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-Arshi OS: Finally you love me-

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HI I have read some written works on ArShi and have enjoyed them so I thought to write something on them because those works really made me a big fan of ArShi. Actually I am not a writer but have tried to attempt to write something during my college days and at that time I had written them on one of my other favourite couple. Specifically there is no reason to adapt that work on ArShi but I feel we have till now read or watch arrogant Arnav and bubbly Khushi so I thought of transforming them 360 degrees around and what came was this idea on which I have actually written OS on my other Favourite couple SwaRon but I have changed many things of that OS when adapting this for ArShi and naturally it was required because ArShi charm is different from SwaRon. In that OS the story was basically around Dance but here I have deleted dance completely and inserted a bit more Fashion world glimpse since Arnav belongs to one such zone. I have changed the title of the OS for ArShi because it has totally new feel. I really wish you all have good time reading this one. I really don't know anyone here so I don't really have any PM list so I am not sending any PMs for this work. I hope readers who like reading this will spread this one or share it with others.


Thank you for having patience to read my very long and boring note to start with.








ArShi OS: Finally You Love Me


It was morning 7:30 and sun was at peak point. All the bright rays were going down in the bedroom on the bed. The Room was clean as anything in the world. There was a LED television set hanging on the wall right against the bed and music system and 2 big Yamaha speakers were there with it. The wall right beside the TV was containing all the library stuff and trophies and medals that were kept in proper order. The wall exactly against that had pictures of a boy standing on Ramp, some picture showed him posing with some really hot girls and some were showing him with trophy and medals that were kept in the rack. Rest in one corner around bed a basketball was laying and on other side a laptop open and active showing home screen and a photo of  very beautiful girl posing to camera was desktop picture in it (Seems like prince charming has forgot shut down leppy in the night). A boy heighted around 6"1 was lying on the bed lazily (The boy is none other than our majnu Arnav and seems like he forgot that it's already morning and he has various things to do).

There was a voice coming from outside to wake him up from the bed.

Arnav you lazy bones and you son of a moron wake up it's 7:30 already and if we don't reach at the show venue by 9 that bitch volcano is going to kill us (Yes it was NK Arnav's best friend and partner in crime. They both are Fashion Designing interns and part time models and wanna be Fashion Designers so they are assistants to a famous Fashion Designer Anaita Shroff. And the reason why NK is was angry was that they were late. Actually their boss is planning for a fashion event and they have acquired A female Show-stopper who is famous as anything in the present scenario and NK-Arnav are assistants with Jiana who are ordered to take care of her Ramp & Personal requirements and to choreograph a suitable Ramp Walk for the diva)

"Are Arnav you crazy monster wake up agar hum log late ho Gaye to VO volcano meri bechari sweets KO cut karke khane lag jayegi, yar samaj kitni mushkil se sweets pati hai yar. (Jiana and NK were dating infect they were seriously in love and have decided to get married after training gets over)" NK spoke

"Are yar sone De na aaj to mast usne hug bhi kar liya hai aur kiss bhi karne wali hai...? (And here this guy is just lost in dreams of the girl he loves)" Arnav replied

"Abe oye uth ja mere mungerilal aise sapne mat dekh jo kabhi sach nahi ho sakte... vo volcano humari vat lagati hai aur tuje use pyar hai... jhalle use tera name bhi nahi pata uska assistant hai phir bhi... aur uska ek bahot hi handsome boyfriend hai... (Yes NK was talking about the diva who was Show Stopper and Arnav was madly in love with that girl for 6 years now. Every day he dreams of proposing that girl and now strangely from last 15 days he is working with that girl but is not able to speak his feelings to her)" NK said

Arnav waking up as prince and taking all the time to open his eyes and smiling (Just imagine Barun smile when he woke up from the bed)

"Kya hai re Teri problem yar NK khud to mast Jiana KO patake set ho Gaya hai ab meri love life mein kyu tang mar raha hai yar" Arnav spoke after gaining senses

" Abe oo nawab Saab main tang mar raha hu, come down to earth kaunsi love stroy jaha pe usko ye bhi nahi pata ke tu exist bhi karta hai kahin pe uski life mein. And uska ek bahot hi popular boyfriend hai they make a sizzling couple..." NK said

