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AR FF::Aapki Nazar...III:Part 39/40Upd 11/02/13 ArmN sys ILU story END (Page 11)

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Originally posted by jiyaa_m

nice part

thank you do keep reading

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Originally posted by Gudduluvs

nice update..thnjs..plz do pm me plz..

thank you keep reading
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Originally posted by angelicdove

loved it!!!!!
both AR are so sad and thinks the other didn't try to set things
how silly they are!!!
all they had to do is confess their feelings about their relationship
and then see the magic!!!!Big smilewhat??i think that is what u r gonna do na????LOL
but Rahul confused me,doesn't he love muskaan????and how can he just ask her to move with him before marraige???like comeon!!!!!!doesn't she have her family to answer????
being angry with himAngry but will have to wait to know more about him and will then jump to  conclusionsLOL
hope this trip do the magic!!!!!!TongueWink
yaar!i think it's time to fulfill ridhima's wishes,she had had her share of worries and problems and even more than  that,poor her!!!!Cry
i think armaan is going to get very angry after knowing about rahul,and he should be!i like seeing protective armaanBig smile
okay!!!!now enough of my bakbakLOL
waiting for the next update
and ya sorry for the late comment,couldn't do that before
 and now i remember plzzz don't cancel AR trip,put some convincing athma in muskaan for thatLOL

thank you so much for such a detailed update... no u should keep writing i like detailed updates...the next update is coming... i m sure u will like it... :) do keep reading
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Chapter 33

" Bhabhi please don't tell"
" Muskaan I have to tell him something we cannot go on this trip if the guy comes back again
" Bhabhi please no don't
 ruin this for yourself u n bhai deserve this vacation I know what u r thinking but trust me Bhabhi I won't talk to him anymore even if he tries to which I doubt... Ok I am trying to forget him but Bhabhi please ho on your vacation."

" I don't know Muskaan I just don't feel right about all this" saying that she wished him goodnight n went to her room

Armaan was by the bed as if waiting for riddhima n when she entered he showed her the tickets.
She was still in two minds but because he appeared so happy she did not want to curb his enthusiasm.
Maybe by Tom she would have an answer on whether to go or not.

In between all this she forgot to ask him when he had booked the tickets for. But she was so tired that as soon as she changed she went to sleep.

Armaan looked at the clock it was already 11. He decided to go to sleep too

Next morning by the time Armaan woke up riddhima was already in the Kitchen. It was still early so he decides to go downstairs and talk to her
"Morning riddhima"
"Morning Armaan "she said giving him a glance and smiling...
He looked at her doing her work diligently.
"Riddhima "he asked "you did not ask me when is the ticket booked for yesterday?" "Do u not want to go?"
She stopped her work and looked at him she was confused... how should she approach this topic... She wanted to go as the tickets were booked already but with muskaans happenings she did not know what to do and she just didn't to approach this topic

"Its not like that armaan. Why do u think so? "She asked
"Riddhima because I feel it... there is something that is bothering you" he said
"No armaan" she said "trust me there is nothing consoling him."
He did not seem convinced but felt better
"so the ticket is booked for this Saturday Riddhima."
"This Saturday." She questioned "umm sure.. just that it is early but that's good we deserve the break" she added quickly seeing him getting upset.

He smiled at her defensive reply...
And then walked away from there to go to his room...
The day passed normally...
The days went smoothly...
Riddhima kept a watch on Muskaan the day she broke from her promise she would tell armaan immediately and cancel the trip no matter what she had made that decision and had told Muskaan as well...
Muskaan hence was very careful and used to come home directly after college... things were starting to look good all over...
Riddhima looked a little relaxed... Friday came and armaan mentioned about leaving tomorrow morn...
She made sure she does all the packing... she talked to Padma as Padma had called. And Padma was happy that finally things were starting to fall for Riddhima in the right place...
She talked to shashank too
"Hello Papa" she said as Padma handed the phone to Shashank
"Hi Riddhima beta how are you?"
"I am fine Dad. How are you?"
"I am good beta... Your mom tells me you and Armaan going on a vacation ... I am happy for you..."
"Well Dad I actually wasn't sure if I wanted to go but I guess its all for the good..."
"Hmm... Good beta... but don't forget... this is only a step... A step to improve your relationship... u will always be tested... just never be afraid to stand for what you truly believe and for whom you believe in..."
"Yes papa" she concluded
they then talked about some other routines and then they hung up the phone...
The evening came and Armaan came.. The dinner was made... And everyone ate...
Armaan and RIDDHIMA had to leave early morning tomorrow before anyone would even wake up... and Armaan was going to take his offices car so that they could be dropped at the airport and the car could be returned back to the office...
After dinner Armaan finished up the errands as much as he could as he would not be coming to office until a week later... And he updated Billy on all the details... he told Aman to call him in any emergency...
Riddhima went up to the room and tried to sleep...
She was nervous... Her first trip with Armaan all alone after their almost romantic kiss that night... She was anxious .. Would this bring them closer or would this tear them apart... And then she remembered what her dad mentioned "don't be afraid to stand for whom you truly believe in."
Well she thought... she had always stood for him or at least tried to... And would do it until her patience breaks...
She went to sleep...
Armaan came in the room to see a sleeping Riddhima...
He was excited to spend the week with her after such a long time.. just the two of them... Work had kept him so busy that he had missed being with his wife... obviously their relationship had never had been smooth... But she had never stopped trying to make things work.. and he had tried it too... after he realized what wrong he was doing to her ... but it was not enough... and hence this step... for her .. for him... For them...

