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~* Happy Birthday Khair & Anila (Page 5)

lilyrose IF-Dazzler

Joined: 25 January 2006
Posts: 4475

Posted: 27 July 2006 at 6:11pm | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Khair and Anila, wish u loads of happiness Embarrassed

marvelous.malks IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 October 2004
Posts: 16122

Posted: 27 July 2006 at 7:01pm | IP Logged
HAPPYYYYYYYYYY BIRTHDAY - Khair di and Anila!!! Wishing you the best in life! Embarrassed So many bdays today ji! Wink
bigmouth IF-Dazzler

Joined: 30 December 2005
Posts: 2609

Posted: 27 July 2006 at 7:45pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by missspriyaaa

I foundddd it... hehehhehe.. Go Go Go Priyaaa!! ahahha.. i should be saying.. Go Khair GO Khair.. but.. loll.. what can i say!! LOL LOL

Happy Happy Happy Birthdayy Khair diii/ B.. B.. B.. Bandariyaaaaaaaa Hug Hug Hug

& Happy Happy Birthday Anilaa Hug Hug

haaye haaye priya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HugHugHuglove you yaarHug
bigmouth IF-Dazzler

Joined: 30 December 2005
Posts: 2609

Posted: 27 July 2006 at 7:47pm | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Khairjee Hug
Tansha IF-Rockerz

Joined: 26 February 2005
Posts: 8211

Posted: 27 July 2006 at 9:52pm | IP Logged
Happy Birthday Khair & Anila Tongue


Edited by Tansha - 27 July 2006 at 9:52pm
pyaari_puja IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 October 2005
Posts: 24804

Posted: 28 July 2006 at 7:09am | IP Logged

Happy birthday to both anila n ma khairuuu.... yaar... u both rock.. i dunno anila much.. but im sure i would be glad 2 noe u .. and as for khairu.. keep rockin yaaarrr... luv ya.. n wish ya both many happy returns of the day... luv ya both.. hope all ur boths wishes come tru



Jia IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 August 2005
Posts: 9311

Posted: 28 July 2006 at 1:49pm | IP Logged

i am replyin to this one first as i replied to it in khushi's post in MLEmbarrassed i will reply to others soonEmbarrassed

Originally posted by missspriyaaa aka bakriii aka priiyeahhhh


hearts sab mere liye rt?Tongue tumhara dil mere paas hai bakriEmbarrassedLOLLOL aur mera dil buster ke paas ( i just saw the show again today..."hey brother"LOL my bhaiya buyin tkts for agra sendin me there for sure nowLOL save me bakriiLOL lol u already think im crazyWacko...kisse bol rahi hoonOuchLOL


So where's the party tonight?!?!?!

i dont know...there are 5 diff postsCry...help me find the right one...or the left oneConfusedLOL...hehe u think ur the only one w/ random talks goin on in a post and being lost in the post?TongueLOL ok gettin back to the question...where is the party tonight?Confused let me read onLOL

Go, Go, Go, Go
Go, Go, Go shawty
Its your burday
We gon' party like its your burday..
We gon' sip Bacardi like its your burday
& we gon' bring a stripper like its your burday!!!

ahh lmaoLOL seeee u always make me laughCry and ahhh stripper...LMAO shee shee bakrii..ur not 18 yetLOL besharam bacchiLOL and lol i hate the fact that we cant be changin lyrics and singin in khushi's pankha club all night...we didnt even get a chance to get into the IF lyricist thingiCry...

tumko hiii hai khabar
mujhko toh nahin pataConfused
kitna mushkil kaam hai yehi
lyrics badal na oh yaar
door jaake bhi mujhseCry
lyrics badalna tum ne nahin bhoolaLOL (sheesh i am suckin at itLOL...want to helpTongueLOL)
kabhi alvida na kehnaaaaaCry

ahhhh ok happy happy lol it was supp to be my bdayLOL...ok lol gettin back to the postBig smile

And then the stripper will hollaa & will sing:

Hey.. What's with you baby
I never never never felt this
way before...Hey...Come a little
closer baby baby baby wanna
steal your heart away...

