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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

Musings over Mystifying Mysteries of Monuland-30

devilsadvocate IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 3:55pm | IP Logged
Hello ladies Big smile
 Been thinking how will I waste 5 seconds of your time before starting with the usual crap...but nothing comes to Science it is GeekBig smile Did you guys know that the color of the Universe is actually Biege ShockedShockedShockedShocked Some Random space scientist thought it would be cool if he found out what color our universe was and wasted a lot of money on it...and he found it!!Big smile So you guys know what that means?? Huh? Huh? It means we are officially Mediocre...Like even our universe is Mediocre Stern Smile Big smile... I hope everyone enjoyed this soul sucking fact...I know I did ! TongueWink
Anyway, Moving on to more Mediocrety...ahem awesome stuff!!...Lets Play Wink
Song of the Day
Wrist watch) Clock Clock
                       Who Dere??
                       Boo who?Confused
                       Stop Crying its only a Punny joke Wink LOL
Anyway, so Jiji and Meggie talk in circles coz you know she cant be saying to Jiji about Monu's Philandering ways...So she just becomes this Yes and No Man...I mean woman...and the village Idiot (Monu)  doesnt get it D'oh
I think Jiji will kinda suspect Mohan but she would rather go and clarify it with Mohan, rather then assuming things on her I have hopes Big smile Kinda...
Alright my Palies...Time to breakout the booz, Lozenges and your Emo wigg...oh and Dont forget the Dark can substitute a marker as well Wink Tis Flash Back Time...
*sigh* Mrs Mirch Bhatnagar...Lo ji ShockedShockedShockedShocked Village Idiot married a fourth time...All my organs got a heart attack for a fraction of a second...
Then I remembered that Mirchi is our all is cool Cool No worries...False Alarm...
*Taking a moment to feel all the Fillings...ahem...feelings*  *sigh*
Poetic absolutely poetic scene...Its soo true that when you miss someone, its not that you are missing them, but a part of you is missing with them. Part of you which rejoiced at small things. Part of you who was filled with light. Not this part which is remaining, a dark shadow of the past, A husk of bitterness and frustration. Time has passed, so much that sometimes Mohan and Megha have trouble recognizing themselves, but the memory of this love doesnt fade. Every little thing is a reminder...An aroma of frying spice brings nostalgia like the days never passed. A stopped wrist watch brings recollections as if they are transported back into that moment...But the reality of Time is that it never stands still...People may Stand Still, but time passes...and it changes us, our environment, our perception and our reality.
 I have read that memories Fade, but I feel its not really true...I feel memories are there just out of our conscious mind...They are waiting for us to forget, to be lulled into a false sense of security that the person that you miss, his memory wont be there to choke your every breath...but just when you least expect it, the mind attacks. A place gone by, the fragrance of a flower, a distant voice on the phone, a date on the calender, a song, a book or smell of coffee anything can turn on you and pierce your heart with the memories of the past. Memories that you didnt even realize that you are still holding on to... perhaps its the otherway around...Perhaps Memories are holding you...
Alright enough with the Philosophical Morbidness...Lets move on Tongue 
Mechanical Clock) Oh Looksieee!!!
Its DaddaSaurus!!!!!! LOLLOLLOLLOL
He is choosing his new child bride...or should I say Groom?Dead 
Poor Kid is gonna get branded just like Addu Ouch, Anyway Daddasaurus shows his true colors to the world, by that I mean, Again to Munna...that he doesnt give a Rats-rearend about him...He is just an empty vessel, a thing to be used and when the usefulness is over, something to be discarded without another thought. Someone who does not matter, who is unwanted, unneeded...Can you imagine the plight of a lost soul, who is always looking for the answers of where he belongs...But forget about belonging, this man just told that lost soul that he is not needed, neither is he wanted. His existence is pointless, meaningless...he isnt even a person, let alone a human being...He is just a thing...Like a Glass of water, shattered at the whims of the person holding it...Ouch
Anyway...This Bitch is been tripping yo!!! I mean he sends his dude to the Police to get bail on another dude...and Munna showed some brains and prevented a Sighting...he is still not listening...I mean really Dsaurus? Shocked what kinda boneheaded villian are you? People have eyes you Moron!!! they can see your dude and give his description to a sketch artist...AngryAngryAngryAngryAngry
Yeh 16th century ke Model ko 21st century ki technology ke barey meh nahi pata kya?? AngryAngryAngryAngry I mean there could be CCTV cameras around the police stationShocked  How did this guy ever become a Villian of the Voldypants order?? AngryAngryAngryAngry SOOO STUPID!!!!!
Oh BTW DID YOU GUYS SEEE!!!!! Big smileTongue
Guess who is back?? GUESS GUESSBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
