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We are on thread 6.. Thanks a tons for supporting me in my journey of writing..Smile

Part 33

Khushi was getting ready for a dinner invitation by Arnav.. They were going for dinner today without Aryan.. Aryan would be staying at Maya's house for few days has he was missing his massi a lot.. She allowed him because he might feel alone at home and she was getting busy with her boutique.. She took her purse and rush out the apartment.. He was waiting for her at the entrance in his car.. She have decide to give him a second chance and she wanted to see how much loves is there for her from him.. While, she doesn't want to tell him about the second thought at least not this soon.. She get in the car and he drove to the destination..

Arnav: "Thanks for coming.." He was thanked full that she didn't denied for the dinner and was surprised too she accepted it without any hesitation..

Khushi: "You are welcome.." They didn't spoke to each other and keep silent till they reach the Hotel.. He parked his car and went to open the door for her.. She come out and he extend his arm to her and she put her hand in his arm.. He was again shocked with the changes of her behavior.. But he didn't question her due to the closeness that he was receiving from her.. Once they get in the dinner hall he pulled a chair for her to seat and he move to seat opposite her.. The waiter took their order and Khushi sipped a glass of water.. She was feeling nervous when he look at her with passionate and desire eyes.. Those eye which she would be melt and which is full of love for her before..

Arnav: "Are you alright..?" She nodded.. "You don't feel comfortable..?" Her nervousness was making his view clear..

Khushi: "Yea.. I'm alright.. Just that this is the first time we come dinner alone without Aryan.." She again sipped water to soothe her nervousness..

Arnav: "It's not the first time and we come alone before too.." She frown her brow.. She don't remember when did they come without Aryan accompany..

Khushi: "I don't remember..?" he smirks..

Arnav: "When you asked me for a dinner at purple orchid Hotel during our remarriage.." The image of their first dinner flash in her eyes.. She couldn't forget the day where she have mess the dinner with her funny and childish behavior.. But there was a pain when she remember the day.. A pain of losing everything and being ditches.. her eyes filled after remembering the days..  

Khushi: "Can we please don't discuss on the past.." She wiped the tear which fell on her checks..

Arnav: "Khushi.. I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to hurt you by reminding you about the day.." He hold her hand in hers.. She nodded weakly.. He left her hand once the waiter come with their orders.. They finished the meal and the dance floor was being full by the couples.. He look at the couple and get lost in them.. He so wanted to dance with her but scared what if she denied and she would be not comfortable too to dance with him.. He made his own speculation.. Khushi can see the willingness of him to invite her for a dance but was scared to ask.. But she was happy at least he is not forcing her..

Khushi: "If you don't mind.. Can you dance with me..?" She asked with a board smile.. His eyes widen and her words was still ringing in his ears.. She asked him for a dance? He jump and extend his hand to her and she took it.. They walked to the dance floor and he place her hand on her waist and she circle on his neck.. The place was quite narrow for them to dance.. She have to close her body with him has the behind couple was hitting her back which was a men.. Arnav saw the discomfort on her face and he look at the men which is dancing in intoxicated with his couple.. He twirl her and now his back is facing those wild dancer.. She sigh in relief and continue to dance with him.. They wasn't talking but their eyes was communicating with each other.. She saw the same love for her in those brown eyes and she can clearly see the desire and possessiveness in his eyes for her.. He raised his brow when he saw her lost in his eyes.. She back to reality and nodded a NO for her indirect question.. After dancing for some minutes, They decide to over the dance has she was looking tired for him and he send her back to her apartment and he walked to his apartment..


Few days passed and they meet frequently at office and went for a cup of coffee.. Their relation was getting better and better for each passes day.. She was busy in her boutique and reviewing quotation.. Her cabin door open and she saw a man entering in with a board smile.. She excitedly wake up and went to hug him..

Khushi: "How are you.. Sanjeev?" they broke a parted..

Sanjeev: "I'm fine and you..? I can see the glimpse of happiness on your face.." She smile shyly and seat on the couch with him..

Khushi: "I'm fine.." She was happy to see him after such a long time..

Sanjeev: "How is your business going on..?" He asked her has a best buddy for her..

Khushi: "It's getting better and I have settle down comfortably here.." She means what she said.. She feel comfortable staying in Delhi now.. At first she was having problem because this city remind her about all the bitter past which she spent with him but now seem her wounds is healing..

Sanjeev: "Good.." He was mesmerize with the way she work and she have settle herself in such a short period.. "I met Aryan and must say he is getting very naughty now days and most importantly talkative.." When he was back from New York after the business trip he was shocked to met Aryan at his mansion.. And they spent a lot of time together with his cute talk and how he gets his things done.. How he spent time with his papa..Arnav? How he went to school and everything from A to Z..

Khushi: "He was getting what he wants and been pamper a lot by Raizada.." he is the only grandson of the family and they shower all the love to him..

Sanjeev: "So how is ASR..?" He shoot the question which she least expected..

Khushi: "What happen to him..?" She look here and there to avoid the topic..

Sanjeev: "Maya told me everything Khushi.. You decide to give him a second chance..?" She nodded weakly.. "Then what are you waiting for.. You should tell him about what you feel about him and used the opportunity Khushi.. Before it get late.." She was staying numb.. She doesn't know what she should tell him and how.. Sanjeev took her hand in his.. "Khushi you still love him right..?" She nodded.. "Then express your feeling to him.. Don't wait for him.. Just go and tell him what you feel and take out all your grief.. He has right to know everything.." She keep quiet and he continue.. "Don't take a decision just because of Aryan.. Think about yourself too.. If Aryan needs happiness so does you deserve those happiness too.."

