Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

NEW VIRMAN OS pehli holi **100 likes**

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Posted: 30 March 2013 at 4:13am | IP Logged
manvi slowly and quietly crept towards virat who was sleeping peacefully like a cute innocent baby, she sat on the bed and leaned towards him. manvi slowly took some colour on her hand, and put it on his cheek and forehead, then nose and chin; making patterns. her touch made virat feel something and stir while sleeping but it wasnt capable enough to make the virat singh vadera wake up.
manvi giggled on seeing his face
and started doing the chores of the house, the house which was now their sweet little cute world. they moved on from vadera house around 20 days back and now they were happy living in the outhouse. here they had so much of time together that they never got in vadera house. this house was their small virman land.
after sometime, virat stirred and traced the other side of the bed and found it empty.
virat : maanviii... coffee...???
manvi : laiii...
virat got up and went to the washroom and he yelled on the top of his voice...
virat : aaahhh... mmmaaannnvvviii...
manvi bursted out laughing on hearing virat screaming.
virat : ye kya kia tumne...??? (what did you do...??)

manvi : kya kia... nothing (trying to control her laughter)
virat : abhi btata hoon... (i will tell you...)
manvi started running because she knew his intentions, virat started running  behind her and caught her. he took her in his arms and went to the bed. he made her lie on the bed and got on top of her.
manvi : kya kar rahe ho...?? (what are u doing...??)
virat : nothing... (leaning more n more close)
manvi gulped and closed her eyes with her heartbeats racing as ever. manvi could feel his breath near her lips that made her even more shy and nervous.

virat rubbed his nose on her cheek and then his cheek on her cheek and then went on to her another cheek. by now manvi was blushing very hard and one of her hand was clutching the fistful of the bedsheet. virat saw his effect on her and smirked. he again bent down and whispered huskily in her ear " happy holi bandariya ".
manvi opened her eyes and virat got up from her raising one of his eye brow and smiling. manvi understood that he was just teasing her and just playing games with her. she touched her cheek and found the
gulaal on her cheek.
manvi : i will not leave you vadera...
virat : same goes for you mrs. vadera...

manvi : virat on a serious note, i want to celebrate this holi with our family.
virat : manvi i wont stop you... you can go and play holi with them. why to spoil your holi because of me...
manvi : its our first holi after marriage partner.
virat : manvi please... you can go... but dont force me...
manvi : just come for maa... she must be missing you virat. you know she loves you more than anything and even more than jiju. jiju always got his share of love from buaji but maa always showered all her love n
care on you partner... she would be happy to see you with the family. i mean why to live all alone on the day of festival.
virat : you wont listen to me... would u...???
manvi : certainly not...
virat : please sweetheart (he came close and cupped her cheeks)
manvi : this wont work everytime pati dev...
manvi held his hand and took him outside to celebrate holi with all the family members. all were really happy to see manvi and virat coming there on their own. virat n manvi met all and did the pooja with the family. after the pooja, virat left the place all sad because this was the first holi ever when he was away from viren. dabbu wet n joined virat and then they drank a glass of thandai. virat went inside and threw colour on viren
n wished him happy holi. viren was elated because virat himself came n wished him holi and he hugged virat.
virat : happy holi bhai...
viren : happy holi virat...
virat : mannu...
viren broke the hug and looked at virat and he understood that now something would surely happen.
virat went near manvi who was busy talking to jeevika, and hugged her from behind and rubbed his nose on manvi's neck. jeevika looked at virat as he never behaved this way in front of the family. viren came n took jeevika with him and told her that virat for sure had thandai and he will not be able to handle it.

virat : mannu...
manvi : virat... leave... chodo... sab dekh rahe hai...
virat tightened his hold on manvi's waist and pelled her more closer " manvi mujhe kuch kehna hai..."
manvi was all embarassed and looked at viren who was smiling widely and jeevika who was looking down blushing.
manvi : hmm...
virat : i love you...
manvi : i love you too... but please mujhe chodo na...
virat : dance karein...??? (he kissed the nape of her neck)
manvi : kya...??

by now everybody has stopped playing holi and were enjoying see the romantic holi of the newly wedded couple.
virat : gaana gaun...??
manvi : nahi... chodo na... kya kar rahe ho...???
swamini : virat...?? leave her...
virat : shh bua ji... shhh... silence (putting one finger on his lips)
viren giggled on seeing this scene and hugged vanshika sideways " ye bahng ne nashe mein hain... "
now virat turned all his attention towards manvi who was struggling to free herself from his hold.