He changed and came to the bed and slept...
Next morning Riddhima woke up early... and once she was ready she woke up armaan ... while armaan was showering... she made a little breakfast as quickly as she could...
Muskaan was up she helped her make the breakfast... And wished her the best for the trip...
She did not remind muskaan about Rahul but trusted her that she wouldn't go and do anything wrong...

She went upstairs and then Armaan came out of the room bringing the bags out...she helped him... she informed him that breakfast was ready...
He asked her as to why did she do the effort... They could have eaten outside...
She mentioned she just did it as she had some time while he was showering...
He went ahead and put the bags in the car... Billy and Ananya came out of their room... still sleepy... but awake... they bid goodbye to them and Ananya just wished as they were walking away that things work out for the better...

Armaan placed the bags in the car ... he and Riddhima sat in the car and driver started to drive the car... And they bid goodbye to everyone ...
Armaan was sitting ahead with the driver and Riddhima was in the back... She kept looking outside the window... anxious...
They arrived at the airport.. the driver helped Armaan bring out the bags and then Armaan gave instructions to the driver to bring the car back to the office... He called up Armaan as they were waiting in the line to get their boarding passes explaining the office work and what was imp be finished sooner... Riddhima had the passports and they reached the front end Armaan ended his call took the passports from Riddhima and gave it to the person and the e ticket as well and then  after a while they got their boarding passes...

They took them and the cart with the baggage and proceeded towards the gate... Aman called again and Armaan got busy .. he excused himself and Riddhima sat there with the baggage...
She saw another couple in front of her... looked like a newly married couple from the mehendi on the brides hand... the husband and wife seemed to be enjoying sweet talks between themselves... And she smiled sadly... But then looked away and changed her seat... to not face them... She had brought some magazines so she brought one out and started reading keeping a watch on her luggage...
Armaan returned a while later looked for her and then finding her came and sat next to her... To see her reading a magazine... he came and sat next to her... "Woh I had to leave for a week na so had to explain the details of the project to Aman... waise toh I had explained earlier this week... But he needs help sometimes "
She smiled and nodded... and the announcer announced to assemble at the specific gate for their flight... she put the magazine back and  they stood up to wait in the line... armaan had the boarding passes as they entered the plane.. he put the luggage in the holder  and they settled down...
"Hah!" he exclaimed as he sat down on his seat... "finally on our way Riddhima"
She smiled
"Relax Riddhima... abhi yahan tumhare aur mere alava hum dono ko aur koi nahin janta..."
"I am relaxed Armaan..."
"Okay Okay..." he smiled...
He looked around the seat... Found some magazines and then figeted with the screen in front of him... the flight started and it was not a long flight...
Riddhima had gotten up earlier so she started to fall a little asleep... eventually she slept her head tilting onto Armaan... He was watching a movie when he felt her head on him...
He helped her head stay comfortably so her neck wont be strained later on... And then continued to watch the movie...
After a while...the flight was about to land and he gradually woke her up and she felt embarrassed seeing that she slept on his shoulder putting all her strain on his shoulder she straightened her back and then fastened her seat belt the flight landed and the came out ... They came out of the airport with th luggage caught a taxi and then went to the hotel that he had booked for the stay

It was more like a resort with wonderful natural trees ponds everything that would make it easy for two people facing awkwardness to open themselves up to each other

