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FF Hum tum & Love, (PART 23 p29 23/08/13

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hold on!! keep your sandals or whatever u wanna throw at me for leaving the FF and youConfused
i promise this is not happening again maafi dedo this timeEmbarrassed
but seriously im really very sorry for leaving the FF for more than a year i think god i dont even remember but i had my reasons and i kind of explained to ramani not the whole thing but that i had a problem so few days ago asked her if it was stil possible to continu and she said YESBig smile so here i am back with the FFSmile.
I sent pm to the list i had before and i m forgetting some of you and i know i am plzz guys like the topic and precise in a comment so i an add you to the listEmbarrassed.
Also im gonna first post the previous part so you guys can get back to the story and for the one who need the whole FF here is the previous linkSmile.
Oh and one last thing in the new part there is more ShiRan than ShaNak dont hate me for that also but dont worry next part is full of ShaNak pakka its just that i needed this part so i can start theirsEmbarrassed


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Credit goes to Pooja
White dress is for Shilpa and teh black one for Khanak
when they will go out for teh drink
In the plane Shaan's seat was next to Shilpa. Khanak and Karan were two seats behind them but on the right side which meant they both had a clear view on Shaan and Shilpa. Khanak wasn't paying any attention to them unlike Karan who's gaze was focused on them and Shilpa more precisely. He tried to look away but his eyes kept betraying him and move back to her.
Shilpa was talking to Shaan and accidently dropped the magazine she was holding. She bends to pick it up and felt his glare on her. Hesitantly she looks at his direction and caught him staring at her. Karan wanted to move his gaze but it was too late..his eyes met her big green ones and he wasn't ready to break the contact. Shilpa nervously moves her hair behind her ear and quickly looks back at Shaan. Shaan had his eyes closed trying to sleep for some time and that annoyed her so she hits him on his arm with the magazine and he jerked out of fear.
Shaan: what? What happened?
Shilpa: I need to talk to you
Shaan: haan tho mooh se bolo naa marti kyun ho!
Shilpa: tumne mujhe bataya kyun nahin ki Khanak aur Karan bhi aa rahe hain?!
Shaan: I didn't?
Shilpa: No you didn't!
Shaan: sorry yaar I forgot...kyun tumhe unke aane se koi problem hai?
Shilpa: of course not! But I thought ki sirf hum dono jaa rahe hain so I was surprised
Shaan: haan tho surprise is a good thing naa I love surprises...
Shilpa: Shaan yeh Goa jaane ka plan tumhara tha ya unka?
Shaan: arre of course mera tha yaar! Phir maine socha ki Khanak aur Karan ko bhi invite karta hoon so we'll have much more fun
Shilpa: but you could have a least inform me naa tho unhe dekh kar main itna stupid nahin lagti!
Shaan: I am sorry! Ab jaane bhi do aur mujhe bhi soone do!
He covered his face with his jacket and shilpa crossed her arms in anger.
The same situation was going on between the other two. The only difference was that Karan kept his calm otherwise it will alarm Khanak.
Karan: did you know she was coming? (she was going through a magazine)
Khanak: how would I know Karan main tumhare saath thi naa
Karan: haan par Shaan ne tumhe bataya nahin?
Khanak: nope...
Karan: so how come you were not even a lil bit surprised? (she closed the magazine and looked at him)
Khanak: because I'm not stupid!...agar main usse yeh ehsaas dilati ki uska aana plan nahin tha tho usse bura nahin lagta? ab Shaan stupid hai yeh sab jante hain varna voh hume pehle se hi bata deta
Karan looks back at Shilpa and remembering how he reacted at the airport felt stupid. She deffinatly has noticed his reaction and probably is confused or even feeling uncomfortable. He cursed Shaan for not telling them and being so relaxed.
The next few hours in the plane were calm. Shilpa was sleeping her head on Shaan's shoulder and he was resting his head on hers. Karan was busy with his laptop and Khanak was bored.
Finaly the torture was over for her and they reach the hotel. Shaan noticed the young and very pretty receptionist and heads towards her.
Shaan: hello beautiful lady! (the receptionist smiles and khanak rolls her eyes)
Khanak: God Shaan tum kabhi thaak nahin jaate!
Receptionist: may I help you sir?
Shaan: sure...Khandelwal and...(looking at Karan) Oberoi? Sharma?
Karan: Oberoi
Shaan: haan tho Khandelwal aur Oberoi naam ki bookings hogi
Receptionist: just a sec (she checks in the computer and finds them) the rooms are ready sir and here are the keys (she gives shaan four keys)
Khanak: four? Excuse me (looking at the receptionist) why do we have four keys?
Shaan: heuu Khanak...hum char hai tho rooms bhi char honge
Khanak: are you serious! (grabbing the keys from his hand she looks back the receptionist) dekhiye can you plz cancel two rooms
Shaan: What? whyyy?
Khanak: coz you're going to share a room with Karan
Karan: no way! I'm not sharing a room with him!
Shaan: yeah! I need my space yaar
Khanak: guys! Tum log apne chuttiyan room pe nahin bitane vaale so just relax!
Receptionist: but m'am jo rooms booked hai unn mein bed sirf ek hi hai
Karan: Khanak ya tho mujhe mera room dedo ya tho main wapis Mumbai jaa raha hoon
Shaan: same here! room tak tho theek tha but I'm never gonna share a bed with him! (Shilpa laughs)
Khanak: can you two give me a sec and shut up? (to the receptionist) can you plzz check if there is a room with two beds? (she checks and finds one)
Receptionist: yes but there is one room left
Khanak: great! So book that one and cancel the other three ones plzz (looking at Shaan and Karan) me and Shilpa are going to share a bed...is it fine with you Shilpa? (looking at her)
Shilpa: ya sure (Shaan smiles)
Shaan: so you two are going to share a bed...this is soo'(smiling)
Shilpa: don't! don't say anything lover boy
Shaan: yeah you're right actually (the receptionist gives the keys to Khanak)
Receptionist: both rooms are in second floor the elevator is right there
Khanak: thanks a lot and sorry for the drama
Receptionist: it's completely fine m'am...have a nice stay (all of them get in the lift and head towards their rooms)
Karan: humara room kaun sa hai?
Khanak: 221...here's the key aur humara hai 224
Shaan: wow! Humare rooms bhi aamne samne hain
Khanak: plzz guys raat ko ziada awaaz mat nikalna varna I'll complain and I'm serious
Shaan: yeh chod aur yeh batao what are we doing next?
Khanak: apne apne rooms mein jaate hain
Shaan: ha ha..tumhare jokes bhi bilkul tumhari tarah boring hai!
Khanak: aur tumhare questions bilkul tumhari tarah stupid hai!
Karan: what he meant was what we are doing tonight right?
Shaan: yeah
Shilpa: let's have a drink?
Khanak: yeah that's a nice idea
Shaan: alright so ek ghante baad yahin milte hain

