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AR FF::Aapki Nazar...III:Part 39/40Upd 11/02/13 ArmN sys ILU story END

AR4eve Goldie

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 8:18pm | IP Logged

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to the Aap ki Nazaron Ne Samjha FF. I know I had left and frankly I wasn't even planning to return but it was difficult to stay away from penning new ideas. Its been almost two years since the last time I wrote so maybe my writing style might have changed and if you like or even if you don't like it please whole heartedly let me know. I have loved you guys previously and I still will love you guys not matter what criticism I get because that is what helps me update my skills lol.

So welcome back again to the FF... and I hope you like what you read If not always let me know ... I like listening to various opinions.

Some sad news is that I wont be able to send PMs to each and everyone of you after this one time because the list is just too big and very time consuming... but I hope you like the read and visit this area more often for updates that ways you dont miss it... and if you don't like I am extremely sorry... that my read dissapointed you

Take care


Hope you enjoy your read

Here is the prologue new readers and also the link to the previous threads





Armaan comes in the room. It is decorated for him and Riddhima. He sees Riddhima on the bed sitting in the most beautifully dressed lehenga with the chunari covering her head. He closes the door. Her heart starts pounding heavily in anticipation. He approaches her slowly and sits next to her. He tries to touch her hand but she shies away pulls her hand inwards. He moves closer to her and whispers in her ear, " Riddhima" and gradually lifts her veil. Her eyes are closed but she appears very beautiful. He says, " Mashaallah! Aaaj toh khud khuda ki nehmat hai mujhpar joh itni khubsurat biwi mili hai mujhe" A smile passes her face and she tries to move her face in the other direction so he cannot see her expressions but he moves her face towards him. He moves to her right ear, kisses it and removes the earing slowly and leaves it on the table. He does the same to the other ear, he gradually removes all her ornaments, from her mangtikka, to her necklace, her nose ring, her bangles, her cummerbund, and the payals. Slowly he makes her lie down on the bed and shows her his world of loveEmbarrassed.

Thinking about it makes her smile. This was albeit but a dream and she couldn't wait to make it a reality. He comes in but reluctantly because his bhai n bhabhis pushed him in. He sees her sitting on the bed, comes to her, close to her, she feels him so close to him, he takes one pillow from the bed and goes and sets himself on the sofa. She tuns towards him and cannot believe what just happened. It was like someone stole her dream and burnt it down to ashes. He didn't even say a word to her. He went to sleep his back facing her and she sat in the same position thinking what went wrong that he didn't even react to her presence.

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AR4eve Goldie

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This was the world to her….. and now there was no reason to say no…..

"Armaan" she said making him sit next to her and him still holding the ring in his hand… "you know " she smiled wiping away her tear…. "I had an inclination that this night wasn't going to end so soon.. especially after that wonderful thing in the restaurant….." he smiled she continued "You want to know my answer…. Hmm…. Armaan….. my answer is…..Yes…….." At this Armaan was flabbergasted and exited.. he couldn't believe she just said yes……

She brought herhand in front of him… and he put the ring on it…….. And her tears… they just couldn't stop…………. He just hugged her in a tight embrace……and she she just responded back…… "thankyou Armaan" she whispered……

"Thankyou Riddhima" he whispred back……….

It was like a moment that they had never experienced….. They lay there for a while in that embrace….. it was like after an eternity they had finally found happiness…. Armaan then broke the embrace but still close to her… he wiped her tears and nodded his head in a negative telling her not to cry anymore……

"Riddhima don't cry … ab there will only be happiness…." She nodded in a positive to that…….. and they hugged again…. It was like there was no tomorrow…..It was like a lovers plight….Parting even for a second was gruelsome…. With a lot of effort they broke the hug….. each wiped the others tear and then they started to go up to their room……. They changed their clothes and lay on bed……each on their side of the bed but still staring at each other and smiling………

A month or so passed from that day and every single day after that little confession had been bliss for the both of them.

Riddhima got up earlier than usual and went to shower. She came out of the shower and a smile left her seeing Armaan still sleeping. She noiselessly went out of the room and into the kitchen.

