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Hello friends,

Are you new to CID/CID SB section and interested to know about how the team lead by ACP Ajaatshatru solved previous cases? Don't worry we have archived some of those stories for you. If you have any doubts do PM one of bluepink, Belle1989 or priya.nair.

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Update by Bluepink

Murder in trance - Part 1 aired on April 18

Monday's episode begins with a guy jogging in the park and then shocked at seeing someone with a knife trying to kill him and he screams and run. At the same park, Salil Ankola is doing some exercise and he asks this guy the reason behind his petrified look. Salil Ankola tells him that he is a CID officer and he searches the park for the guy with the knife. He can't find anyone. Next day the entire CID team lead by Ajatshatru comes with 3 camcorders. Everyone takes their position with one camcorder and hides behind bushes. This guy is asked to go for joggingat the same place and Ajatshatru sits in the CID jeep monitoring everything. After a while the guy screams and runs towards them but they can't see or find anyone in the park.

They take the recorded tapes to CID doctor. He examines and finds that while jogging the guy hears a bell around the same every day and then he goes into trance and sees the guy with a knife in trance. So he needs to be hypnotised. A hypnotist comes and the guy is hypnotised by ringing a bell then this guy goes into a trance and a house in front of a tower then sees a couple named Akhil & some name( i forgot) being asked by a bearded guy to keep all their jewellery and money on the table and then he kills the couple. The occurance is shown in negatives. So nothing is clear to us but the CID team writes all the name and draw pictures according to the guy's description. Then he is brought back from hypnotised state and Ajatshatru asks him who Akhil is and this guy says Akhil and his wife are his friends and are killed in an accident. Ajatshatru says that his friends are not killed in car accident but someone killed them with a knife. the hynotist says that most probably when they were killed thi guy was hypnotised by hearing a bell or something and whenever he hears the same sound in the park he goes into trance and sees the guy with knife.

Murder in trance - Concluding part aired on April 19

After few days CID team visits that guy's home. He lives there with his wife and a servant. He doesn't seem to recognize the CID team. CID teams feels that something is wrong with this guy. They go back to the office and then gets a phone call from this guy's wife that he is going to kill her and then we hear a loud cry!!! CID teams reaches home and this guy's wife is in pool of blood and servant is crying. This guy is sitting with a perplexed look. He has no clue how this all happpened. CID team asks the servant about it and he says that he was out to buy grocery and when came back saw 'madam' on the floor and 'sir' with the knife. He then tells that 'sir' is disturbed for the past few days and he is been getting many phone calls and also spends most of the time at home in a room. CID team checks the room and they don't find anything extraordinary. Then someone switches on the computer and they see a a sprial formation with 'OM' some kind of hypnotism mehtod. Now they know that this guy is in hynotised state and has killed his wife in that state.

CID team starts searching the person with the help of description this guy gave in PART 1 episode. They have some clues like it's a beach area and also where fishemen live. Then they round it off to Versova and the show the drawm picture of the culprit to many people in the area. According to the guy's description culprit has beard and is lame. But one guy tells CID team after seeing the picture that this guy doesn't have a beard. Then tells them his house. When CID team visits culprit's house. He is shown as a clean shaven man. He is bought to the CID bureau where he refuses to admit his crime. But then one CID officer thrashes him and this guy tells the truth that he becomes a 'dhongi baba' and then only accepts rich clients then hypnotises them and robes them in their hypnotized state. In the case of the guy's friends Akhil and his wife when culprit was hypnotising this guy must have been near the window and got himself hypnotised and then Akhil's wife gets up from the hypnosis and sees this bab taking aways all their money and jewellery. So she screams and "baba" kills both Akhil and wife. Wife falls on a picture of tower. This guy ( the guy who sees everything from the beginning) runs and when out of hypnotised state sees Akhil and wife killed in a car accident which actually "baba" had killed them and then put them in a car and pushed off a cliff.

So whenever this guy was jogging in the park and heard a bell (may be some school bell), he would go into hypnotised state and see the murder. But when he is out os it he forgets everything. When "baba" came to knwo that this guy has told about the murder to CID, "baba" somehow put the hypnosys CD in this guy's computer and called him and hypnotised him everyday.

Anyways, "baba" is caught and this guy's murder in trance drama comes to an end.

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Update by Bluepink
Drunken Killer- Part 1 aired on April 25th

Monday's show starts with CID oficer Akshay (former cricketer Salil Ankola)and his friend in officer's house. His friend (he was also shown in murder in trance episodes as the guy who is bankrupted and came to Mumbai to see his friend Akshay to get help). This guy is sad and tells Akshay that his business partner took all his money and he is now near bankruptcy. Akshay tells him to calm down and we see this guy holding his chest (like he consumed poison or something) and then passing out on the floor. Akshay calls doctor.

At the CID bureau, we are shown that Inspector Daya comes with a drunk man named Ajit (Aasif Sheik who starred in few movies and dramas)and other officers ask what he is upto? Daya then tells them that (shown in flashback) previous day he was at a book store and sees a man following him and when he comes out of the book store this man comes to Daya and asks him if he is a CID officer and that he wants to tell him something and then hands him a piece of paper and asks him to meet him there at night. Daya sees some bar name written on the paper. At night in that bar this guy is totally drunk and telling a waiter how his life is ruined and he wants to die. Daya goes there to meet him and this guy in totally drunken state tells Daya that he killed a guy in a resort and then asked a bellboy to help him hide the dead body. He gave bell boy lots of money and jewellery and then he buried the deadbody with the help of bell boy.