Shaan and Karan were waiting outside the room. Shaan was impatiently checking his watch every now and then and after waiting for two long hours he had had enough. He violently knocked at the girls door.
Shaan: Khanak! Shilpa! What the hell are you guys doing?!
Shilpa: Shaan give us two mins
Shaan: two mins?! Are you kidding me! two mins two mins bol ke do ghante ho gaaye so ya tho tum dono bahar aao or im gonna break that damn door! (Karan smiles and the door opens and Shilpa comes out)
Shilpa: God Shaan why are you being so'...(her eyes stop on Karan) annoying...
Karan was just amazed by the girl in front of him. His lips slightly parted as she was looking like an angel in her white dress. Her big green innocent eyes were just adding to her beauty. And the way she was blushing and feeling nervous because of him just made his heart skip a beat. Shaan was smiling at her but when he looked at Karan he was amused by his expression. He took a step towards him to whisper...
Shaan: dude..apna mooh band kar (his voice brought him back to reality and he looks away. Shilpa slightly smiles and lowers her gaz) well...(looking back at Shilpa) it was worth the wait! You're looking outstanding!
Shilpa: thanks (Khanak comes behind Shilpa)
Khanak: ok I think we can go now (Shaan moves his gaze towards her and suddenly that weird feeling appeared again. His heart was beating faster. A warm smile draws his lips even thought he found himself stupid right now he couldn't help it) you guys really want me to die in Goa...first Shilpa and now you...you are looking...
Khanak: beautiful? (smiling) I know stranger!
This girl was killing him from inside but in a good way as he liked the sensation. His smile couldn't grow bigger and finally they left for their evening. Shaan and Khanak were behind the other two and he still was in the same condition. He bends towards Khanak a lil while walking and whispers.
Shaan: Hot'(she looks at him confused) what I meant to say is that you're looking extremely Hot...(Khanak smiles and slightly blushes which is unusual with her. Smiling like a gentleman Shaan offers her his arm and she gladly accepts)
The next morning in the boys room they were both sleeping. A sunrise hits Karan's face and he opens his eyes annoyed. He looks around and sees Shaan sleeping then he checked the time and jerked out of his bed seeing that it was already 11 am.
Karan: Shit! Shaan! Shaan wake up!! (he slightly shakes him but no response) Shaan dude wake up its 11 yaar!
Shaan: hmmm (from under his blanket)
Karan: listen main fresh hone jaa raha hoon tab tak tum uthna okay?
Shaan: hmmm (taking it as an agreement he heads at the bathroom. He was ready in only 20 mins something unexpected from him. But he was shocked to see that Shaan was still sleeping)
Karan: what the hell! Shaan uthoo otherwise Sunshine will kill both of us! (he moved the blanket away from his face)
Shaan: abbe yaar soone de na kyun chila rahe ho itni subah subah!
Karan: subah subah?...what subah man its 11:30! aur Khanak  ne...(his phone rang and as expected it was Khanak) hi Sunshine...
Khanak: Karan where the hell are you? Hum kab se beach pe tum dono ka wait kar rahe hain!
Karan: Khanak im waiting for Shaan he's still sleeping (he looks at Karan angrily who was smiling)
Khanak: sleeping?! God I'm going to kill him!! usse phone do (Karan happily hands him the phone)
Shaan: good morning angel!
Khanak: No its devil right now Shaan! tum abhi tak soo rahe ho?!
Shaan: nahin tho...yeh Karan jooth bol raha hai I'm ready seriously
Khanak: you better be Shaan kyunki tum yahan soone nahin aaye ho remember?
Shaan: of course yaar hum bas poonch rahe hain (he disconnects the phone and throws his pillow on Karan who was laughing)
Shaan and Karan were both wearing long shorts as it was a very sunny day. The only difference was that Karan was wearing a black vest with it and Shaan a black t-shirt. They head at the open restaurant where Khanak and Shilpa were probably waiting for them. They look around but these two were not there. Shaan was looking very tired coz of yesterday night's party. So looking for the girls was out of question for him and instead he crushed on one of the chairs.
Shaan: baitho..yahin kahin honge aa jaayenge (Karan sits and the waiter comes)
Karan: two coffee plz
Shaan: a strong black one for me my friend...(he has rested his head on the table as he was feeling it too heavy. Karan was quite amused by his state)
Karan: tumhe tho party ki adat hai naa then why are you soo tired?
Shaan: dude...plzz abhi party ka naam bhi mat lo bohut buri halaat hai yaar
The waiter was back with the tray of coffee. Shaan wore his sunglasses as the sun was hurting them. They were having their coffee in silence and Karan once again looks around. In the crowd near the beach he noticed Khanak. She was badly laughing trying to catch someone.
Obviously the other person must be Shilpa he thought. He slightly shook Shaan's arm and pointed towards the girls.
They both seem to enjoy each other's company as the sound of their laugh was reaching Shaan and Karan's ears now. As they got closer both boys noticed that they were wet. Both were wearing short jeans shorts, Khanak went for a sky blue t-shirt with it while Shilpa was wearing a pink tank top. In no time Shaan and Karan focus on their respective attraction..Karan was captivated by the simple and innocent yet looking quite sexy Shilpa while Shaan was getting back to life watching the usual hot Khanak.
Even thought they were lost in their world they throw a glance at each other and realised that strangely they were in the same state. Clearing his throat Shaan looks away while Karan focused back on his coffee. Khanak and Shilpa take seat in the same table.
Khanak: so finally you guys are here! how can you sleep in such a beautiful day?
Shaan: LoveGuru why are you so happy today?
Khanak: I'm always happy stranger! And we're on holiday so obviously main sad tho nahin rehne vaali
Shilpa: let me tell you this is nothing lover boy...look at me! kya haal banaya hai mera iss pagal ne that happy she is (looking at her they both burst into laughing while the boys were quite confused)
Karan: if you guys are having fun together tho hume kyun bhulaya? Especially Shaan ko just look at him he's going to collapse at any moment...
Shilpa: are you okay lover boy? (with concern in her voice)
Shaan: stop your rubbish man! (looking at Shilpa) I'm fine just have a headache (she took her bag and grabs some medicines from it)
Shilpa: here! take one of these and you'll feel better in no time (without hesitation he gulped one of them)
Shaan: thanks yaar
Khanak: okay so what are we doing?
Shaan: can I go back and sleep?
