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2/4 Dragon Club:The Water Shock Treatment :P

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Episode Take

From a story progress POV I loved the episode because somehow after the episode I felt relieved that AarYa's decision regarding SP-Radha PV is at least out in front of all and so now the story can finally progress Big smile,... Though AarYa disappointed me big time with their emotional blackmailing and kasam nonsense but that actually brought out the strop SP in action once again who still holds his ground strongly Thumbs Up

AarYa's POV vs SP's POV ... Timing mayb wrong but Positive thing is story got a move on Thumbs Up

With a very heavy heart I hv to say AarYa did wrong today Ouch ... They should not hv gone in such hurry to ask SP about PV .. By doing this they hv actually put Radha's image under the scanner .. if they were not in this hurry , then Ishita too would not hv gone on to trap Radha in this mangalsutra fiasco OuchOuch .. So because of AarYa's rushed decision , today Radha's character and image will b once again questioned by all Ouch

Also Aarti's kasam thing made no sense ... how can Aarti give her unborn baby ka kasam and force it down SP's throat  Ouch
Ouch...Problem with AarYa is that they r seeing things only from their POV and not ready to see how others will feel about it OuchI always expected them to talk to Pankaj and Pratik first before going ahead .. so yeah I m disappointed with their appraoch today  Unhappy

But on the positive side I m happy story finally moved Big smile...Things were getting a bit stagnant and also repitative with Ishita plotting and Radha just standing like a silent pillar and Akash as usual continuing with his abuses .. Things needed a move on and so this bomb blast was needed Ermm

In a way its good that AarYa dint delay much and just said it to SP whatever was in their heart and in return SP too gave both a good reality check about he is the father and not vice versa LOL .. At least the show will get a move on now with whatever mayb the end conclusion Ermm

From AarYa's POV if I think , they r not wrong .. They feel they hv the right to decide for SP because they r given this responsibility to look after all by none other than Gayatri and so when they see SP all alone and frustrated in life , they feel the only way to give him happiness is by getting him remarried because thats the way they both got happiness .. So basically AarYa here r applying their own life's funda of getting their father remarried Ermm...As a viewer we feel its too soon but AarYa dont feel so because their main aim is to  see everyone happy as soon as possible  Ermm...

Also I guessed it right ..Aarti herself admits that one thing which is worrying them is SP's growing age and so they feel the need to hurry up with this punarvivah because in their case they both were young and had the liberty to take some time but in SP's case he almost needs someone to b around him 24/7 and so the rush for this punarvivah Ouch

But when we look at the whole thing from SP's POV who just lost his wife 1 month back , AarYa looks all wrong and insensitive to SP's emotions because it looks as if AarYa r almost forcing down their decision on SP via emotional blackmailing of baby promise Ouch... SP is right when he reminds Yash that he is not the father to bring rishta .. he does not hv this right at all ... SP's outburst was more of viewer's outburst here who r also looking at things from SP's perspective and so just like SP , even viewers will find AarYa wrong in their whole approach and the rush ,.Smile..

So in a way SP was voice of viewers today and so almost all viewers will agree with SP's POV and will also cheer for him because he gave the much needed reality chk to AarYa Smile... But  very few viewers will actually look at the whole thing from AarYa's POV because its complex LOL... AarYa r simply applying thier own life's funda and r hurrying up with things because they fear that sooner or later either the society will start questioning Radha's stay in SM or some disaster will strike SP because he is all alone now and its not possible for anyone to attend him 24/7 ...Ouch

In the end I feel channel wants SP-Radha PV asap to b given by AarYa .. so whether we like it or not , things will go in this direction only Approve

SP and Radha's realisation in that one moment when SP finally said sorry to Radha Smile

I actually loved the moment when Yash-Aarti left SP-Radha alone to talk followed by SP saying sorry to Radha for his 30 yr old mistake but in return Radha giving no reply and just going off from there .. that was perfect Thumbs Up,..

Finally SP realises his mistake after being given a taste of his own medicine by AKash and this is what made him say sorry to Radha because he realises how his one mistake in the past caused such disaster in everyone's lives Ouch .. Also I m glad Radha does not instantly forgive SP there itself but remained silent and gets up from there which was a perfect reaction in my opinion because I dont expect Radha to forgive SP so easily for that 30 yr old mistake Smile...