When this drunk guy is slightly sobered he refuses to acknowledge that he killed someone and that he has told anything like this to Daya. Then Daya threatens him with his "slap" . Ajatshatru asks him if he remembers anything that happened that night in the drunken state. The drunk guy then tells them that now he slightly remembers few of the things but when he drinks he is in a different state. So he can't remember whom he murdered or which bellboy helped him bury the body. He faintly remembers the name of the resort and says that bell boy's name starts with 'B'. Ajatshatru asks why he agreed to confess the crime after all these years. He tells them that he was in hiding and finally got bored of always running from police so thought of going back to his wife and when he reached home saw his wife with another man. He lost interest in life and decided to confess his crime.

CID team reaches the resort. They ask the manager if they can dig some portions of the resort to pull out a dead body. Manager is angry and first doesn't agree. Then Inspector Akshay is mad at him and tells him that this guy has confessed that he has killed someone in this resort and buried the deadbody with the help of a bellboy whose name starts with 'B'. He tells manager to call everyone whose name starts with 'B'. Manager seems to hide something on his chest with his hand and when asked by CID team what he is hiding and why he is tensed, we are shown that his name also starts with B. His name is Bairag. Then he calls 3 bell boys whose name starts with 'B'. They deny that they were involved in the crime in any way. And that drunk guy don't seem to remember bell boy's face or the guy who died.

When the CID team dug the resort compound, they find a skeleton, a knife and a name tag on skeleton which says 'Bittu'. Now they are confused because Bittu is bellboy's name and Ajit (drunken man) told them that he called another guy with the help of bellboy and that guy was wearing a suit.

Drunken Killer- Concluding part aired on April 26th

The CID team reaches bureau with the skeleton and doctor tells them that this skeleton was disfigured using the same knife. CID team is confused that when Ajit buries him he had just killed this guy but then who could have dug the deadbody had disfigured the face?

They ask Ajit if he remembers the year or date or month when he killed this guy. Ajit has not much clue but he thinks it's somewhere in April-May. CID team says that it would be better to ask his wife but Ajit is not happy to meet her since he thinks that she cheated him with another guy. So CID team goes to his house without Ajit. Ajit's wife is happy to hear that Ajit is not dead. She ays that he is missing since April 7th, 2001. She tells them that she wants to meet her husband but CID team says that he doesn't as he suspects her. Then she tells them that she only loves her husband and she has a friend living with her who helped her get through all these years without Ajit.

CID team reaches resort and asks manager to check register for entries on April 7th, 2001 at Room 6. They find someone named Sohan checking in but no checkout date or time. Manager says he doesn't know about it because he was not on duty that day.

They start enquiring about Bittu the bellboy but gets no clue about his family. Then they start enquiring about Sohan and reaches his house. It is locked but then they see an old man approaching the house. They ask him about Sohan and old man says that he is Sohan's uncle and he lives in this house which Sohan gave him when he left for America. CID team tells him that they knwo he is lying because Sohan is not in America but dead. Then old man is scared and tells them that he doesn't know anything only his son knows. CID team waits for his son to return. His son returns at night and seeing CID jeep, he tries to run. CID team grabs him and Ajit confirms that this is none other than Bittu the bellboy.

Meanwhile they show Inspector Akshay's bankrupted friend plans to go to Pune to meet up with his business partner and Akshay asks him to take his car.

They take Bittu the bellboy to the bureau where he confirms the story that Ajit gave him money to bury deadbody. He personally knew that dead guy Sohan is very rich and he had no relatives. So he went back, dug up the body, disfigured his face, put his badge and made the dead body look like Bittu's. Then he left that resort and started living in Sohan's bunglow with his family. That old man was not Sohan's uncle but Bittu's dad. But Bittu says he didn't kill him. He said that Sohan owned many bars.

Then Ajit remembers that he used to frequent a bar named manjusha bar before this incident. CID team reaches there and Ajit recognizes one of the waiters. Waiter says that he remembers Ajit being totally drunk and one day almost passed out then another guy, a well built, tall, bearded guy took him out of the bar. Another waiter confirms this and tells them that that guys' name is 'something'( I don' remember) and where is lives. CID team grabs that guy at his residence and brings him to bureau.

After Daya usual 'SLAP' that guy confirms that he killed Sohan over some issues and they were drinking in that resort and killed him. He got scared so he ran and came to manjusha bar where he saw Ajit passing out blurting to the waiter that he never remembers a thing after few drinks. So he lured Ajit offering him more drinks and took him to the resort where he passed out. Then this guy handed over the knife which he used to kill Sohan and ran from there. When Ajit got up, he thgouht that he killed Sohan and entire drama took place. This guy asks for forgiveness but CID teams asks him to give Ajit's 4 years back. Can he?

Ajit returns to his wife and promises her to sober up.

End of the story.

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Update by Bluepink
The strange case of dead body in a box- Part 1 aired on May 2nd

This week's story starts with Inspector Akshay finding the bankrupted friend (the guy was shown in last few shows) whom he had given his car (in the last show) to go to Pune, in a beaten state in his room. That friend tells Akshay that while coming back from Pune after getting 25 Lacs from his business partner, he was robbed off and beaten and that's why his condition is like this. Akshay asks if he has filed any complaint. His friend says no. Akshay insists that he does and his friend keeps refusing. Just then Akshay gets call from CID bureau and he leaves. His friend looks confused and worried and searches his bag.