He checked in the resort and then someone helped them with their baggage into their room
He then locked the door and they both saw the room it was like a two room booking they settled their luggage and riddhima mentioned that she wanted to go freshen up  as soon as she e where'd the washroom she vomited the door was open so her entered in with a bottle of water Nd patted her back as she vomited..
He then handed her a napkin and made her sit and asked her to drink the water she felt better.
" you didn't eat in the morning right" he asked
She nodded a negative composing herself

"Do u think u will n the energy to freshen up or we could go and u can eat first"

" no I can manage I think" I will be quick she added
He excused  himself out of there she closed the door carefully looking at him his back facing her as she closed the door

She freshedn up while he called up billy n Ananya to tell them that they had reached
He got a chance to talk to muskaantoo
Muskaan" hello bhai"
" hey Muskaan ab tujhe yAad ayi apne bhai ki"
"Aisa nahin hain"
" just kiddin Muskaan itni serious kyun ho gayi"
" bhai I just want the best for u and Bhabhi" she said when she took the phone away from everyone's attention at home
" Muskaan tu kab itni badi ho gayi... N don't worry we will be fine"
He said" a ha chal ab mujhe Jana hain but u take care n u n Anji kuch Bhi chahiye toh call me"
She said okay and hung up

Riddhima came out and he saw her face
It was pale
" chalo riddhima we have to go eat first"
Okay she nodded and he lead the way
He asked downstairs for some good restaurants and he found a few he asked the local taxi guy too and they came to one restaurant
They entered and then ordered
It was completely South Indian
He asked riddhima to eat everything that they ordered because of the vomiting
She said she could eat only so much
So he did not force her to eat more as her stomach was already upset

Once they finished he asked her how did she feel
She said tht she felt better after eating
So they decided to go out for some sightseeing
in th evning  the resort had arranged for an event for all the inmates and they sat by the bonfire seeing the dance  and after finishing their dinner.

Gradually the dance ended and the couples started to get cozy with their partners and return to their rooms

Riddhima and Armaan were both feeling awkward seeing that and they sat there for some time... It was nice weather he started talking to her
To end the silence
" so riddhima what do u think of the place"
It's beautiful Armaan: I hav never been to such a beautiful resort in my life"

H smiled at her " I m glad u liked it I was wondering how would u react"

She looked at him pondering " I hav never doubted your judgement Armaan. Never.  I may have questioned ur intentions but those were situational"
" forget it riddhima let's not bring past up"
Hmm she nodded

Would u want to go for a walk. Would u be able to walk?
He asked
" yes surely Armaan" she replied.

They got up and started to walk around the resort...
He was thinking should be bring up the topic of their almost kiss or would this be too early.
" riddhima kuch toh bolo" is all he could say
" let's sit somewhere I feel a little tired"
" sure do u want to sitout there by the pond" she said sure
And they sat down there her knees half folded his stretched ahead

Staring into nothingness
Why was it so difficult to. Talk

She gradually lay down on the grass and asked him" don't u want to lau down Armaan"
He looked surprised but laid down beside her staring up ahead

" the sky looks so beautiful and clear" she said
" it does indeed... We don't see this in our place na"
Hmm she affirmed.

She closed her eyes in the breeze
He turned his head to see her , her eyes closed wondering what was she thinking ... He then gradually brought his fingers onto hers... She let him intertwine his fingers into hers n opened her eyes and looked at him and smiled so did he.

They turned sideways while laying on the grass to face each other... Just staring at each other...

If we stay like this " she muttered " we will be inviting all the bugs"she said after a while.

He approved of her thought and decided to head back
They got up but he did not let her hand go And she was more than happy about that...
She moved his fingers from her fingers to her waist... She noticed but did not react anything... He was trying then how could she not try too she rested her head on his side As they walked.
He looked sideways towards her just a glance and smiled ... She was responding to his advances...
They parted but still holding hands as they entered the resort and then went to their room...  She was wondering what would he do next... N he was wondering how would she respond if he advanced further today itself he decided to give this time...  He let her hands go and said that it was very late and she must be tired too so it would be best to call it a night today
She agreed and they changed and went to sleep...

