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The CNAT-Cricket special (Page 19)

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Posted: 12 April 2013 at 5:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by varaali

Originally posted by foram.

is there any one till now banned or fined??? ;)

Yes... Ganesh has come under the scanner for his unorthodox fielding techniques. Our reporter Tarakari has more news

 Tarakari: While we have all heard and seen spectacular catches, you will agree that most have been taken with two hands. 

However GG's youngest player Ganesh has come under the scanner for his "teesra" i.e third third appendage... I mean -his trunk-  which is offering him unfair advantage.
In the recent match against  PP (which the Ganas won) Ganesh had almost dropped the ball which he had caught with his hands, but managed to scoop it with his trunk before it fell on the ground.

More disturbing  is his technique while batting. While facing a ball, he first catches it with his trunk and then gently tosses it above, before hitting it to the boundary. At other times, he has been noticed to suck the ball just after it has been delivered and then hitting it conveniently

The  PP players have lodged an official protest, seeking a ban on Ganesh using his trunk while playing. Ganesh remained unavailable for comment.

Following the controversy over Ganesh's actions, the LPL general body came up w/ a ruling.  To find out more, let's go to our reporter Foram, who's covering this controversy from Kailash.

Foram:  Thank you, Vrish.  I am here w/ Kubera to find out about the ruling, and what it implies.  Sir, what did the council come to?

Kubera: We found out that all uses of Ganesh's trunk are not illegal.  Like for instance, when he uses his trunk to gain height and catch the ball w/ it, that itself is not against the law.  However, in the PP game, Ganesh did use his trunk as a vacuum to suck back a ball that had already passed him.  This is not allowed under the laws, since it's a unique advantage that only he has.

However, on batting, it gets worse.  If Ganesh catches the ball w/ his trunk, it will be treated out as handling the ball, since the laws of cricket don't allow a batsman to hold the ball w/ his hand while it is in play.  In Ganesh's case, we are treating his trunk as his hand, and so the same principles apply.

Foram: Thank you, Kubera

Vrish: To find out reactions to this ruling, we first join Shadow.Daemon, who is in Kailash w/ the GG squad.  Shadow, what has their reaction been?

S.D: Vrish, it's been one of disappointment, but they've agreed to abide by this ruling.  I have here w/ me Sati, who is here to give her team reaction to this.  Mata Sati, what say you?

Sati: Well, like you say, we are disappointed that the LPL didn't recognize that Ganesh's trunk is every bit as part of his body as his hands, so banning him from using his trunk to suck back the ball is unfair.  I mean, who's asking other players not to suck back the ball?

S.D: But isn't the point that no other player can do it a good one?

Sati: Well, every player has their unique strengths, and to ban one for finding a unique use for his is unfair.  If anything, Ganesh deserved the naya soch award.

S.D: Thank you.  Vrish, back to you.

Vrish: Okay, we now go to Gangotri, where Varaali has the PP reaction to the ruling.  Varaali, take it away.

Varaali: Thank you, Vrish.  Yeah, the PP players are busy practicing, so I have Ganga here w/ me to discuss this ruling.  Maam, are you satisfied w/ this ruling?

Ganga: Partially.  We're glad that they've stopped him from using his trunk to suction the ball back - I mean, how does a batsman who's managed to get he ball pass him then win?  And we are particularly pleased by them stopping him from catching the ball w/ his trunk b4 hitting it - how could the umps in our game have ruled that it was anything other than handling the ball?

Varaali: Thank...

Ganga: But we are not satisfied w/ the ruling about allowing him to catch the ball w/ his trunk.  I mean, a fielder can't stop a ball w/ his cap, taking it off.  The trunk should have been treated similarly in this case.

Varaali: Ok,  Maam, thank you for your reaction.  back to you, Vrish!

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varaali IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 April 2013 at 6:03am | IP Logged
Oh that was great, Vrish...('like' butto,n not working)

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Posted: 12 April 2013 at 4:01pm | IP Logged
SS take out DD at home; Indra, Rama banned for 1 match

DD's bad luck at home continued when SS got the better of them.  The asura ban at Amravati, which was thought to favor DD, has actually worked against it in every home match, and SS pretty much had a walkover.  Rama won the toss and asked Indra to bat.

Bhrigu & Sanaka opened the batting this time.  Rama decided to open the bowling in this match w/ Rishis Vashistha & Garg.  They spin the ball well, and Bhrigu and Sanaka again batted slowly.  At the end of 8 overs, they had made a paltry 40 runs.

Following that, Bhageeratha came in the 9th over, and removed both openers.  Indra then came in to bat, but Rama got himself in and clean-bowled Indra first ball for a duck.  Banaval, Amatya & Gautamashatru soon followed, but the SS team did a good job of containing the runs, although their bowling lacked penetration.  DD's total was a paltry 90.