virat : please...
manvi : now what...???
virat : gaana gaane do na please...
manvi : par please mujhe chod toh do... sab dekh rahe hai...
virat : par tum mere saath dance karogi na...
manvi : haan karungi... but please...
virat : chod diya... (virat left her and started moving)
manvi : uff...!!! isko handle karna ho bahut hi mushkil hai... Stern Smile
@@ PART 2 @@
(do me a favour lets play holi
 rangon mein hai pyar ki boli) - 2 (taking the gulaal in his hands and walking towards manvi...)
 ho mere pichhe pichhe pichhe kyon aaye (manvi turned around and started moving away from virat)
 mera jiya jiya kyon dhadkaaye (manvi turned her head and waved her hand in air as if asking something)
 jaa re jaa dont touch my choli (virat held her hand and manvi tried to free herself from his hold)
 uff yeh holi haai yeh holi - 2 (still struggling to free her hand)
 hey do me a favour lets play holi
 rangon mein hai pyar ki boli (pulling her close)
 uff yeh holi haai yeh holi - 2
 do me a favour lets play holi (putting his chin on her  shoulder)
 neela peela laal gulaal  (he forwarded his other hand in front of manvi showed her the gulaal which he was holding)
 uspe tere gore gaal (rubbed his cheek with her cheek and once she was lost in his touch he put the colour on her cheek)
 kaali kaali aankhon wali
 mast mast hai teri chaal (by now manvi finally freed herself from his
 hai bahana holi ka (manvi turned around to face him and started walking backwards)
 paas aana chahe tu (signalling him to come ahead by moving her finger)

 chaand se mere chehre pe
 rang lagana chahe tu (she enacted as if she was putting colour on her cheeks)
 ohhh holi hai aani jaani (she stepped back even more and threw her hand in air and swayed her open hair in attitude)
 tere dil mein hai beimaani (pointing towards virat)
 main nahi hu itni bholi (moving her head signalling a no...)
 uff yeh holi haai yeh holi -
2 (dancing to the rhythm)
 do me a favour lets play holi (virat smirked and started moving towards manvi)
 uff yeh holi haai yeh holi (manvi nodded her head and put her hand on her head)

 do me a favour lets play holi
uff yeh holi haai yeh holi
 do me a favour lets play holi
 tu mili jabse mujhko (he again held manvi and pulled her into his emrace and turned her around so that she was facing him)
 holi hi kuchh aur lage (leaning close to her)
 teri payal ke ghunghru (slightly touching her feet with his)
 meri har dhadkan pe baje (manvi pushed him and tried to run way from him)
 yu hi baaton baaton mein (virat took hold of her dupatta and smirked)
 dil churana jaane tu (pulling her towards him... )

 maane na kehna koi (knitting his brows together and looking at her with fake anger)
 tu kare jo thaane tu (he left her dupatta with a jerk shocking manvi...)

 ho tujhpe main deewane haari (manvi placed her dupatta around her neck and moved towards virat)
 tere pyar ki main hu deewani (holding her ears and begging him to forgive her making a cute puupy face)
 holi mein tere sang main boli (she took some colour from her face and put it on virat's face)
 uff yeh holi haai yeh holi - 2 (all the others joined virman and danced...)
(do me a favour lets play holi
 rangon mein hai pyar ki boli) - 3
while all the others were busy playing holi or eating snacks, virat's attention was only on manvi. he was staring at her like a love struck puppy. manvi looked at virat in anger and jeevika also noticed this and nudged manvi " aaj toh tu gayi mannu..."
manvi : please di...
jeevika : look at virat...
manvi : oh my god... i would never let him touch any thandai from now on... he is behaving weird di...
jeevika : he is just behaving like a filmy hero...
manvi : uff...!!!! i should take him back before he gets out of control...
jeevika : let him enjoy mannu... after so many days, he is with us...
manvi : nahi di... i can see something is cooking up in his mind... i am taking him back...
jeevika : okk... take care...
manvi went towards virat, held his hand and took him back to the outhouse.
manvi entered the outhouse and closed the door angrily while virat's eyes not leaving manvi for a second... manvi looked angrily at virat and took him to the bed.
manvi : virat go off to sleep NOW...
virat : sleep with me...
manvi : no... virat just sleep... you are becoming out of control...
virat : no... first come n lie down with me...

