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~*|| Happy Birthday R a v j o t ||*~

-Jwalamukhi- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 21 February 2007
Posts: 27006

Posted: 29 March 2013 at 9:59pm | IP Logged


There was this 2134896876...well in simpler words, a "bazillion" year old chic named Fancy-Smancy Pants.

And guess what happened to her?

* * * * *
* * * *
* * *
* *

Well, nothing! ROFL Nothing happened to her. She just stayed as she was. Like literally. She stayed the same. She didn't age, she didn't grow old and neither did her brain dry out and fall out of her head. Nope. She just stayed the same

You know why?

Gurprit: Because she's a vamp? Ermm
Shifali: Gur, just stop. Don't ruin the flow. *shakes head*

Well, since you guys are like half dead already listening to me blabber about this boring girl of nowhereland --let me tell you sweethearts, this chic was a Fairytale character.

Like, you know those characters that never die out? And no matter how much you wanna kill em, or feel jealous of them for staying the same age etc and not even growing a grey hair? Yep, that's her.

Superwoman! [What up Superhero reference!]

Just kidding! Geek

Well, like I was saying, so this chic was a...I think bazillion years old and yet, she stayed the same. She stayed captured in this book called "Once Upon a Time" for which was made into a legit show on CBS [For those who don't watch it, WATCH IT. You'll get Brownie points from our Birthday girl!] And oh, like this sucker Devdas kinda girl, -the one who never gets her true love but still pines for it - kinda way, she fell in love with Captain Hook.

Anyways, I know, what a Hottie right? Day DreamingBlushing

Gunia: SHIFALI! HANDS up. He belongs to your Mother for today.
Preet: Yes Mummy, listen to Daddy. Be a good girl and stick to Daddy and let Nani have Captain Hook.
Gurprit: Bewafa, bewafa, bewafa nikhli hai tu. Jhoota pyaar, jhoota pyaar, jhoota pyaar kita hai tu...bewafa...
Gunia: Why are you emo Gur?
Gurprit: Well seeing how you guys, my family of all people are shipping my wifey off with another guy, a guy who very much seems like he stepped out of the popular magazine cover page, doesn't really help boost my self esteem up! Broken Heart
Preet: Awe, Nana! Don't worry! It's only for today. Either way, Captain Hook isn't real na. He is just a figment of Nani's imagination anyways!
Gunia: Exactly!
Gurprit: Well, he better stay away from my Wifey!
Shifali: Well...uh...guys, can I carry on? I am sure we have had enough of the Indian drama -minus the whole 3 times dramatic face turn, and the 5748957 kg of jewelry and make-up and saree episode for today.Sleepy
Gunia: Yes well, go ahead wifey.

Anyways, apart from the sweet family moment, lets get back to our dear Birthday girl. Like mentioned, she spent 28758934 years of her life pining after Captain Hook, which didn't do her any good. He kinda wasn't interested in her after she turned out to be secretly married to Gurprit - a muggle for the past 2-3 years.

Not only that, seeing the treachery of our Birthday Girl, our sweet, innocent, kind, amazing, super-fantastic...k I lied. She is none of this, Birthday Girl got kicked out of the Fairy tale world and into the real world.

Harsh. I know. But what to do? I am pretty sure I am mixing up Harry Potter with Fairytales but more is to come. Anyways, so after she got kicked out of the Fairtyale world and into the Muggle world, our Birthday Girl found her true love, in something called "Bollywood".

Especially, Mr. India.

So well, she fell in love with this movie in which a watch could turn the main character into like an invisible man. Much like how the birthday girl loves to be! Silly

And from there, emerged the ultimate fan of Sri Devi. Yep, this birthday girl has I think watched almost ALL OF Sri Devi's movies and loved em all too...I think.

Anyways, and then after her love for Sri Devi, this Birthday Girl stumbled upon a site called after which she became a Moderator for like a bazillion forums.

Started off with Tujh Sang Preet Lagayi Sajna, then Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil which moved onto Chotti Bahu and then I think Sangini after which, this lazy bum of a person was promoted to Channel Moderator for ZEE!

I know. What an epic life right? Not really! ROFL

Anyways, and today, this girl is finally turning a year older. Yep, the Fairytale rules don't reply to the Muggle world. So this girl will finally know how it feels like to turn a year older!

I mean, what do I say about this girl?

She is funny, sweet, zombie-like, mature, a pocket full of sunshine. Our Birthday Girl is the type of girl that when she is asked to answer a simple question, she'll make answer it in the most humorous and twisted says!