In return, SS opened the batting w/ Rama & Garg.  Rama decided to try out opening, since it was a new role for him.  He looted 50 runs of the first 2 overs.  Indra then brought himself in to bowl, and Rama hit him for 20 runs of his first 5 balls.  Finally, in the 6th ball, Rama skied the ball, which was caught at the boundary by Yamaraj.

While Rama was walking back to the pavilion, Indra taunted him, and hurled some words of abuse against Kaikeyi.  Rama, normally calm, reacted angrily, and the 2 almost came to blows - fielders Bhrigu & Amatya managed to separate them.  The umpires had a word w/ Indra, and he received a warning.

At any rate, Rama left w/ the score at 80.  Bhageeratha came in & finished the honors.

Rama won both the man of the match for his 65, as well as the naya soch award for opening.  However, both Indra & Rama were banned for 1 match for their altercation on the field, which distracted from an otherwise dull game.

Score summary:

DD - 90/10

Banaval - 25
Bhrigu - 22

Rama - 3/24

SS - 91/1

Rama - 65

Indra - 1/20

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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 2:26pm | IP Logged
VV pulls off its first victory against BB

VV finally opened its account today in a thriller match that saw a high scoring game go right upto the last ball.  Playing away, Daksha won the toss and put BB in to bat.

BB opened its bowling w/ Angira and Ravan, but in the 6th ball of the very first over, Swarnasura - VV's new player - pulled off a coup when he got Ravan caught behind by Vibheeshan.  Ravan was furious that Vibheeshan had betrayed him again, but the umpire pointed out that everybody was scattered b/w teams, and that the usual familial ties didn't apply here.  Ravan walked off in a huff.

BB had a slow start to their innings, and soon lost Angira as well to Whiteasura.  Kashyap joined Brahmarishi as well, and they started batting, but the VV fielding was very tight, and at the end of 10 overs, BB had a paltry 60 runs on the board.  In the 11th over, Narada came in and Brahmarishi tried to accelarate the pace of the innings, but was caught by Vishnurishi at cover.  Kashyap continued to bat w/ Dadhichi and put on some 30 runs, until he too was run out by Vibheeshan.

This brought Trisiras to the crease, and he did some lusty hitting, including a couple of towering sixes.  However, he was soon clean bowled by a beauty of a delivery from Swarnasura.  BB then lost the quick wickets of Dhoomralochan & Vajrang, and finally, in the last ball, Dadhichi tried to hit Swarnasura for a 6 but was caught at the boundary.  BB made 110 in their last 10 overs and ended up w/ a total of 170/8

In response to BB, VV too started off in identical fashion, making only 5 runs in the first 3 overs.  Rishi Durvasa hit out, and was caught by Kashyap.  Rishi Gautama then joined Sanatana, and they too did some lusty hitting, until in the 10th over, Gautama was removed by a beauty from Whiteasura.  At the end of 10 overs, VV had an identical score as BB.

Sanatana was the next to go, and Varuna & Narada came to the crease.  Varuna was particularly aggressive and hit several boundaries, and even a couple of huge 6s.  Very soon, the asking rate was 2 runs a ball, but Varuna made sure that it stayed that way.  On the other end, wickets kept falling, and finally, Varuna fell in the 19th over to Whiteasura.  Finally, it came down to the last over, where Dadhichi gave the ball to Ravan.  16 runs were needed.  Swarnasura and Blackasura were batting, and they hit the first couple of balls for boundaries.  Finally, it came down to 2 runs being needed off the last ball.  Ravan went off to bowl at Blackasura, who was caught at gully by Vajrang.  An overjoyed BB squad spilled into the pitch, but the umpire stopped them and called Ravan's last delivery a no-ball.  Since the batsmen had crossed over as well adding an extra run, this meant a VV victory.

Varuna was declared the man of the match for his brilliant 56.  Swarnasura won the naya soch award due to his dismissal of Ravan.

Score Summary

BB - 170/8
Dadhichi - 54
Trisiras - 45
Swarnasura - 4/29
VV - 171/7
Varuna - 56
Narada - 25
Vibheeshan - 20
Whiteasura - 3/37

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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
AA pulls off victory against SS

AA took advantage on the ban on Rama from yesterday's match to pull off a heavy victory over SS in the Ayodhya Colliseum.  Vidyunmali won the toss and decided to bat, calculating that w/ Rama serving his ban in this match due to his altercation w/ Indra, SS would have a tough time chasing any total.  SS was skippered by Bhageeratha in Rama's absense.
Vidyunmali decided to open the batting this time w/ Sanatkumar and Bhashmasura.  It worked beautifully.  This time, Sanatkumar & Bhashmasura started off cautiously, w/ Bhashmasura letting Sanatkumar have most of the strike.  The scoring rate wasn't very aggressive in the first several overs, and Hunda and Chanda didn't trouble the openers much, although the fielding was tight and didn't concede too many runs.  At the end of 10 overs, AA was 50 for no loss.