This was a moment of realisation for both SP and Radha in a way ... SP realised how he wronged Radha in the past whose karma is this birth of a monstar Akash who is unfortunately his own blood Ouch while Radha realised how she actually failed as a mother when it comes to AKash and mayb thats what made her further embarassed when she remains silent despite SP asking for forgievness Ermm

This is where I expected AarYa to give time to both SP-Radha to hv their own set of realisations and decide on their own whether they want to b together or not in future which might hv come after few months time but AarYa as usual made a blunder by going ahead to talk to SP on that same day about his punarvivah Ouch

AarYa scene indicated some interesting future possibility Tongue

AarYa towel scene was dreamyy Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming... I wish the scene was a little bit longer and instead of wasting time discussing about SP-Radha PV  , I wish AarYa had some baby talks there Embarrassed .. But anyways I loved the scene with naughty Yash in action giving out sneezing excuse so that Aarti can wipe off his hair and he can grab her waist  to do some naughty romance ...ishhh EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Even though the scene might look like a filler but Yash complaining about how Aarti is too busy with kids and kitchen work could b a future indication of upcoming AarYa track when as a husband Yash might feel a bit neglected since Aarti will b too busy with kids and housework just like Vidhi and we know how Pankaj used to feel neglected , and this is where Ishita might take advantage to seduce Yash WinkTongue... We knows Yash wont fall for Ishita's gameplan since he is too loyal to his Aarti ji but this can actually spice up AarYa track and mayb bring that possessive wife Aarti in action for her husband Yash and this way we might see some passionate moments between AarYa EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Today's AarYa scene gave me a slight indication that Yash is actually getting desperate to spend some romantic moments with Aarti especially the scene where he almost falls over her only to b stopped by Aarti Wink and so in future we can see a natural tiff between AarYa where Yash might want to spend time with Aarti but Aarti will b too busy with kids and housework  Ouch and this is where Ishita can play her game by trying to increase her interactions with Yash as a friend Evil Smile

So AarYa scene today made me hopeful for such a future track revolving around AarYa and the above situation is quite realistic too because normally after kids , wives do get busy with them and husbands often feel ignored which results in many tiffs between husband-wife but it does spice up the married life too Tongue

Overall a good episode for me where AarYa might come out looking wrong but the story finally moved Smile

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For anyone who is new to the forum, or the thread, and wondering what we are all about, Dragon Club (DC) is an analysis, discussion, venting and general merry-making thread about PV where everyone is welcome and can just jump into discussion any time!

The only guidelines are:

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For the list of members please refer to the PREVIOUS THREAD
If you have not joined yet ,then plss join these following threads and increase the Forum Activity Tongue
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From now onwards everyone in this DC post who r commenting ,liking or stalking ...plsss make sure u hv done your daily 2 comments quota in these following profiles of GC and KS Embarrassed...

It will b better if we can comment on every actor's profile at least twice in a day so that all PV actors rankings can go up but make sure we r doing it regularly on GC and KS's profile at least Embarrassed...


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                                                  PATIENCE SERVES AS 
                                       A PROTECTION AGAINST WRONGS

No truer words have never been said when it comes to dealing with Aakash Scindia...The latter does everything in his power to disrupt the peace in his family, he wanted his rights so they gave him what he asked for but he always finds ways to seek attention from his family members cause despite having money he isn't happy. So during Holi celebration, Akash brought his friends who were all drunk and were making noise which irritated Yash and his family. 


But it didn't stop Yash and his loved ones from having a great time, Aakash saw that in spite of his tactics to disturb them, they were able to have a wonderful time and that made him angry...Aakash's anger was not only at the fact they had fun but also cause apart of him wanted to be there with them as well but instead he was stuck on the outside looking in because of the choices he made.


So once again Aakash did what he does best and that is taunt his family, when Aarti had a dizzy spell Aakash and his friends attacked Yash and his family not being able to tolerate anything being said against his wife & family...Yash was about to step forward when Suraj Pratap adviced him to let them get to him just focus on his wife who needed him.    