Lets assume that we have asked our Birthday Girl for her license. Our Birthday Girl is the type of girl who will reply back with a this type of answer:

"My pilot's license? It's out back in the Cessna. Or perhaps you're referring to my license to kill? Revoked. Problems at the Kazakhstan border. I'd give you the details, but then I'd have to kill you... which I can't do because my license to kill has been revoked." 

[BTW, 3 points to the Birthday Girl if she guesses what show this quote is from]

And also, our birthday girl is the type of girl, who with her friends would not be afraid to carry out the following conversation:

Henry Spencer: I don't even know how that ridiculous urban legend got started. 
Shawn Spencer, Burton 'Gus' Guster: [stare at each other] 
Shawn Spencer: [whispering] It was your big-ass mouth! 
Burton 'Gus' Guster: I wanted to keep it a secret! You were the one who was broadcasting it at the lunch table! 
Shawn Spencer: I can't believe this... 
Burton 'Gus' Guster: We actually started an urban legend. 
Shawn Spencer: That's dope.


Our Birthday Girl is the type of girl, who will do the opposite of what is told.


Henry (Shawn's Dad): Shawn, the worst thing you can do in these situations is take matters into your own hands.
Shawn: Got it. We're gonna have to take matters into our own hands.
[Psych] BTW, for those who are not aware of Psych, do note that Shawn is not a 10 year old but a 30 year old grown man. Stern Smile

But the point being, that I and her various other family members are SURE she was dropped on her head when she was a baby -hence the crazed ax-murder type persona and the HILARIOUS come-backs and the amazing advice giving--ish. And I guess this is what we all love about our Birthday Girl.

And today, as this birthday girl turns a year older, her friends and her virtual family would like to do nothing but gather around here and wish her a very, very, very, very, very Birthday Wala Happy =)

We hope you have a great day! 


Ruk Ja O Dil Deewane 
Poochhoon To Main Zara 
Ladki Hai Ya Hai Jaadu 
Khushboo Hai Ya Nasha 
Ruk Ja O Dil Deewane 
Poochhoon To Main Zara 
Ladki Hai Ya Hai Jaadu 
Khushboo Hai Ya Nasha 
Paas Vo Aaye To 
Chhoo Ke Main Dekhoon Zara 


Aaja Aaja Mein Hun Pyar Tera,
Allah Allah Inkaar Tera..
Ooo oo Aaja Aah Aah Aaja...


Veni, vidi, vici. I came, I saw, I conquered
' Julius Caesar

[On Ravjot's journey on I-F]


Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
Tu hai toh, I'll be alright
(I'll be alright, I'll be alright)
Jaane kyun (jaane kyun) dil jantha hai
(yeh, yeh ,yeh)
Tu hai toh, I'll be alright
(I'll be alright, I'll be alright)


O hamdam...
O hamdam suniyo re, o jaaniya suniyo re
O jaaniya shaam ko khidikee se choree choree nange paanv chaand aayega

O hamdam suniyo re, o jaaniya suniyo re
O jaaniya shaam ko khidikee se choree choree nange paanv chaand aayega
Oh suniyo re, oh jaaniya re
Oh suniyo re, o oh jaaniya re


Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam
Pyaar hota hai deewana sanam
Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam
Pyaar hota hai deewana sanam
Ab yaha se kaha jaye, hum
Teri bahon mein mar jaye hum

All your Friends

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AahaanaSparklesDBa little faithAthenemoonbeautieSmiley-786alcantaranjr-JujuK-AarYaholic-swethasyam08MSN_VannySpellofJoy..Bitch.Please.xMidnightStarxGauravc_More48-Demi-VishaD.Angel-Jot.-Anarkali.-Srushti-scarlet.moon.m.a.r.y.s.i.o.Bobbi.rainydays.LeenasmgLeadNitrateyulZ|Persephone|aartipartyybeautiful.BerryBlush07-Lizzie--Eris-NestleToulousexxMATSxx-LetItGo-illuminated.Cutiepie RaniWildestDreamsAASUSmishti_17NandiniRaizadaa-Deepali-BubblyR-Araina--.SapnokiRani-.serendipity.HeavenlyBliss.minuu...Jes...-RohitMaxwell-Sano88

-Jwalamukhi- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 21 February 2007
Posts: 27006

Posted: 29 March 2013 at 9:59pm | IP Logged


" Dearest Ravjot,

It's me! - a little faith aka Sabah! It's been a long time, I know.  It just so happened that I returned in time to celebrate your special day.  Yay!  Nothing much to say that will add anything to what you must be feeling from so much love given to you.  I would just add that love given out of love, rather than respect, awe or fear is rare indeed but I've seen it with you; the way people just fall over themselves to love you and be loved in return.  I wish that you are always surrounded by such love because you truly are a special person.  Wishing you much prosperity and peace too!"


