Story: Faraar Mujhrim aur Abhi-Daya (2ND POST)

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Dedicated to my dad and granddad- both great retd senior police officers.

Promo-Faraar Mujhrim Aur Abhijeet-Daya

A UK foreign girl sitting under the tree, and an Indian man sitting in front of her, smiling.
Two girls enter the bureau.
Tracy ek saal se gayab hai- One of the girls to Acp and Duo.
Sachin- Yeh dono police officers .ki betiyaan hai?
Abhi-Daya at Delhi, along with Suhaani and the two girls.
Rakesh faraar hai. Aur mere sahq hai iske par- said one of the girls.

What happened to Tracy? Where has Rakesh escaped to?

EDIT-NOTE-   As I told vizzy, I had a brilliant dream this morning. Not of cid but of me. I am a Senior police officer's daugher many of u know. He is retired now.
The thing is I dreamt of myself and another friend (who is a police officer's grand daughter) hunting for a man whom we suspected of having made our foreign friend disappear. Just a thrilling dream. I am now writing the story and have incorporated the CID into it.
Please remember, it is a continuatiion of my collection of CID stories)


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Dedicated to my dad and granddad- both great retd senior police officers.
Faraar Mujhrim Aur Abhijeet-Daya
In Mumbai, a small gathering took place. Retired police officers, officers serving terms, families of officers, some high officials were all over the place. It was a reunion of sorts, a police awards ceremony.
In one corner two officers' daughters met and hugged each other.
The two girls laughed, as their families joined them.
Ira's family, the Banerjees, consisted of her parents and elder sister, and a niece. Anu's family, the Chatterjees,   consisted of her parents, younger brother, and grandmother. Ira's father was a retired senior police officer. Anu's grandfather was now deceased. He was a senior officer as well. The families greeted one another. Some security officers standing around saluted them.
Ira- Anu, after a long time! Mumbai kab aayi?
Anu- Bas kuch din pehle. Iss event ki invitation mila, toh issi bahaane mein Mumbai mein cchutti manaane aayi! Tu bol, ab kya kar rahe ho?
Ira- Main ad agency mein kaam karti hoon. Meri parivar Kolkata se aayi iss event ke liye aur mujhe milne ke liye.
Anu- Aur tumhaari didi toh England mein rehti hai na?
Ira nodded- Aur tum abhi bhi USA mein ho?
Anu- Haan. Biotechnology ki zariye kaam karti hoon!
Ira- Wow yaar!
Just then their families came forward. They all decided to leave and go somewhere together. As the two girls followed their families out, they bumped into a waiter.
Man- Sorry.
Ira and Anu were irritated, then Ira stopped, turned and looked at the man. The man looked at her and became nervous.
Anu came back to Ira. Their families looked behind at the distance.
Ira- Rakesh?
Rakesh- Jee, kaun Rakesh?
By then some security guards and a couple of officers in uniform came forward. One of them asked- Jee, kahiye Maam, kya hua, any problem?
Ira pointed accusingly at Rakesh- Officer, iss aadmi ka naam Rakesh hai, aur iska pata dijiye mujhe. Mere pura shaq hai iske par.
Rakesh looked scared, and looked around. He was about to run off when some more men stood around him. By then the families came forward.
Ira's father- Kya hua beta?
Ira- Dad. Yeh Rakesh hi mere dost ko gayab kiya hai.
Rakesh- Y-y-yeh k-k-kya bakwas hai! Kaun hai aap? Kyon mujhe phasarahe ho! Main kissi Tracy ko nahi jaanta!
There was a silence and then an officer came forward.
Officer- Yeh Madam ne Tracy naam bhi nahi kaha. Aur agar tum inko pehchaan nahi sakte ho toh kaise pata hai Tracy ki naam?
He held Rakesh by the collar- Lagta hain Maam ne theek kaha. Kuch toh hua hai!
Ira's father- Toh tum ho wahi Rakesh jisko Tracy Agra mein mili thi?
Anu- Haan Uncle, ab main bhi isko pehchaan liya. Yehi hai woh.
Panicked, suddenly the man threw his tray and the contents on everyone and rushed off before anyone could recover. Some officers and guards gave him a chase but he vanished.
Taking the help of the Bandra police, Ira, Anu and Ira's father arrived at Rakesh's place, in Santa Cruz chawl. The address was provided to them by the catering company. At the chawl, all of Raksh's stuff was gone.
A police officer- Too late.
Ira – It is never too late. Bhaagkar kaha jaayega uss jaanwaar!
Ira's father agreed.
In the Mumbai CID bureau, Acp Pradyuman, Daya, Salunkhe, Purvi, Shreya, Sachin and Vineet waited for Abhijeet. Freddy came in and informed them that Abhijeet sir was coming. Immediately the lights were off, and they waited silently.
Abhijeet entered, and silence and darkness greeted him. Abhijeet was puzzled. Taking a gun from his pocket, he slowly went ahead, calling everyone by names. Confused at the lack of any sound or response, he edged towards the light switches, switched them on and very automatically pointed his gun.
Happy Birthday!- simulataneously several voices spoke up.
Ain?- Abhijeet was stunned. Then sheepishly he put his gun away, as Daya came forward and gave him a handshake- Happy Birthday Abhi!
