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Arjun - Purvi - Onir

newt2007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 12:18am | IP Logged
Arjun Love towards Purvi is always confusing.

He loved Purvi but cared only for Ovi. From the start Ovi has been his weakness. He never wanted to hurt her. He took time to tell his love for Purvi to Ovi and others. His love for Purvi is not important but Ovi's feelings are more important to him.

Even if Purvi married Arjun ignoring Ovi's deal, surely Arjun and Purvi won't be living happily. Ovi might have done something to hurt herself to bring Arjun back to her. Surely that would have been worked. Ovi always claimed Arjun loved her not Purvi. Its true. Arjun cared more for Ovi than Purvi.

Purvi is the one who changed Arjun from a hardcore business man into good family man. But Arjun always credited that to Ovi in front of world.

Everytime we blame Purvi for sacrificing her love. When the truth about Pari came out, Purvi didn't ask any promise. Arjun was determined to tell that to Ovi. But when he saw her with baby he kept quiet. He forgot Purvi's sacrifice and wanted to give happiness to Ovi. Few minutes back his word about giving happiness to Purvi disappeared. For him Ovi is always above Purvi. At times Arjun gives us thought he never loved Purvi.

Arjun questioned Purvi about hiding about her pregnancy. What is the use of telling him after a month of his marriage with Ovi. Will he able to do anything other than giving a name 'mistress'. He won't have allowed going out of Mumbai. He won't have told the truth to Ovi fearing of hurting her. Purvi must have been living in Mumbai earning haste of family members.

Arjun taking two bullets for Purvi and working hard to earn money to get Purvi looks like dream.

Arjun telling to Onir about him seeing Purvi in everything looks like another dream. if he is not moving forward with Ovi then how Ovi pregnant with his child?
Arjun says he thinks all the time about Purvi. But not once he didn't think how can Purvi can be pregnant so quickly. He didn't get doubt about his night with Purvi.
He took advantage of Purvi's sacrifice when he named his child with Ovi as Pari. Purvi didn't say anything because she knows her child is with Arjun. If not, Purvi might be feeling very hurt. Don't he feel bad once about giving their love name to Ovi's child, that too in front of Purvi.

Purvi know Arjun better than anyone.

Purvi forced Arjun to marry Ovi because she had good knowledge about Arjun caring for Ovi more than anyone else, including herself. For the same reason, she hide her pregnancy truth to Arjun.
She took a good decision of leaving Mumbai to hide her pregnancy. She told everything about herself to Onir. Their relationship always remains as friends. Their hug and caring part was within friends limit. It shows she is still no able to come out of her love.
She sacrificed but not able to come out of her own feelings. With the help of Onir she is faking her marriage life. At times getting attracted towards Onir can't be called love because of the help he has done to her. She finds comfort and care in Onir. She was the one who always breaks their hug first sensing her state. She runs to him thinking him as her best friend. When he tries to accept it as love she breaks away.
Purvi hides her feelings and helps others to smile.

Purvi sacrificed everything but internally not. she is still struggling to come out of her love for Arjun.

Onir mahanta
Onir is the true mahanta. He gave Purvi a wife status even after knowing that she is caring someone else baby. His anger is expressed when Purvi told him about Archu and Ovi relationship to her. But he was quick enough to accept Purvi again. When she left Kolkatta without informing her, he got angry and avoided Purvi. He came to Mumbai to treat Ovi, when he was not able to stay away from her for long. He is the one who calmed down Ovi. Because of Purvi's helping nature he got into trap of Mittal, even then he didn't blame Purvi once.
He knows Purvi doesn't love her. He is not jealous when Purvi talks about Arjun and her meeting and how he changed after meeting her.
Onir is not jealous when Arjun talks about his feeling (even now) for Purvi.
Onir knows Purvi can never love him even then he loves her. He is willing to stay as friend to Purvi. He wants to protect Purvi.

Leave your comments.

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Asha_AshVik Groupbie

Joined: 20 March 2013
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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 12:22am | IP Logged
agree with you Purvi and Arjun are both responsible for this mess
Rituuu.. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 January 2013
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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 12:28am | IP Logged
True...Purvi did the right thing dumping Arjun..Purvi should never go back to Arjun..Caring for ur childhood best friend is a big sin..Once a man falls in love he should forget everyone else..But even after being in love,for a woman,her family,relatives,neighbours,pet,servants everyone should come before the man she loves..If this is the new rule in love,GOD SAVE THE BOYS!!!

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_OrChiD_ IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 06 March 2012
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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 1:23am | IP Logged

arjun loves only ovi . it is proved though he did lots of thing for purvi but i guess it is his madness , in the end of the day it is ovi who is important for arjun .

arjun not cared purvis feelings when he got engaged with ovi in front of purvis eye , he not even think once that it is an insult to purvi . he only cared ovi that she could be hurt .  so he is ovis .

ovi claim that arjun loves her not purvi and it seems to be true .

and purvi sacrificed lot but every time we blame her for promise what she done every time and we start to say that  if she not did it then arjun could do something  but this time she not done any of promise but arjun dint doing anything for ovis happiness so our blame comes out wrong . promise and not promise , nothing is matter to arjun . he just want to keep ovi happy .not for purvi but for his own happiness .

arjun questioned purvi for not telling the truth but what he done after knowing the truth ? nothing . he just said that i am going to do now it is for purvi but after that he doing everything for ovi . and we saying that arjun suffering for purvi but arjun suffering willingly not for purrvi at all . actually he want these things but not able to realize that he actually want this .

