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ArHi SS: A Strange Encounter *Complete*

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ArHi SS : A Strange Encounter

Part 1


Arnav sighed as his mind registered the continuous tapping on the window of his car by an unknown girl. This was just not happening !!!!

Being used to live alone most of the time throughout the year, Arnav was more than happy to welcome his Di and his darling niece Sneha in RM as his Di's husband went on a 3 days tour. But the two things he hated most were back- His Di's continuous rantings about his marriage and her fussing over his meals and medicines. Though he was touched to see his Di fussing over him just like he is still her 10 years old Chotte, marriage talks always left him feeling bitter and annoyed.

So this morning when he left early for an early morning conference meeting, the last thing he wanted to do was to answer His Di's questions about whether he had his breakfast, whether he ate his medicines, when will he take his lunch, when is he coming back home and god knows what. First he tried to answer all questions patiently but slowly his patience was slipping off.
He got annoyed and his attention on the road got distracted when his only and truthful companion, his white SUV crashed into a red Mercedes.

His Di was still busy in playing answer-my-20 questions with him when he stopped her "Not now Di I will answer your remaining questions later." He disconnected the call without hearing any reply and came out of the car.

He first looked at the damaged headlights of  red Mercedes and then at the girl who was waiting for his apology while tapping her feet impatiently and glaring at him. The moment he laid his eyes on the girl, he literally stopped breathing for few second. Dressed in a blue knee length dress, she looked ethereal with her hairs flying in the air. Her red nose magnifying her beauty.  Her beautiful, wide hazel eyes  were busy in shooting daggers at him.She was looking sinfully beautiful and innocent as well. He was so lost in her beauty that he was about to ask whether she is a model or an angel sent by god for him?

Focus Arnav Singh Raizada Focus, you need to reach AR as soon as possible to attend conference meeting remember !!!

Sensing that he is not gonna say anything, the girl started shouting "HEY MISTER WHY DO YOU EVEN DRIVE THE CAR WHEN YOU ACTUALLY DON'T KNOW DRIVING? LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MY CAR? I WONDER HOW YOU EVEN MANAGED TO GET A DRIVING LICENCE. IDIOT . Must have bribed the officer..."

And that's how the girl named Khushi Kumari Gupta did the biggest mistake of her life, she insulted 'The Great Arnav Singh Raizada' who is famous for his short tempered and impatient nature.

As soon as his mind  who was busy in appreciating her beauty mentally registered the words she spoke, he came out of his trance and his nostrils flared with anger. How dare she talk to him like that !!!! 

When Khushi saw his clenched jaws and his body shaking with an unmistakable anger, she stopped talking as she sensed his temper rising.

Suddenly, he turned on his heels and opened the door of his car taking out a thick bundle of 500 Rs. notes. He turned back towards Khushi and started walking towards her with slow, menacing steps. As Khushi saw him walking towards while giving her a I-am-gonna-kill-you look, she started feeling nervous and stuttered "...Woh...Woh...Woh I was saying that you should have driven your car a bit carefully. See my car got damaged."
When he didn't replied, she started muttering under her breath 'hey devi maiya, humne kuch jyada to nahi bol diya. Raksha Karna Devi Maiya.'

He stopped a few feet away from and started leaning towards her, making her step back in fear. He brought his hand and she closed her eyes in fear, leaning away from him while praying to her Devi Maiya to save her.

Suddenly she felt a cold touch on her hand and she opened her eyes ignoring the increasing heartbeat of her heart to see him holding her hand. She saw him looking at her intently which made her look around nervously. He placed something on her open palm and spoke in a cold voice "Don't create a scene here. Get your car repaired."

He turned to go back to his car when he heard a shout "HEY YOU !!! ALL I WANTED IN RETURN WAS JUST A SIMPLE SORRY."

When Khushi saw a bundle of notes on her open palm, she lost her cool and shouted at him. How dare he treat her like that !!!!!! She was rich enough to get her car repaired with her own money.

He turned towards Khushi with an evil smirk on his face and spoke in dead cold voice " Arnav. Singh. Raizada .never. apologizes"

He was about to wear his aviators when he heard an ear deafening crashing voice. He looked around to see the cracked windscreen of his truthful companion, his white SUV and saw a small stone lying on his feet.

He turned around to see Khushi grinning at him. She walked towards him and stopped in front of him. She threw two bundles of note on his face and crossed her arms across her chest. He stared at her with wide eyes.

"WHAT THE? ARE YOU CRAZY?" Arnav roared at her which didn't affected her a bit. She gave him a wide smile and replied nonchalantly "And Khushi Kumari Gupta never forgets to teach a lesson to arrogant guys."

She made her way towards her now damaged Mercedes, satisfied and grinning to herself. Take that IDIOT.

Suddenly a strong arms caught her wrist and she was spun around. She felt warm and soft lips on hers and looked up to see the guy with whom she was fighting was kissing her. At the mere touch of his lips, she felt butterfly flying in her stomach and her mind stopped working. What was happening to her?

After hearing her reply, Arnav's temper rose once again. In a state of fury, he marched towards her in two long strides, caught her wrist and turned her around to slam his lips on her. He pressed his lips on her for few seconds, taking in her jasmine scent and feeling her soft, luscious lip. He stepped back to see her flushed face, her eyes closed and her pink cheeks and nose.

Flicking his index finger on her nose, he spoke in his husky voice while eying her lips "And all I wanted in return was this."

He turned back towards his car while whistling. Oh it was one of the most memorable day of his life!!!!

He grinned wickedly when he heard a loud shout from behind "bas***d."



