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uniq cllb|#2 *COMPLETED STORY* (Page 18)

KamleeChhori IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 April 2013 at 10:55pm | IP Logged

But I have a feeling that arnav is gonna ditch herCry

Anyways...awesome part

Continue soon

Aims. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2013 at 12:46am | IP Logged
waiting waiting and just waiting

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-Dracarys. IF-Stunnerz

BollyCurry Visual Effect
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Jo ThA NaHi Wo LaGa PyAaR HaI


Khushi woke up in the morning to find herself alone on the king sized bed...
She leaned against the headboard of the and wrapped the quilt around her petite figure and stood up holding it.
She thought arnav must be in washroom she went in there but arnav was not there.
She thought he must be out for somework...
She thought to ask the reception.of the hotel if they have seen him.
Somewhere in her heart she had a feeling something big is gonna happen..
But she ignored it and went to washroom to get ready.
She came out in a red bathrob and sat on the edge of the bed picked up her mobile phone and dialed arnav's number but all in vien his phone was switched off.

She wore a red anarkali with silver border and den wore her mangalsutra and filled her mang with sindoor which was an asset of a married women and now her's too.
Marriage is a bond if two souls fir seven births but sometime it lasts of seven hours only.. Will it happen with me khushi thought.
She slapped herself for thinking this way but her mind was filled with negetive thoughts...
She deccended down the stairs and wenr towards the reception desk.
She asked the receptionist
Khushi-excuse me,have u seen my husband mr.arnav  singh raizada?
Receptionist-ma'am he went out in the morning paying all the bills
Khushi-did he left any message for me
Receptionist-yes ma'am he said to say you that he is going becouse of somework.soo u have to go back on your on.
Receptionist-should we provide u a convience?(transport)
Khushi-i will manage thank you 
And khushi left from there...

She hid her sindor from her hairs and covered her mangalsutra with her duppta...

She went to her hostel room and nobody was there...
She changed into a simple jeans and top becouse she cannot wear heavy clothes in collage...
Today was no classes soo all the friends were out except arnav and khushi.

Khushi dialed arnav's number but he rejected her call.
Khushi was getting tensed by each passing moment...
Her heart beat was getting increased by each passing moment.

She called aman.
Aman-hello khushi bolo any work.
Khushi-aman where is arnav?
Aman-arnav i dont know khushi.. He must be with you.
Khushi-aman he is not with me. May i check in his room?
Aman-khushi lemme check den i will contact you.

Aman was getting a hint to which extent arnav had gone he called him and arnav picked it.
Aman-where are you arnav? Khushi is getting woried.
Arnav-call ger and ask her to come to my guest house her. I am sending a car at hostel.
Arnav-cut the crap aman. And do as i say.
Aman-arnav the thing u r doing u will pay for it...
Arnav-we will see...

Aman called khushi and said her ki arnav is sending a car for her and that will take her to him.

~~arnav's guest house~~

arnav was sitting on the couch and was waititng for khushi...

he heard a car's voice halting outside the guest house..

he knew this was khushi...

he was ready for what was coming but not khushi.

khushi knocked on the door but it was open..

she opened it and entered the house it was a huge place..

she saw arnav standing in the middle of the living room she ran to him and hugged him...

khushi-arnav where were you? u know how worried i was...

but arnav remained quite...

khushi pulled back from the hug when she rialized he was not hugging her back...

khushi-arnav what happened why are you behaving like this.?

arnav-like what khushi... i was always like this...



arnav-khushi u know what u r dumb...

khushi was not understanding what he was saying...

arnav-u know this marriage dosent matter to me... i only did this soo i can teach u i can give u the pain which one suffers when thier heart is broken when thier trust is broken..

khushi-arnav u r leing..

arnav-noo khushi i am not.. this was all a part of my revenge... what u did you believed that shyam over me and accused me... soo i did all this to teach you a lesson... this marriage means nothing to me...


arnav-ohh god dont ask me the same question again and again... i did it for REVENGE

and now nor you or this marriage matters to you...

and one more thing..

he went towards a table took out a bundle of thousand rupee notes and throwed it on khushi

aranv-i never take anything for free.. soo this is ur for warming my bed ms.gupta.. it was my first time and i enjoyed it..

soo byee... cyaa in colage...

khushi was silent she was not able to speak anything...

arnav-one more thing i was never like this khushi but your words make me take a revenge on you... byeee...

and arnav left..

khushi sat on the floor crying...

she was not able to think properly..

she was lost... she cried and cried...

in hostel lavanya was worried for her...

khushi didnt knew what time she spent crying...

it was evening and she stood up and started walking outside on the road now she was in the middle of the road...

Kya hua ye, jo hua ye dil ne jo chaha wo nahi ye{what happened,why it happened,my heart dosent wanted this to happen}

she was walking cursing her fate...