The two officers went towards a table where Freddy kept a small dark chocolate cake. Salunkhe gave him a side hug and Acp shook his hand. Others greeted him.
Abhijeet was smiling away.
Freddy- Sir! Mere wife ki taraf se yeh cake!
Accha? Bhabhi ne banaye?
Freddy nodded, smiling away.
Abhijeet cut the cake and everyone sang Happy Birthday and clapped their hands. Abhijeet fed the cake slices to Acp, Daya, Freddy and Salunkhe. Then as everyone laughed and ate cake pieces, Abhijeet thanked them.
The cake being over, the party was also over. Acp then shooed Salunkhe away smilingly and gave orders for everyone to return to work. Grumbling to themselves, Purvi, Shreya, Sachin and Vineet returned to work. Freddy and Daya stood with Abhijeet.
Abhijeet- Yaar, thanks!
Daya smiled- Dost ho toh aise hai Abhijeet. Kaam karte karte humaare birthday bhi manaana chaahiye. Pata nahi kab kya ho sakta hai.
Freddy agreed.
Acp came up to them.
Acp- Kya ho raha hai?
Abhijeet- Sir bas aise, thanks de raha tha!
Acp smiled- Vrinda kaise hai?
Sir Vrinda bilkool theek hai!
Good. Ab kaam mein lag jao.
Suddenly two smartly clad women entered the bureau. Everyone looked up as they came forward.
Ira- Acp Pradyuman?
Acp- Jee. Mein Acp Pradyumn hi hoon. Kahiye?
Ira- Mein Ira Banerjee aur yeh meri dost Anu Chatterjee. Hum police officers ki families se hoon. Mere Dad ka Mumbai ki colleague ne aapka naam diya hain. We have come to speak with you.
Acp- Of course!
Ira handed him a letter. Acp opened it and read it. Nodding his head, Acp smiled at the two- Aayie. Mere cabin yahaa hai.
Anu and Ira followed him.
The other officers stared.
Sachin- Police officers ki betiyaan aise smart hoti hai?
Purvi- Kyon nahi?
Vineet- Nahi, bas, aise toh army officers ki betiyaan hoti hai.
Shreya- Vineet. Army ya Police, kya farq padta hai?
Abhijeet and Daya looked at each other.
Sachin, tum log kaam pe lag jao.
The officers returned to their work, and Daya turned to Abhijeet and said- Hum toh senior officers hoon. Hum andar jaa sakte hain na?
Abhijeet- Magar hummein nahi bulaaya Acp sir ne.
Just then Acp called them and the two headed off to the cabin.
They stood on either sides of Acp, as Acp smiled at Ira- Mere do senior officers..
Ira- Senior Inspector Abhijeet and Senior Inspector Daya. Jaanti hoon. (She smiled)
Acp- Haan toh batao. Kaise madad karun?
Anu took out a photo from her purse and kept it on the table in the front. Acp took it up and then handed it to his men- Yeh toh bideshi lagti hai.
Ira- Tracy naam hai uski. UK se aayi thi.
Abhijeet- Thi? Matlab woh gayab hai?
Ira and Anu looked at Abhijeet, surprised.
Anu- Aapko kaise pata?
Abhijeet (Flustered)- Nahi, main bas guess ki!
Ira- Haan theek kaha aapne. (Looks at Acp) Ek saal se gayab hai.
Acp- Hummein zara shuruwat se bataiye. Kya kab kaise hua?
Ira- Theek hain. Timeline order ki tarah sab batati hoon. Paanch saal pehle, meri Dad retirement ki pehle second last posting Indore mein tha. Ma unke saath rehti thi aur mein tab college mein. Indore main. Tabhi meri pehli mulakaat hui Tracy ke saath. UK mein meri did rehti hai. Usne humaarei pata di thi Tracy ko. She wanted to study at Indore at my college. Humaarein saath rehti thi. Hum saath saath dost bhi ban gayi thi. College jab khatam hua, tabhi mere Dad ki transfer hua Delhi mein. Tab Tracy bhi humaarein saath aayi. Aise, chaar saal mit gaye.
Delhi mein meri dost Anu humaarei pass cchutti ke liye aayi thi. Hum teeno- Mein, Tracy aur Anu- saath milke bahut ghoomne ke liye bahar jaati thi. Tabhi ek din humne ek aadmi ko mila.
Anu ki doston aur cousins, Ajay, Rahul, Viren, Sweta, Simran aur hum teeno Agra jaa rahe thi. Ek dhaba mein ruki. Ussi dhaba ki picche ek chota chawl tha.
Tracy ek bholebhaali ladki thi. Humesha soch thi ki sab acchei log hai, koi bura nahi ho sakta. Yeh uski bhool tha. Kissi ko shaq bhi nahi kiya karte thei. Usne ussi chawl mein, hummein beena bataate, chale gayi, apni camera ke saath.
Jab mein, Anu aur Viren usko piccha karke waha pahuchi, hummein dekha ki Tracy aaraam se ek ped ke nicheki beithne ki sthan mein beith rahi thi. Aur ek aadmi uski saamne beith raha tha. Apas mein baat kar raha thei aur hans raha thei. Woh Rakesh tha. Bahut hi gadbad aadmi lag raha tha. Hum Tracy ke pass gaye aur usne kaha ki Rakesh uski guide banna chaahtei thei. Mere toh hosh udd gayi aur Anu ne chup chaap Tracy ko uthayi aur le gayi. Main aur Viren Rakesh ko bhaga diya.
Acp sir, tab se yeh Rakesh Tracy ki piccha nahi cchoda.
Anu then began- Acp sir. Hum jaha jaati thi waha hum usko dekhti thi. Dur khare hokar uspe nazara rahktei hue. We didn't like it. Agra se waapus gaayi Delhi tabhi bhi piccha nahi cchoda. Hum police ko bataayi, Ira ki dad ko bhi. Police ki warning ki baawarjud usne Tracy ki piccha nahi cchoda. Tracy ko yeh sab pata nahi tha. She was so innocent and simple ki hum usko dekbhaal karne laga, ek baar bhi akeli nahi cchoda. Aur ek baar usne humaarein saath ek disco bar mein gayi thi. Rakesh usko kidnap karne ki koshish ki, help karne ki bahaane mein.
Daya- Woh kaise?