                                      IGNORING A CHILD'S DISRESPECT 

Suraj Prataj couldn't ignore Aakash's disrespectful attitude anymore, the latter who has been drinking alcohol in front of his nephew and nieces was taught a lesson by the little ones who just wanted him to stop drinking so they replaced his beer with coloured water. 


Upon finding out their trick, Aakash chased them when they finally ran into SP and told him about Aakash wanted to beat them...Aakash told SP about their trick but the latter let the former know that what he was doing w/ his friends in front of the children was shamefulness. Aakash retorted that SP shouldn't even talk to him about what's shameful when he has Yash living in the house and accused his father of having an uss raat with Radha not even a good month after Gayatri's death. 


Not tolerating any nonsense from Aakash, SP slapped him twice and the former was about to beat his father for hitting him and told SP that he should have thought about his age before... Aakash went on to tell SP that he would teach him a lesson.  


Radha stopped Aakash but he didn't care to hear what she had to say regarding SP and he got physical with her which didn't sit well w/ SP who in return slapped Aakash once again...Aakash being the hotheaded guy that he is didn't take it laying down and pushed SP who landed up in the fountain...Radha finally couldn't ignore what was in front her eyes anymore and she gave him a well deserved beating.  


                                           SHAME, BLAME, DISRESPECT, 
                                   AND THE WITHHOLDING OF AFFECTION 
                           DAMAGE THE ROOT FROM WHICH LOVE GROWS

Suraj Pratap, Radha and Aakash have been holding back their emotions ever since the truth about the babies swapping was reveal and finally when they let their pinned-up emotions out...It turn out to be a disaster, but it was about time they let it all go now they all can start to move on to the healing process but in order to do that SP will have to acknowledge that he wronged both Radha and Aakash and Radha will have to make Aakash understand why she did what she did 30 years ago. 


But most importantly Radha will have to make Aakash understand that even though she has been reunited with her son Yash, it doesn't mean that she stopped loving him...Aakash just want to be loved, he had this idea about what being rich is all about but now he sees that it isn't what he thought at all and that even rich people have to work to gain respect & love. 

Subconsciously Aakash is blaming Radha & consciously he is blaming SP for the hell he has been living and he takes his anger out on their proud and joy, Yash...So until his parents don't set things straight or accept him in SP's case wholeheartedly Aakash won't be able to start to heal...But the most frightening thought is that Aakash could lose whatever little bit for goodness that it left in him.     

                                   LOVE CAN SURVIVE THESE INJURIES,
                               IF THEY ARE ACKNOWLEDGED AND HEALED


 A great episode Clap Clap Clap

It commences with Radha trying to help SP out of the fountain when she herself falls into the water, they are trying to get out but they are having trouble just then Aarti, Yash and Pankaj come and save SP & Radha from getting electrocuted...Yash says thank goodness Ansk and PayPal came and told them on time and he asks SP if he's alright...Phew thank goodness that Pankaj was there as well, I knew that they would come out the fountain before the speaker fell into the water, oh my the shocked look on their faces Shocked Dead Shocked 

The entire family is gathered in the living room, SP and Radha are sitting down...the latter says that she was only trying to help SP and not to misunderstand her, Aarti tells her that they trust her and...Aarti and Vidhi share a look between them and Vidhi tell them that she will go and get kaadha for them, Yash and Aarti also share a look and the latter asks buaji if it isn't time for her prayers to which she replies that she forgot and leaves...Yash takes Pankaj along with him with the excuse of telling him something leaving Aarti who excuses herself by telling Radha and SP that she has to go and take care of the kids and leaves...Hmmm it seems like Vidhi is in on the plan as well or am I under the wrong impression??? Confused Ermm...Radha was justifying why she was in the fountain with SP which she didn't need to but the insecure part of had make sure that they all knew that she was throwing herself at SP Ouch 

SP & Radha are uncomfortably sitting when the latter is about to get the former calls her name and tells her that he is sorry for what he did 30 years ago and that she is still paying for his mistake, he goes on to say that he forgot it but know he remembered that they are all equal in God's eyes...he tells her that he knows it's hard but wants to know if she could forgive him, Radha gets up and leaves...Ooh it was about time that SP apologized to Radha and to think that I wrote that in my picture take this AM Embarrassed Big smile...I'm really happy that SP admitted that he wronged her and asked for forgiveness, aww Radha was taken aback by his confession and didn't even know what to say so she just walks away.