Kab hua ye, jab hua ye, dil bhi na jaane kyun roya ye.{when it happened,whatever happend,heart dosent even know why it cried}

first god took away her parents and now she lost her love becouse of her one mistake...

Dhadkane bhi puche tham gayee{heart beats stooped whitout even asking}

for her this was the end of her life she wanted to die..

Saari hado ke paar hai jo tha nahi wo laga pyaar hai.{what i thought was not love}

she thought what she thought was love not was love but a trap really?

Do dilo ki ye kahani, aur adhoori rahe anjaani,{story of 2 hearts remained incomplete}

her love story left incomplete and revenge story got completed

Hoth bhi to bin bole keh gaye

her lips were trembling she was not able to speake anything..

Saari hado ke paar hai jo tha nahi wo laga pyaar hai.{what i thought was not love}

her love was not love but a trap she thought


engrossed in her thoughts she didnt rialized that a car was coming in front of her and the car hit her...

she was thrown in the air and then she fell on ground...

with a scream -AHAAA...

and that reached to arnav's ear's he jerked up suddenly.. he felt something was wrong but ignored...


a boy as the same age of khushi was passing from there and he saw a figure lying on the ground...

he goes near to it and saw khushi drenched in blood..

he immediately picked her up and took her to the hospital...

he found her cell phone and called the first dialed number that was of aman.

guy-hello is this mr.aman speaking.

aman-yes.. how you r calling from this phone this is my friend khushi's phone...

guy-i know actually your friend met with a serious accident.. she is in city hospital...

aman-what.. who are you..

guy-i am siddhart , siddhart malhotra...

aman-we are coming there...

~~after 4 hours~~

aman,lavanaya and others reached the hospital except arnav...

doctor came out of the OT

sid-doc how is hse...

aman-yes tell please

lavanya-please doctor say something...

doctor-she is out of danger now... there were serious injuries in the brain internal injuries.. but now she is ok.. but there is one problem..

lavanya-what doctor?

doctor-she cannot walk due to her accident. its a temporary thing.. her mind's portion which control's the walking is damaged ut will recover soon. may be 1 week 1 month or 1 year but it will recover...

lavanya-ohh god what happened with khushi.. why?

aman-lavanya we have to be strong... we have to spport her..

lavanya-where is arnav?

aman-leave him.. he is the reason for khushi's this condition..


aman-leave that now lets go inside to see her..


aman turned to sid and said

aman-thank you.. if u have not brought her here on time we could have lost her...

sid-no need to thankz..

aman-what u do here?

sid-i am her to study MBA from london university...

aman-we study in same hope to meet you soon.. c'mon lets go in.. you have to meet her u saved her...

after meeting khushi they all left her to rest...


aman goes out of the hospital to call arnav

arnav picked it up..


aman-u got what u wanted u destroyed khusi's life..

arnav-she deserved it..

aman-she didnt deserved to be hit by a car.. she didnt deserved to be lost her walking ability.. u ot only broke her mentally but also phsically arnav.. god will make you pay for it.. you wil loose someone very close to you.. bye...


arnav was dumstruck..

he didnt knew this happened..

he didnt wanted this to happen...

IMPORTANT for whoever writes the next chapter

siddhart is an important character of the story he will he will play a prominent role dont make him a cameo keep him till the end

and specially for kuts IT IS NOT A DREAM


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--MISHTEE-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 April 2013 at 2:01am | IP Logged
What the!!!!! Angry he treated her like
a prostitute how dare he Angry I love Sid Embarrassed
hope he plays cupid but y do I feel he
already knows khushi from before
Arnav miyaan u have lot of redemption to do Angry
feel sorry for khushi Cry hope she wont forgive him
easily whoever is updating nxt
pls update soon Smile
Yay am first Clap Party

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-Anayah- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2013 at 2:10am | IP Logged
Main aa gayi

my cmnts...
Really i felt very bad that he betrayed her...
My heart is really paining...
I wish everything falls in place soon...

Edited by anamika90 - 16 April 2013 at 3:16am

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-Anayah- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 April 2013 at 2:19am | IP Logged
crizal IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 April 2013 at 2:38am | IP Logged

Jo ThA NaHi Wo LaGa PyAaR HaI <--- Apt Title Clap

Ohh God kiya likha hai yr Shocked

Full mind blowing update Clap

Arnav Angry

I m sick of ur Fake acting Angry

My Khushi

She lost her ability to walk Cry

Arnav used her n fr wat just REVENGE ?? Angry

Sick of d mentality of Arnav Angry

He got ryt punishment Angry

kk lets move on to next handsome hunkBlushingBlushing

Ishq Wala Love huaa hai mujhe is se ...Nt u HD LOL ..See Above Siddharth Malhotra BlushingBlushing

" and specially for kuts IT IS NOT A DREAM " <--- I laughed a lot at dis statement


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crizal IF-Dazzler

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Mein bhi aagee Dancing

IS baar he updated fast ..nw i don't hv to throw scrap on his head Silly

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