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FF-You'l B Mine KKGSR Epilogue 14/5* Th7 (Page 5)

crazyyfan IF-Sizzlerz

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Hello All !!!! Here is the next update on our new thread 7 Big smile
LOL Pl dont get irritated not to see Arshi romance you will definitely have it in the next update.But this update is necessary for the story ! Embarrassed 
I have written some of Khushi's dialog also in english as i became lazy to write a seperate translation LOL

Part 57


A Month Later''..


Khushi and Payal were in the kitchen assisting Hari Prakash for the morning breakfast while teasing each other and chatting about the past few days.Things were pretty hectic over the last month with the arrival of Shantivan's Little angel 'Samyukta ' Anjali's new born daughter.


They had decided to have a small haven followed by the baby naming ceremony with only few close friends and relatives as per Anjali's insistence since she dint want a big function.Another good news that followed the arrival of Samyukta had been that, NK and Lavanya had finally declared themselves as the official couple which made the entire Raizadas very happy including Mamiji, who started planning for engagement making both La and NK blush.


Initially Anjali found it very difficult to manage an ever crying little samyu but with help of the entire family she got over her sleepless nights smoothly and is now an ever smiling proud mama.


Just when she was about to procced to her and Arnav's room when she saw Aman entering the drawing room with an envelope in his hand."Arey Amanji aap? " She asked surprised to see him here so early in the morning.


Aman smiled sheepishly "Huh Namaste Khushiji kya main ASR se mil sakta hoon? "


Hiding her surprise quickly she smiled brightly "Haan bilkul aayiye na.Woh humare kamre mein thaiyaar ho raha hai "( Ya sure pl come.He is in our room getting ready) He nodded and followed her all the while his eyes roaming to see if he could catch a glimpse of his lady love.


Arnav and Khushi's room is right beside Anjali'room and he couldn't help but crane is neck beyond to see if he could see her around which dint go unnoticed by Khushi who frowned looking confused.She then smiled "Amanji kya hua andar aayiye na " ( Amanji what happened come inside ) with that she opened the door smiling brightly and called out "Arnav aap se milne ke liye Amanji aaye hain "( Arnav, Amanji is here to see you )


Arnav who was searching for a file in the cupboard turned around looking surprised "What the ' Aman? Kya hua any problem? " he asked feeling anxious to see his close friend and right hand man at his house on a working day.


Aman looked flustered a bit but masked it immediately "Uh ASR actually I just came to hand over this." He said giving the envelope to Arnav who frowned and started opening it while he asked "What's this Aman? "


Aman smiled and declared with an almost  triumphant tone "Anjaliji's divorce final hogaya hai ASR.She is now from that scumbag " he said referring to Shyam.


Before Arnav could react Khushi almost jumped happily "Sach Amanji ! Arey wah yeh toh bohot achi khush khabri hain.Devi Maiya ki laakh laakh shukar hain." ( Really Amanji ? Wow this is very good news.Millions of thanks to Devi Maiya )


On the other hand Arnav just stared at Aman "Aman when did the divorce come through? I mean tumhe iss bare mein kab pata chala ? "


"ASR actually lawyer called me last evening and I went over to his house this morning to collect the final documents " He said and saw when Arnav breathed a sigh of relief.


He then hugged Aman gratefully "Thanks man " He then frowned "But Aman you could given me this when I come to office in an hour.Why did you come all the way here ? "he asked and observed how Aman squirmed nervously ,something Arnav had never seen him doing in all these years he had known him.


"Uh I just thought you would want to have it immediately " he uttered the first thing that came to his mind although he had been thinking of a proper answer all the way here.Arnav frowned again then just shrugged "Thanks again man am sure Di will be happy and relieved to hear it " he said smiling.


At the mention of Anjali's name Aman brightened which dint go unnoticed by Khushi who was curiously watching Aman all this while "Ya ASR " he then looked as if he want to say more but then just said "Ok so I will go now see you later in office " he said reluctantly and Arnav nodded "Yep bye "


However when he reached the doorway he turned "How is Anjaliji and Samyukta? " again Khushi answered before Arnav could react "Anjaliji aur rajkumari bohot ache hain.Kya aap unse milna chayenge ? " ( Anjaliji and rajkumari is very fine.Do you want to see them?" Aman nodded immediately and smiled "Sure "


Khushi smiled and proceeded "Aayiye Amanji "she then took him to Anjali's room and dint fail to notice the bright smile Anjali had when she spotted Aman and his equally besotted look at her and the baby.While they both proceeded to converse Khushi continued to notice them silently.Something told her there is something more to Amanji and di who seemed to have forgotton she is still in the room.