Khushi: "I want to see what he can do for me and how long he can bear with my stubbornness.." He chucked on her answer..

Sanjeev: "Khushi both of you are not a teenager any more.. You guys are parents now and having a son too and you after being a mother still wanted to show your stubbornness..?"

Khushi: "I'm scared to get in the same situation again.."

Sanjeev: "You can only recover your scared once you get in the real situation.." She start to thought deeply..

Khushi: "But how will I tell him..?" He smile on her innocently

Sanjeev: "Just imagine I'm ASR and you tell me out what you feel for me and what does make you become stoneless.." she frown her brow..

Khushi: "Are you serious..?" He nodded.. She took a deep breath and start to arrange a suitable words to make her feeling out.. "Arnav.." She look in Sanjeev's eyes.. Eye contact is most important when you are telling your feeling to the opposite person.. "I know I was being rough and stoneless to you.. I have gone through a lot for this past four years.. When you leave me on altar? I never give up.. I know you will come back and fulfill all your promise to me and my awaited was wasted and you leave me forever.." Alone tear rolled on her cheeks.. "Then I leave this city just with a thought I would forget you and lead a new life but your appearance on news headline was pulling me more near you.. I saw you living happily and I make my own speculation that you was happy in your new life without me.." Her cheeks drenches with tear.. Sanjeev's hand went to wipe those tears from her crimson cheeks.. "I decide to come back to India and show to you that I'm not weak.. I too can leave happily without you.. I saw you on the party with a model (Sheetal).. I thought this was the best way to show to you that I'm not weak and I'm not the same Khushi Kumari Gupta which always stay behind Salwar kameez.. I change the model of the show and become as the show stopper.. And you was shocked to see me.. Then we met again and the fight continue.. I'm tired of all this and I too wanted a happy life ever with someone who I love.." Sanjeev cupped her face and try his best to vanish all those tear from her cheek but it was not stopping and her one blink will make another drop fall.. "I love you before and I still love you till now.. But I'm still scared to get in a relation with you.. The previous pain was unforgettable.. But still I wanted to give a last chance to our relation not for the sake of Aryan but for me.. Do you still love me..?" Sanjeev was being numb has he doesn't know if he have to answer her or not.. "Answer me.. Do you still love..?" With broken voice..

Sanjeev: "I love you Khushi.." She hug him tight and cried her heart out on her best friends shoulder.. But the third eye who witness half of the conversation was shocked to see all this.. He couldn't bear the fact that she love someone else and she have confess her feeling to her love one.. He feel ditches and dumb by her.. The same feeling that she feel when she have been left on altar by him.. His knee was getting weaker and he rush out the boutique.. Today is the day where he feel he have lost the most valuable and precious piece of his heart again.. The same state he feel before was coming across in his eyes.. The History repeat again in Arnav Singh Raizada's life by losing her again.. As already written in their fate Arnav and Khushi can never meet again..

To be continued..

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1) Sorry for late clarification..Confused half of you already know but half still confused because of me tooOuch.. So i will clear it now.. Aryan behaviour been inspired by my cousin who was just two years old when he went India to his Nani's house and he could remember everything regarding about India visit and he is quite understanding..If he wants to buy anything he will ask first. If we deny or tell him I will buy later he will quickly agree without creating any scene in the store.. He can speak very well and goes to school too when he was just 2 years old.. He is boy and big fan of Indian Drama.. Right now he is 9 years old..

2) Sheetal already been introduce in this FF before.. Read part 1.. Where Khushi be a show stopper for Sanjeev's Party.. (Teaser 2 / Part 1)

3) If you wanted to ask anything regarding today's update you can PM or Scarp me.. But i will make one thing clear.. I won't change the new twist which i already bring half of it..Smile

Something HIGH is coming up.. Be ready LOL

Index part 34 above below

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Res for Index

Part 34 - Click Me..

Part 35 - Click Me..

Part 36 - Click Me..

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Thread 7 - Click Me..

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Thread 9 - Click Me..

Thread 10 - Click Me.. (Follow further thread from here)

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res Evil Smile 
will do it soon Wink

now i edited 
first of all i say a very wonderful update wa 

the way khushi asked him to dance with her is chooo chweet 
i can visualise arnav baby's million dollar expressions 
pavin u wrote down it in very cute manner 
Are you serious..?pavin? 

i totally afraided when arnav heard the convo between sanjeev and khushi 

what will happen next? 

update soon!!!!!! 

waiting for next "the Something HIGH is coming up" 
for giving wonderful update 

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Awesome update sugar!!!Big smile
So nice knowing that they were slightly getting closer to eachother. 
Arnav trying his level best to make it up to her...
it felt so nice reading about them like that...
just when i thought ..may be...juat maybe they will get together
you suddenly dropped the bombOuch in the form of Sanjeev
Hey bhagwaan!!! Arnav!!!! not again!!!!
He heard half the conversation and dropped to a very drastic conclusionD'oh
when will he ever learn?!
jeez im terrified to know what might happen next!!!

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loved the update
thanks for pm

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