Anu- Tracy wash room se humaare pass aa rahi thi aur kho gayi thi. She was asking around tabhi Rakesh aaya tha. Rakesh usko help karne ki bahaane mein usko baahar le jaa rahe thei. Tabhi humaarein saath jo aur aurtei thei, usme se ek waha ayi thi aur Tracy ko Rakesh se dur ki. Rakesh naraaz hote jaa rahe tha lekin ek bouncer ko dekhkar bhag gaya.
Acp- Delhi. (Shook his head sadly)
Abhijeet- Kya uske baad woh hoshiyaar hui?
Ira- Nahi. She was telling us ki beena sabuth kissiko shaq mat kiya karo. She never understood. But we did.
Anu- Kuch deeno ke baadTracy waapus jaane waali thi Uk mein. Visa khatam hone waalei thei. Mein USA waapus jaane ki taiyaari ki aur Ira Mumbai aane waali thi, ek nayi naukri ki khoj mein.
Tracy wanted to visit Mumbai. Toh hum teeno yaha aayi thi, mazaa bhi ki. Rakesh nahi tha toh hum sochs ki sab theek hai. Yehi humaarein bhool hua. Pata nahi kaise hua.
Ira- Theek UK jaane ki do hafte ki pehle Tracy Pune jaane chaahti thi. Akeli. Do din ke liye. Hum soch ki theek hai. Jaane do.
Ira stopped and closed her eyes. Anu squeezed her hand.
Anu- Pune se woh UK jaane waali thi.
Daya- Pune se UK? Pune ki international airport abhi bhi under construction.
Ira- Pata hai. She was supposed to come straight to Mumbai airport and then leave.
Anu- Mein USA chali gayi aur Ira Kolkata gayi apne nani ke pass. Tracy Pune chale gayi. We had a lovely slumber-cum-farewell party. Then she left.
Anu became emotional. Ira squeezed her arm and continued.
Humaari zimedaar tha aur hum nahi nibhayi. That was the last time we saw Tracy. Hummein pata nahi tha ki woh gayab hone waali thi.
Theek ek mahin pehle mujhe Tracy ki mom ne phone ki. Usne mujhe puccha ki Tracy kyon ab tak UK nahi pahuccha. Tracy ne uski ma ko kehdiya ki usko waapus jaane mein dere hoga. Ek saal pehle Tracy ki last call apne ma ke pass aayi thi, Mumbai-Pune highway se.
Anu- Ira ne mujhe batayi. Usne police ke pass FIR file ki, missing report file ki. Tracy ki mum ko abhi bhi khud ki visa nahi mila toh Ira ne bahut hi koshish ki Tracy ko khojne mein.
Ira- Teen din pehle Mumbai sheher main ek Police award and reunion ceremony hui.
Anu then tells the story of how they came across Rakesh in a waiter's garb.
Ira- Tabhi mere shaq hua. Faraar hai. Agar kuch nahi kiya hota toh nahi bhaag jaata usne.
There was a silence in the cabin as Ira and Anu controlled their emotions and collected themselves.
Anu- Acp sir. I have come here to Ira to help investigate. We want to help you to hunt for him!
Ira- Acp sir. Please take up this case. Waha Tracy ki ma itni pareshaan hote jaa rahi hai. Apne bacchein ki baarei mein socho!
The officers were slightly flustered but controlled themselves.
Acp- Hum koshish karunga.
Ira- Acp Pradyuman sir. Koshish mat bolo. Aapko karna hi hoga. Please namumkin ko mumkin kardijye.
Abhijeet smiled- Iraji. Aapne theek kaha. Hum aapko madad karunga.
Daya and Acp looked at each other then at Abhijeet.
Acp- Ira. Anu. We will help you. Lekin hum Delhi se shuru karunga.
Daya- Shayad woh Delhi waapus gaye hai ho. Hum bas tehklikat karunga.
Anu- Theek hai. Ira, they are doing their jobs, na? Relax.
Ira- Haan Anu. You are right. (Looks at Acp) We want to help.
Abhijeet- Haan bilkool. Ek baat batao. Aur kuch bata sakte ho? Rakesh ke baarei mein? Woh Agra ki dhaba ki chawl ke baarei mein? Ya kuch aisi suraag, aise ajeeb baat?
Ira- Haan. Ek ajeeb baat toh hui mere saath. Chei mahin pehle, jab mujhe nahi pata tha Tracy ki gayab hone ki baarei mein, tab mere Dad mere pass aayi thi. Hum Lonavala ki saraf jaa rahi thi gaadi mein. Tab mere Dad ne retire kar chukka tha.
Ek cchota sa chai stall pe ruka humne. Tabhi ek adbhoot khusbhoo aayi mere pass. I looked around and smelled.  Meine dekha ek gaayi.
Daya- Gaayi? Matlab cow?
Ira nodded- Haan.
Acp- Cow se Khusboo?
Ira- Yehi baat maine chai wala ko puccha. Chai wala ne kaha ki yeh ek stray cow picchle ek din pehle yahi par pahuccha. Toh chai wala ne usko rakhliya. Kehte lage ki gayi ek auspicion hai uske liye.
Acp sir. Yeh khusboo ek aisi perfume se aaye jo Tracy use kiya karte thei. Lavender-Jasmine perfume. Ek khaas, strong and spice jaise scent. And I wondered, ki aise perfume ki smell ek cow se kaise aayega!
Acp thoughtfully responded- Hm.
Ira- Ab toh mujhe shaq hai, ki jaha se uss cow aaya hai waha kuch na kuch hi hai.
Abhijeet agreed and Daya-Acp glance at each other.
Acp thought and looked at Abhijeet-Daya- Delhi jaane ki taiyaar karo. Suhaani ko bataao ki tum dono waha pe jaa rahe ho. Waha se Rakesh ki tracking shuru karo. Meanwhile, hum Pune highway jaonga.
As Anu and Ira were going towards the bureau entrance-exit, Sachin smiled at them, smirking. Ira stopped, looked at him, walked towards him.
Why are you laughing? Ladkiyon ko CID bureau mein kabhi nahi dekha?
Vineet jumped to Sachin's defence- Nahi madam aise baat nahi. Woh bas aapko salute kar rahe hai.
Anu- Salute? (Coming forward) Kyon?
Sachin and Vineet began to stammer. Abhijeet and Daya came there.
Abhijeet- (To the officers) Kya hua ain?
Shreya- Sir, Sachin was smiling because in dono officers' ki betiyaan hain.