Khanak: don't even think about it Shaan! (hopeless he rests back his head on the table)
Karan: I'm ready to do anything you guys want
Shaan: don't say anything idiot marvaayega kya! (after debating 5mins Khanak gets an idea)
Khanak: Volleyball?
Shilpa: hey that's a great idea!
Shaan: really? volleyball?
Khanak: what? you have a problem?
Shaan: not at all its just...we'll have to play soft then
Shilpa: God..dont tell me just because we are girls so you cant play like you usually do
Shaan: well...
Karan: dude...college mein Sunshine was one of the best players
Khanak: lets make a boys VS girls match
Shilpa: sounds cool for me...
Shaan: then volleyball it is I guess!
Shilpa: vaise how are you feeling now? (shaan realised that his headache was actually gone)
Shaan: hey I'm actually good!...thanks yaar I'm lucky to have a girlfriend like you (he gets up and giving her a hug he kisses her forehead. It somewhere irritated Karan. Why were they behaving like a couple when Mona and Rosa are not even around...)
Karan: chalein?
The match starts. Khanak tied her hair in a pony tail so she is not disturbed and Shaan for the fun as his hair is short takes off his shirt instead. Karan rolls his eyes and just removes his watch and Shilpa...well she was just waiting.
At the beginning the girls were leading and at every score were jumping like school girls.
Karan was completely indifferent about it. For him the most important was that they were enjoying the game. While Shaan was feeling a slight anger within him and it was affecting his ego that these two girls were playing better than him. Every now and then he used to give some annoyed looks to Karan who was smiling back at him.
In the middle of the game it was still girls luck. Shilpa was about to hit the ball back when she stepped on a stone and sprained her ankle.
Shilpa: ouch! (she sits on the sand holding it. Khanak was the first one to reach her)
Khanak: you fine?
Shaan: Shilpa kya hua??
Shilpa: I think pair pe monch aayi hai (Karan was standing near Shaan full of concern)
Shaan: let me see...(he checks her ankle and it had a purple/blue color)
Khanak: you think you can walk?
Shilpa: ya I think so...(she tries to stand up with Shaan's help but her ankle was very hurting so she sits back)
Khanak: ok forget it...hume usse kamre tak le jaana hoga..Shaan I think you'll need to pick her up
Shaan: hun? Yeah okay...(he bends to lift her but something stroke his mind and gave up the idea to be the one) no I cant!
Khanak: what?! (Shilpa looked at him confused)
Shaan: voh...actually...I have a back pain since morning naa tho...(pointing at Karan) Karan!...Karan le jaayega usse (Shilpa's eyes widened)
Shilpa: Shaan I think I can...
Before she could finish she was already in his arms. One of her hands on his chest and the other one on his shoulder they were looking into each other's eyes. Shilpa was uncomfortable yet enjoyed being in his arms while in Karan's eyes was concern for her was seen. Of course having her in his arms awake an old feeling deep inside but right now it was only concern which was visible. He turns to leave but Khanak stop them.
Khanak: wait guys! (he turns back to her. She runs towards her bag and took the keys) room ke keys tho lelo...(she gave them to Shilpa and they left. Shaan was smiling watching them when he felt a punch on his arm)
Shaan: aaarrghh Khanak! what are you doing?!
Khanak: how can you be soo bad Shaan! Back pain?! How she must be feeling?!!
Shaan: arre meri baat tho suno marne se pehle! mujhe koi back pain nahin hai!
Khanak: what?? you lied??
Shaan: yes I lied! Aur ab dekho...Shilpa Karan ke bahon mein hai...the guy she loves (getting his point a slight smile draws her lips) now Karan will show his love also by taking take of her ankle aur dono ke beech mein kuch baatein bhi ho sakti hai...isnt it great?
Khanak: Shaantanu Khandelwal you are soo bad! (with a big smile on her face)
Karan was carefully walking at the hotel's direction looking at Shilpa every now and then.
Shilpa tried hard not to look at him but the temptation was too strong. She was lost in his brown eyes and she knew he was worried for her. She noticed concern in them the moment he ran towards her but stopped near Shaan. He cared for her...more than what she expected and it pinched her heart.
They reach the hotel and all the people around were looking at them. Karan didn't care but Shilpa was feeling awkward when they were waiting for the lift to come.
Shilpa: heuu Karan...(he met his eyes with hers) voh...sab hume dekh rahe hain...
Karan: tho? Tumhe uss se koi problem hai?
She slightly nods in a no and they enter the lift. Karan stops in front of the room's door. Neither of them was ready to break the eye contact. Even though both were quite lost in each other Karan knew what he was waiting for...
Karan: darwaza
Shilpa: hun?
Karan: chabiyan tumhare pass hai
She realised she was holding the keys and quickly opened the door. An almost invisible smile draws Karan's lips and he entered the room. He helps her sit on the bed and puts a pillow under her ankle. He checks her ankle and it was quite swollen. He slowly and very carefully presses the side with his fingers. He goes in the bathroom to take the balm and a bandage.
Shilpa was watching him her eyes full of love while he was taking care of her ankle. When he was done and looks up at her she quickly moves her gaze.
Karan: I think you should rest for a while
Shilpa: thanks...for taking care of me
He helps her make herself comfortable in the bed and by his wrong move he found himself too close to her. Their faces were just inches away and Shilpa was like frozen in her place. Karan slowly sits near her looking into her eyes. At that moment he completely lost the track of his life...all he knew was that he was close to the girl he once loved more than his life and that feeling was slowy coming back. He slowly removes a strand of her hair and with the back of his finger caresses her cheek. He rests his hand behind her neck and slowly pulls her towards him. All Shilpa could do was close her eyes and wait for the moment his lips will caress hers. Just before kissing her looks at her one last time and suddenly he realised what was about to happen. Coming back to his sense he jerks out of the bed in horror not believing that he was about to kiss her. Shilpa was looking at him shocked.
Karan rubbed his hair still trying to gain his sense...how could he lose control over his feelings that easily? He didn't know what feelings he was thinking about but it was making him weak.
Without a second thought he leaves the room like a thief not even uttering a word to her...
ok so this was the previous part