"Are use bhi pata lag jayega ka ek pagal hai jo use world mein sabse zyada pyar karta hai aur isliye karta hai kyunki vo uski real persona ko janta hai...aur boyfriend ka kya hai vo gonchu to use jagadta hi raheta hai don't worry zyada din tikega nahi meri Volcano ke sath vo..." Arnav said

"Vo-vo-vo Volcano ye name kab rakha yar share bhi nahi kiya tune aisa thodi Na chalta hai yar..." NK said

"Kya be ye Jiana ka name Sweets rakha tune tab aake share kiya tha tune mujse Jo mujse expect kar raha hai. Sale tu to Na bol hi nahi kuch, Tu mera dost hai aur Teri girlfriend ek hi toh hai pure set up mein jisse meri Volcano pyar se baat karti hai fir bhi tu use bolta nahi ke meri baat kare use" Arnav said

"Chal be kuch bhi mat bol samja...uski training aaj ke aaj hi complete nahi karvana muje Jo use aise Marne vale idea dun main..."  NK said

"Thik hai thik hai chal ab fresh hoke taiyar hone to de yar..." Arnav Said

Arnav goes to take shower and fresh up...he gets ready in blue denims and white shirt with a black covering jacket on it...and sexily styled hair with black leather shoes and G-Shock watch in hand and a standard accessory bag of Arnav with him and both of them (Arnav and NK) leave for the Event venue where rehearsals were going on.

On the other there is complete opposite thing is going on in the diva's place. The workers are running around to arrange the required things for the diva. She is getting ready in a Black dress which has height till Knees and wearing matching shoes and hair kept open but very well arranged to keep her face look innocent yet angry diva attitude should be seen on it.

(Yes this is our Diva Khushi Gupta. She is a Show Stopper for many reputed fashion designers and an internationally renowned model. She is an arrogant diva who can do anything to be in lime light. She is mean and tuff from outside. She has a boyfriend but there is no love in between them. She used to be shy and reserved girl but all the cruelness of her boyfriend has changed her to this one)

Khushi was coming down talking on the phone and having glass of juice in other hand. Comes down the stairs and gives the juice glass to servant. Just for a while leaves the phone aside and asks the servant to arrange the car and tell the driver that she wanted to leave. She goes back on talk to the phone. She was sounding angry talking (as usual she was fighting with Shyam her boyfriend. Shyam is Mr. Hotshot in the town and girls drool over him. He has this attitude towards Khushi that he is helping her by being with her. So our diva as usual doesn't like anybody assuming to do favour to her)

Here Jiana was walking around and wondering that neither NK nor Arnav came there on time and what if Khushi came there on time. She was going crazy because she knew one thing that if any mess is created here than Anaita is going to blast her because every time Arnav or NK are involved in something fishy and they both are Jiana's besties and they are one group so Jiana is mainly blasted for both of them.

Meanwhile our two cool dudes reach at the place and see Jiana walking around fuming in anger.

"Mar Gaye aaj sweets firse gusse me lag rahi hai aaj to jalebi banake chodegi ye humien. Sab Teri vajah se hua hai Arnav you lazy bone stupid idiot" NK said

"Are-are chill mar yar Jiana kuch nahi karegi tu janta hai Na mere pass usko shant karne ka formula hai and dekhne to de abhi kya baat hai" Arnav replied

"Abe Saale Teri vajah se ek din mera break up hone wala hai. Khud ki toh love life ka kuch pata nahi par meri band bajane me ek chance nahi chodta Tu" NK said

"Watch it haan dude ek to help kar raha hu upar se muje hi Kos raha hai" Arnav replied

"Where the hell were you both? Can't you see it's already 9:10? VO to sukhar hai volcano abhi tak nahi aayi Varna tantrums fekne suru ho jate abhi tak to" Jiana spoke in anger

"Haay VO kitni sweet hai yar tantrums kaise fekegi tumhe use baat karna hi nahi aata" Arnav said while dreaming about Khushi

"Acha muje baat karna nahi aata to aaj for a change tum apni diva ke sath rehna ok dekhte hai tum kaise use handle karte ho" Jiana said

Just then Khushi's car came and she got down from it. Jiana and NK and Arnav ran towards her.