Ira lost her cool. Stifling her temper, she coldly said- Sharam nahi aayi? Kabhi police officers ki family ko aamna saamna nahi ki? Yaha ek bahut bade serious situation hua hai aur yaha tum log hanse rahe ho, humaare mazaak udade ho?
Anu- What is wrong in being police officers' daughters?
Abhijeet- Anu ji. Iraji. Aaplog chaliye, main isko sambhaalta hoon. Ussi taraf se sorry. Kal subhei hum milte hai Delhi jaane ke liye!
Anu and Ira glared and left.
Abhijeet turned to Sachin- What is wrong with you?
Sachin and Vineet immediately excused themselves, apologizing and became busy. In the corner, Purvi-Shreya were chuckling.
Shreya- Accha daant pada!
Purvi- Ab usko realization hua hai!
Abhijeet and Daya began on the case.
Daya- Abhijeet. Yeh Rakesh humaare records mein nahi hai.
Abhijeet- Haan Daya. Naya hai yeh mujhrim ya phir kissiko pata nahi hai uske baarei mein.
Daya- Boss. Suhaani ko phone kiya? Woh toh Delhi CID mein hai.
Abhijeet- Haan. Maine phone ki. Yeh Ira aur Anu Suhaani jaise hai. Bahut bahaduri aur samajhdaari hai.
Next morning, at Delhi airport, Abhijeet, Daya, Freddy, Purvi, and Anu-Ira arrived. Suhaani and some Delhi officers greeted them.
Shaking hands with Abhijeet, Daya, Freddy and Purvi, Suhaani turned to Ira and Anu- Hi. Abhi sir, I mean, Abhijeet sir ne mujhe sab kuch bataya hai. Hum investigation shuru ki.
Ira smiled- Thanks officer.
Anu- Ab hum kaise madad karun?
Suhaani- Please call me Suhaani. (Smiles) Ab hummein wahi jagah dikhao jaha pehli baar uss kutte ko dekha.
Ira and Anu warmed up at once to Suhaani- Theek hain!
Suhaani- Pehle aap sab aaram karo.
They soon reached the highway, on the way to Agra. Ira had the police convoy stopped at a small dhaba. The chawl area was distinctly visible behind it.
Suhaani- What were you all doing when she went there?
Ira- We were here, having tea and pakodas.
Abhijeet- (To the dhaba wala) Bhai saab, hum log CID se. Zara hummein bataye, kya Rakesh naam ki koi aadmi aaya hai yaha pe? (He showed him the photo of Rakesh which the caterer company gave Ira's father.)
Dhabawala- Haan, yeh yaha pe rehta tha. Ek saal ho gaya yaha nahi aaya. Uska ek dost hai. Brij. Woh bhi yaha nahi hai.
Ira- Brij? Yaani Brij jo naukar ka kaam kiya karta tha?
Dhabawala agreed and Ira said to the officers- Yeh Brij shayad wahi hoga jo humaare naukar tha. Dad ki retirement baad mere parivar toh Kolkata waapus gaye. Tab tak yeh Brij kaam karta tha.
Suhaani- I see.
The team then went to the chawl. The girls showed the CID the tree under which they first saw Rakesh. They then went through the chawl to the small shack Rakesh used to live in. There was no one inside, and Daya slammed open the door.
In the two room shack, the officers found lots of pictures of girls on the wall. In one corner were stacked bags of ladies belongings. Bags, shoes, hair lumps, handkerchiefs, clothes and private belongings, cosmetics, junk jewelry and many other stuff that women use. Everyone looked around, shocked. Purvi was going through some bags and found Tracy's candid pictures and a perfume bottle.
Purvi asked Ira- Yeh perfume bottle. Kya yehi-
Ira- Haan! Yeh toh Tracy ki hai! (She then looked at the photos) By god, yeh sab photos! Kab liya usne? Yeh sab kaise mila usne! Mere ghar pe agar jaata tha toh mere Dad ka guards ne usko nikal dete thei!
Abhijeet- Shayad yeh Brij ne-
Anu interrupts- Ira tumhe yaad hai? Woh dusra naukar? Jo bahut chori kiya karte thei tumhaari ghar se? Aunty ne usko ghar se nikal de thei!
Ira- Haan! Shayad wohi hoga. (She turned to Abhijeet) Officer. Shayad Raghav hoga. Brij ke saath aate jaate thei. Har baar jab aate thei tab kuch na kuch ghar se gayab hote jaate thei. Ek din range haath pakda gaye, aur Mom ne usko ghar se nikaal diya. Zaroor iska kaam hoga.
The officers continued searching, when one of Suhaani's officers called them to the back of the little house. There was a courtyard with lots of dug up mud. Abhijeet, Daya and Suhaani exchanged meaningful looks, and Suhaani asked Ira and Anu to stay back, as the courtyard may produce-
Ira completed for her- Skeletons. Suhaani, we have not been born yesterday. Don't worry about us.
The mud was investigated, one skeleton after another was found. There was an air of shock and disbelief, as very old skeletons were dug out. The total number was thirteen so far. All were female skeletons.
My god- Abhijeet exclaimed- Itne saare aur kissiko pata nahi tha? Yeh Rakesh aur Brij aur Raghav teeno milke ghirona kaam karte jaa raha tha aur- (He shook his head solemnly)
Anu- Kahin Tracy-
Ira- No Anu dont think or say that. Let the Forensics first prove it.
Abhijeet, Daya and Suhaani were amazed at Ira's sound knowledge and common sense.
Abhijeet-(In his usual admiration) Haan bilkool, Iraji. Bilkool. Anuji, forensic science prove karega. But I am sure tumhara dost ko kuch nahi hua (He smiled and then turned to the diggers)
Suhaani stared at her uncle and then at Daya, questioningly. Daya shrugged innocently.
When the skeletons were collected, fifteen in totality, the officers went through the stuff at the house. It was then when Suhaani questioned Daya in whispers.
