Anya FF:You Both are My world My Life chap48pg136

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OK Guys after Long time i m going to start My new FF on Anant,navya and their curte princess first of alll Let me introduce characters

Anant bajpai the youngest son in Bajpai family : A handsome Rich Man,,,,he is Living seperately from his family with his Wife and DAughterHeart

NAvya bajpai : A cute beautiful Girl wife of Anant...She is so coperative understanding and have supported Anant In every situation living and ideal Life with Anant Heart

Ananya Bajpai : 7yr old kid cute daughter she is evrything for anant navya she is their princess of their empire and their Life she is being granted with every facility in her House each and every kind of toys dolls everytrhing is in her room she is having life like princessEmbarrassedTongue

Rest of character having bajpai family :P sorry m nt intersted to introduce them in detail they are same how we know them :PLOL

Anya's HOME :



SITUATION : It has been 9 years to the marriage of Anant and navya and they are living In their seperate home,,,, Due to bua dadi and Baba who gave challenge to anant that u r nothing wthout us... Anant and Navya have gone through hard times bt as time passed anant was getting successful in hi... and one day he became the owner of that business
Yes today he is Known as Rich successFul business Man... yes bajpayess are unaware that they are having baby Girl also since 8years they dont knwo where anant went they are totally cut off frm him

Chapter 1 : Page No 1
Chapter2 : page NO 4
Chapter3: page No 6
Chapter4 : Page No 9
Chapter5: page 12
Chapter 6: Page No 15
CHAPTER7: updated page No 19
CHAPTER 8: updated Page No 21
CHAPTER 9: updated Page no 23
CHAPTER 10: page No 25
chapter 11:updated pg no 28
chapter 12:updt pg no 37
CHAPTER13: updtd pg 40
CHAPTER14: updtd pg no 42
CHAPTER 15: updated Pg no 45

CHAPTER 16 : updtd page no 48
CHAPTER 17: updtd page no 50
CHAPTER18: updtd pg no 51
CHAPTER 19: updtd pg 54

CHAPTER 20: updtd page no 56
CHAPTER 21: updtd page no 59
CHAPTER 22: updtd page no 63
CHAPTER 23 and  24 : updtd pg no 65
CHAPTER 25 updated pg no 68
CHAPTER 26 updated pg 71
CHAPTEr 27 updated pg 73
CHAPTER 28 u[dated pg 77
CHAPTER 29 updtd pg 81
Chapter 30: two parts updated pg 84
Chapter 31 : updated pg 86
CHAPTEr 32: pg 93
CHAPTER33: pg 95
chapter 35: pg 100
Chapter36: pg 103,104
Chapter 37:pg 106
chapter 38: pg 108
Chapter 39: pg 110
chapter 40: pg 113
chapter 41:pg 115 (2parts)
chapter 42: pg 117
chapter 43:pg121 (2parts)
chapter 44:pg125
chapter 45: pg 128
chapter 46: pg 132
chapter47:pg134 (2parts)
CHAPTER 48 :136 (2parts9 (LAST UPDATE)

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Life  for anant and navya is going really beauiful full of peace love and Joy...Tongue
Its beautiful morning !!! beuatiful lady ( Navya) opened her eyes slowly  in arms of her hot prince (anant)...with a sweet smile on her face (she is in red nighty )Tongue...she waked up slowly from there and look at the time ...
navya to herself : oh its 7 am...i need to be hurry now...

Navya goes for bath  and after sometime she came back in her pink chooridaar and straight shirt  with wet hairs... she saw anant sleeping so cutelyTongue she sit besides him and made him awake by whispering in his ears

Navya whispered: goodmorning sweetheart wakeup plzz otherwise u r going to be late

anant smiled lightly

navya was about to leave  he hold her hand and pushed her towards him there faces are too close

Anant: goodmorning My LoveTongue... First give me morning kiss then only i will listen u...

Navya giggled... and give light kiss to him on his lips

Navya: Now leave me i have to make ananya also awake u and she both are new born babies for me the way u must be allergic from ur school same goes wth ur daughterLOL

Anant: Oh really then its Good Na atleast she will be romantic like me not boring like u...Now u arent leaving me...Mrs Navya anant and let her come i will show her ur mom is seducing meWinkLOL

Navya: haww anant when did i seduce u

anant tightens her waist and made her more close LOOk u are on Me m nt on ULOLLOLLOL so baby wake up now or else
 Navya pinched him on chest and wake up and ran away frm there

Anant: ouch...this is chetaing will see u laterEmbarrassed

Now navya goes in room of her princess ananya and she was amazed to see she is full ready for her schoolTongue

Navya: ananya !! who made u ready??

ananya cutely: Mama jenny aunty made me ready and look m looking like ur princess
No sorry m princess of my prince u r only papa's princessLOL

(jenny is ananya's maid :Tongue)

Navya To ananya : Ur prince??? and who is that??? Shocked

she took a one big teddy from her toys

Ananya: look mama she is my prince Smile

Navya smiled and cutely kissed her "Nuwaah"