Next we are shown a dark room and a girl is anchoring some horror show with lots of skeletons and other scary stuff. Three guys are shooting the program. One guy says that it gives him creeps to look at the skeletons. Other guy tells him that those stuff are made of plastic and are not real. Just then the girl gets a call on her mobile and she cries after attending the call. She informs the team that her dad died.

We are shown this girl crying on her mother's shoulders. Next to them another man and a lady are sitting and their lawyer tells them that her father has bought a gift for her. There is a huge gift on the lawn and on opening the gift they find an antique wooden box. The girl is very happy to find the gift. Mother asks her to open the box and on opening they find a dead body inside it. They think it is plastic as her father always gifts her wierd stuff because of her liking for such stuff.

She hangs that decayed looking dead body in her room and goes to sleep. At night she finds lots of ants in her room and sees that they are eating the dead body ( Yuck!!!).

CID team Ajatshatru, Jasmine and Pratap are in her home examining the dead body. They enquire how she got this thing and she tells them everything. She also tells that she keeps only plastic stuff in her home and not real ones. She asks them to talk to the lawyer about it.

Lawyer tells CID team that the box was purchased from an antique dealership for Rs 50,000 and shows them the receipt and dealer's name.

CID team enquires about the box and dead body at the dealer's shop. Dealer is worried and tells them that Pratap singh (girl's dad)placed order on 18th and box was delivered on 20th.He doesn't have any clue about dead body.

At the bureau, the Doctor is in a funny mood talking about box and Ajatshatru gets pissed at Doctor for not telling them anything about dead body. Then Doctor tells them that the dead body is of a man around 25-30 and doesn't have any mud deposits so was kept in a clean place before placing in the box and also it doesn't have any wounds nor was it poisoned. Then he shows them the x-ray of body where in there is a metal in one of the legs. But bones of the body was not broken. The metal was simply screwed to the bone. When Doctor removes metals screws, they find lots of Diamonds inside it. It seems that guy (who is deadbbody now) purposely put those diamonds inside his body.

CID team is back at antique dealer. They tell him that it is now a case of smuggling. Dealer tells that he has no clue of what happened but his shop locks were broken by somebody on 19th but nothing was robbed. He had registered a complaint too. So CID teams thinks that 18th the box order was placed. 19th somebody must have put the dead body in it. But his bad luck that 20th the box was delivered to someone. They also find out that same day on 19th, there was another burglary at a lady's house but nothing was taken. They find it strange.

They reach lady's (her name is Sheela)home. She looks scared and tells them that since nothing was stolen she withdrew case and they should stop harassing her. CID team leaves. After sometime Sheela leaves home and drives to some place. CID team were hiding near her home and they follow her. She reaches a cliff and is planning to jump off from there. CID team (Ajatshatru, Jasmine,Akshay, Pratap) runs to rescue her. Pratap asks her to hold his hand. But as she holds his hand, she slips. Ajatshatru is shocked.

The strange case of dead body in a box- Concluding part aired on May 3rd

Sheela doesn't die. Pratap rescues her. She is flustered. She tells CID team that there was burglary in her house but she told police there was none because the thing which got stolen was her husband's dead body. Ajastshatru asks what she was doing with a dead body in the house. She tells them that she was preserving her husband's dead body. CID team is shocked.

Sheela explains that her husband used to travel to Belgium a lot and once when he returned he was very tired and weak. Sheela requests him to see a doctor but he refuses and dies. Then a friend of her husband knocks at the door and tells her that he knows a baba who can bring her husband back to life. She goes to meet baba and he gives her a oil and asks her to apply it to the dead body for few months and 6th month he would be alive. (Flashback scenes end)

Cut to present, Sheela cries and tells that one day there was burglary and the dead body went missing. She called police but couldn't tell them that her husband's dead body is missing. CID team searches Sheela's house to find clues about whole thing. They conclude that the operation of putting diamonds inside bone was done in belgium and 3 other friends knew about it. That's why the baba guy told her to preserve the body so they can take it away. before she burns the body.

CID doctor tells the team that the guy died of blood clot which happenend due to infection caused by keeping diamonds in his bone. The diamonds are worth 7 crores. Now CID team is sure that smugglers won't sit quite.

CID team goes to the place where Sheel met baba but they couldn't find him. They ask Sheela if she is lying. Sheela denies. After enquiring nearby they comes to know that the guy who acted as baba was fake.

That girl whose dad gifted her the box is shown driving and she gets a call on her mobile. She stops to answer the call while stepping outside her car. A van comes and two people (Sheela's husband's friend and the guy who was baba) kidnaps her. The girls mobile is falls on the road. We hear them telling something like the place we are going to is 1 hour from here.

Ajatshatru and team reaches kidnaping area and they search for clues. Ajatshatru gets a call on his mobile from Daya that the girl to whom kidnaped girl was talking had recorded the conversation. Daya & constable gives that recorded conversation to CID special bureau team.

According to the conversation they say that the place is 1 hour from there and from other clues, they judge that it is a cemetary. So they start searching cemetaries.

They get call from kidnapers that they need diamonds at a fire log place and only women CID officers need to bring that to them.

Women CIDs go to meet them while Akshay and Pratap are searching for kidnaped girl in cemetary. Smugglers are anxious to get diamonds. One smuggler (baba guy) tells that after taking the dead body from Sheela's house he heard police coming so had to run and keep the body in the box. But badluck that the box was sold the next day and whole thing became a mess.

Women CIDs reach the place. The kidnapers are happy to see them. They open the bag they bought, it had bones. They start breaking bones to find diamonds and smoke comes out of it. Women CID officers wear mask. It was smoke bomb. Kidnapers start coughing. Here Pratap finds kidnaped girl. Another smuggler tries to hit Pratap but Akshay hits him first. They all are caught. Ajatshatru says that smoke bomb did the trick.