Daya sir, yeh sab? Abhi mama ko kya hua? Achaanak itna sweet-sweet bartav.
Daya- Mujhe kuch nahi pata Suhaani! Tum puccho usko.
Suhaani- Nahi, by god. Khair, rehne do.
Back at the police guest house, Ira and Anu were sitting on a sofa, deep in thoughts. Suhaani brought in cups of coffee for them and they gratefully took the cups.
Suhaani- Ira. Anu. I promise you that Tracy will be traced. And agar usko kuch bhi hua, toh bhi Rakesh ko nahi cchodungi.
Purvi came in with a tray of some hot pakodas- Le lo. Garam garam. Thoda aaraam payega.
Ira and Anu smiled at them.
In Mumbai, Acp, Sachin, Shreya and Vineet went along the highway towards Lonavala.
Shreya- Sir. Purvi ne report diya ki un kankaal mein se koi Tracy ki nahi hai.
Acp- Thank god.
Sachin- Magar sir ek baat samajh nahi aa raha hai. Tracy ki DNA kaha se mila?
Acp- Ira ke pass Tracy ki comb tha. She left it behind at Ira's. Ussi comb Ira ne le gaye thei, pehchaan ke liye. Abhijeet ne kaha ki Ira ne pehle se taiyaar tha.
Sachin- Sir, ek baat samajh-
Acp (Irritated)- Uff ullu ke patthe, aur kya nahi samjha. Humaare pass waqt nahi. Road par concentrate karo.
Vineet-(Holding a tablet-like machine) Sir. Ira ne batayi thi ki ussi dhaba ke pehle ek cchota gaon ki school, ek cchota Hanuman ka mandir aur ek bada sa ped aayega.
Sachin- Sir, yeh sab Ira ko kaise yaad hoga cchei mahin ke baad?
Shreya- Sachin sir. Ira har baar Lonavala jaate hai. Issi liye yeh raasta acchi tarase jaanti hai.
Just then a school came up, then a mandir was passed by (The officers folded their palms and touched their foreheads) and then they saw an unusually big banyan tree. Just at the corner was a dhaba.
The car stopped. They got down and walked towards the dhaba wala.
Kahiye? Kya piyoge? Kya khaaoge?
Kuch nahi bhaisaab- Sachin said slightly rudely- Hum Cid se samjhe?
Toh cidwaalein chai nahi pite?
Sachin was taken aback and Acp replied, with a glance at Sachin- Accha theek hain chaar cups chai do.
He looked around and then asked, as the four cups were being prepared- Accha ek baat batao. Cchei mahin pehle ek baap aur beti aaye thei yaha pe. Beti ne kehne hai ki yaha ek gayi hai jisse ek perfume ka khusboo aa raha tha. Kaha hai yeh cow?
Saab, woh yahi pe hai. Mere dhaba ki picche mere ghar hai aur mere ek cchota digha hai. Kuch murag aur gayi hai waha pe.
Shreya- Sir. Jab Ira ne dekha uss gayi ko tab perfume ki scent acchi tarase aaya tha. Teen-chaar din mein kahi se aaya tha jaha yeh perfume ka source aaya. Uske baad yaha last roka. Ab cchei mahin ke baad perfume scent toh nahi hoga!
Acp- Accha Shreya ek baat batao. Strong ladies perfume kitne din, beena nahar ke, been kuch cchuate, reh sakte hain.
Shreya- Kam se kam ek din sir.
Acp- Matlab yaha aane k eek din pehle yeh gayi kahi par roka jaha pe kuch toh hua tha.
Chaiwala- Saab aaplog ek gayi ke bare mein kyon pucch rahe ho?
Acp- Woh baat cchodo. Tum batao, yeh gayi kiss saraf se aaya tha?
Chaiwala- Saab, Lonavala ki saraf se.
Acp- Lonavala? O I see!
The CID team went ahead towards Lonavala, looking for anything suspicious. Ahead, on almost reaching outskirts of Lonavala, the team saw a small shack. It looked like an abandoned cow shed. There were lots of hay bales and stocks. Near the cow shed was an abandoned shack, looking like a former tea stall- cum- living quarters of some tea seller.
Acp wondered as the team got down. There was not a single person around, not even a cow, goat or chicken. Acp sent shreya and Vineet to see the stall. He and Sachin went to the shed where they found loads of dirt hay. On further investigation, a woman's bag, shoes, jacket and a passport were found. It was Tracy's. Meanwhile at the stall, Shreya and Vineet found a man with a cut throat. He looked familiar and then Shreya checked her cell phone, where Purvi had sent her some pictures. The man was identified as Raghav.
The team was in a shock. Two crimes had happened and no one knew it.
At Delhi, the news of dead Raghav and Tracy's belongings being found reached Ira and Anu. They were filled with hope and disgust.
Abhijeet, Daya, Freddy, Purvi and Suhaani set out to find out whether Rakesh had fled back to Delhi or not.
Investigating his former haunts were Freddy and some Delhi officers. They raided all bars and disco-bars, slapped people who refused to co-operate and even made small arrests. But no information about Rakesh was found.
Suhaani and Purvi and a few Delhi officers went to families and friends of Rakesh, Raghav and Brij. Making arrests after arrests, they slapped and forced people to give information.
It was Abhijeet and Daya, who on investigation stumbled upon a paanwaala, who happened to be Suhaani's khabri.
Paanwaala- Rahgav, Brij aur Rakesh? Haan. Kaafhi baar aa chuke hai yeh dono yahaa pe. Bhut daru pike yahaa pe paan khaate thei.
Abhijeet- Accha. Toh aate jaate thei, ain. Kuch aur bata sakte ho? Yahaa waapus aaya hai kya?
Paanwaala- Saab, ek saal ki pehle ki baat hai. Ek din yeh teeno yahaa aake achaanak Mumbai jaane ke baat kar raha. Baat to mujhse nahi, aapas mein baat ho raha tha. Main toh bas sun raha tha. Mamuli paanwala hoon. Roz koi na koi aate hai.
