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Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka

FF:Kaisa hai yeh bandhan!?NEW-Pt-50,51,52-Pg159,160 (Page 105)

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Originally posted by katheriene

Thanks for pm shumi di. u r welcome dear Big smile
Got busy with exams til 12 oh! how the exams went?Big smile
Then due to rain in surat, net connections were disturbed,& i messed with my data pack. it happens only in indiaLOL
It was beautiful update, loved the details about marriage rituals & kunal & siddhis chemistery.SmileSmile thank u katherieneBig smile
lookig forward for next part for more moments & the she you introduced in the parts.sureBig smile
Sorry for late 2 sorry for the sameWink

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Originally posted by -Honey

Hi di Hug  hi honeyHug
sorry 4 replying so late... Was busy with exams Ouch no worry...btw how was ur exams? hope u did wellTongue
amazing update Star thank u...lub u for the starTongue
got to know abt so many rituals through ur update... Thanks!!! Tongue u r welcome dear Big smile btw some are made up by meLOL
and abt the third part Blushing Blushing ...ummEmbarrassed
one request, plz no mu's b/w sinal... And if u're gonna show it, plz solve it soon Tongue will solve it soon for sureBig smile
thanks for the p.m. Big smile u r welcome dear Big smile
update soon... Wink will b waiting...soon going to updateBig smile.

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Originally posted by adohare

thanks for pm shumi.u r welcome dear Big smile
Due to very busy schedule not responsded probsBig smile
Very fantastic update as usual. thank u  very much Big smilewaiting for next updt.sureBig smile
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next day morning:

when kunal woke up it was too late..he looked beside him.the bed was empty.he looked around... could not find siddhi.'till siddhi comes let me sleep...Sleepy'he decided and started sleeping again.

after some time siddhi came out of wash room wiping her wet hair.he opened one eye and looked at siddhi.

she was wearing a leaf green colour printed silk sari with short sleevematching blouse
. with her short wet hair(her hair grew little bit long it is just below her shoulder) sindoor on her maang and KuShi chain around her neck she was looking adorable.her face was glowing with happiness...kunal loved her new get up with sindoor on her maang.she was looking sweet and cute.

siddhi casually came and sat beside him on the bed.till yesterday the feeling towards each other was after their exotic night they became complete husband and wife by respecting one another's feelings and desires.

siddhi:'aur kitna sowo gay ? utto...Big smileit is going to be 10 am...'she tried to wake up thinking that he is sleeping.

kunal:' good morning...Big smile'he turned towards her and tried to pulled her in to his arms.without making fuss as a good wife she remained in his arm for few second gazing him lovingly.' he is my husband, he belongs to me and vice verse...i am going to make my own family and spend rest of my life with him...Tongue'her thought made her feel proud.

kunal:'issa kya dek rahi ho?...Wink'he moved a strand of  wet hair from her face behind her ear and tried to kiss her.

siddhi:'tch! kya kar rahe ho?...tumai din raat ka farg nahi hai?...get ready maa is going to come...' she tried to get rid of his hold.

kunal:' maa!...Shocked'as soon as she said maa he left her and jumped out of his bed.


bombay :
she was brooding about kunal. 'i can't believe this come it is possible?Angry...40% share holder of malik industry!!!... i should make use of him...Evil Smile'she was constantly thinking about kunal.finally she came to delhi and tried all the ways to reach kunal.she went to malik house but was not allowed in by the security guards.she went to  malik industries but could not enter with out ID card.she went to kunal's apartment ...found locked because all were out for shopping.still she did not give up.
in kunal's apartment.
kunal and raveena were on the dinning table eating their dinner. siddhi was serving them.veena is busy in kitchen heating food in the micro oven.