The next day was again a routine... They woke up and freshedn then breakfast n the some sightseeing... N then in the r evening some shopping... The second day passed as well...
The third day came ... Armaan was not making any advances anymore e she thought so should she do it

Just then they entered a store and they saw a beautiful kanjeevaram saree a traditional saree down there they bought it and decided to wear it in the evening for the Mandir that they were going to go to ...a famous Mandir in the area...
The third day ended too...
The fourth day came  and this time Armaan gave her a present and asked her to wear it for today...
It was a dress not short but a dress

She asked him about it and the fact that the people over there were extremely villagers so how would they react... He acted upset... So she decide to wear it... She looked beautiful to Armaan but she was uncomfortable... What Armaan wanted to do is to go to a club where riddhima would loosen herself and then eventually they would be able to come closer...
She went with him feeling extremely awkward in the dress

But she did not say anything after Armaan had acted upset

They entered the club and then at a table... Armaan ordered a drink and asked riddhima to drink... She hesistated but after a few convincings that Armaan did she gulped it down hesitantly... She couldn't take the taste... Armaan felt now his plan could work... But it backfired... She threw up everything that she drank on him... And he had to take her to the room clean her dress and then clean himself too...
She was so weak after vomiting that she just couldn't get up the next day and she was upset with him...
He woke up and came up to her and touched her forehead... " riddhima are you okay"
She opened her eyes gradually and replied a yes
" I was really afraid for u yesterday night"
He said
" I would drink poison too from your hands if it makes u happy..." She said and looked at him
He looked extremely apologetic" I am extremely sorry riddhima mujhe pata nahin kya hogaya tha... I just wanted us to end this barrier. Between us and I thought making u drunk would help u loosen up ... I am really sorry riddhima I really am"
" don't worry Armaan. I understand"
She replied

" I am really sorry riddhima" he said and hugged her as she was laying on the bed and hugged her tight moving his hand underneath her back as she lay there on the bed ... She put her arms around his too after she realized that his embrace wasn't loosening up...

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Chapter 33 -B

He broke the embrace his hands still there and then moved up to face her...
" I m sorry riddhima"
She nodded her head in a negative suggesting not to say it again... They stayed there for sometime and then he inched closer to her and she closed her eyes as he closed his and he kissed her ... A soft kiss asking for  forgiveness and she gave him the forgiveness via the kiss... N he felt it... They broke the kiss gradually opening their eyes and looked into each others eyes and then he lay down beside her removing his hands from behind her back and holding her hand fingers intertwined

" wow ... Didn't expect that" he exclaimed
Sh didn't say anything
He looked at her sideways laying on the bed and she did the same...
" I should nt have don't what I did yesterday riddhima ... But this today ... "
"It was amazing Armaan" she added
He smiled at her she smiled at him
He woke up an sat on the bed
He tried to sit and he helped her and he was feeling very bad for getting her into this condition... He asked her what did she want to do today it was his way of saying sorry
Although nothing would be apologetic enough for his act yesterday...

She said they could go on a little tour that she had seen the ad for and had wanted them to go
He asked her would she be able to walk throughout
She agreed
They freshend up had their breakfast and then went on the
She was very tired by then and so he ordered lunch into their room and he made sure she rested and they talked about everything... Whatever had happened in their life they even talked freely about the kiss and the almost kiss and laughed about the fact that someone had come and interrupted them...
The day ended and then they went to sleep...

The next day she got up earlier feelin much better and he felt happy to see that she was back to normal...
They had their breakfast and then went for some shopping... They then returned to their room to put the things back n then left again for lunch
As they finished lunch they saw a temple and riddhima expressed her desire to go there
He obliged and they went
They both prayed for each others wishes to come true

As they returned from the temple
They walked back to the resort as it was a walk away...
He made her sit next to the pond and held her hand and said " riddhima ... Do u feel better now"
She said yes she does feel better
He then continued"
Ridhima if I ask u something would you be able to give it to me
She pondered and then said whatever I have is already urs Armaan u don't have to ask

He said" riddhima pressing her hand ... I made this trip
So that we could break this physical barrier tht we have and we could be normal with each other as husband and wife ... N I see that we have made great progress don't u agree"
She just smiled at him realizing what was coming ahead...
" I still remember that day" he said looking into her eyes holding her hand " the day u entered my house as a bride and u dressed up waiting for me and I just neglected u... I want to make up for that"
She listened patiently
" will u dress up as the bride that day"

There was a moment of silence
" o would love to armaan but I did not bring the wedding dress and the ornaments I brought just minimalist things I am really sorry but would a simple
Dress do" she asked

He smiled at her trying to fulfil his wish

" riddhima I brought the dress... It's in the bag ..."