he said to purvi that he will reveal this truth but after that without any promise ,he said that he cant tell this truth to anyone or ovi  . so is this not double standard ?? my mind able to realize it is quite double standard .

ovi was pregnant by him but he still saying that he couldnt able to forget purvi for once . really ?? but how ?? if ovi pregnant with his child then he forgot purvi and ovi pregnant with his child for sure .

onir is truly  purvis . purvi wanted a life partner  who will be only hers and she got only hers life partner  and with his help she forgot her past easily . now seems purvi hadnt any of past .seems  her past was so fake , seems it was just a mistook and she not even able to remember her past now for once . she is in very much love with her husband but not able to realize .

as for onir not being jealous , why he should be jealous ??  he is not jealous its proved that purvi is only belongs with him now . he not even think arjun as a competent . and not even think arjun was purvis past .

purvi falls in love with onir when purvi can see arjun regular so it is also proved that onirs love too much strong than anything and purvi not even think that arjun is her around or not . she just enjoy onirs company , she want to share her happiness  with onir .  

as for hug breaking ,  as onir still not confessed his love for purvi and purvi also not  and both thinks it is only friendship but their hug not look like friendship sign at all and when purvi realize that she hugging her husband not her friend then she break hug but it is now not friendship they not able to realize it . 

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lovely_lady IF-Rockerz

Joined: 25 July 2007
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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 1:29am | IP Logged
Of course Arjun would care for Ovi, she's his childhood best friend. You don't lose bonds like that in a second. He does things for her because she's extremely fragile, both mentally, physically and emotionally. Let's be real, if Arjun told Ovi that Pari was Purvi's and her child died, would Ovi not completely loose it? Of course she would! 

This entire mess is created by Purvi and Arjun. And even then, if there is something who could've stopped all of this from happening, it would've been Savita. If she stopped meddling than Archana and Manav wouldn't have separated causing all the domino effects to stall. 

Personally, I think the CV's dropped the ball when Purvi got pregnant, it was a severe blow to the "parvitra-ness" of Arjun and Purvi's relationship and completing out of character for Purvi. The only reason anyone wants Arjun and Purvi to be together, in my opinion, it because of Rithvik and Asha. They have amazing chemistry together. Character wise, I don't think Purvi and Arjun are all that great. I mean they do have their good times, but their stupidity pisses me off sometimes. 

And regarding Onir, yeah I feel bad for him. He seemed to have such a great life before he entered Purvi's life, or rather she entered his.

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-purvideshmukh- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 29 May 2012
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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 1:35am | IP Logged
i think purvi is responsible for all the problems...poor arjun

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Manoshono IF-Rockerz

Joined: 06 June 2011
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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 1:43am | IP Logged
The points that you are stating are quite the opposite of what Arvi was shown as. I don't think it's a crime or a sin to think about your childhood friend while you are madly in love with someone else. What Arjun did was wrong and silly only in terms of delaying speaking about his love to Ov. But if you think as a friend, which friend would want to throw their conversation if your friend is not in a state to fight with you or take any more burden while he/she is in trouble? I think what Arjun did was out of humanity. Getting Ovi pregnant is another chapter. We haven't seen the whole side of their story. Maybe there is another twist hanging about the pregnancy still, otherwise why haven't they shown anything regarding her and Arjun when they showed Purvis? Anyways, I completely disagree with you! There are no laws on Love which states that you can't have any relations with your childhood friend/s when you are in love.

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Gina2013 Newbie

Joined: 14 February 2013
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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 3:53pm | IP Logged
Dear Newt2007 

I agreed with your post earlier and definitely again after today's episode.  If the CV's are trying to convince us Purvi and Arjun don't belong together, then I think they have now achieved it.  They have teased, dragged and tortured us but there is no other direction to take this sorry story.  

Again today, after such intensity yesterday, Arjun again went cold. No matter how much he loves Purvi (always will and she will love him too) and doesn't want her to go through more sacrifices, pain, etc, once he comes face to face with Ovi, he forgets Purvi's pain.  I don't remember the exact words used today but again he wanted to shield Ovi from the truth so she didn't get hurt.  The same thing happened after he got engaged to Ovi, he told Purvi with such admirable passion and intensity that he would tell Ovi 'at the party tonight' but when it came to it, Ovi's distress about the potential court case took precedent and he wanted to protect Ovi.  Today also he wanted to make sure that Mittal did not expose the truth just as he was worried during the engagement time as to whom was making the calls to Ovi about Arjun having another girl in his life. 

I think you are right, Purvi knows and understands Arjun's attachment (and love?) to Ovi more than he does himself. This is also probably why she called him today to tell him about Punni's deal, 1)she had cut him off when Punni arrived and 2) she knows it is also in his interest to hid the truth (she saw how he refrained from telling Ovi the truth yesterday).

There is no doubt that Ovi loves Arjun and she carried on loving him despite him declaring that he loved Purvi.  Now all that remains is for him to acknowledge her love honestly and reciprocate it (he already made her pregnant). I am guessing that this will happen once the baby truth is fully out. Ovi who has developed an attachment to Pari now will accept her as her own.

I just hope they don't drag this on too long. Everyone now needs to move on. I guess Arjun fans will be happy as they all hate Purvi and don't think she deserves Arjun anymore. Punir fans should also be happy.  You are right, Onir wants to protect Purvi and Arjun wants to protect Ovi.

Only Arvi fans will be unhappy as Rithvik and Asha share such great chemistry. 

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