It was 5 am the sky was still dark and everyone in the house was asleep. She decided to make some tea for herself and after making the tea she stepped out in the verandah, sat on the arm chair and sipped her tea. The fresh morning, the misty environment, and a hot cup of tea, the husband sound asleep in their bedroom, the inlaws sleeping peacefully, and her friend like sister in laws sound asleep as well. Life was indeed perfect, lovely and beautiful. She felt that this was like a dream indeed but she knew the prices she had had to pay to reach unto this dream. Shrugging the thoughts off she took a sip of her tea. And just sat back and enjoyed the quiet environment.

Armaan happened to wake up and seeing Riddhima's absence he got up as well. He ame downstairs and came up close to the verandah. Just as he had imagined where she could be, he saw her on the armchair carefreely sipping her tea.

He enjoyed the view. This was indeed his little family. And he hoped it would stay such. He came up to her and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Good Morning Riddhima" he wished her with a simple kiss on her forehead.

"Good morning Armaan" she reciprocated with a sweet smile.

He came and sat next to her on the swing close by the arm chair. And started swinging the swing chair gradually.

She suddenly remembered to ask him," Let me get you some coffee"

He smiled as she helped herself to make coffee for him. He liked this that she was being the perfect wife for him. Even if she would not have tried, he was still just happy to have her by his side.

She brought his coffee for him and handed it. He smiled and thanked her. She smiled back. They shared a glance at each other and then Riddhima moved her gaze off to someother area…. The birds chirping.

They sat there in the early morning stillness and then as the sun started to show up Riddhima started to retreat and go back to her room to shower and prepare for the rest of the day.

Armaan followed suit after a while and went to shower once Riddhima was done. By the time Riddhima reached downstairs and started making breakfast the house was starting to wake up. The day began , she  served everyone, made sure she ate, packed lunch for everyone helped Ananya with her work, made sure Armaan took his lunch, wished him a great day, made sure Billy took his lunch, and made sure Anjali and Muskaan ate well before they left out for the day.

Once done there, she started preparing for lunch and continued on her errands. Her day progressed smoothly.

Armaan returned home on the evening with Billy. Muskaan and Anjali were still not back yet as Muskaan had taken Anjali to the mall for some shopping.

Muskaan actually had a plan and that too a wicked one. She knew exactly what her bhai bhabhis life had become. A boring dull routine. What sheplanned to do was bring excitement to this routine.

It Was 9 pm and Muskaan was still not back. Ananya was starting to get worried.She tried Muskaans no. but it was not being reached. She hesistantly told Armaan about it. Armaan was appalled at her that she did not tell him that until now. He called Muskaans no. No ring. He called Anjalis no. Luckily her phone rang. Muskaan slapped her forehead in apprehension. She had forgotten to turn Anjalis phone off. She grabbed the phone from Anjali and managed to hear ARMAAN speak, " Anji tum kaha ho. Kya Muskaan tumhare saat hain"

Muskaan replied from the other end, "Bhai main Muskaan hi hoon." Hum yahan mall main atak gaye hain. Mere phone ki battery dead ho gayi hain aur Anji ke phone pe abhi tak hame signal mil hi nahi raha tha."

"Tum kaha ho mujhe bas yeh batai, main abhi aata hoon tumhe lene" he said frantically.

She gave him the address of the place where she wanted him to go." Bhai bhabhi koh bhi saath le ana. Akele mat ana. Kafi tufan hain bahar." She added.

Armaan was flabber gasted. Why would he take Riddhima out in this weather. HE  said yes to her but he was not going to take Riddhima with him.

He told Ananaya and Riddhima that he was going to go pick up the girls and that they should stay kaput.

Armaan reached the place that Muskaan mentioned on the phone. Muskaan saw from her hiding that Armaan came alone. "Darn it" she said."My plan just flopped. How could I even imagine bhai listening to my antics"

Saying that she came out of her hiding with Anji and they went up to Armaan, Armaan was happy to see them and quickly asked them to seat inside the car due to the heavy rains.