LMAOOOOO.....singin it to u rre...i will not let him (?) take my bakriiiiiAngry she is mine only mine...dont go close to himEmbarrassedLOL


(Yes Yes & Yes. . I did see the beautiful siggie that khushii dii made which said u r turning 19.. but ummm.. we all know the truth Wink lol)

WooT wOOt someone's turning 17 today!! Dammmnnn.. whos that lucky lady?!?!?!

hehe, finally someone who knows the truthLOL i told that to khushi too...lekin lekin she thought i was jokinCryLOL...now do i everrrr joke dhoodh?TongueLOL

Who's that Girl.. The one whos gonna turn Seven Teen..
K k.. I'll stop with my wonderful songs.. :-P

nahinnnnnn ye nahinnnnnnn ho saktaLOL lol and i love that song rre...sing sing...and sing satara (17) saal kii hogaye ye gurl...ye gurl...LMAO (after dus bahane :p :p )

Awwww.. its my special B .. B.. B.. Bandariyaaaaaa..   Can u see my clean white teeethssssss??!!?? Hehehhe.. so ummm.. am I supposed to give a big ol' long speech now.. about ourself??

u brushed ur teeth just for me....haiiiiiiiEmbarrassed and that emoticon reminds me of our yahoo chatsCry thank u so much for coming yesterdayEmbarrassed although i emotionally blackmailed u...lol i willl have to wait till next year to do that againLOL but i hope we get to chat again sometimeEmbarrassed lol and email toh hai hii....lekin chats humare hatke hote hai...lolLOL (i was almost gonna say hattele hote haiLOL)

No Reply… ----- :|

Wait wait.. is everyone sleeping again?? Like that one time everyone left me alone at Khushi dii Fan club.. and I was talking to myself…. And then I start.. Jaagte Rahoo.. Jaagte Rahoo.. n finally Puja the CAT woke up.. but it was too late coz' then I went to sleep.. ahahhahhah

ur remindin me of everythinCryCryCry ur thak thak thak is phamous jiiTongue and i wish we could do that again.Ouch ahhhh i love you!Hug

Okay.. back to the umm.. speech? Lol

Umm.. aight.. so before I think about what to say for my big ol' speech.. lemme wish u.. Happy Birthday.. ahhahahha.. did u notice something?? I bet u didn't.. :-P . I wrote about 254 words and forgot to sing "happy birthday" .. welcome to my .. what do u call it.. ohhh.. forgetful world .. lol

lol u talk a lot madamLOL but everythin u say is the bestBig smile (my teeth are clean and white too jiiTongueLOL) sacchi! talk talk talk moreEmbarrassed its been ages since u talked like this (or since our last emailLOL) n thank uuuuEmbarrassed love you for stopping by here esp for my bday...i never knew i would be gettin the best gift from you...but hehe, you are my gift sis...Huglol tell your parents bu-bye now...n ur sisLOL coz ur mine and ur shiftin all the way to seattleLOL lol and i will get u in my uni and we can go together every morning and i will annoy u like there is no tomorrowBig smileLOL *sigh* will this dream come true?Ouch

Proof that I live in a forgetful world: I asked B.. B.. B.. Bandariya aka Khair dii.. (if u don't already know) when's her b'day more than twice.. but not more than thrice.. ehhehhe.. & always forgot that its on the same day as my sista's birthday.. lol. See, Bandariya.. that's why they have this thing in India Forums Profile where u r supposed to write ur birth date (Ahem .. Ahemm) lol

lmao...i wrote it for uuuu...happy??LOL hehe, but ab kya fayda...madam toh profile nahin dekh saktiOuch...grrrrr and lol i hope u dont forget ur real sisters bday everLOL i believe lil sisters can turn into good murderersLOL beware! and i hope u got her a good gift :D wht did u get her jii?Tongue lol and tell her disney land tkts comin her way along w/ meLOL she has to take both of the things together...one doesnt come w/o the otherLOL ur poor sis has to jhelofyLOL MEBig smileLOL

And againnn.. I forgot to wish u happy birthday.. ehhehe.. k.. before I get a li'll.. annoying.. lemme just sing Happy Birthday for u.. and get it outta my speech's way.. ahhahahha.. so here I go..




Happy Happy Burday .. To You!!
Happy Happy Burday .. To You!!
You live in a zooOOoo..
You look like a monkey (my bandariyaa :D)
And act like one tooooo :-P
Happy Happy Burday .. To You!!
Happy Happy Burday .. To You!!
Happy Happy Burday .. To You!!
Happy Happy Burday .. To You!!

and u didnt even let me have my tailCryLOL thank u thank u...its good to know im taken care of at the zooLOL


Finally done wishing u Happy Birthday…. After 405 words of important stuff.. hehehhe.. I'm good.. what can I say! Tongue

hehe, is that ur pic?Tongue ur berrrry pretty w/ the balloonTongue and lol wat can u say?ConfusedTongueLOL

So now.. Speech time.. (ehhh.. I need help.. what r u supposed to write for umm.. speech?? Its not like my Senior Project Speech. Ohhh.. is this speech the one where u have lie about other person by saying good stuff about them.. jus coz' u cant make them sad on their special day???

sheesh, mujhe pata tha...jhootiiiiiiiLOL sab saara safed (?) or kaala ...lol jhoothOuchLOL n lol i know u aced that senior project...so im expectin a good speech and i hope ur wearing ur blazer suit...lol and looking like that doll i made u when u graduatedTongue aaaii haiiii...kya dikti thi rreEmbarrassed....TongueLOL

Again.. no answer..