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And now the new partTongue

hope you guys will enjoy it coz im writing after a very long time
so i dont know if its still the sameLOL anyway here it is
Credit goes to Pooja
Karan was coming back from the drugstore with a balm for Shilpa's ankle in his hand. He was looking lost trying to figure out what happened few mins ago in the room. How could this happen? And the question which was killing him was what was he feeling at that exact moment? Attraction? But he never was that type of guy who takes advantage of a situation. And definitely not a playboy he was too shy. His heart was screaming the answer but his brain wasn't ready to accept it. Just the thought of it was scaring him, he can't let this happen…yes that's the solution not letting it happen…again.
Khanak and Shaan were coming from the beach and they saw Karan on their way.
Khanak: Karan? (he comes out of his thoughts hearing khanak's voice and looks up) Karan what are you doing here?
Karan: nothing…
Shaan: nothing? Matlab tum Shilpa ko chod ke ghoomne chale aaye?
Karan: no man main yeh balm lene gaya (the duo smile thinking their plan is working)
Khanak: how is she feeling now?
Karan: I don't know I didn't ask her...Sunshine yeh balm leke uske pass jao
Khanak: why?..I mean you can go naa?
Karan: Khanak plzz mujhe...I gotta go (he gave her the balm and leaves not able to talk)
Shaan: what's wrong with him?
Khanak: I don't know but I don't like it Shaan
Seeing him like this wasn't anything good and khanak knew it. The only person who can explain it was shilpa so without wasting time she rushes to their room.