Daya- Kaam ke baat karo.
Paanwaala- Yeh logo ne kehte lage ki ek firangi uski doston ke saath Mumbai jaane waale hai. Rakesh aur Raghav plan kar raha tha waha jaane ki. Waha pe kaha aur kaise jaayega yeh nahi maaloom. (Thoughtfully pausing) Par ek baat hai saab. Kuch din pehle Brij yaha pe to aaya tha!
Abhijeet- Accha? Kab?
Paanwaala- Yeh koi chaar-paanch din pehle?
Daya- Accha. Kya kehne laga?
Paanwaala- Saab woh naukar ki naukri dhoondh rahe hai.
Abhijeet- Kaha milega woh?
The paanwaala gave the two an approximate address, and the duo went off.
Reaching Chandni Chowk, the duo went through the crowds, and reached one of the many narrow lanes. A lonely one room house stood at the dead end. They knocked.
A disheveled man opened the door. Abhijeet and Daya smelled alcohol, dust, uneaten food odour, unwashed body odour all at once. Wrinkling their noses, they disgustedly asked the man for Brij.
Man- Brij abhi Canaught Place mein hai. Kaun hai tu?
Abhijeet- CID Mumbai.
Man-(Unaffected) O? Phir se police. Heh.
Daya- Phir se matlab?
Man- Kabhi kabhi police aate jaate hai, usko poochtaach karne ke liye. Baut mujhrim ko jaante hai woh!
Abhijeet- Daya (in whispers) Yeh Ira ki dad toh police officer tha.    Kyon nahi pata tha?
Daya- Boss. Maybe usne chori kiya karte thei aur phas gaya Raghav ne. Uske jaake poochte hai.
Abhijeet- (To the man) Waise tu iska kaun?
Man- Saath rehta hoon. Dost hoon.
Daya- Dost. Toh tu bata sakte ho woh kaha milega?
At the Canaught Place, the duo walked through the shopping centre and went under a small shop which sold childrens's toys. An elderly man greeted them- Jee kahiya? Aapki bachi ke liye kya doon?
Abhijeet and Daya suddenly remembered Vrinda.
Abhijeet- Bhai, hum log CID se, aur agar aap humme madad kar sakte ho, toh hum ek nahi, do khilonei kharidunga.
Shopkeeper- Jee zaroor! Kaise madad karun?
Daya- Yahaa Brij kaam karte hai, aapke saath. Kaha hai woh?
Shopkeeper- Chai ley aa raha hai!
Abhijeet- Arre wah, jaldi jaldi jawaab de diya!
(The duo while waiting selected two toys for little Vrinda and a couple of Dog toys for Rocker)
Moments later, Brij ambled in, with two cups- Yeh lo sethji!
He then was about to go behind the counter, when-
Abhijeet- (While coming up with Daya) Itna jaldi hai kya bhaisaab?
Brij- Matlab? Kaun hai tu?
Daya- Abey, aaraam se baat karo, itna gussa kyon bhaii?
Brij- O. (He looked at shopkeeper then at duo) Tu aise baat kyon kar rahe ho?
Abhijeet- Hum Tracy se milne aaya hoon.
Brij- Tracy? Kaun Tracy? (He became sweaty and nervous)
Daya- Arre beta, pasinda kyon cchut raha hai?
Brij wiped his sweat off and denied.
Abhijeet- Accha beta, yeh Rakesh aur Raghav kaha hai?
Brij got scared- K-k-kaun ho tumlog!?
Daya- Tera sasuraal aur tera baap (Slapped)
In the Delhi CID headquarters, Brij was sitting in the interrogation room, sobbing, bruised all over.
Abhijeet, Daya, Suhaani, Freddy and Purvi stood before him.
Abhijeet- Ab batao tera kahini, beta.
Brij- Saab, hum teeno chor hai. Mein jaha jah kaam karta tha waha se chori kartha tha. Raghav mujhe madad karta tha aur ek din pakda gaya tha. Usne mera naam nahi diya issi liye kissiko pata nahi tha ki mein bhi ek chor hoon!
Daya- Rakesh iss waqt kaha hai? Aur usko kaise pata chala ki Tracy Mumbai jaani waali thi?
Brij- Maine sun liya tha issko baat kehte hue. Maine Raghav aur Rakesh ko bata diya. Rakesh usko pasand karta tha.
Abhijeet- Chup! Sharam nahi aaye! Maalik ka namak khaya aur unka mehmaan ko dhoka dena!
Daya- Ab chup chaap bata de, kaha hai Rakesh?
Brij, looking scared- M-M-Mumbai se P-P-Pune mein bhaag gaya!
Abhijeet- Accha? Ab bata, kaha pe? Nahi toh goli marunga.
On receiving Abhijeet's call, Acp and his team went off to Pune to the address given by Brij. It was a godown where trucks were kept. The manager there told them that some one by the name of Rakesh borrowed one of his drivers and trucks and was on his way to Goa.
The CID jeep was on its way. Hurriedly it went along the highway, searching for the truck with the license number given to them.
Along the way, they saw an abandoned truck. The plate number matched, and the team went to check. The driver was in his seat, having a smoke. Sachin roughly got him down. Vineet opened the back of the truck.
Yes Vineet?
Yeh dekiye.
Acp saw a woman's dead body. Her hands and feet were tied up. Her face was bludgeoned.
Acp took a photo from his pocket- My god! Yeh toh Tracy hai! Dekho, wahi kapda, jaise photo mein hai!
The team was in a shock. It was too late now to save a young girl. Nlood boiling, Acp stormed to the driver and violently shook him, holding his cruff of neckand shirt collar- Kaha hai woh Rakesh? Kaha bhaagne ki taiyaari Tracy ki laash ke saath? BOL!
The man started sobbing that Rakesh gave him money to abandon the dead body in Goa, and he had stooped to take a smoke. He also informed them that Rakesh was talking of going back to Delhi.
Daya and Abhijeet came into the Delhi CID interrogation room again. Menacingly they walked towards Brij who started sweating.
Daya- (Rolling up his shirt sleeves) Ab tujhe bataana hoga Rakesh kaha hai.