raveena:'bhabhi...will you please teach me how to make chicken briyani?...TongueWink
kunal:Shocked what is wrong with you?...Angry..'
raveena :' bhaiya cool...see... such a cute bhabhi ko tum jaise kadhoose vegetarian se shaadi karna padaCry... kya pata?..muje future mai ...koi non vegetarian se shaadi karna pada tho?Embarrassed...'
kunal:'raveenaAngry ...concentrate on your studies...'
raveena :'wahi tho kar rahi hun...Big smile'
raveena:'concentrating on my life studies, home science...Wink'
kunal:'ewww...' he made a weird face while he was trying some sweets and talking with raveena.
raveena:'bhaiya...Wink'she called him in low tone and looked at siddhi . kunal understood that it was siddhi 's preparation.
kunal:'wow...yummmy...i just love it...Tongue'immediately he changed his face expression too.

siddhi:Ouch...she felt bad about his comment and moved away from there.kunal stretched his hand and try to hold her...but able to hold only her pallu.he left the dinning table and walked behind her along with the pallu.

kunal:'sorry...sorry...sorry..Smile'he said in a begging tone while walking behind her and wiping his hand in her pallu.

raveena: ROFL...the way kunal following siddhi with her pallu made her laugh.
siddhi and kunal started going to office just to do very important and urgent work.they went late to office and came early from evening SiNal took raveena  for shopping and siddhi told her to buy what ever she likes.raveena grabbed all garbage which she was thinking to buy for a long time...
it was very nice to see siddhi calling veena maa and moving very well with veena and raveena.from veena she learned more about kunal...his likes and dislikes and many more.
that day evening kunal and siddhi came home from office by 3pm and found veena and raveena  were out for shopping.
as soon as they entered ...
kunal:'i am so tired ...make a cup of coffee for me...Wink'he winked at siddhi .
siddhi:'Angry...just now you had tea in the office isn't it ?'they were standing in the living room/hall
kunal:' come on siddhi...that tea is different from this coffee Big smile...tumare hathonka coffee peene ka maza hi alag hai...Tongue'suddenly he  bend down and hold her near her knee and lifted her up.
siddhi:'..o..m..g!Shocked..leave me i am going to  fall ...Tongue'she circled his neck with both her hands and screamed.
kunal:ROFL...he started walking towards kitchen.
siddhi:'kunal ...hamari shaadi ho chuki are still like a lover boy...chodo muje...Embarrassed...'she tried to get down.he let her slide down a bit and griped her again when her face came close to his face.he winked at her with a wide smile and tried to lean his face more close to hers.she pushed him back ,got down from his hold and ran away from there to refresh herself.

after a week stay veena and raveena were to leave delhi.a day before, raj and dadima visited siddhi  in kunal's apartment.they had dinner with them..after the dinner in the hall kunal was sitting beside raj ,veena was sitting in other sofa with dadima.siddhi and raveena were arranging the kitchen.
raj:'kunal if you don't mind i have a request ...'
kunal:'boleyeh na...Smile'
raj:' siddhi is married ,she has to stay with you...'


raj:' kal...raveena aur veenaji...ooty chale jaenge...then you two will be alone...Ouch'

kunal:Smile...he understood what is he trying to convey

raj:'... you know i don't have anyone other than siddhi in my life.i am a heart patient too.if you don't mind i wish tum dono malik house mai rahain...' he said looking at veena.



raj:' just for few months...any way when raveena completes her graduation aap and raveena will move to delhi...until then...' he said to veena.

veena:Confused...she looked at kunal.

raj:'...if you want i can transfer malik house to veena's that you may feel that you are staying in your own house...'

kunal:Big smile...with a smile he little bit moved closed to him  and hold his hand with love and respect.
kunal:'...from the day one i met you ,you treated me as your son with love and care. i saw my father in believed me and had faith in me to the extent that you gave your only daughter to me.aap fikr maat kijiye...Big smile'

raj:'thanks kunal...Big smile...'
after raj and dadima went siddhi  came to veena.
siddhi:'yeh aap rakiyeh...Smile'she gave two small keys to her.
veena:'yeh kay hai?...Confused'
siddhi:'yeh SBI bank locker keys hai.i have kept all the jewels which you gave it to me as shagun..yeh jewel mere taraf se  raveena kay leyeh...Big smile'
veena:'why????ShockedConfused...tum mai wo jewels achche nahi lage?Unhappy..'she worried.