Shilpa was still shocked but unlike Karan what shocked her was actually his reaction. He was so nice with her and what happened was just like a dream to her. He still was affected by her. A slight smile draws her lips...he still feels for her infact he still was in love with her. After what happened between them she never thought his feelings will remain the same. Her heart was beating so fast and nothing could make her happier right now and nothing could ruin the moment...nothing except…Karan himself. Karan who was about to kiss her, jerked back as if he was doing the biggest mistake of his life. He didn't trust himself and his feelings anymore. He wasn't ready to open his heart anymore and she felt it was only and only because of her. Her smile had faded away the moment she realised it and her big eyes became wet. She laid on her bed hugging tight a pillow so the pain she was feeling could leave her body, her soul, her heart…
Khanak reaches the hotel and when she enters the room she finds Shilpa sleeping holding a pillow tight. She also noticed that the pillow under her head was wet...tears she thought. She knew something happened between them and she had to know what.

Karan returned to the beach. He was admiring the waves hitting the rocks hopping they will wash his thoughts and also wash that moment, and his feelings. His phone was ringing again and again but he wasn't able to talk and Khanak knew him well. By just hearing his voice she would definitely understand something was wrong and Karan didn't want to talk about that.
Right now all he wanted was to figure out why such a thing happened. How did he become so weak? And what should he do now. Coz after this nothing will be same with Shilpa for sure, everytime he will see her, talk to her, or even hear her name this scene will hunt him, this feeling will torture him and his reaction will kill him.
Distance. This is what he had to do...keep distance between them.

Khanak: Godd I'm gonna kill that guy! jawab kyun nahin deta?! (she kept calling karan)
Shaan: Khanak relax yaar tum itna chinta kyun kar rahi ho I'm sure Karan is fine
Khanak: no he's not! Tumne dekha nahin how lost and confused he was? And Shilpa! She cried Shaan so how can you ask me to relax (she kept trying to call but shaan held her hand)
Shaan: he's not gonna answer so just stop it (she looked at him helpless and she knew he was right)
Khanak: it's my fault Shaan mujhe yeh sab karna nahin chahiye tha and because of me they are sad (she sits on the bed holding her head) I hate myself (shaan kneels in front of her and holds her hands)
Shaan: first of all yeh hum dono ka plan tha so don't blame just yourself and you should know one thing khanak that nothing is your fault...trust me yeh sab job hi ho raha hai usme tumhari ya meri koi ghalati nahin hai. You are just trying to help so whats' wrong with that?
Khanak: but Shaan just look at them Karan is God knows where and Shilpa...that pillow was completely wet Shaan and..
Shaan: Khanak...(he sits next to her and slowly rests his hand on her cheek caressing it with his thumb) it's not your fault (he whispers. Her big eyes get wet feeling calm suddenly and rests her head on shaan's shoulder)


Later that day Khanak went to check on Shilpa and she was up looking at the sky from her bed. It was a beautiful day with a blue sky but Shilpa couldn't see all this. All she could see was her miserable fate, she had found her love but somehow lost it wondering if it was her fault or destiny's. All she could see was how that same destiny once again brought that love into her life but it seemd impossible for her to have it. This is what Shilpa was watching at the sky. She was so lost that didn't even hear the door or Khanak's steps towards her she only realised her presence when khanak sat near her and she tried to keep a face as normal as possible.
Shilpa: Hey (she slowly said)
Khanak: how are you feeling?
Shilpa: much better (she lied with a slight smile)
Khanak: you look quite weak..
Shilpa: humm where's Shaan?? (trying to avoid the topic and khanak noticed that she didn't want to talk about it)
Khanak: voh...he's sleeping I think he was quite tired after the game
Shilpa: ohh...and you? Aren't you tired?
Khanak: naah why should I? Shaan sucks at volleyball it was fun beating him (shilpa smiles)
Shilpa: I can't believe after what he said he still lost...but I knew you'll win afterall you were the best in college (khanak giggled and she felt nice seeing shilpa smiling)
Khanak: vaise can you walk btw? Karan gave me that balm but you were sleeping (hearing the name shilpa's faded away for a sec but she couldn't lose control over her not in front of khanak)
Shilpa: haan voh mujhe toda dard ho raha tha tho Karan chala gaaya and I slept for a bit (she didn't want to talk that was sure for khanak so she changed the topic)
Khanak: so? Shall we try? (shilpa nods and khanak helped her to stand up holding her hands. she slowly stand up) now walk but slowly (she executed she was walking slowly but with a limp and still was satisfied)
Shilpa: wow I cant believe I'm fine already
Khanak: yeah sort of
Shilpa: c'mon khanak I can walk and that only after a few hours don't tell me its not great (both smile)
Khanak: yeah actually you're right its great and now I won't be alone with two idiots for dinner (shilpa stops looking at her not convinced but how to refuse now that she just got happy to walk)
Shilpa: we are going out?
Khanak: no don't worry hotel ki restaurant pe hi jaa rahe hain I'm too tired to party tonight darling (nice shilpa thought at least they are not going too far) ok now sit back and let me put this balm so you can feel even more better till tonight