Brij- Saab! Saab, maine bataa diya! Saab!
Abhijeet-(Taking his gun out) Tere ko bola na, goli marunga? Jhooth kyon kaha?
Brij- Saab mujhe nahi pata saab! Sach mein!
Daya- Tu aise nahi maanega na?
Abhijeet- Dekh. Abh bhi time hai. Bataa do nahi toh tera kya haal hoga tujhe pata nahi.
Brij was now sweating profusely, his eyes shifty.
Suhaani entered- Dekh kaaliya. Tere ko inn dono ne wahi haal karega jo bahut saare ko kiya. Ab saale, bataa de varna.
Brij started weeping- Saab cchodiye! Bataata hoon!
Suhaani- Toh BOL!
Brij- Saab woh yehi pe hai. Woh abhi abhi Delhi mein hai. Cchupa hua hai. Lekin pata nahi kaha. Phone mein baat kiya karta hoon!
It was night time. Noida-Gurgaon highway. Brij came to the road and looked around. A few chawl houses were clustered in one corner. He noticed a bench. He sat there.
What seemed like hours later, a man came up to him. It was Rakesh.
Rakesh- Eh bhai e, tu mujhe milne ke kyon bulaaya?
Brij looked around- CID tere picche kutte ke tarah pad gaye! Bhaag jaa!
Rakesh- Kya! Dhokebaaj! Phone mein kyon nahi bataaye! (Loking around, terrified)
Suddenly several plainsclothed police officers pounced on him and Brij.
At seeing this commotion, the chawl members rushed forth, protesting.
A gun was fired in the air and the crowd stopped. It was Suhaani.
Bhai log. Apne behenai, patnion, ma aur betiyaan ki bare mein socho! Yeh do gunegaar panra ladkiyan ko khoon kiya hai. Agar kissine ek aur shabd kaha ya ek aur movement ki, toh seedha jail ki andar hoga, mujhrim ko madad karne ki jhurm mein!
Everyone became silent. Suhaani turned around and looked at Rakesh and nodded at her men to take the criminals away.
Ira and Anu were silently standing next to Tracy's weeping parents. In front of them were Rakesh and Brij at the table, surrounded by Mumbai CID team and Suhaani, some Delhi CID officers, in the Mumbai CID Bureau.
Rakesh- Maine usko bahut chaahtha tha. Lekin har baar meine fail ki, in ladkion ke verjade (He meant Ira and Anu). Bahut pyar ki. Ek din mujhe pata chala ki woh Mumbai mein hogi. Toh mein chup chupke use Mumbai mein mila. Mujhe pata tha ki yeh dono usko yahaa aake akeli cchodenge. (Anu and Ira disgustedly shut their eyes)
Maine usko bola ki Pune jaaoge? Usne haan kehdiya toh maine bola ki theek hain akeli jaana padega, beena kissike bataaye! Itna bholi bhaali! Itna bharosa kiya! (He smirked, smacking his lips, and then looking at Abhijeet and Daya) Maal hai maal! Woh bhi firangi-
Daya slapped him violently.
Rakesh smiled, his hand on his cheedk- Maaro na, maaro, aur maaro! Kya milega!
Abhijeet-(Disgustedly) Kyon maara usko?
Rakesh- Maara? Arre pyaar kiya maine usko! Socha woh bhi pyar! Lekin usne mujhe dhoka diya! Maine usko jab Pune le jaa raha tha, maine bola ki Pune mein shaadi karte hai. Usne bahut hasne lagi, kehte lagi ki mazak mat karo. Woh kuchi deeno mein UK jaane waali hain. Mein usko dhamkaya. Aur maine kya mila?
Usne bhaagne koshish ki! Aur Raghav ne mujhe madad ki, kidnap karke mere liye Lonavala jaane ki raasta pe ek gayyi ka jagah pe rakhliya. Mein usko (He laughed and winked at CID and everyone was shocked and nauseated) Main usko barbad ki, uske baad ley gaya aur maar daala! (He laughed) Maarna nahi chaahta tha baaki ladkiyon ki tarah magar kya karun?
Suddenly Salunkhe arrived there with reports- Jhooth! Tum jhooth bol rahe ho! (Slams the reports on the table) Pradyuman. Jo ladki ki laash truck mein mila woh Tracy nahi hai!
Suhaani- Kya? Matlab Tracy shayad zinda hai?
Ira and Anu looked at each other while Tracy's parents could not understand what was going on.
Before anyone could react, Suhaani rushed forth and with all her force,pushed Rakesh to the floor from the chair, kicked him in the guts and punched him in the ears and eyes- Bata! Tracy kaha hai? Bata h***********! B******! Kaha hai Tracy. She kept on kicking him and then she whipped him with her belt.
Scared, Brij spoke out- Bataata hoon!
Suhaani stopped and turned on him- BOL!
Brij- Lonavala mein ek chaiwala hai, ussike pass hai. Rakesh usko waha rakh diya taaki baad mein waapus jaake kahi aur pe ley jaa sakta hai.
This time it was Ira and Anu who pounced on Rakesh and Brij, hitting them and giving them karate kicks. Suhaani, Purvi and Shreya calmed them down.
Acp- Tracy zinda hai. Sachin, tum aur Shreya uss chai wala ko arrest karo. Suhaani, tum bhi jao.
Suhaani offered Anu, Ira and Tracy's family to go with tem. Meanwhile the rest turned to the two.
Acp- Raghav aur baaki ladkion ko kyon maara.
Brij- Rakesh Raghav ko humesha chup kar diya, taaki usne kissiko na baatay! Aur woh sab ladkion ko Rakesh kidnap karke barabad karke maar daalta tha.
Nauseated the officers were totally disgusted. Acp was so angry he gave Rakesh a slap- Ley jao isko!
Brij-(To Abhijeet) Mujhe cchod do saab! 9Abhijeet slapped him)
The two men were taken away.
At the Lonavala highway, the chai wala got arreasted. Officers raided his shack and found a dehydrated, traumatized Tracy. She was kept alive for a purpose for a year and was just broken down and gagged. Ira and Anu hugged her, and Tracy's parents embraced her tightly. Suhaani led the way to the ambulance waiting.
