nikki "
" Abhi please don't say that... I m trying to be strong for u  for us for our baby... Please don't say tht ... I start questioning myself ..."

" sorry love ... I am really sorry ...ok let me talk to the baby"

She turned on the speaker and put the phone to her stomach

" hey baby how are u today... Ur daddy misses u n mommy... Jaldi se aa jao... U r our only hope ... Please jaldi aaa jao... " n he started crying

She took the phone to her ear
Abhi kya hua hain
" Nikki"
" Abhi tell me what's wrong ... U r utterly emotional today ..."
"Nikki ... I don't have ...,,"
" what Abhi" she panicked
"Nikki ... I just remember ... I will always love u... No matter what"
" Abhi u r scaring me ... Please tell me"
" Nikki can u come to meet me sometime this week"
" is everything okay"
" I just want to see u feel u feel the baby Nikki please"
" sure Abhi I will come I will defn come ... But u have to tell me is there anything else that was bothering u"
" no Nikki" he lied " just that I was missing u two so much pease come soon" he said and hung up the phone

Nikki stood there holding the phone on the other end... All this was abrupt... She was starting to her nervous ...

Riddhima on the other hand after talking to Nikki was wondering how things had been with all of them n hoped that god would bring goodness to her life...

Armaan came home later that day n riddhima told him about visitin Nikki's place he said go ahead as long as u two are happy

She asked surprised " y did u say something like that"
" nothing riddhima just saying that go to ur sister as it has been a while"
" no Armaan u were trying to say something else"
Armaan sighed " riddhima nothing is hidden from u ... U know what condition she is in u know cond her husband is in... Fr sure u two sisters can talk about ur personal lives to each other but it won't be long before jealousy starts erupting ... "

" what r u talking about Armaan she is my sister I will never be jealous nor would she"

Armaan sighed again he was not liking this then fighting like this
" riddhima " he said cupping her face " I m not saying anything I just want tht my n ur life ... Our life should not be disrupted by anyone ... I may be overreacting n that is all it could be ... Thik hain" he asked

She nodded a yes not surely confirmed

But then they decided to go to sleep into each others embrace n she kept on thinking the meaning of his hidden unsaid words...,

Nikki had decided that the next day she would take a day off from work n go see Abhi... But her boss could not give her the leave n hence she couldn't see Abhi ... She called him n explained it to him... Hoping he would understand... But he screamed at her... Saying that she doesn't love him n doesn't want him and all...

She felt hurt ...

Anjali was now officially finished with her studies ...she was about to graduate n things were looking very bright for her...

During one such day after her graduation... While she was home Ananya received a call from one of her aunts about a rishta for Anji... Ananya told the aunt that the girl had just finished her bachelors n she wasn't sure what she wanted ... The aunt was convincing Ananya that this would only be a meeting with the guy ... I they don't like him they can surely let me know but his family is nice n that Anji would be happy out there ... He is a lawyer...

Ananya was hesitant

She asked the aunt for some time to think over it n talk to Anji about it

The aunt did not mind but said that she has always thought good for the family n she has always liked Anji more n hence brought this rishta... She mentioned that she had not talked to the guys family yet but once she talked to Anji n they agreed to meet the guy she would go ahead... She told Ananya not to lose focus and think carefully as an adult... She reminded her that what happened with Armaan is not hidden from her... Infact a proper marriage was not even done for him... N Armaan was his favorite too ... She told her to be careful with her decision in rejecting without meeting...

Ananya listened patiently to he and agreed that she would not make a decision in haste but whatever happened with Armaan they have got a wonderful daughter in law in form of riddhima...

The aunt reminded her... That she was almost going to marry her son to the other one...

Ananya agreed but said that she knows that Armaan n riddhima are both happy now and rmthere could be no perfect daughter in law for the family other than her...

The aunt was a little hesitant and said ... She doesn't know until she meets her because after all she is the sister of the other girl ... N the genes are always there...

Anaya defended riddhima by changing the topic and said that she would talk to Anji about it n then they hung up the phone

Ananya was hurt by what the aunt had said... Yes Armaan did not have a proper marriage n he was her only son... But riddhima ... It was not her fault... She has been trying n had been trying then too... N there could be noone better than her for her Armaan...

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