Your image is loading...

I wish you a fun-filled birthday!!! May the year ahead of you be successful with lots of love, peace and happiness!!!  Hug Hug

From Vanny(MSN_Vanny)."

Ravjot, where do I begin. When I join IF DT you were gone, but for the little time i have known you in the YMGGK & PV forum, it was a pleasure. I must say you are a wonderful person. And someone very god at heart, a little no way too talkative, but that is why you are my favorite CM..
Happy Birthday Rav.
May be you blessed with all the thing you ever wished for.
Love Always,

Ravzzz Many many happy returns of the day HugHugHug...May all your wishes come true on this day and may god bless you with lots of love , happiness and success in life ... Enjoy this day to the fullest and may you continue to reach greater heights of success in your life and career PartyPartyParty/...Come back soon to the DT world .. missing your kaamchori CryLOLEmbarrassed...Once again ..Happy Birthday to u Hug

thank you for reminder but i m busy with studies right now so i cant make anything for her. SORRY!

I just wish her lots of happiness & success in the coming years. May God bless her with lots of love & prosperity.

Thats all for now. I will dedicate something if i get time before 28thEmbarrassed


Dungar! It's your birthday. Shocked And now you're like what, 23823828 years old? Shocked That's crazy. Don't you think? Anyway.. you're never too old to celebrate your birthday eh? LOL So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. <3 I hope you trip, fall, hurt yourself and have a miserable day but in the end, get a little bit of cake. Approve I would like the rest of the cake. Big smile Oh.. and.. uh, I don't like you but since it's your birthday.. you're kind of awesome..sometimes. There. I said it. Now cherish this moment because you're never gonna hear that again. Big smile *cakes you* Bye.

Gift: *reserved*


Happy Birthday Ravjot!! Hug
Many many happy returns of the day!!
Hope you have an amazingg day!
Lots of Love, 

STRING BEAN IS ANOTHER YEAR BUDDHI!!!! i cant believe how many bdays we have shared together ravjuu!! Im so happy we have beenfriends for so long! Your too precious to miss out on! Love you doll! Have a fabulous bday! Have fun, do naughty things *wink wink* find a good husband plan a date invite me to your wedding have kids make me their god mother and then invite me to play bingo with you when ur 90! Hahahahahaha!!! In otherwords, God bless u with a long and healthy life and may we always be friends! 

Love ya,


Happy Birthday Rav Rav, Happy Birthday to U! Tum jeeo 103949 years yeh hai meri arzoo" Many many happy returns of the day! The Biggest nautanki of IF toh master blaster tu hai ROFL kya sessions hote hai chats pe... Only thing I can say, never let your bindaas, mufaat attitude go ROFL not to say you have mufaat abilities but you are some what similar to that :P :P :P

love ya loads rav rav EmbarrassedLOL jaaghte rahooo ROFL




A Very Happy Birthday to you kaamchor...

God bless with loads of happiness and dreams come true for you...

Miss you loads...

wishing u a day soft as silk... 
white as milk... 
sweet as honey&full of money. 
may all ur dreams come true... 

Mallu .. 


H A P P Y  H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y
b e h n a
HAH! so i'm here. YEAH! anyways, that YEAH was because im NEVER on time ANYWHERE! :P you must know, behen ho meri... LOL.
so yeah, how is it goin? IT'S YOUR BUDDAY FINALLY and NO! i HAVEN'T been waiting for this, butSTILLL!!! :D be happiesss... its ur janamdin! your buddhi now Tongue Khair, i dont really remember how and when our bhaaichara started... all i remember is your my behna, im your bhai, from poora dil and soul... i know im your tapori wala bhai... but still... bhai toh bhaai hota hai, haina? on this AUSPICIOUS occasion, behna, i hereby wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! may you get all that you'd ever want and hamara bhaaichara, yunhi chalta rahe! Embarrassed
Here's a small little gift for you... this was supposed to be animated :bauhat MEHNAT kii thi maine behen :( but i saved it as a PNG galti se, instead of GIF... sad life :'( sorry?
Anyways, HERE IT IS! D:

Hey Ravz,

I miss you loads . I hope u are doing well writing never ending exams and making awesome siggs . BTW you owe me so many Sleepy . Any how..You are growing up little girl. May god grant you all that you wish .Hug May you make good friends life long for such a generous heart you possess , make loads of money so we can cast Sridevi in our own production Embarrassed , good health & lots and lots of luck. 