She looked at him
He looked at her
And then she said
"Tonight u will see me just as u wish Armaan" she said...

He just hugged her...
In his mind " thank you riddhima... Sometimes I wonder do I even deserve you because u r just so good to everyone and especially to me"
He broke the hug and then they stayed there for soemtime...
It was evening when they left the pond they got their dinner and then they reached the resort ... Aman called because he was having some problem at work so he gave riddhima the key and helped aman.

Riddhima entered her room. She sat down on the bed for some time... And then she remembered she tried to open the bag but it wouldn't open Armaan came in at that moment and then helped her open the bag he then saw her remove the clothes and the ornaments from the bag  . He said that he would go downstairs and come after a few minutes so she gets all her time...

She laughed saying that he could sit in the other room as there were two rooms but he said he had to go but before he did that he gave her a present " people say that during their first night a husband has to give something to his wife it works good for the both of them to open themselves to each other... Technically speaking this is not our first night but in a way it still is ...I bought this gift for u because I have never seen u wear it and I would love to see u in that

He handed her a box and smiled and left...

Riddhima looked at the box and decided to open it once she was completely ready because she did not know what it was and wanted it to be a surprise until she was completely ready

SHe showered and came out in the towel
She dried herself applied her creams and started to get herself dressed the blouse the choli her earring her bangles her necklace and she did her hair
Her perfumes...
Now it was time to open the gift

She opened and she saw it was a beautiful thing... kamarbandh ...silver that is usually worn around the waist... she loved it and wore it and then as she sat he entered she quickly put her Chunar on her head just as he had wanted his bride...

Riddhima was in her bridal attire just like the way he had wanted. She was eager for this as much as him. They both knew independently how difficult it had been to reach this place. Armaan came into his room after a few minutes making sure that no one would disturb them during the night.
It was a two room suite that they had booked. He could see some light in the other room.
Nervous he asked himself.

He gradually entered the room and turned on the side lamp.

There he saw Riddhima sitting in the middle with her bridal veil covering her face her hands on her knees
He smiled "riddhima " he called
She did not answer

He turned on the music on a lower volume.
"Riddhima kuch toh kaho" he said.
" kya sunn na chahta ho tum" she murmured.
" kya... Sunai nai Diya mujhe" he said teasing her.
She kept quite.
He kept staring at her behind the veil and she kept on thinking when would he approach her

And then tired she removed her veil and looked at him

Armaan just gapped at her at her beauty.
" kya" she said agitated
He laughed a little
She acted upset.
First he asked her to be ready for this and now when she was ready he was making fun of her.
" main ja rahi hoon" she announced and got up
" arre kaha ja rahi ho ese saj dhaj ke" he asked
She felt hurt.
She did this for him and he was taking this as a joke.
A tear escaped her eye and she moved to the other room to go in the balcony
He noticed the tear. "Gosh she is upset" he realized he followed her

" riddhima suno toh" he said and followed her in the balcony

" don't talk to me"she said " you think this is a joke. I did this because u asked me to and now u are laughing on me"
" no riddhima I am .." He added
" no I m a laughing stock for u for everyone ... Whenever someone wants to have fun they do it at my expense ... U married me when u believed u loved Nikki... Who was at fault ... Me! When I asked why ... No one told me anything ... Y because riddhima toh bholi hain woh sab seh legi... Until when" she looked at him
He was shocked there was all this pain left inside her
She continued" I wanted to study but no I was married to u and that too at a short notice I wanted a divorce so that I could go from your life  when nikkis truth was not out but no that was also not granted...that's okay still ... What do u think I am Armaan. You just don't realize it do you? I do all this and I did all that because I..."
She stayed stunned and just couldn't utter anything more... The pain the hurt just too much
" say it Riddhima just say it" he said
" you don't deserve to be loved " she said and turned away. She hurt him and it hurt her.
" yes Riddhima I don't deserve to be loved " he said and it started raining but none of them move inside the room
" especially ur love Ridhima ... Love of a girl whom I have given nothing but hurt..."
She closed her eyes and listened the rain wetting their clothes.
" riddhima when you loved me in college I did not deserve your love because I rejected your love ... When my mother decided to marry me to u I was in a shock riddhima because I did not know tht the one I had loved had lied" that pricked her again
He continued " but after everything I have really tried Riddhima tried my best to accept things"
"You have to accept me Armaan.?" She added hurt
" riddhima you have loved me always but I hv been through different situations please understand"
She turned to face him " Armaan that is what I have always done tried to understand ... Tried to understand u when Ananya said that he has been through a lot lately ... Tried to understand that u loved someone else and were cheated ... Tried to understand tht my own sister was the one who had lied... I am always trying to understand..."
She fell down n cried ..." And I believe that is what I am entitled to do all my life... Just be an understandin wife... No one else"
"Riddhima" he called out affectionately seeing that there is so much that she has kept within herself and came down to her level " you are my wife and you deserve every right and you deserve to ask whatever you want and do whatever u will"
She just kept on crying and he tried to make her quieten but her tears won't stop.
" let's go inside tum bhig rahi ho tumhe sardi lag jayegi"
She did not get up
" just go Armaan just go" she said" I am good out here" saying that she sat down with rain trickling on her

