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AR FF::Aapki Nazar...III:Part 39/40Upd 11/02/13 ArmN sys ILU story END (Page 10)

AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 20 September 2013 at 5:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by teenorchid

um so looking frward to read ittt

Thank u thank u :))
The update is coming by the end of the day today USA time :))) keep reading

AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 20 September 2013 at 5:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by wajiha-1

awesome teaser do continue soon

Thank u thank u :)))
Update coming in the evening USA time
Keep reading
AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 20 September 2013 at 5:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by angelicdove

it's niceSmile
i really think that the outburst is needed
till when will they remain like this???
you should proceed on your own track
it will give way to the most wanted unionWink
update soon

Thank u thank u Hun:))) if u look back into the story Riddhima had an outburst initially when things were not good between the two n it helped then remove a little bit of distance so this would be Ann added advantage where the distance would be completely removed:)))
Keep reading the space for more.
N thanks hun but any suggestions u can always pm

AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 20 September 2013 at 5:16am | IP Logged
Originally posted by AMMY12

nice one.
Update part asap.
Thanx 4 d pm

Thank u thank u:)))
Update comin in the evening keep reading te space

AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 20 September 2013 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
Update time everyone!!!

Hope you like it!

Chapter 32

Riddhima and Armaan entered their room and then went to bed after changing. While still laying on her bed she thought there is a barrier Armaan that you just don't see a barrier of me not having finished my education a barrier of me not working a barrier of us not being close ...So many barriers Armaan and you just don't see them ... Armaan

I love you more than anyone in this world you just don't see it. I want to be urs forever . U just don't see. I want us to have a kid...
U just don't understand my need

All of this will become a barrier later on ... Armaan please just hold me and tell me that everything will be okay and that together we will break all the barriers please Armaan just for once ... Thinking that she shed a tear but since her back was facing him he couldn't see...

Armaan on the other hand was staring at her back ... How do I make u understand Riddhima ... I want to break this distance that is between us ... And hence I m taking this step. I want u to become independent so that tomorrow you will not be dependent on me ...: there are so many things that I want to share with u ... This entire week I hv felt your absence I have wanted you to tell me that we would get this project I have wanted tht feeling tht comes from marriage of bonding in times of trials and tribulations ... But Riddhima not once did u ask me or give me that support ... I know u hv been there for me in several severe times and I trust u tht u must hv done something to help me out hd u known my problem. ... But then there is this barrier that comes in between us at times,... This is what I want to break ... Please support me riddhima in helping break this barrier.

The next morning Riddhima woke up earlier and glanced at Armaan. She then got up to start her daily errands and then came downstairs to prepare for the breakfast

Armaan came down later when everyone was almost out there. It was a Sunday and hence everyone was more relaxed everyone except Muskaan.
Anjali tried to wake her up but she insisted on sleeping for some more time.
As Armaan came downstairs he glanced a look at Riddhima busy in her work. He came and sat next to billy and they talked about their project. Billy was very happy when Armaan announced that he had gotten the project.
Riddhima arrived at that moment bringing in the breakfast  and started to retreat back to the kitchen when Armaan called her out.
"Riddhima ek minute ruko" he said
She turned and waited and then he continued " ma papa... Since this event has gone well and everything I have decided ... I mean Riddhima and I have decided to go on a little vacation ... "
" yes beta I believe it's high time u two go on a vacation" billy said. " when have you decided to leave!? "

" we will decide that today ... Just wanted ur permission" he winked at Riddhima teasing her about yesterday when she mentioned talking about it to Ananya and billy

ShE smiled at him.
He really had a way with words she thought.

Once the lunch was done she deicided to go to the market to get her groceries and then came back. As she was in the rickshaw she saw while staring outside someone with a guy and she was having an argument. Or so it seemed. She looked back in to the two as the rickshaw kept on moving ahead and was surprised to see Muskaan. She asked the rickshaw driver to immediately turn.
He said " madam yahan?
She said yes abhi turn kijiye please.
He said madam yeh toh wrong turn ho jayega aur age police bhi khaldi hain mujhe U turn le ke ana padega...
She looked at the spot where the two were and no she could see no one.
She turned back to face the driver and said koi nai seedhe hi chalo aap
The driver was confused but then continued ahead

Riddhima started to worry. Who was the guy?
What was Muskaan doing in between the road  arguing like that and why was she meeting the guy.
Who was he?
Was he someone inher college.
She decided to call up Armaan immediately and notify him...
And then she thought
Let me talk to Muskaan first and then I will talk to Armaan.'

Saying that she sat in the rickshaw thinking of all different reasons that Muskaan was with that guy.

