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Love The Way You Lie!!l KiSha FF l Chap 15 on Pg 85 l ABANDONED (Page 74)

Ajscinesonadar Goldie

Joined: 04 January 2011
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Posted: 01 November 2013 at 7:08am | IP Logged
finally i read d chapter...
me lovd it..Heart
dr secret relation s sumthng so intersting..Smile
awesum chapz yeaThumbs Up

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tenzingchoden Senior Member

Joined: 28 October 2012
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Posted: 17 November 2013 at 6:29am | IP Logged
I really like this chap greatwork

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SweetAndSpice Senior Member

Joined: 19 November 2013
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Posted: 19 November 2013 at 1:55am | IP Logged
Hey Razzy this is Shivani Big smile I'm finally on IF! 

Your FF is really cool Clap... One of my favorites!! Please continue soon... I'm waiting!!! Wink

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loveukisha Senior Member

Joined: 29 October 2013
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Posted: 19 November 2013 at 2:48am | IP Logged
Hi Razzy i am sneha .I have read your all works but this is awesome.Please update next chapter soon. 

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Fahadkrazywish IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 October 2012
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Posted: 19 November 2013 at 5:08am | IP Logged
Cuto every one wants to read next pt...
Update soon Stern Smile

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s2singh Goldie

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Posted: 04 January 2014 at 9:48am | IP Logged
Hi razzy...i am smriti...i am a HUGE fan of this FF...plsss cont... a hearty request... 

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SweetAndSpice Senior Member

Joined: 19 November 2013
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Posted: 05 January 2014 at 12:24am | IP Logged
Razzy!!!! You've disappeared these days ShockedShocked! When are you gonna update Cry???
I'm waiting OuchOuch!

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-Razzy- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 13 October 2012
Posts: 3286

Posted: 20 March 2014 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Chapter 11

Prom was on Saturday and only two days were left "why would you be gone at this time only " she gave a pout looking at his picture , after their last night meet KD was just gone the next day ,  his cell phone was unavailable ,he was not there in his hostel room , this left kiya only one option that was to ask their class teacher for his reason of being absent , she gave reason that they had a project to complete and he was absent without giving her any notice

class teacher told he had given a leave note mentioning he is going out of town for some of his personal work and he had took a leave for two days , kiya thanked miss , her face dropped and she left the class , just then KD's teammate Arav came and he handed a letter to kiya
yup it was from him , it stated that he had to go for some urgent work and he wasn't able to tell her as he had to leave immediately , he assured that he would reach on prom for sure , she smiled  knowing he was okay and moreover relieved that he didn't forgot to explain her his reason

"just be back soon stoneface" she sighed and left the classroom with her bag
the next two days there was no contact between the two  , Kiya tried his phone , messaging him , mailed him but nothing in response, now she was irritated but assured herself that there must be no network where he had gone !

In meantime a girl was whole college's spot on topic ,
Samira ! yup she came from Delhi as someone ppl gossiped and was here by some trustees influence , she became the recent hot topic in their college , guys drooling over her and girls envying her ,
though Kiya was least bothered but even she had to admit that girl was hot , more like a model who gave ready-steady-go!! signal on race tracks , no prize for guessing that she was totally proud or correctly to say total arrogant giving by her looks ,

long legs ,white skin and a more than pink coloured lips
"hey that girl is so gorgeous" a girl chatted beside kiya's table "i guess she will be the one who will crack's KD shell and be his first ever GF" the second girl chirped , kiya's fisted her hand as their cheap talks were driving her angry , and she just pushed the table aside letting to one of the girl fall

that Samira can never come near my KD !! i won't let her !! she didn't know but the chatter of those girls did made her somewhat insecure about KD , she knew Samira was gorgeous and any guy would fall for her but she even knew KD was not like other guys , he loved only her !! she smiled satisfied with her mind talk and left for her house