He picked her up forcefully
And took her inside.

And was about to lay her on the bed when he slipped on something and she fell on the bed and he fell on top of her.
She closed her eyes anticipating a fall n he fell on her. Her eyes closed and water droplets on her face ... Her cheeks red from crying ...
What had this girl done to deserve all that he wondered
She realized that she did not fall on anything particularly and opened her eyes to find Armaans face close to her. ... They could feel each others breadth... Armaan then realized where he was and got up and helped her get up too...

He asked her to change as she would catch cold from the wet clothes and he himself went to change in the other room...
She just sat there doing nothing...
She felt worthless... And she didn't  know know what to do after whatever she said today...
He knocked " can I comein" once he changed
She did not reply
He came in and saw tht she had not changed...
" arre riddhima... Tumne change nahin kiya"
" she looked at him her eyes still moist and then looked away...
" tum Phir Dekho main kuch kar baithu toh mujhe mat kehna" he joked
She did not budge
He came to her to remove her clothes jokingly and she got up and ran ...
They ran n she started laughing ultimately he caught her n they fell on the bed... And tumhi ho started...
They starred at each other

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera (x2)

Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

He inched closer to her and she closed her eyes

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

He kissed her chin her cheeks her neck her forehead her ears  he kept on kissing her and in between muttered " please forgive me I cannot change what has happened but I can promise you that till the end of this universe I will be with u always"
Saying that seemed to relieve her and she submitted herself uninhibitedly.

Tera mera rishta hai kaisa
Ik pal door gawara nahi
Tere liye har roz hai jeete
Tujh ko diya mera waqt sabhi
Koi lamha mera na ho tere bin
Hard saas pe naam Tera

He gradually removed her earrings her necklace her dupatta and then she turned to expose her back and he smiled he kissed her back and removed her dori and kissed hershe hissed  ... he moved his hand into her choli she gasped ... " riddhima dont worry... "she stopped him from moving further ahead but he kissed her neck making her go weak in the knees ... her hands eased ... after a while he turned her to face him and kissed her on her lips  her hands moved to his back... he was clothed she showed discomfort so he took his shirt offf and continued ...he moved his hands down to her waist and felt the kamarbandh he broke the kiss and thanked her for wearing it tonight.   
he moved down to her belly and kissed it relentlessly ,... that was giving her strong emotions and she dug her nails into armaans  s back
That excited him more and he kissed her belly more affectionately...she whispered " love you Armaan" he heard her whisper ... He submerged himself more into her as she did into him

and then well the rest is for the reader to imagine

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Tumhi ho... Tumhi ho...
Tere liye hi jiya main
Khud ko jo yun de diya hai
Teri wafa ne mujhko sambhala
Saare ghamon ko dil se nikala
Tere saath mera hai naseeb juda
Tujhe paake adhoora naa raha hmm..

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho..
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho (x2)

He held her in a warm embrace and she felt asleep after the fulfillment of their desires and passion.

The next morning was beautiful. She woke up ahead of him sleeping in his embrace. Gradually she looked around her to him and remembered last night. So beautiful she thought. And the fact was they had finally consummated their marriage. It was believable and beautiful. She kissed his cheek and he smiled in his sleep.

Gradually she freed herself from his embrace and wrapped a satin sheet around her and started to wake up. She freshend up a little but and then put on her night gown and went to the balcony.