"Good Morning Khushi aaj mai dusre models ke audition me rahungi NK ke sath to aaj ye Arnav aapke sath rahega agar aapko kuch bhi chaiye to help ke liye" Jiana said

Khushi doesn't even saw his face and spoke " whoever it is use bol do muje ek bar mein kam ho jane ki habit hai agar kuch bhi gad bad ki this will be his last day today"

"Don't worry Khushi he is good and he is well aware of all your needs" Jiana replied

Jiana smiled at NK who is showed thumbs up sign to Jiana. NK gave flying kiss to Jiana and said I love you. To which Jiana acknowledged with equal smile. Arnav who was seeing all this understood that this was a planned move and he was in for danger today.

 "Abe sale tune muje suli chadane ke liye ye plan kiya hai Na?" Arnav said

"Kyu mere mungerilal bada dude bana firta hai na ke Khushi ko handle kar lega and use apne dil ki baat bolega. Aur Jiana help nahi karti and all ye le ab diya chance pure 8 hours hai tere pass dekhte hai ab Arnav the dude ka magic Khushi the diva pe chadta hai ya nahi" NK replied to me smirking

NK and Jiana give each other hi5 and see towards Arnav.

Arnav who was seeing Khushi going into rehearsal hall tries to run after her to catch her says while going: " tum dono ko Arnav ke charm ka andaza nahi hai, dekh lena dude kal subah ye ladki sabke samne muje sweet heart kaheke buleagi that's my bet ok..."

And Arnav ran behind Khushi.

Khushi had gone into Rehearsal hall. After going in first thing she needed was a chair and that too her favourite one and juice to drink. Arnav without waiting for to ask arranged that for her. Khushi got surprised seeing this that it was first time somebody had done something so perfectly that she didn't had anything to criticise.

Now Khushi changed and started her practising her walk in different outfits. Today her partner was not there of course her so called boyfriend was busy flirting somewhere. So Arnav did the part lead male Show Stopper was supposed to do. They were walking holding each others' hands and walk was choreographed by Arnav only so it was easy for him to adapt with walk and at one point when they have to pose for camera Arnav had to hold Khushi from waist and look into her eyes to give a pleasing picture moment to camera. This was actually first time Khushi was working with Arnav. Arnav was explaining her as to how music beats are set and when she has to stop and how to pose for camera in different angles. Arnav was of course lost in the beauty of diva while explaining.

Khushi looked very impressed with the way whole walk was choreographed was set and how the music beats were used perfectly in walk. She herself having been made so many walks was impressed with this because there were poses in the walk which she had never done before in spite of the fact that she had so many shows. She thought this guy is really special.

Khushi Gupta never got impressed by anyone in first meeting. This was the first time she was impressed with something. She herself was wondering that how can she so easily get impressed with this guy. She was impressed with the walk but as usual the diva never expresses this on her face.

They start walking now and first time Khushi touches Arnav and something like a current ran in Arnav's body as well as Khushi too felt something special. Khushi was feeling something that she used to feel long before when she was with Aarav (Aarav was the guy Khushi actually loved from the bottom of her heart from childhood both of them had been models. They both were couple and there was no one in this world who understood her better than Aarav. Aarav knew what Khushi wanted every time they were with each other. But unfortunately Aarav died in a plane crash before 6 years. Since then Khushi changed herself. Shyam came in her life and used her to be on the top and now he used to take Khushi for granted.)

While walking Khushi for once saw directly in Arnav's eyes. She directly felt something that touched her heart. She never felt like this with when she was with Shyam or in fact Aarav. Arnav was just lost in those beautiful eyes. Both of them just froze there looking in each other's eyes. Khushi was confused that why this guy was leaving so much impact on her mind and soul in the first meeting. Surely Arnav had qualities that Aarav possessed and he was more than what Aarav was capable of that's what Khushi was constantly thinking there.

As just than Shyam came and saw this. And just to his usual sense he started shouting on Khushi. But this time Khushi too went mad at him. Khushi went mad on him because he started shouting and moreover that because of his disturbance she had to leave Arnav with whom she felt very comfortable with and was feeling like she was with Aarav.

Khushi asked everybody to go out as she wanted to talk to Shyam alone. So everybody including Arnav went outside and outside everybody was gathered because two of the main stars were fighting like maniacs inside.

