Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Sizzler post!! :)

-NightDreamer- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 January 2010
Posts: 13226

Posted: 05 April 2013 at 4:56pm | IP Logged
I Hav'nt Thought Of making Post But U guyz Won't Spare me :)
It was Really Wonderful Jounry Wid u All & wid HUMBUM Virika - Kryan!!
Already Completed 400th episode Hop Mny More!!Dancing

Amrita- One Of My Sweetest behnaHug M Just blessed 2 hav u In my Life! All Thanks 2 AT 
Hw v becam So Close To Eachother! Luved Talking 2 u at nite thnaks 4 baring me behna I 
Keep asking u abt Kryan dat u Start Calling me nw FMJI :D 
Really Don't want 2 loose Behna Lik u Hop v Meet Sumday Heart

Ayesha- My another Behna HugPraying 4 Ur Health M really worried abt u. U DOn't take care Of urselfplz behna Taok care Bcoz Health is Precious Gift Frm GOD! Luv Talking 2 u behna ur Really Humble & sweet behna v Neva Chat 4 long v hav been more on PM's
Wishing u Speed Recovery HeartU hav been travlling 2 hopital alot frm last few mnths 

Latika- Here's My Next behnaHug V r Really Vry Similar 2 Eachother v Two Loved KD Madly 
& Damn So Crazy ABt Kryan  Behna Thanks 4 Kryan Story I really enjoy Reading it Day Dreaming!! Hw We keep discussing ABt Virika Most On Kryan I just rmbr V were discussing abt shower Scene & i Guess Just Afta Week V gt :) behna u will be inactive On If 4 Few day bcoz of ur exams wish u all da Best 4 Ur exams Heart

Muski- another Behna Big Thank U For Hugmaking Lovly At It's Just Beautiful lik u 
Bcoz Of it I gt Amaing Friends , behna I rembr Our 1st meeting it was'nt Dat great i mean 
Neva Thought will bcum so close Lik Sisters..behna V too share mny thing Similar der r vry few KD fan here u too r crazy abt KD lik me Just Luved her
behna Hop Ur reports R Fine!! Wish u Good health!! Heart

Nish- My cutest behna I luv hw U alwayz Wish me Lik on my B'day Itwas Really Amazing 
Post i luved specially da criket One behna U r really Humble u alwayz Answer Kindly 2 my 
evry question :P As u neo Once i start my ques session it does'nt stop Specially On Kryan 
GoD! I hav been So effectd By Dem frm alst few weeks & ecffect u too :)Hug

Ashy- My Nighty Frnd :D Luv Talking 2 u I rembr first Tym i met u It was Wen V Gt Dat 
Kryan Segmnt on wassup During dabbu's marraige in just Few dayz V becm so close & i 
guess Dis is bcoz of u Bcoz m not dat Frinedly i don't gell wid anyone SO easily Thanks 
Ashy 4 being so Sweet & Kind! Plz DOn't bully My Angle Tanvi ROFL

Deeps- Da Momnt I Call ur name Automatically Smile Appears On my lips Aise WaliBig smile 
U r really entertanmnet hw ur Alwayz crazy Abt Tacker I Wish u Meet Him Soon 
v hav'nt been in touch 4 While nw u r done wid exams wish u all da Best 4 12th Hug

Ashi- Nw Don't Get Confuse It u AyeshaTongue We ACtually Bump Mny Tyms In a Day :) 
But neva Chatd Proprly Dat is Bcoz U Keep disappearing EvryTym & Ignore Me EvryTym 
:( But Still Ur Sweet I Notcd Abt u Sumthing which is Actually ABit Funny 4 me Dat Wenva I askd U abt Any Intv Or ARticle U Neva Noe Abt it & den I hav 2 Give u Link LOL

Saba- V Just Met Last few weeks Ago But I found U really Humble & Amaizng person U r 
Sry i Could'nt rplied U bak On FB & thnxx For Da SOng Saba dat Really Damn Sweet of u 
ReallyHeart want 2 Noe More Abt u Hop 2 Meet Soon!!Hug

Natu- Were r u all dese dayz ? I remr On 1st of April U made all Of Us Fool By dat Kryan 
photshoot Post Really wanted 2 kill u Bcoz I was so xcited April Fool was'nt der in My 
Mind! But I really Hop Ur Dis Post Cum true Vry Soon! Hug