End of story.

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Update by Bluepink
Akshay framed- Part 1 aired on May 9th

This week's story starts with Inspector Akshay's friend (who was shown in past few weeks episodes as the friend who is bankrupted now. Check previous updates to read about him) and Inspector Akshay driving to a park where the friend has to drop a packet. As they reach the park the friend gets down from the jeep and almost faints. It's like he is feeling unwell and asks Akshay if he can drop the packet in the park where a person would come to pick it up. Akshay agrees and friend sits in the jeep.

At the park, Akshay can't find anyone and is confused if his friend is in any sort of trouble. He is wondering about the packet in his hand too. Just then a guy comes there and asks for packet. Akshay tells him that he has come in place of his unwell friend. The guy says that he knows that this is Inspector Akshay and asks him about the packet. Akshay is surprised that this guy knows his name. He gives him the packet and in return that guy hands him a bag. Akshay asks about the bag as he was not told anything about the bag. This guy tells him that bag is in favor for the packet. Akshay is confused and for a minute thinks if he should catch this guy.

Exactly at the moment, whole park lits up and that guy is shot and Akshay is surrounded by CID team (ACP Pradyuman, Abhijeet, Daya etc..). ACP tells Akshay that they were informed that there is a drug dealing going to happen in the park and they are surprised to see it was Inspector Akshay. They check the bag and find cocaine in it. ACP Pradyuman arrests Akshay and suspends him. Akshay tells them that he did this for his friend and he is sitting in the jeep. They go to the jeep and there is no one.

At CID bureau, ACP Ajatshatru defends Akshay but ACP Pradyuman is not convinced. He says that he has got evidence. Akshay tells them that his friend is staying with him from few weeks and he might be in his house. The CID special team reaches his home and can't find anyone there. Not even a trace of someone staying in the guest room. But they do find some syringes in Akshay's room. Now they can't trust Akshay and he is perplexed. Akshay thinks about (shown in flashback) the time his friend came home and now he suspects him.

At bureau CID Doctor did postmortem on the guy's deadbody (the drug dealer who was shot in park)and finds a paper with Inspector Akshay's name, mobile no. and meeting time. Now they all are assured that Akshay is somehow involved in it. Akshay tries to convince them that he is not.

Just then Akshay remembers that when the drug dealer was shot the packet he gave fell from his hands. He tells this to Pratap. Pratap, Jasmine and other girl cop goes to the park in search of the packet. Pratap finds it. It was a video cassette.

At the bureau they put the cassette but it's not clear. But they could see a murder happeneing in it. ACP Ajatshatru says that it's not only the case of Akshay getting framed but also a murder case.

Akshay framed- Concluding part aired on May 10th

Akshay's friend's name is Vishal. Vishal is hiding in a house and he gets a call from a guy (he has acted in some serials movies as villain). Vishal asks how he got this number and this villain guy says that Vishal can hide anywhere he will track him out. He tells Vishal to get him that tape for which he was given Cocaine. Vishal tells him that both tape & Cocaine is with CID. Villain guy commands him to bring the tape to him somehow.

At the bureau CID doctor finds many clues. First one is some sounds of theme park, fire brigade. So they come to the conlusion that the murder occured at a place near fire brigade and some amusement park. But then there was another tick-tock sound which Doctor couldn't find out.

When they enquire they find out that one Inspector Deepak was killed at the same place sometime back. So the guy who got killed in the tape was Inspector Deepak. But according to then investigation Deepak was found to be killed by a car which he stopped to check something. In the tape, that car goes and another car comes and stops and a guy comes out and shoots Deepak. Ajatshatru says that no wonder that time case was not solved because whole case was going in some other direction when the real culprit was the guy who came later in the car but they suspected first guy in the car.

At the bureau Doctor finds more clues. From the batch of Cocaine he finds a hidden number which is generally marked by narcotics department when they raid for drugs. Then CID team comes to the conclusion that someone from the police narcotics department is involved with this tape-Cocaine dealing. Just then someone informs that a lawyer has come to bail out Inspector Akshay. Doctor teases him saying that Akshay is not even arrested and already hired a lawyer!

That lawyer was none other than Akshay's fraud friend Vishal in disguise. But Akshay still could make out that it was Vishal. Vishal asks Ajatshatru if he can talk to Akshay in private. In the private room Akshay blasts Vishal but Vishal apologizes and tells him that he is innocent. He was scared to go and take drugs so he posed as sick and sent Akshay instead. He also tells him that he was working for Inspector Deepak. He was in the car filming Deepak's raids on all cars. Then he saw a guy shooting Deepak. He heard them talking about drugs. Vishal was using drugs so in greed for drugs he started blackmailing that guy (who shot Deepak) with the tape and in return demanded cocaine. Vishal says that guy will kill him if he can't give him the tape. Akshay agrees to give him the tape. All this conversation is caught on a camera and Ajatshatru, Pratap, Gargi, Jasmine and Doctor are watching it.

Akshay takes the tape and asks Ajatshatru's permission to go out to meet his mother. In reality he was going to meet Vishal. Ajatshatru and team follows him. As they reach Vishal's home. They hear a scream and see Vishal dead and Akshay's bloody hands. Akshay claims to be innocent and says that someone else shot Vishal with a silencer that's why no one heard bullet shot. He then points to the window shield where the glass is broken.

Pratap goes in search of the killer but can't find anyone. He finds footprints near the window. Footprints were strange because it showed only one shoe mark and other mark was holes.