She quickly moved out unnoticed and entered their room.Arnav was just putting on his waistcoat when Khushi came in thinking deeply and blurted out her thought "Arnav hume lagta hain Amanji di ko bohot pasand karte hain " ( Arnav I feel Amanji likes di very much )


Arnav turned immediately with disbelief "What the '! Khushi are you crazy? What are you talking about? "


Unmindful of his suddenly annoyed expression she sat on the bed still frowning"Arnav I noticed this many times but had never really given a thought until today when he brought the divorce papers home when he could have given it to you in office as you had pointed out.Its an excuse for him to see di." Arnav expression changed from annoyed to angry in an instant.But Khushi continued still in her deep thoughts " Arnav infact I have a strong feeling Amanji and di likes each other.I have seen how di brightens and gets happy whenever Amanji is around and Amanji is no less.The way they look at each other , its like----"


"That's enough!" Arnav yelled interrupting her  and Khushi came of her reverie with a jerk noticing for the first time how is clenching his jaw and fists and gritting his teeth.She was shocked to see him so angry.She suddenly stood up and moved to him "Arnav am sorry I '" when she tried to touch his shoulders he moved away and glared.


"Not one more word Khushi ! I said enough.How many times do I have to tell you not to interfere in other people life? First it was NK and Lavanya ab iss baar di? Are you out of your mind? " he clutched her shoulders in anger "Don't you dare talk about this nonsense one more time.Di had already had two heartbreaks in her life. One when her first marriage broke up when mumma died and two after marrying the low life scumbag I don't want her to get hurt listening to your words  so just shut up " with that he marched off with his laptop ,leaving a bewildered Khushi behind.


Khushi stood there shocked by the intensity of his reaction and words.This was the first time after their remarriage that he had actually yelled at her this way.Sure they fight all the time for petty things but she had never seen him this angry.She scolded herself for opening her big mouth and sharing her thoughts with him without thinking how he may react.


Arnav skipped breakfast and went straight to his car all the while thinking about what Khushi said while driving.Although he yelled at her for talking about Aman and di that way , he admitted to himself that he had also noticed  the change in Aman's behaviour recently.How he always showed an extra interest on di's divorce case.How he made excuses to come to Shantivan for the past month under the pretense of getting some signature or the other and how even now he came to the house to hand over the document when he could have given it to him in office.


"Dammit " he banged on the steering wheel as his thoughts kept going back to all those moments when he caught him staring at di on several occassions.He hadn't given it a thought that time but since Khushi had mentioned it this morning he just couldn't take it.He cant think rationally when it involves his di.He was now mad at himself for yelling at Khushi unnecessarily.





Khushi sat by the poolside that evening staring at the stars thinking about Arnav and what happened this morning. She knew in her heart that her instinct is correct that there is indeed something brewing between Amanji and Di if only Arnav listened to her before yelling and storming away.

"Laad Governor samajte kya hai apne aapko " she muttered to herself.She hates fighting with him and that too when tomorrow is Holi.Its their first holi after marriage and she hated the fact that they fought now.

That is how Arnav found her, sitting on the recliner and staring at the stars and muttering to herself angrily.He sighed and went up to her.


Khushi felt him the moment he entered their room however dint bother turning around.He sat next to her and gently touched her shoulder "Khushi " she dint respond but continued staring at the stars.


Arnav sighed again and kneeled in front of her on the floor and held her hands "Khushi look at me.Am really sorry for yelling at you.I shouldn't have done that.Tumhe pata hai na whenever I get angry I fail to think clearly and when the topic is Di I tend to get over protective.Khushi but when I realize my mistake I always regret it later.Like now "


At his words and the deep regret in his voice, Khushi looked at him.Arnav cupped her cheeks and continued "Khushi pl mujhe maaf karo "


Although she was hurt by his words this morning, she cant really see him asking for her forgiveness.She knew apologizing is not something Arnav has the habit of.She smiled lightly and shook her head touching her own hands with his "Arnav hum bhi sorry.I should'nt have spoken my thoughts like that "


Arnav stood up and sat on the recliner pulling her to his lap "Khushi you have every right to share your thoughts with me.Its me whom to be blamed here.I should have realized that ki Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada bhi at times galat nahi hoti " he said with a smirk when Khushi's eyes widened "Kya??!! "