Karan was back from the beach he was hooked to his laptop trying to work a lil bit to forget all his problems. Shaan did not ask or say anything to him he was just being the usual Shaan and instead was getting ready for dinner. In front of the mirror topless trying to fix his hair he was singing which was annoying Karan as he coudnt concentrate on his work.
Shaan: I'm sexy and I know it...(karan rolls his eyes feeling helpless)
Karan: Dude! Can you keep it to yourself? (shaan smiles)
Shaan: dude even if I wanted to I cant how am I supposed to hide that sexy face and don't even talk about the body
Karan: I think im gonna throw up
Shaan: and I think you're jealous (karan raises his brow)
Karan: jealous? And me? and that of a guy who loves himself and defines himself as sexy and that topless in front of the mirror seriously you sound gay right now and I'm feeling uncomfortable so let me give you and advice let other people compliment you..with real ones (shaan walked toward him and stops in front of karan opening his arms)
Shaan: what do you mean I'm not sexy? (karan was surprised by the question but more by how serious shaan was)
Karan: seriously? You are asking me if you're...
Shaan: haan tho? Why aren't you giving me my answer? You don't think I'm sexy? Look at me dude (shaan was so busy asking his question and karan trying to get ride of him that they didn't notice khanak's presence who was behind shaan quite amused and also surprised by their conversation) jawab do ab chup kyun ho dude? (khanak clears her throat and the boys are paralized. Shaan turns his head and karan closes his eyes feeling embarrassed)
Khanak: I think I should come back later...(karan jumps from the couch and walks toward khanak while shaan rubs his hair feeling completely embarrassed)
Shaan: humm...actually I was asking karan ki...(clearing his throat) ki..
Khanak: do you look sexy?
Karan: no sunshine yeh tho bas...
Khanak: its ok karan...I mean you can find a guy sexy (he rolls his eyes)
Karan: plzz khanak what are you saying..and you! (looking at shaan) jaa ke kuch pehen lo nanga kada hai yahan (shaan covers his chest with his arms and rushes to bathroom. Khanak smiles and looks back at karan)
Khanak: and where were you today? (karan looks down with no answer) fine jawab mat do and im not going to ask anything but don't you dare to ignore my calls again (hitting him on his arm) now go get ready I'll see you in one hour (karan kisses her forehead and she leaves to get ready).

Shaan, Karan, Khanak and Shilpa were around their table. As usual Shaan and Khanak were the ones to talk non stop while Shilpa and Karan were listening to them quietly. There was a weird awkwardness between these two. It had disappeared for some time but after their short moment it came back and it was worse now. They were not even able to look at each other.
Shaan: don't you guys feel like you're free in Goa? Seriously no work, no tension only fun (looking at karan) except him..yeh tho aane tak apne laptop se chipka hua tha
Khanak: yeah...but jab main aayi vahan voh almost kuch aur chiz pe chipka hua tha naa? (shaan and karan look at each other shocked while shilpa was kind of confused)
Shilpa: what does that mean?
Khanak: it means that when I...(before she could tell shilpa shaan stops her)
Shaan: nothing!... nothing at all...vaise how's your ankle? (trying to change the topic)
Shilpa: I'm..I'm fine (giving a glimps to karan who avoided her eyes and took a sip of water instead) khanak helped me with the balm so it's much better now
Shaan: khanak? but balm tho Karan laya tha naa? aur infact sab se ziada help bhi karan ne kiya...bechare ne beach se hotel tak apni bahon mein utha ke le gaaya tumhe (karan was trying his best to keep his indifferent expression but everything was rushing back to his mind, heart and soul. His feelingat that moment, his act and then his reaction. Shilpa noticed how uncomfortable he was right now so decide to do something)
Shilpa: humm vaise shaan khanak said you lost the game this morning how does that feel? (khanak laughs and shaan gets angry while karan was starting to get better)
Shaan: she got lucky okay...aur vaise bhi I could have won but first tho I didn't want to make her cry and then I was worried about you
Khanak: oh really stranger?! Wow how sweet is that shilpa...but shaan you could have let me win with a tiny difference in the scores naa itna bada difference kyun? (and she burst into laughing shilpa just smiled but because she saw calmness in karan's eyes)
Shaan: haan haan has lo tum! You're heartless naa
Khanak: yeah and you got world's biggest heart (he smiles proud) for all the girls!
They spent a very calm night. With shaan and khanak small fights but still it wasn't like usual.
After such a messy and complicated day this so called silence was needed for all of them.