Following the 10th over, Bhashmasura decided to change gears, and went into the attack.  He was particularly hard on Vashistha & Garg, while Sanatkumar took a back seat and contented himself w/ being just a spectator.  However, soon Bhageeratha brought Sanandana in, and Sanatkumar went on the attack.  Finally, Bhageeratha decided to bring in Shumbha & himself, but by now, it was already too late.  Both batsmen went on a rampage.   Finally, the innings ended w/ 190/0, w/ Bhashmasura on 70 and Sanatkumar on 70.

It was always going to be tough chasing such a total, but if that was not enough, Jalandhar removed Rishi Garg in the first ball of his over.  In the very next over, Sanandana was run out in a mix-up w/ Rishi Vashistha, which didn't help, so Bhageeratha joined Whiteasura in an attempt to contain the bleeding.  It was contained for a while, until Jalandhar returned in the 7th over to remove Rishi Vashistha, and then took a hatrick, claiming, Whiteasura and Chanda.  Wickets continued to fall, and finally, SS was all out for 90.

Sanatkumar won the man of the match for his 85, while Vritra won the naya soch award for running out Rishi Vashistha.  Also, Jalandhar for the first time won the purple cap, as he ended up w/ 1 wicket more than Kartikeya in the tournament.

Score Summary

AA - 190/0

Sanatkumar - 85*
Bhashmasura - 70*

SS - 90

Whiteasura - 30
Bhageeratha - 25

Jalandhar - 5/12

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Diala Goldie

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Posted: 15 April 2013 at 1:00am | IP Logged
.Vrish..this is a different level of CNAT...I don't even think the CN part applies. This is one awesome imaginative stuff you have here. This needs to be compiled and saved somewhere.
I still have a few more pages to go over...but had to stop in the middle to comment.

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Posted: 15 April 2013 at 4:25am | IP Logged
CC drags PP into super over before going down

CC managed to almost pull off an upset in the tournament by holding PP to a tie and driving it into a super over.  Playing at home, CC won the toss and put PP in to bat, calculating that if PP's total was made low enough, they'd have trouble defending.

Having included Twastha & Utpal, CC decided to try a change of tactics by opening the bowling w/ Twastha.  Agastya took a single, but Ashwin2 had problems.  After hitting out at Twastha for 5 balls, he finally holed out to mid on and was caught for a duck.

PP then sent in debutant Blueasura to bat.  Blueasura batted w/ Agastya and held Nishumbha & Taare at bay, but in the last ball of Nishumbha's 2nd over, he managed to remove Agastya.  Kamadev then joined them, and at the end of 8 overs, PP was 50/2.

After the timeout, Nahusha introduced Utpal, who made short work of Blueasura.   This brought Lakshman to the crease.  Nahusha now introduced himself into the bowling and bowled a slower delivery at Lakshman.  Lakshman, furious at how PP had been tied down, had a rush of blood and hit out, and was caught at the boundary by Nishumbha w/o scoring.  Nahusha then kept a pace-spin combination of Taare & Bhrigni operating, so that a few more PP wickets fell - Shilpi, Tarakasura & Kamalaksh.  Finally, Kartikeya stabilized the batting and along w/ Veerbhadra, saw the team to a total of 110/8.

CC then sent in Twastha to open the batting w/ Ashwin1.  They batted valiantly, and saw off the opening 4 overs of Tarakasura & Kamalaksh, w/o losing a wicket.  In the 5th over, Kartikeya brought himself in and removed Twastha, while Kamalaksh removed Ashwin1.  Nahusha then sent Utpal in to bat, and he hit some lusty shots, particularly against Taki.  At the end of 8 overs, PP was 60/2.

Kartikeya then sent in Kamadev for a spell, and he removed Utpal.  Nahusha now joined Bhrigni and they both batted hard, but Kartikeya had now brought in his trumps of himself & Veerbhadra earlier.  Veerbhadra soon removed Bhrigni, while Nahusha held his won against Kartikeya.  Sesha came in and batted valiantly, but was soon removed by Veerbhadra, while Kartikeya removed Taare.  Murli Mahadev arrived and along w/ Nishumbha, resisted valiantly, until he was removed by the last ball of Veerbhadra's spell.