He nodded "Haan Khushi you are right with your suspicions about Aman " Khushi grinned ear to ear at that "Sach?Aur aapko kaise pata hai? "


He smiled,placing a soft kiss on her lips he cupped her cheeks once again "Khushi after I shouted at you I drove to office in anger.But on the way i gave some thought to your words.But once I reached office I directly when to Aman's cabin and confronted him about it "


Khushi gasped at that "Kya? You asked Amanji directly? "


He nodded and smirked "Yep.Arnav Singh Raizada don't like beating around the bush " Khushi rolled her eyes at his arrogant line but still excited to hear more "Phir? Jaldi kahiye Arnav "


He smiled looking at the eagerness in his pretty wife's eyes "Aman confessed that he is in love with Di " Khushi gasped in shock again but her face broke into a beautiful smile.Arnav moved her wayward hair behind her ears and after kissing her earlobe lightly, continued "I was really angry when I heard it from him Khushi.But then he assured me he loves Di truly and wish to marry her.I gave it some thought and I have to agree that Aman is an excellent choice for Di.I have known him for years and he is a good guy "  Khushi smile grew from ear to ear "I knew it I knew it !! " Khushi jumped in joy and hugged him happily.


She kissed his cheeks "Am so glad you agree Arnav " Arnav smiled and kissed her forehead fondly "Khushi zyada excited mat ho jao.We only know about Aman's feelings.We don't really know what Di feels and Aman confessed he is unsure about Di's feelings for him but told me he is willing to wait years for her if that's what it takes "  Khushi smiled.


"Arnav don't worry I have seen the way Di's whole face lits up when Amanji is around but ya you are right.It does not mean Di loves him too.Hume kuch karna hoga Arnav " She said suddenly eyes sparkling.


Arnav knew that look very well.Its the same one she had when she wanted to make her jiji realize her love for Aakhash."Khushi no way don't even think about some stupid filmy plan.Main kuch rational idea sochloonga " She pouted "Aap aur aapki soch.It will never work out.You leave it to me " she said grinning happily already thinking of ways.


Arnav chuckled and in one smooth move lifted her in his arms and proceeded to their room "Arnav yeh aap kya kar rahe hain.We should plan ---"


Arnav bent his head and caught her lips stopping her.After a long thorough kiss, she placed her on the bed and got on top of her "Khushi we can plan this later.Their is something else we planned for remember " he said huskily while giving her a sexy wink.


Khushi blushed immediately realizing that he meant their plan to have a baby.Arnav bent his head again and captured her juicy lips one more time shutting everything else from her mind.



Precap - Holi celebrations Heart
Hope you guys liked the update Embarrassed The next one will be Arshi romance Wink be assured about that !
 Ok now pl dont make me repeat my mantra now you know what to do if you like the update WinkLOL

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[QUOTE=sandhyait] Thanks for res-ing for me Di..
I just loved this update..
all in one.. from angry ASR to romantic ArnavHeart
hayee!! Love him in either ways.. 
Finally the ASR asked Aman about his feelings.. and he confessed.. Wah!!
And Arnav asked sorry.. oww.. cho cute.
and instead of making plans for his Di's confessions.. he had other plansROFLROFL
So naughtyLOL
Overall an awesome update.. loved to see the Angry Arnav and his driving..
And I'm so excited abt precap..
P.S I'm first..LOL
anki di *angry*Tongue

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arshi's  fight... i ws like------->Day DreamingDay Dreaming
thank nand kishore arnav asked aman bout dsLOLLOLLOL
poolside scene ws-------->BlushingBlushing
haaye my arnie boy s sooo romanticwaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
u crazyyfan u better update soonwa this timeAngryAngryAngryAngry
nice update i toh loved itTongueTongueTongueTongue

P.s.- me 2ndConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused
         HP ki biwi firstROFL

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Amazing update Clap
Finally aman confessed his feelings about anjali Smile
Waiting for holi celebrations.. Embarrassed
Update soon.. Wink

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wat da...
grrr... me 4th againOuch
not fair *pouting*
loved the update
yipee!!!!!! K2H2 part-3 ijj hereLOL
update soonwa aartu di
love u, mwahz!

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wowww loved it...
arshi's fight nd aftr dat their love making...oho dats way too awsum...
poolside scene...hayeee my arnie boy is sooo romantic Day Dreaming
superb update Thumbs Up

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wow amazing update loved it thank you.

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