The next day shilpa woke up very early infact she couldn't sleep well. It was around 7am in the morning and she already was at the beach walking slowly. As it was early the weather was windy but she liked it. She loved how the wind was playing with her dark hair. She was walking for a while now so decides to sit a moment. Admiring the waves she thought if they could wash last day...if not the day could they wash that one moment of weakness? Infact she wasn't even thinking about her she wanted the moment to be washed from karan's mind so he could find his peace back.
Was that moment so bad that he had to run away? That he had to ignore her and not look at her once? Or maybe he was just confused and surprised of his own acts she thought...she was gazing at the waves when she noticed a very familiar shadow moving her gaze she saw karan. Her heart beats faster seeing him there. He felt eyes looking at him...he felt her eyes so he looked up and proved himself right. He didn't know if he should be surprised or worried to see her. She smiled to him and he wanted to leave but her voice didn't let him do so.
Shilpa: goodmorning (she softly said)
Karan: morning (he replied back with a stern voice. She stands up and takes few steps towards him)
Shilpa: tum itne subah yahan kya kar rahe ho?
Karan: bas aise hi..neend nahin aa rahi thi (and of course she knew why. He was about to leave but once again shilpa's voice stopped him)
Shilpa: voh actually I wanted to say something to you since yesterday (karan's heart skipped a beat he thought she is about to talk about what happened and he had no ways to avoid it) voh actually since yesterday I wanted to thank you but didn't get the chance to do it
Karan: for what? (feeling relieved)
Shilpa: you helped me a lot and now I'm feeling much better and infact I can walk so...thanks
Karan: no its..fine...I mean mere jagah koi bhi hota tho I'm sure yahin karta
Shilpa: har koi tum nahin ho sakta Karan..(he looks at her surprised. That feeling was once again rushing back. Why just a word of her makes him feel this way he hated himself right now for being weak. Coming back to him)
Karan: I should go (he manages to say with a shaking voice) mujhe..(he couldn't even finish his sentence and turns his back to her to leave)
Shilpa: Karan tum..(he stops..once again) I mean since yesterday you're kind of avoiding me aur mujhse normaly behave bhi nahin karte ho..koi baat pareshan kar rahi hai tumhe naa? (this was it he had more than enough now..how can she ask him such a thing when she herself knows or was she just pretending..he frowns getting mad and gets into his angry young man's mode turning back to her)
Karan: what do you mean I'm not normaly behaving? (shilpa right away noticed the difference in his tone) I mean its true I'm not behaving with you the way I behave with Shaan and Khanak but I think its still the right way to behave with our project's lawyer isn't it? (shilpa coundt believe what she heard for his she was just a lawyer and nothing else) tum shaan ki dost ho aur humare project pe uski kehne par lawyer tum baan gaayi but our relationship is only professional (shilpa's eyes get moist he had changed so much that she was no one in his life anymore not even a friend)
Shilpa: professional? This is what I am for you..just a lawyer? Nothing is left between us Karan?
Karan: what did you hope shilpa? Tumhare wapis aane se sab theek ho jaayega? Hum dono theek ho jaayenge?
Shilpa: then why you were so nice to me? Jab se Mumbai aayi hoon tum mujhse itna acha kyun behave karte the?
Karan: insaaniyat ki naam ki ek chiz hai..main phir bhi ek insaan hoon tumhe mushkil mein dekh kar mooh mod nahin sakta ( she couldn't believe what she was hearing right now. All this time she thought that maybe there is still a hope for them at least to become friends but he had no intention to do so. But no! this wasn't just that there was more she could feel it and she had the proof yesterday)
Shilpa: aur kal? Voh kyat ha Karan? The feeling you had..what was it? you almost kissed me Karan what was that? jawab do mujhe kya tha voh sab?
Karan: voh sab ghalati thi! (he shouted) sab ghalati thi! Infact shuru se hi sab ghalat ho raha hai..humara ek saat kam karna hum dono ka yahan aana its all a mistake damn it! agar mujhe pata hota ki tum yahan aa rahi ho tho main kabhi nahin aata (shilpa was frozen at her place. She felt stupid for thinking like that for hoping something impossible to happen)
Shilpa: agar tumhe mujhse itni hi problem thi tho bataya kyun nahin?
Karan: because I didn't want to hurt you..(she gave him a sarcastic smile)
Shilpa: Really? then what are you doing now Karan? (he moves his gaze to the other side) par ghalati meri hai..main bhool gaayi tujh mein apni dil ki baat bolne ki himmat hi nahin hai..you didn't have the guts to say it 5 years ago and you didn't have it today (he looks back at her in horror. How could she so easily say the problem was coming from him)
Karan: 5 saal pehle tum chali gaayi thi shilpa main nahin
Shilpa: par mujhe jaane diya kisne karan? (he was confused now she was openly blaming him now when she was the one to leave)
Karan: shayad tum bhool rahi ho but you said that you are going Shilpa even if I cant go with you
Shilpa: and you let me go Karan! (changing her tone into agressivity) you just left from there..leaving me alone! You said that you love me so how could you let it happen?! Not once you tried to fight not once you said that shilpa don't go..dont leave me
Karan: and how I was supposed to stop you? Tumhare sapne ko tod ke main kaise khush rehta shilpa?
Shilpa: mera sapna tum the karan (he was completely dumbstruck) tumhare saath apni life spend kara mera sapna tha..humari shaadi, ghar, pariwar..this was my dream (tears were escaping from her big eyes) hume vaada kiya tha hum ek doosre ko kabhi nahin chodenge..aur tumne tho shaadi ka vaada kiya tha mujhse Karan main tumhari thi..(not able to control her pain she cried openly) I was hoping..till the last second I was hoping you'll come and stop me...but you didn't. tum tho airport bhi nahin aaye you just let me go away from you from our love from our dream (karan was still shock but not because shilpa was blaming him but because he realised how wrong he was. Shilpa takes a deep breath and wipes her tears)
You're right..yeh sab ek ghalati thi aur ghalati meri hi thi jo main bhool gaayi thi kit um apne dil ki baat bolte nahin aur yahan chali aayi...but don't worry main yeh ghalati zaroor sudhar lungi..(with that she looks at him a last time and turns to leave but she had forgotten her ankle and with a fast move she looses her balance but quickly controls herself. Karan had rushed towards her already and wanted to help her offering her his hand)
Karan: are you okay? (she looked at his hand first then throw a stern look at him and at that moment karan saw something pending around her neck..something very familiar. Shilpa stood up ignoring his help)
Shilpa: thank you Mr Karan Oberoi (he was taken aback by her sudden changed tone) par apko apni achayi aur insaaniyat kisi aur ke liye rakhna chahiye..I don't think I'm worth it..
Saying this she leaves from there walking slowly due to her ankle. Karan kept watching her tills he become just a shadow and totally disappears. His brain and mind wasn't his anymore..they were hunted by what Shilpa revealed, what he thought all this time.
A sudden change took place in hi head...what he saw around her neck...