Ishita who is stalking the family sees that and says in self thought that it started it with sorry then tomorrow they propose and get married, she goes on to say that she can't let that happened and decides that it is time to do something...Seriously why doesn't that woman get a life, she does fit that saying to a tee that misery loves company...she is one of those people who thinks that if she can't be happy she won't let anyone else be happy either Angry Angry Wacko 

Aarti is with PayPal and Ansh drying the latter's hair when Yash comes out of the washroom and enjoys the scene before him, Aarti checks the kids and tells them not to play with colors and they promised her by putting their hands in Aarti's hand, they leave...Aarti gets up and goes around to the side of her bed with the towel, Yash looks at her and gets an idea he starts to fake sneeze resulting in Aarti going to him and asking him to sit and as she dries his hair Yash puts his arms around her waist and tells her that this side is wet...Aarti catches on to his game and tells him ooh the drama, and Yash tells her that she neglects him she is all about the kids. Aarti tells him that they only have three kids so what will happen when the fourth one comes, he keeps doing drama to which Yash tells her that their kids are smart and that they don't come between their parents' romance...Yash hugs Aarti who pushes tells him enough that the baby will get hurt, Yash starts to laugh and Aarti asks him why is he laughing he tells her that he won't laugh. Aarti side hug Yash and rest her head on his shoulder, she tells him that holi has brought back happiness into their lives and that somewhere the all between SP and Radha are coming down, Yash agrees and tells Aarti that now is the time to talk to SP about his Punar Vivaah and that they should go. Aarti tells him who will wear clothes and she throws the towel at him, he takes it and puts it around his shoulders and asks Aarti if he should wear it like that and then he goes on to put it on his head and ask her or like this, he gives her the towel and tells her let him get a shirt and goes to get it...Awww no matter how many times you watch a segment whenever the episode airs it is much better because the magic that GC & KS create by bringing Arti and Yash alive is just pure perfection Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed...Yash though he was slick but Aarti caught on to his game and the fake anger about being neglected was so cute, I loved when he laughed at Aarti's comment about the baby getting harmed it was so innocent the way he say that he won't laugh Blushing Day Dreaming Day Dreaming 

Ishiat is going to SP's room just then in her room Aakash wakes up and calls out for her which Radha hears and in self thought says that if she is over on their side, Aakash will make a big noise and decides to go and look for her...Meanwhile in SP's room Ishita takes G3's mangalsutra, Radha stands in front of SP's room and feels that maybe Ishita is there as she is about to enter she says that she shouldn't but she hears Aakash calling again and decides to go in and check which she does...she doesn't see Ishita who is hiding behind the door, Radha leaves and Ishita tosses the mangalsutra in her hand...Wow I can't believe the lengths that Ishita will go too to make sure that SP-Radah doesn't get married Angry the way that Radha searched the room when I search a room I look behind every little space but most importanty I look behind the door first cause that's the most obvious place to hide if you wanna make a run for it while the person searches other parts of the room..Oh well if she did look behind the door Ishita would have been discovered and the story would be over so i get why she didn't look there Tongue Wink 

The two Ps and SP are in the living room  when AarYa come, Aarti tells SP that he has giving holi presents to everyone except their unborn baby...Sp is like okay that's no problem he calls Pankaj and Aarti asks him to promise that he will give the baby the gift that he/she wants to which he says that he is the baby's grandfather after all, Aarti insists that he promises which he does...Just then Yash tells SP that they want him to get remarried and Aarti says to Radha maa all are shocked and Pankaj shouts Aarti...haha it seems that the little one is an emotional blackmailer like his/hers parents LOL Big smile 

Ishita comes to Radha's room and  doing her drama for asking forgiveness from Radha who tells her that she forgives her, they share a hug and while she is hugging her Ishita puts Gayatri's mangalsutra around Radha's neck without her knowledge...My goodness that woman needs a reality check soon one that will make her fell and see that one shouldn't play with someone's life just for her own amusement Ouch Angry Angry 