siddhi:'maa...issa kuch nahi hai...they are all very cute. i love them...but i know these jewels should go to raveena... waise bhi i don't wear heavy jewelry..'she convinced her and gave the key.

next day:

SiNal did not go to office. by 5pm they took veena and raveena  to airport to send off .by the time they reached malik house it was around 8pm.even though kunal stayed in malik house for a week he never entered in to siddhi's bed room thinking that it is ill manners to do so.

kunal step in to her bed room for the first time following siddhi. he looked around it was a huge master bedroom beautifully  furnished with dark brown oak wood.a double bed with duvet and cushions ,side tables and a dressing table.the furniture synchronized with wall painting , brown curtains and carpets ...few beautiful natural scenarios were fixed on the walls ...side tables were decorated with flower vase and table lamp...

look at the bed room!Tongue

siddhi:' if you don't like it we can furnish it according to your taste a modern way...Big smile' she said looking at his confused face.

kunal:' Big smile...' he stood smiling keeping his hands in his jeans pockets.

siddhi:'kya hua?Confused...' she asked looking at his wide smile.

kunal:'tumai pata bi hai?Tongue...' he hugged her from back around her shoulder, resting his chin on her head.

siddhi:' kya?...Embarrassed' she asked holding his arms on her chest.

kunal:'these furniture maine mangwaya tha ...UK se...Big smile' he said playing with her fingers.

siddhi:'what!... really!Shocked that is why! i was wondering about oak tree furniture...Confused'

kunal:' jab muje nahi pata tha i am furnishing my own bed room...LOL

siddhi:Embarrassed tum bahut badmash ho...Blushing'

kunal:'Tongue...ture say...' he kissed on her head.

siddhi:'come...i have to introduce you to some one...Big smile' she took him to dressing table holding his wrist.

kunal:' introduce me! kis se? yahan tho koi nahi hai...Confused' he looked around.

siddhi:' ek minute...Smile'she bend down , pulled out the bottom most drawer of  the dressing table and took out a photo frame.

kunal:' kun hai...?Big smile'before she could show curies kunal peeped in and look at the picture.

look at the person in the picture!Tongue

siddhi:'mamma...tumare damaad se milo...Tongue' she spoke to the picture wiping off the dust from her face.


siddhi:' my life partner...soul mate...Smile' she was emotionally saying to the photo as if she is talking to her mother in person.her eyes brimmed with tears.


siddhi:'mamma...aap kush hai na?...Cry' she made the photo frame to stand on the table and wiped her tears.

kunal took a fresh flower from the flower vase and place it in front of the photo as a sign of respect and seeking her blessing too.

siddhi:'mamma...hamai aashirwad kiji ye...Cry'

kunal:'siddhi...Approve' he took both her hands in hers and turned her towards him.


kunal: i know no one can take the place of a mother...'

kunal:' mai poori kohish karunga ek achcha pati banne ka...tumai kush rakne ka...Smile'

siddhi:'thanks...Hug...she leaned on her chest.

kunal:' waise tumari mamma bahut sunder hai ...tumare tarha...' he brought her in to his brief hug from her emotional mood.


next day in the office:
when his phone rang kunal was busy with his lap top.
kunal:'hello...'he took the receiver and attended while looking in to the lap top.
she:'hi are you ...? i miss you so much...Big smile' she drooled over the phone
kunal:'may i know who is on the line?Confused...'he got irritated with the voice .
she:'chopu...omg!Shocked...don't you recognize me? come?..i am ritcha...Tongue'
kunal:'ritcha...!..AngryShocked?he became wild and shocked as soon as he heard that name chopu. ritcha is the only one who calls him chopu , short form of chopda.
she:'tumara pehela payaar...your first love...ritcha thakral...Tongue'
kunal:Shocked his face became pale.