At the bureau, Doctor tells that now he could find the tick-tock sound and he brings crutches and walks using that. It makes tick-tock sound. he says the killer is a guy who lost one leg, uses crutches to walk and someone from police department (because only policeman can get hold of that cocaine with narcotics batch number).

After some enquiry they bring that guy who phone Vishal in the beginning of today's show. He was walking using crutches. Pratap asks how he lost his leg. He also has bravery medal. Ajatshatru says that this guy was in narcotics police department and captured 5 crore worth of cocaine. Then whole cocaine caught fire and in the midst this guy lost his leg. So he got bravery medal and discharge from force. They were kind of mocking at him as if everyone knew that this guy is the killer. Pratap takes his footprints and it matches with the footprints they ffound outside the window. Thsi guy then agrees to the crime that Deepak knew about his dealings so he finsihed him off and then Vishal blackmailed him so he finished him too. This guy gets arrested.

Akshay is free again to fight evil. Big smile

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Update by Bluepink
The case of party - Part 1 aired on May 16

Today's story starts with a party. We see many guys and gals dancing and a banner that says 'Farewell to Mona'. An older guy is shown threatening a girl that he will kill her. Then we are shown someone keeping that same girl inside the trunk of the car.

Now story moves forward to 3 years (present day). A guy from some film studio is looking for an old car for his director. He is at this car dump yard to find that type of car. The owner of dump yard says shows him a car and that guy opens the trunk and finds a skeleton.

CID team reaches dump yard. Inspector Jasmine also finds a handbag inside the trunk. She takes pictures of the car. Inspector Pratap and Inspector Akshay tries to get engine number but it's been scratched off. They ask the owner when and from whom he bought this car? He tells them that he bought it from a builder and it's been 3 years.

At the bureau, Pratap finds credit card and driver's license, which says Mona from the handbag. Doctor says that skeleton's mouth is been taped and hands and legs were tied. He says it occurred roughly around 3 years before. Just then Jasmine enters and tells them that she enquired all police stations but nowhere Mona Dharamchand's missing report was filed.

They go to Dharamchand's house. He is a rich man. CID team asks why he never filed a report of Mona's missing. Father says that Mona was a very stubborn girl and she would always run from home without informing anyone. So he never bothered about her. Her mother tells ACP Ajatshatru that she last heard from Mona 3 years before from Lonavla where she gave a party. He tells them that they found Mona's skeleton in a car. Mother is shocked but father says he thought this might happen to her one day.

CID team is surprised at Mona's dad's cold behavior after hearing his daughters' death. They now plan to check all the friends who were at Lonavla party. Mona's friends are surprised to hear that she died. They explain what happened that night (flashback). Mona gave farewell to herself that night and told them that she is going somewhere and won't return for long. They never saw her after that.

At the bureau Mona's friends gives the party cassettes to Pratap. He plays all cassettes but he finds one cassette missing. That was the cassette taped between 12:30 midnight till 1:30 am. He threatens the friends about it. One girl says she has it in her bag and hands that cassette to the team. Again the party is shown (flashback). They all are talking and suddenly some masked people come and take Mona away. Ajatshatru asks why they didn't go to police. Friends say that they informed Mona's father immediately but he told them not to go to police and that he will take care of it.

CID team goes to Dharamchand's house again. He says that he is aware of that incident but Mona was always very dramatic. She would always ask for lots of money and would run from home. On the night of the party he got a call for Rs. 5 crore but he was sure that it was Mona's plan so he never bothered.

CID team arrest Mona's father and brings him to the bureau. At the bureau Doctor tells them that the skeleton is not Mona but some else's'. He found that out after DNA testing.

CID team reaches Lonavla farmhouse where party took place 3 years before. Whole area is still the same. They search entire house. Ajatshatru finds something in the swimming pool and asks Pratap to get down there. Pratap goes under the pool and comes up with a skull.

The case of party - Concluding part aired on May 17

Pratap finds rest of the skeleton from the pool. He says that looking at the pelvic bone the skeleton looks that of a girl. Jasmine gets a bracelet, which is inscribed as 'Rita'. Her skull has bruise mark too.

At the bureau Mona's friends tell CID team that Rita and Mona were friends. But they didn't know much about Rita. They thought Rita left with her dad. CID team asks what her dad was doing at the party? They say that they heard him threatening Rita to kill her (which was shown at the beginning of yesterday's episode).

At Rita's house dad is heartbroken after hearing Rita's death. He tells CID team that Rita was on drugs and always in the company of Mona. He went to the party and threatened her but she didn't go back with him and he thought she went somewhere.

At the bureau Inspector Gargi puts the cassettes again. After a while they see a guy wearing yellow shirt in the background speaking to someone on mobile. Gargi puts the tape in slow motion and Pratap tries to read that guy's lips. That guy was saying 'shikaar samne' looking at Mona.

Pratap and Akshay go to a gym in search of that guy (don't know how they came to know that he was in that gym). A guy was working out there. They ask him who the in-charge is? That guy says he is. They ask him why he kidnapped Mona. He denies knowing anybody by the name Mona. Akshay threatens him and he tells the truth that He and his other friends kidnapped Mona and then left her near a road. He also tells them that Mona was the one who asked them to kidnap her to get money from her dad.

At the bureau Doctor tells CID team that the skeleton found in the swimming pool is that of Mona's and in the car trunk is Rita's. Someone must have planted Mona things with Rita's body and vice versa to create confusion.