She arrived home with the grocery paid the rickshaw driver and then left for inside.
Anjali came up to open the door and helped her with the grocery.

Riddhima asked Anji whether Muskaan was back yet or  not.
Anji replied that she was not back yet.

Riddhima was tensed a little.
She decided that if she does not come within the next one hour or so she would have to tell Armaan whatever she saw today.

She then started preparing for dinner and there she saw Muskaan coming in.
She looked upset but was controlling her facial expression so as to not display any emotion that would be caught offguard.

Riddhima called her.
"Arre Muskaan ek minute yahan ana thodi si help karle na meri"
Muskaan looked at her and started to walk when Ananya said Anji tu help karle Muskaan toh abhi abhi ayi hain she might be tired.

Riddhima lost her chance to talk to Muskaan at present.
Anji helped her out and Riddhima decided that somehow she would talk to her.

Dinner was prepared and everyone came in. Ate and then Riddhima asked Muskaan to help her out clean the area after everyone was done eating... which she obliged dutifully.

Once everything was done the family was watching TV and Armaan still working.
Riddhima asked Muskaan to come for a mnute and they stayed back in the kitchen with the pretence of more cleaning.

Riddhima asked her softly " Where were you Muskaan? We were all worried for you?"
Muskaan looked at her apprehensive yet replied " Umm bhabhi exams aa rahe hain so had to take extra notes for that"
Riddhima looked at Muskaan blatantly lying in front of her.
Riddhima continued "Muskaan..."
She looked at her
Riddhima "I saw you today while I was in the market/"
Muskaan stopped the cleaning
Riddhima continued "I saw you arguing with someone very fiercely"
"And it sure did not look like you were discussing notes or fighting over studies. Do you want to tell me?"
Muskaan just couldn't sayanything...
"If you don't speak I will have to let your bhai know about this because this is very grave."
Muskaan scared quickly nodded  a no and looked at her " No bhabhi please don't. I will tell you everything but tomorrow today everyone is here. Please bhabhi trust me. If bhai finds out now I will be in deep trouble.
" u will have to tell him eventually or he will find it out from one place or the other." Riddhima added

"Bhabhi please trust me. I will tell u everything Tom once bhai goes to work" Muskaan added

" ok Muskaan I will wait for tomorrow"

Saying that she excused herself and then retired to her room.

She was surfing through her cupboard for her night gown when Armaan came.

"What was Muskaan telling u?!" He asked
Startled yet she continued her search " Just some of her routine life"
" is that so" he asked
" yes u hv doubts in me" she teased him turning around after finding the gown.

" hmm let's sit for a minute"
"I have to change Armaan"
" but this is more imp than tht"
"What is" she asked
He brought her to the computer and typed in the password and then started Internet explorer
It reminded her of the time when she had pryed into the laptop n her fluke guess of the password had worked her own name.

She never really got a chance to ask him abt tht

But then thru were not very close back then

But then are they close enough now.?
He interrupted her thoughts
" riddhima look this is airtravels one of the best travel companies so let's pick a destination"

"Armaan I was thinking is this necessary I mean... It's going to be expensive if we had planned this earlier on the price like have been cheaper"

"Riddhima" he said looking at her this time " what is it that is bothering u?"

She questioned him " why do u think something is bothering me?"

" because I can just tell now do u want to tell me about it?"

"Nothing is bothering me Armaan it's just that I am not so comfortable with spending money out like that"

He cut her off " riddhima I m paying u dont have to worry"

"I know u r paying but money is money"

He smiled at her

"Ok how about we go local somewhere instead of outside how about Kerala I hear it's beautiful."

"Hmm " she said still in her thought of Muskaan n what was she going to tell her Tom and how would it affect the plans

"Riddhima are u listening"
"Umm yeah kerela sounds good"
" you really have something going on in that mind of urs don't u"
"Yes plans to trouble u" she teased to divert his mind off from her
" ahh I see"" well so I will book tickets for kerela from my agent he will give me a better price"

Saying that then he started to check his emails she went and showered to change and then by the time she came back Armaan was tired and asleep.

She lay in the bed thinking about whatever happened today. Gradually she fell asleep.

Next morning everything was routine
Armaan mentioned to her that he will talk to his agent about the tickets she made the breakfast n then gave the lunch to him and then continued her errands

She was waiting for a chance to talk to Muskaan but Muskaan had sneaked out of the house whike she was preparing lunch for Armaan.

Ananya told her tht Muskaan had to go to college

Riddhima was upset
This girl she told her she would tell her everything n now she just disappeared.