Arnav knew that this was to come one day. He knew Khushi never loved Shyam. (In fact Arnav was actually in love with Khushi since Aarav was in Khushi's life and Khushi Aarav and Arnav were in New York. Aarav used to help Arnav a lot with his part time employments and learning and all and used to share everything about Khushi including her pictures. Arnav actually never met Khushi in person but he knew her very well through Aarav and he was in love with just those pictures of Khushi which Aarav had kept in his pocket. After Aarav died Arnav had thought many times to go and help Khushi because he knew what Aarav meant for her but somehow he never got courage to confront Khushi. So he never tried to meet her but he saw Khushi changing she was getting famous but she was losing original Khushi way behind her.)

Arnav tried to peak from window as to what was happening inside. He could see just one thing inside and could hear that...

"You think you can do whatever you want... first of all get this thing very clearly I am your boyfriend and only I am supposed to touch you no one else can touch you... do you understand this..." Shyam said

"Ohm dream on Mr. Casanova you are not my master that I will do whatever you want. And moreover you are free to sleep with any girl you want and I am not allowed to even touch a boy... no this can't be tolerated..." Khushi replied

"If you won't do as I say than I will ditch you forever" Shyam said

"Oh who the hell you are to ditch me haan? I Khushi Gupta ditch you today. Now never ever show me your bloody face again" Khushi replied

Shyam in anger moved out of the room. It was almost evening pack up time just hour to go. Arnav understood that Khushi needed sometime alone. So he asked all the staff to leave for home and they will continue in the morning.

Meanwhile Arnav took two mugs of coffee and went in the rehearsal hall. Khushi was sitting on the floor quietly remembering Aarav and crying. Arnav went beside her and sat down there beside her. Arnav gave her coffee mug.

"Hey you no need to show that fake concern towards me ok. I am not that girl who will find these gestures sweet and will start talking to you. Just leave me alone you understand" Khushi spoke

"What? I am not trying to do any gesture in first place. I came here because after so much fighting and talking and roaring you might have got tired and needed some coffee to chill so I brought this" Arnav replied

Khushi just went blank with that answer... because she had not expected a guy to give her that type of answer anyway.

"Oh so you are trying to play tricks haan Mr." Khushi Spoke

"No I am not tricking you miss, I am just saying that you did right thing by breaking up with him" Arnav replied

"Did I ask you that it was wrong or right?" Khushi said

"But I just want to say you did right thing. Because that guy Shyam was actually using your fame. He never loved Khushi. Because if he did love Khushi than Khushi would never be like this" Arnav said

 "Did he just say what I feel? And what the hell was that Khushi was not like this?? How am I supposed be like then??" Khushi thought

"Well do you want me to say to you that how Khushi was supposed be like" Arnav spoke breaking the silence

 "Yes exactly I want to know how any random person can say how Khushi should be" Khushi replied

"Ok first of all I am not a random person. (He was about to say that he is friend of Aarav but just then he remembered one thing that Aarav had made him to give promise that if he ever meets Khushi he will not say it to her that Aarav is his friend and has shared her memories with him. Because Khushi never wanted to share anything related to Aarav with anyone. And Aarav had just started considering Arnav as his brother. So Aarav had never hidden anything from Arnav but he never told Khushi about Arnav.)

And now Khushi real Khushi is not the person sitting over here and throwing tantrums... This fake anger and rudeness is never meant for Khushi you know. Khushi is this sweet little girl next door who can find happiness in small things or small achievements. All this shell around you that nobody can hurt you and you are tough girl or a girl of substance is just a mask that you are using to show the world. From inside you are soft and polite and gentle person who wants to live like every common person.

But all the cosiness around you has turned you into something that you actually are not. However you try to prove me that you can hurt people with you behaviour, I for sure know that when anyone gets hurt from you it's you first that gets hurt most. So don't pretend now at least against me that you are tough and can handle situations better ok." Arnav said everything clearly to Khushi

Khushi was thinking he has actually spoken everything right. How can he know so much about me in only one meeting,  he has just broken all the shell around me and has just gone to read my heart as it is which I have hidden very successfully from all others. Something he spoke that even Aarav never spoke about. Aarav did know what I wanted but he never knew how my heart always felt for him. This guy here has just read my heart perfectly just as no one has ever read it.

"And what makes you say all this about me? In just one meeting how can you know so much about me" Khushi asked curiously

"Arnav Singh Rayzada that's my name" Arnav spoke

"Ok whatever first you tell me how you can confidently say that whatever you spoke about me is true" Khushi Asked

"Ok... first thing I don't know you from this one meeting of ours today. Actually I am I know you from the day I saw your Picture for the first time. I had fallen in love with you at that very moment. Since that day I have been carrying all your pictures wherever they are published. I have loved you through your pictures Miss Diva. Your eyes in the picture speak for you and I talk to them every day.

