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Parichay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka
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FF:Kaisa hai yeh bandhan!?NEW-Pt-50,51,52-Pg159,160

shumi. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 April 2013 at 6:45pm | IP Logged

girls and BOYS...Winkthis is a FF which i wrote it for other i am transforming it to SiNal so that i can entertain you and keep this forum active too.hope you will like kaisa hai yeh bandhan as much as you liked Mera Ishq Sufiyana...let us see...Smile

PART-1&2---- PG-1

PART-3, 4 & 5 ----PG-12

PART-6 ----PG-21

PART-7 ----PG-22

PART-8 & 9 ----PG-30

PART-10 & 11----PG-38

PART-12 ---PG-39

PART-13, 14 ---PG-50

PART-15, 16,17 ---PG-58

PART-18, 19,20 ---PG-67



PART-27, 28, 29---PG-96










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shumi. IF-Sizzlerz

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raj malik: he is a multimilliner in delhi,owner of malik group of industries.
siddhi malik:only daughter of raj malik.
girls other characters i will introduce as and when it come across.
in raj house: morning 8 o'clock
raj malik: "m..a..a...ji..." he came down from the steps calling her.maaji is siddhi's grand mother, raj's  mother-in-law.
ramsingh , the driver who was standing in the hall with his white uniform and white hat holding in his hands said 'maaji pooja mai hai'.
raj malik:'teek hai...ab chalo flight landing ho gaye.mai ne net pe check karlia hai...'hurried to the driver and he told one of his servants to inform maaji that he is leaving to airport to receive  siddhi.
on the way to airport raj  was thinking about siddhi.she is the one and only daughter of him.sole waaris of malik .she lost her mother when she was just 5.As raj was busy with his business...siddhi was brought up by her grand ma , his mother in law.
today after completion of her M.BA siddhi is returning from the time raj reached the airport ...siddhi finished her immigration clearance and came out of the airport..she saw raj standing along the crowed at the receiving end.
raj looked at her amazing beauty with his eyes wide open  and realized she is no more his baby doll who use to ride on his back all over the house...not only raj all other visitors too started staring at her ...with a little sharp nose , glittering eyes with well trimmed eye brows...chubby cheeks..thin lips..she was wearing a lemon yellow printed sari in a very elegant way..which was flowing smoothly on her fair soft skin...with a matching mega sleeve blouse...a very short and straight hair cut which just touches her ear...a simple single pearl earring... a brown leather strap watch in her left hand..a small single stone diamond finger ring in her left hand ring chain...about her make up ..a slight lip glass on her pink lips...which made her more attractive and sexy too...this is what siddhi looks...
siddhi: 'd...a...d..Smile'she had a fast walk and came near to him...

raj : Hug...he became bit emotional..and received her with a warm hug.

siddhi:' kaise ho?...Smile' she asked ram singh, their driver.

ram singh : teek taak...Tongue...' he took her baggage... they walked towards the car.

in the car

siddhi: 'd..a..d how is dadima? 'her first question to him.
raj :' ghar pe tumari intazar kar rahi hai...Smile'siddhi continuously questioned raj , and he answered all her questions with a wide smile on his face.
when they reached malik house maaji was waiting for her with aarti...

maaji:'...wahin ruko...Tongue' she stopped siddhi at the door and took the aarti for her.
 siddhi:' dadima yeh sab kya zaruri hai?...Smile' she shrunk her face with hesitation.
maaji: ' tu chup kar ...meri siddhi ko kisi ki nazar na lage...chal andar aa..Big smile'...she took siddhi holding her hand.they all sat in the hall and spend quality time.

she was chilling for a week... relieved her final exam tensions... jet lag ...all other things.a week went quit normal.after a week...raj, siddhi and maaji  were on the dinning table.
maaji:' jamaai ji...ab tum siddhi  ko apna business mai laga do...Smile' she suggested.
raj : 'mai bhi ya hi soch ra ha tha maaji...Confused' he agreed with her.
maaji:' soch kya rahe ho...aab ke baad siddhi ko hi business sambhal na hai ..issi liyeh tho siddhi ko M.BA kar na padaSmile.'
siddhi:'i know...par dadi ma ithni bhi kya jaldi hai?...Unhappy' she don't want to get trapped in to the busy and mechanical life.
raj : 'siddhi business is not a easy will take time to get in is better we start now...Smile' he advised
siddhi:'o...k...'she said without any interest.
raj: 'chalo jaldi se taiyar ho jao...hum factory chalenge...Smile'
siddhi: 'ji dadSmilewith in 15 minutes she got ready and came down.
raj and siddhi came to the is a textile industry ...which has 7 different units.raj  took her to each and every units and introduced the staff working there.
raj: this is unit they clean , segregate  the cotton and make it ready for making in to se melo .yeh unit 1 kay chief engineer'...raj introduced a 50 year old man in a suit..