she:'helo...helo...Tongue' the receiver slipped down from his hand.
kunal's body temperature suddenly gone down.he became chill and numb.he took water from the glass and drank the whole water in one stoke. after that he could not concentrate in his work. he felt weak as if he was sick.

he went home... straight away went to siddhi 's room and fall on the bed...don't even care to remove his shoes or change his dress.

after some time siddhi  came to him.

siddhi:'chalo...dinner ready hai...Smile'
kunal:'please ...i don't want to have any thing...Unhappy'she already noticed that he is very much depressed and upset.she thought may be because he is missing his family.
she sat near him on the bed.
siddhi:'i know you are missing your family...thodi din ki hi baat hai..after raveena 's exams they will be back to delhi.mean time we can also visit them na...Big smile' she took his hand in her hand and hold it  with support and passion.
kunal:'issa kuch nahi hai...i am not feeling well..i have slight head ache...Ouch'
siddhi:'head ache! should have told me...just a minute..'she was back with vicks in her hand.
siddhi:'mai laga de ti hun...Smile'she gently applied on his fore head...he looked at her with lot of pain and gilt in his eyes.'omg!Shocked...she is so i am going to tell her about my past which already started chasing me...isse  leyeh tho mai siddhi  se dur rahana chahata tha...Unhappy'he hold her hand with which she was applying vicks on his forehead.

kunal:'bas...ab tum sojao...Smile' he tried to smile at her.
siddhi:'you did not remove your shoesConfused...let me help you..Smile'...she was about to remove it...kunal immediately got up and hold her hand.he don't like her to touch his feet.
kunal:'nahi...siddhi ...please...Ouch' he got up from the bed removed his shoes and sacks , changed in to his night wear and came back to the bed. siddhi  was lying on the bed and preparing herself to sleep.he helped her to cover herself  kissed on her forehead and lied beside her. siddhi  started sleeping peacefully but  kunal could not.

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PART 31.

next day in the office:

when the phone rang kunal was busy searching some papers from his desk.


ritcha:'chopu... phone maat kaato...Tongue'

ritcha:'maine tum se milne ki bahut koshish
 ki but i could not...i want to meet you personally...Tongue' she demanded.

kunal:'look!...muje tum se koi sambhand nahi hai...why should i meet you?...Angry'he was too rude.

ritcha:'please chopu don't say that...i am badly in need of your help...'

kunal:' i am not here to help strangers...Angry'he shouted in a low voice.

ritcha:'don't say that know very well i am not a stranger to you.i am your love...Day Dreaming'
kunal:'shut up...Angry'he yelled with anger.

ritcha:'chopu...i know truth hurts...look i am working in a bombay based textile industry which is running in loss.i was paid very less that too not promptly.i would like to work in malik industries...Big smile' before she could continue kunal hang up the receiver abruptly.'she is my sin...i have to reap it...i hate myself ...Angry'he slapped on his fore head.

after few days 
kunal was discussing about a new texture in siddhi's cabin.

siddhi:Tongue...she looked at kunal with a pleasant smile .

kunal:'kya hua?...Smile'he stopped his explanation.

siddhi:' kunal ...tum ab executive nahi ne tumai 40% share holder bana ya you are one of the directors of this company..i think... to look after unit 6 it is better we appoint a new executive...Big smile'she opened a window in her lap top and showed him an application.
siddhi:'i have selected this candidate for unit 6...Smilekunal  peeped in to the lap top.he was awe stuck to see the application of ritcha thakral.instantly his face become pale...
kunal:'we don't want this candidate...Angry'he refused bluntly.
siddhi:'why not?Smile...look at her resume...she also has the same qualification of yours.her academic records are excellent...she has experience too...'she tried to convince him.
kunal:'NO... we don't want her...Angry' with no reason he refused her.involuntarily he was sounding rude.

siddhi:' has short listed her application...Confused' she looked at him with doubt.
kunal:'mai ne kaha na...we don't want this candidate...Angry'he push the chair back with anger and walked out of his cabin.
'what is wrong with him...ConfusedUnhappy...'siddhi worried and sighed.

