Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2


Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

|| The Bhatnagar Chronicles #4- DarmiYaan ||

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Edition No#4 -
Kuch To Hai Darmiyaan !!


Song of the week: dsgirl
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Megha tells Rimjhim that she sees her missing son in her and Rimjhim asks her to consider her as her own son. A furious Munna tells Ragini that Addu's parents have moved on in life and they have a little daughter too now. In Awaz India office, Beera assures Mohan that he will find out the culprits soon.  Nanhi barges in demanding to talk to Mohan. He tries to put up a stern face initially but fails when Nanhi confesses that she had been wrong in accusing him of being a "step-father" all these years and accuses him for not doing anything to clear her misunderstandings. Immediately after, Mohan receives a call from Munna who tells him to add Rimjhim's name in his list of missing children. A scared Mohan runs madly through the streets and reaches home to find Rimjhim safe. He scolds Guru for being careless and tells him about the threat call. Guru finds a letter asking Mohan not to endanger innocent lives for his stubbornness. Guru wants to return to Bhopal but Mohan refuses. Daddaji tells Munna that he doesn't need him to stop Project Talaash. Nanhi asks Megha to look at the entire matter from a different perspective but she refuses to do so saying that it pains a mother's heart and she will never fall weak ever. She tries to close the window that opened towards Mohan's house for good but failed. Next day, Mohan tells his team that they need to either find a missing child or catch a kidnapper to let them know that they wont be keeping quiet. Nanhi hands him over the pictures she took during the sting and on telecasting them, one kidnapper gets arrested. Everyone congratulates her including Mohan who still addresses her as Ms.Navika Vyas. Nanhi gets determined to set things right and rings an ice cream shop bell to draw his attention. She offers him ice cream but he refuses saying that the old memories are going to hurt them both as there is no Spiderman and Chawanni left now. On the Holi eve, Megha and Nanhi prays to the Holika to set things right. Jiji tells Beera that the family hadn't celebrated Holi for the last 12yrs. Daddaji asks Munna why he didn't return to Jhansi and he says that he has to repay someone's debt. Sharmaji asks him to be careful of Munna's bitterness and the fire he contains within himself. Daddaji says that he harnessed his skills on purpose. While praying Megha imagines Mohan to be following her and praying with her. Munna vows to ruin Mohan. Rimjhim tells Mohan that she had invited her dance teacher for Holi and Guru panicks. Nanhi prays to the Holika to bring their estranged family together. Beera misses his family and calls up Ragini and Nanhi overhears their conversation. He tells her not to allow Munna near her and she agrees but Munna overhears it. He threatens her not to lie to him ever and gifts her a pistol. Nanhi tells Megha and Jiji that she intends to celebrate Holi in a grand way so that Beera feels at home but Renu disagrees. Beera tells Tannu to mix bhang in thandai. Next morning Nanhi throws colored wated on Beera and wishes him Happy Holi. They chase each other and Beera tells her that he would apply color on her first. Nanhi says that only her Spiderman can do that. Rimjhim insists on waiting for her dance teacher for Holi. Jiji announces the thandai competition. Renu and Tannu contends on condition that whoever of them wins will decide Tannu's bride. Renu wins but gets drunk and Tannu uses this opportunity to introduce Aarti dressed in bridal clothes to her. Renu approves her as her daughter-in-law and Beera sends them off to a temple to marry. They marry under Renu's supervision who gifts her bangle and celebrates. On the other hand, Nanhi and Beera contends on condition that if Beera wins he will apply color on Nanhi first. Beera wins the competition but Nanhi insists that only Spiderman will apply color on her. Beera says that it's not possible even if she screams from the roof tops and a drunk Nanhi runs away and actually climbs on the roof of a nearby building and keep screaming that unless her Spiderman comes, she wont come down. People asks her to come down but she refuses and tries to call Mohan but her phone slips. Beera tries to reach her with a ladder but she threatens to jump down. People wonder who "Spiderman " is and Jiji tells them that he's her father Mohan Bhatnagar. Beera calls up Mohan and tells him about Nanhi and he rushes to Juna Mohalla. He meets Jiji and takes her blessings and asks Nanhi to come down but she refuses and instead tells him to come up and apply colors on her. Mohan rushes to her and jumps from terrace to terrace while a disspointed Nanhi attempts to jump down from the roof. Mohan stops her in time and they apply color on each other, hi-fives and hug while the entire crowd cheers for them from below. He helps Nanhi to get down but she slips and lands in Beera's arms. Nanhi kisses Beera and thanx him for challenging her. Mohan tells Jiji how a grown up Nanhi has changed. Nanhi takes him to their old home where she shows him the stones and tells him that she had spent her 12yrs of life in hatred. Mohan finally tells her why he slapped Addu and Nanhi promises him that they will sort out everything together. Megha reaches Rimjhim's house and comes face to face with Guru who tells her that it's Mohan's house actually and Rimjhim is his and "Meera didi"'s daughter. Megha is shattered and heartbroken assuming that Mohan had remarried and leaves while Guru feels sorry for his deed. On the way she receives a call from Rimjhim who asks her why she didn't come to play Holi with her. Mohan leaves a sleeping Nanhi in his home under Beera's care and moves out into the mohalla. Munna arrives there and spots Megha who had just arrived and decides to wash off her "fake colors" and hoses her down. Unable to bear it, Megha faints and falls down. Mohan tries to run to her help but Munna sprays water on him too.