Jaagte Rahooo..

… and still no reply…

lol u need to say Thak Thak ThakLOL

Oh waitt.. is this bcz I'm writing this on ummm.. Microsoft Word?? Ahhahahhaha.. noo wonderrr.. )


So I guess now that there is no one to reply back to my beautiful questions.. I'm assuming that I have to write that type of speech.. ahahhaha

But but but.. (ewww.. get ur mind outta gutter.. n stop checking out ur butt.. lol.. )

what?LOL madam and chkin out butts...thats u bakriiLOL i dont even have a tailCryLOL

I'm telling u.. when u get married..( not with Abhishek of course .. coz' I don't want to call a damn 30+ years ol' my jijuu.. loll.. ) I'm going to be ur best woman.. u know how guys have best man.. and they give a long ol' speech and say all the good crap about them.. Imma be ur best woman.. ahhahahha. I'm sure there's a different name for that.. but I jus like the title.. Best Woman.. or maybe Best Girl.. ahhahah..

oh u surely areEmbarrassed i wish we can meet that way...im searchin for a guy right now (umm i think buster's takenOuchCry...LOLLOL) and im gettin married soon just for uBig smileEmbarrassedLOL

Ehhhh.. I need to start writing ur speech.. coz' ur happy birthday to u is in like 1 hrs 2 mins.. (glad u figured out that the time right now is 10:58 pm.. smart girl)

my birth walla day was not on thenLOL ok ok i get it this is when u wrote the speech and then u sms'ed me and then emailed me and then ahem ahem...came on IF for me and made me Big smileBig smileBig smile which wouldnt come off coz ur hereEmbarrassed

K.. Seriously now.. I've goofed around a lot .. even more than goofy.. ahhahaha.. now now.. starting with the speech!

ooooooo are these like gifts???? for me?!?!?Big smile whats inside...bataooo naa...is it buster?LOL

Thank you soo much Khair diii for always making me laugh.. making me smile.. making me forget all the crap.. plus other stuff. You are one wonderful person and I'm more than glad that I got a chance to meet a person like you. Yeah yeah, I know it sounds like a clich.. but what can I say.. remember my IF Challege story?? Ahhaha.. I love the word clich.. so I use clich stuff all the time.. ahhahahhah.. jk jk.. seee.. got off topic again.. grrr.. lol. But no seriously, I remember all the crazy moments we spent together.. starting from talking through PM's when we me & Tina were doing Khushi dii surprise party.. till those Yahoo "ONLY EMOTICONS" chat.. ahhahahha.

i think u are the one who makes me laugh...u are the one who makes me smile...u are the one who makes me forget all the crap...you are the wonderful person...u were there w/ me in one of my low moments here on IF...u were there with me when i was stressed out w/ exams...u were there w/ me when we arranged parties...u were there w/ me all along and i still cant get over it that i cant pm u anymoreCry i know i know...we are still in touch via email and that is good..otherwise i would have come to cali and murdered u for not emailin meAngryLOL *bakri scared*LOL yaar...u are one of my closest frnds here...probably much closer than anyone else (besides khushi...hehe i guess both of u are too special to me) i am so lucky to have met you, to have talked to you, to have chatted w/ u (even though sometimes it was only emoticons and sometimes only audiblesLOL chat) but we had the best times together. i hope...lol i know we will be friends forever (i have proof...my siggi says soLOL) hehe, i cant believe u came up w/ bnbLOL ahhhh i love u and will miss u when ur off there in lala land tryin to put bussa in ur head like me!Cry and hehe, i started callin u bakri coz i told u everythin and u had to listen to all my crapLOL i know that way i should call everyone bakri...hehe, but ur the special one who knows everythin about meEmbarrassed i love you lotsss sis! never change...(lol i dont mean clothes...i know u u will think about somethin else when i say somethin elseLOL) stay the awesome talented, fun loving, care free ..hehe, cute, sweetest, ever loving, caring, sweetheart of the person you are. you are my jaan (hehe, i dont tell everyone jaan so u are pretty special if u get itLOL) and i will love you forever and alwaysEmbarrassedHug (lol this is turnin out to be one of our PM's...i forgot im postin as a post hereLOL...its ur fault...u and ur jadooo over meTongue...singin: jadoooo jadooooooo jadooo jadoooooooLOL)