that day evening in 
siddhi's bed room kunal was sitting on the bed and reading a book.siddhi brought tea for him.

kunal:'..sorry...Smile'said politely while drinking tea...without looking at siddhi....

siddhi:'sorry...!!! for what...?'she raised her eyebrows.

kunal:'i should not have spoken to you that way...Unhappy'he looked at her with regret.

siddhi:' are taking about that candidate...'she came and sat beside kunal.took the tea cup from him and kept it on the side table.

siddhi:' tumai jo achcha nahi lagta wo mai kabhi nahi karoon gi..i have already send a regret letter to that candidate...Smile'
kunal:' thanks...Smile'

siddhi:'i don't understand why you over reacted a simple thing...'she leaned her head on his left shoulder as a indication that she is always with him.

kunal :' Ouch...' he looked at her. feeling of insecurity ate him.'kahin isse mai kho na doon...Ouch'

kunal:'siddhii...Ouch'he caressed her cheek... cupped her face in his hands and made her meet his gaze.


kunal:' siddhi...wada karo..tum mujse kabhi alag nahi hoge...mera  saat kabhi nahi chodoge... muje chod kay kahi nahi jao ge...' he asked multiple promises...

siddhi:'why are you saying like that?...Shocked' she hold her hands.she was confused with his over emotional action. 

kunal:'please promise me...Ouch'

siddhi:'promise karne ki koi zaroori nahi is obvious...waise bhi we ave already promised in front of god...agni ...during our marriage...Big smile...'she took his hand in to hers and said.

kunal:Disapprove ...he was not convinced.
siddhi:'chai tandi hogaye...i will bring other one...Smile'he let her go with a sweet and satisfactory smile.

next day in the office:

kunal  was on the phone.


kunal:'stop calling me chopu...Angry'

ritcha:'  tum ne achcha nahi kiya...Angryyou have disqualified my application...Angry'she said angrily.

kunal:'i have nothing to do with that...Angry'he got irritated.

ritcha:'teek least give me some amount with that i can start my own business...'she said the alternation.

kunal:'amount...Angry!!! why should i...?'
ritcha:'tumai siddhi kay saat rahane kay leyeh...'


ritcha:'zyada nahi... bas ek crore...Tongue... if not cash transfer 20% of malik industries shares to me...Big smile'


ritcha:' trust is a fare deal to be with siddhi...'

kunal:'you are crazy?... look! next time if i receive any call from you in no time you will be behind the bars.Angry..'

ritcha:' behind the bars???Angry...kunal chopda tumai yeh mehanga pade ga...Angry'
kunal:'mai wo kunal chopda nahi hun jo tum jaanti thi...get out off my way...Angry'he hanged the receiver.

week end :

siddhi:'kunal ... this weekend shall we have a short trip to shimla?...Tongue'after looking kunal's disturbed mood siddhi suggested.
kunal:'sure...Smile'he  too wanted to have some change.poor guys they don't know that their ill fate is calling them.
shimla is 360km away from delhi. kunal drove his car all the way to shimla while siddhi was sitting beside him,chatting with him, eating snacks...some time drinking tea...looking at the scenarios and enjoying the long drive.
they reached shilma around 11pm.
look at shimla yet another beautiful hill station! queen of of nature!Tongue
after reaching shimla they went to a hotel to refresh and relax.
look at the heritage hotel in shimla!

they kept the luggage in the room,refreshed them self and went out.they hang out till late evening and back to their room.they were damn tired...again refresh them self,change their dress and came down for moon light dinner which was arranged by the hotel.tables were neatly arranged in the open space.
look at the moon light dinner arrangements at pool site!Tongue

it was arranged in a open space beside the pool in an atmosphere that compels romance, encouraged by the delicate sound of a guitar. SiNal took their seats and enjoyed their romantic dinner in the open space under moon light,music and candles...with out knowing that their fate was watching them and going to chase them soon.

kunal:' is getting cold...better we go to our room...Smile'he stood up.siddhi's shawl slipped from her shoulder while she was getting up.he took the shawl and covered her properly with care,passion and love.he was not aware that two greedy eyes were watching them and fuming with jealous & anger.