so this was new part plz share your feedbacks they are important for me specialy after such a long timeEmbarrassed

Love and luck to allHug

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 April 2013 at 7:09pm | IP Logged
Jsut love the cat & mouse game that shanak manage to play always.. So adorable..
Hhhmmm.. That was an intense update as far as Karan-Shilpa r concerned..
Shilpa talked abt things that bothered her the most since Karan left.. She was right in asking so.. Now it would be nice to see Karan making things right between them for  hurting her n the suffering that they both have..
Aur yeh Shanak.. When will they fall in love?? Khanak has not yet felt that way itseems.. Its only Shaan who feels something & he is not much aware of wat he actually feels..
Awaiting the next part Noorya.. and yes thanks for continuing.. Hope u post updates frequently..

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Maneesha_Shanak IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 April 2013 at 8:38pm | IP Logged
Wow i used to be a silent reader those days...
I loved this FF...

Glad you have restarted it...Big smile
Update is super awesome...
finally karan and shilpa burst out the feelings they are going through...
Why was karan surprised after seeing shilpa's neck?? Did she wore something given by him...
Shanak are adorable with their cute fights...
Lol karan and shaan SEXY conversation in the room was hilarious and OMG it was overheard by khanakLOLLOL
Aww cant wait for the next update...Update soon...

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AP... Goldie

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Posted: 03 April 2013 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
Omg im sooo happpy that u have continued
Yayyy plz post the next part quick tooo loool

Can u also try amd pm me

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jaisyjazz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 9:00am | IP Logged
yayy u are continuing
like maneesha i also used to be a silent reader those days 
cant say how much i love this ff 
plzz this time keep it continued and dont leave it before ending :)
love the update
shanak are cutest 
shan is chhoo cute love him
good that shilpa and karan vent out about what they felt and is feeling right now 
but i think shilpa is a little bit wrong here that day she was clear about her going to ... yaad nahi aa raha and karan ne ek baar bola to not to go then shilpa ka is tarah se blame karna mujhe thik nahi laga but use bhi bura laga hoga ofcourse and karan shouldnt have talk to her like this ke ab toh woh uski friend bhi nahi hain thoda over ho gaya 
what is there on shilpa's neck? 
plzzz update next soon ek toh itne saal se gayab rahi now try to be active on the forum and to give frequent updates hehhehee :))) 

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.sariminoz. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 April 2013 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
Wow u r continuing this ff m so happy...lovely update so finally karan's misunderstanding clears nw i just wish he makes everything good between him and shilpa

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poo_j IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 April 2013 at 11:30am | IP Logged

Wow!!! Loved it..Big smile First of all thank you so much for continuing this FF!!!Hug I read it last year..Smile

Coming to the update..ShaNak trying their best to bring back together ShiRan..Awww..Khanak is blaming herself but Sgaan is right..Both want them to be happy!!!

Shaan is very funny..LOL He finds himself hot and sexy..Embarrassed And forced Karan to answer..LOL And Khanak yo came at the right time..Wink

Awkardness is bound to happen between ShiRan..Awww..Shilpa came forward and spoke but Karan just snappes her..Angry

Finally she broke up and said everything..Hope ShiRan patch up soon..

Looking forward and thanks for writing an awesome update..Smile



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