manvi : no... i am not going to...
virat : then i wont sleep...
manvi : okk...

manvi lied down beside virat and he immediately wrapped his hand around her waist.
manvi : virat...
virat : kiss do na mannu...
manvi : stop calling me mannu u chep...
virat : kiss...

manvi : no kiss for you... you are all dirty and painted like a canvas...
virat : main kissey karun...??
manvi : no... (trying to push him away)
virat : i wnat kiss... NOW...
manvi : dont u dare give me orders... i wont follow any...
virat : but i love you...
manvi : i love you too... but now just relax virat..
virat (pulling her even more closer and tightening his hold on her) : why should i sleep...??? i am not a baby... i am not sleeping... thats it... mannu...
manvi : virat...
virat : manvi... holi pe romance toh kia hi nahi...
manvi : haaww jo bahar kia tha wo kya tha...

virat : dance... romance toh miss ho gaya... (making a sad face)
manvi : romance raat ko kar lena... abhi rest karlo...
virat : abhi karte hain na... raat ko action reply...
manvi : shut up... chodo yaar...
virat : kiss...
manvi : tum itne chep ho mujhe pta nahi tha...
virat : kiss...
manvi : iski toh train ek hi station pe rukk gayi hai...
virat : manvi... (all irritated by now)
manvi shifted up a little and kissed his forehead.
manvi : now sleep...
virat : here (pointing towards his right cheek)
manvi kissed his cheek and said " now please... "

virat : here (pointing towards his nose)
manvi kissed as he said.
virat : here (pointing towards his lips)
manvi : no... enough of kisses now...
virat : no... this is the last one... please...
manvi : no... thats it...
virat pulled her and she closed her eyes as there was a gentle, lingering touch of his lips on hers. When she opened her eyes and looked into his eyes once again, his expression was intense, almost threatening. For a moment, manvi thought maybe he was angry, but before she could ponder on it further, he pulled her again and captured her lips in an hungry kiss and manvi immediately responed back with equal love, passion and hunger.
Their lips moved in time with each other and Virat raised his hands up to manvi's hair and tangled his fingers in it pulling her more and more closer as if he lived within her like her soul. His other hand took hold of her dupatta and slowly removed the barrier within them. manvi was clutching a fistful of his kurta and was moaning in the kiss. this made virat smile and he securely placed his hand on her waist. Manvi felt nauseous for a second and she pulled away from Virat, but Virat was in no mood to be gentle. he kissed her neck trailing down to her shoulders. manvi was now breathing heavily but virat was no where to stop today, and manvi also knew it. soon she felt his hand roaming at her back and then suddenly it stopped at one place. next she felt the slow moment of the zip at the back of her salwar suit being slided down.
manvi : virat...
virat : shh...  and he kissed her eyes which were now closed.
soon she felt his rough hand carressing her back and massaging it sometimes. he was creating havoc on her back and was testing her senses. manvi was now unable to control herself thinking of what will soon happen with her, she hugged virat and hided herself in his chest
breathing his scent.
this gave virat more access to her and he clasped open the bra strap. he separated manvi from himself and looked at her face and kissed all over her face and then slowly turned her around so that she was lying with the support of her stomach
. manvi's bare back was visible to virat and planted hot wet deep kisses on her back and sucking and bitting her delicate skin. this made manvi moan his name in pleasure and he continued to trail every cell of her body with kisses.
manvi : ahh... v..viraaattt... stop...
virat turned her around and again captured her lips in a hot kiss, nibbling to her lower lip and the sweet taste of her lips was driving him even more crazy by passing minute. while kissing her, virat slided the sleeve of the suit from her shoulder and kissed her deeply. manvi kept kissing him with all the love she had for him and gave herself totally to him all over again. slowly he removed all the barriers between him and the girl who was the colour of his life. he loved her and made her his all over again...
naina... Smile

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Interesting cont soon waiting

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Continue soon

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Plz dear update soon

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I know it be lovely cont soon.

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Finally u done with this...
Plz update soon...
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nice ! do pm !
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Waiting Day Dreaming

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