It was a wonderful morning a little breezy her hair tied in a bun and she stood there. She. Couldn't remember everything but she remembered the kisses and she remembered the fact tht he mentioned that he will be there always. She smiled. She had made coffee and hence was sipping on it when Armaan came from behind and hugged her around the waist and stole a kiss from her cheek. She offered him her coffee and he took a sip and she mentioned that she made it for him too so she wanted to go and get it but Armaan got it himself.
Staying there in the morning breeze siping coffee seemed like an eternity.

"Last night was beautiful" he said sipping his coffee in between.

She just kept on sipping her coffee
She was feeling shy but was not willing to show it.
Hmm is what she could utter.

" Armaan " she whispered
He looked at her
"Let's go" she said
He smiled he was thinking she planned on saying something else but then she just said let's go
" not so fast " he said  he put his coffee cup on the balcony railing and pulled her towards him with his other hand as she collided with him she looked into him asking kya but he took the coffee cup from her hand and put it in the railing too and he put his hands around her waist so that both his hands touched like they were in a right embrace... And he said" I want to see my wife let me see her beautiful face properly"
She looked into his eyes
Him into hers
" did u not see enough in all these months?" She asked
"No riddhima never have I been able to see u the way I am able to now"

" is that in a good way or a bad way" she asked

" it's in the most romantic way a husband could look at his wife"

She laughed softly and blushed

They stared into each others eyes and then riddhima put her hands behind his neck intertwining her own hands and came closer to him he inched closer as well their stares not stopping and then as they inched extremely close they both closed their eyes and a kiss a soft one that continued for a few minutes.
Breaking apart for some breadth they released each other huffing for breath. And smiled at each other.

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Chapter 33-C

"We need to stop" she said laughing " or else we would be here all day
"Is that so" he teased inching closer to her
" no Armaan let's go we are leaving tomorrow we need to shop for the family" she added and started to walk into the room still facing him
He was facing her too and walking along with her continuing the tease.

"Come on Riddhima itne Dino se shopping hi toh kar rahe hain" he said

" that's not enough and we need to do some more" she said almost reaching her destination by the washroom

" that is what I m saying we need to do some more" teasing her but before he could grab her she went in the washroom and was about to close the door when he managed to hold the door

"Not so fast riddhima didn't I tell u" he smiled
She tried to push the door close but his strength was enough for him to keep the door holding open.

" u have to give up riddhima."
" Armaan please masti mat Karo there is a lot of things for us left to do please let me go shower we don't hv the entire day"
" that is exactly what I am sayin riddhima lots of things to do" he came in the bathroom" we don't have the entire day "
She inched back he inched ahead towards her until she was by the knob and he was stading below the shower.
She saw the opportunity and turned the know. Water started coming out of the shower onto him wetting him.

She looked at him and smiled " now do u give up"
He ran his hands through his hair settling then away from falling on his face and pulled riddhima in front of the shower

She tried to fidget our of his hand but his grip was too strong.
" I don't riddhima"

She stopped fidgeting and stood there and asked him " ok finish your work then" acting upset
He sensed the upset
" u don't like the romance? Women complain that their husbands are not romantic and here u have such a romantic husband and u don't like it."

She laughed naughtily " how many dirty movies did u watch before making this plan to vacation"
He acted hurt
"If we stand here all day we will catch cold and would be bedridden" she said

" we would still be together" he said
She inched forward and placed a quick kiss on his lips. " I want to be hale and hearty so we can enjoy every joy and sorrow that life throws at us without being bedridden"
"Now please let me shower" she said adding another peck to his lips.

" okay fine" he said "but one kiss again"
She looked at him unbelievingly and kissed his on the cheek

" hey that's not fair"
" u said one kiss" " so it is now Armaan please gooo"

Finally she managed to push him out of the bathroom and bolted the door

She smiled to herself . Things had seemed just perfect since last night and today but she was afraid whenever she was happy something would come to disrupt the happiness

And then she turned on the shower and continued

Armaan outside the door thinking " gosh am I really doing this! It was hard for the both of us and now things seem so smooth. I hope it stays so
He went up to the sofa n turned in the tv

She came out of the shower and she smelled amazing she looked amazing and he was mesmerized. She smiled at him and went by the dressing counter applying her creams . She signaled him to go shower he nodded a negative just staring at her. Finally she was able to walk him to the bathroom and convince him to shower

She dresssed herself up

When he came out he had a towel around his waist Nd some water on his chest.
She was seeing him like that for the first time. She did not look at him directly but through her mirror.
She was amazed by him.