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ArHi SS : A Strange Encounter

Part 2

Next day when Arnav stepped inside his car, he remembered yesterday's incident and a smile stretched on his lips involuntarily. That girl what was her name, yeah Khushi Kumari Gupta was something that he cannot forget ever.
Her sharp tongue, her beauty and top of that the way she retorted back to him was something that was itched on his mind since the time he met her. Very few peoples managed to impress Arnav Singh Raizada and he was surprised to find Khushi on the top of this list. He still wasn't able to forget the feel of her lips which was still lingering on his lips which made him wet his lips again and again unconsciously.

Yesterday after the wonderful accident fiasco, Arnav was in a very good mood throughout the day, giving his rare half smile to everyone he met that day. All peoples who worked in AR were seen scratching their head in confusion while thinking what happened to their boss. Maybe they mistook someone else as ASR who smiled at them. 

Arnav didn't lost his calm even when his manager, Aman Mathur spilled coffee on his expansive black Armani Suit. Well all his suits are in different shades of black, so it doesn't make any difference if one suit got ruined, like really. His manager was apologizing to him again and again when he smiled at him and left. What the hell did just happened here, Aman thought as he saw Arnav leaving. Something is definitely wrong today, he concluded and ran away from there.

Arnav didn't lost his calm even when His Di, Anjali for the fifth time in a day started playing answer-my-20-questions with him when he reached RM. He patiently answered all her questions with a smile and left without snapping at her, which made her pinch her own hand to make sure that she isn't dreaming. This isn't her Chotte, Really!!!

Arnav smiled as he remembered the shocked look on Khushi's face when he left from there. She was standing there with her wide eyes and mouth open when he looked at her for last time while driving past her.She appeared like a mystery to him and he was getting impatient to solve this mystery. He was determined to find and meet her again.

He shook his head in an  attempt to stop thinking about her and started the car. He was supposed to reach Gurgaon in 30 minutes for a meeting. Apparently, AR designs was collaborating with 'Dreamers' for a fashion week that was supposed to be held in upcoming week in Gurgaon. He was going to meet the CEO of Dreamers today to discuss about the fashion show.

He reached Gurgaon and received a warm welcome from peoples working in 'Dreamers'. He was told that their CEO was waiting for him in the conference room and was escorted towards their conference room by a pretty lady who looked at him in daze. Every girl had a crush on Arnav Singh Raizada and she was one of them.

Arnav glanced at the conference room and saw a petite figure dressed in a grey formal suit. She was pacing inside the room while talking with someone. Her waist length hairs were caressing her face which blocked Arnav's view. He wasn't able to see her face clearly but he felt like he knew her.

He opened the door of the conference room and the lady turned towards him, her hairs brushed against his face softly in this process. Once again he drank in that familiar jasmine scent.
She turned towards him and froze on the spot once their eyes met.

 Khushi Kumari Gupta was standing in front of him once again just like yesterday. Oh it's gonna be fun, Arnav thought as he smirked taking in the shocked face of Khushi.

He brought his hand and said "We met again Miss. Gupta."

To say Khushi Kumari Gupta was shocked to see Arnav Singh Raizada standing in front of her like yesterday  would be an understatement. She was scared out of her wits to see him there. Wasn't it more that enough that she kept dreaming about him yesterday all time. He kept invading her thoughts again and again and now he was here, great just the perfect day to be mocked by him again.This is the worst idea that her manager, Lavanya ever gave her !!!!

She gritted her teeth and spoke in a sweet voice while shaking hands with him "Indeed, Mr. Raizada."

Throughout the meeting, Arnav kept staring at Khushi who just avoided looking at him. She knew that he was looking at her with that stupid smirk on his face. As Arnav presented his working strategy for the fashion show, Khushi tried to argue with a true professional of course. She tried to not let him win but at last everyone gathered in the meeting agreed with the working strategy of 'THE Arnav Singh Raizada."


At the end of the meeting, Khushi was literally fuming with anger. She didn't wanted to work with Arnav but it was too late to break the deal. If she earlier knew that Arnav Singh Raizada is the CEO of AR Designs, she wouldn't have said yes for this project. She hated this man officially.

She was thinking about it while her hands were resting on the table when once again her heart started beating fast as she sensed Arnav standing closer to her. She stood up and turned to face Arnav who was smiling at her.

"Well , well , well I can't tell you how much pleased I am to see you here in front of me?"

Khushi snorted audibly and replied in a cold tone "as If I care."

She turned to leave the cabin when Arnav blocked her way. Narrowing his eyes at her, he said " I am not done talking with you yet."

"I don't care."

She once again turned to leave the cabin when Arnav caught her hand and turned her around. His eyes were red with anger. No one ever dared to walk away when he was talking to them. How dare she even did that!!!! 

With each passing moment, Khushi's anger too was rising. As Arnav glared at her with his famous murderous gaze, she too glared back at him as if telling him that she is not scared of him.

He was about to speak something when Khushi picked up the glass from the table and threw water on Arnav's face. SPLASH !!!

"Don't dare to mess with me again." Snapping her fingers at Arnav, Khushi warned him. As Khushi walked out of the cabin, Arnav wiped water from his face while speaking in a cold voice 

"It's too late for that Miss. Gupta !!!!"

****Hi everyone as some of you may remember the 1st part of this SS was posted earlier but sadly my posts were deleted by i am posting this again as an SS. I will update 3rd part of this SS on tuesday if you guys are interested in reading it. Buddy me for the same****


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lagta hai kuch garma garam hone wala hai. you have written beautifully. do write more soon.

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Love the feisty Khushi!

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Indeed a very intense encounter dear. Wink

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great starting!! update soon!!!

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Very nice!
plz pm me...

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