siddhi:Big smile...hi ' she acknowledged him with a soon as she entered the unit all the workers stopped working and started staring at her..
no need raj to introduce siddhi to them...because two weeks before itself raj  announced his employees  in a meeting that his daughter siddhi is going to return from UK after her MBA...and will join office shortly.raj  introduced other workers too to siddhi...he moved on to other units one by one.
they reached unit 6
when they enter the unit all the workers stopped their work and looked at her...except one!...he was looking down keenly one of the machinery...he  kept  his right leg little above on the machine and looking down ...siddhi stared at him from his back..he was wearing a white munda baniyan(no sleeves)...which showed completely his strong and well build up mussels..slight sweat drops over that mussels made him more manly...
siddhi got bit annoyed about his act...
raj: siddhi inse melo he is...'KUNAL CHOPDA'Smile he introduced her.
as soon as he heard the voice of raj ,kunal turned his face towards him without changing his position..
siddhi:..'.kisska thophda?Confused'...even though she heard his name kunal chopda she said intentionally with a smirk to show her irritation towards his ' don't care attitude'...
kunal stood straight and turned towards siddhi... she could not avoid looking at him...he is wheatish in complexion ..with sharp nose...thick eye brows ...brown sharp eyes..strong jaws... stiff face..slightly thick lips...5' 9''  tall...his face glittered with sweat.. and his baniyan was slightly wet even though a huge fan was running over his head...when she saw his full figure,unintentionally she stepped back...

kunal: 'good morning sir...'he neglected siddhi and wished raj..which left siddhi angry again...
raj :' kya hua..?Smile' he asked about the machine.
kunal: 'chota sa problem tha machine mai...ab teek hoga ya hai..'he took his blue thin striped white shirt from a person who was standing beside him holding his shirt and staring at siddhi...he quickly wore the shirt...put up the button and closed his wide slightly hairy chest.
kunal: 'kumar...machine chalu karo'  he said while wiping grease from his hands...kumar the guy who was holding his shirt switched on the started running smoothly...
raj: 'yeh siddhi Smile '...he introduced her.
kunal least bothered to acknowledge her,which added more anger to far she never met a guy who don't even care to look at her.she is such a beauty ...guys can't stop themselves to have a second look at her.
kunal:' sir kal...' he was about to say some thing.
raj: 'siddhi in se melo...'he said second time to siddhi..
this time kunal cannot avoid.he turned his face towards her..his face was expressionless. NO sign of smile on his face...even for formality.
kunal:' hi ma'am'  he said as if a statue was talking.
siddhi:'Disapprove...'ma'am kay bachchay...i will see you later...iss MECHANIC ko ...i have to fix himAngry'..she noted down her first job in her mind with a disapproving smile on her face.

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shumi. IF-Sizzlerz

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As siddhi don't want to spent much time in unit 6 , with a uninterested '...hi...' to kunal she moved on to unit 7. the factory was on the ground floor and the offices on the first floor.raj took her to the first floor to show her office. all the officer's cabins were on the left hand side .on the right hand side cubicals were arranged for assistants staffs to sit.the officers cabin's front walls were made up of transparent white unbreakable fiber so that they can see their staffs working from their respective places.
raj  opened one of the newly furnished cabin ...
raj : "siddhi ...yeh hai tumhara cabin...Smile" they both entered was neatly furnished with the back ground baby blue her favorite colour.

siddhi:'...good...Tongue' she liked it.
raj : "i have some work to do in my office..mai tum se baad mai mil tha hun..Smile..." he went out leaving siddhi in her office.siddhi casually without excitement went and sat on the revolving chair...she was tired both physically and mentally.

siddhi:'uufff...dadima teek kaha tha...yeh office sambhal na koi aasan kaam nahi hai...Ouch' she was worried and don't had the mood to look in to files.

siddhi:Sleepy...she raised her eyes to see the time on the wall was 4:15 pm.

siddhi:Shocked...omg!.she did not expect that it will be fast the time went...

the office hours was from 9am to 5pm..1pm to 1:30pm lunch break.saturday half a day for assistants staffs and holiday for officers.
she wanted to leave the office ...she stood up from the chair...her body ached because of the stress...she walked out of her cabin.while she was passing by her next cabin...she glanced through the glass wall...a man standing in side the cabin showing his back to her...searching some thing from the cabinet.