He saw her still by the dressing table almost ready wearing a pink and orange churidar dress a lovely one with long translucent sleeves and appropriately but sensuously cut back of the dress. She was addressing her hair so her back was open.

He couldn't stop staring she noticed and put her hair away in the back took her dupatta and turned.
I m ready Armaan it's ur turn.
He smiled a yes and went to wear his shirt and trouser

Once ready they went for some breakfast and then some shopping

Later there was lunch and then some sight seeing tired they reached the room.

They had to leave early Tom to return to their home.

But they both surely wanted to enjoy this together alone.

She packed all the gifts and everything so that only their clothes for tomorrow would be out and they wouldn't have to spend the time.

They decided to go to for a small walk
It was nice and breezy
" finally shopping khatam hui tumhari riddhima"
Hmm she smiled

He slowly caught hold of her fingers and intertwined them into his.
She  let her fingers loose so that he could hold them.
" it is so beautiful out here" riddhima exclaimed
" not as beautiful as you" Armaan whispered

She looked sideways at him and smiled" really?" She asked

Yes he nodded honestly

They saw a bench somewhere while walking so they decided to sit.
Riddhima sat a little away but he made her sit close to him but not letting her fingers leave

They stared ahead at nothing

" I really had thought this day would never come... I mean u n me getting together coming so close"
" it was bound to happen ... Riddhima ... U were written in my destiny I feel now"

She pondered.
" this seems like a dream doesn't it? So peaceful no worries just pure feelings"

He looked at her "what feelings riddhima?" He teased her

" feelings of pure romance" she added teasing him.

" really " he said trying to pull her closer to him

" no Armaan just stay as we are it's beautiful please" she said pushing away his pull

" u know I really wanted the project so that we could hv the finances and so tht we could go on this trip otherwise it would hv been difficult and my mood would also have been bad"

" nothing wrong will happen to u ever" she said " trust me " looking at him into his eyes" because you are. With me riddhima" he added

" I will always stand ahead of u in any sorrow that is what one if our wedding vows was, but no it's because u r a nice person n nothing wrong can happen with 'u"

." Thanks riddhima" he smiled " u bring that out in me"

" I m glad I do" she teased him

It was getting late she asked to leave he asked to sit some more

They were just looking ahead sitting side by side when Armaan moved his hand from her fingers to her waist he kissed on her cheek closest to him
She closed her eyes
He inched her closer kissing her some more

This time she kissed him back
They turned towards each other in that sitting posn and kissed each other endlessly on the cheek the neck the lips .
N then she just rested her head in his shoulder.
He stopped kissing her and caressed her back her forehead and they lay there for sometime in that embrace

After much difficulty riddhima broke the embrace and convinced Armaan to go because they had an early flight

They reached the room walking back and they went to sleep as soon as they changed because they were tired from yesterday night less sleep and then today walking n shopping all day.
He lay on the bed after changing she changed she turned off the light and then came into the bed in his embrace who was waiting for her

They slept into each others embrace

Next day they woke up as riddhima had the alarm set they showered Armaan checked out from the hotel and then reached the airport walking everywhere holding hands

The flight arrived and they boarded
Their destination arrival was announced
She kissed him on his lips quickly
He looked surprised for the uneventful kiss
She looked at him and whispered " because I don't know when I would get the chance next after now"
He looked at her and kissed her back and then said" u can do it whenever  u feel like riddhima. We are married and everything :)" he smiled
She looked at him and tried to smile
He looked at her she did not seem convinced

" riddhima look into my eyes. This is a new beginning for both of us ... Yes both of us... And it's. a great beginning everything will be just great ... Trust me"
He said
She smiled a little and nodded that she trusted him completely

The plane landed and billy had come to pick them up with anji

Muskaan was missing
Riddhima was so much in love that at present she did not feel muskaans absence all she wanted was her Armaan an that he was there with her
She greeted billy and Anji and then they started going to their home

NOTE: Hello everyone... I know that you all have wanted a romantic update for sometime... n this FF was basically a romantic one.. but have to include a few drama points to make the story progress... nevertheless this update is in three consecutive posts... I did not realize that this much is what I wrote altogether until I posted and it wouldnt accept the entire write up...

So now shutting up here is the update... a delight for all the romantics out there...
I hope you like it...
Please comment and like if you like the story ... that is the only way I know of ur appreciation for the story...


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Wow wow...amazing can't believe I'm the first one to comment
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OMG!!! i'm going to read it again... for the 4th time. Please update soon. have been waiting for ever.

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