Its the Wormustache*!!!!!! Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile The Phacial Marks are Back YO!!!!! Big smileLOLWink
Parttyyy Time!!!!
(for the uninitiated) Wormustache: when you stick an earthworm on your upper lip and pretend its a mustache...Preferably a dead dried earthworm Big smile
Rags+Munna+ Angst= ABUSE!!!! AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry NOT COOOL people!! NOT COOL, So stop it...we know he is violent and dangerous...stop romanticizing it!!! ARGHHH!!!! AngryAngryAngryAngryAngry
oh Beera hasnt seen Munna...Like ever ShockedShockedShockedShocked WTeff?? Confused 
Water Clock) Oh Hair-O *sigh*
Thy Hair Maketh a Halo
Dont take my heart and Khelo
Only Mirchi Ko You Jhelo
Dont think about JayLo
Otherwise Mirchi Will Hilo
Get so Mad and Kill-o
Then There will be No Hairo
and the Fandon will be Ro Ro
LOL (this is terrible) LOL
So since Baby RJ is soo sicko, Hairo takes the time out and checks out things in his drawers...Hmmm Shall we have another contest Wink...more on it Later...
Moving on, Mohan is rumaging in his drawer, when he comes upon the Earring...The Earring which was left behind, For a second perhaps he thought of returning the earring but he holds on to it for a moment longer, just wants to linger on something that belongs to Megha. Stay for a just a little bit longer with something that is hers...But she is the one who breaks his reverie...RJ is getting sicker then before, her temperature is higher then before...all the thoughts of love and lost love go on the backseat, and the concerned worried father resurfaces...He actually has no idea what he is doing, so out of his depth...he helplessly asks what should he do?? Ironically, Spiderman, the proclaimed hero is asking for someone to save him...
But relax Hairo...When superman is here not to fear!! Wink You just be the Louis Lane and look pretty Kay...Superman will take care of it Wink LOL LOL LOL I loved the fact how easily Mohan slips from being a saviour to being someone who needs to be saved...He is soo adorbs Day Dreaming
Special Mention to a Pizza wala tasting Medicine LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL 
Mirchi is not leaving any chance to send verbal barbs...Poor Monu is confused ConfusedLOL LOL Alrghty Kiddos...Stop Moping about...get  to the flirty fights already!!! enough with the emotional trauma...Its too MaudlinOuch 
Wall Clocks) Renu, Tannu, Aarti and the Gang LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL Funny Stuff...Nothing much to say...apart from Renu being a lazy ass...LOLLOLLOL and Aarti being the perfect foil by ordering food from outside LOLLOLLOLLOL 
Oh She is PHANtastic Yo!!! ROFL She is been Picking Renu's Pockets ROFL...Go Aarti Go!!
 Sun Dial) The lullaby Broken Heart whenever she sings...I just feel horrible for her...I mean how much she must miss her baby boy? How is she surviving? How is he? Broken Heart
Mohan Spies on her and he sees her longing and pain too...For a moment he averts his if the raw hurt in unbearable for him to if he is spying on her private grief...he feels somewhere he has lost the right to witness and bear the burden of her grief with her...But he composes himself. And She says that she should leave. For that one instant, his little happy bubble burst again...his eyes spoke volumes...a silent wish comes out an a sigh...wish for her to stay, remain with him forever...Guru, the reflection of his soul is about to voice his desire...but he stops him midway...nt wanting to put her in that position...not letting his heart hope... ..but lo and Behold, as soon as his heart hoped and the hope broke...the universe Granted...she will stay!!
Another Flash Back...remember the routine Chicas...Emo Eyeliner is a Musht...Glycerine bottles Handy...
Oh little Nanhi Broken Heart...You know what, I cant say was just beautiful...and Little Nanhi was being an Imp...and they were sooo sooo happy Broken Heart
Dont even have anything to say about Gurus guilt either...Ouch I hope he will confess himself...
Atomic Clock) Rags Munna, Dancing around the fire 
Mu= *thinking to self* surrounded by Idiots...Why doesnt anyone around here Invest in a Effing Insect Replent??AngryAngryAngryAngryAngry Is it My Job to be the Machar(mosquito) Killer AngryAngryAngryAngry
Rags= *totting a gun* Yooo MacharManBig smile You wanna play Bullet Bullet with me??Tongue
Mu= NOOOAngry I am not MacharManPinch I am Fireman!!!AngryAngryAngry
Rags= ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked You Swing That way??ShockedShockedShocked Thats why you dont wanna do THINGS with me ShockedShocked OuchBroken Heart
Mu= Noo *blushing Gulitily* I am NOT!!! Dead
Rags= So why were you doing My Humps dance with Sharma ji Ermm
Mu= Oh...errmm...that...errm...I was teaching Sharma ji how to seduce Dadda...See I will show you Tongue
Featuring Munna as Fergie and Random Thugs as the rest of the group...Wink
Rags= ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked ...
In conclusion...It was a good week...very very beautiful episodes. poetic, and subtle and deep *sigh* you know the rest...
P.S. Monu was saved coz of Munna...otherwise, I was in a mood to make him do My humps LOLLOLLOL So you guys are welcome Cool
P.P.S. I tried...not quiet there yet Confused...I mean I aspire to be the Absurdest of all your thing kay Big smile