siddhi:'Shocked...this back is familier to me...Confused'... blue thin striped white shirt...wide up body... 5' 9'' feet height...yes! the same KHADOOS  MECHANIC...

siddhi:Angry...she became wild...forcefully pushed the door and barged in.
siddhi:'!Angry...MECHANIC!!...what the hell you are doing here??Angry...'her words and voice were  rude...
he was still searching in his cabinet, doesn't look like distracted by her entry...don't even bothered  to turn towards her...
siddhi:' i am asking  you ? don't you have the MANNERS to reply??? Angry...'she raised her pitch .
kunal took out the file from the cabinet and turned towards her with out any agitation...
kunal:'i hope you know the same MANNERS to get the permission before you enter in to my office...'he said in a cool tone looking in to his files.
siddhi:' my office??? Angrywhat do you mean by my office!!!!Angry...' she shouted at him...
before kunal could reply to siddhi he saw a man standing near the door behind siddhi...

kunal:'araySmile ...shankar ram ji...andher aayeh...Smile" he walked towards his table ...and kept the file on the table.
shankar ram: 'sir aaj shaam ka mera permission...Confused' he stood hesitantly. yesterday itself he asked half an hour permission to go home early today ,to celebrate her 8 years old daughter's birth day.
kunal: 'wo tho mai kal hi sanction kar diya...aap ghar ja ye yeh..aap ki beti intazaar kar thi ho ge..Smile'
shankar ram:' thanks...Big smile'when he was about to go 

kunal:"ek minute...' he stopped him... took his black purse from his pant side pocket ...removed 5 hundred rupees bill and gave it to him.." 

kunal:'beti kay leyeh kuch gift gareeth kay thay na, meri taraf se..Smile"
shankar ram: 'rahane do na sir... kya aap nahi aayen ge?...Confused

kunal:'wo...Approve' before kunal could answer him..
siddhi:Angry...her face turned dare he to ignore my presence ?she became furious.

siddhi:" i was going on asking you don't have the manners to answer me...what are you doing in this office..??Angry'again she screamed.
shankar ram got surprised to see her questioning kunal.
shankar ram: "ma'am...yeh tho inka office haiSmile...kunal sir unit 6 kay executive engineer hai...cabin kay baahar' kunal chopda 'name board laga hua hai.aap ne nahi de kha?" he asked very politely
siddhi:' what!Shocked...'she taken aback with shankar ram's reply

shankar ram:' inkay neeche thakriban soow workers kam karte hain...' he tried to elaborate.

siddhi:'argh!Angry...suddenly her face got inflated with words stuck in to her mouth...couldn't speak...she stormed out with the same forced she entered...
shankar ram:Unhappy... looked at kunal sadly...kunal read his face...
kunal: aap fikar maat kariyeh...foreign return ladkiyan aise hi hote hai..ghuth ko bahuth hoshiyaar samachte hai...aap jaldi ghar ja ye yeh aur beti ka birth day mana yeh..Smile' he convinced him to take it easy.
shankar ram:' aap nahi aayen ge?...' he asked him again.
kunal:' oh...sorryOuch...muje kal kay seminar kay leyeh prepare kar na hai...'he stood helpless.
shankar ram went out...kunal went back to his revolving leather chair and started doing his work with his lap top as if nothing happend...


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-Rojaa- IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks for the pm

I think I missed this FF of urs on kasturi forum, so good I can read it as a sinal one Big smile

Nice start, kc is cool Cool arrogant and bratty SidCool , this is somethings new, moi likes arrogant girls Tongue

Fav combination ,I already feel I'll love this ff

Thanks Big smile

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jay_bpm IF-Stunnerz

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Thanks for the pm.
I just have one complaint, why always address only girls, what about us guys?Ouch Agree we are minority here but still LOL

Anyways, like how it started out. I see Akdoo and Ziddi here as well. Look forward to it Smile

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kalpanaR IF-Sizzlerz

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Hi Shumi Tongue Thanks for the pm...
Glad that your are back with FF Tongue
I was a huge fan of your Ishq sufiyana and used to eagerly wait for your updates...
It is a nice start and good to see a rich, bratty. attitude wala siddhi and the super cool, akdoo, successful KC Tongue

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Aaliya_Fizz IF-Sizzlerz

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Shumi di thanks for PMHug
i'm a huge fan of ur what a start..Day Dreaming
akkdu aur ziddi is bkBig smile

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ClapClapThumbs UpClapClap

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