Muskaan came back before lunch time n came to the kitchen

Riddhima looked at her n waited for an explanation

" I will tell u everything Bhabhi" lets just finish lunch first

So they finished serving lunch to everyone n then eating themselves too

N then Muskaan took riddhima to her room as Anji was downstairs going her hw

She closed the room door
"Now Bhabhi" she heaved " what do u want to know"
" I want to know everything. Who was tht guy why were u arguining n what is going on in ur life basically"

She sat down so did riddhima
" Bhabhi this is from college his name is rahul n I have known him before ur marriage to bhai."
She stopped
Riddhima added" go on"
"Initially he would stare at me from a distance n I would just ignore this continued for months then one day I changed my route n the next day he met me in te library stating at me
I asked him why was he doing that n tht I would complain about him
He said he just wants to look at me
I said thts creepy n get out but he did not budge
So I left he kept on doing tht I was irritated I confronted him about it again.  He said this time that he really likes me.

I was not surprised so I asked him who is he n all
He told me that he works with a law firm n e was a graduate of this college n the day he first saw me he was here on some work but I kept him glued

I refused to believe me so he showed me his work Id and all. N I was like okay let me talk to him as friends
That's what I told him too tht I could only promise to be friends at this point.
We started hanging out I started liking his company n hence started spending more time with him. Just did not know when did I fall in love with him but I did Bhabhi n now I really love him."
She stopped waiting for riddhima to say something but sensing that she did not she continued " we started seeing each othe r more often and yesterday when u saw me " she turned away from riddhima " we were just discussing something"
"What exactly were u guys discussin?" Ridhima asked

Muskaan turned to face her and came and sat down where she was " Bhabhi he was telling me that he cannot live without me any more and hence he wanted me to move with him"

"What?!" Is what Muskaan expected  as a reaction from riddhima but Ridhima patiently asked " n what did u reply?"

" I told him that even I wanted to do the same but then he has to ask my parents for my hand in marriage how else would that work?"
" he said marriage was not on his mind and that he wanted a live-in relationship"
" I told him he was mad and this was not going to happen and then he tried to talk to me saying I don't love him and this and that. I found all that weird frankly speaking and I told him fine go away but if u have guts then go and ask for my hand in marriage but I know u wouldn't do that."
" that is basically it Bhabhi I have not talked to him after that"
" do u really want to talk to him " riddhima asked.
" I don't know Bhabhi " she said not facing riddhima. " at first I thought this was really something ... The party that u me bhai n Anji ha gone to he had come to meet me there too. N I really felt something was there but now I just feel that this is all fake. Like he wants to use me.
Today morning I had gone to college to talk to him one last time. I had asked him to come. He did not come . "

There was a moment of silence.
" Muskaan u are an adult and all ur actions will have a repercussion either good or bad it would depend on way choices u make.
I do not know this guy so it would be incorrect of me to judge him based on anything but from whatever u have told me until now there seems to be some kind of discrepancy here with this individual.
He wants a live in but not marriage . I believe u should talk about this to Armaan."
"No Bhabhi!"
" why not ? U do not plan to go to him again right! So what's the harm in letting him know. Atleast of the guy decides to bother u again he would know.

" Bhabhi please. Lets just forget it all"

" ok Muskaan  I won't tell anything if u promise me tht u will not go back to him even if he tries to come back to u later. This just doesn't seem right and I hope u would always keep the right judgement ahead of u"

He nodded not sure if she was nodding honestly or just due to the circumstances.

They both decided to end the discussion there and riddhima hoping that this would have probably taught Muskaan a lesson hoped that the guy would never come again into her life.

Evening came and things started to normal out. Armaan came home happy. The dy had progressed well and he had gotten the tickets for kerela too.

During dinner he mentioned that to everyone that they had decided to go to kerela and the tickets were already here.
Riddhima had forgotten about this in between asking Muskaan about yesterday. She decided to talk to him about the plans. How could they go what if the guy comes to bother her. No they couldn't go.

After dinner everyone started to retire back some watching Tv some goig back to their rooms  riddhima was walking upto her room when Muskaan caught hold of her

" Bhabhi please don't tell"
" Muskaan I have to tell him something we cannot go on this trip of the guy comes back again
" Bhabhi please no don't "

It is not too long I believe and It will take some time until the two come together but the teaser part will happen for sure.

Please be patient
Please comment/ criticize. Thank you for reading

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prachi06 IF-Dazzler

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nice update dear
thanx for pm
continue soon
Jenniferfan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 September 2013 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
awesome part
loved it!!!
AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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nice part.
Thanx 4 d pm.

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