CID team brings all kidnappers to the bureau and attaches lie detectors and ask them question about Rita and Mona. They tell them that they don't know anything and have not killed any of them. They pass lie detector test. Doctor says that he has got fingerprints from the tape on put on the skeleton in the car trunk. And then got fingerprints of all of Mona's and Rita's friends, parents etc. and also Mona's and Rita's too. Ajatshatru is surprised how Doctor could get fingerprints of dead bodies. Doctor explains that he got Rita's fingerprint from her alarm clock which she used daily and Mona's from her baby scrapbook which had her baby fingerprints. Doctor says that after analyzing everything he came to the conclusion that Mona killed Rita because he found Mona's fingerprints on Rita's tape that was on her mouth.

CID team reaches the place where Kidnappers left Mona. They think that there was no way she could have walked to her farmhouse that night from there then how could she reach swimming pool? They ask the people living around that place to get some clue. Finally a guy tells Jasmine that he was sleeping near a shop and saw a guy wearing yellow shirt picking a girl there.

They go to the gym again and grab that owner. He confesses that he went there to pick Mona and asked her to go with him but she wanted to go to farmhouse because someone else was waiting for her. Who was she/he?????

At Dharamchand's house CID team is grilling Mona's parents. They ask why Mona's mom was at the farmhouse that night. Mona's mom asks why would she kill her own daughter? But CID team tells her that they know that she is not real mother but stepmother. Ajastshatru says that Mona must be disheartened that her dad married a young woman and bought home a stepmother and neglected Mona. So that might be the reason of her bad behavior. They say that they have proof that she was at the farmhouse that night.

Mona's mother agreed that she killed Mona. She knew that Mona was planning her own kidnapping to get money from dad so she also joined hands with Mona. At the farmhouse when they were talking Rita heard everything so they killed her and put Rita in the trunk of the car along with Mona's things so if someone finds it would think that the skeleton is of Mona's and then she killed Mona and dumped the body in the pool. She told Dharamchand to lock the farmhouse. She did this so that when Dharamchand dies she gets the entire property. She is arrested and Dharamchand sits there disillusioned.

End of story. Smile

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Update by Bluepink

The jinxed case -Part 1 aired on May 23

The episode starts with a girl going inside a godown in search of a file. She is talking to herself about how the place is so dark and scary. She wonders why everyone is after this file? She thinks that she wants to be famous fast and whole world should only talk about Suruchi so she needs to get this file. Then she opens a trunk and finds something but suddenly it's filled with some gas and she suffocates to death. We see someone walking out closing the doors behind.

Next morning CID special bureau team arrives at a place and a guy who is Suruchi's boss tells Ajatshatru that Suruchi's dead body was found in a trunk. So he called them. Ajatshatru tells him that he should have called CID team not them because they deal with older cases. That guy takes Ajatshatru aside and tells him that actually Suruchi is a journalist and was working on a 4 year old Laila murder case. That's why he called special bureau. Jasmine finds some blue liquid under Suruchi's nose and her eyes are blue too. They have no clue what it is? Ajatshatru sees a woman looking at them and see what they are doing. The introduction of new cop. Her real name is Manasi Varma. Jasmine also finds a paper from Suruchi's body, which says that she is working on Laila murder case and they should check the case no. at police records. The case no. is pr13/20001.

They go to police station records room and tells the guy to show them pr13/20001 case no. file. That guy says that the file is in rack 9. That guy tells them that its Laila murder case and it is jinxed. Whoever tries to open it they die. He also tells them that in 2001 one reporter died then again in 2002 one more and the third one died yesterday. So this is a jinxed case. Ajatshatru is mad at that guy and scold him for being a police officer and talking like some illiterate. He says that Laila's killer is caught and he is going to be hanged after 2 days. Ajatshatru asks Jasmine to find out who all worked in Laila case and there he sees the new female cop again.

Ajatshatru wonders why everyone gets killed when they open Laila case. Gargi tells that Tejali was working on Laila murder case but she is presently an undercover cop. Ajatshatru and Pratap goes to a fish market in casual wear. Ajatshatru tries to buy a fish.Then he sees that lady again whom he saw near dead body and at the police record room. He goes and buys fish from her and hands her a card, which reads that they are from CID, and wants to meet her.The whole fish market scene was funny.

At Bureau Tejali (real name Manasi Verma) comes and tells them that she was working on that case. She gives them details like Laila was 20 yrs old and disappeared on 12th March 2001. One couple saw her being kidnapped in a Blue van. Tejali and team searched and one day they found a Blue van near a home. When they went there found the home closed from inside but no one was inside the house and saw a guy digging a hole outside. They found 4 dead bodies all cut into pieces. That guy is arrested and is going to be hanged after 2 days. She also tells them that that guy's name is Barundi and he was acting all crazy that night. He was talking unrelated stuff and didn't know Laila though he still was arrested for all the murders including Laila's.
Ajatshatru says now he knows why everyone is after Laila case because Barundi didn't kill Laila and someone else did. They go to meet Barundi in jail. He is acting all crazy and tells them that if he speaks something then someone will die. He says that he killed 3 girls and takes their names. But hesitates when asked about 4th. He says he didn't kill 4th one. Ajatshatru says 4th one is Laila. Now that guy acts all crazy and grabs Ajatshatru's face and warns him that he shouldn't have opened this case and now he is going to dies in 2 hours.

