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uniq cllb|#2 *COMPLETED STORY* (Page 7)

crizal IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by kuts

Originally posted by crizal

Update Dedo Silly

hrideyy ko tang kar. LOL
LOL okay Wink
I will ryt nw drop a scrap on his head LOLLOL

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Originally posted by crizal

Originally posted by kuts

Originally posted by crizal

Update DedoSilly

hrideyy ko tang kar.LOL

LOL okay Wink
I will ryt nw drop a scrap on his head LOLLOL


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Day Dreaming
-Dracarys. IF-Stunnerz

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{banner credit-LaxshaLOVEArshi}
ChApTeR 11 {PaRt ~A}
KyUn HuA Yeh, KyA HuA YeH

After the entire thing happened in the college khushi was not soo gud..;

Her condition was not soo good.

She was thinking how can arnav do this.

How can he believe shyam and do what he said him to do.

Yes that was the truth khushi knew the conversation between shyam and arnav

(how,where ,when please don't ask just read)

Khushi had to talk to arnav some or the other way'

Khushi decided to call arnav' arnav picked up the call

Arnav-now what do you want ms.gupta?

Khushi-I just want to meet you arnav singh raizada.


Khushi-something important has left between us to talk.

Arnav-ok. Where?

Khushi-outsidethe city where only me and you will be present. I will be there in 1 hour reach on time mr.raizada


Khushi thought now we will work this out arnav'.. and she left to meet arnav

Arnav was in thoughts that why khushi called him but somewhere he knew why and he smirked evily'.

Khushi reached there and was waiting for arnav to arrive'.

Arnav reached 15 mins after khushi reached..

Arnav saw khushi

Khushi saw arnav

They both got lost in each others eyes'.

There eyes were speaking volums'

Khushi said "arnav lets go I want to talk"


Khushi was looking very serious by her expressions she said

"arnav how can u do this? Maine toh suna tha ki arnav singh raizda kisse se nahi darta fir who kaise darr gaya shyam manohar jha'"{I have heard that arnav singh raizada dosent get afraid from anybofy soo how camoe he get afraid of shyam manohar jha."}

Arnav looked at khushi with his eyes wide open an said"khushi what are you talking about I didn't get a single thing"

Khushi gave a smile and sia d"arnav don't hide anything from me now aman has told me everything about the conversation which you and shyam had that night soo please don't lie now"

Arnav said"soo aman told you.. but mai karta kya khushi I had to do it{but what I can do khushi I have to this}

Khushi-why arnav ais akya kaha shyam ne tumse jo tumne apne pyaar ko chod diya.. mujhe itna hurt kiya'{what shyam said to you tat u left your love you hurted me a lot}

Arnav-khushi I love you that's why I did that' what he did I cannot even tell you'

Khushi-what he did arnav. Tell me tell me .Mujh mai sunne ki himmat hai ki sach kya hai{I have the power to listen to the truth tell me }

Arnav-khushi he had a video of you'

Khushi-video which kind of video'

Khushi-khushi he by his sources installed the camera's in your bathroom's hower area and he had a video of you of that with him'.


Arnav-don't worry now there are not any camera's

Khushi-he can be soo low..

Arnav-wen I met him that night he said me if I will not go away from you he will release that video on net.. and I not wanted that soo I did all this to save your dignity'' he gave the video to me and now I have destroyed it' and sirf itna hi nahi he still have the video of our kiss and he said I have to leave this collage or he will reveal tat video in the annual conference of college'.

Khushi-aranv now hat can we do to overcome this..kissing video.. I cannot lose you'

Arnav-khushi there is one way but I think you will not agree to tat??

Khushi-what is that arnav'.

Arnav-if we will marry soo nobody can question us if the video will get revealed and after marriage I will get it from shyam by hock or crock..

Khushi-marriage arnav what are you saying?

Arnav-khushi this is the only way.. and I love you a lot'. Do you trust me

Khushi-ok' I trust you arnav.. and I love you more then my live'.

Arnav-soo we will marry tomorrow and do you want to keep it a secret or do you want to tell it to somebody..

Khushi-I think atleast lavanya and aman should know'


~~next day evening~~

Arnav and khushi told lavanya and aman entire scene and what they are going to do..

Firsty lavanya was a bit shocked but she understood'..

Lavanya made khushi ready for the wedding although it was a simple wedding with only bride groom and two friends still khushi wore a lehanga of arnav's choice'.

Arnav and aman arrived at the temple..

And was waiting for the girls to arrive'

And then a car halted at the enterence of the gate of and then lavanya opened the gate for khushi and she got down form the car in a red lahenga with silver embroidery

Arnav was lost in khushi's beauty..

Arnav was wearing a white simple shervani'.

They did the varmaal both exchanged the garlands

They both sat for the wedding rituals lavanya did tied arnav and khushi's knot and aman did khushi's kanya daan coz khushi dosent have any family and aman is like her brother'.

Now they both got up for seven round of mattiage

And they took the following promises

{ First phera / first vow } - Pray to the Gods for pure and nourishing food and prosperity.

arnav says

"om esha ekapadi bhava iti prathaman"

My beloved, our bond strengthens by your walking one step with me. You will offer me food and be helpful at all times.I will embrace you and provide for our welfare and happiness and also that of our children.?

khushi says

"dhanam dhanyam pade vadet"

I humbly comply to you, my lord. kindly bestow upon me the responsibility of the household, food and finance. I promise you that I shall carry out all responsibilities towards the welfare of the family and the children."