While driving back Muskaan asked him "Bhai bhabhi kyun nahin ayi"

Armaan looked at her worriedly and then said "Tumhari bhabhi koh lata toh phir main aur pareshan ho jata aur phir agar tumhe dhoodte dhoonte tumhari bhabhi koh kuch ho jata toh.. toh phir hum saare yahin atak jaate"

Muskaan to herself, ' yahin toh main chahti thi bhai ki aap dono yaha ruk jaye taki aap kuch time spend karee k dusre ke saath as husband and wife, khair koi baat nahin.. plans toh mere dimag main ate jate rehte hain…..'

Riddhima was worried at home about the three of them. She tried calling Armaan but his phone due to the rains couldn't be heard.She was panicking.

Then she heard the car. She ran to the door. Muskkan and Anjali stepped out the car and hurried inside. Ananya took care of them and made sure they ate and then took them to their rooms.Riddhima waited for ARMAan to come back. He was all drenched. She immediately took out the towel for him and asked him to go change his clothes. He did as commanded albeit with a big smile.

Muskaan could stop smiling seeing this. She later retreated to her room with Anji, Ananya and Billy going to their respective rooms.

Riddhima was still downstairs clearing the food plates and setting the house clear. Armaan came downstairs his hairs still wet. He walked up to Riddhima and looked at her.She was busy in her work but him staring at her did not go unnoticed. Yet she continued to do her work. He came to her, held her hand, and made her stop and notice him. She stopped and looked at him, surprised as to what did he plan on doing. He stood there and just shook his head. All the water sprinkled on to her. She fidgeted and tried to move out of his grip but he held her hand tight and continued. He stopped, she stopped fidgeting. She looked at him with a questioning expression. He just smiled and said I wanted you to be part of my rain experience today.

It took her a while to understand what he meant but as she understood it she appeared pensive.

"Is it so" she said" then why did you not take me with you Armaan"

Taken aback he pondered and then said " Had I lost you in trying to find them what would have become of me"

She went close to him, him being apprehensive now , and since he was standing close to the sink he was an easy target for Riddhima, but he didn't guess she could do something like that, inching close to him she opened the sink tap held an amount of water in her hand and once ready she said "you would have become a drenched husband" saying that she sprayed the water on to him and ran away.

He took a sec to understand what she meant and he ran after her " wait here you little missy" saying that he ran after her. She stepped out in the rain thinking he will hesistate before stepping out as he just changed and he did infact stop for a min right outside his parapet. He saw her making fun of him, provoking him like a little kid to come and win the water fight and he ran… ran after her forgetting everything…. They chased for a while but ultimately Armaan was able to catch hold of her… Just as she was about to retreat back into the house he caught hold of her hand and pulled her with a force towards himself. She collided with him with a force and they both landed on the floor of the verandah.

He immediately asked her " Are you hurt?"

She nodded a negative and asked him " Are you?"

"Yes" he said

Worried she asked " where?" and straightened herself and pulled him up to a seating position on the floor.

He held her hand and .. she was afraid where had she hurt him… he brought it to his heart…..

A second into it and she realized he was fooling around. But the moment was such that she couldn't let it go.

They just stared into each others eyes for some time. It was still pouring heavily and they were still out there in the verandah staring into each others eyes.

He inched closer to her. Her heartbeats increased a thousand fold. He came a little more closer. This was too close for comfort for her. She closed her eyes.

He stopped where he was. Saw that she closed her eyes. And looked at her eyes now closed. A smile escaped his lips. So simple and so innocent was Riddhima he wondered. He was about to close his eyes when …… thud…

They heard a noise.Armaan left his eyes open And Riddhima opened hers. They stared at each other.

Somemore noise of leaves rubbing each other. They broke apart from each other and turned to face the noise.

They saw someone running away. Armaan looked at Riddhima and signaled her to go inside the house. He ran after the guy until the exit of the verandah but before he could catch hold of the person he ran away. Armaan didn't want to run after that guy for no reason on a rainy day. Infact he was pretty upset with the guy for ruining his moment with Riddhima. He made a mental note to look into the matter. He retreated his steps towards the house, stepped in and visually searched for her. He realized she must have gone upstairs when he heard some movement in the kitchen.She saw him coming and as soon as he reached the kitchen she gave him a towel to dry himself off the rain. While he was drying his hair she asked "who was it?"