"Dekho chhodke kis raste vo jaate hain
Saare raste vaapas mere dil ko aate hain
Nahin saamne ye alag baat hai
Mere paas hai
Mere paas hai tu mere paas hai..."

A day before, Megha ignored Mohan completely, vented out her anger and frustration for loving him, didn't wish to even think of accepting him back in her life and kept on pushing him away from her life, and the next day, while she walked around the sacred Holika and praying, she couldn't help but feel his presence near her as she went down the memory lane and remembered the moment of herself and him praying together on the auspicious occasion of Holika Dehen, 12 years ago.

Mohan, in Megha's illusion, appeared, with the light in the background, which fell on his face, symbolizing of his existence in Megha's life being as same as the bright sunshine that would bring only happiness and peace in her life. He had a calm expression on his face as he followed her happily, and kept his loving, tender-filled gaze stuck on her, which again symbolized that no matter what happened, he'd never let her go, keep on loving her, and be content with it. It seemed as if being with the woman he loved the most in the world soothed his heart in the way like never before.

Megha, in the meantime, didn't stop! She feared to turn back to take a glance at him. How could she do so? She just could not afford to be weak for a second time, but her eyes, which were teary just a moment later she sensed him near her, were telling a different story altogether. They were simply the mirror of her broken heart, which simply pinned for the man she loved, even though she denied.

Finally, at a point, Megha froze, and turned around. Mohan came to her with a slight smile playing on his lips, just the way she always loved to see him.

While Mohan was taking the arti and the prasad in his own playful style that always warmed her heart, Megha kept on staring at him, and in the meantime, a tear rolled down her cheek, which shows how much she craved to be with him, and was incomplete without him, and she wondered if he was really there with her or she was hallucinating.

At the end, Mohan walked away, and Megha was harshly thrown back in the bitter, bad reality. She looked around, and found herself in the crowd of other people praying in the temple. She wiped off her tears and glanced at those for a moment. Why did she cry? Why was her resolve losing its foundation? She thought, but then flushing all the thoughts off as always, she started praying for the well-being of Addu, Rimjhim, and... She was silent, and we knew who she was thinking about!

For me, the moment, or actually the sigh-worthy, love-filled dream of Megha, is definitely the magical moment of the week as this explains her state of heart, and her love for Mohan, which is hopelessly impossible to be wiped off from her heart and her life, no matter how many times she says that she doesn't care for him.

Megha knows that Mohan, being an inseparable part of her existence, makes her weak with his love and togetherness. This is why, she gets mad since he just doesn't get off her mind despite her failed attempts, but on the same time, she only thinks about him!

This week's funniest scene is definitely the Tannu-Aarti marriage. Tannu was head over heels in love with Aarti and though jobless and not very mature in terms of taking up responsibilities, was adamant on marrying Aarti only. But at the same time he knew his mother too well and was sure that she would never agree to this relation since she wont be able to acquire a huge amount of dowry from this wedding. So Tannu joined hands witsh Beera and Jiji who planned to mix bhang in thandai and get Renu intoxicated and fool her into accepting Aarti as her daughter-in-law who came there dressed as a bride in a big car. Everything fell in place just as it was planned and Renu readily accepted Aarti thinking her to be a rich girl and even gifted her her own bangles as blessing. The wedding took place under her supervision along with celebrations and a Kodak moment over more bhang.


Has to be the bit post patch up between Mohan and Navi at Mohan's old place in Juna Mohalla ,where they both discuss about making mistakes and setting things right together and with Mohan saying how time shall fix it all

Came towards the end of the week actually the absolute end ,Yes its the bit where Munna opens water at Megha so much so that she ends up collapsing ...i dont know the objective behind his action but the scene itself was very bheja fry type kept going on and on as was quite poor in taste LOL on the face of it though it might have a deeper meaning with it signifying how Megha is always going to succumb to Addu and his acts or may be thats what she has done in the pastErmm.The suicide scene was another scene which deserves to feature hereLOL

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With a seemingly happy happy week of reunions and patchups the only sad scene was Megha Guru face off. Megha was surprised to see Guru at Rimjhim's house and a volley of questions that followed ended up in revelations of some bitter truth or was it contrived facts. Rimjhim was Mohan's daughter, his Jaan. Megha could not believe her eyes, as she glanced at the lovely pictures of Mohan and Rimjhim on the mantle piece. Just as she was grappling with this came the next one from Guru  Rimjhim was Mohan Bhaiya and Meera Didi's daughter.  She shook her head in sheer disbelief, this could not be true, she found it hard to accept, Guru was making up stories. How could that be possible she questioned him.