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kunal put his left hand around siddhi's shoulder and hold her close to him with care while walking. they were chatting and walking together smiling lovingly with each other was one merry moment of them... suddenly SHE bumped on kunal...siddhi was pushed apart from him by HER and she quickly circled his neck with both her hands.kunal and siddhi  for a second went blank... could not understand anything.

she:'chopuuu... i love u...Tongue' she cajoled him hanging around his neck.
kunal:'ritchaaa...behave your self...Angry'he yelled and tried to pull out her hands from his neck to get rid from her.

siddhi:ShockedDead ...she was hit like ton of bricks... felt the ground under her feet was missing.her heart fluttered...she tried to hold kunal's arm for support...but could not as ritcha was in between them...

ritcha:'honey!...mai ne tumai kahan kahan dhoond da..finally i got you...Tongue'she suddenly pecked him on his cheeks.
siddhi:Shocked...she stared at kunal and ritcha...bit her lower lip to stop trembling...her legs wobbled...she felt week on her knees...
kunal:'chee...chodo muje...Angry' with a rude tone he made her face disgust and pushed her away.ritcha tumbled back.

ritcha:'kunalllAngry... you can't do to me like this. i am your first love...pehela payaar...our fruit of love is witness for that...Tongue'all three looked down at the same time...a sweet, cute and chubby two year girl baby was standing beside ritcha with a candy in her hand.

siddhi:' kunal's baby!...Shocked'she literally shivered...felt as if  the ground under her feet opened and she was falling freely towards the center of the earth...
ritcha:Evil Smile...grinned devilishly showing her teeth.

kunal:Shocked shook even kunal.his cheeks blazed red with anger. he squeezed his fist in frustration.

ritcha:' kunuu ...i know you are angry with can deny me but not our baby...Disapprove'

siddhi:Dead... traumatized siddhi  slowly walked out from there.she don't have the guts to listen further...she felt as if her mind and whole body system stopped working.

ritcha:Evil Smile... gave a smirk at kunal and looked at siddhi going away from him.took a brief breath as her mission was success.
kunal:Angry...he clenched his jaws in vexation.felt like smacking on her face.

kunal:' of a devil...Angry...i feel ashamed that once i loved you...i hate my self for that...i never expect that you can go down to this extent...lanat hai tum par...Angry'he pierced her with his anger flaming eyes.
ritcha:'...i love you...Evil Smile'a triumphant smile flicked across her lips.
kunal:' go to hell...Angry...' with aggravation his blood boiled like a chemical in a science lab beaker.

ritcha:'hell mai tho ab tum hoge...Evil Smile...'smirked evilly.
kunal: Ouch...he felt as if he swallowed hand full of bitter pills and the bitter taste went down in to his he was more worried about siddhi, he just ignored ritcha  and walked fast to catch siddhi.before he could catch up she reached their room.when he entered the room she was sitting on the bed like a statue staring some were.she was numb.kunal was highly tensed ...he don't know how to convince to explain her. he went and sat beside her.

kunal:Ouch...he cleared his throat to break the uncomfortable silence.


kunal:'Ouch...siddhi  tum ritcha  kay baato mai maat awo...'his voice stammered .siddhi looked at his face.she tried to speak but could not.after a struggle...

siddhi:'..tum...issa kaisa karsakte ho..???Cry' she broke out...before she completes tears jumped down on her cheeks .
kunal:' please... siddhi  mai tumai kaise samjaun...Unhappyfeeling of guilty tore him apart.

siddhi:'mai tumai eith na payaar kiya...eith na payaarCry...sab kuch lutadiya tumpar ...tann, mann, dhann sab kuch...sab kuch...Cry' her voice teetered with tears.

kunal:Broken Heart...her words hammered his heart...had no reply to her.