Armaan still wiping his hair but looking in her direction, "Don't know Riddhima I ran after the guy looks like it was a guy… so I ran after him a little but he escaped. So I don't know who was it but I will make sure I find out. We cannot have people prying into our lives especially when we were romantically inclined" he smirked.

Riddhima opened her mouth in exasperation on hearing what Armaan just said.

He winked at her .

She immediately closed her mouth and retained her calm composure.

"We should still find out who was it … you know you have two young girls in your house. We should be careful."

He made a note of it.

He looked at her the towel now in his hands holding it out for her. She took it and started to retrace her steps back to their room. He looked at her as she walked away from her for a while.. his hands went on his hair now almost dry….  He smiled…. He moved his head so that the hairs sprinkled the remainder of the water and he went to close the door and then head for his room…..


Riddhima was in her room while Armaan was still downstairs… as she was entering the room her thoughts went to the towel in her hand…. The water from his hair made the towel wet …. She smiled …. And remembered how he held her hand and sprinkled all the  water from his hair onto her…. She walked to the washroom …Left the towel in their  and then took her clothes out to change herself.

He entered and the room was amiss Riddhima but there was light in the washroom. He knew where she was. His mind was giving him all kinds of naughty ideas. He shook his head…. Not yet boy not yet….. and he smiled.

Riddhima came out of the washroom and saw him standing in front. She froze. She was afraid what would Armaan do now after what happened downstairs in the verandah between the two of them….

Before anything she composed herself and said "Armaan I have taken your clothes out for you since you are also wet. Here" she said and took them from the chair where she had kept his clothes and handed it to him. He looked at her " umm ok" he said took it from her hands making sure he touched her hand while taking them deliberately.

She stayed still as he took it and went in the washroom. But as he closed the door…. She relaxed….. why …… she was becoming so conscious in front of him.. after tonight… she laughed a little to herself… " boy I cannot be this 16th century girl.. comeone he is my husband and I should behave a little more like a wife" she thought and laughed to herself.

tHEn she prepared the bed and laid on it.

As soon as she heard the unboltin of the bathroom door she closed the light on her end and pretended to sleep…

Armaan came out and saw in front of her.. she was sleeping …..  well he knew there was nothing he could do now.. he laughed a little to himself…. Came onto the bed laid for a few min and then dozed of to sleep as did Riddhima.





'Armaan woke up around early morning. He turned on the bed to face a sleeping Riddhima whos back was facing him……….

His emotions from last night too strong…. Even until morning …..

He inched closer to her….. and called out her name "Riddhima" very affectionately.

She was in sleep .. didn't hear it….

He called her name again and this time touching her shoulder making her turn to face him.

She gradually came to consciousness. Opened her eyes and saw Armaan……

A beautiful smile escaped her lips….. which was noticed by Armaan ….. he smiled at her too… and they stared into each others eyes…. Gradually he made a step closer to her…..he kissed her forehead.. he cheeks her lips her neck and he just immersed himself into her….. and Riddhima…. She gave in as a dutiful and loving wife….. and more importantly as Armaans Riddhima….'

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loook who s here. *faints*

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omg u r bk..Welcome bk.. tht was shocking never thought of it glad to see u bk..i am so happy to read this update reallly missed ur updates. Awesome update AR r finally together awww gd to see them like this..Muskaan's plan was nt bad bt it didn't come out the way she wanted bt AR shared some gd moments the rain hayyee n Kitchen romance..i just loved it ..n who was tht guy running away i am curious to knw about it..What a beautiful start with a Morning kiss .. Amazing part very well written..continue the next part soon ..hope u won't make us wait a long for the next part ..

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nice part

update soon

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Beautiful Part

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Welcome back..
I'm so glad to see an update here...
I just loved this part...
I'm loving the way AR's relationship has progressed.
I wanna know if in the end of this part AR consummated their marriage.
I'm a bit confused.
The rain sequence was beautiful..
This part was simply marvelous.
Plz update the next part soonest.You have updated after ages.Please continue super soon.

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