It was almost a week later, when Anu and Ira entered the CID bureau with Suhaani. Acp greeted them.
Tracy kaha hai. Kaise hai?
Ira- Tracy UK mein hai.
Anu- We came to thank you all.
They handed a box to the team.
Yeh kya?
Cake. Aap sab ke liye.
Arre kya zaroori tha!
Ira- Relax Acp sir, yeh koi ishwar nahi hai. Just acknowledgment of thanks.
Acp- Tum dono bahaduri ho! Award milna chaahiye!
Abhijeet- Haan…
Ira cuts in- Award? Kaisa award? Award taaki hum rakh sakte hai, dunia ko dekhne ke liye? Award? Hmp. Acp sir. I know ki police apne duty karte hain . Lekin uss din award do jis din sach mein society crime-free hota hai. Lekin uss din kab aayega?
Awards dene mein kya hota hai? Jo mar gaye woh waapus aa sakte hai? Jo jhurm hua woh kabhi reversed ho sakta hai? Bahut saare jagah pe kahi na kahi kuch na kuch jhurm ho raha hai. Insaniyet ki koi jagah nahi. Agar har school har college jaake har student ko batao ki usko apne ko bacha ne ke liye kya kya taarikha use kar sakte hai, tabhi toh society acche ho sakta hai. Lekin yeh namumkin hai. Police busy hai, humesha busy hai. Lekin crimes hote jaa rahe hai. Agar society mature nahi hai, yeh sab award dene ka matlab kys hota hai? Ek bahadur insaan ki jaan bhi khatre mein ho sakta hai.
Anu- Ira calm down. They are just saying. (Turns to Acp) Sorry, par mere dost ko accha jhatka laga hai. Tracy ki parivar bhi hummein blame kiya hai. Tracy hates us and India.
Ira- Wahi toh hoga. Agar har parivar mein har ladke ko kaha jaata hai ki apne ma-behen-beti-patni ko izzat kare, tabhi toh bideshi ladkiyon ko respect kiya jaata tha. Society ki koi parvah nahi hai.
Anu-Ira lets go.
Ira- Sorry Acp sir. I really want thank you for saving Tracy. Lekin yeh sab praise, award, bahaduri baat, bharat ,mahan ki baat mat kiya karo. Agar award dena hai toh sab ke sab do. Har aadmi aurr aurat ko do. Kyonki hum sab aise society mein struggle karte hoon, apne security aur dusre ki security ki bare main sochte hoon. Tracy ko dena chaayie tha, aise pervert ke pass bachne ke liye. (Ira stopped and turned to leave.)
Sachin- Maam I want to apologise-
Ira- Not interested. Rehne do. Instead of worrying about society-
Anu- IRA.
Ira stopped and left.
Anu turned and thanked Acp and apologized for her friend's sudden emotional outburst. She then left.
The bureau was silent. Everyone stood, deep in thoughts.
Suhaani looked at her former colleagues and felt sorry for them. She decided to cheer things up.
Wow! Dark chocolate cake!- She excitedly opened the box.
No one said anything. The junior officers stared at Suhaan's audacity.
Suhaani- O praddy uncle! (Acp looked at her) Cheer up! Woh ladki thodi upset thi! Cheer up1
Abhi mama, ek baat batao. Iss baar pyaar se kyon nahi bola 'haan Iraji, haan Iraji?'
Abhijeet looked at her confused, and Daya and Acp suddenly felt like smiling.
Abhijeet- Matlab?
Suhaani- Daya uncle, zara mera mamako pyaar se bataana! (She winked, and Daya and Acp now fully smiled)
By then the others were also cheered up.
Suhaani turned to Sachin- Cheer up Sachin, iss baar koi number nahi mila. Par next time agar kissi officer ki beti ko milo toh wahi prasna mat karna. Dekhna, number asaanse milega!
Sachin was trying to protest. Purvi and Shreya and Vineet started sniggering.
Suhaani- Freddy sir! Please hanso!
Freddy looked at her then at others and grinned.
Suhaani- LO BAHI, Mein Salunkhe sir ko bulaati hoon. Aaraam se cake cut, eat aur uske baad mein Vrinda se milungi!
(She ran off)
Abhijeet- Sir.. yeh Suhaani.. Main!
Daya- Boss. Usne sahi kaha. Tum har baar jaise Tarika kiya karte thei waise… (He laughed)
Acp agreed and then laughed.
Abhijeet- Arre. Main bas izzat.. (Sheepish, he also began to laugh) Yeh Suhaani kabhi nahi badlengi!
Salunkne and Suhaani eneterd, and everyone laughed and cheered.
The bureau echoed with gentle laughter.

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kya hai ye ????? ... Confused
visrom IF-Stunnerz

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Story,...she posted one last week too. I think this is her new story.

Suhani please write a meaningful message here...say a promo????Tongue

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Originally posted by visrom

Story,...she posted one last week too. I think this is her new story.

Suhani please write a meaningful message here...say a promo????Tongue

Added promo. Eyes throbbing! will try to finish today itself.  

hope my promo is liked. cant add more promo otherwise suspense will b out. 

Warning-- Story may not be for fainthearted. May end tragically. 

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sounds interesting Smile
looking forward to it ! Thumbs Up

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very interesting promo suhaaniClap
waitng for the storyThumbs Up

aur haan are wah hume nhi pata tha aap ek senior police officer ki beti hu,very niceSmile

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sounds interesting...
looking forward to it...

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