siddhi:' mere payaar mai kya kami thi muje nahi pata...Cry...tum ne mere saat issa kyun kiya...???Cry'she cried loudly and winced in pain.

kunal:Dead he had no excuse.

siddhi:' maine tum se suchcha pyaar kiya...mere pyaar ka tum ne achcha sila diya...Cry her voice filled with hurt.
she was dejected and desperate...experience a constant pain in her chest.
kunalBroken Heart please siddhi...'he was heart broken...

kunal:'siddhi ...Ouch'he tried to wipe her tears. she moved back.

kunal:'muje bolne ka moka do siddhi...Ouch'he plead her.felt tears coming down from his eyes.he tried to check them.
siddhi 'muje srif yeh batao... kya ritcha tumara pehela payaar hai?...Cry...' she asked in between her cry.
kunal:Dead...Broken Heart..he could not speak.his heart wrenched with pain.

siddhi:' bolo...Cry'
kunal:' ...Broken Heart'

siddi:'haan ya na...Cry'

kunal:'haan...Broken HeartCry'his eyes filled with tears he was completely shattered with his own answer.
siddhi:Shocked Dead...she was spooked with his answer.

siddhi:'tho mai kun hun..?Confused...meri jaga kidar hai...?Cry doosra? teesra? chowta?  yaa paanchwan..?Cry'she cried loudly.kunal never saw her before crying like that.his stomach quaked.her cry made him weak and nervous.

kunal:'siddhi  issa maat bolo...Ouchhe tried to hold her.
siddhi:'don't touch don't deserve that...Cry'she pushed him and cried continuously.

kunal:'issa maat karo siddhi ...i love you...Broken Heart'
siddhi :'don't say that...Cry'she screamed between her cry.

siddhi:'yeh shabd tumare leye guna hai...mere leye tho shaab hai...Cry i hate you...Cry'she was wincing in pain.

siddhi:'..yeh baghwaan...aaj tum ne muje peheli baar meri maa ki kami mehasoos maa,na bhai pati..koi nahi hai mere leyehCry...mai dad se kya bolun?...wohi tho yeh bandhan banwa ne mere saat issa kyun ki ya...Cry?'she cried like a crazy.the pressure and tension she felt weighing on her heart were unbearable.she could not take it.
kunal:Broken HeartBroken Heart was looking her cry helplessly.his heart swelled with emotion and experience a constant pain in his heart.

kunal:'siddhi  muje maaf kardoCry... mai tumai kho na nahi chahata tha..issleye mai bata nahi paya...Cry'siddhi was not in a position to listen him.she became physically weak because of continuous cry.kunal noticed that and gave water to drink.she refused to drink.she fall on the bed and curled herself  as a dead shrimp...she was searching for her mother's lap to bury and cry.

siddhi :'mamma...mamma...Cry...muje bulalo aap kay saat...iss dunyan mai mera apna koi nahi hai...Cry'like crazy she was talking to herself and was pathetic to see her in that condition..

kunal:'siddhi...please...Ouch'he touched her shoulder to console her.she was senseless...except 'mamma...mamma...'there was no reaction in her.kunal gathered her in his arms and hold her tightly with his chest...

kunal:'muje maaf kar do siddhi Cry...maaf kar doCry...i should not have done this...mai tumara gune gaar hun...Cry'he hugged her tightly with his chest and cried aloud...

siddhi:Dead...she was lying in his arms senseless.

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shumi. IF-Sizzlerz

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palzs Goldie

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EXCELLENT EXECUTION.Clap mind blowing update as usual Star
kya batavu???? poor siddhi literally got tears in mah eyesCry. gosh this richha nahDeadDeadDead
please jaldi mila doo sinal ko...CryCryCry

truly loved the update.
aruna as siddhi's mumShockedWink kya baat hainLOL
 loved all the characters.
 finalllyyy yipppeee first one to comment...Smile
 please update the next part a bit earlyyy nahhh pleaseee... cant wait till saturday.

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