Kayz- U R Really Amazing PersonHug Luved Evry Post Of ur Just recent one u Made On Kryan 
It was Really Fantastic! Wat SHould i Say abt Ur stories It's Mindblwoing Ur Amazing 
Writer Kayz Special dat "We Found LOve" I luv Dat Viren-Veera Bodning I mentiond Dis 
In My comnt vry Odten tyms Bcoz It It reminds Me Of Me & my Bro's Bonding!
Thanks Kays 4 writing such A Wonderful stories!!Heart
Tanu Ji- My Angle Tongue I Luv talking 2 u Ur Really Funny But Vry Sweet person u gave me 
nick Meko i Luv Dat .Luv hw U Hav Been Postive 2wards Kryan Which makes me Really 
feel Gud! Bcoz U neo Hw Madly Deeply M In luv Wid Kryan 
Tanu Ji U hav fullfill my Few Wished I want u Just 2 FullFill My last Wish Plzz Gt 
Kryann Married Soon ;) Heart

Sara- V Hav'nt intercted Much But M Ur Huge Fan of Ur Story Ghosh! Hw Perfctly u 
Write Man! My Most Favrt One"Blessed"Heart It is Super Duperr Amaizng Hw Eagerly I wait 
For dat Update Romntic Virika Scene Ghsoh! Hop v Gt Sum in da Show I Want Update 
jaldi se Sara plzz Hug

Amna- U Have Been Inactive 4 Few days Missed u .
U Sweet & vry kind V 2 r da One i guess Who is Having Fulltym Holiday :D It's Wonderful 
talking 2 u Hop v remaain in touch! :)Hug

Jes- Beta hw r u? :P App Kab Sudhar rogi Big smile I lik Talking 2 u bcoz V most of da Tym V 
keep Pulling Eachother's Leg. . Beta Appko bhut Zaroorat hai manners Seekhne ki
But U R sweetest one Too Heart

Yamzy Di- I neva Thought v will meet again Itw as Sweet coincidense Dat b4 we were 
mayur\Arti fan & nw Virika\Kryan fan i Did'nt Talkd 2 u Much But Found u really sweet 
& Kind Di But Yeah v Keep discuss abt Kryan On FB 
One Thing I Found Similar v 2 r KD fan Hop m Not Wrong!!
bcoz i saw U prasing her lots Of Tym!!Heart

Maria- Happy b'day maru! my 1st IF friend On HUMBUM forum! 
Funny part Is dat We did'nt Intrctd Much! U hav been inactive on IF frm last few weeks 
Missing Ur post On Kryan & Virika It's really Amazing One & u were Alwayz da 1st One 2 
Make Missing ur posts & u Too Maru Cum Jaldi se Hug

Juju- U Have Been Vry Kind & Really Nice I Luved Ur msg On my B'day I still rembr 
I luved Ur Storeis U Too r Amazing Writer! & Luved Ur EVry Post On Kryan\Virika 
 Hav'nt Chattd wid u Frm last few dayz I guess ur Bzy in Ur exams Wish u all da best & 
Gt Best Score!!

JB- I met U Long before But suddenly U disappred!
thanks 4 da Siggy It's Really Amazing Luved HeartIt was Really Sweet of u to make
So ur Exams Cuming Up Wish U all da Best & Score Best !!Hug

Preetha- I Dunno Much Abt u But  hw much i found u is Ur Vry Humble One
U just keep disppering On AT I Really Want 2 Chat wid u I guess u Too bzy in exams 
nwdayz Wish u best Of Luck & Best 4 Ur Results Too !!Hug

Aly- Just met u recently U r Superbb person Luv Talking 2 u Sry 4 disppring bcoz of my net Heart

Asma- We Met Long Tym B4 But neva Intrct 2 eachother much U r really sweet Ur Not active On AT Much Really Want 2 Talk To u Hop 2 c u Much ACtive Hug

Vishu- I DOn't C  u Much On AT Den on Fb bzy Discussing On sumthing ;)
dat's So Sweet of u To make Post On Kryan -Virika EVrytym Ur Quite Regular In dat 
Wedar It is On Kryan Intv Or Virika Scene i Luved ur evry Post On Kryan\Virika It's 
Simple Mindblowing!!Hug

Payal- I guess V Hav'nt Intrctd Much On But v keep discussing On Kryan & Virika
U too R One Who alwayz Make Sure 2 make post On Virika Or Kryan It's Really Amazing 
2 C Post On dem As dey Light-up Our day Hop V gt Jaldi se One Kryanish Intv!!Day Dreaming