Her world came crashing down , and all that it contained ;
A million pieces of dreams coming apart at the seams.

Megha may have been upset with Mohan, may have denied feelings about Mohan in her own way, but to think Mohan moved on in life was something she could not fathom. Guru closed his eyes briefly wishing he could disappear, wishing he did not have to explain any further. He drew a deep breath and waited.

Megha, felt as though all the breath has been knocked out of her body, she could hardly breathe. She felt her world come crumbling into a thousand pieces at her feet.  Unable to stand any longer she walked out of Mohan's house.

Guru was shattered, he cursed himself for having caused the havoc. 'Don't forgive me God' his hands went up in prayer.

A very sad scene indeed.

Has to be the Mohan-Navika Hug

Nanhi---Galti Saari Tumhari Nahi Hai Hum Sab Ki Hai! Lekin Mujey Pata Hai Hum Dono Milke Sab Thik Kar Dege!

Mohan---Pahele Mujey Bhi Aaisa Lagta Tha Phir Pata Chala ..Ki Waqt Se Bada Kuch Nahi! Sahi Waqt Aaane Par Na Sab Thik Ho Jaayega..Bas Yeh Dekh Na Hai
Ke Yeh Waqt Kitna BeWaqt Aaata Hai!


It has to be Miss Navika Vyas Bhatnagar , indeed!

 The way she got her father / best friend back makes her top the list of all the characters of the show. From all the efforts she put in penultimate week to what she did last week, just left us awed, be it barging in Mohan's office to scold him like a best friend or small cute efforts of offering ice cream to her father and the bhang scenario that finally got us the much awaited patch up of Chavanni and Spiderman .

Let's wish her luck in making everything in her family picture perfect.

Without any doubt, this week goes to our Mohan Bhatnagar. He looks too good in white sherwani and by adding the yellow dupatta, he gives the whole outfit a colourful/traditional look.

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by liza81

Here's your Gift

It was a really difficult choice as all of the avis were stunning, but I really really loved this one.

Congratulations to Pratsy for the lovely work!! Here is Yr Gift

By banditqueen aka Mihika

Here is yr Gift

MU or a new path to rediscover LOVE?! ;)

By MohanKiMeera

Here's Yr Gift


Here is yr Gift

FF Teri chahat se jyada part 13, 14 page 22

By poojaluvnbt

Here is yr Gift

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I'm going to give this week another 10/10,  we've seen an amazing reunion between MN , loving the pace in the story, liked the way the CVs are showing Nanhi's and Beera's bonding, Mohan- Jiji came face to face and finally unexpectedly Megha-Guru came face to face. Also an MU has been created by Guru

Will be back with my rating of the week.Big smile

This week has been good. There were some efforts to redeem Megha's character and reason of Megha's harsh behaviour towards also got cleared. This week we got some nice & awesome Mohan-Nanhi Scenes & I felt as if magic of season 1 is back once again. Holi episodes were exceptionally good. Though Guru lied to Megha I liked his acting. I hope this misunderstanding will clear soon. Darmiyaan sequence recalled old memories of season 1 & also gave a great feeling.

Munna's behaviour is clearly indicating that he is Addu. He was jealous when he saw Megha with RJ. I don't think he is bad but circumstances made him a villain. I hope his misunderstandings also get clear and Megha & Nanhi get some clue about Addu in the coming week.

I also want that now focus should shift to Mohan-Megha & Megha-RJ equations. Since the beginning of season 2, Megha has been shown angry on Mohan & having lots of complaints. But both of them were wrong in their approach. I want that both realise that. There should be some scenes where both should retrospect what went wrong in upbringing of Addu, their approach towards him & in their relationship. 

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Bhatnagar Chronicles number chaar
and there continues the emotional AtyachaarLOL

Hope everyone had tons of fun during HOLI and are now enjoying the Easter break while u Njoy the break ...hope that the  NL will add to it Big smile

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wow...ds is sooo amazing n colourful <3

wonderful work by ur team Clap
thnxx 4 d lovly sig Hug

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Nice work by everyone... Clap
Siggy is really nice.

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