Veerbhadra & Kartikeya both got done w/ their 4 overs by over# 19, and that meant one more over left, w/ 10 runs remaining.  This was given to Lakshman, and Nishumbha, who was batting, managed to scamper on for a single.  Nahusha was back in, and he hit a 4 off the next delivery, leaving 5 runs to get in 4 balls.  The next delivery of Lakshman was an yorker, and Nahusha just managed a single.  Lakshman managed 2 more yorkers, and both Nishumbha & Nahusha could only manage singles.  It finally came down to the last ball, w/ 2 to win.  Nishumbha sent the ball aside and managed to take a single, but got run out attempting the 2nd run.  THE SCORES WERE TIED.

As a result, this went into the super over, where CC had to bat first this time.  They picked Bhrigni & Utpal to bat, while Kartikeya gave bowling duties to Veerbhadra.  Veerbhadra bowled his first ball and Bhrigni managed only a single, getting Utpal on strike.  In his next ball, Veerbhadra removed Utpal, and this brought Nahusha to the middle.  The third delivery, Nahusha managed a 4, but the next one was a single.  In the 5th delivery, the ball got top-edged but flew off for 6, but in the 6th ball, Veerbhadra clean bowled Bhrigni.

In response, PP sent in Tarakasura & Lakshman, and CC decided to go w/ Bhringni.  Nahusha hit Bhrigni for a 4 and then a single, and that brought Lakshman back.  Lakshman was this time more cautious and took a single to give Taki back the strike.  Taki then hit 2 boundaries, and PP managed to avoid an embarrassment.

Veerbhadra was the man of the match for his bowling figures of 3/16.  Utpal got the naya soch award for the creative ways in which he was used.

Score summary:

PP: 110/8
Blueasura - 45
Kartikeya - 20
Veerbhadra - 15

Nishumbha - 3/37

CC: 110/8

Utpal - 35
Nahusha - 25
Bhrigni - 10

Veerbhadra - 3/16

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DD upsets GG in surprise match

DD managed to pull off an unexpected upset over GG at their home grounds in Kailash stadium.  In this match, Indra was serving his ban as a result of his altercation w/ Rama, and since DD was no longer at home, they could play their asura players, which they did w/ full advantage.  In this match, DD was captained by Yamaraj, who won the toss and chose to bat.

Yamaraj sent in Sanaka & Bhrigu to open the batting.  Bhrigu held Mahakaal at bay, while Sanaka took the attack to Tarakaksh and hit some quick runs off him.  Tarakaksh finally got rid of Sanaka in the 8th over, but not before his figures were considerably mauled.  In the following over, Nandi introduced himself in, and Bhrigu, trying to accelarate the scoring, was caught at the boundary by Mahakaal.

DD next sent debutant Redasura and Mahishashur to bat.  Both of them batted fluently, hitting the ball straight, and scoring fluently, particularly off Vayu.  Finally, in the 15th over, Vayu managed to remove Redasura, who made a valiant 35.  The very next over saw Mahishashur removed by Mahakaal.  This brought Raktabheej and Yamaraj to the crease for the first time.  Yamaraj did some fantastic death over batting, even lofting Mahakaal for a 6, and at the end of it all, DD was an unprecedented 190/4

In response, Nandi sent Ganesh to open the batting for the first time ever, alongside Markandeya.  Yamaraj therefore decided to open the bowling, and it was an eventful over.  Markandeya hit him for 16 runs in the first 3 balls, before taking a single and giving the strike to Ganesh.  Ganesh hit him for a 6, but was clean bowled the very next delivery.

Nandi then sent his other regular opener Shilad to join Markandeya, while at the other end, Yamaraj decided to introduce spin, given Markandeya's form.  He sent in Sanaka, who made short work of Markandeya.  Nataraja then joined Shilad to pinch hit, and he then started hitting the ball all over the place.  At the end of 10 overs, GG were 100/2.

In the 11th over, Bhrigu was sent in to bowl an over, and Nataraja lofted a delivery, which was caught at the boundary by Murli.  Bhrigu also removed Shilad that very over.  This brought Nandi and Vayu to the crease, and so Yamaraj returned and took the wicket of Vayu very promptly.  Following that, Yamaraj now brought in his asuras, who had been held back, and they took full advantage of this pitch.  First, Mahishashur removed Nandi, and following that, it was a procession.  Raktabheej took 2 wickets, Redasura 2 and Mahishashur 1 more.  Finally, GG was dismissed for 150.

Mahishashur got the man of the match award for his all round performance, while Yamaraj got the naya soch award for coming up w/ winning tactics for the entire match.

Score summary:

DD: 190/4

Mahishashur - 45
Yamaraj - 42*

Mahakaal - 1/24

GG: 150/10

Nataraja - 55
Vayu - 40

Raktabheej - 1/20

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