Happy wala birthday again 



Happy Birthday Ravz and hope you have a great day!


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a little faithAthenemoonbeautie-AarYaholic-MSN_Vanny..Bitch.Please.swethasyam08-Anarkali.VishaD.Angel-Jot.gk_09rainydays.-Stutz-.m.a.r.y.s.i.o.Bobbi.beautiful.BerryBlush07NestleToulouseBubblyR-Deepali-WildestDreamsAASUSmishti_17xxMATSxxilluminated.Cutiepie Raniserendipity.HeavenlyBliss.Sano88

|Persephone| IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 30 October 2004
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Posted: 29 March 2013 at 10:04pm | IP Logged


Hey Ravu

Wishing You a Very Happywaala Burday. May you get the best in Life. Me loves you no matter how hopeless u get.=)) Your the best and My True Judwaa Partner 

Always Keep Smiling and Again Janamdin Di Lak Lak Vadaiyaan!

Hey Hey! HugHug

So, it's you big day. Not in the marriage way...but the second bigger day to that. LOL
You rocked as a Channel Moderator - can't wait to see you back in that colour. And then you dropped the VM bomb on me. SleepyTHAT was not cool. Like at all. And the way you reply to my PMs like monthsss later. NOT COOL. Sleepy But that's you. That's what I thought of when I had to sit down and write for you. Big smileLOL

So, happy birthday and enjoy this amazing day! Big smile

PS: Hope you like the gift. Wink



Ravjot di Hug
Happy Birthdayyy Hug
Have a lovelyyy day and a lovelier year di Hug
Start chatting more and not showing ":p" "tn1" etc emos ROFLROFLROFL
Like JJ says, we feel we are chatting with ourselves when u dont reply ROFLROFL
I am a sucker when it comes to birthday wishes.. so yeah.. Happy Birthday once again!!! HugHug  *filmy style* Tum jeeyo hazaron saal, saal k din ho pachaas hazaar! Tongue
*reserve for gift* My PS isn't working Cry I'll make your gift asapOuch

Cutiepie Rani

Dear Ravo Pavo,
Happy birthday. I hope you have a fantastic birthday! May all your dreams and wishes come true. You're such a sweet friend and I'm so glad I got the chance to interact with you!! <3 Hope you get a lot of smiles and presents on this special day of yours. Enjoy to the max. You deserve it. :) Love you Ravo Pavo!

Cutiepie Rani



Do you remember my question last year? I was so confused!! This time I remember, all thanks to last year ROFL 

You're getting old Stern Smile 

h a p p y    b i r t h d a y   n a n i  !    aka Rav Rav . . .Hug

Enjoy the day to the fullest. Hug You're one of the best person I know and you definitely top the Most Laziest Person list. Never thought of finding a person more lazy than me ROFL 

Your gifts? Erm... Due to my HORRIBLE creativity, I'll send them through PMz. I made them days ago. Value the little izzat I have you see Wink 

Once again, Happy Birthday and hope you get all you deserve in life. 


Happy Birthday, Ravjot!! Hug I know it's been ages since we've last talked, so I hope you still remember me! ROFL I remember our BC days when we worked on the Social Media team. We both were so lazy that the group got shut down. ROFL ROFL Anyways, I hope you day is absolutely wonderful, and I wish you well in life!! Hug

Happy Birthday Ravz!! Hug

Hope u have a wicked day...only got to know u a little when u were still part of CC team, then u went away...aur aisi gaye ke mur kar dekha bhi nhiCryCryCry lol..onli joking..hpe u have a wicked bday and eat lots of fatty foods and become MOTI!!!!
Best Wishes
YuvikaBig smile

To -Ravjot-
On this special day of yours, I wish you a very very Happy Birthday!!!
May this day be as special as you.

May all your dreams and aspirations come true and most importantly on this special day of yours, have lots of fun and masti.

Best wishes for a happy day filled with love and laughter. Happy Birthday!!
 Hope you have an amazing day and may this be the start of a year filled with love, joy and happiness. Stay strong, stay positive and may all your dreams continue to come true. Best Wishes Always and wish you more blessings in the year ahead.