"finally" she relieved tying the last knot of her lace , "no one can beat Kiya Gujral today" she smirked looking at herself in mirror in that white lace dress , yup from her favourite designer , she made sure her dress was simply perfect fril and sparkles giving that knee-length dress more of an angelic look , a last layer of the gloss and she was ready to stunn him!!

he still didn't had called or msgd her , not even replied to her , he never behaves like that she thought as KD would only think this in his worst nightmare to make kiya angry on this very day
but she brushed off her thoughts thinking he might be planning a surprise for her

She closed the door behind her as she walked to the lemo stood there with rohan at side of the door , rohan was her classmate and she had selected him as he was KD's friend too and he wouldn't have any problem letting him be her partner

He opened the door for her " thanks rohan , you looking good" she smiled sliding on her seat "and you look stunning" he smiled closing the door
"here we go " yup she was excited her heart was pumping excitingly , afterall she was gonna see him now , but even nervousness wasn't hidden from her as she continued playing who-dominates-who with her fingers " gosh why am i nervous it's KD afterall , it's not like i am meeting him first time " she smiled at her stupid reactions

they reached in the hall , must say college do spend lots of money on prom , i mean the hall was transformed into a classic ball-room , a clean marble floor , and dazzling lights shining on wallls and floor ,not to forget the the dj did gave a 21st century feel to it

Everyone started dancing and there she was standing in a corner not moving her eyes from the entrance , taking glances at her watch she was worried now , he was nowhere to be seen , Rohan asked her for a dance but she said no giving a small smile to him

she was almost giving up that spot when she looked at the entrance for last time and her face brightened ... there he was , just a second glance and she was all gloomy seeing him , gosh did she ever mentioned that Keshav Desai was
a greek god , perfect coffee brown eyes , a well toned figure and black dark hair , that ultimate aura which he carries , "damn he looks hot" she sqeeked , a smile bursted on her lips as she saw him walking inside , a simple white fitting shirt and a black coat that was enough he wore to make every girl's heart beat a 1000th time , his all time messy hair was well setted up today

just as she was going to approach him , she saw a fair hand sliding down his hand as KD and Samira walked together inside the hall
Kiya was stunned , her steps stopped right there as Samira hugged him and he gave a blissful smile to her , her heart was pounding but not with excitement this time , she was angry , yes !! more than hurt she was angry on him !1 how dare he didn't talked with her for two days and now he turns up with samira that freaking b... !! anger was fuming in her eyes a feel of betrayal striked her heart but she stayed calm , "he must have had some reason for doing this" she thought and decided to talk with him when he was alone , meanwhile KD and samira were busy socializing with others

KD didn't even noticed kiya nor he tried to search for her and she observed this , "i have to talk to him" she concluded as she heard some mouths praising KD and samira's pair

KD got up to bring a drink and just when he was about to turn kiya pulled him away , he seemed irritated by this act of her
"KD !! what the hell are you doing , how dare you come with samira , when did you even decided to come with her , do you even know her !! " she screamed as she shooked him from his shoulders , KD pushed her hands sideways and was about to go when kiya again caught hold of him , she hesitated a bit but still continued
"What's wrong with you KD , why are you ignoring me , listen if this is some kind of prank then i am seriously not liking it !!"
this time he looked at her grabbing her arms and slowly keeping them on her sides
" i don't give a damn what you like Kiya Gujral " he smirked
and made his way out tucking his shoulder with hers
"KD please , what's wrong , i am confused what's happening , just please tell me, why are you behaving like this " she controlled her tears

"seriously i didn't know you were so dumb miss Gujral , like seriously you still don't get it , I Don't Love You !! " he said it calmly still grin plastered on his lips ,
her expression changed from tensed to utter shock ,"Listen KD enough of your jokes ok , you fooled me alright, and now please stop all this , we have a party to attend" she tried to give a smile grabbing his hand which he brushed away harshly
"good Lord , what kind of girl are you , no self respect at all !!! , didn't you hear when i said i dont love you , Oh i get it maybe it's hard for your small brain to take all these things together , so let me explain you " he moved to a more cornered place where kiya absentmindedly followed him, tears had left stains on her face already