I never knew one day I will be sitting like this with you and saying all this things to you. But from your pictures I always felt that you are something else and showing some other side to the world. I can understand that there is some fear in you. But I have never been able to understand what fear is lying inside this deep eye that is not allowing you to live freely" Arnav said

Khushi was crying now because she had no other choice but to admit that Arnav was speaking truth.

"Hey it's ok... I did not want to hurt you in anyway" Arnav said

"No you are not hurting me but after very long time somebody has made me meet the real me in myself" Khushi replied

Arnav was smiling now and Khushi saw his smile she found him cute and some innocence was there in his smile which made Khushi smile.

"That's nice keep smiling like this. You know now this Shyam shit is out of your life. You are free you can live freely and start new means of life. Don't be so much reserved and all in work. Live life you are here and one life time is really long to live with so much seriousness around you" Arnav said

Khushi smiled at him and said "I will try to..."

Arnav stood up patted her head little and started walking towards door... just then turn around to tell her that...

"Hey Khushi see ya tomorrow here only we have to finish the walk rehearsals and have to search a new partner for you now..."

Khushi smiled at him...

Arnav went out and went home as NK was to go on a date with Jiana.

Arnav was at home thinking about his walk and time with Khushi and whatever he confessed to Khushi. He felt bad that he couldn't say to Khushi that it was Aarav who made him know Khushi. But as Arnav was man of his words and this truth that he knew Aarav will now go with him in his grave.

Khushi on the other side after so many years was sitting with Aarav's picture in hand. And she was thinking about Arnav not Aarav. After Aarav she first time felt that she was alive when she was walking with Arnav. She felt something that was attracting her towards Arnav. She was saying to Aarav that he is like or I should say he is even better than you. He is the only one after you who has known what my heart was feeling Aarav. I am still wondering that how can I fall in love with him in just one day. I mean he also confessed himself that he loves me. And what is more touching that he loves me the real Khushi and he knows the real Khushi very well.

Aarav you always wanted me to move on in life. I still remember that you said if you ever move on than I too have to move on in life. And I think this guy is something different. Why I am feeling like you have sent him for me. He is the one who can make me meet the real me. He is the only one who can make me live all over again because in his touch I could feel that I was leaving up all over again.

Aarav is this sign for me that you are indicating me to move on with this guy. I never felt like this for Shyam even though we were in relationship for 4 years.

I think yes I am in love with this guy. I don't know how. But I can feel the same thing that I used to feel for you Aarav. This is it now I understand Aarav why you always said that love is love it has no counts. Ya you were right love are love and it has no counts I am in love with this guy Arnav because he makes me feel alive his touch, he resembles you Aarav.

Yes I am in love and I need to tell him this now, but how? I don't know where he lives? I don't even have his number... I cannot wait till morning to tell him this. What can I do now?

Yes Jiana... Jiana would have his number. Wait let me call Jiana.

"Hello Jiana its Khushi... I need to ask you something" Khushi asked

"What is it Khushi?" Jiana asked in tensed tone

"You had sent in a guy to help me in the morning what was his name?  Ya Arnav..." Khushi spoke

"Ya Khushi it was Arnav but did he do anything wrong?  Please don't punish him... I assure you he won't repeat it again" Jiana asked for forgiveness

"Relax Jiana he has not done anything wrong. I just wanted to discuss something about walk with him that's why I want his phone number" Khushi answered

Jiana relaxed now gave Khushi Arnav's phone number.

"Hello is this Arnav... I am Khushi Gupta here..." Khushi called Arnav

"Yes Khushi" Arnav replied

"I want you at my home in 15 minutes. I don't know how you will manage it but right here my home in 15. Ok" Khushi said and cut the call

Arnav did his best and ran for his life because he knew Khushi's anger was dangerous to his health and job. Arnav reached Khushi's place in 13 minutes and servants were instructed to send Arnav where Khushi was sitting. Arnav reached there.