Best wishes from me,


Happy Birthday, RavRavHug
here is your gift made by ZK:

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|Persephone| IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 30 October 2004
Posts: 14320

Posted: 29 March 2013 at 10:05pm | IP Logged


Oh Ravs! Where do I even begin! I feel like I've known you and your lazy habits since eons... but that's obviously not true since we're both lovely young things Wink But anyways, I got so much to say... so bear with me! And don't you dare get lazy and not read this!

So, first I'll start with why I absolutely LOVE you! So, I love our random late night talks on MSN and the wonderful wisdom you share. I even love how you are amazingly lazy and wait till the last minute to do all your assignments *glares*. I love how we randomly watch movies and TV shows together! They're always so much more fun with ya! It's sad that we don't have as much time to do so anymore! Let's change that and set up a movie date soon! I miss your random dancing during our talks! And the random shouting in Punjabi is oh so fun as well! LOL

Anyways, so on this special occasion, I want to say that I hope this new year in your life brings you a lot of joy, happiness and much success! Hopefully the older age and maturity *ahem* will dampen the procrastinationLOL And if nothing else, I wish that you get a lot of gifts, eat tons of cake, laugh a lot and make tons of new memories this year!

H.A.P.P.Y B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y my dear MILji Hug

So, I commissioned some gifts (cuz you know how artistically challenged I am). And initially I was a loss at what to ask for. Then I remembered that magical night, when I decided to say screw it to my upcoming exams and spent an entire evening watching the mystical Patiala House with you LOL And there spawned the idea to get you the following:

Hope you like them! And I may... sometimes.. steal that wonderful gif ROFL Sharing is Caring and whatnot ROFL

Lots of love,

Your SIL cum partner-in-mischief cum assignment editor cum friend,




Ravs.. Ravs.. Hug

Its your birthday! And you know what? That makes you older than me now Tongue
So what should i say? When i first came to know you, i thought you were someone elder and someone strict. Who knew that you could joke and a person who can easily go on with LOL
It was thanks to you, i came to know some friends on IF Cool
Now that your on VM status (Vacation Mood... not Veteren Member LOL), don't forget to have fun and most of all, enjoy your day.

Made this for your birthday Smile

Hey Ravzu jiBig smile
Happy Birthday to you and Many Many happy returns of the day.
Have an epic day Wink
I wish you all the best in life :D
You're a great friend, a humble person and lazy DTTongue
Joking jiLOLParty Hard, May all you dreams comes true
Loads of Love
Here my gift for you

Hey? Big smile remember me.. How are u? Big smile

Fine shineBig smile 

WISHING U A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY 1223247473403492482 times!!!! Big smileParty

^ did u even bother to read the number?? OuchLOL

So keeping ur kaamchori-ness Big smile in mind:
Wishing u a many many HAPPY RETURNS of the Day.

Enjoy shenjoy your day AAANDDD I want a Party from u Cool

Here's the ugly siggie i made for u Big smileConfused

SOOO After the BIRTHDAY party for me from YOUR Side and Since me have given u gift, I NEED RETURN GIFT Big smile Aur aap toh janti ho kya chahiaye mujhe? [i know whats ur answer going to be] LOL


~Nautanki RidzBig smile

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-Jwalamukhi- IF-Stunnerz

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-Jwalamukhi- IF-Stunnerz

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Siggies/Gifts! - Part 2

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a little faithAthenealcantaranjrmoonbeautie-AarYaholic-MSN_Vanny..Bitch.Please.swethasyam08-Anarkali.Angel-Jot.gk_09rainydays..m.a.r.y.s.i.o.Bobbi.-Stutz--Deepali-BubblyRWildestDreamsAASUSmishti_17xxMATSxx-LetItGo-illuminated.HeavenlyBliss.

|Persephone| IF-Sizzlerz

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Siggies/Gifts! - Part 3

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a little faithAthenemoonbeautiealcantaranjr-AarYaholic-MSN_Vanny..Bitch.Please.swethasyam08-Anarkali.Angel-Jot.gk_09rainydays..m.a.r.y.s.i.o.-Stutz-BerryBlush07-Deepali-NestleToulousexxMATSxx-LetItGo-illuminated.-Jwalamukhi-WildestDreamsAASUSmishti_17HeavenlyBliss.

|Persephone| IF-Sizzlerz

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C r e d i t s

Banners and Graphics: gk_09 & .Preet.
Script: *Shifali*
Message Collection: |Persephone| & -najmeen-
Special Siggies: gk_09 & .Preet.

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