Choti- I Did'nt chatd wid u much But Still u neva Fail 2 Include me in ur Evry post dat is 
Really Sweet Of uHug Hop v chat sumday Araammse Really want 2 noe More ABt u
Missing u & i met u Bcoz of sumone who is Really special in my Life dat is My sweetest 

bestest DiHeartHug

Dat is Heema DiHeart- Di u neo hw Missed u in alst 2 yrs I alwayz keep talking ant u 2 my di I 
Pmd u mny tyms But did'nt recive any msg I keep wondering Will v eva meet But den 
suddenly 1 day came dat day i myslef Tuk 4-5 mins 2 belive my ears is it Really heemadi 
i was soo Happy dat evn my bro he was sitting near me askd wat hppnd?Heart
V were Crazy mayur\Arti Fan hw v discssd Evrtym It was Really oledn Golden days Which i Still cherish & will be 4eva..i really don't want 2 loose U hop v remain in touch foreva Di :)

Hope I mentiond EVryone m really Sorry If I missed Anyone Embarrassed
I Tried My best 2 Include evny of my friedz
My Fingers r Already Hurting..Ouch
Guyz  der r Mifght few typing error dat is bcoz M typing In dark Room Lolz EVrone is sleeping Just My Keyborad is making soundLOL


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-ayeshabfd- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 4:58pm | IP Logged

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Dhoxi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 4:59pm | IP Logged
uhlalala Dancing 

Sorry for late un-res LOL 

Mehak you are the most amazing person I have ever met, You are just too sweet, like you say everything from your heart and I feel so special when you share something. 

I know how we met in AT and after that AT in night was all ours LOL I love bugging you for sleeping in time and taking care of yourself, I love bugging you know Tongue

Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and thank you for teaching me some of the HINDI LOL 

You know i'm not so good at that but yeah thank you !!


Hawww you dont know Tanvi, she bullies me most Cry Tongue

Lots of love Mehak Heart
Be the way you are Hug

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lovelife. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 December 2011
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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 5:01pm | IP Logged

Preetha- I Dunno Much Abt u But  hw much i found u is Ur Vry Humble One
U just keep disppering On AT I Really Want 2 Chat wid u I guess u Too bzy in exams 
nwdayz Wish u best Of Luck & Best 4 Ur Results Too !!Hug

Reply to your message:
Awww! Mehek! Thank you for the message:) Aww! You are just too sweet to say I am so humble! Embarrassed Thanks. I am sorry for disappearing. Its all due to my freaking health and school. I am just too busy! :( I hope to chat with you really soon. 7 more months for me to be free! Then I will only come to AT! :D Thank you so much for your wishes for my exam and my results:) Thank you..:D 

So, yeah! Mehek! Congratulations hunn! Hug

Well, I am really angry with you. You didn't make a post when I asked you too:(:( You made it after that! -_- I am really sad..:( 

Anyways, Congratulations Mehek:) You are a great Didi everyone deserves. You have a heart that has the most valuable thing in abundance, Love. Thank you so much for all the love you can given to everyone of us in the AT. Heart You are the sweetest person Didi:) I Love You! HeartHug

Congratulations again! Hug
Keep Sizzling and Stun the world soon! Big smileCool

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-Latty- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 7:13pm | IP Logged
res..Big smile

though m inactive on IF these days becoz of my exams still i came here to congratulate u behna..Smile

m sooo happyyy to see u as sizzler...Embarrassed

congratulations for becoming a SIZZLER behna...Party

thank u sooo much for ur sweet words for meSmile
we both r crazy for KD and for our KryAn/VirIkaDay DreamingEmbarrassed

u r the most sweetest person of this forum...m soo lucky and glad i met with u through ATs...Big smile

i love whenever u ask me for a KryAn story...Heart and u always appreciate me thank u soo much for thatSmile

thanx for ur good wishes for my examsEmbarrassed

PINK colour really suits u...KD's fav colour is pink and now ur name is also in pink...yuhooo great feeling na behna...Smile and perfect combo too...Big smile
now me too want to become a sizzler soonWink pinkyyy pinkyyy just like our KDEmbarrassedDay Dreaming

KD's muaahhh and tight hugs to u...Hug

love u sooo much behnaHeart
always be with me...Smile

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-Muskii- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 8:00pm | IP Logged
I hate Ayesha!!

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Saba_Pari IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 8:11pm | IP Logged
Congratulations meku D'oh you r a sweet person and its always a great fun to chat with u hope we will become close frnds soon and thanx for saying such a sweet words for me

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-vish- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 8:19pm | IP Logged

Congratzz MehakPartyParty u r a sizzler..i think pink color is suiting u
 I'm so glad I found such an amazing friend on this forumHug
u truly r a sweetheart...love chatting with u on AT
Sorry busy for a while...so can't attend the AT but really missing chatting u n others..I will come back soon to the AT
bt then again we chat on FB abt so many thingsWink..its really fun and entertaining
I'm happy u liked my Kryan/virika posts...now that I'm little free we make more posts on them
love u loads dearHeart keep sizzling!!

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