"So you are here sharp in 15 nice" Khushi said

"Ya you wanted me to be here in 15 so how could I not make it" Arnav spoke

"Nice-nice in the evening you told many things to me. You said you loved me from my pictures and you could read my heart from the pictures, right?" Khushi asked

Oh so I guess whatever I said must have had a negative impact on her. What The?? What was the need to tell her everything in first meeting?? Arnav thought.

"It was just that..." Arnav tried to reply

Khushi cut him in mid way there...

"And you also wanted to know what is the fear lying in my eyes right?" Khushi said

Arnav just nodded in saying yes

"You were right I have made a shell around me. And you want to know why because I lost him (showing him the picture of Aarav). He was the only one who knew me this well and after him I was ending up being hurt from everywhere. So to stop myself from getting hurt so much I had to change myself into something that cannot hurt me anymore.

But today you out of all came and just directly spoke what was in my heart with perfection and spoke as if you knew me from ages. I was amazed to see this in first place. But whatever you spoke about me in the evening was right.

Now the thing I want to know is... you said that you love me what was that?" Khushi spoke

"Khushi this is something I really feel for you... I am in love with you from last six years. There has been no single night where I not dreamt of myself proposing you. You met me by chance here. Even if you would not have met me I would have loved you. I had decided that if I am to get married one day it will be only with you otherwise I will die single very happily seeing you happy... I love you Khushi I really do..." Arnav replied

"Look I can see that in your eyes that you are speaking the truth. I can trust you. My heart wants to trust you. The reason why I am saying this is that after Aarav I never felt I am alive. I lived only to take breathes. But today when you touched me I really felt I am alive all over again. You made me meet the Khushi I am today after ages last time it was Aarav who made this

But you are different yet you are like Aarav. But you have something very deep that even Aarav didn't have.

Yes Arnav I am in love again. And this time it's you who has made my heart feel alive once again.

You know everybody say that your first love is something that you always cherish. And your real love is only love which you fall in first.

But today after meeting you I can proudly say that love doesn't have counts Arnav. I am the live example of that. I love you and I love you from the bottom of my heart. I think I love you more than I did love Aarav once. I have lived on after Aarav because I was to meet you. Now I am feeling like if I ever loose you I will never be able to live.

This is the feeling that I have developed only for you. Even for Aarav I felt enormous love but never felt like this for him which I am feeling for you" Khushi said holding his hands in her hands

"Sshhh you are speaking too much..." Arnav said and put figure on her lips

Arnav went on his knees and spoke to Khushi "will you be always there in my life with me to live and cherish all the happiness in my life. I want to feel the happiness of celebrating my success with you with the person I love most. I want to have a sweet family with you. I want to have kids who are beautiful as you and humbled like me (both of them smiled on this). I want you to be with me in each and every thing I do. Even I want you to hold my hand when I am taking my last bree..." Arnav was speaking or about to speak

When Khushi just stopped Arnav from speaking ahead and spoke...

"We will die together holding our hands Arnav..." Khushi spoke

And Arnav got up and they both hugged each other got lost in each other's heart. They both were getting united and proving that love never has any counts and love is just love it can happen anytime to anybody. So always cherish love that you have in your life. Respect the feelings of the person you love most...


Thank you for your time and patience for reading this os.






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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 March 2013 at 5:23pm | IP Logged
haiyye main mar jawan that was beautiful
arrogant khushi and sweet arnie
wow he sure made her realise that she doesnt have to keep her hidden from herself
aww he has been in love with her for so long and would have continued to do so even if he hadnt seen or met her
but he did and that got him to confess his love to her
and what a confession that got khushi to see and think about love again
man that was done just perfect with their emotions love and their confession

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Natasha08 IF-Dazzler

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wow..beautiful os
loved arnav and khushi.

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Originally posted by chavvi16

<font color="#663366">haiyye main mar jawan that was beautiful
arrogant khushi and sweet arnie
wow he sure made her realise that she doesnt have to keep her hidden from herself
aww he has been in love with her for so long and would have continued to do so even if he hadnt seen or met her
but he did and that got him to confess his love to her
and what a confession that got khushi to see and think about love again
man that was done just perfect with their emotions love and their confession</font>

Thank you for reading the OS...I am so happy that you had a good read and enjoyed the story...thank you so much for the lovely feedback and appreciation...
pratik54000 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by Natasha08

wow..beautiful os
loved arnav and khushi.

Thank you for reading it...and I am glad that you liked arnav and khushi in this way...
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MG OS: Falling in love... With Love

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