{ Second phera / second vow } - the couple appeals to the gods to give them the mental, physical and spiritual strength to lead a healthy life.

arnav says

"om oorje jara dastayaha"

My beloved, now you have walked the second step with me. Fill me up with strength and courage so that together we can protect the household and the children.?

khushi says

"kutumburn rakshayishyammi sa aravindharam"

My lord, in your sorrows, I shall fill your heart with courage and strength. In your joys , I shall rejoice. I promise you that I will please you at all times with sweet words and take care of the family and the children. and you in turn shall love none other but me as your wife.?

{ Third phera / third vow } - Pray for preservation of wealth and prosperity in life.

arnav says

"om rayas santu joradastayaha"

My beloved, now you have walked three steps with me. With your presence in my life, our wealth and prosperity are going to grow.I shall look upon all other woman as my sisters. We will educate our children and may their live long.?

khushi says

"tava bhakti as vadedvachacha"

My lord, I will love you with single minded devotion as my husband. I will treat all other men as my brothers. My devotion to you will be that of a pure wife. this is my commitment to you.?

{ Fourth phera / fourth vow } - The couple invokes the gods for joy and peace by mutual love and trust in all walks of life.

arnav says

"om mayo bhavyas jaradastaya ha"

My beloved, it is a blessing that you have walked four steps with me. You're presence in my life has made it sacred and auspicious. May we be blessed with obedient and noble children and may they live long!?

khushi says

"lalayami cha pade vadet"

My lord, I will enrich myself from head to toe with sandalwood paste and fragrance for you. I will serve you and please you in every possible way that I can.?

{ Fifth round / fifth vow } - the couple appeals to the lords for the welfare of all living beings in this world and wish for virtuous, noble and heroic children.

arnav says

"om prajabhyaha santu jaradastayaha"

My beloved, now that you have walked five steps with me, you have adorned my life. May god bless you and may our loved ones live long and share in our prosperity.?

khushi says

"arte arba sapade vadet"

My lord, I will share your happiness and grief. With your love in my life, I will trust and honor you. I will fulfill all your wishes.?

{ Sixth round / sixth vow } - the couple asks the gods to give them a blissful life together.

arnav says

My beloved, you have filled my heart with happiness walking six steps with me. May you fill my heart with joy and peace at all times.?

khushi says

"yajna hom shashthe vacho vadet"

My lord, in all righteous acts, in material prosperity, and in enjoyment of acts approved by the divine, I promise I will will stand by you.?

{ Seventh phera / seventh vow } - The couple prays for mutual understanding, loyalty and companionship.

arnav says

"om sakhi jaradastayahga"

My beloved, as you have walked the seven steps with me, our love and friendship is now eternal. We have attained a spiritual union blessed by god. Now you are one with me and I offer my life to you. Our marriage will be forever!?

khushi says

"attramshe sakshino vadet pade"

My lord, as per the laws of God and the sanctity of the holy scriptures, I am your wife now. Whatever promises we made, were made with a pure mind. We will be truthful to each other in all matters and We will love each other forever.?


Now they both sat and arnav fill's khushi's mang with sindor and tied mangalsutra in her neck and the priest declared them as husband and wife'.

Now they were tied in a relationship which will be for seven births or god knows...

And after all this they both left for an hotel which arnav has booked for there first night' and lavanya and aman left for hostel..

When arnav khushi reached the hotel they both entered the room and khushi saw the entire room decorated with rose petals'.

Arnav hugged her from behind and and kissed her shoulder khushi understood what he is gonna do and started running'.

And arnav cought her..

arnav-ajj tum mujhse se nahi bhag sakti(today you cannot run from me) khuhsi singh raizada'..

khuhsi-I also don't want to go away from you

arnav was hugging her soo tightly that she was feeling safe in his arms away from the whole universe it was the best place for her'

arnav cuped her face in his palms and kissed her on her lips passionately that it was getting deeper khuhsi was also supporting him. The feeling in thiere hearts were like that two lovers separated for along time and fullfiling there disere

he slowly showered kisses on her neck her whole face he was too hungry for her she was very

he slowly moved his hands towards her dori and opened it now she was partially undressed to take revenge khuhsi also opened his shirt and threw it away and takes his vest off him  he cupped her breasts in his hand and was kissing her the kissing session lasted for 2 hours after that they didn't realized when they get fully undressed and was in bed he showered kisses all over her body she moaned in pleasure.


And in this night they both consummated their love''''


To be continued in part B


--- u have to wait...

authors note-

u all must be thinking that they consumated soo fast but it was required soo dont mind... and enjoy and as the story says expect the unexpected...

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-Anayah- IF-Rockerz

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loved the updateClap

that seven vows beautifully written...Heart

and atlast they became one...Big smile

i think Arnav should not ditch her...Confused

hehehe...kitkat part B bhi hrideyy ka hai...Wink

ab kya karogi...lolzzzEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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kuts IF-Sizzlerz

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..un res

woah! the next part is also on you?!
dammit I won't be able to make this a dream sequence.. ROFL

nice twist hD.. Clap

post next one soon. :)

Edited by kuts - 11 April 2013 at 2:14am

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kuts IF-Sizzlerz

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hD jaldi! :p

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