 Oh n how can I forget some other crazy moments.. like… u calling me Bakri.. ahhaha.. n me calling u bandariya, we staying up till late and talking bout basically nothing to everything ahhahahha. And then our crazy singing at Khushi dii fan club.. ahhahah.. I would say good times.. but most of the time it was night.. so good nights.. good nights.. ahhahah. Ohhh.. lol.. how can I forget those times when either one of use were doing hw/paper/project.. but still had time to talk to each other in between our li'l breaks.. ahahhahha. And ohh when I was getting annoyed by Hiten bhaiya's reply.. and I kept telling how stupid his answers were.. lollll. And our list keeps on going……………………

lmao...did he come online again? and ahh i misshhh singin w/ uCry...i miss chattin w/ u...i mishhhhh u soo much!Cry...and i pretty much covered everythin aboveEmbarrassed and lol hw kii baat par...i always have time for my bakriiiiiiBig smile

 You are one of those special people who have a special place in many people's heart. And of course.. u have a special place in my tiny li'l heart too.. & I know that I can trust u with everything. We haven't met yet and still had soo much fun.. no clue what will happen when we meet.. ahahhahah.. those will be some damnn crazy days.. hehehehhe. And one of us still needs to call and talk.. rather than sending text messages..  ahhahah.. I might just do it one day when I start college (which will be in like 4 days.. danggggggg.. lol)… like when I go to class from my dorm.. ahhaha.. and on the way back.. or when I'm in my dorms at night getting bored.. ahahhaha..  but do remember once I start bugging u.. it'll be like till foreverrr.. and trust me.. u might get supper annoyed .. ahhahhahha.. but yeah.. I'll jus surprise u one day ;).

u have a berrrryyyyyyy special place in my heart...lol and i think u already know that or should know by the way i reacted when u left IF and yahoo :(( and by the fact that i keep sayin i miss uEmbarrassed i love u soo much! and hehe, ur the most wonderful person jii...not meWink and ahhh lol call me from ur dormLOL u may just want to come and live w/ me thenLOLLOL i'll give u my bathroom if u want to comeEmbarrassedLOL and yayy cant wait for the surprise...lol lets see if i can do itLOL jenny called yesterday...hehe, it sounded so easy to call someone...lets see if i can call the person who i sms so many timesLOL will love to hear ur voice...love u sis!EmbarrassedHug

And woot.. I jus got ur text message.. u thought I wont remember?? U the wanting me to kicks ur butt?? Ahahhahhha.. nah.. I remembered since the last time u told me.. :D

LMAO...kick mys buttLOL u cute lil kiddoLOL hehe...lol i thought u were bulakarLOL...j/k im glad u rememberedEmbarrassedHug

I think I'll end my speech here.. its not as long as I expected it to be.. but.. better than nothing.. ehhehhehe.. I luv ya loadssssssss.. and I thank ur parents for producing (LOLLL.. WTH??!!!??) the beautiful u. & Always remember.. don't forget to eat.. I don't wanna see u as a haddi person.. and SLEEP.. I don't wanna see dark circles under ur eyes.. ehhehehhe.. and SMILE.. coz' as ppl say.. it costs nothing, jus enhances the beauty of ur beautiful face.

LMAO!! my parents produced me i am a Cool productLOL and i love u more!!! and lol, i will listen to everythin u said jii...ab aap khush?Embarrassed

And here's a small gift for u…

thank u thank u thank uEmbarrassed love this gift! although the bigger gift was U comin to wish me...this one is awesome tooBig smile hehe, always wanted a siggi by my missspriyaaaTongue and lol abhi will dream of me...and i will dream of u and busterEmbarrassedLOL love you love you love you love you forever and ever! (you will stay in my heart and i'll love you...forever and ever...la la laWink) love u lotsss and i will never forget your gift (that is of you comin here...puttin this post up, sendin a sms at eggjactly 12am...loggin in on yahoo to chat w/ me...everythinEmbarrassed thank u (i know u dont like thanks...par this was really required here :p)) love you my jaan!Hug

Ohhh.. one more thing.. please excuse any spelling errors or grammar errors coz' I didn't proof-read all this.. ehhehehhehe!

okie dokie...never knew a bakri could type and all so its ok jiiLOL

I luv ya loads & I hope u have loads n loads of fun today and forever n ever!!!!!!!

i love u more forever and everHug

Mrs.H Roshan IF-Dazzler
Mrs.H Roshan
Mrs.H Roshan

Joined: 17 September 2005
Posts: 2744

Posted: 28 July 2006 at 2:27pm | IP Logged
thnks a lot everyone for wishing meHug
luv all of uEmbarrassed


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