At bureau, the Doctor is surprised about so many dead bodies and not much clue. Tejali tells him that they didn't find skull only rest of the skeleton and all in pieces. They did DNA matching but didn't find much. Doctor says then how did they come to the conclusion that Laila was among those skeletons. Tejali says because there was a Blue van. Doctor scoffs at entire police team and says that police is always in a hurry and didn't even think that there can be another Blue van too. Ajatshatru doesn't like Doctor's attitude and he picks an argument with him. Suddenly he feels sick, grabs his chest and falls on ground. A blue liquid comes out of his nose. Everyone is shocked.

Part 2 tonight. What do you guys think that chemical is and how did Ajatshatru get affected? I think that guy in jail had something to do with it.

The jinxed case -Part 2 aired on May 24

Ajatshatru is in the hospital on oxygen. His daughter, Nanny and rest of the CID team wait anxiously. Doctor tells Pratap that someone gave poison injection on Ajatshatru's neck. Jasmine doubts Barundi. But doctor says the poison was given 8 hrs before. Pratap remembers how Ajatshatru was holding his neck in the fish market. So Pratap and team plan to retrace their path to 8 hrs before. 8 hrs before they were near the truck where dead body was found. Pratap, Gargi, Jasmine and Tejali inspect the place but suddenly Pratap gets pain on his neck. Tejali inspects his neck and finds out that he has been given the injection too. They are shocked. Tejali is wondering how both ACP Ajatshatru and Pratap were injected at the same place. She asks Pratap about who was driving the jeep when they were coming to inspect dead body. Pratap says to this place ACP drove and going back he did. Tejali inspects the jeep and finds an injection on the driver's seat of the car.

They go to Dr. Bharadwaj. He says that Pratap's condition is serious. But doctor couldn't find what poison it is till now. He says it's some new type of poison that he has never seen. He asks Pratap to get admitted in the hospital but Pratap doesn't want to because he wants to find out how Suruchi died. Doctor says she also died of same poison. Pratap and team go to Suruchi's house to search for evidence. They get some tapes on Laila. On Laila's mom's tape mom is shown telling Suruchi that Laila didn't have any friends and may be only one named Nivedita. Nivedita says Laila had a boyfriend Amit and she was scared of Amit. Pratap says that someone needs to go to Citytimes office as a reported to find out more about Laila case and how Suruchi was handling it?

Tejali goes to Citytimes as undercover. She is introduced as a reporter who will work on Laila case. Then we are shown a guy (face not shown) talking on the phone that another reporter is on Laila case and she needs to be killed too. She goes to the Xerox machine to get some papers Xeroxed but finds a paper for her there which reads whether she wants to know about Laila's murdered if 'Yes' then write so. She searches everywhere and asks the peon who kept that paper but he doesn't know. She writes YES but wants the proof.

After a while peon gets her some more papers with her name on it. She is surprised as they were not hers. The paper says if she needs proof then first proof is that ACP Ajatshatru is going to get killed. She tries Pratap's cell but it's off. Then she calls Jasmine and gives her the info. They run and tell Pratap. Pratap sees a stretcher near ACP's room and finds a time bomb under that. He takes chance and tries to defuse the bomb. He succeeds. He is mad that someone even thought to kill ACP. Gargi informs Tejali that the info was correct and they defused the bomb. Tejali gets a call on her cell that if she wants to see Blue van then come to a place.

Tejali is going to that place and Pratap, Jasmine and Gargi are following her. Pratap gets sick and can't drive. Tejali tells them that she can handle it alone and Pratap needs to be taken to the hospital asap.

Tejali goes near a theatre and a guy comes and gives her a ticket for the show and tells her that a guy asked him to give her that. She goes inside movie hall and some film is going on. She searches for the person and sees someone behind her. She turns and gets a shock, as it's the Citytimes office peon. He gives her chloroform.

At the hospital Pratap's condition is serious. ACP is now out of danger and he comes to see Pratap and remembers good times with him.

Tejali opens her eyes and finds her on top of some really tall building. There was peon and another guy. That guy says he is Amit, Laila's boyfriend but she refused to marry her so he killed her and then framed Barundi. He also killed everyone who was after that case. Now they plan to throw Tejali from there. Tejali screams but soon Gargi and Jasmine shoot peon and Amit.

I am not sure if last night's episode was concluding part of the story. Though they showed Tejali and team catching the culprits, they didn't show if Pratap is out of danger and what that poison is? So let the heading be Part 2 instead of concluding part or may be it really was the end of the story and they might reveal the name of that posion in some other story Smile
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Update by Bluepink

Secret of the Coffin- Part 1 aired on May 30

Last night's show started with a guy jumping the fence of a house and rings the doorbell. One of the servant staff of the house opens the door and this guy asks him that he want to meet Jack. A maid comes down and says that Jack died last night at 10:30 pm and right now his funeral service is going on in the graveyard.

We are shown the funeral service and everyone putting mud on the coffin. This guy goes there and tells them to stop funeral. Everyone thinks he is mad and asks him to go away. But he insists that the coffin doesn't have dead body. Peter (Catherine's brother) says that he has put the dead body inside the coffin himself. Anyways they open and find the dead body inside the coffin. That guy still believes that the guy inside the coffin is not Jack but his family members say he is.

At CID special bureau office Ajatshatru is working on something and Tejali tells him that she is going back to Pune to join her duty. Ajatshatru tells her that she is transferred to special bureau and she is happy.

At Jack's home, Catherine (his wife) is crying and maid is asking her to eat something. A servant informs her that a guy named Vipul has come to meet her. Catherine and Peter find that this is the same guy who tried to stop funeral. Peter is angry. Vipul says Jack is alive and all this is drama. He is sure that Jack's dead body is not in the coffin. He tells them to call police and dig the coffin again. Peter, Vipul and a policeman dig the coffin again and when they open can't find Jack's dead body inside. Catherine is shocked. Policeman says that they should handover the case to CID special bureau (Why special bureau?? I thought they only dealt with old cases.)