Now comeon lets do breakfast  otherwise u will be late
navya took ananya downstairs for breakfast and made her sit on dining table and started

preparing breakfast ...In meanwhile anant was getting ready and he came downstairs and sit

beside ananya
Anant to ananya : goodmorning Tongue and kissed on her cheeks

Ananya :goodmorning Papa!!...

anant: navya plzz be quick where is breakfast we are getting late yar

Navya came with breakfast...and served it to anant and ananya...she was about to feed ananya when

ananya: i have grown big i will eat by myself ...u can feed food to papa he is still young naLOLLOLLOL

anant navya both were stunned

Anant: Who told u this!!Shocked that m younger then u

ANanya :LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL In morning mama was saying u that u are still younger then me i heard it

Navya: and what else u saw?Confused

Ananya: the way cinderella kissed to her prince u were also kissing to ur princeLOLLOLLOL

Anant navya shocked

(LOLLOLLOLLOL actually she saw them in morning from the hall window :P)

Navya: ananya u r getting tooo much naughtier now go and sit in car u r getting late for school
Ananya left...

Anant (stood from chair and grabbed navya from waist) : so my princess shall i kiss u once more like cinderella's princeTongue

Navya : anant its too much look she saw us earlier gooo and pushed him towards door

Anant : ok ok going...good bye i to miss u...

Navya: miss u tooo ..bye bye...

Now navya is alone at home she ws cleaning her room as she dont like her room to be cleaned by mean while she saw her chain near pillow she looked and blushedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed since its long time to their wedding but their love is still as same as it was frm very first day ...she was recollecting all beautiful memories  of her life ... and imagining herself as the most luckiest girl of this meanwhile her cell rang...

Navya: hello

Anant: hello my pincess busy in thinking about ur hot prince?

Navya: No !!! who said that i m ntLOLLOLi was doing my work..thats it

Anant:Confused means u are nt missing me

Navya: No i hadnt missed u for single minuteLOL

Anant :Ouch Ok then  bye Ouch

he hanged the phone

Navya :LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL pagal ...

its about  2pm

ananya is back from she is little bit sad...

Navya: awww my princess is back she hugged her...and then noticed she is little bit sad 
what happened why u seem  dull

Ananya : nothingOuch

navya: ok now go and change clothes ur favourite lunch is ready Tongue

Ananya: i will eat only burger

navya: yes my sweetheart i have made special burger for u comeon go now and come fast look mama is also hungary

She left with sad face...navya ws little worried as she had never saw her like this...then she thought may be she had fought with her best friend  shahrukh...

(ananya and shahrukh are best friends in school,,)

during lunch navya tried to ask herabt the reason she is sad

Navya: So why is today pap's princess sad??

Ananya:Ouch mama can i ask one thing???

Navya: yes why not?

Ananya : did i have dada and dadi  where they lives??Confused

navya was stunned for sometime

Navya: erm ananya ur burger is getting cold comeon eat it...

Ananya's question had left navya in thoughts...she became worried why she asked such question..

evening 5pm navya in her room in thought suddenly she felt hug frm back

Anant: good evening i misssed u alot my baby...

Navya:missed u too...

Anant noticed she was little bit he decided to ask her later as he ws knwoing rite now she wont tell anything

Anant: navya m going for fresh in up and u are going to prepare refreshment i want today teatime near pool Tongue

Navya: why not Smile

they were having refreshment near pool ...
Anant: Navya m thinking why ppl run frm marriage yrr... for me its beautiful life Embarrassed with u and our sweet princess
navya: Tongue anant bec they think marriage is going to bind them like prisoners... But i knw u r different from others...

Anant tried his hanky panky by making his face close to her and was abt to kiss her Embarrassed in  mean while ananya cam with cute teddy in her hand

Ananya :papa! (it made anya's face far from ecah other) why u both always try to kiss here????

Anant:Confused erm here means

Ananya: here means here (pointing towards lips)

Anant: ermm btw  u today dint told me stories abt ur classroom
and he made ananya sit on his lap

AnanYa: papa today evryone was making fun of  me my friends were laughing on me

Anant: Oh But why??

Ananya: My all friends are having dada and dadi living wth them when i told them i only live with my mom and dad.. i dont knw where are my dada and dadi they made fun of me OuchOuchOuch and i cried alot...papa tell na where my dada dadi lives

This made anant stunned and he got some tears in eyes... navya saw that..

navya: ananya u r good girl na go and play with ur doll house

she left frm there

anant got all falsh backs how his family insulted him and what condition they left home...
navya holded him frm hands and wiped his tears

navya: anant! she is just 7years old she dont know anything

anant: and I really dont want her to know anything!!!Navya!! u knw very well we have treated ananya nt less then princess and i really dont want that she binds wth that family...i dont want her to spend life the way i spended... NO!!!!...never... And i m really scared about her Now..I just hope none of them find that we are having daughter also

To be continued...

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its amazing plz continue
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wow amazing & very interesting start Tongue continue soon...

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wwooww anya room WinkWink
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superb start sillaClapClap
ahahahah naughty ananya LOLLOLLOL
Ananya :papa! (it made anya's face far from ecah other) why u both always try to kiss here????

Anant:Confused erm here means

Ananya: here means here (pointing towards lips)


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Wow..superb update..cont soon..
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Wow silla awesome update :)) loved it 

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