SP gets up and ask AarYa is they have gone mad, he was more talking to Yash and asks him if he has any idea what he is talking about to which Yash replies yes and asks SP what's wrong with the idea, all they want is for him to get married again...Aarti tells him that despite having the family with him he has become lonely, SP asks them to stop it. Aarti tells him that he has promised, SP retorts telling her that they made him promise to get their own way and that they had planned it all she goes on to say that it isn't about their baby and to remember that he is their father and not the other way way around...Oh my we all knew it was coming AarYa got a well deserved blasting from SP Clap Clap Tongue...now I know that they will think things through like they always do what I love about AarYa is that they always put they foot in their mouth and get knocked down but they always get back up and win the battle Thumbs Up Wink 

Ishita is about to leave she turns back around and tells Radha that if Aakash gets to know about it it won't be a problem right, Radha tells her that he can unpredictable so she will be the one to tell her...She proceeds to tell Ishita to take care of herself and to come see her whenever she wants and leaves, Ishita in self thought says that sure she will only come to her and that the mangalsutra around her neck now she wanna see how they all feel the holi happiness...Radha is as naive as AarYa who don't see that everyone isn't like them and that behind the smiles and apologies lies some sinister motives in some people Ouch Ishit'a cheap tricks are getting worse how can she do that to a woman she calls mother, she has no respect for relations Angry 

SP tells AarYa that he is shocked that they thought about doing his PV, he goes on to say that they did their PV because they were young and their kids needed both parents to which Aarti tells him no that what they are saying is that it's easy to live alone when you're young but at his age one needs a life partner...SP tells them enough that he doesn't want to talk about this topic anymore and hos they thought that he and Radha will remarried at their age just then Radha who was bringing tea for everyone hears that and drops the tea tray...Everyone turn in her direction, she is picking up the pieces of tea cups when buaji notices Gayatri's mangalsutra and says how dare this woman put on G3's wedding chain, Radha sees the chain as well and gets shocked...Ishita thinks now the real holi will begin, there will be firecrackers on holi and let the fun begin...Buaji has an hawk eye when it comes to Radha abut she can't sense the evil that is Ishita who, she sensed it when Prashant entered SM but now she is blind and is focus on the wrong person oh well I guess that losing Gayatri has messed with her evil sensor Confused Confused Ermm...Aww poor Radha once again she will have to face another humiliation and AarYa as well, I don't know how much longer they will tolerated Radha getting humiliated like that Ouch 

PRECAP: Pankaj asks Radha how dare she take Gayatri's mangalsutra, buaji says that the family members aren't ready for their PV but Radha already took Gayatri's wedding chain  and wore it...she goes on to say that she has never seen such desperation at this age...Oh my Radha is really gonna get it tomorrow, I say that it would be best if she leaves the house at this point Ouch Ouch...Hmmm could it be that she devil wants Radha out of the house but Aakash may surprise her and ask Radha to come over on his side but I don't see Yash letting his badi maa go so what will happen to Radha now??? Ermm 

Kratika Sengar and Gurmeet Choudhary were awesome as ever in their scenes, I loved the lite AarYa moment we got before all he!! broke loose...GC & KS were too adorable in that towel scene Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed  

Once again Chetan Pandit was the star of the episode Star Star Star...He was phenomenal with Dolly Minhas, Gurmeet Choudhary and Kratika Sengar Clap Clap Clap


                        Y A S H   &   A A R T I   S C I N D I A 

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Thank u for the quick thread and ya apt title Jyo..

Water Con or Shock Treatement...what is the result..

For me akash is seen as a evil guy to entire family..Instead of winning their heart his good characters are turning into animal i will say

I cant no more wait for yash-aarthi cute scene as per tell buzz

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how appropriate title Jyoti...Clap

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Latest TellyBuzz i was like thinking..

WHAT IS THIS SPji..already you are falling for radhaji...why doing a fuzzLOLLOL

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It's indeed a great pleasure reading your interesting updates Jyoti6! Hope that Suraj rekindle his romance he once shared with Radha and Aakash is evicted out of the house

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awesome analysis Zetter as usual...Clap

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