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-Payal- IF-Rockerz

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Hmmm...just some thoughts as I watched to episode today...and thinking about the developments of the past week or so...random musings...hope it all makes sense.

The Mother
How hard it must be for Megha to watch Mohan shower so much of love and affection on RJ.
No, not because Mohan never showered that love on Nanhi-Addu, because he did (as we clearly saw in the FB...I'll get to that later). But because all these years, Mohan should have been showering that love on Nanhi-Addu. Addu should have still been with them, and they should have spent their lives happily...together. Unfortunately, call it a cruel twist of fate, Mohan wasn't given the chance to shower that love on Nanhi-Addu for the past 12 years...and he didn't take the chance he should coming back...and set things right, fighting for his family - with or without, Addu.  ...What's worse is that Megha thinks RJ is his biological daughter. According to her, he's got this whole other life, a life where she is left on the outside looking in. All the while, in her heart of hearts, she's quite taken seeing Monu be the loving, caring father figure...the one he would have been to Nanhi-Addu...the one she always knew he could be. I feel even sadder for Megha today...because of the cruel game fate has played on her...because of the lies that have been told...because of the misunderstandings that show no sign of letting up. But mostly, because as far as she is concerned, RJ is living proof of Monu's having moved on and betrayed his promise, and her...yet in her heart, she knows she loves this girl and is now bound to her forever...and thereby bound to Mohan. ...That lullaby...Addu's lullaby...was simply heartbreaking...clearly, it was the swan song of her ever-bleeding heart. I am appalled at the strength of this woman. For the mother in her is able to put aside the pain of a wife...and care for her child despite the storm brewing within her. But as we know, Megha has always been a mother before a wife.

The Father
Season 2 has headlined Monu the father...RJ's father. But something Monu said today really struck a chord: You must be thinking I was never able to be the father you needed me to be, but if only you could peer inside my heart, you'd see how much my children mean to much they've always meant to me...and how I've always had their best interest at heart...and loved them unconditionally with every fiber of my being. I may not have always been there with them, but they were always here with me.
It's like Monu said to Nanhi...he loved them both, equally...and unconditionally. Sadly, his own relationship with his father got the best of him...he never knew how to be a father. With Nanhi, it always came easily because as he claimed, (even after marriage) Nanhi was Megha's daughter, but his friend...his best friend...the one he confided in. He was just learning how to be a father...and he was trying so hard (again, the flashback). The first step was when he decided not  to help Addu lie to his principal...cause that's what any good father would have done - taught his kid the difference between right and wrong. I can't help but think that all his shortcomings with Addu have helped shape him into this overprotective, first-time parent with RJ. He's overprotective because God-Forbid anything ever happen to her...and he gives into her every whim because if he doesn't she too may begin to hate him...the way Addu did.
He's so afraid that something will happen to her - and he'll lose her too, like he lost his beloved Addu. For the past 12 years, Mohan has been trying to set things right by Addu through RJ...(and ironically, today, Megha is trying to fill Addu's void in her heart through RJ...magical child RJ is, really...and in the end, she will be the one to unite her parents).
"Isko kuch hota hai toh meri saans atak jaati hai"...because he can't bare the thought of hurting another one of his beloved children.
I am loving this entire angle...of Mohan - the father. It's a wonderful new angle of this wonderfully written character. It really gets to the heart of the man he was 12 years ago - a slightly confused, lost soul who is caring, humble, and dignified...and who loves with every fiber of his being...and will go to the end of the world and back for that love. He puts his love for others before all else...that is the one truth at the core of his being. 
THE FLASHBACK: With a flashback like the one we saw today, how is anyone supposed to believe Monu wasn't a good father? It seemed to me as though he loved and cared for those kids and doted on them just as he should have...and by no means did he seem to be anywhere near the "S" word - the dark cloud which which he has lived with and endured all these years. Was it that maybe he really was a good father, perhaps perfect even? They say when your relationship with your own parents isn't ideal, you vow and do everything in your power to be the parent for your kids that your own parents never were. Was this true for Monu? Was the shortcoming simply the fact that Megha and the kids' faith in him was shortlived and that all his good deeds and efforts went flying out the window the day Addu went missing (through no fault of his)? The thought of it makes me so said. The flashback today was so so cute...Ashnooor. Broken Heart