Ajatshatru asks Vipul if he is a tantrik or else how could he predict that jack's dead body wouldn't be inside the coffin. Vipul says that when he was at City hospital few days back, he heard a guy talking on the phone about Jack and that he would die on 20th May at 10:00 so prepare a death certificate soon and then they would take his body away. Pratap and Ajatshatru are not very convinced with Vipul's story. They think that someone dug the coffin and took the dead body.

Pratap and team go to the graveyard in search for more clues. He scolds the watcher there for not doing his duty properly. Gargi finds some footprints near Jack's coffin and Jasmine finds a button and earring. Gargi says that earring is the same, which Vipul was wearing.

They go to Vipul's house to interrogate him. Pratap asks if that earring is his? Vipul shows them his earrings, which he had in the house. Then Jasmine searches his closet for shirts with missing button. She finds a shirt with similar button but can't find any missing buttons. Vipul is mad at them for suspecting him. He says someone is trying to put all blame on him. Gargi then checks his shoes size and matches it with the prints they got near Jack's coffin. It matches well. Vipul tells them that he went to the graveyard twice one to stop the funeral and another with policeman to dig the coffin so his footprints are bound to be there. CID team goes from there.

Pratap and team are in the jeep discussing this case. Tejali doubts Jack's family. Gargi doubts if Jack really is alive. Pratap gets a call from Ajatshatru asking the team to go to Jack's house immediately. Catherine tells them that Jack is alive and they got a tape from someone. Pratap puts the tape and it says " Catherine if you need your husband alive come to Madh island fort on 28th May with 1.5 crore and don't inform CID special bureau". Then her husband screams, "Catherine help me. Give them the money. CID team asks if it is her husband's voice and she says it is.

CID special team goes to Madh island fort before time in mufti. They take their positions in the fort and watch with binoculars. They see Catherine's car coming. After a while Pratap sees a black van. He alerts everyone. The van stops near Catherine and throw a sack; takes a turn and drive off, Pratap jumps in front of the van and shoots. He run behind the van and shoots a lot of bullets but can't catch it. The van drives off. Catherbice is about to open that sack but Ajatshatru stops her and asks Pratap to open it (Ajatshatru is becoming very lazy. Can't do anything himself.LOL) Pratap opens the sack and find Jack's body inside. Catherine screams.

Concluding part tonight.

It's sad that they didn't show what that poison was in last week's show. I am really curious to know. Unhappy

Secret of the Coffin- Concluding part aired on May 31

Catherine cries looking at Jack's dead body. She blames CID for his death. Pratap finds a letter in dead body's pocket, which says this is what you get for informing CID special bureau.

At forensic lab Dr. Bharadwaj performs DNA test, dental test on dead body and it matches with Jack's previous records. Then he turns Jack's body to one side and there is a deep wound there. Dr. tells CID team that the body's pancreas and liver is full of water. The conclusion is that this body was kept in a freezer for long time and he died around 1.5 years ago. Now CID team is shocked. Pratap wonders how Jack can die 1.5 years ago then die few days ago and then disappear again? Jasmine says that Jack's death certificate says he dies on 25th May so if this is Jack then who died on 25th?

CID team reaches Catherine's' house and tell her that the guy who died on 25th was not Jack but someone else and her real husband died 1.5 years ago. Peter asks them if they know who killed Jack. They search the house for some clues. They get some medical reports, tapes and photo albums. They take those with them to the bureau.

Dr. Bharadwaj says he will try to match the voice in this tape with the voice in the tape Catherine received on 24th (the one she received in part 1 of the show). He tries some voice modulation machine and finds that both the voices are different. So the guy who disappeared from graveyard is not Jack. But in the second tape they hear airplane landing sound and Tejali says that Catherine's house is near airport. She suspects Catherine. Gargi and Pratap find Vipul with Jack in on of the photos.

CID team goes to Vipul's house. Pratap threatens him to tell the truth. Vipul says he didn't know Jack. Pratap shows the photo. Vipul says that is not Jack but Kiran. He tells them that Kiran and he were friends and one day they saw Jack who looked like Kiran. (I didn't like this twist. Humshakal dramas are so outdated.Dead ) . So they kidnapped Jack and tied him in a godown then Kiran changed himself into Jack and stabbed Jack (that was the deep wound Dr.Bharadwaj found earlier). Kiran changed after becoming rich. He didn't give any money to Vipul as promised. Vipul threatened him but Kiran refused to give him any money. Tejali calls Ajatshatru and tells him that she has brought Catherine to the bureau for interrogation.

CID team asks Catherine to tell the truth. She cries and tells them that she actually married Kiran but thought he was Jack. When Vipul started threatening Kiran he told everything about Jack to her and she agreed to go along with his plan. So Kiran plotted the death drama but Vipul got to know about it somehow and involved CID. So Jack planned the kidnapping and then brought real Jack's dead body so to close the case and then Kiran and Catherine planned to flea the country forever with Jack's money. She says that her husband Kiran is waiting for her at Hotel Queen Palace.

She takes CID team there. But they find another guy in the room. While they are interrogating the guy, Kiran comes in and seeing CID he runs and Catherine runs along with him and CID team after them. Finally Ajatshatru shoots Kiran in the legs and arrests him and Catherine and brings them to the bureau where Kiran agrees to the crime.

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