"So miss gujral , first thing first , I don't love you , Never did !! , you were only a doll for me , a rich , dumb doll , who had fallen from head to toe for me , so even i started to play , u must admit i am an amazing actor , i mean who can tolerate such a stubborn brat like you , but i had to do afterall how can i forgot all that insult all that humility i gone through because of you , i had to take revenge afterall ,i was just waiting for a chance when i can get free from you and then she came , samira ... damn i saw her the next day itself she looked hot , so much more beautiful than you , and ohh for that info i wasn't gone anywhere just spending some quality time with my samira , so Kiya Gujral now as i have nothing to do with you , just get lost please " he joined hands
dramatically in front of her ,
 "Listen KD i know you are not saying this by yourself , just tell me what's wrong , did i do something , please i will do anything to fix up things , just don't say such things " she pleaded  there was no bar now she was crying uncontrollably

"Errr Gujral just shut up okay , don't you get it , you are being dumped , actually you should thank me that i didn't insulted you publicly what to do as you know i am a nice guy afterall " he leaned back on the wall , smirking looking down at her

she was numb this wasn't what she expected to be her prom like , this wasn't she expected KD to be like , "no this is a bad dream , just a bad dream " she tried stopping her cries "hahaha you are funny Gujral"
KD laughed ,
she opened her eyes this wasn't a dream !! his laughter striked her reality ... the worst reality of her life !!! the guy she trusted the one she loved crazily has betrayed her ... betrayed her once again !!!
, "Stop KD ... my heart is paining please stop !!! " she broked down , her kness hitted the floor as she tried to take support of the wall , her hands covered her head , sweat flowing from her side of face , her dress lost its sparkle it was crumbled from everywhere , she kept wiping tears by her gloves

"Oh poor Gujral don't worry , you will find a yourself a spoil brat like you or i don't think any sane person would like to be with you" he kneeled down on her "even though i don't mean it ,
but let's just say it for your sake , i am sorry Miss Gujral" , she looked at him her eyes were blood red till now , not a single word escaped from her mouth , she sat there looking up at his face , he winked and left the very spot ,
her eyes didn't blinked , hot breath past through her lips as she sat their like a statue , her hands stilled on her laps and just then a tear drop escaped and she came out of the trance , pain strucked her heart
when she recollected everything that happened minutes ago and only a gasp left her mouth before she ran away without looking back

Flashback ends

The most horrible betrayal of her life just went through her eyes , she felt a hot iron peircing her heart , "how can i forget what he did to me , how i can even think that he was nice , how dare my heart cared for him once again "she screamed covering her mouth by pillow allowing it to absorb her shouts "Enough !! I am not gonna cry for that person , not anymore !! you can't fool me again " ,Kiya wiped her tears and stood up

KD checked his watch it was 2 in the morning , "she hadn't ate anything , nor she let me in her room " he roam there near the stairs worriedly rubbing his hands ,her sobs stopped some minutes ago, this was it !! he couldn't wait more , there was no sound coming from her room now , maybe she is asleep he thought and he made his way quickly upstairs , he was about to knock when he saw the door was already open , he pushed the door lightly , it was totally dark in the room , he searched for the switch and when lights were on , he was stunned to see what was in front of him !!

So, hey everyone i am back well kind of , i know TBP story is not that going strong but yeah i still love my kisha , when i started this ff i was damn excited though bcoz of some known-unknown reason i quit it , but i read pm , messages and your comments and seriously i was soo happy seeing them , those lead me to continue this , i hope this ff still will have that same interest left lolzLOL anyways i wouldn't mention name but thank you so much all for those messages and encouragement , i will try and continue soon , though i still need to remember what was i gonna write for further chaptersLOL
anyways enjoy the read and do give feedback (they mean a lot)


Edited by -Razzy- - 05 July 2014 at 2:54pm

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