The Lovers
The flashbacks...*sigh* How is it that these two always end up in the same flashback at the same time? 
12 years...of living, every moment of every day, through one of these beautiful memories...this beautiful history. And now, fate is kind enough to put them in the same space and time...and they find themselves still living every moment of the day through one of these beautiful memories. Because who's to say what the future will hold...and so they do the only thing they know how to do by memory of times passed by...better times, when for a while, their lives were perfect...they were together, and life, was beautiful.
Have the memories become the vital tool upon which they have built the foundation of their lives without one another? I think so.
She: An outsider, looking in on this too familiar looking man and the world he has created without her. One she should have been a part of.
He: Watching her so seamlessly fit herself into this world he has created with her...asking her to stay...and be a part of...

[Side Note: How beautiful it must be for Mohan to see Megha take her rightful place as RJ's mother...the moment he's been waiting for all these years...short-lived as it may be, has finally come.]

The symbolism again. "Abhi bhi ruk ruk ke chalti hai..?" 
For her:
The watch he gave her hasn't worked properly for 12+ years...and yet she wears it, every day...cause she's forever stuck in that moment...with him.
The watch he gave her hasn't worked properly for 12+ years...and yet she wears it...for him.
The watch he gave her hasn't worked properly in 12+ years...and yet she wears it...waiting...for him.
The lies and misunderstandings will leave her feet rooted to that moment when her world came crashing down around her. Until these are cleared she will stay there, waiting...even if she knows in her heart that he can never be hers again...he chose to move on from her, but she'll continue her wait...because she deserves it - until she can forgive herself, it's the price that she must pay.
For him:
The watch he gave her hasn't worked properly for 12+ years...and yet she wears it...for him.
He's desperate to uproot them from that moment when the world came crashing down around them..he's desperate to move on...move forward...and for the chance to set things right once again. 
He's desperate to make up for his actions (or lack there-of)...for leaving her...and he's desperate to fulfill his promise so that just maybe, she'll forgive him...and ask him to stay. But for now, when Guru has told her everything...and the reality of his hell, why can't she see that he's tried, he's been tried...and he's still trying. 
...but he gives her her own heal the hurt which he inflicted...he's been waiting for 12 years and he's used to it by now...and so he'll mend his own heart and continue to hope...that one day, time will heal them all.

My song today:

EDIT ADD: Special mention for my dear Ashnoor today. I dunno why seeing this girl puts an instant smile on my face...I miss her so so much. Loved that scene today.

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Here I'm Embarrassed 

Feels nice to see my humorous Meera back with a bang Party

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_SilentSoul_ IF-Stunnerz

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When Megha said that she'd be with her Kanha, the look in Mohan's eyes was of awe and gratitude, and it seemed as if he fell deeper in love with her Day Dreaming His love is so endless, so pure, so sigh-worthy Embarrassed

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devilsadvocate IF-Dazzler

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Payal...No problemo Cool
Bidz...Thanks Hug

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Originally posted by -MohanKiMeera-

When Megha said that she'd be with her Kanha, the look in Mohan's eyes was of awe and gratitude, and it seemed as if he fell deeper in love with her Day Dreaming His love is so endless, so pure, so sigh-worthy Embarrassed
LOLLOLLOL In Hope's words...2 feet deeper down the rabbit hole Day Dreaming *sigh*

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Yep yep so true! Mohan Bhatnagar is hopelessly in love, hopelessly romantic, hopelessly adorable, and I love him! *sigh* Heart 

Btw how cute the flashbacks were, especially the second one! Day Dreaming

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Why is this thread so slow today? Ermm 
Anyways ,Payal, breathtaking analysis; simply touched my heart ! Embarrassed

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